Resident Evil (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

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[tense music]
- [panting]
- [helicopter whirring]
[daunting music]
[struggled grunting]
[suspenseful music]
[air hisses]
[dramatic music]
[line ringing]
[suspenseful music]
- Pick up, Jade.
- [Jade's voice] Don't leave a message.
[breathes heavily]
[sighs deeply]
[phone vibrates]
[phone screen clacks]
[suspenseful music continues]
Yo, she's looking for you.
- No.
- Yeah. She said no to no.
- It's after midnight.
- It's not a request.
[tense music]
- What's all this?
- Merch.
She loves her merch.
[Evelyn] So why did you go?
[Simon sighs]
It was just a party, Mom.
And you knew you could
take advantage of your mother.
Please, you always just do what you want.
You're grounded.
- Whatever.
- Hey
- [sighs]
- [footsteps approaching]
You're late.
- [footsteps receding]
- [deep sigh]
[dark music]
- Evelyn, what's going on?
- Do you know this man?
- Why would I?
- [Evelyn] Because he knows about us.
- Tijuana.
- You said Tijuana wouldn't be an issue.
And I can admit it when I'm wrong.
His name is Angel Hernan Rubio,
and he's been a pain in our ass for years.
He worked for the Baja Post
until he heard something happened
at our Mexican facility
and decided to go public.
- Why didn't you just buy him?
- [Evelyn] Oh, we tried.
Not for sale, he's a very stand-up guy.
So we bought everyone else,
and kept him under wraps.
The only people who believed him
were conspiracy freaks
and 4chan virgins, or both.
Usually, it's both.
Somehow, Mr. Rubio knows
we moved Joy to South Africa.
And somehow, he knows we've had a problem.
What kind of problem?
The "dog" kind.
I wanna know what he knows,
and I wanna know who he's talking to.
- That's why you beat the shit out of him?
- No.
That's why Roth beat the shit out of him.
And as much as I appreciate
the goon work, it hasn't gotten us much.
So it's time for old Albert
to come out and play.
[eerie music]
[phone vibrates]
The girls still up?
[eerie music continues]
- I have to go.
- [Evelyn] Then you better work fast.
[Albert] Evelyn, I mean it.
I have to go right now.
[uneasy music]
[Angel breathing deeply]
[Angel mumbles]
[uneasy music continues]
- [breathes heavily]
- [sighs]
I know you.
You're supposed to be dead.
I know your daughters.
[tense music]
There he is!
[tense music continues]
- [swishes]
- No, please. Please, no! Please, no! No!
- [Angel screams]
- [whooshes]
[young Jade] I've been looking up
OG Raccoon City
and nothing says it got nuked.
Because that guy was lying.
[light music playing]
'Cause I'm fine.
And let's just be happy for like a second.
I'm happy.
Good. I'm getting ice cream.
[light music playing]
Dad never talks about them.
The moms.
You know, the donors,
Rick and Morty, our surrogate.
It was a closed surrogacy,
closed donations.
[tableware clinks]
Dad never talks about his family.
[young Jade] Brothers? Sisters? Parents?
Where was he even born?
Hey, stop.
[young Billie] That guy was insane.
[fridge door closes]
[light music playing]
When we went to Umbrella,
I found a file on Dad's computer
about Tijuana.
[chilling music]
What did it say?
[young Jade] It didn't. It was a video.
It looked like
people died.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- [young Jade] I just I, I don't know.
Everything was fucked, and you were
That doesn't mean he's telling the truth.
[young Jade] I know that, but Okay.
He said we didn't have
birth certificates, right?
- So let's find our birth certificates.
- Jade.
Just, please be with me on this.
And when we find them,
you'll chill and eat ice cream?
[chilling music continues]
I will eat all of the ice cream.
[upbeat music]
[light switch clicks on]
Driving for seven months ♪
Or maybe it's just been a week ♪
Nothing here to tell the time ♪
[young Jade] See anything?
"Sherlock Holmes.
Agatha Christie. The Da Vinci Code."
