Reservation Dogs (2021) s03e08 Episode Script

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All right, Goddamn it.
- I'm gonna get to the bottom of this.
- [BEAR] I'm not
I-I mean, I-I I don't
Uh, I mean I, uh, uh
I mean, I-I, uh
- I mean
- What?
This is so stressful.
Aw. You want some cookies and milk?
I'd-I'd love some.
You're gonna talk to me.
- You hear me?
I see you.
Man, I ain't got to say shit to you.
This Indian land.
I want a lawyer and my grandma.
[WHITE STEVE] If you need me
to wear a wire I will.
- None of this was my idea.
- [ELORA] Big,
you know I'm not telling you shit.

Fuck it. It all started
at Elder Breakfast.
Auntie, hook it up
with extra fry bread.
You're not even an elder.
You should be serving me.
I know, but
I'm on sacred duties right now.
I'm Fixico's plus-one.
[BIG] And what the fuck you
doing at the Elders Breakfast?
'Cause Fixico's been
teaching me his wizard ways.
Most time, we just
hang out at the clinic
and go deliver groceries and shit.
I didn't learn any spells yet,
but I wasn't sure if it was, like,
a wax on, wax off situation.
Know what I mean? So,
I just shut the fuck about it
and just went with it.
Ah, there she is.
My protégé.
[WOTKO] Oh, okay, how's it going?
This guy teaching you the ways?
[WILLIE JACK] Yeah. It's been good.
Mostly just sitting around
all the time.
Yeah, he's good at that. [LAUGHS]
I'm not young anymore like you.
- I need to sit.
- Understandable.
Should have seen him
back in the old days.
Boy, he always drove these keen cars.
- Keen car.
- [WOTKO] Crazy women.
- Mm. - [WILLIE JACK] Oh!
The good old days, huh?
- Boarding school life, huh? Yeah.
- [WOTKO] Mm-hmm.
Me and Irene
[IRENE] Bucky, Brownie
- and Mabel.
- [FIXICO] Oh, yeah,
- good ol' Mabel. Yeah.
- [IRENE] Mm-hmm.
Let's not forget about Chibon.
Yes. Chibon.
Who dat?
It's my brother-cousin.
He pass away?
No. He's still out there.
[WOTKO] Mm-hmm.
I always thought we'd make amends
before one of us left.
Why don't you just go talk to him?
It's complicated.
By "complicated," he just
means he's an Indian man,
- you know?
- Mm.
- [IRENE] Ennit?
- Maybe he just needs an invite.
- Ah.
You don't know Chibon.
Mean son of a bitch.
- [THUD]
- [MAN] Call 911!
[BIG] I know Fixico
had a heart attack,
but where the bus come in at?
We needed wheels.
So, let me get this straight.
Here you are again,
borrowing another car
from yours truly.
And you want to borrow it
so you can kidnap
a distant uncle-cousin
that's a mental patient
in a hospital in Tulsa?
Which I have to tell you
is a bad idea.
You don't take 'em
out of the hospital.
It never ends good.
They usually kill someone.
So, just keep that in mind.
Okay? [SIGHS]
You expect me to just give
you a car and be on my way?
ALL: Yeah.
- Yeah, pretty much, yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
Okay. I have some stipulations.
[SIGHS] Of course.
[KENNY BOY] [SIGHS] Number one.
You're gonna need more than a car.
They needed professionals.
The fuck's all over your face?
Now, second.
I am no longer Kenny Boy.
I'm Uncle.
Uncle Kenny,
Uncle Ken.
Uncle Boy, Uncle KK.
KK. Two Ks, never three. Three's bad.
All right, everybody say it.
- Uncle Boy. - Uncle Kenny.
- Uncle.
Not you.
One more time.
- [ALL] Uncle Boy.
- Uncle.
Ah. Nice.
Welcome aboard, kids.
[ANSEL] One, two.
[KENNY BOY] This is a school bus.
I'm sure none of you have ever
gotten on one of these.
[ANSEL] Three, four.
Five. Seven.
Six. Seven. Eight.
Count of four.
But I can't see ♪
[ELORA] Oh, hell, no.
Now let's go find this mentalist.
Buckle up.
- There's-there's
- There's no seatbelts.
- No seatbelts.
- No seatbelts.
Then hold on to the seats.
It's gonna get rough.
Bunch of babies.
Please just forget about me ♪
Cancel out my name ♪
Don't get angry with me. ♪
What's your name?
Bone Thug Dog.
Bone Thug Dog?
That's a beautiful name.
[CHEESE] Originally, it was Gojira.
In 1956, when they were
bringing it over to the States,
they translated Gojira to Godzilla.
- [CHEESE] Mm-hmm.
Fuck off.
What are you doing?
I just wanted you to know
that I'm proud of you.
Oh. Okay.
Thanks, bro.
Yeah, I mean, usually,
we're stealing copper
or steaks for cookouts or edibles,
but this feels
meaningful, I guess.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
It is meaningful.
You worried about Fixico?
Feels like I didn't get
to spend enough time with him.
That how I felt when Grandma died.
Just thinking about
her sitting in the living room,
drinking coffee, reading the paper,
watching TV.
Could've just sat with her.
I didn't.
That's why I think it's good
to keep our elders around.
We're always learning stuff from them,
no matter what,
even if we're just sitting there.
Wizard ways.
If you go first, bro,
I'll be by your side.
It's true, though.
If you go first, I'll be by yours.
I mean that.
Love you, bro.
Hey, you guys, look. They're hugging!
I don't care, either.
Welcome to Tulsa, kids.
Home of Leon Russell, Gary Busey,
The Outsiders, Rumble Fish,
and American classic UHF.
All right, shitasses.
Cheese stayed up all night
doing this, so, thanks, Cheese.
No need to thank me.
- What is it?
- [BEAR] It is
- a layout to the hospital.
- Oh.
- [KENNY BOY] Nice.
- Good shit, bro.
- That's nice.
- [CHEESE] Thanks.
It it was-it was easy.
You know, uh,
just googled "behavior health
hospitals" and found this.
Williams Memorial Hospital.
Yeah. One quick deep dive later,
I found the schematics.
I didn't have a printer,
- so I just drew it myself.
- [BEAR] Drew it, man.
Nice, bro. I didn't know you
was deadly like that.
- [CHEESE] It's cool, man.
- Wait, bro. Williams Memorial Hospital?
- Yeah.
- This ain't Williams Memorial.
This is Johnson Memorial.
Shit. Is it?
- [BONE THUG DOG] Aw, fuck, man.
- [WEEZE] Shit.
Bro, you had one job.
- I-I mean, it's similar enough.
- [BEAR] Yeah,
yeah, don't worry. It's
all still the same plan.
- Fuck it.
- All right, so this is the plan.

