Revenge of Others (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

-Yeah, your bangs are burnt.
-I was so surprised, really.
Seriously, come on.
Oh. Gi Osung?
Oh, hey, Osung.
Did you come here looking for me again?
By any chance are you guys
celebrating Ok Chanmi's birthday?
I guess you already ran into her?
It seemed like she was on her way
to wash her face
after getting a cake smash.
Why don't you stay and celebrate with us
since you're already here?
Yeah, you should join us.
It's fine. I wasn't even invited anyway.
Jaebum, I'll wait for you
in the café out front.
Okay, then.
I'm going to head out.
See you.
Yes, father.
It was Gi Osung?
Are you saying it was Gi Osung's ringtone?
Yeah, Gi Osung came in after you left.
Then I heard his ringtone.
It's not a common ringtone.
And he was close to Park Wonseok.
That's why I think the person
who called you
was Gi Osung.
Gi Osung. I'm going to kill him.
-Don't even think about shooting him.
-Why not?
You punished all those bad guys yourself,
and now you're telling me
to leave this murderer alone?
I'm not saying you shouldn't take action.
All I'm saying is that you should think
about how it will impact your life!
I don't care. I'm going to kill them all.
Mind your own business!
I understand.
Let's calm down for now.
Promise me you won't pursue this alone.
Promise me.
Don't go after Gi Osung alone.
Jaebum, why don't you go back home today?
Your mother's worried about you.
What's keeping you from going back home?
You haven't been back since I gave you
that photo of you and Park Wonseok.
The photos have nothing to do with it.
I'm just scared to be home.
What do you mean?
When I'm alone at home,
crazy ideas pop into my head.
What I'm trying to say is that
I start having these crazy delusions.
I get the feeling
that I did something that I didn't do.
And for things that I did do,
I have no memory of them.
I think I'm going crazy, seriously.
I'm really scared.
It's driving me crazy!
I can't come out of these crazy delusions.
Calm down. Just calm down.
Do think you're going crazy right now?
You jumped from a building
and hurt your head. You lost memories,
and you're just recovering is all.
That's why you're feeling so confused.
Fuck, how can you be so sure?
I'm asking you how you can be so sure.
You seem to know everything
that's going on right now.
You know what I've done
and you know what's going on
inside my head, huh?
Jaebum, I'm it's not
Are you trying to manipulate me
by showing me a picture of Park Wonseok,
knowing it would embarrass me
that I dated him?
And you're trying to use that against me?
No, damn it,
what are you even talking about?
Why on earth would I manipulate you?
You manipulated Park Wonseok too.
That's not the same.
How is that any different, you bastard?
What were you going to do
by exploiting my weakness? Huh?
Were you going to kill me too
if I didn't listen to you?
Damn, you're totally
out of your mind, seriously!
Was I really in a relationship
with Park Wonseok?
Is it true?
Hah, shit!
Ajung, are you hungry?
Want to have some dumplings?
-Should I go get something for you?
-I'm okay. Don't try so hard to look calm.
-I know you're feeling shitty right now.
-Stop giving me shit.
Did you know Sooheon and Chanmi
were living together?
They're not actually living together.
-They're just living in the same building.
-I'm asking if you knew that already.
I knew.
You idiot.
You shouldn't have let them live
in the same building!
Who am I to tell them not to live
in the same building?
Judging by the vibe between those two,
it seems like they're already in love
with each other.
Hey, shut up.
Why are things so messed up?
The wrong person was shot by cupid's arrow
and now Ji Sooheon's a suspect.
But even still
I think we made the right decision
to celebrate her birthday.
Chanmi seemed happy.
It was my first time seeing her smile.
You didn't have to follow me up here.
Thank you
for today.
No problem.
About Gi Osung,
you're not going to report him
to the police, are you?
These are the same cops that didn't
even carry out a proper investigation
and just concluded
that my brother was a suicide.
How can I trust them?
Also, his father's a police chief.
Oh, while we're on the topic,
let's start by confirming
if the ringtone we heard on that call
is actually the same
as the one on Gi Osung's cell phone.
How could we be any more certain about it?
How could it possibly be a coincidence
that Gi Osung's ringtone
is the same as the one on that call?
That's why we should double check.
If we're half-baked about this,
we might not catch the killer.
What did you have in mind?
If we can match the time
that you heard the ringtone
with an incoming call on Gi Osung's phone,
then he's the killer.
There's probably a call log on his phone.
So are you saying we should get a hold
of his phone and unlock it?
That's the hard part.
Right after I transferred to this school,
my cell phone was stolen.
Someone hit me over the head with a brick
so that I would lose consciousness
and used my fingerprint
to unlock my phone.
So are you saying we should hit him
over the head with a brick as well?