Oh, my God.
"Dating Past Your Prime.
A Guide for Mature Lovers."
Trying to get away from my life ♪
Trying to get away from my ♪
I get highway fly way ♪
- Trying to get away from my mind ♪
- [grunts]
Trying to get away from my mind ♪
I get highway fly way
Trying to get a use of my life ♪
Trying to get a use of my life ♪
I get highway fly way
Trying to get a piece of my mind ♪
- Oh, shit.
- [young Billie] What?
I found a dog whistle,
and this is for a gun?
Get a piece of my mind ♪
[cabinet door clacks]
But Dad hates guns.
[uneasy music]
- [young Billie] Jade.
- What's this?
- Come on.
- [shushes]
[uneasy music continues]
[unnerving music]
He's using a different password.
Are we done?
[keypad clacking]
This is so stupid.
[young Billie] What are you
even going to tell Si
- Jade. Hi, are you all right?
- I'm
[young Jade] Why?
[Simon] Some old guy crashed the party,
and then Umbrella security rolled in.
- It was crazy.
- So crazy.
Hey, can you come over?
[Simon] Jade, it's, like,
one o'clock in the morning.
And my mother, she's super pissed.
She nearly murdered me
for walking in so late.
I, I doubt she'll let me leave.
- So go through the window.
- [Simon] Well, what's in it for me?
[uneasy music]
Hi, Billie.
- I need to hack my dad's laptop.
- Why?
What do you know
about the first Raccoon City?
Um, it, it it blew up.
It was some sort of gas leak.
Yeah, well, the blog guy,
the one you helped me talk to,
he said it got nuked.
- [Simon] Fuck off.
- And he said my dad was there.
Dude, it sounds mental.
This is Umbrella
like they wouldn't nuke people?
[Simon] I mean, no.
I don't know.
But you wanna know and you wanna help me.
Hi. I'm still here.
I'm still gagging.
- Look, he's not going to help us.
- [Simon] Wait. Just wait.
Okay, fine, but you owe me.
All right.
[Simon] I've never seen security like this
in Umbrella's networks.
Hold, please.
All right, you can fire up the laptop.
- So where's your dad now?
- [young Billie] Work.
- [Simon] Yeah, my mom's working late too.
- I thought you said she was home.
Uh, no, other mom. Two moms.
That's why I'm so smooth with the ladies.
- [chuckles]
- [groans]
All right, I'm in.
[young Jade] He's got it.
[unnerving music]
[Simon] Nothing about
the original Raccoon City in his docs.
It's mostly just research articles.
A lot of stuff by some guy
named William Birkin.
I mean, web-wise, he's got MSNBC
and Science Daily bookmarked.
And the rest of it
is just old people shit,
like credit cards, banks, car insurance.
What about his mail?
Mostly work. A lot of stuff to my mom.
[dramatic music]
He's got a dead drop e-mail.
- [young Jade] A what?
- [Simon] A dead drop. It's
It's like you have to input a code
every 24 hours otherwise it sends.
- To who?
- To you, Billie.
What does it say?
[suspenseful music]
"Billie, if you're reading this,
I'm sorry.
Something's happened to me,
and I can't help you,
and you may not have much time.
Umbrella is coming for you.
I've left a bag
with everything you'll need.
Find it, get Jade,
and get out of the house.
I'm sorry, but this is
all I can do for you."
This is, this is a joke.
"To start, the key is buried
beneath your feet
on the road to Lombard Street."
We're finding that bag.
[young Billie] Jade.
Come on, that's not normal. That's
I don't know what this is.
Thanks, bye.
Wait, wait. I can
Um, I can help. The cameras.
- What cameras?
- [Simon] In your house.
The security system.
Look, your dad, or whoever,
could be watching.
I I can, I can loop them,
the footage, so it just makes
you look, whatever, boring.
- Is that legal?
- Well, after that, do you really care?
[keyboard clacking]
[haunting music]
[Simon] All right, it's done.
It's going to loop
what was happening a half an hour ago.
