Revenant (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[ominous music]
[theme music]
[footsteps in heels]
[pen scribbling]
[ominous music]
[footsteps in heels approaching]
10:59 P.M.
[breathes heavily]
[panic breathing]
[footsteps in heels approaching]
[panic breathing]
- [banging on door]
- [gasps]
[ominous music]
- [banging on door]
- [gasps]
[banging continues]
[shaky breathing]
[banging rapidly]
[door rattles]
[banging continues]
[eerie music]
- [banging continues]
- [breathing heavily]
- [bangs on door]
- [door rattles]
[eerie music continues]
[eerie music intensifies]
[chokes, groaning]
[music fades]
[Hongsae sighs]
What is this?
I looked through some recent suicide cases
like you asked,
and I found something strange.
[Munchun] What?
A week ago,
Hong Miyoung,
a senior at Segang University,
hanged herself in the studio apartment
she was staying in.
And two days later,
Chae Minju, a Segang University senior
living in the same studio apt. district,
was found to have committed suicide
in the same way.
And also
Nam Seokhoon,
a senior at Segang University,
hanged himself the very next day.
[Hongsae] Isn't it a little strange?
Within a week,
three students from the same school
who lived in the same studio apt. district
committed suicide in the same way.
What about the preliminary investigation?
Preliminary results showed
no suspicions of murder, but
- [Hongsae] Well
- [Munchun] Yes?
a strange post appeared
on the Segang University
Bamboo Forest page.
The same noise was heard
on the day each victim died.
What was it?
The sound of high heels.
[Munchun] High heels?
Like the sound of stilettos?
After that,
people heard the sound
of very aggressive knocking.
[suspenseful music]
Where is the location?
Jangjin 1-dong in the city of Gwangcheon.
[music fades]
134 SAJIN-RO, 432-16 JANGJIN 1-DONG,
This used to be Jangjin-ri?
Yes, that's right.
The hills and pine forests are all gone.
This is a common occurrence
when you study folklore.
The village that stood here
for many years disappears,
and a mirage-like city
takes its place overnight.
How do we find the location then?
People are more important than places.
Young people move around a lot,
but it is highly likely
that the elderly who have roots here
have not left the area.
If we look around, there will be people
who used to live in Jangjin-ri.
But we aren't local government workers.
How do we find those people?
In folklore studies,
there's something called a local survey.
[Haesang] We're bound to find something
using that method.
Let's go.
[suspenseful music]
Local survey?
[Haesang] Hello, may I ask you something?
Do you know anything about Jangjin-ri?
Excuse me, sir.
[Sanyeong] It's cold, isn't it? Are you
[Haesang] We need to get information
from senior centers.
I'm looking for someone
who lived in Jangjin-ri.
Have you heard of Jangjin-ri?
Let's see,
did anyone here live in Jangjin-ri?
- [elder 1] I'm not sure.
-Even if they don't know themselves,
we can hear rumors about
whoever has lived here the longest.
If anyone knows about Jangjin-ri,
please have them contact me here.
- Have you heard of Jangjin-ri?
- [elder 2 sucks teeth]
[elder 2] Jangjin-ri?
Do you know anything?
There should be a few small stores
that haven't been turned into
convenience stores.
You'll need to check all the old stores.
[phone vibrates]
[Semi] Sanyeong, you know
the exam's tomorrow, right?
Should we meet in front of the exam hall?
[Haesang] Call 911.
Hurry up and call them!
[breathes deeply]
[pensive music]
[Sanyeong] I don't think
I'll be able to take the exam this time.
I hope you pass. Good luck.
- [phone vibrates]
- [Semi] Why?
- [phone vibrates]
-What happened?
[inhales deeply]
It's okay.
There's always next year.
[phone vibrating]
Hello, ma'am. Yes, this is Gu Sanyeong.
You found someone who lived in Jangjin-ri?
Okay, I understand.
Yes, I'm on my way now. Okay, goodbye.
- Why are you interested in these cases?
- [chimes]
These cases aren't mysterious at all.
They're all suicide cases.
- I mean are we sure they're suicides?
- [chimes]
We checked the CCTV footage,
and no one came in or out
at the time of the incidents.
Crime scene examination results
showed no signs of forced entry either.
What about the sound of high heels
and the knocking?
We looked into the details of the post
on the Segang University
Bamboo Forest page,
but those sounds were heard on other days,
not on the days
the deceased committed suicide.
As a result, it spread
like an urban legend among the students.
And anyway, the sound of high heels
and knocking is common
in studio apartment districts
since they aren't soundproof.
Wait, hold on.
So there
[smacks lips, inhales deeply]
[exhales sharply]
weren't any bruises on their wrists?
No, there were
no signs of a struggle anywhere,
including on the wrists.
All the deceased
were Segang University students.
Is there no connection between the cases?
They were in the same year
but had different majors.
