Revenge s02e21 Episode Script

Truth (1)

AIDEN: Previously on Revenge The evidence on that laptop could send the Graysons away for lifetimes.
You remember my fiancée.
Emily and I are re-engaged.
Porter, of course.
We have an appointment.
Be careful of Victoria, Jack.
She doesn't do anything freely.
- Conrad ordered my wife's murder.
- Do you have proof? CONRAD (ON RECORD): Let's say somebody was able to remove this leverage.
We never had this conversation.
You're fired.
Somebody is clearly trying to manipulate you against me.
- Tell me who it is.
- Someone I trust far more than you.
(BOTH GRUNT) (GROANS) What is the Initiative planning to do with Carrion? Carrion can't operate without my magic touch.
Daniel, I'm pregnant.
You hit "enter," the Graysons end up with nothing.
Aiden, don't! - It's a blackout.
EMILY: Darkness scares us.
We yearn for the comfort of light as it provides shape and form allowing us to recognize, to define what's before us.
But what is it we're afraid of, really? Not the darkness itself, but the truth we know hides within.
NOLAN: It's not just the power grids.
All the automated systems are fried.
Internet providers, cell connections, WiMax, LTE.
Even the dusty 2G networks are down.
What is going on out there? Do you have a radio that still runs on batteries? Maybe a survival kit? Sadly, my plans for the apocalypse consisted of making a list that started and ended with "call Emily.
" Wait.
I do have something solar-powered that could be of use.
No, we can't wait until sunrise, Nolan.
Actually, it's about a thousand miles above us in geocentric orbit, where it's pretty much sunny all the time.
NolSat? What do you need to set up a connection? Just a laptop with some juice.
I'm sure we got one around here somewhere.
(SIGHS) What the hell are they up to? - (VEHICLES HONKING) - (INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) Come on.
This way.
- Aren't we getting your car? - Won't do us any good.
The bridges and tunnels will be jammed.
It'll be faster to walk to Dad's campaign headquarters.
That's 15 blocks.
Why there? Because it's a secure building.
Come on.
Look, you're not gonna tell mom and dad about me being pregnant, are you? You think that's a conversation I want to be a part of? Good, because I don't even know what I'm gonna do yet.
Listen to me.
You're gonna tell Declan, and you're gonna figure it out together, all right? Now stay close.
Come on.
(DOOR OPENS) The power is out all up the coast.
Aside from a few boats, it's a wall of darkness out there.
VICTORIA: Phone's dead.
My cell as well.
I imagine yours is, too.
Towers gotta be down.
It's gotta be some kind of freak electrical event.
I suppose the upside to being so busy with Conrad's campaign is Carl's at his grandmother's for the week.
How quickly the safety of our loved ones trumps other deliberations.
For me, those things are one and the same.
That recording is far from a smoking gun.
I daresay it barely implies Conrad loaded it.
I suppose I should've expected as much from you, knowing how you felt about Amanda.
It was she who came after my family.
Not the other way around.
Given your low opinion of me, why trust me now? I could easily alert Conrad of your plans the moment the power returns.
You were in love with Amanda's father, weren't you? Yes, I was.
What if I told you that Conrad has a laptop in his possession that could prove he was responsible for everything that happened to David Clarke? I'd want to know what's on it.
Then we share a common goal.
'Cause whatever's on it, it was enough to warrant Amanda's murder.
Now I've worked for your husband for six weeks.
I've gone through your home.
But he has a safe in his office that I can't get into.
By all means.
Allow me to satisfy both our curiosities.
Damn it.
It's called PLEXIGLAS, dumbass.
What does Charlotte see in you anyway? I get the "forbidden fruit" thing, but you are particularly low hanging.
You have something over her? Yeah.
Blackmail is how I land all of my girls.
Just trying to explain the inexplicable.
- MAN: Hey, open up! - (DOOR RATTLES) Looks like your dad's getting cold.
You know, maybe if he could get it open, then you two could go hang out, and Charlotte and I wouldn't have to see your face anymore.
I'm not going anywhere.
And unfortunately, neither are you.
I appreciate your willingness to soldier on, folks.
I do, but it's important that you make sure that your loved ones are safe.
So please be careful out there, and we'll see you all just as soon as the power returns.
Okay? Thank you.
Did you manage to find cell service? No, just leaving myself a voice message for my closing speech.
Assuming the power's back on in time for the election.
