Revenge of Others (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Hey, hold on a second.
Did I scare you?
I didn't mean to.
-Oh. No, it's okay. I'm good.
What are you doing here anyway?
You know, just
-What about you?
I was reminded of this place
all of a sudden so I stopped by.
You know, before the break
There was a kid
that committed suicide here.
He jumped off.
I was in the same class as him.
do you mean you were reminded
of this place?
I thought of him today.
I wasn't close to him.
Park Wonseok.
But I saw him fall off
and I called the cops.
I wonder why Park Wonseok
jumped from there
What drove him to kill himself?
Is there really nothing
after death?
Those questions
just came to mind all of sudden.
By the way, the sports teams
aren't even in session right now.
-What are you doing ditching class?
-Well, what about you?
Weren't you already missing
from school for a few days?
-I thought you had dropped out of school.
-Why would I do that?
A senior ditching school for a week
for no reason?
Isn't that the same as dropping out?
I missed Lunch.
That's why
I couldn't keep ditching anymore.
Are you serious?
You came back to school
just to have lunch?
This is Lunch.
Granted, I'm the only one
that calls him Lunch since I named him.
Seems like he was pretty hungry.
I don't show up again
for the next couple of days,
could you take care of him for me?
Time to have lunch.
How did you end up reporting
-Wonseok's death to the police that day?
I had been feeding Lunch over there,
then I heard a thud.
So I went over
and saw Park Wonseok lying over there.
-Are you gonna play basketball?
-Yo, Ji Sooheon!
-You gotta be kidding me.
-What happened to you?
Seriously, you just show up for lunch
after being absent for a week?
So you're telling me you only come
to school for lunch, huh?
You don't deserve this pineapple.
What's wrong with you?
You know you missed
the practice test, right?
I got a copy of the test for you,
so come by later to get them from me.
Oh, thanks.
Now, spill.
What were you doing this the past week?
I just had this sudden urge to go
and see the sunrise at the East Sea.
So I did.
You're crazy.
I was riding my bike down the beach,
watching the sun rise in the horizon.
How could I make myself care
about standardized tests?
You're a madman, truly a madman.
-Hey, sit.
-I'm off, enjoy your food.
-I'm leaving.
-Let's eat.
Kick it, kick.
One more time.
-Come on, come on.
-Let's go!
Seriously, he sucks. He sucks ass.
Hey, take a look, here.
I told you guys, didn't I?
Brain tumor?
Yes, and it's a very dangerous one.
Will I die at a young age?
How long do I have left?
Six months.
Or it could even be a year.
There's still a possibility
that the tumor will stay in this state.
I just decided to pretend not to know.
I didn't hear anything
at the hospital that day.
Ugh, what's with that stare of hers?
It looks like
you're going to eat me alive.
Seonha! Min Seonha!
Ugh, shit!
What? You have something to say?
Come on!
What's wrong with him?
-Let's go.
Shit, fuck off!
How the hell did Sa Junggyeong
manage to get back into school?
Do you know what's going on?
The girl was in the photography club
with Sa Junggyeong, that bastard.
Fuck, don't snitch on me!
That girl is a junior.
Last semester,
that bastard Sa Junggyeong
Junggyeong, I'm sorry, please.
sexually assaulted her
in the dark room.
What a piece of trash.
Shouldn't he be locked up by now?
If I remember correctly,
I think the police couldn't find
enough evidence. It just ended after that.
What a joke.
The school disciplinary committee
still found him guilty of verbal abuse,
so he was supposed to be suspended
and transferred to another school.
How the hell did he come back?
No, it isn't me.
Hey, shit, let me go.
-Come on, give it to me.
Hey, shit, what the
-You think you can take me?
-What the
Look here
-What the hell
-Who the hell is she?
What are you doing?
Aren't you gonna leave?
This school feels like
a totally different place.
I think I left my wallet somewhere.
I don't think I brought it
to the cafeteria, did I?
-Seriously, this school feels off.
-Oh shoot, try looking for it again.
Now that Park Wonseok's gone,
you're the top dog, aren't you?
He was pretty tough, huh?
Fuck off. You're embarrassing me.
Do you really think I'd feel good
about Park Wonseok dying?
I should've beat him up
while he was alive.
-That's what I regret the most.
Man, it's a shame
that bastard is dead, right?
Don't you have any respect?
Is that how you talk about the dead?
I knew I didn't like you.
Who do you think you are?
It's my mouth, so I can say what I want.
What's with all your bullshit?
