Revenge of Others (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Chanmi! Ok Chanmi!
This is
How do you have this?
Honestly, I knew
you were Wonseok's younger sister.
I didn't want to tell you
that I knew before you told me about it.
Did my older brother tell you about me?
He also shared this photograph with me.
Seems like he trusted you a lot.
But hey
What are you doing here so early
in the morning?
Oh The day I leave for the States
has finally been set.
My flight will be ten days from today.
I guess there really isn't much time left.
We don't have much time.
That's why I thought
I should tell you everything I know.
I was the one who
left the note in your locker.
Th that was you?
I wanted to tell you the truth earlier.
But you ended up finding out
about the Piano Café on your own
and making your way there.
How did you know
I had transferred to Seoul?
It was three or four days
into the semester.
-Hey, Chanmi, Chanmi! Hurry up.
-Oh, okay, I'm coming.
After I dropped out of school,
I came to pick up some paperwork
at school that day.
That's when I saw you.
Ok Chanmi?
Since then,
I loitered in front of the school a lot.
I even saw you riding your scooter
to school.
I thought a lot about if I should, like,
approach you to introduce myself.
Then I thought to myself, what's the point
of introducing myself to you now?
But then
Ah, there's
There's something
I need to tell you first.
That video of Wonseok falling
that was played in the auditorium
it was me who played the video.
How where did you get
ahold of that video?
I recorded it myself with my cell phone.
I was so scared.
I was so scared
and heartbroken at the time.
So, I just ran away.
Why didn't you
tell the police about the video
from the beginning?
Why didn't you tell them
it was a murder, not a suicide?
I also thought it was a suicide.
I couldn't bear to think that Wonseok
would kill himself.
That's why I dropped out of school,
got a new cell phone,
and a new number, too.
I stopped contacting anybody I knew
and meeting up with them after that.
Honestly, I couldn't bring myself to watch
the video on that phone again.
I'm not going to ever come back
once I leave.
So, I wanted to resolve things
before I left.
After hesitating
and agonizing for a while,
I took out the phone I had put away
and rewatched that video.
It was already agonizing
to watch that video again, but then
I saw that someone
had pushed Wonseok out the window,
and I was even more shocked
That's when I thought
I should let you know right away.
I also thought I should let
the other students and the teachers know.
That's why I played the video
in the auditorium.
It's Park Wonseok!
If the police find the murderer
before we do,
we won't even have a chance
to get our revenge on the murderer.
That's exactly what I'm thinking.
One way or another,
let's find the murderer before they do.
You already have a suspect in mind,
don't you?
Who do you think did it?
Ji Sooheon.
Ji, Ji Sooheon?
Did everything go okay last night?
Everything went well.
That bastard
will visit the hospital today
to apologize.
Though that punk really deserves to die.
Good work.
Hey, Sooheon!
Huh? Hey, Jaebum.
Hey, what's up?
What happened to you last night?
I'm so sorry.
I had an urgent matter.
I'm really, really sorry.
Hey, you should've messaged me,
or at least given me a call.
I was so frustrated
I didn't think I could stand it.
But I sent you a text message
letting you know
I couldn't go to the game.
Really? I didn't get a text message.
Yeah, look, no message.
Ugh, how annoying.
I turned my cell phone off
without checking
to see if the message went through.
Wow, we were about to become arch enemies
because of a simple misunderstanding.
I'm so sorry, seriously.
It's fine. It wasn't your fault.
Things just happen sometimes.
I'm really sorry, truly.
It's really fine.
Let's go see another game next time.
I'm seriously so sorry.
Why don't we have lunch together?
Are you at least
going to have lunch with me?
Oh, come on.
Now it's
Ji Sooheon
Hey, Osung.
Gi Osung!
What's going on with you?
Is there anything wrong with this photo?
Don't you know that detectives
are all over the place
to work on Park Wonseok's case?
What's so bad about having
taken a photo once with Park Wonseok?
Is it a problem that I used
to know Park Wonseok?
Let's say you naïvely
brought this picture to school
and the other students saw
that you had this.
And that that caught
the attention of the detectives.
Then a detective might ask you
how you were so close to Park Wonseok
even though you were in different grades.
How will you answer that question?
If you say you don't remember,
do you think the detectives
will leave it at that?
They'll start contacting students
who graduated,
people who were in your grade,
and start digging around.
It won't do you any good
if you get involved with the police.
Don't trust anyone else but me
and remember what I said.
You never even knew Park Wonseok.