I see you don't share my confidence in the public service commission.
- Too many years a Manhattanite.
- (CHUCKLES) The chopper's fueled up and ready to go? Yep.
Just down the street, high atop Grayson Global.
You still planning your upstate barn burn in the morning regardless of the power? No.
No, no.
The only place that chopper is taking me tomorrow morning is home to retrieve my wife.
I want her by my side these next 24 hours.
Until then, I'm gonna retire to my suite for a little power nap.
WOMAN REPORTER: All five New York City boroughs and additional outlying areas have been completely powerless for going on five hours.
Thus far, authorities are at a loss to explain how multiple power grids in addition to numerous communications networks could have all failed at once NOLAN: Carrion.
But I thought the only person with the ability to activate the program was the Falcon.
How could she do that if she's behind bars? EMILY: She didn't have to.
You did it for her.
(SIGHS) Emily's right.
The Falcon must have altered Carrion so that when we hacked the Amanda Clarke Foundation - It triggered the chain reaction.
- And she made sure that you used Aiden's administration code to set everything in motion.
- Everything that we did to prevent this - Will now prove that I caused it.
And we don't even know what they're going to do while the lights are out.
This could be catastrophic.
- Aiden, you need to go dark.
- No, I can take care of this No, you listen to me.
I have been through this before.
I'm not gonna sit back and watch the Initiative turn you into their next David Clarke.
VICTORIA: Careful where you step, Jack.
It's behind the desk there.
I'm not sure this safe is big enough for a computer.
(SAFE BEEPS) Maybe we should keep this in hand.
If my husband's as diabolical as you seem to think he is, there's no telling what he would do if he caught us here.
It's not here.
Another dead end.
What's this? Conrad kept a file on my wife? No, I did.
For all the reasons I told you.
I don't need it anymore.
If you want to keep it, please do.
You might find it illuminating.
Jack, I'd like to ask Ashley about this mysterious laptop.
Ashley doesn't know where it is.
I just mean, I don't think that she would sit on something like that, not if she knew what it was.
- Shall we continue the search? - I don't have time.
The recording's gonna have to be enough.
You're going to turn it over to the police? To the press.
If my short career in politics taught me anything, it's that people will listen to anyone with a microphone.
I wouldn't miss Conrad's speech this afternoon.
Is there any way to make it seem like the Amanda Clarke account was hijacked by anyone other than Aiden? Yeah, in theory, sure.
But we accessed everything through the company mainframe, which I can't touch as long as the Grayson servers are offline.
And by the time they're back up, the authorities will already be after him.
But I can sat-link Carrion to track the investigation.
That's the way we'll know when the feds are on his tail.
Okay, so do it.
What happens when Aiden disappears? What does that mean for you? I can't think about that right now.
The hell? - (SIGHS) - (SCREECHING) Falcon reprogrammed Carrion to reject my prompts.
What does this mean? Just that it's gonna be a while before Carrion likes daddy more than he likes mommy.
More immediately, it means that Aiden is running out of time.
(SIGHS) I have to find Takeda.
I think he knows what the Initiative is up to.
(STUTTERS) Ems, wait.
Look, I can run Carrion diagnostic on auto.
I I don't think you should be out there alone.
(CHUCKLES) - Feel like putting on a show? - MAN: Charlotte, over here.
- Hey, is your phone online? - What are you doing? My God.
You downloaded that thing to your phone? That wasn't a publicity stunt at all, was it? You really like her.
Whatever, pervert.
Stop looking for a threesome.
That's why you wanted me out of the picture from the start.
You can't stand it that she loves me, because why wouldn't she want a rich, damaged party girl instead? God, seriously.
Shut up.
Does Charlotte know how you feel? I don't know.
Maybe it would be easier coming from me.
You know, the low-hanging fruit.
You say anything to her, and You'll what? What are you gonna do? (HUFFS) (GRUNTS) We are back, people.
Let's recall the ground troops.
There is a sight for sore eyes.
Haven't I always said, my children can light up a room? How are you two? Where have you been? Walking for the last three hours.
I swear, I can hardly stand any longer.
Then don't, okay? Here.
Take my key.
There you are.
Would you please show Charlotte to my suite upstairs and find her a change of clothes? - Sure.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Take it easy, all right? - Right this way.
Where's Emily? I don't know.
Phone's not working.
I haven't been able to reach her.