Second problem,
every smart appliance in your house,
there's a camera in it.
- [young Jade] Loop those too, then.
- No, I can't. They are on a closed system.
Only the cops and maybe
your dad have access.
So we're screwed.
[Simon] No, not entirely.
They all have a limited field of view.
[suspenseful music]
- I can talk you past them.
- [young Jade] Cool.
Why are you doing this?
I mean yeah, she's hot,
but she's not felony hot.
Whoa, I kinda am. That's offensive.
- Okay.
- [Simon] No, it's not about that.
Look, for one, this is just too weird.
But I want to know why your dad thinks
Umbrella would go after him.
Because they could go after my mom too.
[dark music]
[Simon] Where are you going?
[young Billie] Lombard Street.
[tense music]
[Simon] Stop.
The thermostat.
Uh, go under it.
Keep low.
- Lower.
- Seriously?
[Simon] Well, you've got
the TV on one side
and the fridge on the other, so yes.
[tense music continues]
All right. You're clear.
[suspenseful music]
[young Jade] Lombard Street.
[young Billie] Dad always said
this was his favorite picture of us.
[Simon] Yeah, hold me up.
[chilling music]
[young Jade] "The key
to a sad Jade in the 5th grade."
Why is he doing this?
Because this is the stuff
only we can figure out.
[chilling music continues]
- I mean, you. He wrote you.
- [young Billie] Just
Jade, what were you sad about?
[music slowly fades]
When I was 11.
I mean, life,
Clannad, the fact that the world is shit
and I'm living in it.
- I
- [Simon chuckles]
I was a really dark kid, okay?
[young BIllie] Jade.
Come on.
I don't know. I I got my tonsils out.
And the doctor said I had to sleep,
but it hurt so much.
I was just crying.
[young Jade] Dad never knows
what to do when we cry.
So to put me to sleep, he kept playing
[Simon] Television.
[suspenseful music]
[Simon] You know, I'm probably
not supposed to say it, but
this is kinda cool.
It's traumatic, but it's cool.
You just like spending time with me.
I like that you keep
needing me for things.
[cover creaks]
[piano plays]
The song. The one Dad always played.
["Moonlight Sonata" plays]
["Moonlight Sonata" continues playing]
[key clacks]
[unnerving music]
[unnerving music rises]
[young Billie] "Moving song, huh?"
[young Jade heaving]
[Jade sighs]
[light knocking]
It's hollow.
[suspenseful music]
What's there?
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music continues]
"Anna and Mila Schneider," but
it's our pictures.
I, I don't
[young Jade] Cash.
- Like, ten grand.
- [money rustles]
[dark music]
Found his gun.
[Simon sighs]
Shit. You know, your dad
for sure nuked that town.
Shut up.
That's your problem.
All of this, and that is your problem?
No, you don't
[suspenseful music]
I didn't want to do this.
I was fine, and everything was fine.
[young Jade] Nothing was ever fine.
You know, the guy was right.
No, he wasn't right.
- You don't even
- He wasn't right about me!
[dramatic music]
Dad has been lying to us.
I don't know how. I don't know why.
- But he is obviously crazy.
- Dad's not
He cares about us.
- I mean, he left us a note.
- He left you that note!
Maybe maybe he knew
you wouldn't ask questions.
[dramatic music continues]
You are super fucking mean
sometimes, you know that?
[young Billie] I just thought I was dying.
And did you care?
That's not what this is about
Because it wasn't about you.
Like, like it has been our whole lives.
Or maybe Dad trusts me
because he knows I'm not the fuckup.
I mean, you whine about everything
all the time, and you're barely passing.
- You took a rock to that girl
- I did that for you!
Now who's lying?
[young Billie] You did that
because you wanted to.
Everyone thinks I'm the psycho.
But you were worse.
[somber music]
[somber music continues]
[door slams]
[Simon] Hey?
Sisters, huh?
[somber music]
- [young Billie] How much did you hear?
