Revenge of Others (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Walk slowly from the teacher's room
to the main gate.
What is this picture?
Didn't I ask you what this picture is?
To threaten Min Seonha
to drop out. Don't come near me, please!
What are you doing here?
Uh, I
just finished working out
at the sports park,
so I'm just on my way back
to pick up my bike.
I've never taken this route before,
so I was just trying it out.
There aren't any traffic lights,
so I thought it'd be faster.
It doesn't make much of a difference
which route you take at this hour.
Oh I see.
When you go down that way,
there's a bit of a downhill slope.
There's actually a pothole over there.
-So you have to watch out for it.
-Oh, really? I'll be careful.
Take care.
See ya.
What are you doing here?
BORN APR 12TH 2004
DIED DEC 25TH 2021
When I heard
that Park Wonseok was dead,
I was genuinely really happy.
Why did you live like that?
What should I do now?
DIED MAR 18TH 2019
Soomin. How are you?
It's been three years already.
I'm doing fine, and Mom's doing well too.
Well, that's a lie.
I'm not doing so great,
but I'll take care of myself.
So, Soomin
please look out for Mom.
Looks like it's been three years exactly.
That's my older brother.
You didn't know my brother
or anything like that, did you?
Oh, no, no, no way.
the truth is
I had no idea
that Park Wonseok would be here too.
Can I ask you for a favor?
Can you keep it a secret
that Park Wonseok and I are twins?
The reason I don't want other people
to know is because
I don't want anyone
treating me differently.
I'm worried they might stop
telling me the truth
about Park Wonseok
if they were to find out.
Are you hungry?
There's a steamed bun restaurant
near here. They make fantastic buns.
Let's go.
We could at least eat this
No, I'm good.
I can eat at school.
It doesn't feel right to eat this, right?
No, no, I didn't mean that
My brother used to love hamburgers.
Where do you think you're going? Stop him!
-What did you say to me?
-You shouldn't do that.
It all started when my brother
was singled out
by the bullies for no reason.
-Come here.
-Dude, you're strong, huh?
Stop it!
They wouldn't let him go to the restroom.
They made him cry and beg
and kneel before them
until he was just crawling on the floor.
That's when they finally
let him go to the bathroom.
On that day,
He fought his way out,
instead of crying and begging.
Come here!
-Stay still! Stay still, shit.
-Hey, relax, take it easy, yeah?
Look at him all tensed up.
-Seriously? God
-Hey, he's peeing.
-He peed himself.
-I really should be recording this, right?
-Look over here, just once.
But it didn't work out for him.
-Come on, just one time?
-Hey, who did this?
He tried, but it didn't work.
Good afternoon.
When my mother was on her way
back home that day
Hold on a second, please!
She heard something drop
with a loud thud.
-Call 119, 119, 119, 119!
-Oh, my god!
Yes, yes.
This is so scary.
It was my brother.
And my mother saw the whole thing.
Soomin! Soomin!
Soomin, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Soomin, Soomin!
Soomin, no!
Hey, so
What was Park Wonseok's real name?
Ok Chankyu.
Ok Chankyu.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
He dropped out.
That rapist Sa Junggyeong
dropped out of school!
-How does that make any sense?
After all he's done to come back
to this school,
why would he drop out all of a sudden?
Trust me! The teacher's room
is in utter chaos right now.
I heard Junggyeong just came
with his parents and dropped out.
Oh! Hey, look! There's Sa Junggyeong!
Bye, bye now!
Good bye! Yeah!
Get lost, you son of a bitch!
I knew you'd end up like it!
Don't ever come back, Sa Junggyeong!
Watch your back! I'll be watching you!
Be a decent human being!
Yeah, keep on living like that forever!
Stop being so despicable,
you son of a bitch!
-Good bye! You were terrible.
That's how
you'll live the rest of your life!
Next time I run
into you at night, consider yourself dead!
Hey, get lost!
Watch your back!
Why is Sa Junggyeong
leaving in a wheelchair
through the main school gate
when he can simply ride away in a car?
He's just giving these guys
a sight to see.
I heard that's what the guy
who beat him up told Junggyeong to do.