They were struggling to make ends meet
and were very stressed about getting jobs.
Life is tough for young people these days.
[footsteps receding]
[door opens]
[Hongsae] Darn it.
[Munchun] Why are you in such a rush?
[chair scraping]
[exhales sharply]
A homicide detective
needs to move fast.
Hey, take a look at this.
All the deceased students
were raising the same type of fish.
Everyone says
they were struggling to make ends meet,
but isn't it strange that they bought
this unique and expensive-looking fish?
Yes, well,
let's forget about the fish.
I just met
with some of the deceased's friends.
This is a student Hong Miyoung recently
became friends with while working.
These are the students
in Nam Seokhoon's study group.
- [Hongsae] She's also in the group.
- [Munchun] Hold on,
it's the same student?
- Yes, of course. See?
- Oh, I see.
[Hongsae] Lastly, this was taken
at the most recent academy
Chae Minju attended.
The same female student is here as well.
Not only did she recently befriend
all the deceased,
but she's also a senior
at Segang University.
Her name is Lee Taeyoung.
- However
- However?
She suddenly disappeared
after the deceased committed suicide.
She stopped showing up to work
without notice,
no one from the study group
could get a hold of her,
and she stopped attending the academy.
Isn't that strange?
[suspenseful music]
[music fades]
[elder] Why, thank you.
- He comes here often so I asked him.
- [bowl thuds]
Apparently, he knows
a lot about Jangjin-ri.
I mean, I didn't live there myself.
My younger brother lived there,
so I used to visit the place often.
Then do you
- [elder] Yes?
- recognize this?
Yes, this is right.
[elder] The Sacred Tree was here.
Jaegogae was here,
and the pine forest was here.
Yes, this region used to be Jangjin-ri.
Then, what is this place?
[Haesang] Do you recognize this area?
The Dukdali Tree used to be there.
Are you referring to the custom
of hanging duk on a tree?
[Sanyeong] What is that?
Duk means the "corpse of a young child."
[Haesang] In the past, the method
of burying a child was different
from that of an adult.
[pensive music]
They weren't recognized
as a member of the family,
so they couldn't be buried
at the family burial site
and were rarely formally buried
in coffins.
Instead of a coffin, they were put in jars
and buried in remote areas
without a tombstone
-or hung from a tree.
- [insects chirping]
The tree from which
a young child's corpse, duk,
was hung was called a Dukdali Tree.
[elder] Exactly.
That's why it was called
the Dukdali Tree for generations,
but the younger people
called it the "Suicide Tree" too.
[sucks teeth]
And strangely enough,
a lot of people hanged themselves
from that tree.
Could that tree
still be around?
My gosh.
Do you really think
that tree would still be around?
Ten years ago, they cut everything down
to build a new city.
Was there anything
about a red hair accessory in the village?
A red hair accessory
[sucks teeth]
I don't recall anything about that.
- Then
- [elder] Yes?
Have you seen this person before?
Oh, isn't he a professor?
[elder] I remember him saying
he was a professor.
Do you know this person?
Yes, that's definitely him.
Of course I do.
[elder] He came by often
when my younger brother was alive.
Are you talking about the brother
who lived in Jangjin-ri?
[elder] That's right.
What did he talk about when he visited?
Why did he come here?
I don't know anything about that.
I only exchanged greetings
with him a few times.
He was very close
to my younger brother though.
And your younger brother's family?
Where are they now?
His eldest son
is working on a fishing boat.
The eldest son's daughter
lives nearby.
She attends Segang University.
May I know her number?
It's really important.
[pen scribbling]
Well, the girl
was really young at the time,
so she probably won't know much.
[elder] Here.
Thank you.
[unsettling music]
[footsteps in heels approaching]
[automated voice]
Your call has been forwarded
to an automatic voice message system
Her phone is still off.
What's wrong? Do you see something?
[eerie music]
[Sanyeong] What is that?
A suicide ghost,
a ghost of someone who hanged themself,
to be exact.
[music rises]
- [music fades]
- [soft gasp]
[Sanyeong] It's on the third floor.
[tense music]
[Sanyeong] Do you see it?
[Haesang] It disappeared.
It was definitely on the third floor.
[music fades]
[Sanyeong panting]
Why did it disappear?
[footsteps approaching]
[Munchun] Which room was it?
[Hongsae] Room 306.
Professor Yeom?
Why do you keep
[pensive music]
[Munchun] Professor Yeom,
why do you keep hanging around
that young lady?
Why did you come here?
Why are you here?
I came here to meet someone.
My gosh, is it because of a ghost again?
Suicide cases.
Three people died
by hanging themselves, right?
[inhales deeply, exhales heavily]
That's right.
There are many ways to commit suicide.
You can use sleeping pills, jump,
or slit your wrists.
But why does it seem like
they made a pact to hang themselves?
