Revenge of Others (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Don't you have something to tell us?
About this fake nude photograph?
We've checked everyone's messages.
-Seo Dayeon, you're the original source.
Im Seungwu, that damn bastard!
I told him not to share it with anyone!
Did you create it?
What have I ever done to you?
I didn't make it.
I got this from Ok Chanmi.
Ok Chanmi?
I'm really sorry about spreading it,
but I got this from Ok Chanmi!
Unlock your phone.
-Wow, did Ok Chanmi do this for real?
-Did Ok Chanmi really do this?
Is she out of her mind?
-Ok Chanmi's coming!
-Ok Chanmi, Ok Chanmi.
There she is.
Hey, hey, Ok Chanmi, Ok Chanmi, Ok Chanmi.
Why did you do that?
You crazy little
Ji, Ji Sooheon?
Hey, it's Ji Sooheon.
What's going on?
Is Ji Sooheon dating Ok Chanmi?
Why are they leaving together?
Hey! Let me go! I said let me go!
Going back there won't do you any good.
If it were you,
would you just suck it up and take it?
Take the blame for something
you didn't do and get slapped for it?
Why should I let everyone believe
that I was responsible
for something like that?
What gives you the right to hold me back?
Because you're not understanding
what I told you.
-I warned you.
I told you to go back
to the school you came from.
This isn't the end of it.
Things will only become more
unbearable and unfair for you.
Just go back to your old school.
What are you doing here ditching class?
I wanted to ask you something.
We can talk in the classroom.
Don't pay attention to everyone else.
Can you show me your cell phone?
Chanmi, I didn't even think
that you made the picture
and I sent it to Im Seungwu,
that bastard, as a joke.
You should have told me that you made it.
Dayeon, don't be sorry.
You didn't do anything wrong.
Can I just see your phone?
Because the nude that you said
you received from my number
got deleted on my end.
-Yesterday at 5:27
-It's true that you sent it to me.
By the way, did something happen
between you and Kook Jihyun?
I've never ever called someone
a hypocrite in my entire life.
What do you mean?
Hey, why don't you just pretend
you're crazy
and act like nothing happened.
Just come back to class.
what in the world happened?
A nude?
What's going on?
Did something happen
between you and Kook Jihyun?
The truth is, I didn't faint that day
in the auditorium because I was dizzy.
Somebody hit me
over the head with a brick.
What? A brick?
Who? Who would do such a thing?
I think this person knocked me out
then unlocked my phone with my finger.
If they had sent out a message
at that point,
nobody would ever figure out
that it wasn't me who had sent it.
So are you saying that
Kook Jihyun did it?
Uploading her own nude
to frame you is a little too
Oh, wait, Chanmi,
what do you think of this?
I'm starving.
Why did you take Ok Chanmi with you?
I needed to break her arms
to calm myself down.
Because you were going to break
an innocent person's arms.
What makes you think she's innocent?
Why are you defending her
after seeing what she did?
Do you really think someone would
be stupid enough
to do something
that would expose them so easily?
Spreading something
through a messaging app
among a small group of students?
Don't you think it would be extremely easy
to track down who the original source was?
Are you
trying to protect Ok Chanmi?
I mean
I'm just telling you the truth.
Oh, I'm hungry.
These kids are so lame.
Have they really never seen
a fake nude before?
So annoying.
Why is Jaebum hanging out with that girl?
Chanmi, the approval just came through.
-Oh, really? They said it was okay?
They said they called the Principal
directly to get the approval.
That's amazing.
-I'll go and check in a bit.
-Awesome, thank you.
Oh, it's nothing.
I'll get you lunch next time.
Where will you take me to eat?
Thank you for granting me permission, sir.
I hope you find your bag.
Mr. Yoon, please help him
with whatever he needs.
Yes, sir. Of course.
In that case, Jaebum,
best of luck with everything.
-Thank you, I appreciate it.
-Okay then.
Did you say you misplaced it
somewhere near the auditorium?
Sometime between
five and six o'clock yesterday?
