Revenge of Others (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

I didn't kill him.
I'm being honest.
Hey, this isn't even funny.
Hey, Chanmi.
What are you doing?
I think you're misunderstanding something.
You can take the bag to the police.
It wasn't me.
I didn't kill him.
What do you think you're doing right now?
Have you gone mad?
Hey, explain this to me.
What are you trying to do?
Don't move!
Hey, come on! Why are you doing this?!
Okay, fine.
With Sa Junggyeong, that was me.
I'm the one who crushed his foot.
But what does that have to do with you?
I didn't kill
that damn juvenile delinquent!
Why did you kill
my older brother?
What did you say?
You think I killed Wonseok?
Shut up! You bastard!
There's evidence.
Why would I kill him, why?
You're the one
who should be answering that question.
Why did you?
Why did you kill him, why?
You demonic bastard.
How dare you smile at me
after killing my brother?
How dare you even talk to me?
You deserve to die.
-Let me go! Let me go!
-Please just stop!
Stop it!
If I'm the one that killed Wonseok,
then I'll kill myself.
If you really believe that I killed him,
I'll go ahead and kill myself.
So tell me.
Did I kill him?
Answer me!
Do you think I killed Wonseok?
Who are you?
Why do you have Wonseok's cell phone?
Hello?! Hell
The person you dialed cannot be reached
Hey, hey.
To the center!
Good one!
Was I the one
who killed Park Wonseok?
Why would you have killed Park Wonseok?
It's just not true.
Why would you think that?
Jaebum, what did I tell you
when you brought that photo
of you and Park Wonseok to school?
Didn't I tell you?
You didn't even know Park Wonseok.
How could I not know him if we had taken
a polaroid picture like that
at this race track?
That's why I'm suspecting.
Maybe you're lying to me
because I did something bad
to Park Wonseok.
How far back can you remember?
How far?
Is your memory
slowly coming back to you these days?
I think so.
Don't trust your memory, Jaebum.
You'll be in big trouble
if you do, seriously.
Your memories might not be real.
You never know
if it's just part of your imagination,
so don't trust your memories.
So are you saying
that it wasn't a suicide
and that it was in fact a car accident?
Where did it happen?
What kind of accident was it?
Was it a car collision? Was I jaywalking?
It's true that you were trying
to commit suicide.
Don't tell your parents
your memory came back.
It was actually your parents
who decided to tell you
that it was a car accident.
Where did I jump from?
From the building
of your parents' company nearby.
Do you know the reason why?
No, I don't.
I don't know why you tried to jump.
There was no suicide note.
What exactly happened
between me and Park Wonseok?
Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
This seems like a breakthrough.
Regarding what happened
between you and Park Wonseok
the incident
There's something I need to show you.
It's at home, so I'll bring it
with me the next time I see you.
The person you dialed cannot be reached
Do you need a bag?
Oh, yes.
It's 12,000 won.
-How much is it?
-It's 15,000 won.
How do I look?
Funny. Try this on.
What are you doing?
Don't forget to see a doctor
once you get to Seoul.
I'll be fine.
I it's not up to you to decide
whether you're fine or not.
Make sure you go see a doctor.
And if the doctor asks me how I got hurt,
should I tell him I was shot?
Why don't you just tell them
you messed with some bullies on the street
and that's how this happened.
What are you doing?
It's not everyday you get shot
unless you're fighting in a war.
We have to commemorate this day
with a souvenir.
Hey, what are you doing?
Damn it.
Good one.
That was so close.
-Hey, I'm heading out.
-Okay. Good job. Take care.
-Okay, see you next week.
Jaebum, sorry to keep you waiting.
Why were you playing basketball
when you were supposed to meet with me?
It's just that if I didn't join,
they wouldn't have been able to play.
It was three against three.
Then you could have called
So, do you remember now?
Do you remember why you committed suicide?
Can you really not remember?
Memories aren't something
you can bring back
just because you think hard and focus.
Well, maybe it will just pop up randomly?
With some sort of a triggering event
or a shock?
I did exactly
what you told me to do, Osung.
I went back to the office building
near the horse track,
but I couldn't remember anything at all.
I couldn't remember
why I had jumped from there.
By the way,
how were you able to realize
that it wasn't a traffic accident
and that you had
actually attempted suicide?
I guess the feeling of floating mid-air?
For a very long time
And that fear of falling.
That feeling resurfaced like a nightmare.