The suicide ghost of someone
who hanged themself caused their deaths.
Ordinary people don't feel that energy,
but it's hard for people who are depressed
or have gone through
an unfortunate situation
to overcome the temptation.
It wasn't a ghost.
All of them were ruled suicides.
And the location?
They died in the studio
or study hostel they lived in.
All in this vicinity, right?
I'm sorry,
but may I take a look at their case files?
Hey, my gosh.
I told you they were just suicides,
so just go home, Professor Yeom.
[Munchun] Gosh
[Haesang] There will be one more victim.
The last rope was empty.
One more person will commit suicide soon.
I don't believe in that kind of thing.
[Munchun] Why did you park your car here?
It's a residential parking zone.
Ms. Taeyoung?
- The person in Room 306?
- Yes.
Have you seen her recently?
She hasn't been back for over a week.
Did you notice anything strange
before Ms. Lee Taeyoung disappeared?
For example,
you heard the sound of high heels
or loud knocking on a door.
How did you know?
[room manager] A few people
on the same floor filed complaints.
May I know which rooms filed them?
[room manager] Room 305 and Room 307.
[Hongsae] Room 305 and Room 307? Okay.
If you happen to see
Ms. Lee Taeyoung in the future,
please call me.
- [room manager] Okay.
- [Hongsae] Thank you.
What are you doing?
What? What do you mean?
Were you eavesdropping?
No, I wasn't.
Why would I eavesdrop on your conver
Are you going to keep addressing me
in such a casual manner?
Also, I really wasn't eavesdropping,
I was just
But why are you
looking for Ms. Lee Taeyoung?
Do you know Ms. Lee Taeyoung?
How do you know her?
Why did you come here?
[Hongsae sighs]
It's really strange, right?
Why does something bad happen
to everyone who knows you?
They either die
or disappear.
Your grandmother
passed away recently, right?
Yet you don't look sad at all,
seeing as you're out and about like this.
You already seem suspicious,
so don't do anything
more suspicious and stay home.
[Hongsae clears throat]
[pensive music]
[music fades]
[Haesang] How did it go?
Did you find out anything
about Ms. Lee Taeyoung?
According to the manager,
she hasn't been back in a while.
The police were looking
for Ms. Lee Taeyoung too.
It seems that way.
With the police on the move,
she'll be found soon enough.
Then, naturally,
we'll be able to meet her.
[Haesang] I think
we should look into the tree before that.
Three people have already died
because of that tree.
What do you mean?
We must hurry and find that tree.
Remember how the Dukdali Tree
was also called the "Suicide Tree"?
Suicide ghosts usually reside in trees
that someone had hanged themself from.
Hold on,
have you forgotten why we came here?
We came to find Ms. Lee Taeyoung.
We need to find her
and figure out why my dad came here.
Ms. Sanyeong,
someone else will die soon
because of that tree.
[tense music]
What about the people who will die
because of the evil spirit?
It'll only torment you more
if you refuse to save someone
who you know is going to die.
It's more important to me
that I get rid of this evil spirit.
[eerie music]
[music fades]
[exhales deeply]
[line ringing]
[Semi over phone] Why haven't you
been answering your phone all day?
Can you do me a favor, Semi?
Tell my mom I was with you today,
studying for the exam.
All right?
- I'm hanging up.
- [Gyeongmun over phone] Gu Sanyeong!
-Where are you?
- Ma'am, wait
Are you
looking down on me
because of the voice phishing incident?
You've been ignoring
all of my calls since yesterday.
Semi and I almost reported you as missing
because we thought something had happened.
Where are you?
Tell me where you are!
Well, you see
[Gyeongmun] The landlady
has been texting me all day
because of the security deposit.
Where are you
and what have you been doing?
[Gyeongmun] You aren't
with Professor Yeom Haesang
from the Department of Folklore
who came looking for you, right?
- Sanyeong?
- [line disconnects]
[breathes heavily]
[somber music]
[phone vibrating]
[somber music continues]
[music swells]
[music fades]
[dog barks in distance]
[Haesang] Hello.
- [chickens clucking]
- [gasps]
My, what brings you here
when it's so cold out?
I had something to ask you.
[Taeyoung's great-uncle]
Oh, really? It's so cold today.
- Come on in.
- Okay.
[Taeyoung's great-uncle]
You didn't have to come all this way.
You could have just called.
No, it's only right that I come in person.
[Taeyoung's great-uncle] Oh, right.
You should say hello.
This is the person I was talking about.
You know, the professor
who was looking for Taeyoung.
[Haesang] Hello.
I'll leave you two to talk then.
What brings you here?
it's about the Dukdali Tree
you mentioned yesterday.
- What about it?
- What type of tree was it?
A pine tree.
[Taeyoung's great-uncle]
The whole area was a pine forest.
[inhales sharply]
Could I perhaps get a photo of the tree?