Why not?
Yeah. Let's give it some more thought.
Anyways, rest up for now.
I'm heading back downstairs.
Ah, I almost forgot!
I wasn't able to prepare a birthday gift.
No worries.
There's no way you would've known
it was my birthday.
is there anything in particular
you'd like as a gift?
I told you it's fine.
I mean, but
I still
would like to
get you something.
In any case, I'll think about it.
Sleep well.
Hey, Sooheon.
Then how about
those shoelaces on your tennis shoes.
The shoelaces?
What're you going to do with these?
They're pretty old.
Nothing, really. I just thought
it was the finest thing you owned.
Hah, come on!
Are you making fun of me?
I own expensive things too.
-No, you don't.
-Right, I don't.
You don't have to give them to me.
Who would want used shoelaces?
I was just joking.
See you tomorrow.
Huh? What's this?
What's with these red shoelaces?
Mom, don't you recognize these?
Aren't these the shoelaces
from my tennis shoes?
That's right.
I took them from your shoes.
Why would a boy put red shoelaces
on a pair of white sneakers?
Since you can't walk with them on,
I'm going to do the walking for you.
I can't wear your old sneakers
because they're too small for my feet,
so I just tied my shoes
with your shoelaces.
I'll walk a lot praying
you'll get better soon.
Okay, then.
What do you think? Aren't they nice?
This is where we found the receipt.
This is the receipt.
It was left over on the floor
of the body shop.
The torn part of the receipt
was not found at the scene.
The reason why I'm emphasizing
the importance of this receipt
is because it's likely
that it belonged to the suspect.
Isn't it possible that it belonged
to one of the customers
at the body shop rather than the suspect?
Here, the receipt is there
at the scene of the crime.
But here you will see that it wasn't there
before the suspect arrived.
Ah, also, it seems this barcode isn't
something you might find
on just another restaurant receipt.
Rather, it's a kind of barcode
that certain businesses
might use for their own intents
and purposes.
Which leads me to believe
this is part of a membership ID.
Oh, yeah. This barcode is commonly used
in gyms or other places like that.
Yes, sir.
That's why I'm planning to check
the shopping malls in the area first.
That's going to be good evidence.
Make sure you search thoroughly.
You haven't made any progress at all!
Huh? I was just about to feed Thor.
I guess we'll have to watch out.
Thor will probably pretend
he hasn't eaten just so he can eat twice.
Wow, you fat cat.
Maybe we should decide
who'll feed him on which day.
What? Are you really giving these to me?
Didn't you ask for them?
Hold on.
Did you really have
to change your shoelaces?
Why wouldn't I?
What else would I do with shoelaces
other than put them on shoes?
It seems like
something's been bothering you.
It makes me feel
like you're wearing my clothes.
What? It's like that now?
Just don't throw them away.
If you feel like throwing them away,
just return them to me.
Do these have
some sort of special meaning for you?
Maybe I shouldn't have asked you
to give them to me.
Nah, it's nothing.
Anyways, go wherever you want
in those shoes.
Go visit awesome places.
And visit some fun places too.
What do you mean?
Hey, Sooheon!
Hurry up, dude.
I'm surprised you're going to school
on time today.
Hey, hey. When was I ever late? Damn.
It's good to see you.
Nope, nothing.
All right, let's head
to the next building then.
Cheer up.
The way I see this
is that I'm getting paid for working out.
-Let's go.
It's this one here.
On our receipt,
we have the barcode in the center.
-You're right.
-Thank you.
Of course.
Hm, hold on one moment.
I think it actually looks
a lot like our membership pass.
Excuse me?
Here, if you take a look at this
Ah, this looks the same.
Sir, could you please check
when this receipt was issued?
Since only the front part was lost,
most of the information is intact.
The torn-off part just has information
about our store.
But this back part has all the information
about the date, time,
and, well
all of that information comes up.
Oh, really?
Could you please check it for me?
Yes, sir. Since the torn-off part
is identical on each receipt,
I can just fill in the rest
and give it a try, yeah?
-Yes, please. Thank you.
-Yes, sir.
Nope. Nothing.
Wow, did I just set us up for failure?
I think you'll be proven right.
Why don't we keep going
for a little bit longer?
Oh, I can really count on you, huh?
Cool, let's go!
You can trust me, Sooheon.
I know, I know.
I trust that you didn't kill Ju Hyeokgeon,
that bastard.
If I hadn't run into him at the OBGYN,
this wouldn't have happened.
I'm not blaming you though, Sooheon.
I totally agree that bastards like that
should get their asses kicked.
The reason we asked to see you
is because
If the cops were looking for you
while you were gone,
it means they must know something.
That's why I thought
we should share what we know,
so that we can coordinate our stories.
