Reservation Dogs (2021) s03e01 Episode Script


- ♪

Young and old warriors!
You little ones out
there, you girthy ones,
you tall ones, you short ones,
you full-blood ones,
you disenrolled ones,
you pretend ones,
the ones that were never
enrolled in the first place
but you can still
prove your descendancy,
good to see you.
Welcome to the spirit world.
As you may know
my name William Knifeman.
I'm here to continue the
story, a story as old as time.
A story as fresh as mountain dew.
A story that happened yesterday.
Or maybe it happened last week.
Or maybe it has yet to even happen.
Oh, fuck.
So, let's get to it.
Go, you little shit. Come on.
People are watching. [SHOUTS]
Last time we saw those
little Rez Dog shits,
they were all happy.
Just frolicking in the ocean.
It made me cry little spirit
tears to see them like that.
- Love you, bitch.
- Their car was stolen.
- That was literally all
- They had no money.
- We're not going back.
- And the young brave warrior
named Bear decided he
wasn't going to go home.
And why should you care? I mean,
it's not like some of your
ancestors stole this land
and then forced us to live
on reservations, right?
And so, the story continues.
Are we watching our little Baby Bear Cub
become a man before our eyes?
Did he go see his dad? He did.
Sure you didn't just
dial the wrong number?
I told you, I called the
number I had saved on my phone.
He just must have
changed it or something.
Fuck, if he doesn't answer,
let's go find White Jesus, bro.
He's gonna answer.
[WOMAN] Hold the fuck on, goddamn.
- Fuck?
Hey, I said be careful.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Um, I'm-I'm looking for Punkin.
- Punkin?
- Mm-hmm.
Haven't seen him in about a week.
Took off with his so-called
manager on tour up in Oakland.
Piece of shit hasn't called once.
Um, no reason. I was
just looking for him.
He said that I can
c I-I c-can come by
and record a song.
- So, yeah, um
But if he's not here,
it's-it's all good.
Sorry about that. Yeah.
[SPIRIT] Eh, it was kind of uneventful.
But more on that later.
I bet you're wondering what happened
after that fateful moment,
'cause like any beautiful,
long-haired, wonderful-looking
Indigenous storyteller,
I'm gonna drop you right
in the middle of the action.
Listen, I don't do too
well in the back of cars.
- I get carsick.
- [DRIVER] Hey, you about to be sick?
Hey, for real, don't puke in
my car. I got a date later.
[EXHALES] You're riding the brake.
- Stop doing that.
- You ever driven in L.A.?
If you don't ride the
brake, you might die.
Oh, my God. [GRUNTS]
Hey, do I need to pull over?
No, just drive.
- Can you turn that down?
- You don't like my music?
I have an audition later, it
helps gets me in the headspace.
I have a phone call.
Got it.
- Did you get them yet?
- Uh, no, almost there.
You tell Bear he is grounded for a year.
- I will.
- He can do whatever he wants
when he gets out of my
house, but until then,
he will obey my rules.
All right, Rita, I got to
go. I'm getting carsick.
Brethren, sistren,
- do not fret.
You'll always have a home in my manger.
Surprisingly, it was comfortable.
Ah, it's anointed, my son.
Man, I can't spend
another night in a manger.
- Aww.
- For real.
- [ELORA] There she is.
[ALL] Ew.
[WHITE JESUS] Oh, they
must've drugged her.
[BEAR] Auntie.
[WILLIE JACK] Fuck, they got her, man.
Ride the wave.
Auntie, you okay?
[WHITE JESUS] See, kids,
this is why we don't do drugs.
You never know what's in them.
I'm not on drugs. His
driving made me sick.
Ah, L.A. drivers. Mm.
Who are you?
- Who is this?
- Our friend.
- White Jesus.
- A street person.
At thou service.
At thou service.
- You kids okay?
- At thou service.
- What the hell are you doing in L.A.?
- We just came to
We came to say goodbye to Daniel.
[CHEESE] It was his wish
was to come to California.
Then we got jacked.
So you just leave
without telling anyone?
I told my grandma.
I'm excited to go home.
I've never flown before.
Yeah, we flying in the sky.
I'm-a order all the peanuts
and all the pretzels.
[CHEESE] Gonna stash
some, take some home.
- Peanuts?
- Mm-hmm.
Airplane? Fuck, we're not flying.
You know how much that'll
be for all those tickets?
Well, what, then, we renting a car?
No. Bus.
The best way to travel.
You really get to see
so-called America like that.
Why are you here?
I am merely a guide for the young ones.
Guiding them to safety.
