Revenge s02e20 Episode Script


Previously on Revenge That's Alison Stoddard.
What the hell is Conrad doing with the governor's wife? Carrion has the ability to knock Manhattan off the power grid in less than a millisecond.
Pose for the camera.
Feel like putting on a show? I assume you've kept your personnel files of all your employees? I was wondering if I could look over Mathis'.
Daniel's growing suspicious of your past.
Are you denying that you abandoned a six-month-old boy? The story is true.
Help me find my firstborn son.
- And in return? - Sole owner of Nolcorp.
I can't go head to head with the Falcon.
He's the best there is.
Falcon? Check your in-box.
You've messed with the wrong person! I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, but only if you want the same.
Engagement can be a commitment to love Or a declaration of war.
One must enter every battle without hesitation, willing to fully engage the enemy Till death do you part.
Emily? When you said you were bringing me dinner at the office Well, I wanted to do something a little bit more private, less in the limelight.
- You look beautiful.
- Thank you.
Le blanc ou le rouge? Red.
I know that devilish grin of yours.
What are you up to? Well, I've been thinking about what you said.
Have a look.
Last year, my biggest regret was not getting on that plane with you.
I just hope it's not too late to say "yes.
" To Paris? To us.
To us.
Thought you went to school.
Charlotte flaked on me again.
She was supposed to drive me.
Does it have anything to do with that paparazzi video of her with that girl? Why didn't you talk to me about it, man? I gotta hear about it from a group of barflies? What's going on? She's in a really dark place, and she's She has been ever since Amanda She into drugs again? I don't know.
I don't know.
It's pretty hard for me to tell with her blowing me off every day.
What are you I need money for bus fare.
How many buses are you taking? Are you gonna drive me? Ashley's on her way over.
Did she find out anything? I mean, is, uh Conrad screwing the governor's wife? I'll know soon enough.
Whatever he's up to, there's no way I'm gonna let him slither his way into the governor's mansion.
Hey, do you know why you're supposed to bury a politician 100 feet down? 'Cause deep down, they're really good people.
Tell me, Conrad, what is your true intention? 'Cause I know that you wouldn't sacrifice an asset as valuable as Nolcorp out of the goodness of your heart.
Well, with the Initiative and their sizable business out of the picture, paring down is what's best for the company.
And if it promises to hasten the recovery of your long-lost son, all the better, yes? Forgive me if I find this sudden generosity rings about as true as one of your campaign promises.
Speaking of broken promises, It seems that every orphan born in '73 is trying to lay dubious claim to the throne.
What are the chances that your real son is in this mix? Also dubious.
Call it a mother's intuition.
Well, best of luck to Mr.
Ross then, as he chases down your wild goose.
Perfect timing.
This is the Nolcorp transfer agreement.
Now I know it was your first acquisition, - so letting it go may be - If I weren't good with it, I would have vetoed the board's decision.
Daniel, can I steal a moment with you? Unless, like your sister, you're still giving me the cold shoulder over the news.
Mother, I'm neither upset nor surprised that you have yet another kid out there.
Bite your tongue.
I think you know how that happened.
And since we're making new additions to the family You remember my fiancee.
Emily and I are re-engaged.
- Allow me to offer our congratulations.
- Oh, why, thank you, Conrad.
How repetitious.
We're hosting a party tonight to share the good news.
Well, I can only hope that you opt for a very long engagement this time.
Actually, quite the opposite.
In two weeks, Daniel and I take off to Paris.
That's where you're getting married? No.
That's where we're planning to live.
Really, Daniel? Your first engagement to Emily was a disaster.
What difference will Paris make? Emily's the one, all right? If you don't support me, then fine.
But I'm not letting her get away again.
Besides, I'm sure you'll find my replacement before the week's out.
Don't be cruel, Daniel.
You and I have both made mistakes.
The difference is, I don't make them twice.
Except bastard children, I guess.
Thank you.
Well, between you and me, Daniel, I'm thrilled.
You always did have a soft spot for Emily, - or at least her bank accounts.
- Oh, why wouldn't I? I've always wished a stable future for you, plus if you were to rush an announcement into the Times, I predict a bump in the polls.
You know what? You can milk our engagement all you like.
