Revenant (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

[ominous music]
[theme music]
[ominous music]
- [lock clicks]
- [keypad chimes]
[door creaks]
[ominous music intensifies]
[child sobbing]
Who are you?
What are you doing in front of our house?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
[ominous music]
Are you Hyunwoo's parents?
Are you here for him?
Don't you know he's dead?
[child crying]
You need to leave!
- We're done talking.
- [Haesang] But
If you don't, we'll call the police.
What are you doing? Let's head inside.
[door opens]
[door lock beeps]
[eerie music]
[breathes shakily]
[breathing shakily]
[Sanyeong gasps]
[tense music]
[Sanyeong panting]
What's going on?
- A mirror.
- What?
Do you have one?
- What do you mean?
- Where can I find a mirror?
There's one down there.
[Sanyeong gasps]
[music stops]
[Sanyeong panting]
[Haesang] You listen to them
and learn their names
and the reason why they're still here.
Why did he die?
- Sorry?
- Why did Hyunwoo die?
Did you guys kill him?
No, we didn't.
[Sunghyun] We're innocent.
We didn't even hit him. Someone else did.
[Jinwook] Gosh, it's freezing.
Jeez, why does that idiot
keep following us?
Maybe he thinks we're friends
since we saved him from the bullies once.
I wish he'd stop following us.
People are starting to think
we bullied him
since he keeps following us around.
Help me.
Hey, just ignore him.
- [Sunghyun] What's that?
- [Jinwook] I finally got one myself.
Isn't that the new one?
[Sunghyun] How did you get it?
[Heetae] Let me try.
Did you steal this from that old fogey?
[Jinwook] No, I didn't.
What's wrong with him?
Hey, what are you doing?
[Hyunwoo] Please go to my house.
Let me know
what happens to my family
after I die.
What is he saying?
- [students] Hey!
- [body thuds]
[student 1] Hey!
- [student 2] Hey.
- [student 3] What happened?
[student 4] It's Hyunwoo!
[Sanyeong] It was suicide?
That's what I'm telling you.
But I kept getting calls from him.
I was scared, so I filmed your house.
I thought it was his place.
[breathes heavily]
That's all?
[Munchun] Why do you want to know
information about Jung Hyunwoo?
Did he have any siblings?
No, he was an only child.
- Are you sure?
-Be my guest and find out for yourself.
I checked his resident register
and family certificate.
-Why do you ask?
- Never mind. I'll call you later.
[phone beeps]
[phone vibrates]
[Sanyeong] The dead kid used to talk
about a younger sibling.
He said he pitied his sibling.
That's what the boys said.
Okay, I'll call you back later.
[phone beeps]
[suspenseful music]
[Sunghyun] It was a lie.
I even asked his former schoolmates.
He never had a sibling.
I think he was just crazy.
[Sanyeong panting]
[ominous music]
[panting continues]
You should go home.
[Sunghyun] What's the matter?
Hey! Where are you going?
Darn it!
[tense music]
[tense music intensifies]
[music fades]
[child crying]
[suspenseful music]
[child crying]
Are you okay?
[Haesang] Hang on.
I'll help you.
[eerie music]
- [thumps]
- [object clatters]
Hello, sir.
Remember that boy who recently tripped
and fell to his death?
- What about him?
- Someone who had parked nearby
found something odd
on their dashcam and reported it.
[keyboard clacks]
That's the alley where we found his body.
[officer] Right.
[tense music]
[tense music intensifies]
[music stops]
[child crying]
[suspenseful music]
- [glasses clink]
- [Haesang grunts]
[Hyunwoo's mother]
When did she take Hyunwoo's phone?
Did you check all the numbers she called?
I found one kid.
But he tripped and fell to his death
while running away.
[child crying]
[glasses clinking]
[rope rustling]
[Haesang grunting]
[Hyunwoo's mother] Word will get out
in this neighborhood too.
[Hyunwoo's father]
We didn't even register her birth.
[Haesang shushes, whispers]
Let me help you.
We can kill her so no one finds out.
That was what we agreed on.
[breathes heavily]
What will we do about that man?
- [distant thud]
- [Haesang grunts]
[tense music]
[Hyunwoo's father] What are you doing?
Hey! What are you doing in there?
[Haesang grunts]
- [Hyunwoo's father] Damn it!
- [crying]
[Hyunwoo's father] Don't do it!
Let me help you.
[Haesang] Let's go outside.
Hyunwoo told me to help you.