If you're going to talk shit,
then just shut the fuck up.
You low life piece of shit.
Everyone always has something
to say before getting beat to a pulp.
You're so scary.
-Stop it.
She's right. That's not how
you speak about the dead.
Why don't you just fuck off
since you couldn't even graduate?
You think your father's money
will keep you safe, don't you?
Come with me. You're dead.
Sa Junggyeong!
This isn't what you agreed to back
when we were in the principal's office.
Just stop it.
Ugh, I'm sorry.
Fuck you.
Sorry, guys, just carry on
with your bullshit.
This white area
you see is the tumor.
If the tumor wasn't in the frontal lobe,
surgery would have been possible
even if it were bigger.
Ji Sooheon, in your case,
there's a chance the surgery
could result in respiratory paralysis.
Or you might experience
cerebral palsy after the surgery.
That's why I told you a surgery
isn't an option.
what should I do?
You must delay the growth with medication.
It will also alleviate the pain.
Have you had any other symptoms recently?
What other symptoms are there?
You might experience some changes
in your personality.
Changes in personality?
You might experience some changes
in personality or behavior
that you've never exhibited before.
You might become overly timid
or extremely violent.
Depression or manic symptoms
may occur as well.
The most important thing
is to remain calm.
I know it's not an easy thing for you,
but you must do your best to try.
This medication will last a month.
Take it with meals.
-How are you doing, Mr. Principal?
-Thank you for your hard work.
-Coach, this is Seok Jaebum.
I see. It's nice to meet you.
Thanks for letting him in here, Coach Oh.
Not a problem at all, Mr. Principal.
I hope this can be beneficial for him.
I'm certain that watching
the shooting practice
will definitely help Jaebum recover
part of his memory.
Jaebum, your mother made
a smart decision, don't you think?
Hey, Chanmi!
Ok Chanmi?
She's our pistol shooter
in the 25m competition.
Ah, I think a pistol
would be the best choice for Jaebum
to get acclimated to shooting.
I see.
Chanmi, you'll be helping him out.
You'll be his coach from now on.
Help Jaebum start off with the basics,
so that he can get used to shooting.
-Ah, okay
-I'm looking forward to working with you.
Seok Jaebum, stretch your arms straight.
Maintain your posture.
Lower your arm.
Keep your eyes on the target.
Raise your gun.
Raise your gun.
Relax your shoulder.
Extend your arm straight.
Tilt your chin downward.
Maintain your posture.
Keep your eyes on the target.
Hey, Seok Jaebum.
Focus! Eyes on the target!
I said focus!
Keep it up.
-Excuse me.
Hong Ajung, it's been a while.
Ji Sooheon, I heard you ditched classes
for a week? To visit the East Sea?
Well, you know,
I just went off-grid is all.
Manager Hwang must have gone
crazy tracking Hong Ajung's phone
when he realized
that she was at the East Sea.
That's hilarious.
He must have gone insane
since he couldn't catch me.
-Did that bastard ever call you?
-Only once.
Hey, you know what though?
He was totally panicking
when I answered his call.
Like, who is this?
When I told him that I was your boyfriend,
he cussed me out and hung up.
That's crazy.
By the way, do you know
whose number this is? I got 10 messages.
This is Hong Ajung's
cell phone number, right?
I'm Ok Chanmi,
a new transfer student to class 3.
Class 3?
Ji Sooheon,
isn't that the class you're in?
Who's Ok Chanmi?
I know you don't know me,
but I need to ask you something
about Park Wonseok.
Can you please call me back?
Please contact me.
Ok Chanmi?
Isn't that the girl on the shooting team
who transferred from Busan?
Who is she?
Why does she want to talk to you
about Park Wonseok?
You know, before the break
There was a kid
that committed suicide here.
He jumped off.
I was in the same class as him.
What do you mean
you were reminded of this place?
So she knows about Park Wonseok.
What's wrong?
-It looks like you know something.
-Huh? What do you mean?
Hey, I gave you your phone back.
Gotta go. See ya.
Thanks, Sooheon!
Ah, what should I do about Ok Chanmi?
Should I just ignore?
Hey, Ok Chanmi.
Jaebum is not trying to become
a pro athlete.
He's just doing this
as a part of his therapy.
Whether it's for therapy
or becoming a pro,
isn't it all the same
if he's still shooting a gun?
He had an accident a year ago.
After that, he was in a coma
for six months.
It's a miracle that even he woke up.
It's also a part of his therapy for him
to return as a senior.