But in return, I want my trust fund withdrawn from the Amanda Clarke Foundation.
Since the Initiative's pulled out of the company, there's no reason to be hiding our assets anymore.
Well, perhaps, but your money's securely gaining remarkable interest right where it is, right along with the rest of the family fortune.
I don't care.
I want all my ducks in a row by the time I step away from Grayson Global.
And when you say au revoir, what exactly do you plan to do, nibble croissants and jet around the world for the next fifty years? I can certainly see this girl's burrowed into your heart, hasn't she? Oh, she's been there since the day I met her.
I recognize the symptoms.
Okay, but at least wait to announce your departure from the company Until after After the election, I get it.
Grace, you read my mind.
Hey, contact HuffPo, will you? Get an engagement announcement on the home page.
Already on it.
And I have a delivery from Takeda Industries.
Aiden Mathis' employment records.
Should I messenger it to the house? No, I'm on my way in.
Word is buzzing around the office.
I believe congratulations are in order.
You think I called you here to break the news that I'm marrying Emily, make sure there's no hard feelings? You know, when I hired you, I had H.
do an extensive background check.
Came back squeaky clean.
So what did you do, pay them off, hack the system to erase your file? No, of course I didn't.
Why? All right, so why am I only now learning that your father was Trevor Mathis, the baggage handler suspected of putting a bomb on Flight 197? Because that is not information that I am comfortable with with sharing, Daniel.
- You don't understand the things that - Help me to, because it can't be coincidence that you took a job here given Grayson Global's complicated connection to that flight, to David Clarke.
They were the sins of my father, not mine.
And you of all people should understand that! We have nothing in common, Mathis.
I thought you were just after my job.
Or Emily.
But it was always more than that, wasn't it? That's why you targeted Trask's funds.
You were trying to get back at them.
Who's "them"? What d What does Trask have to do with anything? Security's gonna come up and escort you off the premises.
Needless to say, you're fired.
Somebody is clearly trying to manipulate you against me.
Look, just Just tell me who it is.
Someone I trust far more than you.
Jack, I'm working.
Actually, that was mine.
So what'd you find out? You will be happy to know I'm back in Conrad's good graces, thanks to your photography skills.
But as to the nature of his relationship with Mrs.
Stoddard, I'm afraid I didn't glean much.
Okay, well, then let's just go to the press with the photo, put it out there.
Let the voters draw their own conclusions.
I'm not convinced that this picture is enough to derail Conrad's campaign.
Time's running out.
I gotta do something.
I have a suggestion, but it comes with its own set of risks.
What are we talking about? How brave are you, Jack? I always did love this ring.
Well, we thought about keeping it a secret, but with all the press surrounding the family right now Ugh.
Don't talk to me about overexposure.
You saw the video of me and my friend Regina? Yes, I did.
What were you thinking? I wasn't.
I keep wishing Amanda were here.
She'd know what I was going through.
Um, not with the press.
I just mean It's a sister thing.
Never mind.
Look, I know you miss her.
She can never be replaced.
But we're gonna be sisters soon, too.
And I'm hoping that you'll be more a part of my life.
Which is why I'm here.
I was wondering if you would be my maid of honor.
That is, if you'll leave this room long enough to come to Paris.
Oh, my God, Emily.
Of course.
Yeah? Hate to interrupt this Hallmark moment.
You must be Regina.
Which means you must be a user of the internet.
Bad time, Charlie? Um, I was just leaving.
We'll talk more at the party tonight.
Thanks, Emily.
Any luck? The guy who sold it to me didn't buy the whole "for a friend" bit.
Sorry, but given my history, and now with the tabloids following me everywhere I got your back.
How disgraceful.
All of these people trying to capitalize on your pain.
Emily, dear, that extravagant ring on your finger does not give you permission to flit in and out of my house without good reason.
I was here asking Charlotte to be my maid of honor.
She's really so excited to see Paris.
She's already seen it, multiple times.
I would assume that you of all people would appreciate the city of lights, Victoria.
After all, isn't that where you attended art school all of those years ago? Sorry to interrupt.
Am I early? Mr.
Porter, of course.
We have an appointment.
Your timing is perfect because Emily is just leaving.