[both grunting]
You know Hyunwoo, right?
[Haesang groans]
[Hyunwoo's father mutters]
[Hyunwoo groans]
- How dare you report it?
- [Hyunwoo pants]
How dare you?
Hyunwoo told me to help you.
Why don't we go outside?
[child crying]
Let's go outside.
[Haesang] Can you do that?
[Haesang grunts]
[door thudding]
Be careful.
That's it.
[banging on door]
That's it!
- [child cries]
- What do you think you're doing?
[banging on door]
What are you doing? Go outside!
[Hyunwoo's mother whimpers]
- [child cries]
- [grunts]
[banging continues]
[child wailing]
Climb up. You can do it.
[Sanyeong grunting]
- [child crying]
- [Sanyeong grunting]
You're almost there.
- [child crying]
- [door bangs]
Who the hell are you?
- [grunts]
- [thuds]
[breathing heavily]
[child crying]
- [Sunghyun] What are you trying to do?
- Let me go!
[Sunghyun] Stop it!
- [Hyunwoo's mother] Let me go!
- [Sunghyun] Don't do this!
[sirens wailing]
[medic] Are you feeling all right?
[indistinct background chatter]
Do you still see it? The red spot.
- [officer] Did you find them?
- [Sunghyun] Yes.
I'm Gil Sunghyun,
an eighth grader at Oksun Middle School.
[officer] How did you find them?
[Sunghyun] I was following that woman.
A girl was confined in their basement.
[door creaks]
[somber music]
[Hyunwoo] Our parents are asleep,
so you can eat slowly.
I thought of a name for you.
How does "Hyunji" sound?
Jung Hyunji.
Eat slowly, Hyunji.
[Hyunwoo] This is called an ocean.
Isn't it pretty?
Let's visit one together.
I promise I'll take you there.
[somber music]
I don't see him anymore. He disappeared.
Is everything over now?
Not for you.
The evil spirit is still latched onto you.
There's no such thing as ghosts.
Humans are more terrifying than ghosts.
Hyunwoo and Jinwook died
because of evil people
like them.
Not because of ghosts.
[nurse] Ms. Gu Sanyeong.
Please hand it in if you're done.
[eerie music]
One minute, please.
[music stops]
[exhales sharply]
Your stress level is extremely high.
You're not sleeping much either.
It's highly likely
that you may hallucinate or hear things.
My mother has been suffering
from anxiety disorder for a long time.
Could that have affected me?
If a close family member
has a long-standing medical condition,
it could be one of the factors
causing your stress.
[doctor] But the hereditary aspect of it
hasn't been scientifically proven yet.
I'll prescribe you some medication.
Let's see if it improves your condition.
Do you believe in ghosts, Doctor?
I mean
Do you think ghosts exist?
You could have hallucinated
in your susceptible condition,
but they are not real.
Ghosts do not exist.
[exhales sharply]
[Semi sighs]
That house was worse than a haunted one.
How could they do such a heinous deed?
I really want to move out.
I feel bad for the kids,
but I don't think
I can live there anymore.
[Semi] People who live in
those apartments must have problems too.
But I'd like
to suffer there instead.
At least I'd be miserable but still happy.
[dramatic music]
[Semi sighs]
[can thuds]
- [temple bell tolls]
- Do you need me to pray for his soul?
Yes, please.
[rhythmic thumping]
[monk chanting]
[chanting fades]
[birds chirping]
Why do you drink every day?
[associate] But I get it.
You'll need something
to help you get through it.
You tell people about the things you see,
but they think you're insane.
You've finally found
the evil spirit you've been looking for,
but you can't even catch it.
About that man, Professor Gu Gangmo.
Why do you think he did it?
He wrote a letter to you, a stranger,
asking you to protect his daughter.
Despite never meeting you
when you asked him to.
Plus, he knew that an evil spirit
would latch onto his daughter.
How did he know that?
We'll find out once we figure out
why that evil spirit
chose to latch onto her.
Your mother has already passed away.
Why are you trying to catch it
when doing so won't change anything?
[associate] You could get hurt.
It could get more painful.
It can't be more painful
than what I endured so far.
[drink pouring]
- [Sanyeong] Where are we going?
- [Semi] Just follow me.
[Sanyeong grunts]
At least tell me where we're going.
You won't come if I do.
[Sanyeong] Jeez, I promise I'll go.
You have my word, so tell me.
Remember Seo Yoonjung?
Our high school colleague.
- That obnoxious brat?
- Yes, her.
She's getting married.