This reminds me of the incident
in the dark room at Yongtan High.
He was bound to the chair with tape
and then beaten up.
"The red sun is over
the tip of the western mountain."
It's evening, and the sun's
about to go down.
The image of the downward movement
of the sun
reinforces the atmosphere of mourning.
Like this, sunsets are often used
as metaphors
for descent, disappearance,
destruction, or death.
Now take a look at the next sentence
Is there any reason
why you think Sooheon is the culprit?
I saw him.
You saw
What we know for certain
is that the speaker,
who is watching the deer, is sad.
And we can say the speaker is projecting
their sadness on the deer.
That's why some people say
that this is the part
where the speaker's sadness starts
to expand throughout the world.
In the first and second paragraphs
-Wow, this is incredible news.
It's about Ok Chanmi.
This is an incredible update.
Ok Chanmi and Park Wonseok
are actually siblings.
Apparently, somebody heard this
from the detective
working on Park Wonseok's case.
They're siblings.
Wow, that really hit a nerve.
So, she's been keeping that a secret? Why?
It was Ji Sooheon.
I saw him.
I saw the red shoelaces on his shoes,
I swear.
I heard you're Park Wonseok's
younger sister?
Seriously, you're
You've got me.
Bitch, I mean, seriously?
You're the one that went
around telling everyone
that Osung and I are siblings.
I already told you
it wasn't me who blabbed.
-Just stop.
-Stop what?
I haven't even started yet.
Why did you keep it a secret?
Did you do that
so that you could sniff around
to learn more about Park Wonseok's death?
Did you have fun playing detective
and pretending
you had nothing to do with him?
It must have been a ton of fun
turning this school upside down, huh?
Hey, Jihyun.
How could you even say that?
-A classmate died.
So you're siding with her
because she's your ex-boyfriend's sister?
Why don't you two just hug and cry it out?
Shut up. That was low.
Get lost, or I might smack you,
and you might end up sobbing
Hey! Let me go!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Fucking bitch!
Leave me alone!
-Stop them!
Get up.
Shit! Ha, fuck!
Hey, hey, Chanmi, Chanmi,
don't do that, Chanmi.
This fucking
Hey, stop! Stop it.
Just calm down.
Mr. Jo, what's going on
at school these days?
Can't you see what happened
to my daughter's face?
I'm so sorry, ma'am.
It wasn't a fight.
Clearly, she was beaten up.
Yes, that's what the other students
are saying as well.
Expel her from school.
If you don't,
you'll have bigger problems to face.
Uh I
I heard that Mr. Gi,
Osung's father, is part of your family.
I heard about it recently.
So, since her father
is the chief of the police station
That's why
I'm not just going to let this go.
Expel her from school.
Are you feeling okay?
I'm eating so much.
When are you going to show me
your husband's face?
Give it some time.
I'll show you when the time comes.
Ugh, no matter how much I think about it,
you are one crazy bitch.
I would agree.
I'm kind of all over the place.
What did the teacher say?
He told me to stay home for a few days
and not get into any more trouble.
Meanwhile, he'll do his best to make sure
I'm not suspended or expelled.
Oh, wow, he's such a nice human being.
Well, he's kind of a weasel,
but he's a nice person.
Of course, since he's so ugly,
he has to at least be nice.
No wonder.
I thought it was weird how you were
so curious about Wonseok.
In any case,
you must have gone through a lot.
Uh, it's just
Do you mind if we talk about him?
No, of course not.
I only hid the fact
that I'm his younger sister
because I was afraid people
wouldn't talk to me about him.
You see, Wonseok was
a pretty nice guy up to sophomore year.
I heard that too.
That he was strong
but never bullied anybody.
If anything,
he protected other students from bullies.
During junior year,
he made a complete 180 like he went crazy.
He started beating up other students,
hanging out with bullies,
and bullying other kids himself.
In any case, if something
didn't go his way,
he'd create a total mess
out of the situation.
But as far as I know,
it was all because of Gi Osung.
Gi Osung?
Oh, so, are you saying
Gi Osung turned Wonseok into a bully?
I mean, Gi Osung is the
class president posing as a good guy.
But Wonseok was the top dog
in the entire school.
Wonseok was a much better fighter,
so why would he ever take orders
from Gi Osung?
I'm telling you the truth.
He did whatever Gi Osung told him to do.
I've never told this to anyone before,
but what happened is, Gi Osung
was manipulating Park Wonseok.
It was when I started
my secret relationship with my hubby.
