Reservation Dogs (2021) s03e07 Episode Script


[RITA] Yeah, the 24th.
No, of next month, not this month.
Yeah? You are?
Okay, that's great. Yeah.
We're gonna be so glad
to have you, uh
Yeah, you're-you're gonna be
the only entertainment.
Yeah, we have
a keynote speaker and then
No. No clowns.
No mimes either.
Okay. Thank you so much.
- Okay, bye.
All right, what's up?
there's no easy way to say this.
It's the least favorite part of my job.
Oh, God.
I'm sorry, but sometimes
these things happen.
And, listen,
you've done a great job here so far
Yeah, I know I've done a great job.
Who do I have to speak to?
I can't get fired right now.
- I-I don't have any savings.
- Rita. Rita.
- I don't have anything to look for a
- Rita.
I am not firing you.
- But
- Word has spread across Indian Country.
People know you and they trust you,
and there are two IHS facilities
who are making an offer
to you, Rita.
Come on down. Promotion time.
- You should've opened with that.
My heart's racing,
like, a mile a minute.
You'll be getting an email
later on today.
What are the jobs?
Community programming, event planning.
But they are for larger programs.
One in Oklahoma City
and one in Albuquerque.
- What, I have to move?
- It's more money.
A lot more money.
Long-term contracts. Stability, Rita.
I would accept in a
heartbeat if I was you.
We'll really hate to lose you, though.
But Tonkawa City, Rita.
- Tonkawa
- [BEV] How much more?
- [RITA] Like double.
Oh, shit. It was nice knowing you.
Can my cousin live at your house?
He can't pay rent, but he's
clean and tidy and stuff.
No, I haven't made a decision yet.
What's to decide?
Well, I've never left Okern.
Not for long, anyways.
And definitely not to live.
What's keeping you here? This job?
- All the cousins you can't date?
- Bear?
- Yeah. Bear.
Oh, Bear's grown.
He'll be out on his own soon.
Bear, Bear is not grown.
Grown enough for you to do
something for yourself.
God Creator, give me one chance.
I'll go anywhere.
I'll go to Kansas City.
I'll go to Washington, D.C.
I'll even go to Texas.
Okay, not Texas.
[BEAR] Mom, is that you?
You're home early.
- So are you.
- Yeah.
We just finished that roof
we've been working on.
Marc Don gave us the day off
before we start the next one.
I was thinking early dinner.
Saw this recipe on TikTok
I wanted to try.
- Sure.
- Yeah?
I won't disappoint.
- [COOKIE] What are you gonna do?
What the fuck?!
My God.
Always so dramatic.
What the fuck? Cookie?
No, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.
Are you a ghost?
I'm a spirit. Ghosts are dumb.
No, this isn't real.
No, no, it's not real. It's not real.
It me!
♪La, la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la,
la-la, this isn't real ♪♪
la-la-la-la-la. ♪♪
Mm. What's up, Mom?
Scoot over.
- I'm not feeling well.
- What's wrong?
Just, um there's a lot on my mind.
Do you want me to trade our rooms?
No, no. No, no. Just stay there.
Just, uh, don't ask any questions.
- Okay?
- Okay.
Just d-do what I say. I'm your mom.
You're acting a little weird.
[SIGHS] Yeah, I know.
I think my anxiety
is just kicking up a bit.
Maybe like a smidge of depression.
Okay, um
I'm gonna build a pallet
on the ground.
This bed's a little too tight.
Yeah, okay. Yeah, you do that.
- Girl
that water pressure is good.
You're crazy, yeah. You've gone crazy.
Oh, they're gonna come lock you up.
They're gonna come lock you up.
- Calm your titties.
They looking good, by the way.
It's okay. Sit down.
I'm just here visiting an old friend.
Think hard.
You knew I was around, didn't you?
Like that time
when you almost married that asshole.
And you heard my voice saying,
"Don't do it, shitass."
That was me. The spirit.
In the flesh.
Well, not flesh flesh
but spirit flesh.
What do you want?
To see you.
Or rather you see me.
Stop asking so many questions.
You're giving me a headache.
I have been sitting here
all morning,
staring at that Wahoo board,
waiting for you to get back.
You up for a game?
- Of Wahoo?
- Yeah.
You want to play Wahoo? A spirit.
You-you came here to play me Wahoo?
Yeah. I haven't played since I died.
Hey, Willie Jack, Fixico.
Neon tan?
Oh, no, no, um, just a weird night.
And a weird day.
Weird day meds.
Go for it.
Go ahead.
Cure you up.
[FIXICO] Oh, yeah, yeah.
Okay. Mvto.
What's "neon tan"?
You'll know when you get older.
- Morning, sunshine.
God, you look hungover.
How you gonna celebrate without me?
I'm your ride-or-die bitch.
Okay, I'm not hungover.
I just had a-a rough night.
Does Larry have any openings?
Come again?
Larry. Does he have any openings?
Do you have an appointment?
What? No.
You need an appointment.
- What? I work here.
- I work here, too.
I still make appointments.