She'll hand out her invitations today.
Why should we go there?
You despised her too.
I know.
But she's getting married to this guy
who's two years our senior.
Do you still not get it?
No, tell me.
His best friend was my first love.
And he'll be there today.
So let's go.
You mean that guy who's called
"Honey" or "Homestay," right?
How could you? He's my first love!
"First love," my foot.
You always fell in love with someone new
since elementary school.
You could say he's your 18th first love.
Whatever. I'm not going.
[Semi] Hey. Come on!
We have to go!
- [light music playing]
- [indistinct chatter]
[Sanyeong whispers]
Darn it.
Hey, you're here.
[guests exclaim]
- He's my fiancé. You know him, right?
- [Yoonjung's fiancé] Hello.
[both] Hello.
[Semi] How have you been?
I'm all right. It's been a long time.
How about you?
I'm good too.
She's Gu Sanyeong,
my friend from Taeheung High School.
I know her.
You do?
Yes. It's a long story.
You should be more polite.
Come on. He's two years our senior.
[Semi] Hey.
- [guest 1] Long time no see.
- [guest 2] It's nice to see you again.
[indistinct chatter]
What do you think? Handsome, right?
Isn't this your first time
seeing him properly?
[Semi] Pass.
Okay, take it.
Shoot. Goal!
[Semi] Again, shoot!
- [player] Spread out.
- Sanyeong.
[Semi] That's the Honey guy
I told you about. Look.
Whatever. Stop waking me up.
[Semi] Jeez.
[gentle piano music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Sanyeong groans]
[Sanyeong grunts]
They must've run around very passionately.
[Sanyeong gasps]
[indistinct background chatter]
[Yoonjung] My dad told me to go to Hawaii
for our honeymoon.
But I've been there too many times,
so I'm sick of it.
Any quiet but exotic places you know of?
- The cost doesn't matter.
- I've never been to Hawaii.
I talked too much about myself, didn't I?
[both laugh]
How have you all been?
[Yoonjung gasps]
Dahye, I heard you got a new job.
- How is it?
- I need to go to the bathroom.
[indistinct chatter]
Go ahead.
Hongsae, isn't it tough to be a detective?
There's no such thing as an easy job.
That's why we get paid.
You should give it a try
and stop using your dad's money.
[Yoonjung's fiancé clears throat]
[Yoonjung's fiancé clears throat]
[Yoonjung] Sanyeong.
You still look good in casual clothes.
But don't you think
you're a little underdressed?
You should be dressed up for the occasion.
[coins clatter]
- Are you okay?
- [Sanyeong] Yes, I'm fine.
[Sanyeong sighs]
I should get going first.
- Why? Have some more.
- [Sanyeong] I'm full.
I have a part-time job tomorrow
that pays handsomely.
Tell Semi that I left first.
[indistinct chattering]
Bye. Congratulations on your wedding.
- She must be busy.
- I see.
[dramatic music]
Hey, where are you going?
You're really
You haven't changed one bit.
You're so full of yourself.
Was he talking to me?
[dramatic music continues]
[tenant] Please be careful with that.
Please be gentle.
- [child crying]
- [thuds]
[crying continues]
[child] Find my Salzburg!
[crying continues]
Here. Is this it?
- [child] That's not it, you idiot.
- [Sanyeong groans]
[child crying]
[phone vibrates]
[child's parent] Stop crying, will you?
- [child] My Salzburg is gone!
- Hello.
Have you seen a doll in a plaid dress?
[child's parent] We got it in Austria.
It's her favorite doll.
[child crying]
[child's parent]
Why are you being such a baby today?
I'm sorry.
That's okay.
[staff] Excuse me.
Where should I put this drawing?
One minute, please.
I'll leave you to it.
[Sanyeong] Sorry?
- Wait.
- [child] Salzburg!
But she's still crying.
[child] Salzburg!
[child crying]
- Fine. Let's look for it.
- [child] Find it!
All right.
[phone ringing]
[Haesang] Hello.
Excuse me. Whom are you looking for?
[Gyeongmun chuckles softly]
[cup clanks]
Why do you want to see Sanyeong?
Are you the employer
for her part-time job?
Did she perhaps do something wrong?
I apologize for the late introduction.
I'm Yeom Haesang, a folklore professor
at Jeyoung University.
A folklore professor?
- You should go.
- This is important.
- Please just leave.
- Ms. Sanyeong is
Has Ms. Sanyeong
been someplace
or touched anything ominous recently?