You do know that no one's allowed
to watch these recordings
without permission, right?
Yes, Mr. Yoon, I apologize.
Oh, I didn't mean it that way.
What I mean is, just don't let
the other students know you saw this.
Of course.
Press this if you want to fast forward.
And let me know once you're done.
I'll be in the room next door.
-Ok Chanmi, you're late.
Hey, Jihyun, everyone's been talking
about some nonsense.
I know they're saying it's real nude
when It's obvious that it's fake.
Not that, there's something
else that's really ridiculous
What's ridiculous?
Ugh, what is it?
Tell me later.
Remember, the words "even",
"still", "much",
"far", and "a lot" add emphasis.
This next type of question
is one that many of you continue to miss.
So let's go over it together.
Take a look at this sentence.
The noun is important here.
You might have noticed
that the noun is plural.
Ugh, what's with you two?
What were you going to tell me earlier?
Did that Ok Chanmi
leak another photo of me?
This is annoying the hell out of me. Shit.
So what is it?
Um, there's a rumor going around
that you and Gi Osung from class 4
are living in the same house.
That doesn't even make any sense, right?
People are saying
that you and Osung are siblings.
Isn't that just so ridiculous?
Ok Chanmi also start that rumor?
I don't think so. It didn't spread
through the messaging app.
I think it spread by word of mouth.
There's Gi Osung.
Hey, Kook Jihyun!
We need to talk.
You should have coaxed her gently.
Ok Chanmi leaked this to everyone
at school
because you went batshit crazy on her!
Didn't you see that she was
the one who started it?
It's a nude. A nude!
How could I not do anything about that?
I know you were probably
the one who started this
and that she reacted
by spreading this around.
Weren't you the one
who said you took care of it?
You said she'd keep her mouth shut!
Is this what you meant
by keeping her mouth shut?
What are you going to do now?
What do you mean?
That bitch Ok Chanmi is basically dead.
I'll make her leave this school
with her tail between her legs.
Just like that bastard Sa Junggyeong did.
This crazy little
Hey! Do you even understand
what I'm saying right now?
Are you really going to admit
we're siblings?
Is there anything
in that hollow head of yours?
You moron, it'll just get worse
if we don't say anything at this point.
You deal with Ok Chanmi,
so that she doesn't cause
us any more trouble.
I can't believe one crazy bitch
is going to embarrass me like this.
Okay, that's better.
Good, good, Captain.
How did it go?
Did you watch the security footage?
Yeah, I did.
So who was it?
Who was the person
that came into the auditorium that day?
No one else was in there.
What do you mean no one else was there?
Didn't you say
you saw the security footage?
I saw you enter the auditorium,
but no one else was there.
How is that possible?
There are only two surveillance cameras
near the auditorium.
Maybe this person knew
there was a blind spot.
Anyways, you were the only person
in the recording.
Since you were attacked
behind the stage curtains,
it doesn't show up
in the indoor security footage either.
Yes, Dad. I just came
through the front entrance.
Yes, I'll be right there.
Oh, yes, Senator.
Your district falls
within my jurisdiction,
so there's no reason
why something like that would happen.
Yes, yes, yes,
I'll make sure to manage things
in a way that is suitable to you.
I hope you'll continue to lead us.
Yes. Have a wonderful day, goodbye!
Look who's here. My son, how are you?
You must be worn out
from all your studies, no?
You know we can always talk at home.
What brings you all the way here?
So, what's going on?
This isn't something
we can talk about at home.
Then what? Is this something
that can be discussed at a police station?
Okay, then. Tell me what's going on.
Kook Jihyun
I mean, Jihyun.
This is something I wanted
to tell you for Jihyun's sake.
For Jihyun's sake?
Go on. What is this concerning?
There's a transfer student
from Busan in Jihyun's class
and there's a lot of issues
between the two of them.
So, what can I do if you tell me about it?
I think everything will be resolved
if you send her back to her old school.
I also think this will be easy to do.
Go on.
She's living in a residence
that's breaking the law.