That's why I thought
maybe that's what had happened.
You haven't told your parents about this,
have you?
Thank you.
You're the only one I can trust.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Come on, you're making me feel awkward.
You don't have to thank me.
You said
you had something to show me concerning
what happened
between Park Wonseok and me, right?
I have it here in my bag.
Are you prepared
to take whatever comes out of it?
What do you mean? What is it?
This envelope
The thing inside this envelope
was once yours.
You asked me to hold onto this a few days
before you tried to commit suicide.
I asked you to hold onto this for me?
You told me not to open it
under any circumstances.
But after you jumped,
you lost consciousness
and weren't waking up.
So I opened it.
I feel really bad about that.
So, Jaebum,
that's why I told you
not to mention Park Wonseok to anyone.
What are you going to do now?
Well, the last train has left by now.
I'll have to catch the train
early tomorrow morning
and head back to Seoul.
That's not what I meant.
I mean, what are you going to do
about the body shop murder?
You've been framed as the suspect.
Well, I'm not actually being framed,
I'm just a suspect.
What do you call it, a person of interest?
Had it not been for you,
I'd be in jail by now.
I would've been investigated
as the suspect for a murder case.
All we can do is hope
that the real culprit will be caught.
By the way, how did you know?
That the police were looking
for the backpack?
Gi Osung told me.
Gi Osung?
Gi Osung.
I heard you manipulated Park Wonseok
after learning about his weaknesses.
I'm here because I wanted
to hear you elaborate on that.
Is that why you've been waiting
for me in front of my house?
Do you really need to bring up the past?
Wonseok isn't here with us anymore.
I need to find the person
who killed my older brother.
How is the fact
that I manipulated Park Wonseok
related to his murder?
That's why I'm asking you to explain.
Do you think I'm the one who killed him?
Before I actually catch the killer,
everyone is a suspect in my eyes.
The police are tracking down
the suspect now.
When I went to visit my father
at the police station,
I came across this information
by accident.
Several days ago, there was a murder.
And the police think that the suspect
is the same one who was behind
the dark room assault at our school.
They say it's highly likely
that it's the same person
behind Park Wonseok's case.
They're about to catch the suspect.
What do you mean
they're about to catch the suspect?
It seems they spotted him
on some surveillance footage
at the scene of the crime a few days ago.
I watched the surveillance myself.
I guess they've identified the suspect.
Just his back.
All they have is a photo of him
wearing a backpack.
They said it won't take long
before they catch him.
I recalled that image of you
when I ran into you in the alley.
I remember thinking it was odd
that you were wearing a backpack
even though you told me you were
on your way back from working out.
What the
I thought to myself
that I shouldn't let the police catch you.
Because if you had been caught,
from that point on, I wouldn't have had
the chance to confront you directly.
I wouldn't have been able to ask you
why you did it.
I also wouldn't have been able to
kill you with my own two hands.
So I thought it'd be better
not to let the police catch you,
until I had the chance
to catch you myself.
I did almost die at your hands.
If you hadn't received that call
Hey, how can you laugh
and joke about what happened?
Life and death is not a big deal.
There's only a small difference
between the two.
Now's not the time for such talk.
Looking ahead
Death isn't what's waiting
for us after life.
It's more like life and death
are running along parallel tracks.
You can die just by slightly veering
to the other side.
Come on, stop being weird.
Why would you have
any reason to talk about death?
You do realize that I was almost shot
to death today, right?
Damn, come on.
What I mean is, we have to keep on living.
Even when you reach the brink of death,
if you're able to surpass that moment,
your life will continue to go on.
We should do whatever we can to survive.
That's the only responsibility
we have in life.
What you're saying sounds right,
but you're getting on my nerves.
The person that called earlier
They must be the culprit, right?
That must have been the culprit.
That person must have picked up
my brother's phone
after pushing him out the window.
Why would they turn on the cell phone?
They should know
that it can be tracked down.
Why did they call me with his cell phone?
They must've been keeping
an eye on me, right?
Do you think they were just
trying to mess around with me?
Are they trying to have fun with this?
That son of a bitch.
What are you going to do about the police?
Are you going to tell them
you got a phone call
from Wonseok's cell phone?
The person you dialed cannot be reached
The person you dialed cannot be reached.
-Please record the message after the tone.
Hey, why are you so startled?
You have such a loud voice.
How could I not be startled?
I was going to introduce
you guys formally,
but I guess this is how it goes.