I gotta get back to the office.
I'll try her from there.
Daniel, I would steer clear of Grayson Global today if I were you.
You think this is the Initiative, don't you? Just take it from someone who knows it's better to err on the side of caution.
Advice from your mother and me that you should've followed from the beginning, by the way.
Listen, I have a feeling that they just targeted a slew of critical infrastructures.
And if that's the case, you can expect investors to be terrified that their money isn't safe.
I mean, they could be marching up from Wall Street with torches and pitchforks - before this is over.
- All the more reason to make sure the evidence points back to Aiden Mathis and not me.
No, listen, son, if you were the Initiative's patsy, we'd know by now, all right? MAN: Mr.
Grayson, your helicopter is waiting.
And I'm off to pick up your mother.
This time, heed my advice, will you? Shut down the office.
Send the employees home.
Get yourself back here in front of the cameras with your family where you belong.
I believe it was Yogi Berra who once said, "This is like déjà vu all over again.
" Your glibness never ceases to chill me to the bone.
Have you not given a moment's thought to your children? Neither came home last night.
They are both safe and sound at campaign headquarters.
And I brought the chopper to personally escort you to town for a camera-ready reunion.
You seem awfully confident that this election's going to turn in your favor.
It already has, thanks to you, in part.
You may not have driven the final nail in my opponent's coffin, but by recording your conversation with the governor's wife about his tragic heart condition, you deftly made the public aware of his imminent need of one.
I wouldn't expect any concession calls just yet.
Jack Porter knows what happened on the Amanda.
And he's determined to find the computer that led to Amanda's death.
That's why he joined your campaign.
Luckily for all of us, the computer he seeks is currently deteriorating somewhere on the ocean floor.
Jack said he was in possession of it up until the funeral.
He's convinced that you stole it back.
(SIGHS) No, it wasn't me.
Trask, perhaps? Whatever the answer, he's going to sabotage your with a recording of you and Nate Ryan.
Apparently, you are very eager to preserve my chances of victory, my dear.
I think you'll make a fine governor.
You think I'll make a fine resident of Albany.
For starters, I'll simply instruct Ashley to make sure that he's barred from the gates this afternoon.
She's in it with him, you fool.
My poor Conrad.
Yet another female conquest hell-bent on your destruction.
It's like déjà vu all over again.
(EXHALES) Takeda? NOLAN: Oh, my God.
(BOTH PANTING) Don't touch him.
Who was David Clarke? My father.
And how much did he mean to you? Everything.
He meant everything to me.
He was a bad man.
(WHISPERS) Shut up.
He didn't do anything wrong.
Because of him, many people died.
So did he! (GRUNTS) - Good.
- (STRAINS) - I need that anger and confidence.
- (PANTS) You will learn to balance it with patience and observation.
I just want people to pay.
There are two paths to revenge.
One is failure.
The other will set you free at your journey's end.
And you're the guy who's gonna show me the way.
(INHALES DEEPLY) Whoever did this must have gained Takeda's trust.
Someone from the Initiative? This katana would've sliced through his shirt cleanly.
Not in a jagged pattern like that.
It's the only blade here.
The killer took the other weapon.
Whoever did this moved his body.
Why? Respect.
It was a fair fight.
They were evenly matched.
(SIGHS) (HUFFS) Takeda's Infinity Box? Who is this woman? I have no idea.
NOLAN: Do you think this could be Takeda's killer? EMILY: (WHISPERS) I don't know.
But if he is, he's probably cleaning house, which means that Aiden could be next.
(EXHALES) Or you.
DECLAN: Charlotte.
Thank God.
I went to the police.
They said Daniel bailed you out after the blackout.
So I came here.
I figured you'd be here or across the street or You shouldn't be here, Declan.
Why? What happened to you? I told her everything.
How you freaked out and shoved me to the street when I said you weren't good enough for her.
You (STUTTERS) You told her that I did that to you? You're completely psychotic.
Look at his hand.
- Look, Charlotte.
- God.
I - I told you.
- This is I got this trying to bust out of the ATM vestibule that we were in.
That must have been when he stole the bail money.
What are you talking about? I didn't steal a thing from you.
Check his pockets.
No, you know what? Oh, my God.
- Can we get some help here, please? - She is lying.
- I'll take that.
- I didn't take any - Thank you.
- We got a problem, young man? No, there's no problem.
She's Yeah, all right.