- [SImon] No, I Nothing, Billie. I, um
[sighs deeply]
Look, I It's insane.
It's completely insane.
You know, I barely even know you, but I
I just really like your sister.
Oh, you like that she's using you?
- Because she's kind of using you.
- [Simon] Maybe. Maybe, but
No, I like that when she cares,
she goes super hard, you know?
And she must really care for you
since you're all she ever talks about.
[somber music]
[young Jade] I'm gonna
put you back on mute now.
[phone whooshes]
I'm sorry.
I'm just scared.
Me too.
[young Jade] If Dad is hiding this,
what else is he hiding?
[somber music continues]
What's he hiding about us?
Do you really wanna know?
I do.
[somber music]
Me too.
[both inhale]
[somber music continues]
[phone beeps]
Okay, if I wanted
to stash something in this house,
let's say, hmm, important papers,
where would I put them?
[sucks teeth]
Um, maybe in the basement?
- We don't have a basement.
- [Simon] Yes, you do.
When Umbrella is prefabbing your house,
they only give you two options,
they give you patio and jacuzzi,
or pool and herb garden.
But no, they, they all have basements.
[thrilling music]
[Simon] There's a camera!
[young Jade] Goddamn it!
[thrilling music continues]
[Simon] Weird.
That's usually the basement.
- You're clear of the camera.
- [sighs]
[thrilling music]
[dark music]
[dark music continues]
I think that's an RFID reader.
It's like, you know when you need
to beep into a garage or something.
You normally need a special card,
or some people get chips implanted
in their hands.
[dark music]
- [young Billie] What are you doing?
- Come here.
- Dude.
- [young Jade] Here.
Just try Put your hands.
- Jade.
- Maybe if you try it this way?
- Let me just
- Get off me.
Dad's probably got the key with him.
Yeah, but everybody's got a spare, right?
[pensive music]
[young Jade] The dog whistle.
[whistle clinking]
[whistle blows]
[young Jade] You chipped fuzzy baby.
You. Hey.
[Simon chuckles]
That was cute.
[dark music]
You can go first.
[suspenseful music]
Umbrella must know about this.
I mean they built it, right?
Please don't let this be
his mature sex dungeon.
Jade, I'm I'm cutting off.
Jade, can you hear me?
[door hisses open]
[unnerving music]
Not a sex dungeon.
[door closes]
[unnerving music continues]
This was mine.
From when I was two.
[scoffs, chuckles]
[light music]
[ominous music]
What's that?
I don't know.
[ominous music continues]
I think that's our blood.
[ominous music]
[vial clinks]
[ominous music continues]
[young Billie] That's What the fuck?
[soft clinking]
"RC 1998."
Raccoon City.
[dark music]
[dark music continues]
[young Jade] Who's Lisa?
[dark music]
[Albert] If she tries anything,
shoot the bitch.
Dad's an asshole.
[Albert] Lisa.
- [Lisa grunting]
- [chains rattle]
[Albert] Lisa.
- Lisa, we're not going to hurt you.
- [gasps]
[tense music]
[pained groan]
- [flesh pierces]
- [screams]
[screaming stops]
We have to go.
- Billie
- I want to go!
Hey, that wasn't real!
It it can't be real.
- No, Jade
- Wait.
- I'm leaving.
- "September 18th, 12 hours in,
her body shows limited reaction to virus.
Twenty-four hours in, viral count is up.
No pupil dilation, but the subject
is withdrawn, abnormal."
[young Billie] He's talking about me.
"The virus doesn't seem
to be overwhelming her cells.
But deterioration is expected
on the standard 72-hour clock.
If she does turn, she'll"
[suspenseful music]
"She'll need to be contained."
[sighs hopelessly]
[somber music]
You're right. Let's go.
- No, what are you doing?
- Taking
This is proof.
[voice alarm] Network connection
improperly severed.
- Burn sequence initiated.
- Shit.
[voice alarm] Thirty seconds.
[heat crackles]
Twenty-five seconds.
[young Jade] Go, go! Come on!
[voice alarm] Twenty seconds.