Where's the photo album?
Is it in the shed?
My gosh, wait. Just stay seated.
I'll go and get it.
All right then.
[Taeyoung's great-uncle]
This is my wife, and this is me.
Next to me is my younger brother.
Next to him is Taeyoung's father.
The young child here is Taeyoung.
- [Haesang] Is this the Dukdali Tree?
- Yes, that's right.
But how did you know?
[eerie music]
[music intensifies]
[music fades]
Excuse me, hello.
Are you two seniors?
[student 1] Yes.
Do you happen to know
someone named Lee Taeyoung?
- Taeyoung?
- Yes, I know her.
I'm Taeyoung's friend from high school.
I need to meet Taeyoung
about something urgent,
but she isn't picking up her phone.
Do you know where I can find her?
Taeyoung hasn't come to school recently.
What should I do?
Oh, right.
I heard that she works somewhere.
Do you happen to know where that is?
[student 1] One moment, please.
Where was it again?
- [student 1] Was it this café?
- [student 2] I think so.
- It's this place called Hyun's Café.
- Oh, I see.
- [staff] Ms. Lee Taeyoung?
- Yes.
I'm Taeyoung's friend from high school,
and I need to urgently meet her but
[tray thuds]
[staff sighs]
If you're her friend, please tell her
that it's rude to stop coming to work
without giving any notice.
- Oh, okay.
- [staff] Gosh
So no one has been in contact with her?
Do you think I would ask you
to talk to her if anyone has?
That's true.
- [blows air]
- [phone vibrating]
[vibrating continues]
Excuse me, wait.
Are you Taeyoung's friend?
Do you know Ms. Lee Taeyoung?
Yes, I know her well.
If you have a moment, may I talk to you?
- Yes, of course.
- [informant] This way, please.
They're pretty, right?
Yes, they're pretty.
[informant] Please have a seat.
[Sanyeong] So you said
Ms. Taeyoung used to work here?
Well, we have been very worried
since we couldn't get in touch with her.
When was her last day at work?
When did she stop showing up?
I think it's been about two weeks now.
But you're not actually
Taeyoung's friend, right?
You wouldn't refer to your friend
as "Ms. Lee Taeyoung."
[awkward chuckle]
Well, you see
It's okay, you can speak freely.
Why are you looking for Taeyoung?
The truth is
I want to know
about the village called Jangjin-ri
that existed in the past.
Taeyoung used to live there?
Yes, apparently.
Who told you that?
Taeyoung's great-uncle.
[suspenseful music]
Taeyoung has a great-uncle?
Yes, he lives nearby.
Could I have his contact information
or address by any chance?
Taeyoung left some stuff behind,
and I didn't know what to do with them.
Oh, I see.
All right. One moment, please.
[phone vibrating]
- I have to take this call.
- Okay.
Yes, hello?
[landlady over phone]
Sanyeong, isn't this a bit much?
I know you guys are going through
a hard time,
but your mom won't answer her phone
or text me back.
-It's insulting.
- I'm sorry.
I'll try my best to get the money
to you by next month,
- so until then--
-How many times have you said that?
That's enough. If I don't get the deposit
by the end of the month,
I'm going to rent the apartment out
to someone else.
-Keep that in mind.
- [line disconnects]
[suspenseful music]
Is something wrong?
No, nothing's wrong.
[Sanyeong] Here you go.
Oh, right.
Our boss was closer to Taeyoung
than I was,
so wouldn't he know more?
He should be here soon,
so you can just wait for him here.
All right, then.
[music fades]
[car door opens]
[Munchun] How did it go?
It's really hard to find
Ms. Lee Taeyoung's whereabouts.
Her credit card and phone service
have been canceled
due to credit delinquency.
I heard her great-uncle lives nearby,
so I called and spoke with his wife,
but she says
Taeyoung hasn't contacted them either.
[sighs deeply]
[Haesang] There will be one more victim.
The last rope was empty.
One more person will commit suicide.
- Hongsae
- Yes?
- [Hongsae clears throat]
- let's look into
the sound of high heels and knocking.
The CCTV footage on the days
of the incidents was already looked at,
so let's look at the CCTV footage
for the days prior.
We don't have a warrant though.
When have we ever investigated
with a warrant?
We'll just have to persuade them
to cooperate.
You're good at persuading people.
[employee] These are the only trees
put under protection
when the new city was being built.
I heard that there was a pine forest
in the Jangjin-ri area.
What happened to the trees in that forest?
[suspenseful music]
I'm talking about these pine trees.
I think logging companies
took care of those.
I'll give you the contact information
for the logging companies at the time,
so you can try asking them.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
[informant] You're here.
This is Ms. Gu Sanyeong,
whom I told you about.
Nice to meet you. Please have a seat.
I'm looking for Ms. Lee Taeyoung.
Do you have any idea where she might be?