What do you mean?
Is Sanyeong in danger?
An old object, perhaps.
Or something that was thrown away.
[soft exclaim]
Are you perhaps referring
to the red hair accessory?
[ominous music]
A red hair accessory?
Her father had left it for her.
May I see it?
We don't have it. We left it at his place.
Why? What about it?
Please excuse me. I'll be in touch.
What? Wait.
[eerie music]
[Gyeongmun] Professor Yeom Haesang
came to our house.
He asked about the red hair accessory.
-Do you know him?
- [sighs]
- [staff 1] Sanyeong.
- [Sanyeong] Yes?
[staff 1] You must be exhausted.
That girl just wouldn't stop crying.
- I'm okay.
- [chuckles]
Just sign here and you're free to go.
- Okay.
- [staff 2] Sir!
[eerie music]
[Sanyeong humming]
[humming continues]
[humming continues]
[humming continues]
[screeching continues]
[ominous music]
[Sanyeong] That damned brat shouldn't
whine if she was lucky enough
to have wealthy parents.
They always dote on her
and buy her everything she wants.
No wonder that brat has no manners.
[ominous music continues]
[Sanyeong mutters]
[ominous music intensifies]
[music fades]
[Sanyeong shrieks]
How did this
[breathing shakily]
[Sanyeong panting]
[tense music]
[panting continues]
[breathes heavily]
[panting continues]
[eerie music]
[eerie music intensifies]
[ghostly voice] Guess my name.
[ominous music]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing nervously]
[tense music]
Grandmother's house.
did I see that place?
[tense music continues]
BORN IN 1914
[doorbell buzzes]
[music stops]
[door opens]
[Haesang] Hello.
Do you remember me?
I attended Professor Gu's funeral.
What brings you here?
I heard Professor Gu left
a red hair accessory for his daughter.
I'm sorry, but could I see it?
[ominous music]
[Gangmo's mother]
Why did you want to see it?
[Haesang gasps]
Professor Gu had this?
Since when did he possess this?
Was he doing research
regarding this hair accessory?
Then he must have left
some research notes.
If it's all right with you,
may I see them?
[doorbell buzzes]
[Gangmo's mother] Excuse me.
[door lock clicks]
[eerie music]
[Gangmo's mother] Sanyeong?
What brings you here?
[music stops]
[eerie music]
[eerie music intensifies]
[tense music]
[Haesang gasps]
[Haesang] No!
[Haesang coughing]
[Haesang] No!
[suspenseful music]
[Haesang grunts]
Call 911.
Hurry up and call them!
[Haesang groaning]
[tense music]
[Haesang] Hurry up!
[Sanyeong] Is this 911?
Someone is hurt!
[Sanyeong] There's a fire too!
The location is Hwawonjae! Please hurry!
[both screaming]
[Sanyeong screams]
[Sanyeong sobs]
[music stops]
[sirens wailing]
Here you go.
Why were you here?
I wanted to ask her
about Professor Gu's research.
But how did that old lady
even hang herself so high up?
Would you believe me
if I said a ghost did it?
[associate] Munchun.
- [Munchun] Gosh.
- [associate] What brings you here?
Long time no see. Have you been well?
Yes, I have.
What brings you here?
May I have a word with Professor Yeom?
[associate] Sure, go ahead.
[Haesang] There must be a notebook
that was burned in the fire.
I must know what was written in it.
Could you please restore it?
Is that why you called me?
Do you remember Professor Gu Gangmo,
the person I always mentioned?
This is his house.
And it was his mother
who passed away tonight.
I'm certain that I can find
a lead here regarding the evil spirit
that murdered my mother.
Professor Yeom.
How many times must I repeat myself?
I'm looking for a suspect, not a ghost.
- Detective--
- And why is she here?
Do you know Ms. Gu Sanyeong?
[Haesang] How?
You don't need to know that.
Was she present when the victim died?
Are you suspecting her?
Listen. People are more frightening
than ghosts.
Even more so
if a hefty sum of money is involved.
She's the sole inheritor of that woman.
Isn't that the perfect motive?
She didn't do it.
The police will find out if she did it
or if it was simply suicide.
So stop getting involved
in these cases and just go home.
[approaching footsteps]
[somber music]
- [Haesang grunts]
- [Sanyeong sobs]
[Haesang grunting]
[somber music]
[music stops]
[car horn honking]
[car engine revving]
[suspenseful music]
[truck horn honks]
[evil spirit] Die. Then you'll realize
how desperate you were to live.