Ah Is that so?
He had a head trauma
that caused memory loss.
His memory was fully wiped out.
He doesn't remember his teacher
or his friends.
So don't be too hard on him.
Don't say it like that.
I wasn't too hard on him.
-Hey, Jaebum!
Did I train you too hard?
No? It was fine.
You should have told me.
I thought you were a typical rich guy
who doesn't have good grades,
who's trying to get into college
by being a part of the shooting team.
You know, the despicable type.
He's not actually your friend.
Jaebum is a year older than us
We have another member
on the shooting team
who also couldn't graduate last year,
just like him.
We're all pretty casual with him too.
-But Jaebum is not just anyone
Thank you for your time today.
I mean
can you
teach me again next time?
All right.
Brace yourself though.
I'm gonna push you to your limit.
All right.
Mother, I'm heading home now.
Sir, can you slow down a bit, please?
Ok Chanmi!
Ok Chanmi!
Ok Chanmi!
Oh? Hello.
Damn, you really are the young master
of a rich household, aren't you?
-Do you ride that bike to school as well?
Oh, I see.
-What's up? Do you have something to say?
You stopped your car and everything.
I don't think I thanked you today.
You did though. You said thanks earlier.
I guess I'm really thankful.
Can I have your phone number?
-My number is 010
Jesus Christ!
Is your thing scaring people or something?
Oh, no, it's me.
I guess I'm just easily spooked.
Anyway, what's up?
I have something to ask.
How do you know Park Wonseok?
In the science room,
when I was talking about him,
you didn't tell me that you knew him.
Did you hear that from Hong Ajung
or are you still holding onto her phone?
I asked you first.
How do you know Park Wonseok?
I've known him for a while.
From the shooting club, you know.
I'm a pro and he's an amateur.
Do you get it?
What do you want to know?
Isn't his life tragic?
It's just so sad.
I just wanted to know why it happened.
A week ago, at school,
when you dialed Hong Ajung's number,
you saw I answered with her phone, right?
You called and didn't say anything
because I answered.
That's correct.
Don't you think it's weird to pretend
like you didn't know about it?
When did I pretend to not know about it?
What's weirder is that you have
Hong Ajung's phone number,
even though she doesn't even go
to our school anymore.
There's a reason why
-I was holding onto her phone.
-And what reason is that?
I can't tell you all the details.
Look, it's not like I stole her phone.
Hong Ajung asked me to hold
onto it for her.
Just don't take it the wrong way.
Well, I guess I can clear things up
with Hong Ajung herself
when I ask her about it in person.
If you're done, I'm leaving.
Hey, Ji Sooheon.
I forgot to ask you something.
Can you tell Hong Ajung that
I really want to meet her
in person to talk.
I'll be on my way then.
Rock, scissors, paper!
All right, let's analyze
numbers one and three.
This classic poem is always
on the standardized test,
without fail.
"The Poem of the Fisherman's History"
was covered
on the practice test last year.
The fog is fading away.
The sun is rising behind in the mountain.
See, the fog here
Interacts with this and that over there.
I mean, by going here and there
"Uhsawa" means
I'm sure you're all familiar
with how developed onomatopoeia
is in Korea.
This is one of those examples
Excuse me, teacher?
Ji Sooheon?
Ji Sooheon?
Ji Sooheon.
Are you here?
Hey, Ji Sooheon!
Open the door, Ji Sooheon!
Ji Sooheon!
What are you doing in there?
What's going on?
What the hell is this?
Lift me up. I'll take a look from above.
There's a girl bleeding inside!
Wake up, hey!
Isn't this the girl
from the cafeteria yesterday?
The one from the photography club?
Hey, what's wrong with her stare?
I'm at Yongtan High School.
Please send an ambulance right away!
Seonha, what the hell is going on?
Teacher, please let me go!
Everyone, go back.
Go back inside now.
Do you think she's dead?
-I heard people don't die that easily.
-Come on, let's go.
Fuck Min Seonha, that crazy ass bitch.
Cutting her wrists and shit.
I'm going inside.
Sa Junggyeong!
Get your shit together!
Don't be scared and hold your head high.
Just be yourself.
You'll become lame once you show people
that you're scared.
Are you okay?
-You must be in shock.
Isn't that the girl who made a fuss
at the station last time?
I didn't realize it
until you just mentioned it, but yeah.
She's the twin sister
from that suicide case.
So I guess that means
she transferred from Busan.
Detective, the boy next to her
is the one who found the suicide victim
and reported it to us.
