Resident Evil (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

The Turn

Hello, Papa.
Did you find work?
Rent's late again.
I'll take care of it.
How? With your work?
I have work.
You know, I've lived here my whole life.
I've watched these corporations come in,
and build their factories,
as if we don't exist.
They say they're giving us opportunities
by creating jobs.
And when things go bad,
when people get hurt,
our "saviors" disappear.
They don't care about us,
unless we do something.
Tell me about your husband.
What was he like?
- He was funny.
- Hmm.
He loved baseball.
He loved his job.
Was that where
it happened?
He was
running a test,
and the cage was left open
and the rat bit him.
He told me
that it was so fast.
You mentioned
a rash?
Were there any other symptoms?
He complained about flashing lights,
loud noises
even the baby would bother him,
and then,
he would get angry all the time.
He became very aggressive.
And these symptoms,
they lasted for three days?
They said he killed people.
You don't believe me, do you?
Of course I believe you.
I found this.
In his things.
People need to know the truth,
because them
They lie.
Umbrella lies.
So the kitty cat lady told me
that you worked for the University.
You know they're
on the naughty list, right?
Hear they've got copies
of everything from before the fall.
Books, music
I freakin' loved SpongeBob.
I mean, his best friend is a starfish.
Are you fucking serious?
Jeez, relax.
I've got a chip in my arm.
Umbrella is on the way.
Test 328.
Analyzing specimen.
Get out!
What kind of party?
Probably a bunch of stupid kids
doing stupid shit.
What time is it?
One minute later
than the last time you asked.
- Jade
- Look, that guy was crazy.
- How much time is left?
- Three hours, 22 minutes.
Maybe we should tell Dad.
- Nothing's gonna happen.
- You keep saying that.
But you don't know a
I'm so hot.
You're freaked.
- Just inhale.
- Yeah, that's
You don't get it.
I wanna go to that party.
- No, Billie, you can't.
- Dad said this isn't quarantine.
So if I'm gonna die,
then I'm not sitting here
waiting for it to happen, if it happens.
So fuck it.
Where are we?
I've got an idea.
Do you see that?
It's an enclosed space with limited exits,
and about 300 barely contained zeros.
This place is a fucking meat grinder.
Move, move.
Come on.
I'm not Umbrella.
Uh, I am.
So the smart move here is to let us go
before my boss rains
holy hell down on you.
"Holy hell."
I like this.
This is the world, no? A "holy hell."
The last Umbrella to come here
I sent him home
with his balls in his hand.
Cool. Uh
I mean, with me, it'd take both hands,
but, yeah, no, I I get it.
You're real scary.
So what do you want, huh?
Money? Tech? Meth?
It's meth, right?
You think we can be bought?
For the right price.
We are all whores.
And a whore belongs on his knees.
Wait, wait, wait,
I'm not with this asshole.
Yet you were with this asshole.
He was trying to take me to Umbrella.
The virus.
I'm trying to understand it, stop it.
- It can't be stopped.
- Then contain it.
I'm trying to help people.
The plague is a scourge from God.
Who are you to question the will of God?
I'm sorry, did
You think God did this?
Then what the fuck are those?
His miracle.
To be harnessed by the chosen.
Billions of people died.
To rid the apple of the worm,
it takes the knife.
They died to make a better world.
Fuck you!
Butt implants.
Yeah, you need to talk to him.
He's been staring at you all night.
Fake boobs.
Also, big boobs.
See that weird guy over there? Red shirt?
That's hair plugs.
I'm telling you.
Ooh, Botox.
And he's on steroids.
Hard steroids.
No one should be that ripped.
And she just got her vag wallpapered.
That's not a thing.
You know, it probably is in LA.
Probably is.
You know, if
If I go crazy,
I need you to get away from me.
- No.
- No.
- It's you and me, always.
- Seriously.
Say it.
- Billie
- Say it.
Okay, I'll
everything's gonna be fine.
Get off me.
So my favorite part was
when you punched him in the face.
Fuck, look at these cult freaks.
- Look at yourself.
- Dude, I know you've got, like baggage.
But between Umbrella
and crazy-freak crucifixion world,
I know which one I'd pick.
Umbrella's done worse, and you know it.
Yeah, not to me.
Oh, so what? Fuck everyone else?
Do you have kids?
Because I do.
Charlie and Cardi.
They are my life.