What, Bev? "My ride-or-die bitch"?
It doesn't count right now.
We're at work.
You have to have an appointment.
- That's how it works.
- I didn't know it had rules.
Take that, fill it out. Have a seat.
I saw Cookie last night.
- What?
- In my house.
Like, exactly the same way
I remember her.
Give me the clipboard.
I only do this for my friends,
especially friends
who are losing their shit.
- I'll sign you in.
- I really appreciate it.
It's been really,
it's been a rough morning.
And I had to sleep in Bear's bed
last night. It was just
You're a bitch.
- You look bad.
- A bitch.
Hey, did y'all hear that?
Spread it around.
- [LARRY] Hello, Rita.
I'm so surprised.
This is your first time here, right?
Uh, yeah.
Feel free to lose the glasses.
I know I'm glowing, but
So, what brings you here today?
Uh, well, I guess
it started yesterday.
Um, I got a job offer.
A really good one.
Something I-I really didn't know
that I was working toward
And you felt impostor syndrome over it.
Totally understandable trauma response.
We are Native, we have trauma
No, not, not, not really.
I just started this, um
I-I, I started seeing my dead friend.
Uh you what?
I started seeing my friend.
She's dead.
Y-You mean you felt her presence.
No, like she's up and walking around.
She was in my house,
in the flesh and blood.
Well we don't see dead friends.
I mean, what's the point of being dead
if you can be seen again?
Maybe we manifest those people
that we really want to return again.
But it's in your mind.
I once thought that I saw
Lou Diamond Phillips
everywhere that I went.
But with therapy I realized
it was just this Hopi guy
who was in town working as a welder.
It was my trauma
that made that connection
because I had this particular
[CRYING] strong response to
the major motion picture La Bamba.
I didn't want him
to get on that plane.
Uh, Larry?
But we learn to work
through our trauma.
You see, Lou Diamond
Phillips wasn't real.
I mean, he's real,
but, like, it's not
like he was in town
working as a welder.
Uh I don't know what
this has to do with me.
When you see the dead,
maybe it's you who needs something.
You think so?
I have a 1:30, so
- What, you kicking me out?
- Yeah.
I've been here for five minutes.
But you didn't have an appointment
and Bev asked me to squeeze you in.
You've been squeezed.
- We should bet.
- Bet what?
If I win, you take me
to where I need to go.
- And if I win?
- Then I'll stop haunting you.
How's Bear?
Already out.
This is gonna be easy.
What are you doing here?
Maybe I'm not here.
What did your psychiatrist say?
Well, he didn't believe me,
so I didn't push it.
'Cause you already know why I'm here.
No, no, I really, I really don't.
If you say so. How's Bear?
Why do you keep asking about Bear?
To see if you know.
He's fine, he's, you know,
doesn't remind me of Punkin anymore,
which is a good thing.
He's got a good job.
He sees spirits, too, you know.
What? What do you mean?
Some families just can.
And Elora?
I don't know.
I don't really see her much.
You should. You're her auntie.
Don't you see her?
Don't you see all of us?
I seen Bev and Big.
They are so passionate.
- No, you're ki
- They are snagging.
You're Oh, my You know what?
I always thought something
was happening with them.
Good for Big.
- Good for, good for Bev?
- He makes the craziest fucking noises.
No, I don't want to know. Oh, God.
- "Ee-yah."
- No.
- "Ho-wah."
- Ew!
- "Ee-yah! Ho-wah!"
And when he finishes, he goes
[GROANS] "Like dat."
- Oh.
- Oh.
Too easy. Too easy. You're going down.
I don't want to play anymore.
What? You said.
I'll take you wherever.
Okay? I don't want to play any games.
You just tell me where you need to go.
[CLEO] Here you go.
Must run in the family.
Bear. He always gets two orders, too.
Yeah, right.
Yeah, m-must be.
- Thanks, Cleo.
- Uh-huh.
Offer it to me.
Like an offering. Come on.
She's, uh
Yeah, she's talking to
someone who's not there.
She's gone.
I offer this food to you
in a, in a good way
or whatever.
Tastes better when it's offered.
Is that why you came to visit me?
To eat catfish?
Catfish is life, you know.
Is that what you want? Life?
Well, uh
Rita, are you okay?
I could call Bear,
I could call a doctor.
No, no, Rob, I'm fine.
You're obviously talking
to someone who's not here.
You've got two baskets of catfish.
Rob, we've known
each other a long time.
I know, we used to date.
You just took me
to junior high dance, like
What would you
call that if not a date?
I got you a corsage.
You taught me how to French.
Okay, that was a long time ago.
You didn't tell anybody
when my retainer fell out.
- And you could have told anybody you wanted to.
Okay, all right.
It's beside the point.
I just, I need you to, um
I just need you to let this one go.
Please, Rob.
Can't I just want to have
an awesome catfish dinner
with my girlfriend?
- How'd it go?
- [RITA] Sorry.
- She's toast.
- [RITA] It's not like this is
an everyday occurrence
that I'm just seeing spirits
all over the damn place.