So should we go ask some questions
regarding today's incident?
Let's do it later.
-Have you calmed down a bit?
-Yeah, I'm okay.
-Ji Sooheon, are you feeling okay as well?
-Yes, I'm fine.
The detectives are waiting for you guys.
Mr. Ji, do you remember me?
I met you
during Park Wonseok's investigation.
Do you personally know Min Seonha,
the girl who cut herself today?
No, I don't.
Did you transfer from Busan?
So that would mean
you don't know her very well, correct?
I don't know Min Seonha at all.
Was Ji Sooheon the one to report
the incident
to 119 just like the last time?
No, I did.
I went to the restroom
because I suddenly felt nauseous.
I went there to check on Ji Sooheon
because he didn't return from the restroom
after being in there
for more than 10 minutes.
I didn't expect Ok Chanmi to barge
into the men's restroom like that.
Well, I was worried about him.
He didn't look too good.
I'm not sure why she followed me there.
She was knocking on the stall,
calling my name.
There was blood on the tiles flowing
from behind the stall.
I thought it was Ji Sooheon's.
Ok Chanmi discovered her first
by peeking over the restroom stall door.
Ji Sooheon tore off his shirt
to stop the bleeding.
I see.
Roger that. Thank you.
We just heard word that Min Seonha
has regained consciousness.
Mr. Ji, you did a great job today.
That's good news.
It seems Min Seonha
has regained consciousness.
Ah, that's great to hear.
Did you and Ok Chanmi bond
because of Park Wonseok?
Excuse me?
You're the one who discovered
Park Wonseok's body then reported it.
Though you weren't able
to save him like you did today.
Um, I'm not sure
what you're talking about.
I didn't tell him.
If he knew that I was
Park Wonseok's twin sister,
I assumed he wouldn't even tell me
the truth.
Even if I were just trying
to ask about my brother.
Also, the other students
could have kept a distance from me.
I'd be grateful
if you could keep this a secret.
That's not a problem,
but if that's the reason you transferred
to this school, it will be a problem.
Excuse me?
If you still think
your brother was murdered,
and if you're here to find his murderer,
that's going to be a problem.
Why will it be a problem?
Isn't the fact that the police
didn't even bother to properly investigate
and resolve the case the bigger problem?
There was no evidence or reasonable
substantiation for his murder.
I will get down to the bottom of this.
No matter what.
I'll find the culprit.
Don't become too obsessed
with your brother's death.
Once you fall into a swamp,
it's hard to get out of it.
You're an athlete, focus on your sport.
Do you have anything else to ask me?
What did the male detective ask you?
What did he ask?
He just wanted to know how I found her.
Didn't you get the same question?
Well, yeah.
Did he ask you anything else?
What do you mean by anything else?
Did the female detective
ask you something else?
Not really.
By the way,
why did you come into the men's restroom?
What did you tell them about that?
I told her that I didn't even realize
I had followed you in there
because I was so overwhelmed
by my feelings for you.
I hate this girl.
Totally insane.
Hey! You just cussed me out, didn't you?
Of course, I would!
You really are a shooter, aren't you?
I'm gonna mess you up.
-Please calm down, Mr. Min.
-Mr. Principal!
Mr. Principal, can I have a minute?
Leave me alone!
Mr. Principal, please answer me! Please!
Why did my girl have to
cut her own wrist?
What could my daughter possibly have done
to think about killing herself!?
-What's going on?
-Mr. Min.
Was the bastard that raped
my daughter let off easily
because his rich family paid
a few hundred thousand won?
While my daughter
suffers forever because of it?
Tell me how you could have
allowed Seonha to try and kill herself!
It's all because you let
that bastard come back to school!
Please, Mr. Min, please calm down.
I just can't bear it.
I'm so mad that I might kill myself too.
Where's that bastard?
Bring him here! I want to kill
that bastard with my own hands!
What did my girl do wrong?
Why should she die?
Huh. I've never seen her before.
Think harder.
I'm positive.
I've never laid eyes on here.
Ever since I sprouted the first strand
of hair on my head.
Don't you dare talk about hair.
Ok Chanmi?
I'm Hong Ajung.
Wow, She looks like a celebrity.
She's so pretty.
What's her name?
Hong Ajung.
What is it that you want to ask me?
I don't have anything to ask you.
I want to talk to Hong Ajung.
Aren't you in class 4?
What are you doing?
So you must already know
what Hong Ajung looks like.
Who are you?