Let's go.
DECLAN: She's lying! MAN ON TV: Fears of Wall Street tumbling when the market reopens tomorrow have authorities scrambling to understand exactly what happened when the lights went out and how our infrastructure could be so vulnerable.
- People will be asking themselves - Mr.
Tell me you're the guy who's gonna get our mainframe back online.
- That would be the idea, yes.
- How long are we talking here? We're looking at a full reboot starting with a comprehensive diagnostic, - so I'd say several hours at least.
- Several? Okay.
As soon as the servers are up, I want confirmation of data security.
- You understand? - You got it, boss.
All right.
And we have to ask ourselves, will there be a way Inside.
To restore the confidence, or will we lose faith? Unconfirmed reports now emerging that this was a coordinated cyber-attack, originating from servers in Tunisia and Bahrain.
The question now is by whom If memory serves, those are the very same countries where Mr.
Mathis acquired companies on your behalf.
I guess you can understand that I'm a little busy making sure the authorities find a clear record of Aiden's dealings with those people.
Aren't you glad that we took the necessary measures to protect ourselves? It's too bad you didn't apply the same prophylactic instincts when it comes to Emily Thorne.
It's funny how everything suddenly comes clear, knowing she's with child.
I (STUTTERS) I don't know who's feeding you this intel, but suffice to say, Mother, it's corrupted.
I found the test in your garbage, Daniel.
Now I understand the reason - for this shotgun wedding.
- All right.
Allow me to speak from personal experience.
If she's withholding at this early stage, your marriage doesn't stand a chance.
Listen, Emily isn't pregnant.
The test wasn't hers.
Do you understand? Oh, dear God.
Conrad, the press have been hounding me about moving your speech up to 3:00.
The staff are prepared to accommodate them.
The simple answer is no.
We announced the speech would be at 4:00, and that is exactly the time I'm gonna be delivering it.
I'll let everyone know.
Yeah, with the possible exception of Jack Porter.
Why? Without Jack's contributions, you wouldn't be where you are now in the polls.
Yeah, let's just say that I have reason to suspect that we'll be better off in the home stretch without him.
And you know, there's no point in drawing any attention to his absence.
Just let security know that he's not allowed on-site at any time, for any reason.
Also, I do trust that you won't mention anything to him directly.
Of course not.
What the hell were you doing in Japan, Amanda? (DOOR CLOSES) Thank God you're okay.
What happened? Takeda was murdered.
I'm sorry.
Do you know this man? Somebody who works for the Initiative? I found a bunch of surveillance photos in Takeda's loft.
I think that he was Takeda's next target and probably his killer.
I want to find him, Aiden, and I want to find him now.
Or we could just end this.
Just leave it all behind.
What? Come away with me.
We could disappear together.
(BREATHING DEEPLY) You killed him.
- Emily, let me explain! - Explain what, why you murdered the only man who ever believed in us, or why you lied about it? (BOTH GRUNT) Takeda was coming after me, not the other way around, when I told him I was gonna take you away from all of this.
That wasn't your decision to make.
I was gonna finish what I started with or without you.
No, you weren't, because Takeda was never gonna let you finish.
What the hell are you talking about? We were not the only ones affected by Flight 197.
Takeda's fiancée was on that plane when it went down.
That's impossible.
I know that flight manifest inside and out.
You think I didn't investigate all 246 people on that plane? There were 247 people on that plane.
Mai Aoki.
She was a 24-year-old flight attendant.
She took the jump seat on a deadhead to New York.
The jump seat was never recorded.
You have to believe me.
Takeda trained you as a soldier for his war, not yours.
And when I threatened to expose him, he made it very clear that only one of us was gonna get out of that room alive.
I swear.
No, I don't believe you.
I don't believe you.
If you knew all that time that Takeda had a separate agenda, why wait until now to tell me? Because I knew how much he meant to you.
I knew how much you felt you owed him.
I felt that you would've felt obliged to have taken his mantle on as your own.
- I kept this secret from you - No.
Because I love you.
(CELL PHONE CHIMES) Look, just ignore him this once, please.
Daniel, hi.
DANIEL: Ems, hey.
Daniel, can you hear me? Yeah, you're breaking up.
I can't hear you.
- I've been at Grayson Global all day.
- Hello? I've just been dealing with this IT guy who's trying to get the servers up and running.
- Can you Can we meet later? - Daniel? Em? Hello? Damn it.