[truck horn honking]
[tires screech]
[truck driver] Are you nuts?
- [car horn honks]
- [Sanyeong shrieks]
[horns honking]
[tires screeching]
[driver] What are you doing?
[Sanyeong crying]
[breathing heavily]
[Sanyeong sobbing]
[sobbing continues]
[somber music]
Were you trying to kill yourself?
I've wanted to run away all my life.
But still,
I tried my best to hang on.
I truly wanted a life for my mom and me.
[Sanyeong] I wanted us to be happy.
I don't know why this happened.
[Sanyeong sniffles]
But I
don't want to die.
I can't.
[Haesang] You're right.
You shouldn't die. I agree.
[somber music continues]
- [Haesang sighs]
- [sobbing continues]
This is just the beginning.
[Haesang] Let's go. We need to talk.
Something bad will happen
if you stay by my side.
So why are you doing this?
[Haesang] It doesn't matter.
I don't care what happens.
So come with me.
[ominous music]
[music stops]
[suspenseful music]
[music stops]
Did you say the woman with bruised wrists
who committed suicide
was Gu Sanyeong's paternal grandmother?
The same goes for that case.
Who was he?
Professor Gu Gangmo, her father.
He committed suicide recently,
and his wrists were also bruised.
You think Gu Sanyeong is the culprit
of these cases as well?
Based on the circumstances,
suicide is highly likely in both cases.
Let's look for more ordinary
and decent cases
instead of cases like these.
Do you want to solve a decent case
and receive a promotion?
What? What do you mean?
Rumor has it that you're desperate
for a promotion.
Who told you that?
[Munchun chuckles]
It's normal to want a promotion.
Who doesn't like a good promotion?
I was desperate for one too.
I just wasn't competent enough.
Let's give this case a try.
I don't understand.
[suspenseful music]
- It's the same for these cases.
- Sorry?
All of the victims committed suicide
and had bruised wrists.
Have you been collecting these?
- Yes.
- What for?
We got a call about a fire
at a small bed and breakfast in 1995.
The caller was the owner of that place.
We found a deceased woman
in that building.
She had hung herself on a ridgepole.
There were red bruises
on the victim's wrists.
[young Munchun] Did she come here alone?
No, she was with her young son.
Her son?
[suspenseful music]
- [officer 1] I found him!
-The boy was found in a nearby mountain.
He claimed that there was
someone else with themat that time.
- [officer 2] Carry him.
- He also said that it wasn't suicide.
He was very young.
Maybe he remembered it differently.
That's what I thought as well.
[Munchun sighs]
[Munchun] The suspect disappeared
from the crime scene.
In the end, we never found them.
After all, there weren't many
surveillance cameras back then.
Then was this your first case?
I was inexperienced
and didn't know any better.
That case weighed heavily on my heart.
But these cases continued to occur.
There have been similar cases
for a long time now.
So why don't we try
solving these cases?
Look. In any case,
you failed to solve them to this day.
So how will we possibly solve them now?
I'm sure there were cases
that we overlooked.
Let's scan through all the suicide cases
and find a similarity in them.
Sir. Korea has the highest suicide rate
among all OECD member countries.
Are you saying we should look
through all those cases?
We have the highest rate?
[Munchun exclaims]
A special promotion is guaranteed
if we solve this.
Sir, you keep mentioning
getting a promotion.
It's not that I want
to get a promotion or anything.
[clicks tongue]
[keyboard clacking]
I'm not doing this to get a promotion.
[Hongsae] I'm only helping you
since it was your first case.
All right.
- I'll be choosing our next case.
- [keyboard clacks]
[Munchun] Sure.
- That's a promise.
- Deal.
[Haesang] Have a seat.
What did you want to tell me?
Do you now see it too?
[eerie music]
That's the evil spirit possessing you.
It grew in size
since the first time we met.
The shadow became larger
as it murdered more people.
[ominous music]
It latched onto you
when you received this.
That's ridiculous.
That was from my late father.
He sent me this letter
before he passed away.
[pensive music]
I thought you didn't know him.
So why did he send you this letter?
I don't know.
[letter rustles]
[Sanyeong] What?
[letter rustles]
Why did he want you to help me?
I believe
he knew that the evil spirit
would possess you
because of this hair accessory.
So he gave that possessed object to me
on purpose?
I know we separated when I was little,
but I'm still his daughter.
So why?
That's what I'm curious about too.
Why did he give this cursed object to you?