Fifteen seconds.
- [young Jade] No, it's locked!
- [young Billie] It won't open!
[voice alarm] Ten seconds.
Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four,
three, two, one.
Burn sequence activated.
- [fire roars]
- [screams]
[tense music]
[tense music continues]
[fire roaring]
[young Jade] Oh, my God!
- [tense music]
- [fire whooshing]
[fire whooshing]
[both coughing]
[door opens]
[ominous music]
[ominous music rises]
What are you doing here?
[Albert] Well, how did you
even get down here?
You mean how did we find your secret lab?
You know what I do.
Some girl with a giant eyeball
on her back, that's what you do?
[Albert sighs]
- That wasn't me.
- Sounded like you.
- [Albert] Jade, I'm telling you the truth.
- Why, why should we believe you?
- Because I'm your father.
- [young Jade] Are you?
Where were we born? What hospital?
What were our donor's names?
San Francisco, UCSF Med.
Tara Sutton and Alex Shaum.
I found the email.
[young Jade]
And the shitty clues, the bag.
Why do you have our blood
in your mini-fridge?
[low dark music]
What's wrong with me?
We can talk about that, upstairs.
Fuck you.
- Jade.
- Stop.
- [knife swishes]
- I said stop!
[Albert] No.
[tense music]
I am not playing this game.
I am your fucking father,
and you'll do as you're fucking told!
- [screams]
- [thumps]
[hazy music]
That chair
It was for me, right?
The dog that bit you, it was sick.
[Albert] Umbrella was testing
a drug called Joy. It was
It doesn't matter. Look, it
[heavy sigh]
At high enough doses, it infects the body
with something called the T-virus.
And what, that's like Covid?
It changes your cells,
takes over your body.
It can make you
[thrilling music]
That girl in the video.
That's what she had?
But you're not
[Albert] You fought the virus off.
I don't know how, but, you
I mean, look at you.
- You haven't changed.
- [young Billie] So what?
It's gone?
- This thing?
- I don't know.
- [Albert] I could run some tests.
- No tests.
[anxious breathing]
Billie, Billie, remember
like we used to do?
[Albert] Breathe, hands on your head.
[slow breathing]
That's right.
[Albert] Billie.
You're strong.
What does that mean?
It means I made you strong.
[Albert breathing heavily]
In an embryo,
there are ways you can help.
Select for certain traits,
edit strands of DNA to give the child
Remember when we lived by St. Patrick's?
[breathes heavily]
I found you outside one day talking
to the nuns in fluent Spanish.
You were four.
You've always been exceptional.
And your body,
how you fought off the virus,
I've never seen anything like it.
So what?
We're like your science experiments?
You're my daughters. I'm your father.
Then why are you taking our blood?
[pensive music]
Umbrella made you possible.
They, they want me to monitor you.
So we're their experiments.
Do you know a man named Angel Rubio?
[dramatic music]
Right now, Umbrella
has him tied up, beaten.
That's where I was. He said he knew you.
[Albert] Did you see him? Talk to him?
Well, you don't know
what Umbrella will do if
Fucking stop blaming them!
This is you! You did this!
You're right, but I still need to know.
[tense music]
We didn't tell him anything,
but he knows I got bit.
[tense music continues]
Well, you need to let me go.
Look, this is my fault.
But if the company finds out
you were infected?
[Albert] They won't stop
until they have you.
That girl in the video,
you saw what they did to her.
What you did to her.
I'm the reason you're still alive.
[Albert] The bag,
it's all to keep you safe.
Angel hasn't told them
anything yet, but he will.
- [Albert] I need to get to him.
- And do what?
Keep protecting you.
[gloomy music]
- This is bullshit.
- [Albert] I know you hate me.
And right now
I'm the only one who can save you.
So let me save you.
[emotional music]
You're not going to hurt him, right?
Stay safe.
[somber music continues]
[dramatic music]
[grunting continues]
[music intensifies]
[gasps in disbelief]
Hi, sis.
[somber music]
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