Right this way.
Shall we? We can speak privately in here.
Good-bye, Emily.
I hope you know I appreciate what you've done for my family, with the foundation, taking us under your wing.
Which is why I I think you should see this.
It's Conrad with Governor Stoddard's wife.
And it certainly didn't look like the first time he'd met with her.
Why are you showing me this? Why not just approach my husband? I'm just trying to protect the campaign, and no one has a better chance of getting through to Conrad than you.
That photo has the power to derail him.
I don't mean to imply anything, but Don't worry, Jack.
My husband does a fine job of implicating himself.
I'll handle this.
All right.
They say politics makes for strange bedfellows.
And folks tend to jump to conclusions when they see two people who are supposed to be enemies acting like friends.
The opposite of you and Emily Thorne.
You used to be very close, right? I couldn't help but notice a chill in your friendship.
Did she tell you that she's re-engaged to my son? - I can't say I'm surprised.
- Yes, well I don't imagine you'll be receiving an invitation to the engagement party tonight, seeing as your tryst with her was the reason they broke it off the first time.
Oh, didn't you know that? Oh, Jack, my apologies.
It was one thing when he was working for Conrad, but what business would Jack have with Victoria? Maybe he wants her recipe for devil's food cake.
I'm serious, Nolan.
If I don't know what he's up to, how am I gonna do anything about it? You realize you can't protect Jack forever, don't you? I made a promise to Amanda, and I plan to keep it.
I have to go.
Nothing like a little retail therapy.
Sounds beautiful.
Where are you off to? I'm taking Eeyore out to buck her up.
Promise not to make any more headlines.
Can I have a minute with my sister? Look I just wanted to say, you don't have to be embarrassed about what happened outside that club.
All right? Not around me.
Don't try to commiserate.
You have no idea what I'm going through.
Sure, I do.
I I've been through a rough patch of my own when I was your age.
Hey, you You're gonna be at our engagement party later, right? Sorry.
I can't be around Mom right now.
And I'm sure you understand, or you wouldn't be moving to France.
But good luck tonight.
And this year, try not to shoot anyone.
Hello, Alison.
Were you expecting your husband Or mine? I understand you two have been seeing each other.
Are you trying to ensure that you stay in the governor's mansion, regardless of the outcome? No, Victoria.
You've misunderstood.
All I want is to move out of it.
Out? I have no interest in your husband, only my own.
When Conrad entered the race as the only viable challenger to my husband's office, I asked for a meeting.
And just like that, his poll numbers magically began to rise.
And my husband's began to fall.
Are you saying that you've been sabotaging his campaign? I'm feeding Conrad information.
Leaking strategies, my husband's attack ads before they air Anything to give Conrad an edge.
Now what could this man have possibly done to drive you to destroy a thirty-year career in politics? Mark has a degenerative heart condition.
His private doctor says, well, he won't survive another term as governor.
Maybe not even survive the year.
Well, why collude with Conrad? Why not go straight to the press? No, Mark would never forgive me.
Living the life Mark leads Endless nights at the office, gone weeks at a time Every time I say good-bye to him, I have no idea if it'll be for the last time.
It sounds excruciating.
Please Listen to me.
If Conrad wins, if you love him, limit him to one term.
This job is a practical death sentence.
Slightly unsettling a freshly fired Grayson employee lurking the halls of a subsidiary.
Trust me, if I could be anywhere else, I would be.
I need your help.
Fret not.
After the requisite rubber stamps, Nolcorp can remove the Grayson noose, and I can resume hiring.
You could be my bodyguard and I could be your Whitney.
I'm not looking for a job, Nolan.
That's not what I heard.
Look, you're gonna need something to do while Emily finishes her end game.
There is no end game for Emily.
What are you talking about? All these years of training, trying to focus my anger I always thought when I avenged my father and sister that I'd get some kind of Peace or closure, whatever that is.
Well, you must have felt something when you killed Trask.
I felt empty.
Are you saying you want Emily to just give up her mission? Because you were the one that told me, take revenge away from Emily, and we will lose her forever.
But I know better now.
That's something that her father knew all along and you, too, I suspect.
Hypothetically Where would we start? When Daniel's parents learn about my background, they're gonna remove me as treasurer of the foundation.