Right? Right?
It was such bullshit.
Wow, that's legit.
What's legit?
She just gave it away.
Is that the bitch?
Doesn't she look exactly
like the way I described her?
Yeah, you're right.
Her face makes me want to vomit.
Come on.
Don't be such a pussy, come here.
-Come over here!
-Kook Jihyun, are you serious?
Isn't this something you and I
should talk about?
Hey! Conversations are for people
to engage in.
A despicable creature like
you doesn't have the right
to address a human being like me.
It's time you learned your lesson today.
Okay, one, two, body.
Harder, hit harder!
You've got a great punch. Truly gifted.
I guess it will end like this,
suddenly and in less than a second.
Oh, hey, hey, hey,
do it, do it, do it!
Come on!
Glare at me all you want,
it won't help you.
Hey, look at that, look at that, look!
You psycho! Ah, shit!
Hey! Hey!
Ah, fuck!
-Stand up, stand up!
I told you, stand up!
Fuck, let go of me. Get up!
Damn it.
You all worked your asses off.
Time to recharge.
Hanwoo beef barbecue is on me.
Let's go.
-Kook Jihyun, you're the best!
Sooheon, is that you?
Oh, hello, sir.
We received a call saying that some girls
were fighting in the parking lot.
I also heard them fighting,
but no one was here when I arrived.
Seems like they're already done.
Please watch who comes in and goes out
of the parking lot more carefully.
How am I supposed to keep watch
when they come crawling in
through the pedestrian entrance?
They can't expect me
to have my eyes on it 24/7.
I've had enough, seriously.
Sir, you should head back downstairs.
I'll take care of the rest.
Sooheon, is that really okay with you?
Yes, of course.
You should head back downstairs, sir.
Thank you.
Hah, maybe I should weld that door shut.
Oh, hello, sir.
This was just a prank
that some kids are pulling on me.
I'll take them all down
and clean up over here.
That's not the issue right now.
Excuse me?
The police came by a while ago.
They found out
that you were living here somehow
and asked me why I had a minor
on the premises.
So what should I do?
You need to leave right now.
Or else my permit will be revoked,
and all the other residents
will have to leave.
Go on and pack up your things right away.
Sir, it's already so late, how can I
Can I please stay just for the night?
The cops said they'd come back
later tonight to check in again.
They left me no choice.
The other kids
are posting strange photos of you.
And it looks like
you're getting into fights.
Just look at your face.
I knew I shouldn't have
let a minor live here.
But you kept begging me
You have to pack up your things now.
Sir, sir, sir!
Did you watch everything at the rooftop?
How embarrassing.
Just erase it from your memory.
Since you gave me back my wallet,
I guess you can leave, yeah?
are you going to sleep tonight?
Why do you even ask?
It's none of your business.
You have nowhere to sleep.
I can look for something.
There are 24-hour saunas,
comic book cafés,
internet cafés,
and regular 24-hour cafés
-All the places you just mentioned
don't allow minors to stay overnight.
Yeah, I know, but
Maybe I can reach out to my friend.
-Since when did you have any friends?
-So what do you expect me to do?
I mean, what you should do is
I mean
Got it.
Be careful.
How did they manage
to get it this high up?
They're quite talented.
They would be great in a circus.
-Let's go.
Go? Go where?
Let's go to my place.
What's wrong?
You already snuck in here once
before when I wasn't home, right?
Oh, yeah
All living spaces
are more or less the same,
so everything's pretty self-explanatory.
But you'll need to use the shower
and restroom in the gym downstairs.
That's the one downside.
The bathroom and shower
were outside in the dorm as well.
Of all the places I've lived in so far,
this is by far the biggest
and finest room.
We, do have a washing machine
in the gym
but just know
it's probably full of men's jerseys.
Oh, that's no problem.
I can always go to a laundromat.
In that case
But hey
Yeah, feel free to ask me anything.
What should I do when I'm hungry?
I haven't had anything to eat since lunch.
I feel so bad.
Won't it be uncomfortable?