To drop out of school,
then walk all the way to the main gate.
Wow, shit.
This is crazy, just crazy.
Why is Sa Junggyeong in a wheelchair?
I heard someone literally
crushed his feet last night.
-In the photography dark room.
I heard his toes are completely crushed.
That damn rapist deserved it.
I also heard the attacker threatened him
to leave the school
or he'll snap his neck. That's why
he's leaving without making a peep.
-Whoever that is, they're so cool.
-I agree.
-Wow, they're a hero, really.
-I heard someone saw the hero last night.
-There's a witness for our hero?
-That's not good.
-Who was the hero?
We don't know.
They were alone wearing a mask.
Someone saw them in front
of the photography building
-jumping over the wall.
-Oh, they wore a mask. Phew.
Ah, what a relief.
-What a relief.
-What a relief.
-Ah, that's a relief.
-Seriously, that's a good thing.
-What's going on?
-Did something happen?
What's that?
Well, who do we have here?
Ji Sooheon and Ok Chanmi?
Did they ditch class together
and then come back together?
Class four! Class four! Let's go!
Class three! Class three! Class three!
Class three! Class three!
What's wrong with her?
Class three! Class three!
Class three! Class three!
Where did you and Sooheon go this morning?
-You were with Sooheon, weren't you?
I was, I guess.
Where did you guys go?
It's nothing. Just somewhere we had to be.
Are you guys going out?
What? No way.
What's good?
I was about to start hating you.
Push, push!
Hey, stop him!
Ji Sooheon, you're so cool!
Ji Sooheon!
Ji Sooheon! Ji Sooheon!
Ji Sooheon! Ji Sooheon! Ji Sooheon!
Let's go! Let's go!
Gi Osung! Gi Osung! Gi Osung!
Gi Osung! Gi Osung! Gi Osung!
Do you think you'll be able
to handle this?
Gi Osung's the one who got her pregnant,
so why are you acting all crazy,
Park Wonseok?
Did you really think
you'd be able to rip him off
by lying about your pregnancy?
Did you really think
we're all stupid idiots?
Your scam doesn't work on him, damn it.
-Block him!
-Ji Sooheon! Ji Sooheon!
-Ji Sooheon! Ji Sooheon!
-Ah, sorry.
Ji Sooheon! Ji Sooheon!
Ji Sooheon! Ji Sooheon! Ji Sooheon!
Stop the game!
Hey, move! Move!
Hey, Sooheon!
Sooheon? Sooheon?
Sooheon, can you hear me, Sooheon?
Come on Sooheon, get a grip on yourself.
Wake up! Wake up!
One, two, three!
Class presidents, get everyone organized
and head back to class.
Hey, Gi Osung.
Aren't you ashamed?
For what?
Didn't you push him like a coward
because you knew
you were no match for him?
Come on.
Look, it's totally normal
to compete for the ball like that.
You pushed him
like you were trying to kill him!
-What the hell are you on about?
-Why are you the way you are?
You're a pathetic idiot, seriously.
Kook Jihyun, you got a death wish?
So do you just go around killing people
you don't like?
-Shut your mouth!
-Hey, hey, hey!
-You gonna beat me?
-Hold on, hold on.
Hey, why don't you come hit me!
You pathetic idiot.
Let me go, seriously!
I'm going to teach
that psycho a lesson today.
-Hey, calm down, calm down.
-Come on!
-Who are you ordering around?
-Don't listen to him.
Ugh, come on! Shit!
-Hey! Let me go! Shit!
Ok Chanmi.
-Seok Jaebum.
Can you do me a favor?
Favor? What is it?
Are you okay?
You sure did sweat a lot.
Huh? Thanks.
I think I'm fine.
The doctor said you had a minor concussion
and that you were going to sleep
until the tranquilizer wears off.
At least I got to sleep well.
Is that mine?
It's your uniform and backpack.
Thank you.
Hey, don't you have like after-school
classes, or something?
It's okay.
I'm hungry. Do you wanna eat something?
You pick the menu. This way,
I can repay what you did for me.
How about something spicy?
That'll help you wake up.