White Steve and Bone Thug Dog,
go to the front desk and tell them
that you have a tour with the manager.
This is stupid.
They're never gonna believe us.
- Your face is stupid.
- Yeah.
- [BEAR] No matter what happens,
make sure they give
you guys that tour,
'cause that will be the distraction.
Jackie and Elora,
y'all are gonna go in there
and cut the phone lines, all right?
I don't know what a
phone line looks like.
- Do you?
- Fuck no.
I know what it looks like.
[ANSEL] I don't.
I'll take that.
- What?
- Buddy, you know
how to spot a phone line, right?
Of course. I-I'm a gamer.
- I-I know cables.
- He knows cables.
- He's a gamer. All right, awesome.
All right, so,
Cheese will go with y'all.

Uh, Weeze, you go in the front
and keep the security guard busy.
And if you see the cops,
scream as loud as you can
- and run back to the bus.
- [WEEZE] Wait,
why do I scream?
I mean, 'cause you got to alert us.
- Like, right? Like
- Y Right.
- Yeah, just alert us, bro.
- Alert us.
How do you want me to scream?
- Like, just, like, really fucking loud.
- Wh
Yeah, ah-ah ♪
- Like that.
- Like that.
What if you guys are somewhere
you can't hear me?
That's a good point. I mean
- [JACKIE] That's true.
- [BEAR] That's a good point.
You could text us in the group chat?
- [BEAR] Ooh.
- Word. That's better.
You're right.
I'll use exclamation points.