This is my boyfriend.
Why don't you say hello?
-It's nice to meet you, I'm
-Aren't you Bang Wootak?
Oh my, what? How did you know?
-He's completely disguised.
-You can just tell he's an idol star.
It's nice to finally meet you.
I've heard a lot about you from Ajung.
Come to think of it, you don't strike me
so much as an idol star.
You're giving me more daddy vibes.
Hey, Soyeon, do you really need
to embarrass him like that?
You barely just met.
In any case, if you do so much
as scratch Ajung, you better watch out.
I'll make sure you never work
in the entertainment industry ever again.
I don't know why she's being this way.
I don't know why she's so mad.
Don't worry.
After my contract expires this fall,
I'm going to retire
and fulfill my military service.
Then we'll live together
as a happy family. Just the three of us.
You can say all you want now, but
regardless, you'll be forced to retire
if you ever go back on your word.
You can take my word for it.
I don't know what's gotten into her.
Soyeon, I hope you'll continue
to look out for Ajung
with the same loyalty you have
for her now.
I'm never going to change.
-Oh no, what to do
-Oh, my cutie pie.
Ah, she must be emotional
from all the hormones.
-Are you okay?
-I'm just so touched.
You're so silly.
Don't cry, okay, sweetie?
Did you say your parents went down south?
Yeah, they'll be away
for a while for work.
In that case, maybe I'll stay here
for a while doing prenatal care.
You must be tired
from your date today. Rest up.
Hey, Soyeon.
I just thought of this, but
wouldn't it be fun if the four of us
went out on a double date?
What are you talking about?
I don't have a boyfriend.
You have Ji Sooheon. Just grab him
by the collar and drag him along.
Are you out of your mind?
It's time you already started dating.
It's obvious you have feelings for him,
so just bring him along.
He'll be excited about it as well.
If I were to cuss you out
in a five-minute rap battle,
that wouldn't be good
for your prenatal care, would it?
You punk. I'm going to take a shower.
I already know you've been worried
for the past few days.
-I know it's because of Ji Sooheon.
-Shut the heck up.
What are you going to do now?
Well, I guess
it will all work out somehow.
What do you mean it will all work out?
You're being framed as a murder suspect.
There's nothing I can do about it.
Plus, I did commit a crime.
What you did wasn't a crime.
It was.
I assaulted someone.
I wasn't planning to be a hero,
or whatever everyone else was calling it.
I'm no hero.
I just needed the money.
Money to pay for my mom's medical bills.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
You don't need to do that.
You did the right thing.
How did I end up like this?
If you were to ask me yesterday,
I could never have imagined
that I'd be sitting
in a laundromat in Busan.
The same goes for me.
When you make a snowman,
first you insert a stone
to form a snowball.
That's me.
I'm the stone.
I feel like someone inserted me
into a snowball,
and that I'm just being rolled
into something bigger.
The more it rolls, the bigger it gets.
To the point where it's too big for me
to get myself out of it.
A snowball
that's gotten too big to escape.
What you're saying sounds right,
but you're getting on my nerves.
I'm sorry, okay?
I heard a phone ringing.
When the culprit called me.
Who is this?
Why do you have Wonseok's cell phone?
Hello? Hell
Forget I was in Busan.
Hello? Hello?
What's with that guy? What's going on?
It's nothing. He's just a detective.
Detective? For Park Wonseok's case?
Oh, right.
There's Sa Junggyeong's case too.
-Is he here to catch the suspect?
-Don't stare at him so much. Let's go.
Hey, watch it! You're dealing
with a pregnant woman, okay?
You crazy
Oh, may I help you with anything?
I'm a detective
at the Yongtan Police Station.
Ji Sooheon parks his bike here
when he comes to school, right?
That's right. Why do you ask?
He was absent yesterday
and didn't come back home.
And he's not at school yet.
Oh, Sooheon's phone's been off.
What's going on?
That's what we're eager
to find out as well.
Do you know where we might find Sooheon?
It seems he hasn't been at the gym either.
Oh, okay.
Hey, Chanmi, have you seen Sooheon?
Why can't I reach him?
It seems you've become quite friendly
with Sooheon.
We're in the same class.
When did you start living
on the rooftop above the gym?
Am I not allowed to be living up there?
You sound a bit emotional today.
Are you making any progress
tracking down your brother's murderer?
Are you being sarcastic?
That was scary.
I don't know how to respond to that.
I need to go to school.