I'm sorry.
Ugh, how rude.
Excuse me!
Let's just go. I'm hungry.
I guess I'll forget all about it
once I eat something spicy.
-So what should we eat?
Whatever you want.
What I mean is,
what type of spicy food do you want?
He left without saying a word,
even while the other kids were
booing and clapping their hands.
He was literally kicked out of the school.
You have no idea how good it felt
to see that little shithead Sa Junggyeong
getting kicked out of school
Hey, why are you crying?
You should be smiling from ear to ear.
I'm just so happy
I don't feel any pain in my
body or my heart anymore.
They say this bastard in a wheelchair
may never walk on his own two feet again.
By the way,
who did this to him?
No one knows.
The person was wearing a mask.
Everyone went crazy
and started praising him as a hero.
Detective Jin.
Did you get the reports
from Yongtan High assault cause?
Yes, sir.
The case was assigned to me a minute ago.
The perpetrator really crossed a line,
don't you think?
How could they smash
a student's toes while at school?
This is unforgivable.
We'll arrest the perpetrator as quickly
as possible and punish them
with a zero-tolerance policy.
Yes, sir.
What did you want to talk about?
Was it not appropriate
to discuss at school?
I had to ditch my after-school class
because Jaebum insisted
that I meet you here.
Thank you.
Actually, I have something to ask you.
I'd appreciate it
if you could answer honestly.
Oh, what is that? I'm so curious.
You know
Park Wonseok?
Um, so I met up with Im Somi,
the one who transferred
out of the school, and
Isn't it true that Im Somi threatened you
to take responsibility
for getting her pregnant,
and that Park Wonseok figured out
she was lying?
Did I jump into things too quickly?
So what exactly
did you want to talk about?
Osung, why did you have
Park Wonseok clean up your mess
instead of doing it yourself?
Why did Park Wonseok have to do
the dirty work
of confronting and yelling at Im Somi?
Why didn't you do it yourself?
You know, Park Wonseok
is no longer with us
I don't think we should be talking
about this, for his sake.
Are you saying that we'd be talking
badly about him
if we were to go into detail
about what happened?
How do you know him anyway?
We met in a shooting club.
I just want to know why Wonseok
had to fight your battles.
-Why do you want to know?
-I mean
I'm just curious.
I heard Park Wonseok was
the best at fighting in the school.
I mean, if he's the best fighter,
he wouldn't have had to do
-what you told him to do, am I wrong?
-He was just helping me out, no reason.
We were close.
He's always been good to me.
He was a really nice guy.
He was a nice guy?
I mean
What kind of person
was Park Wonseok exactly?
Was he actually a good person?
Or a terrible guy who deserved to die?
I just don't think he killed himself.
It's kind of hard for me to talk about.
If you two were close,
you must know, right?
What happened that day?
Did you notice anything that might
indicate that he would kill himself?
Do you really think it was suicide?
I'm sorry,
but let's just not talk about it.
-I'm gonna head out then.
-Hey, um
Gi Wangdo,
Gi Osung.
They both share the same last name. Gi.
Who is it?
Hello, I'm
I'm a student at Yongtan High.
I'm the friend of the student
that lives here.
Oh, of course. One moment, please.
Kook Jihyun?
Why how why are you here?
Do you live here?
Hey, what are you doing here?
Oh, here.
I came to return this cellphone.
Gi Osung left it behind.
What? Why are you in my room?
Did you meet up with Ok Chanmi?
She brought this to the house.
Ok Chanmi came to our house?
And you're saying Chanmi saw you?
I guess everyone will know
by tomorrow morning, no?
That you and I live in the same house.
Huh? That we're siblings?
I'm happy for you.
Clean up your own shit.
Do whatever it takes to fix this,
you moron.
I put in a bit more than
the amount we agreed on.
You didn't have to do that.
I heard he's badly hurt.
You shouldn't feel guilty.
That's what you've paid for.
I don't feel that way at all.
I'm just grateful.
I don't know who that person is,
but please tell them
that I said thank you.
I'll make sure I tell them that.
It goes without saying that
this never happened, right?
