Reservation Dogs (2021) s03e02 Episode Script


The fuck?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
What? I don't speak
what is that, Spanish?
Okay, this isn't real. This isn't real.
This isn't real.
Oh, shit!
Wha I'm sorry?
I-I Please, just leave me alone.
I don't know what you're saying, man.
Like, no español or whatever the fuck.
Go on, fucker!
Go on! Shoo!
Whoa. Whoa, whoa,
- whoa, whoa.
- Oh, my God.
So, we meet again, you Spanish fuck.
AW, fuck you.
Hey. Right over that hill there
is the lost city of gold.
Yeah. Gold. You like gold, huh?
Go over there. Indians'll give you
all the gold you want,
don't even charge you.
For free, just handing it out.
You don't fucking call
me a fucking liar
Look, look. Look at that. See that?
Made of gold. Solid gold.
- It's a fucking dick medallion.
- Yeah,
you want some? Well, fuck you, man.
Go get your own. Fuck you.
What the fuck is going on, man?
Aw, don't mind him.
That fucking idiot died out here.
Comanches. Killed him.
Never left this place, 'cause
his people didn't pray for him.
Maybe we should pray for him. Yeah.
Oh, Creator,
take pity upon I'm
just fucking with you.
I'm not gonna pray for
a fucking colonizer.
Am I seeing more dead spirits, man?
I don't want to see this shit.
- I never asked for it.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, Bear cub.
Chill down, man.
Fucking take it easy. This
is a sacred place here.
You're standing on a spirit portal.
Yeah. This is where the
spirits come and relax
when they're not dealing
with little fuckers like you.
We hang out. Yeah, I
Fuckin', I just was hanging out
with Genghis Khan back there.
I said, "I like your hat,"
and he had to give it
to me like that old way,
that old Indian way.
- Yeah.
- Stupid. It's fucking stupid, man.
Oh, fucking hold up, man.
Coming, I I'm coming with you.
Nice war paint.
Oh, thank you.
Can I have some water?
Oh. Yeah, this is spirit water.
You can't have some
until it's your time.
For the Creator.
But look on the bright side, Bear.
You made it.
Made it where?
Here. Exactly where
you're supposed to be.
Grandson/Nephew, I did that.
You're the reason I'm stranded
here in the first place.
I know.
It's because this is your walkabout.
Your inner journey.
Can you please just tell me what to do?
Aw, you know I can't do that.
I can only give you cryptic aphorisms.
I don't like it, either, but I got
to report to the spirit council.
I'm gonna die in this desert.
Can you just give me something?
Give me an answer, man.
Like, just this once.
Okay. All right, all right, all right.
Just one.
Just keep walking.
Fucking useless. Like,
of course I'm the one
that gets a stupid fucking spirit ghost
and he turns out to
know absolutely nothing.
Like, come on, man.
This? This is nothing.
When I was a young man,
we would tie our chiefs
to a piece of string and
then tie that to an arrow
and then shoot that arrow
into the ground like that.
As a show of strength
to tell the enemy that
we're not gonna move.
And then, sometimes we'd
cover our body in honey
and blueberries and-and eagle semen
and just stand there for
the insect nation to take us.
And the olders and the youngers
from the village would come
and they would all feast
on us. It's a sad thing
that we don't suffer for
the people like that no more.
I don't care what you
did a hundred years ago.
I need food and water
now or I'm gonna die.
Hey, Grandson/Nephew,
your emotions here?
Let's-let's bring it down
a little bit, you know?
Let's take a breather,
just take five. You know?
Just breathe in and let it all out, man.
No wonder you died at Little Bighorn.
Deep breaths?
A gopher hole?
No wonder why nobody knows who you are.
There ain't no songs about you.
Look, look, I-I know you're hangry,
and you're probably close
to your man moon right now,
but you don't mean this.
I mean it.
I don't want to talk to you.
I never did.
You just
pushed your way into my life
and you won't leave.
You're like the opposite of my dad.
If you want me to go, I-I can go.
Fuck off, Spirit.
Come on, let's go.
Is anybody there?
Here. Drink up.
Go ahead, you can look.
No funny business,
or I'll cut off your little hushwa
and use it for catfish bait.
Go on. Have some.
Where am I?
You're the youngest one I've seen.
And they didn't put a
tracking device on you.
I know. I looked.
Is it in your tooth?
I don't know what you're
talking about, man.
I just got lost trying to get home.
Oh, yeah?
Where's home?
Goddamn it! Motherfuckers found me.
I used to live in Okern.
You did?
Oh, they're good.
This is good.
Oh, this is real good.
- I'm trying to get back to Okern, okay?
- They're getting good.
If you want to you
could just let me go
and I'll be on my way.
And I got my eye on them, too.
I've seen things that you can't explain.
Everything's connected.
Everything's connected.
Yeah, I left that
place. Now here you are.
That place came to me.
See this?
UFO sightings all over Oklahoma.
27 in total.
In that same week, there was
a spike in hospitalizations,
mental institutions.
The Sonics all over the
state ran out of Tots.
They do not want the truth to come out.
I took this photo.
Thing darted around in an oval.
You know what it is?
All right, who the hell
were you really talking to out there?
Do you see things?
Maybe them ones with a mirror suit.
I see a spirit sometimes.
What kind of spirit?
He died at the Battle of Little Bighorn.
What the hell would a spirit
from Battle of the Little Bighorn
be doing here in Oklahoma?
That just doesn't make any sense.
Can I use your bathroom?
I piss outside.
But if you're too dainty,
you can use the one down the hall.
On the left.
Thank you.
Hey. And don't flush.
Fuck! Fuck!