Heard you transferred
from Busan or something.
Why are you trying to meet Hong Ajung?
And how do you know what she looks like?
None of your business.
Where is she?
What you don't realize
is that if you want to meet her,
you have to tell me
whatever it is you want to say to her.
Why are you sniffing to find out
more about Park Wonseok?
And how do you know Hong Ajung?
Shut up.
Where's Hong Ajung?
Enough with this nonsense.
Bring her here right now.
You grow a pair or something?
Are. Done.
If you ever send her a message
or even try to talk about her,
I'll kill you.
Let Hong Ajung know
that if she feels even the tiniest bit bad
about Park Wonseok's death,
she should send me a message.
If you're trying to reach her
to talk about it,
you got the wrong person.
The one you should look for is Im Somi.
Im Somi?
Yes, hello?
Hi, yes, sir.
Yes, I can talk right now.
Sir, I'm really sorry.
I know I should've paid
my mom's medical expenses on time.
I'm so sorry.
No, sir, I'm the one
who should be apologizing.
Of course. I'll send you the money.
I'm sorry.
Yes, take care.
That girl Ok Chanmi
is totally out of her mind!
She knows what Hong Ajung looks like.
Gosh, I even wore this,
but she knew I wasn't her.
Then she started getting all riled up,
telling me to bring Hong Ajung to her.
It seems like she has
some business with Park Wonseok.
Are you even listening to me?
How can I make money?
What are you talking about
all of a sudden?
I'm serious.
What can I do to make money?
-Stay here for a minute.
You said you want to know
about Park Wonseok?
Yes, I'm Ok Chanmi.
Thank you
for making the time today, really.
Do you want anything to drink?
How much do you know?
What I'm asking is
What exactly did they tell you
about me and Park Wonseok?
Nothing, I called to ask you
about that directly.
When I heard that Park Wonseok was dead,
I was genuinely really happy.
And when I heard he had killed himself,
I thought it was karmic retribution.
Because of him,
I had to transfer to another school, and
I never stopped thinking about
how I would kill them.
You think you're ready for this?
Park Wonseok, why are you the one
who's freaking out?
Gi Osung's the one who got her pregnant.
Tell Gi Osung to come here.
Shut up.
You can cut my wrist if I'm wrong.
Use this to prove you are really pregnant.
Here. Take it.
If you're not pregnant,
you gotta give up something too, right?
Are you saying I should pee
on this test right in front of you all?
I can't do that.
Take a look at this.
Isn't it enough that she took
a photo to show it to you?
-The test you're holding
is fucking fake. That's why.
If you're telling the truth,
why don't you prove it?
Hah, you son of bitch,
you're out of your mind.
Hey, Im Somi, why don't you just
prove it with this test
and have Park Wonseok's wrist slit?
-Let's go.
I'm neutral
since I'm not on anyone's side.
I'll follow Im Somi.
You're okay with that, right?
I'm not on anyone's side either.
I just don't want anyone to come out
saying something else later on.
So, I'll be recording a video, okay?
Hey, Im Somi, let's go.
You better record this properly.
Park Wonseok, you said
you'll bet your wrist on this right?
Stop talking.
Go do it already!
Give me that.
Hey, Im Somi, look here
and admit with your own mouth
that your pregnancy was a fucking lie.
Why can't you just say it?
You freaked on Gi Osung
and told him that you're pregnant.
Seriously, did you really think
you'd cash in big time
by lying about the pregnancy? Huh?
Do you think we're all idiots?
How dare you try to deceive us!
Hey, admit it.
Tell me you lied!
Park Wonseok.
I'm going to kill you one day.
Ooh, how scary.
I wasn't the only one
that was happy to hear he was dead.
When he killed himself,
there were probably
a lot of people who celebrated.
He threatened people
by leveraging their secrets against them.
Park Wonseok was trash.
Is that
Why would I need to lie to you
when he's dead?
Im Somi
Please let me apologize on his behalf.
Do you really think I feel
better knowing that Park Wonseok is dead?
I should've beaten him up
while he was alive.
That's what I feel regret the most.
There were probably a lot of people
who celebrated.
Park Wonseok was trash.
Is this Min Seonha's room
Yes, and who are you?
Hello. I
I'm one of Seonha's classmates.
I see
I'm Seonha's father.
Seonha is sleeping
after her stabilizing treatment.
This is for Seonha
It's not fair.
I'm so upset about this, sir.
Come in.
Isn't this too late for a visit?
Well, it's not something
I could talk about at school.