Umbrella takes care of me,
so I can take care
of them.
Fucking really?
Such an asshole.
Cool, yeah. Yeah, no, real cool.
So you hate dogs? Yeah. Yeah, that's cool.
So I guess that all you Wesker kids
have rage issues, because your sister?
Fucking psycho.
My sister is dead.
She died when I was 14.
Watch it.
- Hey, hi.
- Thanks for coming.
- Such a dope setup.
- Yeah, thanks.
"Hey, hi. Dope setup."
What up?
That was sick.
Billie, um
About yesterday, look, I'm so sorry.
No no, it's not your fault.
I'm going crazy.
I'm sorry.
Can I borrow your board?
- Sure.
- What?
It'll be fun.
Well, she seems good?
What are you doing?
I'm gonna jump.
How do you deal
living in this town?
I hit on all the new girls.
Oh, really?
No, no. I
My mom, she's worked for Umbrella
ever since before I was born.
So we've moved all over, and it sucks.
Oh, I don't know, you just
find a way to make it work.
You know, you have your sister,
and I have my parents.
- Go for it. Do it.
- Go.
And that's what really matters, right?
Shit, yeah.
Go, go, go, go, go!
You can do it.
This is date night?
- Just find your Zen.
- "Find your Zen."
- I hate you.
- I know.
Just two seconds.
Hey, it's fine.
Your work is important.
We got a breach on the network.
But surveillance grabbed a visual.
You know him?
I do.
Are you dying?
No, the, the bullet went straight through.
It just hurts like heck.
- Thanks for worrying, though.
- Hoping.
I was hoping.
So what are you looking at?
The zeros, they're working.
Coordinated. It shouldn't be possible.
Well, maybe the Brotherhood
trained them up.
You know, with treats.
Zeros aren't dogs.
Their brain function's limited,
and and with the virus,
- it all becomes
- Feed and breed.
No, no, no!
- Please! Please! No!
- That is never a good sign.
No! No, no! No! Please, please. No!
No! No! You let go
I think she's controlling them.
- So?
- "So"? That's that's organization.
That's It's higher brain function.
The the virus is evolving.
- I fucking knew it.
- Good for you.
But me, I'm not looking to be fed
to evil grandma.
Time to go.
Fun fact.
These cult freaks aren't so into
maintaining their hardware.
Just call me
"the master of unlocking".
This is like, the easiest prison
I've ever broken out of.
You were in?
What did you do?
What didn't I do?
A little help?
Look, if we get out of here,
I'll I'll let you go, huh?
I'll tell everyone that you're like
whatever. Dead.
- And why should I believe you?
- Look, I'm shot.
I almost got killed by brain monsters,
and I've just had the crap
kicked out of me
by a bunch of death metal groupies.
I just want to go home,
and see my dogs, okay?
You're never gonna get it from that angle.
Well, maybe some spit will loosen it up.
Said the priest to the choir boy.
I was kidding.
The priest wasn't.
Hey. What are you doing?
Fucking hurry.
Stop them.
All right.
Here. Hold this.
Come on.
Holy shit!
Nice shot.
Thank you.
Gear up.
You, go.
I need a weapon.
So get one.
We don't have an exit.
The only word I know
in German is "Edelweiss".
Sound of Music.
Do something!
Get behind me.
Did you see that, Jade?
Jade? Hello?
It's a block party, yo.
We love every and each one of you.
Thanks for coming out and supporting
local music and local artists.
Dude, chill.
Shit! I thought you were
Like you'd care.
What are you talking about?
All you care about
is hooking up with Simon.
I mean, that's what you're doing, right?
- And you're just crushing on some dick.
- That's
- No.
- 'Cause I might be dying.
But you'll be fine.
Maybe you'll be sad for a little.
You, you'll You'll get it over it.
You won't miss me.
- You know that's not true.
- No, my
My whole life
I'm not good at people.
All I've ever had is you.
But you?
No, you don't need me.
You never have.
You're all about the fucking Jade show.
- Billie.
- Don't.
Tell all of your friends
That I'm crazy and drive you mad ♪
That I'm such a stalker
A watcher, a psychopath ♪
Hey, kid, kid.
You know Jade Wesker?
- Narc!
- Narc! Narc! Narc!
- Narc.
- Go, go, go, go.
What's happening?
We need to go.
We need to go, come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
Hurry up. Come on.