Come on, man, where
you at, where you at?
William Knifeman. William Knifeman.
William Knifeman?
Why did I think that was gonna work?
You really got to stop
talking to yourself.
People are gonna think you're nuts.
Follow me.
And don't try to run.
I got trip wires all
around the property.
You're safe here.
Safer than out there.
What's your name?
- Bear.
- Okay, Bear.
Get in.
Mm. There it is.
Come on.
What is all this?
You must eat a lot of it.
No, I won't eat it.
It's Star People food.
Came from up there.
They call it Bongpipo.
I don't know why they
brought all of this, but
I assume it's so they'll have
some food when they come back.
Why do you grow so much of it?
I told you.
It's so I'll have something
to feed the Star People
when they come back.
It's an offering.
People are only concerned
with things they can
see and hear.
But there are other layers of life
that can't be seen or spoken of.
These need
just as much attention
and just as much care.
So, have you actually
ever seen an alien before?
Star Person.
You probably have, too.
See, they don't always appear
the way people think they do.
Sometimes they take different forms.
And, uh
sometimes they're, uh
they're just a feeling.
If you know what I mean.
This is where I get
my radio signals from.
They talk to you?
Oh, boy.
What is this?
having you here
made me think of these old times.
Oh, that's me.
I didn't always live here, you know.
Ah, there's Mabel.
Are these your friends?
Uh, more like, uh
more like family.
That's Buchanan.
He used to carry that
big ol' book of poetry
around with him all the time.
And sometimes he'd read them to me,
uh, Brownie
and Irene.
what's between the
words that's important.
Where are they now?
Where are your friends?
On a bus headed back home.
I missed it.
Did you want to get left?
I wanted to be alone.
Did they not believe you?
Did they take you and shock you?
You know, when they keep
on not believing you,
eventually, they strap you to a bed
and they put electricity
through your brain because
they don't believe in what we
"don't see or hear."
Did they really shock you?
Oh, yeah.
Lots of times, over the years.
Lot of psych wards in Kansas, Texas,
all over.
I'm sorry that happened to you.
But my friends believe me.
They do.
Well, then what's your fucking problem?
That reminds me of you.
You're better off looking up and around.
Ah. Here, try it, it's
full of good minerals.
I'm good. That's disgusting.
You already drank it.
That glass of water, uh,
the coffee was made with the well water.
- Oh, my gosh, man
- Oh, well, if your body's
not used to it, you could experience
- some minor difficulties.
- Like what?
Hell, it turned my tongue
black for a whole month.
Take that.
Do you have a phone charger?
Yeah, it's right next to my flying car.
Now, what the hell would I
be doing with a phone charger?
I don't even have a phone.
Government tracks you that way.
See this?
Now, if anything happens,
you come here. It'll take
you right to the highway.
What do you mean, if anything happens?
Well, you never know. Do you?
They got spiders in there?
Nah, just snakes.
- Couple of dead cats.
- Ew.
Come on, let's go.
Got something else to show you.
Three quarters of UFO
sightings occur between, uh,
4:00 p.m. and midnight.
They peak between
9:00 and 10:00.
You think we'll see something tonight?
Well, in order to observe the universe,
you must put your back to the future
and fix your eyes on the past.
Such is the way of nature.
Celestial events that
had occurred long ago,
we still see remnants of them.
Hell, we might not
know what happened until
the light travels across
the galaxy to show us.
But the universe knows.
It always knows.
We are just
echoes of things that came before.
It's the Big Dipper.
That's a boat.
A boat?
- I thought it was supposed to be
- Nah, white man
calls it the Big Dipper. It's a boat.
Helps us on our journey when we go.
Where does it take us to?
Well, they call it the Milky Way.
But it's a passageway to the source.
The source that created everything.
We are just, uh
energy manifest.
Why did they create us?
Well, to prove a point, I guess.
What kind?
That we could still love.
Through it all. Life's tough.
We should be proud
that we can still love.
Do you still love?
Yeah, I do.
H-How do they know that you love them?
They-they don't. They just feel it.
See, y love doesn't
have to be received,
it can just, uh
it can just be.
Never seen the stars this beautiful.
You like spaghetti soup?
My grandma used to make that for me.
Yeah? Mine, too.
Would you put the water
in the pot, please?
Yeah, of course.
Tumbleweed and buffalo ♪
The rivers run wild. ♪
How long have you been out here?
On and off most of my life, I think.
This was my mom's house.
She was from out this way.
My dad was from out your way.
They still around?
Now what the hell do you think?
They died when I was a kid.
Boarding school raised me.
But, mostly, I've
been on my own ever since.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
You know
I don't like people.
But you're all right.
We're, uh, kindred spirits, I think.
We see things other people can't
and, uh, people are
either afraid of it
or they're jealous.
Because it's powerful.
So, uh
stay as long as you like.
We can partner up on our powers,
work the property,
build up the signal.
And get the eggplants ready.
This is XM424987.
Anyone receiving?
This is XM424987.
Anyone receiving?
For fuck's sake, is anybody receiving?
Oh, shit.
Get down, get down!
They're here.
You're gonna have to go.
Who's here the Star People?
There there are no separate entities.
There's only things
that rely on one another.
Fuck are the cops doing here?
I-I'll tell them nothing happened.
- You didn't even touch me.
- Uh, n-n Just go home.
Your people probably miss you.
I believe you.
I've been
I've been waiting for you.
Here, take these.
Come on, Maximus. We'll take you back.
I forgot to lock the door.
It's okay.
Okay, okay, we got this.
Where the fuck are these
dead cats he's talking about?
Yes, yes, yes, yes, fuck yes!
Fuck off.
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