And there won't be any other reasons
for us to meet in the future.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
-Enjoy your meal.
-Thank you.
Mm, delicious.
It's important for kids to maintain
their stamina during senior year.
Make sure you feed them
high-protein foods.
Of course, that's what I'm doing.
This is Osung's favorite,
and these are Jihyun's favorites.
All rich in protein.
And what about me?
You can go out and eat more protein
on your own.
If you're both able to attend
the highest-ranked college together,
all my wishes will have come true.
Father, I'm sorry but I should head out
as I need to get to school early.
Why don't you just eat a bit more?
Okay, then. Go ahead
and head out if you're busy.
-Yes, sir.
-Oh, take some jerky with you.
Oh, I'm fine.
Have you been waiting for me?
I heard you're here every morning.
You must've been surprised
when you saw Kook Jihyun at my house.
Well, yeah. I guess I was a bit surprised.
As you saw,
Jihyun and I live together
in the same house.
We might be siblings to some,
but not to others.
My father married Kook Jihyun's mom
two years ago.
It's not official yet though.
But as you can see,
we don't get along very well.
I really don't like her,
and she doesn't either.
If someone at school
finds out that we're siblings,
I'll be too embarrassed
to attend that school with her.
Don't worry.
I won't tell anybody.
You can trust me.
I'll keep that to myself.
Thank you, Chanmi.
Is there anything I can do for you?
No, there's nothing I want.
I'm on my way to class now.
Just let me know whenever I can help.
When did you leave practice yesterday?
Was it eight o'clock? I don't remember.
This was super helpful.
You even ironed it.
You know I love crisp things.
Thanks again.
Guys, guys. The cops are here, the cops!
That bastard Sa Junggyeong
brought cops with him.
What now?
Are they investigating his case, then?
What? Why are police here?
Why are they going through
all the trouble of catching our hero,
when they should be focusing
on opening up
Sa Junggyeong's rape case again?
Ah, shit.
Ms. Jin, I'll go and check the recordings
from the surveillance cameras nearby.
Check the recordings
from the ones across the street as well.
Roger that. I'll meet with the witnesses
on my way back as well.
Can you tell me
about the circumstances of your assault?
-Don't arrest our hero!
-Don't do it!
-Just leave!
-Please go!
-Can you just leave?
Get out of here!
Can you just leave?
-Please don't arrest our hero!
It was 9:30 p.m. when Sa Junggyeong's
toes were smashed
Mr. Sa called 119 at 9:36 p.m.,
after getting assaulted
in the photography dark room.
The time on this CCTV recording
is 9:08 p.m.
Have you spoken to the witness
who was in front
of the student center building
where the photography dark room is?
Yes, a male and a female student
who were on a date at the school testified
that they saw a person scaling the wall.
On the other side of this wall
is the alley
where this security camera
recording was taken.
When did they see the person?
It was a little past 9 p.m.
There doesn't seem to be
a significant discrepancy
between the time on the recording.
Don't you think this female
Yongtan High student
stopped after seeing someone?
Oh, I think you're right.
How many girls do you think
ride a scooter at Yongtan High?
-Hey, isn't it amazing?
-What is?
Im Seungwu, why don't you
tell her what you told me.
You know the hero
who crushed Sa Junggyeong?
I was just wondering if it might have been
the same hero who punished Park Wonseok.
Wow, I got goosebumps.
You're right, the police announcement
was not very convincing.
You know, if you want to jump off
from a building,
it would make more sense
to jump from a rooftop.
Why would someone jump off
the window of the science lab?
That might be possible,
but the hero couldn't have possibly killed
a guy just to punish him.
Hey, maybe the hero
wasn't initially planning to kill him.
Park Wonseok might have fallen
from the science lab on the third floor
while the hero was punishing him.
That's what I'm assuming.
In any case, I think the hero
must have been targeting Park Wonseok.
A lot of people were hurt by Park Wonseok.
Hey, is this all you got?
I told you to stop.
And when I heard
he had killed himself,
I thought it was karmic retribution.
When he killed himself,
I'm sure there were a lot of people
who were secretly happy about it.
He would search for people's weaknesses
and threaten people with them.