What is it?
Why don't we make some money
by forcing Sa Junggyeong out of school?
He seems to be just fine
even after raping Min Seonha.
Is your head on straight?
You're out of your mind.
Ji Sooheon, didn't you tell me
you were looking for ways to make money?
I just went to the hospital
to visit Min Seonha.
Mr. Min
I was also
a victim of school bullying.
I especially know how Seonha
feels right now, more so than anyone else.
I really want to kill the bullies.
But we can't do anything about it.
That's why she cut her wrist.
If the law can't serve justice,
I'd like to go out there myself
and kill that bastard.
Mr. Min.
I can force them out of school.
I'll do it for you.
Are you crazy?
That doesn't make any sense.
I'm not crazy.
Ji Sooheon.
You already saved me once before.
What the hell are you talking about?
-I'm not doing that!
From that day onward,
I had self-confidence.
I felt alive.
I said I'm not doing it.
Do you remember
when I transferred here last year?
You bastard.
Hi. Hi.
Hey, hey.
Oh no.
Come on, don't be scared.
White head, it's been a long time.
You shitty white head,
did you really think
everything would be over
once you transferred?
Wow, you've gotten prettier.
Look at her crying.
Oh, no, what should we do?
Go, go.
See? Isn't she pretty? Isn't she?
-Stand-up, stand-up!
-Stand-up, stand-up, stand-up
Aw, you must be hungry.
Here's your food.
Open your mouth! Good girl.
Look at me.
Are you okay?
I wore these because I heard
you love these sexy high-heels ♪
Red, orange, yellow
Green, blue, navy, violet ♪
Pick whatever you like ♪
This night is for you ♪
High, high, high heel ♪
High, high, high heel ♪
-Who are you? Is this a friend of yours?
Who the fuck is this? Fuck.
What the fuck!
Who the fuck are you?
You motherfucker!
You bastard. Fuck!
Let me go! Let me go!
You two,
go apologize to Tae Soyeon.
Who the fuck are you to tell us
what to do? Motherfucker!
I did something terrible to you.
I apologize.
Please forgive me.
Get lost.
If I see you guys ever again
I'll kill all of you, for real.
Hey, it's late. Go home.
This is nonsense.
Just like how you saved me.
Let's save Min Seonha, too.
I know you didn't accept
the money my father
handed to you as gratitude.
But we honestly would've felt it was
worth it to give you everything we had.
That's what my father said.
-No, really
That's enough.
Those kinds of bastards don't care
about the law until they get beat up.
I'll give you until tomorrow
to think it over.
I'm off.
Hello, is everything okay?
Yes, I'm Shin Yukyung's son.
Excuse me?
Did you say she has symptoms of pneumonia?
Patient name is Shin Yukyung.
Please head that way.
It's going to be fine.
Come on, shit!
Do you really think I'm scared
because Min Seonha cut her wrist?
Well, the
entire school is against you now.
You imbecile, why do you even care?
I'm working on something
that'll prevent her
from getting in my way ever again.
Hey, now you got me all curious.
What are you working on?
Man, just you wait.
If she sees this with her own eyes,
she'll either leave
or transfer out of school.
Shit, that scared the crap out of me.
Who's there?
The darkroom is reserved for me today.
Come back tomorrow.
Who are you?
Yo, hang up for a minute.
Why the hell isn't he answering?
What the
What's this?
Is this for cutting off fingers?
If you scream,
I'll cut all off your fingers.
Why are you doing this to me?
I'll call home,
and give you all the money you want.
I'm doing this
because of what you've done to Min Seonha.
I I'm so sorry.
Please forgive me.
You should've
apologized to Min Seonha, not me.
I'm sorry! I did something terrible!
I know you did.
But you haven't been punished yet.
All sins must be punished accordingly.
I'm terribly sorry.
I'll do anything, please!
Please spare me! I'm sorry!
Drop out of school
and don't ever come back.
Yes, sir
Drop out of school tomorrow,
and walk slowly
from the teacher's room to the main gate,
so that everyone can see you leaving.
What? Okay, I'll do that. I'm sorry.
What is this picture?
Didn't I ask you what this picture is?
That, that's
Didn't I ask you what this picture is?
I'm asking you!
To threaten Min Seonha to drop out.
Open your mouth! Open it, motherfucker!
Don't come, don't come near!
Please, forgive me!
Don't come near me, please!
There might be some changes
in your personality.
You might experience changes
in personality or behavior
that you've never had before.
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