Speaking of which, can
I have a couple of bucks?
Let's go.
[WILLIE JACK] White Jesus, man,
don't make me cry.
- [WHITE JESUS] Cry not.
- [BEAR] I hate goodbyes.
Fear not, young one.
Ah, Beartholemu,
remember to lead with your heart.
Elora Danan.
Drink it in. Yes.
You'll be an adult soon.
- Here you go. Here.
Thanks for watching out for them.
I will eat two hot dogs
in your honor today.
And in honor of your journey.
- Thank you, White Jesus.
- Bye, White Jesus.
- Later.
- Travel well.
[ELORA] Get me to a shower.
- He was nice.
- Yeah, he was a nice guy.
- Ugh. Take us home.
- It's cool.
We should write a book about him.
Ooh. Hookah.
Oh. Oh, hey, there.
Hey, I know, I know, I
know, I threw a lot at you
in that first three minutes, right?
Yeah. But you have to trust me.
I'm an Indigenous
storyteller, to the bone.
I'm like a, I'm like a Greek chorus,
but with a loincloth. Yeah.
But back to our young ones.
The little rez rats. Where are they now?
Taking that long journey
home, that long road east.
In that sacred way, leaving
behind some of their pains.
But maybe carrying some
difficulties with them
into the future.
Well, I spent my last quarter ♪
On a pay phone call from Tennessee ♪
And I was calling back home ♪
Hoping to hear you've
been missing me ♪
And to tell you I've
been kicked to the curb ♪
For my original sound ♪
And I'll be heading back home ♪
Just as soon as I
burn this one down ♪
[WILLIE JACK] Bro. I want that.
I didn't know you could draw like that.
Well, I've been practicing, um
My grandma goes to bed around 8:00,
so a lot of time
[WILLIE JACK] Fuck, you're deadly.
Do you ever think about
Bear and Elora leaving?
What you mean?
Well, I mean, I think
about all of you leaving.
I mean, I'm younger than everyone and
Plus, Grandma won't be around forever.
But darling, hear me out ♪
Fuck it, I'm not going anywhere.
Yeah, L.A. was cool, but
it just made me appreciate
home more. [SNIFFLES]
You think Bear and Elora will go?
And not tear us apart ♪
And I know it ain't easy ♪
I won't leave you in the dust.
Is it for me ♪
I only had enough for roses ♪
And a pack of Eagle 20's. ♪
[BUS DRIVER] Ladies and gentlemen,
this is the Amarillo station.
If you're going to
Dallas, stay on the bus.
Everyone else, exit for
your transfer, please.
How long till our next bus?
In, like, an hour?
[GASPS] Oh, check it out. Snacks.
- Let's go.
- Get me a water.
Do you want anything, Bear?
Just get me, like, a
granola bar or something.
Cheap. Let's go, bro.
Time to hunt for the village.
You know, I think in this
case, we're just gatherers.
[MAN] Excuse me. Uh, um,
y'all want some free donuts?
There's this place across the
street throws them out at night,
but they're still pretty good.
Yeah, no, thank you.
Totally free.
Cool, cool, cool. No worries.
I, for real, almost
took one. [LAUGHS SOFTLY]
You good?
Yeah. Just tired.
So why are you so sad panties, then?
- Your dad?
- No.
I mean, yeah, I [SIGHS]
I don't know, man.
I just had to do it.
You know? And
it felt good, it felt right, but
but what now?
I mean, Daniel's still not here.
I think we're meant to live
how he would've wanted to live.
Hey. Yeah, I-I know.
Yeah, I told you I was sick. I
[COUGHS] It's pretty bad.
We got the goods.
- Mvto.
- Ooh. Oh. Thank you.
- I'm gonna go hit the O.
- All right.
- What?
- It was free.
Carry on.
Oh. Fuck.
[ANNOUNCER OVER P.A.] Attention.
Bus 1491 to Tulsa
is departing in 15 minutes.
I'll find Teenie.
- All right.
- Thank you.
Where's mine? Fuck.
- Here.
- Mvto.
Everything good?
Just, uh
probably lost my job.
Shit. For real?
It's okay.
Just feel like it was time to move on.
It is the longest I've
had one job for, though.
Almost eight years.
What do you do?
I work at a company out of Phoenix
that makes all those pamphlets
all over the IHS, you know,
"Diabetes is not our way,"
or "Keep the circle sacred,
get tested for syphilis."
- Hmm.
- Oh, it's not that bad.
I like my life in Phoenix.
I do miss home, though.
- Aho! Hoka. Hoka.