Where Where are you going? To stop Daniel from implicating you in all of this.
Look, I did whatever I did because I thought it was best for you.
All I ever needed from you was the truth.
Please don't run away.
I'm not running, Aiden.
(SIGHS) But I think it's time that you did.
(PHONE RINGING) - Hello? - CONRAD: Daniel.
You know, I thought we agreed you'd shut down the office and get yourself back here.
No one's here but the IT guy.
As soon as the servers are up, I'm turning Mathis in to the authorities.
Look, the feds can catch on without any assistance from you.
The more attention you draw, the more you risk implicating your own involvement.
(ELEVATOR DINGS) If I can't appeal to your sense of self-preservation, perhaps I can appeal to your sense of duty to this family.
I need you by my side during my closing speech this afternoon, - 4:00 sharp.
- Yeah, yeah, fine.
I'll be there.
I'll be there.
How are you? - I'm good.
How are you? - Oh.
My dad wants me at his final campaign speech.
But I'm not going.
There's far more pressing business here.
Well, what's going on? Where are all your employees? I sent them all home.
You remember how I told you that the Initiative was planning something? Yeah.
I think they're behind whatever's going on.
Why? They're reporting the cyber-attack originated in Bahrain and Tunisia.
Exactly the same places where Helen Crowley had us buying up companies.
Aiden made those transactions, didn't he? You have that on record.
Assuming they haven't been destroyed or altered.
I can't be sure until the mainframe's back up and running.
For all I know, Mathis was patsying me this whole time.
- (KNOCK ON DOOR) - Your system's down for the count, my friend.
You can't be serious.
Unfortunately, the processor cords were fried in the power surge.
So I need to replace both of them, which could take another 24 hours.
(EXHALES) All right.
I'll let you know as soon as the cords get in.
All right.
I guess this means I'll be at my father's side after all.
You mind joining me? I want to be wherever you are.
DANIEL: All right.
I'm gonna make a final sweep of the office.
Meet me across the street.
4:00, okay? Yeah, I'll see you there.
- I love you.
We found a man trying to sneak in the back entrance.
He says his name's Porter.
What can I do for you? I need to see Charlotte.
He's fine.
- Thanks.
- That's all right.
You can show your gratitude at the polls.
I mean, you are old enough to vote, aren't you? It seems that Declan is old enough to participate in a variety of adult activities.
Charlotte's gone for a walk to clear her head.
Shall we? I've always fancied us as having a healthy respect for one another.
I'd say we've had our ups and downs.
A respect born of the fact that you've understood your rightful place in this family in that you don't have one.
So imagine my confusion when you have the audacity to show up here after everything you've done.
That's what I want to talk to Charlotte about.
This new friend of hers, Regina, I don't know how she got those bruises, but I would never do something like that.
It's just that Charlotte believes everything she says, like she cast some kind of spell on her.
It isn't a spell, Declan.
She's pregnant.
She's what? I see she hasn't told you.
And for good reason.
There's gotta There's gotta be a mistake.
There is, and I am done looking at it.
Stay the hell away from my daughter, or your ability to procreate will be nothing but a distant memory.
It seems the Porter boys are causing this family nothing but grief of late.
- What was that about? - Nothing.
I took care of it.
So I trust that you've managed to find a way to stop Jack from sharing your transgressions with the masses.
No, our transgressions, dear, and yes.
I mean, if you think I'd allow him to commandeer the podium, you've sorely underestimated me.
It's a habit of mine.
A habit you'd be wise to break.
(SIGHS) (MESSAGE BEEPS) (INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) NOLAN: Aiden? What are you doing here? Where's Ems? She's at Grayson Global with Daniel to ascertain when the servers are gonna come back online.
- I'll be ready when they are.
- Don't bother.
It's time to accept the consequences for what I've set in motion.
Not if we can figure out who's really responsible for all this.
If I can I.
Takeda's killer, then maybe we can take the spotlight off you.
That man didn't kill Takeda, Nolan.
I did.
- Now I know that you don't understand, - (GASPS) But trust me when I tell you, I did it for Emily.
Give her this for me.
I was such a fool, thinking Emily would walk away from her revenge, especially for love.
If she did it once, she's capable of doing it again.
What do you mean, if she did it once? I assumed that you knew.
After everything that happened last year, she immediately left for Japan.
I There was too much collateral damage.