We need to drain the account before that happens.
It's impossible.
The Falcon created an unhackable bank account.
Not even Carrion could break the code.
I never said that it was gonna be easy, only that I need your help.
More importantly, that Emily does.
Now can I count on you or not? Did we have a playdate scheduled? Here's the deal, Edith.
I need answers fast, and you need a get-out-of-jail-free card.
So play ball, and I'll erase the cyber trail that got you indicted.
I'm listening.
Where is Victoria Grayson's first son Patrick? She claims that you erased all traces of him - in some grand extortion plot.
- Bitch would spin it that way.
Roundabout the time the whole David Clarke thing was going down, little teenage Patrick Harper hopped a bus from Cleveland in search of his birth mother.
When Victoria caught wind of it, she had her henchman pay the kid 5 mil to disappear.
She then employed me to eliminate all digital traces of his original identity.
She's playing you.
Any chance you kept that file in a Blackmail bank? No, unfortunately.
Sorry it's not the answer you wanted, but I believe we had a deal.
Not quite yet.
What is the Initiative planning to do with Carrion? Don't know.
Don't care.
After I validated it, I tweaked your code for a little insurance.
Carrion can't operate without my magic touch, which means either you get me out of here or they will.
Just a question of who wants it more.
- We done here? - Ah, almost.
How do I access the Amanda Clarke Foundation account? Since you like games so much, you'll find it in a place I was born, if not made.
An old favorite, hiding in plain sight.
I'm Mark Stoddard, and I approve this message.
Conrad Grayson has proven that he's a wealthy man from Wall Street - who's out of touch with Main Street.
- What's that? He's more concerned with private planes than he is with public transportation He certainly managed to capture your essence.
It's my opponent's newest attack ad.
Conrad Grayson: Bad for New York.
And how, may I ask, did you get it - before it's been broadcast? - Well, that's not important.
Your job now is to neutralize it.
Ah, Mr.
Porter, just think.
Now in two days, you're gonna be able to get back to your life and begin figuring out an appropriate bonus for all your efforts.
Keep your campaign promises, and I'm good.
Well, let's hope the voters don't hold me to so high a standard.
I did what we talked about.
I showed that picture to Victoria.
But after all the horrible things that woman did to Amanda, I don't trust her as far as I can throw her.
If anyone's more committed to his defeat than us, it's her.
She's got a track record for keeping her men exactly where she wants them.
Including Daniel, apparently.
She told me I was the reason he and Emily broke up last year.
That's because you were.
You know, Jack, we're friends now, so I feel like I should just tell you.
Right before Emily gave him back the ring, I saw the two of you at her house kissing, and I told Daniel.
Why would you do that? She was engaged to a man that I had feelings for while she clearly had feelings for you.
She always seems to get what she wants.
People like them always do.
Not him.
Not this time.
I'm so glad you could all join us tonight to once again celebrate the engagement of Daniel to Emily.
As the old saying goes, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
Oh, it's every mother's dream to have her son marry the girl next door, and Daniel certainly hasn't disappointed me.
Emily's been a part of our lives for over a year now.
And even when they were apart, she never really left us.
So welcome to the family, Emily.
To Daniel and Emily.
Hear, hear.
And I look forward to getting to know you better with each passing day.
Starting now, if you'll indulge me in a little chat.
How could I say no? Well, here we are That impressive ring once again on your finger, ready to spirit my son away to Europe.
Paris was Daniel's idea, Victoria.
Oh, Emily.
I was not born yesterday.
I know more than anyone just how susceptible my son can be.
We couldn't be happier.
Of course, there are certain things we need to work out.
I want two children.
Daniel's lobbying for three.
Either way, you'll make a terrific grandmother, Victoria.
And we'll put a picture up so that they can see you.
I know what a woman in love looks like, and that's not you.
Not one year ago, and not today.
I understand why you're on edge, Victoria Especially here tonight.
I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you to spend time in David Clarke's old house On the very swing that Amanda told me he built for her.
The memories of love and betrayal that must flood in.
I'll give you a moment since you so clearly need one.
- Oh, God.
- You're gonna be fine.
You just need some air to breathe.
- Charlotte.