I actually
looked into it
after you guys contacted me,
but she hasn't been anywhere I know.
Finding Taeyoung is important,
but I actually asked you
to meet my boss for another reason too.
- Sorry?
- My boss is a very nice person.
Earlier, I overheard
that you urgently needed money,
so you could discuss it with him.
Yes, go ahead.
How much do you need?
No, I can't ask someone I just met.
I went through a lot when I was younger,
so I know how you feel.
[store owner]
Don't worry. You can tell me.
I'll help you.
[phone vibrates]
One moment, please.
I went by the police station. Call me.
What did you do this time?
I'm sorry.
[Sanyeong] Something urgent came up,
so I need to go.
I appreciate the thought.
Also, please contact me
if you happen to see Ms. Taeyoung.
[store owner] Wait.
We've become acquainted,
so I can't let you leave empty-handed.
- No, that's okay. There's no need.
- [store owner] Hold on.
It's a gift to cheer you up.
Youth is wealth.
Cheer up and come find me
whenever you need me.
[suspenseful music]
Thank you.
- [door opens]
- [door bell jingling]
- Sir.
- [store owner] Hey, you're here.
How have you been?
I'm looking at Nam's studio hostel's
CCTV footage right now.
I don't see anything suspicious yet.
Anything on Hong Miyoung?
[Munchun] Gosh, my vision is so blurry.
I haven't found anything yet either.
- [Hongsae] What?
- [keyboard key clacking over phone]
What is it?
There's a lady wearing red high heels.
High heels?
I don't see anything over here.
She has long hair,
is in a purple coat,
- and is wearing red high heels.
- [keyboard key clacks]
She went through the front door
around 10:59 p.m.
- 10:59 p.m.? Hold on.
- [keyboard key clacking]
Darn it, I passed it.
52, 53
[suspenseful music]
- [keyboard key clacks]
- [Munchun] What is this?
[personnel] Please have some of this.
Right, thank you.
Hold on, hang up for now.
If you aren't busy, could you
take a look at this while you're here?
- Yes, of course.
- [Munchun] Hold on, here.
This person. Does she live here?
[personnel] I remember her
because of her unique clothing,
but she doesn't live here.
[Munchun groans]
[personnel] Where have I seen her again?
I've seen her before though.
Exactly, so
Oh, right!
This person is Ms. Miyoung's friend.
- Ms. Hong Miyoung's friend?
- Yes.
Do you happen to know her name?
Her name It was
Right, her name had a "Tae" in it.
Ms. Lee Taeyoung?
Yes, that's her name.
[music intensifies]
[music fades]
Yes, thank you. Goodbye.
- [Munchun] Hey.
- Hello.
I looked at all of the CCTV footage
from Nam Seokhoon's studio hostel,
and she visited his studio hostel
at the same time every Monday
starting two months ago.
There was no CCTV footage
for the inside of the building,
but I'm sure
she was visiting Nam Seokhoon.
It's the same over here.
She visited Hong Miyoung every Saturday.
Lee Taeyoung was friends
with the deceased,
so that explains why she visited them.
But visiting every week
on the same day, at the same time,
and in the same clothes?
Isn't that strange?
There's something more strange than that.
[smacks lips]
Now, look
In that alley,
there's a single road
leading to Hong Miyoung's study hostel.
My point is that
if you come from that study hostel,
you have to pass
the front of this convenience store.
I wanted to observe her route,
so I checked this store's CCTV footage
from that camera.
I checked all of it
[suspenseful music]
- and there's nothing.
- What?
I checked all of the CCTV footage
following the time she shows up,
and it clearly shows her going in
but never shows her leaving.
It's as if she disappeared into thin air.
Are you sure you checked it thoroughly?
We can go in together
and check again if you want.
What are you trying to say then?
Are you saying she's a ghost or something?
Now you're bringing up ghosts too?
Have you been meeting with Professor Yeom?
Who is Professor Yeom?
These are the records from 2010.
All the trees in the Jangjin-ri
pine forest were disposed of.
Every single one of them was disposed of?
Yes. I was also involved in the project,
so I'm sure of it.
- [car horn honking]
- [tires screech]
[car horn honking]
[eerie music]
[Haesang gasps]
[Haesang] The photo changed.
The tree is gone,
but a ghost remained in the photo.
What photo?
Are you talking
about the photo of the tree?
Yes, is this the only copy?
We took it to commemorate
my younger brother's house
before it was demolished,
so they must have a copy somewhere too.
So Ms. Lee Taeyoung may have
a copy of the photo as well.
[Taeyoung's great-uncle over phone]
Yes, that's right.
Okay, thank you.
[Munchun] A pair of red shoes
[both sigh]
She doesn't appear in this footage.
Did she grow a pair of wings or something?
[phone vibrating]
Professor Yeom?