- [BEAR] Ugh
Gosh, man, can you close that?
Oh, sorry.
I can't. Spirit fingers.
Yeah, they go right through the door.
Hey, did you know, back in the day,
we used to hold it for
each other when we peed?
What? Oh What?
Hey, you shouldn't get on that bus.
Why? Wait
What do you mean? Like,
something bad's gonna happen?
Oh, no. No, no, no. Nothing like that.
What I mean is that you
shouldn't get on that bus.
Your path leads elsewhere, young buck.
What are you talking about, man?
Uh, fuck that. I-I don't even
know why you're here, bro.
I did everything you asked.
I-I got a job, I went to the ocean.
- Isn't that enough? Like
[CHUCKLES] It's, uh, it's, uh, um,
- it's, uh, it-it's a play.
- Hmm.
Yeah. I'm just, I'm just,
uh, studying lines for a play.
Fuck, uh, fuck, uh, Shakespeare.
- Ah. All the world's a stage, huh?
- Right.
I'm gonna go back to the audience now.
Have at it, Brando.
Look at that. Got me looking crazy.
I'll tell you a secret, Elora.
Adults are fucked up.
More fucked up than you youngins.
[SCOFFS] Doubt it.
Well, think about
yourself when you were 11.
What were you doing?
I was running around
with Bear and Daniel,
- kicking their ass at football.
Getting in trouble by Grandma.
But, like, how did you feel?
You remember your thoughts?
Felt kind of the same as it does now?
Exactly. It's the same.
I feel the same as I
did when I was your age.
There's no miraculous change.
You're the same person you were
when you first opened your eyes.
Except, when you're an
adult, you have baggage,
and the baggage gets heavier.
And that's what changes people.
So you got to deal with your shit,
get rid of it or you
just keep carrying it.
And some kids have more
baggage than others.
We can't imagine what it's like.
Daniel, your mom.
You never know what they were carrying.
Oi. The bus is about to leave.
Oh, shit.
Wait, where where's Bear and Cheese?
Oh, fuck.
Oh, they're right there.
His mom would kill me.
- You got your tickets?
- Yeah.
- I think.
- Yeah.
Look, I kn
It's fucked up, right?
Two valuable, sacred spiritual lessons
to learn in this right now.
One is always use a buddy system
when you're traveling the world.
It really protects our
relatives in a good, sacred way.
And two
Fuck, I forgot whatever two was.
Well, anyways, let's get
back to the story, okay?
They're on the bus now, going that way.
And our young warrior Bear, well
you'll see the journey he's on.
[BEAR] Oh, no.
No. Come on, man.
Oh. Uh
Fuck, man.
- Now, let me get this straight.
- Okay. Yep.
You were busy practicing
a play in the bathroom
- Mm-hmm.
- you missed your bus
- Mm-hmm.
- and now you want me
to ask them to turn the bus around?
- Exactly. Yes.
- Hey. It's true.
- I heard him.
- Mm, okay.
Well, that's not gonna happen.
You would have to purchase a new ticket
for the next bus, which
[TONGUE CLICKS] leaves tomorrow.
Fuck. I-I don't have any money, though.
- Is that, like, we could
- Next.
Really? Like, are we Man.

Fuck, man.
[SPIRIT] You know
dachshunds aren't indigenous
to the Americas?
I said, "He would know."
Fuck off, man, you made me miss my bus.
Ah, you know, when I was
young, my mom, she told me,
"Take your time.
Don't live too fast." [CHANTS]
I ain't got time for
your stories right now.
Remember, there's a
Creator always up above.
You have a greater purpose, Bear.
Now, I know I told you you
got to handle your shit,
and you've been doing a really
good job, Nephew/Grandson.
But this time between us? It ain't over.
What you did at your dad's,
that was a big step for you.
The path to healing for a man
is often found in the
opportunities to help others.
And here's your chance to
take such a journey there,
Oh, man, I-I don't have
nowhere to go, dude.
- Uh
- Exactly.
You have nowhere to go but somewhere.
- Oh, gosh, man.
Knowledge bomb drop. Hoka, hoka, ha.
Uh, anyways, I think you
should start walking that way.
Go on.
- That way.
Boy, don't you worry,
you'll find yourself.
Follow your heart and nothing else.
[BEAR] Fuck off.

You want some?
Uh, thanks.
These aren't, like, laced
with marijuana oil
or anything, are they?
Nah, little man. These are straight.
Hey, uh, you Native?
Hell yeah!
Man, I'm Comanche and Ponca.
Weebelhai, whoop, whoop.