- Hey, Charlotte.
- Move it.
- Hey, Charlotte.
What are you doing here? You wouldn't answer your phone.
I figured you'd be here.
Please don't be mad at me.
I'm not mad at you.
I'm worried.
I'm fine.
I just - Great.
She sees you, she pukes.
- Shut up.
Guys, enough.
Come on.
She's sick.
Do any body shots with your girlfriend? - Hey.
- Come on.
We gotta go.
- A photograph, miss Grayson! - Had a little too much to drink, young lady? I'm not drunk.
You're not 21 either.
She's fine.
I'm gonna take her home.
Charlotte, come on.
Charlotte Grayson, right? One of you might want to call Daddy Warbucks, - tell him his princess is being booked downtown.
- Hey! - Let go of me.
- Hey, guys, come on.
Hey, hey.
What? Are you all right? You seem a million miles away.
I fired Aiden today.
But I thought he was your insurance policy in case something went wrong.
I found out that his father was the one who put that bomb on Flight 197, a fact that he went to great lengths to conceal.
Where did you get this information? Well, his ex-employer sent me his personnel file.
- Takeda? - Yeah.
Could we have a word? Go ahead.
Yes, of course.
Well, I wanted to apologize for my reaction to the news.
I'm afraid I just couldn't mask my surprise.
- I think you mean judgment.
- Oh, silly.
So I have here a check for the funds you requested, in full.
Well, thanks very much.
We appreciate that, Dad.
Thank you so much for your support, Conrad.
You know, there is still time for you to heed your old man's advice, leave this right where it is.
I know what I'm doing.
And if you know what you're doing, you'll take Mathis off the A.
account before the foreign banks open tomorrow.
Believe me, he's not to be trusted.
How could you do this? By exposing Aiden, you've put both of us at risk.
The boy has put you at risk.
Careless, undisciplined I should never have let him come to you.
But you did let him come.
And now everything that I've been working for is in danger.
Only if you're too weak to do what needs to be done.
Have you forgotten what your enemies have stolen? It's all I think about.
You know that.
Then remember this The path you walk is for you Alone.
Even now those who destroyed your father are planning a second strike.
What are they gonna do? What they always do.
Create fear, chaos Profit.
And you're here to stop them, aren't you? Takeda, tell me what you know.
Let me help you.
Let Aiden help.
This path is mine alone.
So it's true? You're really gonna marry Daniel? I am.
What's different this time around? What do you mean? I mean, last time you were willing to break it off over one kiss.
I don't understand why you didn't talk to me about it.
I tried to tell you, Jack.
But then Amanda was there, and she was pregnant And suddenly, you had this whole new life ahead of you.
Not anymore.
Be careful of Victoria, Jack.
She manipulates whenever it serves her, and she doesn't do anything freely.
You think I don't know that? I was married to Amanda.
And you were supposed to be her best friend.
How could you agree to marry into a family that we both know ruined her life? I wish I could explain it to you.
And someday, I will.
Emily I am so tired of all the secrets and the half-truths.
It's always "someday" with you.
You should go be with your new family.
I didn't know Jack was on the guest list.
He wasn't.
God, this is such a mess.
Tell me what I missed.
Takeda told Daniel about Aiden's father.
Bad teacher.
He claims that the Initiative's plan is imminent.
Well, not as long as the Falcon's computer privileges are suspended.
Carrion can't operate without her keystrokes.
And I got that straight from the bird's mouth.
You saw her? Well, get this Patrick came a-knockin' in the early '90s.
Victoria paid him So either he's grateful for the buyout or he's furious for the double abandonment.
What else did you find? Well, the Falcon's done parroting until I solve her riddle.
She says the answers I want lie in the place that she was born if not made.
She grew up in Jersey.
I've searched everything from Sinatra to Snooki.
No love.
Charlotte just called.
- I gotta bail her out of jail.
- Jail? Yeah, some cop looking for his fifteen minutes snagged her at a club downtown.
I gotta find out what his price is.
Well, let me come with you.
No, no, I need you to hold down the fort.
I gotta get her home before my parents catch wind of this.
The last thing she needs is a lecture from those two model citizens.
I'm so sorry.
All right? I'm gonna call you from the car.