Did you recognize what kind of object
this hair accessory was
from the get-go?
I had looked for it for a long time.
I'd rush over whenever I heard
about this object.
When my mother passed away,
she was holding this.
[music fades]
YEAR 1995
[Haesang's father] Strike.
[eerie music]
[young Haesang sobbing]
[young Haesang] Dad
It happened when I was very young.
It was not long
after my father passed away.
I was sick.
- [tires screech]
-And my mother took me somewhere.
[young Haesang groans]
[ominous music]
[young Haesang mutters]
[Haesang's mom breathing heavily]
[pensive music]
[music fades]
[banging on door]
[banging on door]
[banging on door]
[ominous music]
[banging on door]
[banging continues]
[banging continues]
[Haesang's mother] No!
[evil spirit] You opened the door.
[ominous music]
[young Munchun] Why do you think
she committed suicide in that place
after bringing her young son with her?
[Haesang's grandmother] I'm not sure.
I couldn't reach her for days
after she had taken her sick son with her.
So I was getting worried too.
I see.
Where's my mom?
Grandma, where's my mom?
She's dead.
Your mom
took her own life.
[Haesang] It wasn't suicide.
My mom was heading east.
East. Where the sun rises.
A place ghosts avoid.
It was the same evil spirit
that latched onto you.
She was killed
while trying to run away from it.
[ominous music]
[Haesang's mother screams]
[young Haesang] Mom.
[suspenseful music]
[Haesang's mother panting]
[young Haesang] What's wrong?
[young Haesang] Mom.
- Mom!
- [breathes nervously]
[tense music]
[Haesang's mother] No, Haesang.
[lighter clicks]
[music fades]
After she passed away,
the red hair accessory disappeared.
[Haesang] While searching for the object,
I came across your father's works.
He wrote
all of these?
[Haesang] But no one believed him.
Even the academic world ostracized him
for writing such groundless nonsense.
But he continued to publish works
regarding evil spirits until he retired.
"A shadow that lets its hair loose."
That's right.
It's the embodiment of the evil spirit.
Professor Gu knew about this evil spirit.
"A shadow that lets its hair loose
indulges humans in their desires
and gradually grows bigger."
I visited him as soon as I saw his works,
but he had already retired by then.
I tried numerous times to meet with him.
[Haesang] I don't know why,
but he refused to see me.
I had no choice but to do my own research
based on his works.
But I couldn't find the sources.
It was impossible to find anything
based on his works alone.
Then does that mean
you haven't found out anything
about the evil spirit?
As of now, yes.
Once we find out how your father
got hold of this,
we'll be able to learn more
about the evil spirit.
I saw a strange notebook.
What do you mean?
I saw it.
I witnessed my grandmother's death.
Don't blame yourself.
It was the evil spirit
who murdered her, not you.
Do you remember
what was written in the notebook?
[somber music]
I do.
I'm not certain,
but it looked like this.
There's no such place called "Jangjin-ri."
It's not on the map either.
That name is probably long gone.
[Sanyeong grunts]
You realize that several place names
are no longer used when studying folklore.
That's when these books come in handy.
Like we did with Hyunwoo,
can we get rid of the evil spirit
once we find out its name and story?
I told you. Every ghost is different.
We'll know what to do
once we identify it.
[paper rustles]
[Haesang sighs]
[dramatic music]
[Haesang] I must find out
why that evil spirit killed my mother.
I want those around me to be safe.
I don't want someone else to be killed
just because they know me.
Is this it?
There are three Jangjin-ris
mentioned in the books.
And the only place that also has
Jaegogae and a pine forest
is here.
"A shadow that lets its hair loose."
This is where that evil spirit lies.
[owl hoots]
[suspenseful music]
[footsteps approaching]
[plate clangs, screeches]
[shaman] Come here.
[child breathing shakily]
[child screams]
[sinister music]
[closing theme music]
I looked through some recent suicide cases
and I found something strange.
[Hongsae] The same noise was heard
on the day each victim died.
- What was it?
- The sound of high heels.
This used to be Jangjin-ri?
Yes, this region used to be Jangjin-ri.
[Haesang] Do you recognize this area?
[resident] The Dukdali Tree
used to be there.
[Haesang] We must hurry
and find that tree.
[associate] There will be one more victim.
[Hongsae] Why does something bad happen
to everyone who knows you?
They either die or disappear.
It'll only torment you more
if you refuse to save someone
who you know is going to die.
[Sanyeong] It's more important to me
that I get rid of this evil spirit.
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