So, we were having
an intimate moment together, when
Hey, Gi Osung!
What is it that you needed to tell me?
Hey, Wonseok.
Did you think I was joking?
Why didn't you do what I told you to?
You bastard. I told you to do
whatever it took to stop Im Somi
from spreading lies
that I got her pregnant.
How can I possibly stop her
from blabbing to people?
Since I broke up with that bitch Im Somi,
she's been trying to drag me down
by telling everyone that she's pregnant.
Whether you kill her
or tear off her mouth, I don't care.
Just make sure she keeps her mouth shut.
This is your last warning.
Fine. Then this will be the last time.
That all depends on how you handle this.
Yeah, that's right.
So, it's true that Osung
had something on Wonseok
and manipulated him.
Ah, I did have some vague sense
that that was the case.
What did he have on Wonseok?
I don't really know
what that might've been, but
I mean, what exactly did he use
against my brother
to do anything he wanted?
What kind of weakness would he have had
that would've made my brother
do all those bad things?
Oh, but something
that really confuses me is
Later, towards the end
of the second semester,
it was Wonseok
that had the upper hand over Osung.
Like the situation had changed completely.
The picture on the left
is from the body shop murder case,
which we received this morning.
The one on the right
is from the assault case,
which was reported from Yongtan High
on March 17th of this year.
The commonality between these two cases
is that the victims were former assailants
in school violence cases.
Also, the victims were bound
to chairs with tape.
We've yet to receive the lab results,
but there's a possibility
that it's the same tape.
In one case, the victim died.
In the other,
the victim was seriously injured.
In the assault case,
the victim's toes were crushed to pieces.
The direct cause of death
in the body shop case
is currently presumed
to be suffocation from strangulation.
Sir, we'll determine
if there's a clear connection
between the cases as we investigate them.
Well, since this is a homicide case,
the homicide division should work on it.
But I do think
there's a connection between the cases.
So I want Jin Sojeong's team
to join as well.
Yes, sir.
I don't remember anything
since I couldn't see his face.
I can't recall anything either
because I was getting beaten up
like crazy.
But in any case,
I think he had a distinct smell.
Could you elaborate?
Well, it smelled like oil and alcohol.
What kind of oil?
Like the oil you smell here?
Or like the oil you smell
at a barbecue restaurant?
Or gasoline from a gas station,
lubricant oil from a factory,
engine oil from a body shop,
cooking oil from a chicken restaurant
I think it was lubricant oil
from a factory.
It smelled like oil from a machine.
Oil from a factory machine
How about the alcohol?
Are you sure
it wasn't the smell of liquor?
It smelled like the alcohol you
would find in a hospital.
Alcohol found in a hospital
Can you describe the moment
you first encountered the assailant
in the dark room again?
Well, you couldn't even call it a moment.
Shit, it's kind of embarrassing.
I was knocked out in a single punch.
Ugh, well, shit,
he's got a hell of a punch, eh?
The culprit might be a pro.
So you mean like a professional boxer?
Not a pro athlete.
More like a pro gangster.
How about the way he talked?
Other than the fact
that he used a voice modulator.
Other than that I can't really
Did he have an accent,
or talk like a gangster?
Well, now that I think about it,
I don't think he talked like a gangster.
Oil, alcohol, a lightning-fast punch,
a normal accent.
Doesn't this feel like a mystery
from a detective novel?
You mean the assault in the dark room?
Are you talking about Sa Junggyeong?
You ran into Ji Sooheon
in an alley that night.
Can you remember anything
in particular from
Wait, hold on a moment.
Hold on a moment, detective.
Weren't you investigating
my older brother's case?
There's a connection between the cases,
so that's why I'm questioning you.
Are you saying
that it's the same culprit?
That's not what I meant.
What I meant is that
I'm carrying out my investigation
and leaving it open to all possibilities.
Hey, try to remember what happened
when you ran into Ji Sooheon that night.
Even the tiniest thing might be helpful.
Now, it goes without saying that
our conversation here will be classified,
so this stays between us.
-Is the perpetrator in my brother's case
and the perpetrator
in the dark room assault case
the same person?
That's why, if you want
to catch your brother's murderer,
you have to think hard about
whether there was anything strange
with Ji Sooheon that night.
Sa Junggyeong?
I didn't have any issues
with him at school,
nor did I have any interest in him.
Do you usually work out over there?
-That night,
you ran into Ok Chanmi in the alley
on your way back
after working out
at the Unmacheon walkway.
Yes, occasionally.