[Haesang over phone]
Did you find Ms. Lee Taeyoung?
No, not yet.
[Haesang] You have to find her quickly.
She's in danger.
Do you remember
what I said about the rope,
that one more person was going to die?
Ms. Lee Taeyoung had a photo
with a ghost residing in it.
If we don't find her soon,
she will die too.
I'll check her study hostel again.
Please call me if you find her.
Professor Yeom,
you really don't listen to me.
Didn't I tell you
to leave this case alone?
- [Haesang] Make sure you call me.
- [line disconnects]
Wait, hello?
What the heck? He hung up.
Who was it?
How could he hang up
after just saying his piece?
Plus, he never listens.
[Munchun] Darn it,
is it because he has a lot of money?
[Munchun sighs]
By the way,
didn't you say Ms. Lee Taeyoung's
great-uncle lives nearby?
- Yes.
- Try calling him again.
I told you I already called him.
is calling someone
the same as meeting them in person?
Who do you take after?
Why do I have to teach you
how to do everything?
We only made it this far thanks to me.
I decided
on the direction of the investigation,
starting with the deceased's records
and the CCTV footage.
You haven't taught me anything.
Darn it, if only you weren't like this.
I get it, so hurry up and call him.
My phone is low on battery,
so I can't do it myself.
[Munchun] My gosh.
[breathes nervously]
[suspenseful music]
I'll go and get it.
[Taeyoung's great-uncle] All right then.
Segang University.
Lee Taeyoung.
[Taeyoung's great-uncle]
This is the person I was talking about.
You know, the professor
who was looking for Taeyoung.
[Haesang] Hello.
I'll leave you two to talk then.
It can't be
[door closes]
What happened?
Why did you go to the police?
What did you do this time?
Why didn't you tell me?
[exhales sharply]
Tell you what?
Why didn't you tell me
your grandmother passed away?
A detective called me earlier today.
Is this Kim Seokran, your mother-in-law?
[Gyeongmun gasps softly]
[in shaky voice]
Yes, that's right.
I heard you were in the house
when your grandmother passed away.
Why were you there?
- About that
- Did something happen between you two?
Is that why
you've been acting strange lately?
You haven't been coming home
and ignoring my calls.
Did something happen?
[pensive music]
Tell me.
Nothing happened.
Are you telling the truth?
Yes. Nothing happened.
I just went by to say hello.
All right, that's fine then.
By the way, did you
Did you know?
According to the detective,
your grandmother left you an inheritance.
[Gyeongmun sighs]
let's accept it.
- What?
- Let's accept the inheritance.
[dramatic music]
- [ghostly voice] Accept it.
- [gasps]
No, we can't.
[ominous music]
I don't want to accept it
or be associated with that household,
but what choice do we have?
We have to pay the deposit.
Do you want to live on the street?
[breathes shakily]
No, I don't want to accept it.
- Sanyeong
- [footsteps receding]
[ominous music continues]
[sobbing, panting]
[music intensifies]
[music fades]
[dramatic somber music]
[breathing heavily]
I'm already busy as it is.
What is it this time?
Excuse me, who are you?
Honey, take a seat.
What's this about Taeyoung going missing?
[Taeyoung's great-uncle] Did you know?
I heard that you weren't even surprised
when you spoke
to the young detective earlier today.
Come on, say something!
Sir, please calm down.
Did something really happen
to Taeyoung?
[Munchun] Excuse me, ma'am.
Do you perhaps know
where Ms. Lee Taeyoung is?
No, I don't know.
I really don't know anything.
something bad happened
to Ms. Taeyoung's close friends,
so we want to find her
and ask her why these things happened.
I said I don't know.
Ms. Lee Taeyoung
could be in danger too.
Wait, are you
talking about those people?
What do you mean by "those people"?
It's all because of them.
[Taeyoung's great-aunt]
Taeyoung was really scared.
She went into hiding
because she was really scared.
[exhales sharply]
[dog barking in distance]
[exhales sharply]
- [door opens]
- [door bell jingling]
Is anyone here?
It's me, Gu Sanyeong, from earlier.
[paper rustles]
[suspenseful music]
[Hongsae] She borrowed some money,
but the interest rapidly increased?
[Taeyoung's great-aunt] Mm.
So it's an illegal moneylending business.
[Munchun] People who don't understand
may ask, "Why use that kind of money?
How could you be so foolish?"
However, there are
always variables in life.
-A family member may get sick
- Thank you.
or get into an accident.
Many people who are too young
or struggle with handling such variables
have no choice but to rely on
illegal moneylending businesses.
Thank you so much.
I'm sorry,
I promise to pay you back next month.
It happens.
But there is another way to make it up.
[Munchun] At first, it'll only be
a few hundred thousand won.
They'll think, "I'll work part-time
and quickly pay it off."
But the next month
and the month after that,
another variable occurs.
In the meantime, the interest doubles.