I'll be fine.
Put this on, if you need one.
We have tons of these
since we're in a martial arts gym.
I guess I did do
some martial arts earlier, huh?
But hey, shouldn't I be
the one sleeping down here?
I'm totally fine, really.
Head upstairs and rest.
Get some rest.
She was crying all night.
So I went to the convenience store
and got her some canned food.
I usually leave some food out at night,
but I didn't yesterday.
So that's who she's been looking for.
What's her name?
That guy with the hammer from the movie?
I found her hiding over there
on a stormy night.
That's when I met her.
So Lunch at school and Thor at home?
Oh, her looking back at me
really made me happy.
Let's head to school.
-Aren't you going to eat breakfast?
-I don't usually have breakfast.
Oh, really?
I didn't know that, so
I prepared a little breakfast
as a way to pay my share.
Agh, it's hot! Hot!
Dig in.
-Taste buds don't lie.
You can't help but smile
when you eat something delicious.
Hmm. It's crazy good!
-This is really good.
-Isn't it?
Did you spend a lot of money
at the convenience store
getting all these ingredients?
I told you it was my share of the rent.
It doesn't seem
like you have a part-time job.
I've applied for a job, but I guess
they don't have any openings yet.
You're being waitlisted?
Is it a really cushy job or something?
I don't know about that, but
all I know is that I really need
to work there.
What's the job?
Ok Chanmi!
Hey! How are you?
-Are you just heading over now?
-Yeah. You look comfortable.
-See you later!
What's this? God, is this a joke?
So I can get hit over the head
with a brick again?
Listen closely to what I'm about to say.
I didn't make that nude.
And I never told anyone about you
and Gi Osung being siblings.
But I guess you're still going to
keep messing around with me, huh?
Getting me kicked out of my dorm,
posting fake nudes of me
all over the place,
and beating me up with your posse.
No matter what bullshit you throw my way,
I'm never going to leave this school.
This will be the start
of a long, long relationship.
And I'll make sure
to return this thing you left for me.
-What are you talking about?
-Huh? What?
Are you trying to pretend
like you've lost your mind?
Ugh, whatever
Hey, Class President Gi Osung!
Is it true that you
and Kook Jihyun are siblings?
Is that the reason why you guys
come to school separately?
That little
Hey, Tae Soyeon.
Watch your mouth.
Hey, I'm just genuinely curious.
Who's the older sibling?
I know there's always a younger
and older sibling even between twins.
Didn't I tell you to stop?
Are you having fun?
Don't you have any manners?
God, that startled me.
I'm just jealous is all.
You're both good students and all,
but why do you two
have different surnames?
I get that you're different genders,
but why different surnames?
You're a Gi, and she's a Kook.
I was just curious about it.
You're usually such a show-off,
but I had no idea you two
were hiding this from everyone.
You're both pretty snobby,
but now that you guys messed up,
it kind of makes you more human.
I might even start getting fond of you.
Aw shit, that's good.
This is my cousin and his friend.
Hey, Sa Junggyeong,
have you lost your mind?
What are you doing visiting me at school?
Watch your tone, you piece of shit
Fine. I'm sorry to come looking
for you at school,
but you're not taking any action.
It was starting to make me feel antsy.
This isn't what we agreed on.
I told you I'm looking into it,
so just hold on.
Ugh, how much longer? How much longer
are you going to make me wait?
Didn't you promise me you'll find the guy
who did this to my foot?
Gi Osung, you're supposed to catch him.
Why haven't you done anything about that?
Hurry up and track down that bastard.
Sa Junggyeong.
Are you out of your mind?
Are you forgetting how nervous
you used to be around me?
Should I remind you
of how that used to feel?
Hey, little boy.
You better watch your mouth.
You're making a big mistake right now.
This toddler is all talk and no action.
-Watch it!
-Hey, hey, hey.
What did the cops tell you?
I don't know, fuck!
They haven't told me anything.
Those sons of bitches.
Isn't that something
you should be asking your dad?
Why are you asking me that?