The cops stormed into the gym
to find evidence.
I had a backpack
where I kept all the tools I used
when I smashed those guys.
had snatched the backpack in time.
If it weren't for her,
I would've already been arrested.
Had I been caught,
I could've been framed as a murderer.
Chanmi is awesome, seriously.
In that case, we should probably
include Chanmi in this
so that we can all share information.
Anyways, let's just be careful.
By the way.
Who do you think was responsible
for cutting her brake
and breaking the windows?
Who would've gone into her room
to break her things
and rip up her school uniform?
Isn't Kook Jihyun pretty eager
to destroy Ok Chanmi these days?
Also, Kook Jihyun has bullies for friends.
You know they beat me up once too.
I'm suspicious of Gi Osung.
Why would Gi Osung do that to Chanmi?
Well, they are siblings after all.
If it was Gi Osung who did it,
don't you think he would've taken a photo
with his cell phone?
If he did it, he probably would've.
So that he could show it to Kook Jihyun.
Why don't we
check Gi Osung's phone?
You son of a bitch,
do you have a death wish?
Have you lost your mind? Hey!
-Ugh, shit.
What was that?
I said, what was that?
What, I know you've been talking trash
about me, you son of a bitch!
What the hell are you talking about?
Huh?! Huh?!
You. Go. Just leave. Fuck off. Shit.
-Who do you think you are?
-Hey, hey, hey.
You crazy bastard.
Damn bitch, what the hell?
Let me go!
Hey, hey, hey, let me go!
I said let me go! Shit!
You, I told you to leave me alone, shit!
You're dead today!
-Calm down, calm down, okay?
-You, come over here.
This crazy bitch wants to die today.
-Fine, it's just
-Hold on. Hey, let me go for a second.
When did I ever have sex with you,
you motherfucker! Huh?
What the fuck?
Why would I ever sleep with you?
-You bastard. Go fuck yourself!
-Let go!
-You, come here!
-Stop with that bullshit.
-I'm going to kill you.
-You motherfucker!
Hey, Sooheon, Sooheon,
it looks like a fight just broke out.
Do you want to go check it out?
-Hey, Soyeon, calm down.
-Osung, she's a girl.
You should go watch.
No, it's fine. Those pathetic fools.
Aren't they too old to fight like that?
-Hey, Nakjun.
You seem interested in the fight.
You should go.
Nah, come on. I'm not curious.
Hey, Ajung, who's fighting
who in your class right now?
Gi Osung and Tae Soyeon.
Huh? Why? Hold on.
See? Answer the question, bitch.
Why don't you start
talking like you did earlier?
Hey, calm down, calm down.
Why don't you just hit me?
When the suspect
called my phone, it was
The 8th
8:17 p.m.
on the night of the 8th.
He got a new cell phone.
There's no call log.
You dared to steal my phone
when I just lost one 4 days ago?
You're fucking dead.
Ah, fuck. Filthy thief.
He put my phone in the toilet and ran off.
Fucking thief!
When I find you,
I'm going to tear you apart.
The places
include South and North Korea
and the Indian Ocean,
which is a neutral space,
where the protagonist goes.
It's from an omniscient
writer's point of view.
this topic is ideological conflict
and the way
Gi Osung got a new phone?
Seems like he did 4 days ago.
It was brand new, and there was
no call history before 5 days ago.
Why would he replace it?
He said he got a new one
because he lost it.
But the timing
is what makes it suspicious.
He probably tried to hide the evidence.
Do you think it's possible
that he might've started to notice
and got rid of my brother's phone
and the rest of the evidence?
Sergeant Hyun.
-What brings you here?
-Oh, yes, Chief.
Oh, these are my kids.
Excuse me, ma'am,
I'm sorry to bother you so late.
I'll bring you a cup of coffee
in the reading room.
What is it? Let's go in. Yeah.
I've seen that investigator at school.
Do you think he's here
because of the incident at school?
He probably didn't come
for the investigation.
It must be a personal matter.
Gwon Sejin?
Thank you.
are you sure?
Are you sure Ji Sooheon
isn't the one who killed Wonseok?
It's not him.
Ji Sooheon's not the murderer.
The real culprit is someone else,
I'm sure.
Ah, I'm hundred percent sure
I saw the suspect running away.
The murderer was wearing a pair
of white sneakers with red shoelaces.
White sneakers with red shoelaces.
I don't recall anyone else wearing
those shoes other than Ji Sooheon
Then are you saying the suspect
is pretending to be like Ji Sooheon?
Why me
So you're saying it's someone else?
Who is it?
Well, I guess you guys
don't know yet either.
Hey, Ji Sooheon.
Sorry I suspected you.
It's okay.
It's all good.