I was under the impression
that you usually work out at this gym.
But you worked out
at the Unmacheon walkway that night?
I didn't say that I worked out
at the Unmacheon walkway that night only.
What I mean is that I work out
over there occasionally.
When did you start
practicing martial arts?
Since I was in 9th grade.
Oh, you must be really good by now.
With a strong punch.
Are you planning to become
a professional athlete?
It's just a hobby.
I'm only asking because it's something
I've been curious about.
Is it possible to knock someone out
with a single bare-fisted punch?
If the person's struck
at a pressure point, it might be possible.
Like on the jaw or the temples?
Yeah, well, probably.
Have you ever managed to do that yourself?
On March 17th,
the night Sa Junggyeong
was assaulted in the dark room,
there were witnesses
standing in front of the student center.
A boy and a girl.
They testified that someone
in a mask hopped over a wall.
If you were to have jumped over the wall,
you'd find yourself in the alley
where you and Chanmi ran into each other.
Did you see anyone else in the alley?
Anyone suspicious?
Chanmi was the only person I ran into.
The shoelaces on your sneakers,
are those the ones that are normally
on your shoes?
They look nice.
I switched them out recently.
Because I have some kind of a jinx.
Can I ask about the jinx?
I'd rather not talk about that
unless it's related to the investigation.
I'm sorry.
Mother, it's me.
I'm fine.
I'm sorry. Please don't worry.
But mother
I'm not sure where I am right now.
The kids started eating first.
Osung, what were you doing while Jihyun
was being beaten up like this?
Oh, why are you blaming Osung?
Do you really think Osung
would've let this happen if he were there?
He wasn't there to stop it.
In any case, I'm not going to let
this girl get away
with just an expulsion
for doing this to Jihyun.
I'm going to pursue criminal charges.
Please be firm with the school
when you speak to them.
Of course I will.
Oh, also, there seems to be a lot going on
at Yongtan High these days, so be careful.
In fact, the assailant
from the dark room case
is a student at your school!
Isn't it better not to catch the culprit
from the dark room case?
Sa Junggyeong got what he deserved,
so it was just justice being served.
What are you talking about?
Justice is enforced by the police.
Because we didn't pursue that guy,
he ended up even committing murder!
Did someone die?
Don't tell anyone at school about this.
Of course the kids know not to do that.
But still, just be careful what you say.
I guess somebody
had better be extra careful, then.
Aren't you supposed to go that way?
Why should I take a detour?
Everyone knows by now.
This route is much shorter.
Shit, my reputation is ruined
because of that bitch Ok Chanmi.
Are you going to get her
kicked out of school?
Whether it's expulsion or suspension,
we can't let her leave the school.
Better that I keep her near me
to make her behave like a good girl.
A good girl who will tremble in fear
whenever she sees me.
I'll teach her a real lesson.
I guess you'll have a lot on your hands
teaching her a lesson and all.
Now that I think about it,
it's fucking outrageous.
The fact that Ok Chanmi
and Park Wonseok were siblings.
She must've been spying on us,
like we're the suspects.
Damn, I really can't forgive her.
Seriously I'm going to kill--
Hey, Jihyun.
Don't even think about
calling up your cronies to beat her up.
If something goes wrong,
that'll be on your student record.
-And then you can kiss college goodbye.
-Do you think I'm an amateur?
Just don't do anything.
I'll handle this one.
In a way you'll see fit.
What a joke.
Osung was manipulating Wonseok.
Osung was behind
all the bad things he did.
You're working so hard.
Well, the school
is offering me a scholarship,
so I guess I have to at least pretend
to be working hard.
Don't you have class?
I have something else
that's more important than class.
I'm here because your case
has been opened up
by the school violence committee.
-Did you come for an apology?
-No, no.
I'll apologize first.
Sorry, I know Jihyun
has been an ass to you.
This is just a possibility for now, but
things are going to get complicated
for you if you're expelled
or suspended from school.
My father
I mean, Jihyun's father,
is a police chief.
If he gets mad and overreacts,
things might get complicated for you.
This is why I'm saying this to you now.
I'll do my best to make sure
you're not expelled from school.
And why would you do that?
I guess I consider myself indebted to him
for the things I couldn't apologize for.
Though I'm not sure
if I can make up to him in this way
Regardless, I'm being genuine,
so I hope you'll take it that way.
Hope you have a good practice.
Oh, one more thing.
I'll help you find Wonseok's murderer.
I'll do whatever I can.
Ji Sooheon,
you motherfucker. Come here.