That bastard was utter trash.
Could it be that my brother
was killed by the same guy?
What are you doing here?
I'm just on my way back
to pick up my bike.
Mr. Choi, by any chance,
do you know where Ji Sooheon lives?
Sooheon's home?
Yeah, I need to bring something to him.
So I was just wondering if you know where.
Oh, didn't you know
he lives above the gym?
-I see. Thank you.
I haven't seen you in so long.
Where have you been?
How have you been?
Hello. Hello.
I have something I need to ask you.
Could you spare a moment?
Yes, sure.
Here, take this.
Thank you.
Can you confirm
if that's you on the screen?
Yes, that's me.
Do you know when and where this was taken?
The alley next to the school,
two days ago.
Seems like you met a friend there?
You ran into someone you knew.
Isn't that why you stopped your scooter?
Can you tell me who that person was?
It was Ji Sooheon.
Oh Mr. Ji Sooheon?
Did have an appointment to meet there?
No, I just ran into him.
Were there any other students
or other people there?
It was just Ji Sooheon that was there.
Do you know
why Mr. Ji Sooheon was there alone?
What I want to know is,
did you notice anything strange about him?
Like whether he was carrying
something in particular
wearing something in particular?
Was he in a hurry, or that sort of thing?
Do you remember anything?
Thank you, please come again soon.
Thank you.
Hello, welcome.
Do you know about the assault case
at the photography dark room
in the student center building?
According to Ms. Ok Chanmi,
who's in the same class as you,
she ran into you in the alley
on the other side of the wall
of the student center that night.
Is that true?
Did you run into Ms. Ok Chanmi
in the alley that night?
Yes, I ran into her.
Could you describe the situation
when you ran into her?
The situation?
In other words
How did you end up in the alley?
What were you doing there
and where were you before that?
Where did you
go after parting ways with her?
-That's what we're asking.
-Why should I tell you?
I mean, if you don't want to do it here,
should we do it at the police station?
-What do you think?
-Mr. Ji Sooheon.
You don't have to say anything
if you don't want to.
Can I leave?
That night
I was on my way to the auto repair shop
to pick up my bike
after jogging on the Unmacheon track.
Well, I'm sure you've already done
your investigation, but
I practice martial arts.
Hey, Sooheon!
You look tired.
Just call it a day and get some rest.
Okay, see you, sir.
-Don't forget to lock the door.
Even if I get caught
there wouldn't be anything
I can do about it, would there?
By any chance, did you meet
with detectives last night?
By any chance?
You're the one who sent them my way.
You can't just act sneaky and say
"by any chance".
That's why I've been waiting for you
because I didn't want there
to be any misunderstandings.
They asked me who I ran into in the alley
after showing me surveillance footage
of me from that night.
So I just said I ran into you.
I know you're suspicious of me.
You must have told the cops
that I'm the hero
that everyone's talking about.
I didn't tell them that.
Then why did you steal my bloody sneakers
from my room on the rooftop?
You brought them to the police,
didn't you?
I don't have anything noteworthy
to tell you.
I apologize.
I misunderstood.
I'm sorry about taking your sneakers, too.
I really don't have anything else
I can say. I'm sorry.
You might not accept my apology,
but I'm still really sorry.
You said you wanted to catch the culprit
behind your twin brother's death?
Wasn't that the reason
why you transferred to this school?
The reason why Park Wonseok died
has nothing to do with what you think
might have happened.
The hero didn't kill him,
so go back to your school
in Busan already.
How do you know that?
Hey! Ji Sooheon!
Why are you saying that?
Hey, answer me! What does that mean?
Hey, don't just walk away
when I'm talking to you.
Come on, tell me what you meant by that!
That's enough. Just leave.
What do you mean that's enough?
You think you can say whatever
you want and just go silent?
I said, leave.
Hey, Ji Sooheon, come on!
Hey, explain it to me!
Hey, hey, Ji Sooheon!
You! Didn't you hear?
He said that's enough.
It's none of your business,
so stay out of it.
Hey, Ji Sooheon! Hey, get up.
Didn't I tell you to explain yourself?
What are they doing?