All right, me and Willie Jack
Oh, "Willie Jack and I."
He's right.
[SIGHS] Willie Jack and I
we'll find Chibon's room
- Let's do it.
- boom, grab him
and get out of there.
All right?
- [LAUGHS] Yes.
- What's he even look like?
- You know what he looks like, right?
- Fuck no.
- Don't know what he looks like?
- [WILLIE JACK] No, not even, bro.
What do you mean you don't know
what he looks like?
He doesn't have Facebook.
Fuck I look like, FBI? Fuck.
Some Indian guy, I suppose.
What if he doesn't want to go?
Well, shit, I didn't
fuckin' think about that.
Oh, man
H-He'll want to go.
- He's gonna want to leave.
- He's gonna want to get out of there.
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- [BEAR] He's gonna want to get out of here.
[BEAR] All right? Okay, all right.
We got this shit.
We're the fucking Rez Dogs.
- Fuck yeah. Rose gold.
- [WHITE STEVE] Wait-wait a minute.
Yeah, we ain't no Rez Dogs.
Yeah, man, we're the Bad Guy Gang.
- [SCOFFS] NDN Mafia, bitch.
- Yeah.
do you guys want to join?
We can all be Rez Dogs.
Fucking Rez Dogs.
[ALL] Fucking Rez Dogs.
Hold-hold up.
Slow your roll.
What are we, chicken livers?
What's our job?
You got the best job.
Yeah, you guys just-just
chill in the bus and wait.
[ELORA] Be ready to drive away fast.
[CHEESE] Yeah, m-moderately fast.
- [BEAR] Yeah.
- Getaway drivers?
Yeah, I-I I don't know
if you guys should come in.
- Why?
- Why?
Well, 'cause
'Cause you look half crazy, fuck.
They're just gonna keep you
in there, shit.
Uh, plus, we don't have a CDL license.
- Yeah, we only got our Rez license.
- Ninety down the back roads.
Getaway drivers.
Can you believe it?
- All right, well, Rez Dogs.
Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!
What are you doing?
- You first.
- Why me?
- You're white.
- Fuck.
Can I help you?
Yes, actually.
I am Mr. White.
And this is
Mr. Br
[QUIETLY] Don't say Brown.
Mr. Dog.
Mr. White and Mr. Dog.
What can I do for you?
Uh, yes, I'm glad you asked.
- Mm.
- We have an appointment with management
to do a walk-around.
A walk-around?
- [WHISPERS] A tour.
- A-A tour,
with management.
We're writing an article
for an assignment.
Tour with management.
And you have an appointment?
Let's do it.
Um Hey, do you know anything
about a walk-around
scheduled for today?
I don't [SIGHS]
Yeah, I'm not seeing anything.
What exactly were you wanting to do?
Um, a "toure" for the paper.
Like I said, it's, uh, for an article.
And do you have a card?
[SHORT CHUCKLE] I'm glad you asked.
Uh, I do not have one.
This is, um, handwritten.
Sorry, I ran out of the usual.

- Oh, shit.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Check that shit.
Sheridan. The fuck?
Johns w-where the-where
the fuck are all the Indians at?
See you ain't slow ♪
- [BEAR] I'm That's it.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
- What if it blows the building up?
It's not a bomb.
What if I get electrocuted?