At one point in time I thought
we were gonna get married.
This is just extra
'cause I wanted catfish.
I do need your help.
I just didn't know how to ask.
Just ask.
Can you take me to my mom's?
I want to see something.
Yeah. We can do that.
See? That wasn't that hard.
Don't be so sure.
Hey, Rita.
Hi. Um
Do you mind if I come in?
Uh Yeah, of course.
S-So, what's up?
Did you, um
do you want a drink or something?
No, no, no, I'm good, um
Yeah, I think I'm
just here for a minute.
Um, just came to check something out.
How are things?
Uh, good.
Ask if she's happy,
not if things are good.
Are you happy?
Yeah. No complaints.
Now, tell her, from me
Hey, are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm good.
I'm good.
'Cause you seem a little
I don't know, buggy.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah. Yeah, I guess.
I suppose I am. Do you mind if I?
So, as I was saying, um
I'm good. Yeah, very good.
I got some opportunities at work.
A promotion.
I don't know what I'm gonna do yet.
Promotion. That's it's cool.
You're, uh, getting any perks?
Yeah, lots of perks.
I'd have to move, though.
Don't tell Bear. I don't know
I-I don't know if I even
want to do all those things.
I hate the freeway.
Yeah, I understand.
I'm trying to figure out
what I want to do next, too.
College. I'm
I'm applying.
- Your mom would be very proud.
- [COOKIE] That was nice.
Say more things like that.
You know, if you need anything,
we're always here.
Your aunties, me, Bev, Natalie.
Your mom was always there for us.
I appreciate that.
You know
sometimes I feel like
she's still around. [CHUCKLES]
I didn't know her at all, but
Yeah, sometimes it feels,
like, warm, you know?
I know what you mean.
How hard was that?
You could have done that any time.
And you didn't.
You can talk to her any time.
And you don't.
I'm trying.
You know how hard it is to be a mom?
No, I don't.
Rita, your son is grown.
You can do anything you fucking want.
You can travel.
You can snag who you want.
You can take that fucking
job in the city if you want.
You still have all the
answers, don't you?
I don't know a fucking thing.
I'm gonna be 20 forever.
I just know that you
should do something
with y'all's lives while you still can.
I could never get her to hear me.
To see me.
I've yelled at her. [CHUCKLES]
Screamed. Cried.
I just wanted to tell her that
I love her
and I'll always be there for her.
But I'm not.
Not really.
[SOBS] I'm not really
here or really there.
Oh, shit.
These spirit tears are
fucking up my makeup.
♪Style uncut,
let nature take its course ♪♪
Hey, Mom.
Look, I know I messed up
last night's recipe,
but I'm trying it again
if you're up for it.
I think I know where I went wrong.
♪Since I made it on the block ♪♪
- ♪Used to drop off the work ♪♪
Can you tell me about California?
Mom, I already did. All right?
It really was Deer Lady.
- I'm not lying about that.
- I know, I know.
It's not that. It's about Daniel.
What What did you do?
We got to do something. For Cookie.
Okay. I'll make another
appointment with Larry.
No. She's watching us.
Like, a lot.
[LAUGHS] Oh, my God.
Prove it.
Ho-lah. Ee-yah.
Ho-lah. Ee-yah.
Ho-lah. Ee-yah.
- Ho-lah. Ee-yah.
- [QUIETLY] Stop it.
- Ho-lah. Ee-yah.
- Stop it.
Like dat.
It's so fucked-up when you do it. Ugh.
Okay, what do we need to do?
So, what is this?
We're gonna say
"We love you" to our sister
and let her know she can go.
We never really did that.
And please stop
watching over us so hard.
I thought we could send this with her.
[NATALIE] Oh, I remember that.
So, what do we do? Just toss it in?
I think we should say something.
[BEV] I'll say it.
you hot, vivacious, main bitch.
The world isn't the same without you.
You weren't perfect, but
you were fucking cool as hell.
No one really had
my back like you did.
These two bitches come
pretty close, though.
Till we meet in the next one.
[RITA] Good words, Bev.
- [NATALIE] Aho.
- [RITA] Aho.
[GROANS] Like dat.
- Sick.
So, that's it?
I think so.
Feels good.
I think I'm gonna take that job.
- Give me your phone.
- For what?
Tinder profile.
I'm gonna make you one.
[CHUCKLES] Is Bear gonna go with you?
It's up to him. He's cooking now.
- Recipes.
- Mm.
Well, we'll look
after him if he stays.
Yeah, like hawks looking after
I don't know, what do hawks eat?
Um, smaller birds?
You're not eating him.
Okay, we'll look
after him like spirits.
Always watching,
even when you're snagging.
No. Bear's not snagging.
Got to watch out for Elora, too.
♪You got under my skin again ♪♪
♪You raised the stakes ♪♪
♪Took your time ♪♪
♪Made your move ♪♪
♪Your tongue said come
cowboy wont you stay ♪♪
♪Then you closed your hazel eyes ♪♪
♪Make like a tree
lay down some roots ♪♪
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