The police are the ones
who catch criminals.
If you know of anything,
or find anything suspicious,
come to the police.
That's the fastest way
we'll catch the killer.
If the police had done a better job,
we'd probably be
in a better situation by now.
Good luck.
I don't think it's a good idea for you
to stay so close to Ji Sooheon.
If I don't show up again
for the next couple of days,
could you take care of him for me?
All rise. Bow.
Good morning.
Seok Jaebum is absent today again.
Is he sick?
-Osung, can you check on how he's doing?
-Yes, sir.
All right.
There are still police officers on campus.
Let me give you all another warning.
Don't make up any fake news,
and don't spread any rumors.
Anyways, all of us in class 4,
let's not get distracted.
Let's all have a good day today, yeah!
Yes, sir.
-Let's do this!
-Yes, sir.
Wow, even a third-generation
multimillionaire is cutting school, huh?
People are all the same.
Isn't that right?
Hey, are you ignoring me?
Ok Chanmi,
your suspension is finally over.
Mind your manners and stay on track.
Yes, sir.
And where did Ji Sooheon go?
His cell phone is off.
Does anyone want to volunteer
to check up on him?
-Kook Jihyun does.
-Kook Jihyun does.
Good. Jihyun, please check on him.
Yes, sir.
When will Ji Sooheon grow up?
Now, you are the most
valuable person in your world.
And the only way
to take care of yourselves
is to study, you guys! That's it!
Congratulations on making it through
your suspension.
Why don't we try to get along
until we graduate?
It'll be great.
It'll be just like living in hell.
You might want to leave, but you can't
because you need to find
your brother's killer.
school days.
While you were unlocking
Ji Sooheon's locker at the gym,
I had just arrived at the gym.
That's when I saw Ok Chanmi
running down the stairs in a hurry.
So what you're saying is that Ok Chanmi
took Ji Sooheon's backpack?
She helped the suspect,
who might've killed her brother,
hide his evidence?
That's the question on my mind as well.
How could she have known Ji Sooheon
was our suspect?
And how could she have known
that the backpack
was the major piece of evidence?
Most importantly, how could she have known
the police were on their way?
How could she have opened
Ji Sooheon's locker?
I also think that doesn't add up.
But that backpack seems weird.
There's something weird about it.
Especially at night.
The person you dialed cannot be reached.
Hey, Ok
This is where Sooheon lives.
Why is Chanmi here?
Osung, I'm sorry.
I know this has been a burden for you.
Not at all, ma'am.
Our teacher and I were just concerned.
Is Jaebum not answering your calls either?
I think of you as my second son.
That's why I trust you and why I'm asking
for your help with this.
Oh, it's my pleasure, ma'am.
I also think of Jaebum
as a brother of mine.
Thank you.
It seems his memories
are slowly coming back to him.
The last time,
he called me from the stables at night.
He was asking me where he was
and he told me he was scared.
I wonder if that's when it started.
What did he tell you?
He didn't say anything in particular.
But after that call, I installed
a tracking app on his cell phone.
That's what he asked me to do.
Because he said himself
that he wasn't sure
-what kind of places he might go to.
Could you check where Jaebum is right now?
Chanmi, are you free right now?
Yeah, sure. What's up?
You weren't at school.
I came out for a walk
because I was feeling stuffy.
Where should I meet you?
How about the intersection
by Lucky Mall?
Hey, isn't that man the detective?
Tae Soyeon, do you recognize me?
I'm from the Special Victims Unit
at Yongtan Police Station.
Yes, I do.
How can I help you?
When we looked up your phone record,
we found that you were the one
who called
and messaged Ji Sooheon the most.
And what's wrong with that?
Ji Sooheon.
Do you know where he is right now?
How would I know that?
Do you have a warrant, sir?
You can ask simple questions
without a warrant.
So I guess we're not obligated
to answer simple questions, right?
Can you relay this message
to Ji Sooheon for me?
Hiding isn't always the best option.
If he helps us with the investigation,
his compliance will be taken into account.
So tell him to come out of hiding.
Investigation? Take that into account?
What is he talking about?
What's going on?
Mr. detective.
I have no idea
what Sooheon's being investigated for.
So please don't come at me
if you don't have a warrant.
Who do you think you are?
Showing up out of nowhere?
Come on, let's go.
-What was that all about?
-I don't know.
-What is this about?
-What? I don't know
-Hurry up.
-I'm hungry too.