By the time they come to their senses,
the interest itself is several times
more than the amount of money
they borrowed.
- [beeps]
- [machine whirring]
Then, if they borrow
more money to pay it back,
the few hundred thousand won
turns into an unmanageable amount.
- Please let me off this time.
- Come on.
your great-niece is undoubtedly a victim.
[Munchun] The guys who lent the money
on usury are the bad guys.
I will make sure to catch them,
so please tell us
where your granddaughter is right now.
[tense music]
[breathing shakily]
I have to
call the detective.
[gasps, breathes shakily]
[ominous music]
[Sanyeong gasps]
[eerie music continues]
[intense music]
- [store owner] When did you get here?
- [Sanyeong gasps]
Have a seat. I'll make you some coffee.
[exhales heavily]
No, thank you.
[Sanyeong] I have to go now.
saw it, didn't you?
[suspenseful music]
Are you
trying to run away
and report it to the police?
- [store owner] Well?
- [Sanyeong whimpering]
[Sanyeong] Let go of me!
[Sanyeong grunting]
[Sanyeong yelps]
[breathes heavily]
If you want to walk out of here alive,
you'd better listen to me!
[breathing shakily]
If you sign here, you'll get the money.
You need money, right?
I'll give you a discount on the interest
since I'm indebted to you.
That brat Lee Taeyoung ran
without paying the money back.
That shrewd brat hid the fact
that she had relatives,
but you helped us.
[store owner laughs]
Mr. Lee's address.
- [tires screech]
- [car door opens]
[phone vibrating]
[Haesang] Hello?
[Sanyeong over phone]
I saw the suicide ghost's tree!
It was at a place
that illegally lends money.
Where are you? Are you okay, Ms. Sanyeong?
Yes, I somehow escaped
[sobs, panting]
but Ms. Lee Taeyoung's
great-uncle is in danger.
[Sanyeong] Please hurry up and go there!
- [footsteps in heels]
- I'm already here.
I'll check it out immediately.
[intense music]
[Haesang] Is anyone here?
Is anyone home?
Is anyone here?
Is anyone here?
Mr. Lee?
[ominous music]
Mr. Lee?
Is anyone here?
Is anyone here?
Mr. Lee?
[banging on door]
[banging on door]
[banging continues]
[banging continues]
[young Haesang] Mom?
[banging continues]
[banging continues]
[tense, eerie music]
[banging continues]
[Munchun] You're saying
Ms. Taeyoung is hiding in the shed?
[siren wailing]
Don't worry.
Ms. Taeyoung is going to be fine.
But sir,
if the woman in the CCTV footage
isn't Ms. Lee Taeyoung, who is it?
[banging on door]
[suspenseful music]
[banging on door]
[banging continues]
- [grunts]
- [music stops]
- [scream in distance]
- [gasps]
[victim grunting, sobs]
[victim in shaky voice]
I'm sorry,
please don't kill me.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[perpetrator] How dare you take off
without paying back the money.
- Do you know
- [victim] Please don't kill me.
everything I've been through to find you?
- Do you?
- [victim groans]
[Haesang] Hey, Mr. Usury.
[tense music]
[victim sobbing]
Well, aren't you scum of the earth?
Who are you, mister?
- Are you a relative of hers?
- No, I'm not.
I'm just a citizen
with a strong sense of justice.
[perpetrator] Hey.
If you're not going to pay back
the 30 million won in her stead, go away.
Hit me if you can afford it.
[tense music continues]
[victim whimpering]
What do you think you're doing?
[Munchun] Professor Yeom!
- [perpetrator] What now?
- Taeyoung!
[Taeyoung] Great-aunt!
[Taeyoung's great-uncle]
Oh my, what's going on?
- What
- Are you okay?
Wait, you had a big family?
[perpetrator scoffs]
Who the hell are you?
- [Taeyoung's great-uncle sobs]
- [blows air]
Did you dress up like this
to avoid getting caught on CCTV?
[Munchun] Are you okay? Let me see.
- My gosh.
- Gosh, the blood.
- Look at her face.
- She's really hurt.
- Come on, let's go.
- This person did it.
We're from the Seoul Metropolitan
Violent Crimes Investigation Unit.
[tense music]
[perpetrator] What?
- Hey, you jerk. Darn it.
- [Munchun] Stay still.
[Hongsae] You're under arrest on charges
of property damage and assault.
- You have the right to an attorney
- [handcuffs rattling]
and you will have a chance
to defend yourself later.
[Sanyeong yelps, pants]
[Sanyeong gasps, panting]
- [Munchun] Watch your head.
- [Hongsae] Lower your head.
Let's go.
[car engine starts]
- [pants]
- [siren wailing]
[Taeyoung sobbing]
[footsteps approaching]
Are you okay?
Yes, is everything okay here?
Did anyone get hurt?