Isn't that why I got so upset
and came all the way here?
Fine. Just go.
If you've transferred schools,
don't ever come back here.
Wow, that asshole pisses me off to no end.
Why are you so afraid of that little shit?
That little shit pisses me off too,
but I can't do anything to him.
I'll get wrecked if I do anything to him.
-Hey, you try shooting it.
-Pass it to me.
Sa Junggyeong, you've still got it.
Watch how your big brother does it, okay?
-Wow, you're seriously the same.
Here, give it to me. Give it to me.
Now, this is how you play basketball!
-Watch! Watch!
-Hey, hey, Junggyeong, it's your turn.
-Junggyeong, one more time.
-Keep it moving and woosh!
Ah, this is it.
-That's what I'm saying! Yes!
-Did you see that?
This shit is a piece of cake,
even with a broken leg.
-He's really good.
-Excuse me
Excuse me!
I'm sorry, but this is our school gym.
You shouldn't be jumping on this floor
wearing dress shoes.
Are you kidding me?
Why are all the punks
at this school so disrespectful?
You, come here. Say that one more time.
Why can't we do what we're doing? Huh?
Tell me.
Why can't we do it? Tell me.
This gym isn't open to just anyone.
This piece of shit!
What do you mean by anyone? Tell me!
-Anyone? You asshole.
-Please stop.
Is it part of this school's tradition
to produce disrespectful pieces of shit?
Should we teach this guy a lesson?
Say it again.
I said, say it again,
you son of a bitch! Huh?
Why don't you just leave?
This motherfucker!
Are you okay?
Stay out of this.
Say that again, you asshole!
Motherfucker, you son of a bitch!
You son of a bitch!
You bastard. Fuck you! You
Come here. Come here. You piece of shit!
Wow, shit. Come here!
What are you doing, you shithead?
Get over here!
You son of a bitch!
The auditorium fifth period
You're going to get in trouble again
for being late.
Hurry up and change.
Tell coach that I'm not feeling well
and that I went to the nurse's room.
Oh, right.
Isn't there supposed to be
an event for the seniors?
Why did they insist on it
being the fifth period?
The atmosphere is very lively
at this school.
Yes, it is.
Should I mirror your laptop screen
so that you can project your video file?
-Yes, yes, yes.
-Oh, yes.
What's the Wifi setting?
Ah, do you mean the password for the Wifi?
It's my pleasure to greet
you all here at Yongtan High.
My name is Beobryeon.
Thank you so much for the warm welcome
and for being here today.
Now that your teenage years
are coming to an end,
you must all have quite a bit
on your plate
as students. Isn't that right?
That's why I've planned
a Q&A session today.
So before we start the session,
I've prepared this video of our temple
for you all to watch today.
In order for our emotions
to be on the same level,
I've prepared a beautiful
video of the four seasons.
Let's start by watching this video.
Here we go.
What is this?
Wait, this isn't
-What's going on?
Is that a guy?
Isn't that Park Wonseok?
Yeah, look!
-It's Park Wonseok!
-Isn't that him, Park Wonseok?
Over there, over there,
over there, over there.
Isn't that a suicide?
How would I know?
What's going on?
Did he fall off from above?
Students, now.
You all need to go back
to your classrooms.
Head back now and watch your step
Don't be alarmed, now.
Move out slowly.
Don't push each other. Don't run. Now.
It seems like it was
taken from a cell phone.
Considering the angle,
it seems like it was taken
from ground level.
Because of the angle,
we can't see who pushed Park Wonseok.
We can't see the culprit's face,
just the feet.
Why would this person choose
to release it now
in front of all the other students?
Why didn't they disclose this
from the beginning?
And why would they show this
in the auditorium
where all the students were gathered?
So this is now a murder case,
not a suicide.
Since the murder
has been filmed and released,
I don't feel good about the fact
that all the students saw this together.
Well, the person who took it
couldn't be the culprit, could they?
Oh, I guess they could've been
an accomplice.
Do you think Ok Chanmi
was in that auditorium too?