What? Are you saying Ji Sooheon
was the hero that beat up Sa Junggyeong?
Wow, that's crazy awesome!
Ji Sooheon, seriously.
Oh, and the juvenile delinquent
from your middle school.
The one we met at the OBGYN clinic.
That bastard
What's wrong with him?
Sooheon also beat up
that juvenile delinquent.
That's amazing.
He really is a true hero, isn't he?
Wow, seriously.
-This is crazy.
-The juvenile delinquent
is dead.
I'm really sorry to ask you
to do this, but
if a detective asks you
about the juvenile delinquent,
just say you don't know him.
Are you saying the police
will come after me too?
The detective saw your face
just a few minutes ago.
When he plays
the surveillance footage at the clinic,
he's going to recognize
your face.
I can just say I don't know him,
and that'll be it.
But what's Sooheon going to do?
Sooheon didn't kill him.
Of course not.
He's not that type of person.
What's going on, seriously?
Hey, Gi Osung.
What are you doing here?
Because I heard Jaebum is here. And you?
This is where Ji Sooheon lives.
Ji Sooheon?
Ji Sooheon lives here?
What's going on? Are all the people
ditching class all gathered here?
That's cute. Real cute.
Are you here to see Ji Sooheon?
Yeah, the homeroom teacher told me
to check up on him
because he keeps missing class.
"Ok Chanmi"?
Why is Ok Chanmi's name on here?
Is Ok Chanmi in there?
No, she's not.
Ok Chanmi?
Isn't this place Ji Sooheon's?
Why are Ok Chanmi's clothes here?
Is she living with Ji Sooheon?
No, it doesn't seem like
they're living together.
Is Ji Sooheon inside?
No, he's not.
Then what were you doing inside?
I thought this was Ji Sooheon's place.
So Ok Chanmi is living here, right?
I think so.
What are you guys doing here anyways?
Your mom was worried about you
because you haven't been home.
She told me your location.
I see.
I'm going to head out now.
The person you dialed cannot be reached.
It's more like life and death are
running along parallel tracks.
You can die just by slightly veering
to the other side.
Sorry Chanmi, something urgent came up.
I don't think I can go there.
I'm so sorry.
What? What the
Die, Ok Chanmi! Die!
Hey, Osung, what's going on?
Didn't you tell me
you'd take care of Chanmi
in a way that would be satisfying to me?
What did she do to you this time?
Are you blind?
Ok Chanmi has seduced Ji Sooheon
and they're living together
on his rooftop.
Wow, this bitch is so much
more than I'd expected.
What? Isn't this Ok Chanmi's scooter?
Who are you?
Why do you have Wonseok's cell phone?
Hello? Hell
I think you'll be able to leave tomorrow.
Thank you.
Your test results don't indicate
that you've gotten any better,
but you haven't gotten worse either.
All we can do is leave it in God's hands.
Yes, sir.
That's what you told me last time, too.
Don't worry about the hospital bill.
You need to come to the hospital.
There are lots of good people
in this world.
There are a lot of organizations
that make charitable donations.
I'll help you secure a donation
for your bills.
Thank you, sir.
No matter what it is,
give me a call on my cell phone.
I'd be happy to hear from you.
How is that wound on your shoulder?
It's much better now.
Why would you pick a fight on the street?
Oh, Oh! Get out of the way!
Get out of way! Uh, I'm sorry.
Huh? Uh.
Oh my, what on earth happened?
Did you say the brake wasn't working?
Yes, sir. It didn't seem to work at all.
Did something break?
This isn't broken.
It looks like
someone cut it intentionally.
There's no way
the brake could've broken from wear.
This part here looks like an even cut.
Someone cut this with a knife.
Do you mean someone cut it on purpose?
Wow, this could have killed you.
This is outrageous!
Hey, Chanmi, might there be anyone
who'd try to hurt you?
Listen up, you murderer!
I'm doing just fine!
Keep on trying with your bullshit,
you crazy bastard!
You can't kill me. Ever!
I won't die.
Instead, I'll track you down.
She's really gone mad.
Are you afraid?
Come at me, come at me now.
You crazy piece of shit!
Stop hiding with your bullshit.
Come out, I said!
I'll make sure I kick your ass. Come out!
-Hey, stop it, I said. Stop! Shit!
-Why? Let me go!
You should see a doctor
about your knee and wrist pain.
You might have after-effects,
so make sure you go see a doctor.