Nomono, whoop, whoop.
These your homies?
More like relatives.
Is that them in the
pictures you're drawing?
Yeah. There's my grandma.
- And there's me on horseback.
- Uh-huh.
Although I've never
ridden a horse before.
And this is trebuchet.
One time I got robbed at gunpoint,
and I called the police.
Didn't matter.
They came down and they
arrested me for some shit I did,
like, ten years ago I
totally forgot about.
I-I'm not sure how
that's connected, but
It's all connected.
Whoop, whoop.
Hey, you can crash at
my place if you want to.
There's lots of room.
Okay. I mean, I-I
I might have to head
right back, but we'll see.
You know you look just like her.
Yeah, I heard.
But sometimes you do
those facial gestures,
just reminds me of your dad.
My dad?
Yes, your dad.
What, you thought you grew
inside your mom like baby Jesus?
Obviously, I know I have a dad, but
I thought maybe he was
the one driving the bike.
I swear, that's why I
love being gone from Okern,
no one talks about shit.
How do you go your whole life
and not ask about your dad?
I did, but my Grandma
Mabel wouldn't say shit.
She said she wouldn't
speak about the dead.
I'm friends with him on Facebook.
What? For real?
I mean, he's around, if
you wanted to meet him.
You know, you could
reach out, if you wanted.
What was he like?
- My dad's white?
You didn't know?
No, I mean, I
like, I knew I was part white, but
- he's full white?
- Uh, yeah.
I mean, as far as I know.
He was always good to me.

Them damn cold vampires ♪
[SIGHS] I'm so done, man.
Been keeping me awake ♪
Trying to build an empire ♪
Of things that they can take ♪
[BEAR] Um, I'm-I'm looking for Punkin.
Took off with his so-called
manager on tour up in Oakland.
Piece of shit hasn't called once.
Sorry about that.
Ties to this machine ♪
- Hey.
- Hey.
Uh, sorry, I forgot
to give him something.
Is it possible if I
can leave it with you?
Do you have, like, a-a
bag I can put it in?
Like, a piece of paper
- that I can write a note on?
- Sure.
Bear, what are you doing?
Thanks. Turn around, please. Hold this.
[WOMAN] I know. I know.
Cool. Listen, um
sorry for wasting your time.
Thank you so much.
- Yep.
- Hey, little man. How are you
Sorry. Hope you have a nice
[WILLIE JACK] White Jesus it is.
Them damn cold vampires ♪
Been keeping me awake ♪
- Trying to build an empire ♪
- Piece of shit.
Of the things that they can take ♪
Never let them speak ♪
And don't let them tell a lie ♪
Let them know that
you're walking alone ♪
To a warm home tonight. ♪
[MOSE] Hey!
The Rez Dog Bandits have returned!
You are so grounded.
[TEENIE] Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
[IRENE] Honey, look at
you. You didn't starve.
go to Rob and Cleo's.
[IRENE] Look at you.
Where's Bear?
What the fuck?
[RITA] Are you fucking kidding me?
Where the fuck is Bear?
What the fuck, Teenie?
[MOSE] Ah, snap.
Man down.

Yeah, I switched lanes, I
ain't been the same since, no ♪
And they pissed, man, 'cause
I stay breakin' all they molds ♪
Yeah, I switched lanes, I
ain't been the same since, no ♪
And they pissed, man, 'cause
I stay breakin' all they molds ♪
I trot the globe and mop the
floor with all the competition ♪
On my pops is what's it's focus ♪
'Cause he ain't have
no pot to piss in ♪
So I'm pissed until my crops
go topplin' a hundred million ♪
- When they talkin' shit, I take it as a compliment ♪
- Yeah ♪
- I'm winnin' ♪
- I do it for the vision of the kids in those prisons ♪
Who had no choice but
to follow the religion ♪
I been in the field where
it's tombstone-ridden ♪
Where the grass stay green
if the gloom stay hidden ♪
It's doomsday now, I'm
a new breed killin' ♪
That's doo-doo-plow, I make
the villains go missin' ♪
I'm sinnin' with a grin till
you bitches all finished ♪
I came, I saw and I
conquered, you get it? ♪
- Whoo! ♪
- Yeah, I switched lanes ♪
I ain't been the same since, no ♪
And they pissed, man, 'cause
I stay breakin' all they molds ♪
Yeah, I switched ♪
Yeah, I switched ♪
Yeah, I switched ♪
Yeah, I switched ♪
All they molds, yeah,
I switched lanes ♪
I ain't been the same since, no ♪
I ain't been the same since, no. ♪
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