I hope she didn't see this.
It wasn't a suicide.
He's not the type of person
who would commit suicide.
We have to catch the suspect.
You need to find the murderer!
Detective Hyun,
head over to the school to investigate
how the monk's presentation could
have been intercepted with this video.
Make sure you inspect
the network thoroughly.
Yes, ma'am, I'll make sure
no one else enters the scene.
You don't have to go!
That's not our case. Why do you even care?
Why are you even watching this?
It's a homicide case.
It doesn't concern us.
Go do your work
and find some missing kids.
It's a homicide case, murder.
But I have prior experience
working on homicide cases.
Have you forgotten about
the serious mistake you made
to end up here in this department?
This case was assigned to us
by the criminal division.
The case was initially classified
as a cut-and-dried suicide case.
But the problem is that
it was improperly classified and dismissed
from the beginning when it should have
been considered a homicide.
-We need to investigate this!
-Hey, Jin Sojung!
You're about to cross the line.
I never meant to say
that the criminal division intentionally
misclassified this case.
Oh, whatever.
Don't create any trouble!
Stop starting things!
Oh, my goodness, look!
This is the case that was
previously concluded as suicide
by the women
and juvenile investigation division.
As the homicide division,
we will investigate this case quickly.
Come in.
Did you call for me, sir?
The video from the auditorium.
I mean, the Yongtan High homicide case.
It's a homicide case. I'll hand it over
to the homicide division right away.
-Captain Yang.
-Yes, sir.
Why do you think I've called
Detective Jin to come along with you?
Excuse me?
-Detective Jin.
-Yes, sir.
You'll be the chief investigator
for the Yongtan High homicide.
Investigate it swiftly
and make sure you're thorough.
Yes, sir.
Who are you?
There's something
I need to talk to you about.
If it's about me staying here,
I'll be leaving soon.
No, it's not about that.
The coach says it's fine
for you to stay here too.
So you can just stay.
Thank you.
I'll just be here for a few days
until I find a new place to live.
I'm totally fine with it,
so just make yourself at home.
Thank you.
I'll head inside then.
Are you sure you're okay?
What we saw in the auditorium today.
Wasn't it just as shocking
for everyone else?
But he's your twin brother.
The fact that you saw that
with your own eyes
I'm fine.
I've been imagining that scene
over and over inside my mind,
so it's something
I was already familiar with.
I'm off to bed now.
Hey, Osung,
did you wait long? Sorry about that.
It's fine.
So why did you want to meet up at night?
You mentioned it was about the auditorium?
Did you want to talk about the video of
Park Wonseok's death?
The video at the auditorium
was very shocking.
I wonder who was responsible for that.
The person who killed him?
Or the person who released the video?
What? I guess I didn't realize
it would be two different people.
Well, the both of them
are sons of bitches.
Why did you do that to Ok Chanmi?
In the auditorium.
In the auditorium?
Huh? What do you mean, Jaebum?
If you won't be honest with me,
then our conversation right now
is meaningless.
Why do you think I came here
to meet you at night?
Jaebum, what do you mean?
What's wrong with Ok Chanmi?
-What do you mean, at the auditorium?
I'm disappointed in you.
Looks like you're not wearing them today.
These sneakers. The ones I gifted to you.
These are really rare in Korea
because they are a limited edition.
Here's a better view of them.
Why don't we be honest
with each other from now on?
Why did you do that to Ok Chanmi?
You even used a brick.
She was
a nuisance to me.
Hey, that's still no reason
to hit a girl over the head with a brick!
That's over the line, seriously.
That's not enough of a reason,
that she was a nuisance.
Tell me the real reason.
You hit her head, knocked her unconscious,
and unlocked her cell phone.
You're the one who sent
the nude photograph of Kook Jihyun
using Ok Chanmi's cell phone.
Are you a sociopath?
-Ok Chanmi.
I just wanted her
to leave this school willingly.
Why are you so afraid of her?
I told you. I just hate her!
She gets on my nerves.