Jade, seriously.
Jade Wesker?
Go. Down.
Jade Wesker?
We need to talk.
The person who got bit, they're
they're in danger.
I need your help.
- I have to talk to you.
- What do you mean
"they're in danger"?
You are Billie Wesker?
How did you know her name?
How did you find us?
With this, okay?
Who are you?
He's the guy from online.
- The one who said that if
- If someone got bitten,
- they go all psycho, yeah.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Not psycho, no.
No, not psycho. The
The virus. Okay?
The virus, it infects their brains.
It turns its host into something
Something inhuman.
You're lying.
Why would I travel halfway
around the world just for a lie?
I need to talk to the victim.
I need to know who was attacked.
I interviewed him, I, I, I put it online.
I prove what Umbrella's doing
because if I don't
Do you know what happened
to the first Raccoon City?
There was some kind of gas leak,
a big fire or something.
No, no, no, it was destroyed
by a nuclear blast.
- No.
- Yeah.
The virus?
It got out.
It infected hundreds.
So many that the US government
and Umbrella decided
to burn it all down and cover it all up.
And now,
if this is happening again
so many people will die.
But before I can even go public,
I need proof.
And that's why I'm here.
I need to talk to the victim.
And I need to talk to Albert Wesker.
Because he was there.
Because he's supposed to be dead.
Albert Wesker died in 2009.
- You're fucking crazy.
- It's the truth.
I've done my research on him.
And on you.
Do you know
there's no record you exist?
No birth certificate,
no social security number, nothing.
- Shut up.
- You have no idea how deep this goes.
These, these people,
this story has brought nothing
but suffering to my family. My
My father can barely look at me
and thinks I'm insane.
Thousands, millions,
billions of lives are at stake.
I need to know who is infected. Okay?
Tell me. Tell me.
- Tell me. Tell me.
- Get off.
Right here.
Right here, asshole.
Hands up.
Get in the car. Let's go.
I know. Turn around.
Let's go.
That zero that you had chained up,
the one controlling them
with that fucked-up thing on her neck.
What is she?
- We found her in the forest.
- What is she?
Leur reine.
Their queen.
Hi, Mom.
Are you okay?
Hey, Bea.
You know I lo
Are you still there?
Bea, I want you to know
that everything I did
it was for you.
But I am so proud of you.
It's you and me
Fuck it.
Oh, god.
You're alive.
Good for you.
The, uh, tunnels are blocked.
We need to get to the roof.
I don't even want to know.
I want the police.
The South African police,
not the ones you own.
We know who you are, Mr. Rubio.
I've read your
You're kind of obsessed with us.
What happened to Susanna Franco
in Tijuana?
After I interviewed her
about her husband, she
She disappeared.
If I had to guess, she
took the payout
from her husband's insurance,
and moved somewhere beautiful.
Far away from you.
Is that what you want? To drop all this?
I want the truth.
"The truth."
What does that even mean?
You moved Joy, hmm?
It's here now.
How do you know that?
Oh, the same way I know
something's gone wrong.
Has it?
One of your test animals got out.
You really need
to work on that, huh?
And there's more.
What kind of "more"?
Oh, the bad kind.
I can help you fix it.
If you let me go.
I'm trying to find something
To make a deal with the devil ♪
But the devil don't care about me ♪
I've been out of my mind ♪
Out of my mind ♪
I've been going out of my mind ♪
And I hope I find my way ♪
Back up from the bottom of the well ♪
From the bottom of the well ♪
I'm shaking.
No rest ♪
No sleep ♪
Something's wrong.
Come on, girls. Where are you?
Wait. Will this get us to the roof?
Only one way to find out.
I'm trying to find something
To make a deal with the devil ♪
Look at my hands.
It's happening.
Fucking pull me up.
It's happening.
It's happening.
Drop the bag, Jade.
It's happening.
- Jade, it's happening.
- No, it's not. No, it's not.
Oh, fuck.
The timer went off five minutes ago.
I've been out of my mind ♪
Out of my mind ♪
I've been going out of my mind ♪
And I hope I find my way ♪
Back up from the bottom of the well ♪
How do you feel?
Oh, my god.
I knew it. I knew he was a fucking liar.
what about the other stuff?
I mean, Dad?
You and me?
You think that stuff's all fake, too?
I mean, probably.
Maybe, I
I don't know.
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