Hey, Ok Chanmi.
Do you really think you can act
however you want
because you know a secret about me?
I'm not interested in your secret.
And I'm not going to spread
any rumors about it.
So you can stop being paranoid about it.
Hey, Ok Jihyun.
I'm not interested in you,
nor do I want to argue with you.
So please, why don't we just mind
our own businesses?
Do you really think you can transfer here,
and go around acting like
a dirty piece of gum under my shoe?
You're the one that needs to be
more careful about not stepping on gum.
You think a piece of gum would just leap
and stick itself onto a shoe?
You work really hard, huh?
Don't look at me like that.
I'm here as a customer, nothing more.
I need to work
I'm telling the truth.
Don't mind me, you can go on and work.
Hey! Honey, over here!
Oh, hey dear.
Mr. Ji, the reason why you fainted is
because you have a tumor in your brain.
And it's a very dangerous one.
Sorry, I'm a little late.
You met with your patient's guardians
on your way back, right?
Exactly, how can I just dismiss
them when they're asking me questions.
Anyways, it's been a while since
we last bowled. Let's go.
-Loser pays for dinner. You in?
-I'm in.
-Two people?
-What size
-240 for me,
one in 240 and one in 275.
Okay, got it.
One, two, three, four.
Who are you?
You told me to meet you here, so come out.
Ok Chanmi!
Yes, hello.
I'm Shin Yukyung's son.
I've just made a deposit
for my mom's medical bills.
Ah, yes, sorry for the delay.
Thank you.
It was a concussion. I stitched you up
since you had a little bleeding.
Do you still feel dizzy
or feel like vomiting?
A bit of headache. That's it.
We need to see how you progress
for the rest of today, so please rest.
Okay, thank you.
Are you hungry?
What would you like?
I'll go get it for you.
-It's okay. I'm fine.
-No, you aren't.
How could you be fine
when you're lying in a hospital bed
after falling because you were dizzy?
You need to stay nourished.
Seok Jaebum, how can I ever repay you?
It's fine. Don't worry about it.
By the way,
why were you in the auditorium?
You don't know how surprised
I was to see you collapsed.
Oh, man.
I just wanted to find
a quiet place to think.
What about you? Why were you in there?
I was watching
Baseball Club practice outside
on the field when I saw you
heading to the auditorium.
When I realized that you had been in there
for a while,
I just went to check up on you.
You're a lifesaver.
So why don't you eat properly,
so that you don't just fall over again.
What's going on?
Look, look over there.
Why is she wearing that?
Am I right?
What's wrong with you all?
What's going on? What are you doing?
You're annoying me.
Oh, you're here.
What's this?
It's all over the school right now.
Ok Chanmi.
Why are you here?
Why aren't you at school?
The doctor said you need another day
of treatment.
Do you really think you'll be okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
There's no need for me to stay any longer.
Besides, the bill will be expensive.
Who do I talk to about that?
Ah, your doctor told me your
hospital bill has been paid off already.
No way.
Oh, that doesn't sound right.
I need to go ask about that.
No, I I mean
Actually, my family owns this hospital.
I'll pay you back one day.
I really appreciate it. I'll pay you back.
What? What do you want from me?
Don't you have something to tell us?
About this fake nude photograph?
We've checked everyone's messages.
Seo Dayeon, you're the original source.
Im Seungwu, that damn bastard!
I told him not to share it with anyone!
Did you create it?
What have I ever done to you!
I didn't make it.
I got this from Ok Chanmi.
-She said Ok Chanmi.
-Ok Chanmi?
I'm really sorry about spreading it.
-But I got this from Ok Chanmi!
-Unlock your phone.
Wow, did Ok Chanmi do this for real?
Did Ok Chanmi really do this?
-Is she out of her mind?
I never knew
she was that kind of a person.
Ok Chanmi would have to
be crazy to do something like this.
-Ok Chanmi's coming!
-Ok Chanmi, Ok Chanmi. There she is.
Hey, hey, Ok Chanmi, Ok Chanmi, Ok Chanmi.
Why did you do that?
You crazy little
Ji Ji Sooheon?
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