I said, come here, you son of a bitch.
My bros wanted to pay you a visit,
you fucker.
Is it possible to knock someone out
with a single bare-fisted punch?
Have you ever knocked someone out?
-Get up.
Hey, hey!
Where are your balls, you son of a bitch!
Crush him.
Bro, I think that's enough.
I bet the other fuckers already
reported this when they passed by.
He's a pile of mush.
Does he even know how to punch?
Agh, what's wrong with him?
Was he just amped in the gym that day?
I thought he was a good fighter.
-He doesn't seem like one, does he?
He came here four days ago.
May I ask what this is concerning?
It's about a homicide case.
Excuse me?
Did he kill someone again?
No. He was murdered.
He's dead?
I know it may be traumatic to recall
the details of your daughter's case,
but may I ask you a few questions?
When Ju Hyeokgeon was here four days ago,
what did he say to you?
He told me to drop the civil lawsuit.
He stabbed my daughter to death
and finished his sentence,
but he was still only 16 years old.
He's reintegrated back into society
and living a normal life
as if nothing had happened.
At 18 years old.
as a mom
I needed to do something.
In order to make sure he'll never forget
that he stabbed my daughter,
I filed a civil lawsuit against him
so that I could drag it out
for as long as possible.
He came here to tell me to drop it.
He threatened me saying I'll have to pay
a price if I don't drop the case
Did anything else happen?
That was it.
It must be hard.
If you remember anything else,
please let us know.
Why didn't you file a police report,
when you were threatened to drop the suit?
Leave our hero alone!
-Please don't catch him!
-Can't you just leave?
-Just go!
Excuse me?
-Your purse.
Thank you.
Come in.
You made the appointment
under a fake name, right?
I'll take care of the medical records.
I guess we won't have
to see each other again.
Were the cops here?
-Did something happen?
-Didn't you know?
What do you mean?
I guess you're here
because you didn't know.
Ju Hyeokgeon is dead.
Excuse me?
-Oh, you're here? Take care, boy.
APR 5TH, 2022 08:56
You never saw that, okay?
Just forget you ever saw this.
Do you understand?
Yes, I do.
What is it?
Anything else you can't talk to me
about at home?
You know the girl who beat up Jihyun?
Please punish her
without getting her expelled from school.
Huh, what are you talking about?
She's going to be expelled
and charged as a criminal!
Why are you saying things
that will upset Jihyun?
She's kind of poor.
And to be honest,
Jihyun's not completely innocent either.
If I can persuade Jihyun
to make up with her,
it'll be beneficial
for Jihyun's reputation as well.
So do you really think
you can persuade Jihyun?
All you have to do is just pretend
you don't know anything about this
and not do anything.
So you want to resolve this on good terms.
-Hello, sir.
-Good work today.
Thank you.
-Hey, honey.
Can you get off work on time today?
Yes, I'll leave on time today.
How about you?
Then I should get off work when you do.
What time can you be
at that bowling alley?
Um, in about 40 minutes?
Okay, I'll see you in 40 minutes.
Okay, see you then. Bye.
That looks like the culprit,
but it's peculiar
that he's wearing a backpack.
He used a lot of tools
to carry out the crime.
A mask, tape, gloves,
urethane foam used to block the camera.
It smelled like oil and alcohol.
How did I miss this?
Excuse me?
The smell of oil, the smell of alcohol
It's the bowling alley.
It's the oil on the bowling pins
and the alcohol
that's used to wipe it off.
Sooheon! Sooheon!
Your friend's here.
What? Why would Ju Hyeokgeon be dead?
-Are you sure you're not mistaken?
-The cops were at the doctor's office.
Hey, it wasn't me.
I didn't do it.
Hey, Sooheon.
You'd better pull yourself together.
I I'm fine with whatever you did.
We just need to decide
how we're going to deal with this.
Agh, I just hit him a few times.
I didn't do anything else.
Think about it carefully.
Are you saying
I got carried away and killed him?
How did he die?
I don't know.
When I left the body shop,
Ju Hyeokgeon was shouting,
asking for forgiveness!
He was alive!
Then should we turn ourselves in?
Do you want to just go ahead and confess
to the police that you only hit him?
No, that won't work.
It's better
than being labeled as a murderer.
I can't go to jail right now.
Agh, I can't right now.
We're from Yongtan Police Station.
Well, how can I help you?
Ji Sooheon works here part-time, right?
Where does he store his personal items?
His personal belongings are in his locker
since he has to lock them up.