You know, sometimes he actually seems like a decent guy.
You know I'm with Aiden now.
No matter what? I think I made it clear who I'm fighting for.
That's it.
That That is the answer to the riddle.
Uh, I'll explain to you when I get back.
They want 3 grand for Charlotte's bail.
We just need to hit a few atms.
Must be real nice having all that cash ready and waiting for you.
Is that why Charlotte likes you? 'Cause I know it's not your personality.
Maybe because I'm there for her without being super judgey.
'Cause you've known her for what, five minutes? You don't know anything about her or me, for that matter.
My loss, I'm sure.
I figured out the Falcon's riddle.
The entry code is a numeric passkey.
Her high score on Street Fighter.
Well, let's just hope we haven't run out of time to use it.
Uh, yeah, about that We really need to bring Emily into the loop.
Look, I thought we agreed to keep her out of it.
Well, that was before I found out about Takeda's November Surprise on you.
It's a sub-zero world when your own sensei stabs you in the back.
I've gotta go.
Your lack of restraint has proved to be your undoing.
You're being shortsighted.
I came here to help Emily.
You failed.
Your mission is over.
My mission is over when I'm with Emily.
You let us both go, and I promise she'll never learn about your true objective.
Try to stop me, and she learns the truth tonight.
You were never gonna let us go, were you? Some paths are chosen.
Some are chosen for us.
Ohh! Aah! Uhh! Aah! You are a soldier.
Not a warrior.
Aah! This is where your path ends.
What's going on, Charlotte? Kissing girls, getting arrested That's not you.
I'm just tired of the way Mom and Dad ruin everything and everyone.
And the last thing I want is to bring someone else into this family for them to hurt.
Yeah, our other brother's better off staying far away.
I'm not talking about him.
Daniel, I'm pregnant.
We just received a startling tape that is sure to have a major impact on the New York gubernatorial campaign.
Mark has a degenerative heart condition.
His private doctor says he won't survive another term as governor.
Maybe not even survive the year My husband is peerless when it comes to skullduggery.
I confronted him with the photos, and he spins it into this.
impossible stress.
Oh, a brandy would be lovely.
Let's put our cards on the table, Jack.
I know you don't like me, and you hold me responsible for things that happened to your late wife.
But I also know that you want to destroy my husband's campaign, as do I.
And that was your aim when you brought me that photo, right? Thank you.
I've been married to that scoundrel for 26 years, and I have innumerable reasons for wanting to see him fail.
But what I don't know is why you do.
He ordered my wife's murder.
That's a serious accusation.
Do you have proof? Nothing that would hold up in court, or he'd be in jail right now.
Let me be the judge of that.
We're not talking about the Porters, are we? Okay, look, let's say somebody was able to remove this leverage you're talking about.
Is the deal back on? As it stands, Mr.
Ryan, that's a purely hypothetical question.
We never had this conversation.
Are we in? Says the man who's thirty minutes late.
The sooner we drain the Graysons' funds, the sooner I can convince Emily to leave with me.
Well, I've overwritten the Falcon's security block.
Now all I need is your admin code, Mr.
Assuming Grayson I.
hasn't pulled you off the account yet.
Decision time, mate.
You hit "enter," and that bank account zeroes out.
And the Graysons are left with nothing.
So this is why you wanted to solve the Falcon's riddle To bankrupt the Graysons.
Aiden, we're not ready for this.
On the contrary.
There's no more time to lose.
Aiden, don't! The recent revelation of Governor Stoddard's heart condition has sent shock waves throughout the state, and with New Yorkers headed to the polls in a matter of days, the news almost ensures a victory for challenger Conrad Grayson Incredible.
Two days from now, you'll be governor of New York.
as likely voters in precincts all around the state - say that their - Well, I'll drink to that.
- It's done.
- The Graysons are bankrupt.
What happened? Where did the money go? In an account so secret, not even the Falcon can find it.
Tell me you didn't use your administration code to gain access.
The Graysons will know it was you.
That makes $3,000.
Let's go get my girl.
She is not your girl, Regina.
The door's jammed.
What the hell? It's a blackout.
The whole city's out.
That's impossible.
Manhattan runs off several independent power grids.
It's started.