I can, uh, call management.
- They're not on-site, but
- Okay.
Send it.
Just send that shit, bro.
That's weird.
The phones are down again.
Okay, I can give you a quick tour,
but just get what you need
and then you should probably go.
- Perfect.
- Bet.
Come on.
- See? Nothing to worry about.
[WILLIE JACK] Oh, fuck, bro.
- What's up?
- This one says Fixico.
- Maxi
- Oh, yeah?
No, fuck that. It's not him.
Hey, did you say Maximus?
Yeah, bro. Keep looking.
Bro. This is him.
Yo, this is him, man.
It's, uh It's me, Bear.
I I don't know if you remember me,
- but we, uh
- I know who the fuck you are.
What are you doing here?
Oh. Um
Well, we-we came to, uh
We came because of Fixico.
Fixico? I just I
I'm Fixico.
Old Man Fixico?
- [BEAR] Do you know his first name?
- Fuck no.
Uh, Old Man Fixico,
your cousin-brother?
Oh, him.
What the hell does he want?
Um, he's
he's not doing too good.
It's bad. Like, really bad.
[BEAR] Yeah, we, uh
That's why we're here.
We're trying to break you out.
Break me out?
Yeah, you know, like, jailbreak?
You stupid bastard, you don't
have to break me out of here.
[BEAR] What do you mean?
I-I can leave any time I want. I
I'm staying 'cause I need to.
I They came and took you.
Oh, that happens
every six months or so.
I get off my meds,
I get a little crazy,
I start writing letters to people
- the city, the mayor,
- Oh
the librarian
they find out about it,
they come and get me
and take me back,
I get back on my meds,
I stabilize until I, uh
I forget to take them again.
So you're choosing to be here?
Well, duh.
What? I get liver and onions,
I got good air conditioning,
heating, uh
It's like a paid holiday. Yeah.
Oh, fuck.
I haven't, uh
talked to my cousin in a long time.
Well, you should put all that
bad shit behind you guys now,
'cause he's not gonna
be here much longer.
You know, all you elders
you got robbed of your feelings
and now you can't even admit
or express them anymore.
So you just sit here in your
room and stare out the window.
Like, I'm sorry,
whatever you went through
boarding school, abuse
whatever happened to you,
I-I get it, but
us young people
we know things, too.
I'd give anything
to see my cousin Daniel again.
Fixico wants to see you
and you're just in here,
fucking acting all stubborn?
Fucking go, bro.
Fuck it. We tried.
I'll go.
Well, don't just stand there
like a couple of dummies.
I said I'd go.
Let's go.
Grab my coat.
One, o-one ♪
There's so many bathrooms here.
I didn't know
that there'd be so many
Uh, actually, can we go back?
I think I missed some things.
Bro, it's okay. It's all good.
Mr. Fixico, you checking out?
Uh, yeah. Yes, Ann, I believe I will.
How long you leaving us for today?
- I don't know.
- [LAUGHS] Okay.
Well, you know what to do.
Thank you, Annie.
[BEAR] Oh, wait, wait, there. Um
Our friends think
we're busting you out,
and, um can we act like we did?

- Holy fuck, they did it.
- [MAXIMUS] Where's my stuff?
- [BEAR] Fuck you guys.
[MAXIMUS] What-what
the hell are you trying to do?
Release the anchor.
The fuck you talking about?
What? It's the truth.
We went to the
hospital to go get Uncle.
So, what about the bus, then?
What about it?

Hey, you guys were amazing.
I I'm proud of you.
And you were right.
Getaway driver is pretty great.
- Oh, shit.
- Smoke signals. Not good.
- Oh, fuck, bro! Smoke!
This little lady's
going to meet her creator.
- Everyone off.
- Let's go!
- [ANSEL] Go, go, go, go, go, go!
- Go, go, go!
- Ah!
Oh, shit! Oh
Keep going
- God
- Ah.

Holy holy shit.
[WILLIE JACK] Man, fuck that.
- Whoa.
- All right, let's kick rocks.
Split up. Split up.
- Find shelter.
- Go, go, go. Anywhere, Ansel.
[BEAR] Come on, let's go, let's go.
Just not with me.
Listen, why are you doing this?
You can just walk away.
After all we've been through.
Tired of the crimes you all do.
Time to clean these streets up.
- What even is crime?
- Well, specifically,
it's a misdemeanor crime.
You're all getting tickets.
Got witness.
You're not gonna do that.
Fuck I ain't.
They were taking care of an elder.
I can't let you.
What the fuck you gonna do, Kenny Boy?
It was me.
It was all me.
Fuck you mean?
The kids weren't even there.
It was just me.
And him.
- Me?
- Kenny Boy, don't do this.
They need to pay
for their crimes, too.
and you are my brother
I can't let these kids take the heat.
They're good kids.
'Cause that's what we do.
We show up for each other.
We're a community.
You know that.
Some we like,
some we don't.
Some borrow money.
A lot.
Like send-ups ♪
We hold each other accountable.
We were children ♪
And sometimes we take the heat.
Dressed up like men ♪
But it's all in service of each other.
Places we'd never been ♪
All of us.
How am I ever gonna get by? ♪
How am I ever gonna get by
all by myself? ♪
And Big,
I've been sober since the woods.
Ah. Been through a lot, Kenny Boy.

Go ahead.
Push that space bar to play it.
The fuck is this?
What? Shit.
Quit looking at that.
What's wrong with you?
[WILLIE JACK] Come on, skoden.
[BIG] Uh-huh.
Got this sent on Facebooks.
Caught you red-handed.
- T-This is a deepfake.
That's not us.
Criminals have their faces covered.
[BIG] You're gonna
talk to me. You hear me?
The fuck? What the fuck? Shit.
That's not me, fuck.
Got the wrong guy.
Oh, fuck.

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