I'll be taking a look through his things.
Excuse me, what's going on?
Did-did Sooheon get into some trouble?
Why are you searching his belongings?
What's going on?
Don't you need a search warrant?
Ji Sooheon.
If you don't open this for us,
you'll be escorted to the police station,
and we'll break this locker open.
We can secure a search warrant
under exigent circumstances.
It's your call.
It's just a uniform and a backpack.
For a student?
May I close this?
Excuse me,
what exactly are you searching for? Huh?
If you have reason
to believe he's a suspect,
you should at least be able to explain
what's going on to us!
-What did Sooheon do wrong?
-Detective Hyun.
Go get the master key
and check every locker here.
Including the machine room.
I'll check inside the bowling alley.
Yes, ma'am.
Did you say you're going to check
every single locker?
May I search the machine room first?
-Yes, Ms. Jin.
I'm heading to Ji Sooheon's gym right now.
Don't say anything
and just hold him there for a while.
Yes, okay, will do.
What? Where did Ji Sooheon go?
Where is he?
Detective Hyun.
Ji Sooheon went missing?
Okay, I'm hanging up.
Wait, wait, wait, hold on a second.
Hold on a second.
Isn't this too much even
for a police officer?
Rushing in with a bolt cutter
to cut open a lock? Do you have a warrant?
When there's a risk that the evidence
may be destroyed,
we can secure a warrant afterwards.
Step aside.
That's enough. Just get out of here.
Get out of my gym right now.
So what if you're a cop? Get out!
You'll get hurt if you lay hands on a cop.
It's a homicide case!
Don't mess with me.
Wow, seriously.
This is so ridiculous. What the hell?
I think you're seriously mistaken.
What exactly is she looking for?
Sooheon, she said she's investigating
a murder case.
Wow, she's making me lose it.
Wow, seriously. Shit!
Can I see your room?
You need to first tell me what's going on.
What is it you want from me?
What is this about a murder case?
If you're not good at your job,
why don't you make a career change?
And stop bothering me.
-Do you need a bag?
-No thanks.
Who could have
taken the backpack?
I was here
last night.
Did you suddenly remember
the horse riding course
you used to come to?
It's not that I remembered this place.
I woke up and found myself alone
in the stables in the middle of the night.
When I called my mom and told her
there was a horse next to me,
she came here and brought me back home.
I guess I took a taxi
and came here at night.
Standing alone in a stable
in the dark at night.
As if I'd been abandoned.
It was scary.
Of course, man.
If you remember something
and want to take a visit,
just give me a call first.
Sure, thanks.
But last night,
I was able to retrieve a memory
in the midst of my fear.
I wasn't injured in a traffic accident.
It wasn't a traffic accident that kept me
in the hospital for six months.
I tried to kill myself here
at the stables.
Everyone lied to me.
Isn't that right?
-I know that you
were just trying your best to do
whatever my mother told you to do.
I'm grateful for that.
But Osung
can you promise me
you'll be honest with me?
Of course, Jaebum.
I'm always on your side.
I'm always genuine with you.
Was I the one
who killed Park Wonseok?
Can we talk for a moment?
About what?
Don't you have something to tell me?
What do you mean?
You're the one that wanted to talk.
The cops came today to search my locker.
Aren't you curious why they came for me?
Sa Junggyeong's case, the dark room case.
You're being investigated as a suspect.
The police came to question me as well.
They kept asking me about
the night I ran into you in the alley.
Isn't that the reason
why the cops came for you?
-That's right.
-When the cops searched the place,
did anything happen?
-Then it's all good.
-What was it you wanted to tell me?
It's nothing.
I just wanted to ask is all.
-It's late. Get some rest.
Get some rest.
It's been a while since you last visited.
Why don't you come in?
Sorry, Jiwon.
It's almost time for my appointment.
Then why didn't you come a bit earlier?
Oh, here's the package you sent.
Thank you, Jiwon.
How have you been?
Oh, well, I'm doing just fine.
How about you?
Yes, I'm doing fine as well.
Come to Busan
if you want your bag back.
Ok Chanmi
Ok Chanmi.
Are you not here yet?
Chanmi, what are you doing?
Hey, come out.
Just hear me out.
Stop right there. Don't move.
Why are you doing this?
I'll explain. Just come out.
I didn't kill him.
I'm being honest.
Hey, this isn't even funny.
Hey, Chanmi.
What are you doing?
I think you're misunderstanding something.
You can take the bag to the police.
It wasn't me. I didn't kill him.
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