Everything was going off the rails.
She had to walk away.
I'm I'm getting the whole "walking away" thing, Nolan.
What I'm not getting is for whom.
Jack Porter.
I guess I wasn't the only one harboring secrets.
I'm sorry.
You've been an unexpected friend.
Thank you.
What? Why are you looking at me like that? Nothing.
It's just, Declan just freaking out like that, stealing your money.
It doesn't sound like him.
Yeah, yet another example of people showing their true colors under pressure.
You don't need him to raise the baby.
We could do it together.
(CELL PHONE CHIMES) Hello? Charlotte, would you please just listen to me? I swear to you, I never laid a finger on Regina.
She faked those bruises, and I didn't take any money either.
She must have planted it on me.
And why would she do that? Because she's in love with you or obsessed or I Just listen to me.
Check her phone.
She's got that internet video of you two kissing downloaded like some stalker.
But you know what? I don't even know why I'm talking about that.
You Your mother told me about the baby.
My mother? You know what? I think it's great.
I just want to see you.
I mean, if you would just tell security to let me in to the press conference I'm not even there right now.
- I'm - Are you with Regina? No.
No, no, no.
I'm I'm with Daniel.
- We're - Hello? Did you download that Trendist video of us onto your phone? No.
Did Declan just tell you that? He's a total liar and a thief.
Let me see your phone.
Good-bye, Regina.
MAN ON TV: Yet while New Yorkers continue to struggle with the lingering effects of the cyber-attack, the state election board has yet to decide if tomorrow's gubernatorial election will go on as planned.
There are concerns EMILY: Nolan, I saw him.
The man Takeda was tracking was just at Grayson Global posing as IT.
I take it you haven't found a match.
What? Ems, Aiden was just here.
He told me he killed Takeda.
He wanted me to give this to you.
What is it? EMILY: Her name is Mai Aoki.
Apparently she was Takeda's fiancée.
She died on Flight 197, too.
Takeda had his own revegenda? Yeah, and Aiden knew the whole time.
He lied to me.
Or, he just wanted you to see that there is more to life than revenge.
Just like your father.
Jack, where are you? I'm downtown.
You remember the computer Amanda used to blackmail Conrad with? Yeah, why? I'm about to get my hands on it.
I need your help to crack the password.
No, no, Jack, slow your roll.
Where are you getting it from? I'm picking it up from Grayson Global in a few minutes.
I'm gonna bring that bastard down once and for We lost him.
What is he talking about? I threw that computer in the ocean myself.
- (COMPUTER BEEPS) - Ems, we got a match.
EMILY: Gregor Hoffman.
Three tours with German special forces.
Suspected of killing a diplomat outside a U.
Embassy in North Africa.
He is an assassin.
Hoffman wasn't at Grayson Global to fix their servers.
He was only there to gain access.
Yeah, and Jack's walking into a trap.
- Nolan, come on.
- Wait, wait, wait.
I've got bars.
- We've gotta keep moving.
- No, I can't! I'll lose the signal! Just keep trying! (AUDIENCE CHEER) There are bonds in this world that cannot be severed.
And the bonds forged in the fires of hardship - are as strong as the bonds of blood.
- (CAMERAS CLICKING) We New Yorkers are family.
Today I am proud to stand amongst you in the midst of what appears to be a cowardly cyber-attack.
An attack meant to throw our lives into chaos and to make us shrink with fear.
But shrink we will not.
Because we're New Yorkers.
Because we press on.
Because we persevere.
- And we will rise above this.
- (DIALING) Come on.
Pick up.
This is Jack.
Leave a message.
- Voice mail.
- (BEEPS) All right, Jack, do not go into Grayson Global.
You You are being set up.
Get out of there.
(SIGHS) (DINGS) (CELL PHONE CHIMES) Whichever candidate you support, it is more important than ever that we exercise our civil duty.
There is still plenty of time to go out and convince your friend, your neighbor, your family to bravely venture into this storm of uncertainty and elect your next governor.
And I implore you to make sure that - your voice is heard in this election.
- (MESSAGE BEEPS) Because it's not just a vote.
It's an act of courage.
It's an act of defiance in the face of those who seek to destroy our way of life.
A sovereign responsibility to take control of our own destiny.
So let's send them a message that we are in control.
"Long live David Clarke"? - (EXPLOSION) - (ALL SCREAM) (PANTING) Jack.