Listen carefully.
I won't tell Ok Chanmi that you're the one
who hit her over the head.
I'll just assume she fell
on her own and move past this,
on one condition.
Never mess with Ok Chanmi ever again.
If you do so much as nudge her,
I won't ever want to see you again,
and I'll release this video.
Can you keep this promise?
I'll trust you.
Come on, let's go.
I'll give you a ride home.
Ok Chanmi really does get on my nerves!
Do you know
why she transferred to this school?
Ok Chanmi's his twin.
She's Park Wonseok's twin sister.
I'm serious. I saw it on her cell phone.
I saw a photograph
of the two of them together,
and the messages between them.
Ok Chanmi is his twin sister.
Hey, I'm off.
Okay, see you tomorrow.
See you.
Hey, Whitehead?
What's wrong with you?
You were so lively earlier today.
Quit your bullshit.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
-What is this?
-Hurry up and come with us!
You bitch!
Hey, hey, get up, get up, yeah.
Look at her putting on a show.
Come here, you.
Get up now.
Stand up.
I said, stand up!
She's so annoying!
What are you doing there?
Oh, Osung, hey, those sneakers up there
Osung, your shoes
I wore them today because it seemed like
you were upset about it yesterday.
Anyways, what's up with the sneakers?
What kind of lunatic did that shit?
Jaebum, if you want to get a closer look,
it's always better to take a photo.
Huh? This is
Huh? It's a limited edition.
Pretty rare in Korea.
Wow, who the hell would hang
these pricey sneakers up
in a tree like that?
This world is full of crazy people.
Isn't it, Jaebum?
-That was Park Wonseok, right?
-You mean, in the video?
Does that mean he was killed
and that he didn't kill himself?
-Who did that?
I could've sworn I saw
somebody kicking him out of the window.
I don't feel safe in this school anymore.
-Wasn't that Park Wonseok?
-Hey, stop, you're scaring me.
Do you know someone
that knows Park Wonseok?
Who killed him?
He bullied me all semester.
Ah, I thought he had
killed himself until yesterday,
but now he was murdered?
So does that mean the murderer
is still among us?
That's what I wanted to tell you.
Who do you think it is?
How did he fall from there?
Who did it? There was another man.
We've received
an official letter
from the police department.
They will investigate
the homicide case
that took place at this school
during the second semester of last year.
They say they'll have to investigate
the students and secure school assets.
That's why we can expect
to see people here
from the police department
for the time being.
Baseless rumors will spread.
To keep everyone calm
and to help them focus on their studies
as much as possible,
I would like to ask
for your support, everyone.
Yes, sir.
So are you saying that
it was technically possible
to intercept the monk's video
with another video?
Yes, it's pretty simple to do
if you know the Wifi password.
So that means
one of the many students here,
who might have had the password,
could have done it?
-Yes, that seems to be the case.
-Like this?
If that's the case
could anyone have access to the password?
The teachers don't have
the password memorized.
It's written on the back of the router,
so we tend to check for it
when we need it.
So the person sat there
and silently played the video
from their cell phone?
What's for lunch today?
What's with her?
This lunatic
Did you see that?
What's this?
-I think I can do better than that.
-Give it a try.
Hey, one more time, one more time.
I'm asking you one more time.
Please don't bring up
the murder case if you can help it.
Also, don't go around saying
this person did this,
or that person's being suspicious.
You might end up getting written up
in the police report
even if you were just joking around,
so don't spread any baseless rumors.
-Yes, sir.
-That's all.
-And Ok Chanmi.
Chanmi, don't go
to your first period class,
and head to the counseling office instead.
-During the first period?
-Yes, you should go now.
They set up a temporary police office
in the counseling office.
But this all happened before
Ok Chanmi transferred, so what gives?
The bell rang a while ago
and she's still not here.
Maybe we put too much pressure on her
by summoning her as the first witness?
The homeroom teacher told me
he was going to tell Ok Chanmi
to come here.
Maybe Ok Chanmi is already too deep
into the case?
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