I will. Thank you.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Do you want us to take you
to the hospital?
No, I'll be fine.
I'm just going to head home
and get some rest.
Today's Chanmi's birthday.
What do you mean?
I mean, how do you know that?
Oh, because Park Wonseok's birthday
reminder has been popping up
on my messaging app since 3 days ago.
They were twins, right?
Hey, sweetie?
Oh, honey!
Didn't we say we were going to meet
at the main entrance?
Well, you know, it's been a while
since I've been in your office,
so I thought I'd pop in.
I thought you hated hospitals.
It's not that I wanted
to visit the hospital.
I just wanted to see the room
where you work.
Detectives and doctors have dull offices,
don't you think?
Um-hm. I guess we're pretty dull
as people too.
I can't argue with that.
So where are you going to take me
for lunch?
I'm not going to eat vegan food.
Okay. Right.
Please come in.
Oh, hey, Sooheon,
are you heading home now?
Yes, Doctor.
You've been in the hospital all this time?
Why didn't you keep your phone on?
Your friends were worried about you.
I didn't want to tell them
I was in the hospital
Well, I guess I jumped to conclusions.
And it goes without saying
that I won't tell anyone
about your illness.
If you're uncomfortable
talking about this,
of course you're free to leave.
No, it's fine.
I'm sure we'll run into each other again,
but I'll pretend I never saw you
at the hospital.
You're a detective.
You need to do your job.
Just like the doctor did his job
as a doctor.
This is kind of an odd thing
for me to say,
but, Sooheon, you're very mature.
I know it's also an odd thing
for me to say,
but, Detective,
I think you've married a great person.
My husband?
I think Dr. Jeon is a really nice person.
I never tell my husband
about my investigations.
So don't be stressed
about meeting my husband at the hospital.
Just focus on your treatment.
Thank you.
But I guess I don't have to say
I'm innocent while I'm here, do I?
No, that's not something
we need to talk about right now.
If it's okay with you,
I'll be heading out now.
As far as I know,
we never met at the hospital.
Where did the photo go?
I put it in this book.
I guess the repair man is here
to replace the glass.
Yes, I'll be right there!
What happened to the door?
And to your forehead?
You're alive?
What happened to you?
What happened?
I fell while riding my scooter.
The glass was broken
because someone broke in.
You should've been more careful.
Was something stolen?
There's nothing worth taking.
I guess it's all cool then.
-What happened to you?
-Me? I'm a suspect.
That's why I went silent.
To go into hiding.
And you had your cell phone turned off
because you were hiding?
I just turned my cell phone on
and saw that you called.
Twenty-nine times.
Twenty-nine missed calls.
So now, do you understand how upset I was?
Well, it's not something
you need to apologize for.
I also dealt with a lot of stress
while I was alone
with my phone turned off.
I'm sure you were.
Hey, why don't we go
and relieve some stress together today?
That's not a bad idea.
-You're a pretty good singer.
-I thought you were way better.
Congratulations, congratulations ♪
We congratulate you on your birthday ♪
What are you waiting for?
The candles are melting.
Ah, okay.
Hey, how did you know
to put all of this together?
How did you know it was my birthday?
I knew Wonseok's birthday,
So I and Soyeon planned to throw you
a birthday party and put it all together.
Sooheon turned on his cell phone
just in time.
Well since he had tons of missed calls,
I'm assuming he felt guilty and called me?
I also happened to call him a lot,
and he called me back too.
Why don't we create a club?
A missed calls club?
Cool! I'm all for it.
-Sounds good, yeah?
"Missed Calls" sounds cool.
If it's a missed calls club,
would anyone even show up
when we called them up?
I'll show up.
You're cute, Soyeon.
Yes, ma'am.
I followed the map you sent me.
It seems like Jaebum is here.
I'll persuade him to come back home today.
Don't worry too much.
This guy's getting weird.
Why is he at a karaoke?
Isn't that Ok Chanmi?
-It's all over my face!
-Uh, you
Hey, Chanmi doesn't know about this,
does she?
Gi Osung?
-Are you here for me?
Are you guys celebrating
Ok Chanmi's birthday here?
Yeah, I guess you must have run into her.
I saw that she was on her way
to the bathroom
with a bunch of cream on her face.
Why don't you stay and celebrate with us
since you're already here?
Yeah, come join us.
It's fine, I wasn't invited anyway.
Jaebum, I'll be waiting for you
in the café out front.
Okay, then.
See you.
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