[Taeyoung sobbing]
All my friends
committed suicide.
It's all my fault.
- Is that Ms. Lee Taeyoung?
- [Taeyoung] They forced me
- to bring friends who don't have money.
- Yes.
[Taeyoung] What do I do?
[sobbing continues]
Ms. Lee Taeyoung.
This person came looking
for your great-uncle when you were little.
I don't know him.
Gosh, this must be really difficult.
[Sanyeong] I'm sorry,
but could you please take another look?
- Do you really not remember him?
- [sobbing]
[Haesang] Wait, Ms. Sanyeong.
- Ms. Taeyoung.
- [Haesang] Wait, Ms. Sanyeong.
- Ms. Sanyeong, please wait.
- Please just look
- [Haesang] Hold on a moment.
- Please
[Haesang] Why don't you
[Sanyeong panting]
ask her after she's calmed down?
You know that I don't have
that kind of time!
[Sanyeong pants, sobs]
[somber music]
I'm sorry.
I don't feel like myself.
I don't know
how I escaped that place either.
[sobbing continues]
Ms. Sanyeong,
go home and rest.
I'll give you a call
once she's calmed down a bit.
[Taeyoung's great-uncle] It's okay.
[Taeyoung] What do I do?
[somber music continues]
[Taeyoung's great-uncle]
My gosh, please just leave it.
You didn't have to do that.
[Haesang] No worries, I'm already done.
My wife would have cleaned it up later.
- Gosh.
- I'll take it.
We are already
extremely grateful to you
for saving Taeyoung.
How is Ms. Taeyoung? Has she calmed down?
Her great-aunt is putting her to sleep.
About the photo of the tree.
What did she say? Does she still have it?
If she does,
she needs to get rid of it immediately.
She said she already tore it up.
[store owner]
The Family Relations Certificate shows
who your parents are.
I asked if you had
any other relatives, darn it!
- [sobbing]
- [sighs]
[tense music]
Hey, search her.
- [perpetrator] Cell phone.
- What?
- Give me your cell phone.
- [gasps, breathes shakily]
No, you can't.
No, you can't!
- [door opens]
- [door bell jingling]
Darn it, stay still.
I'll kill you if you move.
Welcome, are you here
to take a look at the fish?
[breathes heavily]
[music intensifies]
There was an aquarium store
that the loan sharks used as a hideout.
We have to go there.
[Munchun] I'm about to head there now.
The arrested kid told us everything
as soon as he got to the police station.
I thought it was weird
that all the students
who committed suicide had pet fish.
[siren wailing]
What did he say again? Hold on.
He said
Oh, right.
The fish were gifted
to establish a good rapport
with the students
who needed emergency funds.
[Munchun over phone] But Gu Sanyeong
also went to that aquarium store
-to borrow money.
- [music fades]
Did they
give Ms. Sanyeong a fish too?
I didn't ask.
The last rope.
- [suspenseful music]
- [phone vibrating]
[music swells, fades]
[suspenseful music continues]
[line ringing]
Were you able to track
Ms. Sanyeong's phone?
[Munchun over phone] She's in
Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, near Yeouido.
I can't get her specific location.
[suspenseful music continues]
[Haesang breathes heavily]
Where is she?
[ominous music]
[music intensifies]
[siren wailing]
[store owner whimpering]
[store owner] Get away from me!
We're from
the Seoul Metropolitan VCI Unit.
- We're here to execute a search warrant--
- [wailing]
[Munchun] Wait.
[store owner breathing heavily]
[store owner whimpering]
[store owner breathing heavily]
[Haesang] Ms. Sanyeong!
Ms. Sanyeong.
[water splashes]
[music intensifies]
Ms. Sanyeong?
We found the CCTV footage.
[eerie music]
[mouse clicks]
What's going on?
Zoom in here.
- [Hongsae] One moment, please.
- [keyboard key clacks]
[eerie music continues]
[Haesang] Ms. Sanyeong?
[ominous music]
- [banging on door]
- [young Haesang] Mom?
[Haesang's mom shouts]
[ghostly voice] You opened the door.
[ominous music continues]
Long time no see.
Long time no see, indeed.
[dramatic music]
[music fades]
[closing theme music]
Who was the owner of this hair accessory?
I'll find them.
Then I'll be able to find out your name.
[Sanyeong] Why am I here?
The numbers just popped up in my mind.
[Sanyeong sobs, shouts]
I told you to take this!
The evil spirit
could have leaked the numbers on purpose.
I know, but it started the fight first.
[Haesang] I can't back down now.
Weren't there bruises like these
on the wrists?
How did you know?
[Sanyeong] Dad, the one who knew the most
about evil spirits.
[Haesang] There will be someone
who remembers Professor Gu Gangmo.
[Sanyeong] What was that just now?
There are wandering ghosts in the village.
[ghostly voices murmuring]
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