Chanmi, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for breaking your windows
breaking the things inside the room,
and ripping up your uniform.
Were you were you the one who did that?
I mean, after I told you that Ji Sooheon
was the suspect,
nothing came of it after that.
So I came here,
wondering why, only to see that
you were living with Ji Sooheon.
That's when I felt totally betrayed,
and I couldn't forgive you for it.
I'll be going over to the United States
this weekend.
Since I didn't have much time left,
I couldn't bear to leave
without taking care of Ji Sooheon first.
So that's why
it all went down like this today.
I'm sorry.
You must have been really angry then, huh?
I almost died in the scooter accident.
A scooter accident?
Aren't you the one who
cut the brake on my scooter?
What? What are you talking about?
That wasn't me.
So, what brings you here
at this time of night?
Um, Chief
It's about what we talked about
in the briefing,
about the murder case at the body shop.
What? You're here to talk about the case?
I thought it was about something personal.
Hey, I thought you were about to tell me
you're getting married or something.
So what's up?
-Tell me.
about the receipt with the barcode.
Yeah, what about it?
It was torn off from a receipt
that was used
as an entrance pass to a study café.
It was a reading room years ago,
but now it's a study cafe
Yeah, yeah I know it.
Osung and Jihyun go there sometimes.
Ah, I see!
So the receipt is part of an entrance pass
to the study café?
If you check the barcode,
you'll know who used the pass.
If you check
the surveillance footage there
we can see for certain who it is.
Hey, Jongguk, what's going on?
Who was it?
It's Gi Osung.
Hey, man, what are you talking about?
Hey, hey, tell me. Who was it, really?
Jongguk, hey.
Are you sure it was Osung?
It actually is
your son's receipt.
That doesn't necessarily mean
Osung was at the murder scene, does it?
It's not direct evidence, is it?
No, sir.
So what we need to figure out is
why Osung's receipt was
at the crime scene?
Yes, Chief.
Are you
Are you the only one
who knows it was Osung's receipt?
I've yet to report
this to detective Jin Sojung.
Is there some reason why you haven't?
I thought I should report
to you first, Chief.
And wait to follow your order.
The rich guy is on the bus.
Hey, Seok Jaebum.
So you guys take this one too?
Jaebum, I thought you always
came to school in a Rolls Royce.
I'm going to be taking the bus
from now on.
Jaebum, are you trying out
the life of a commoner?
I just prefer a bigger vehicle.
Are you done fraternizing with him?
What? Jaebum and I
are from the same middle school.
Cheongwoo Middle School.
A seat just opened up. Go sit.
Did you even know each other
in middle school?
He's the grandson of a corporate mogul.
Everyone knew him.
I knew about Ajung as well.
She's a greater dancer
and good at singing too.
Even a third-generation corporate mogul
knows who I am.
I've finished
checking Gi Osung's cell phone location.
He wasn't near the scene of the crime
from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. the next day.
Is that right?
According to the log,
he was near the study café at the time.
Oh, I see, he was studying.
But according to the entrance log
at the study café
There was no record of him
entering the café after 6 o'clock.
So then
Ah, so what are you saying happened?
Do you mean he left his cellphone
in the study café and then left?
Uh, I mean
I'll ask Osung about this directly.
Jongguk, so, um
can you keep this information to yourself
for just one more day?
I'll follow your orders, Chief, but
it seems like the victim in the case,
Ju Hyeokgeon graduated
from the same middle school as Gi Osung.
Gi Osung is a year older.
When Ju Hyeokgeon committed the murder
as a juvenile delinquent,
Gi Osung was attending
the same middle school.
After I leave work today,
I'll get the truth out of my son.
So please keep these records to yourself
until tomorrow, understood?
Yes, Chief.
Uh? Sergeant Hyun
What's up?
You know how I wasn't able
to take the practice exam
because I've been ditching class?
I'm worried about you.
What's going on with you?
I know you're pretty busy,
but can I ask you for a favor?
Could you tutor me?
A private lesson?
Sure, where should we study?
Well, wherever's most convenient
for you
A study café?
All my materials are at home, so
Why don't you come to my house?
Would that be okay?
Well, I don't see why not.
We'll just be studying.
Let's head to my house together
once class is over.
Jihyun, thank you.
Psh, you're welcome.
Can I ask you for a favor?
Yeah, what is it?
I have something to talk
to Gi Osung about.
Could you be there with me
when I talk to him?
You want me to be there
when you're talking to him?
I fought with Kook Jihyun once,
Gi Osung fought with Tae Soyeon.
And I don't want things
to be like this forever.
That's why I thought I should apologize
and try to reconcile with him.
But I felt it might be awkward
if I asked him myself.
I'll ask Osung about it.
Oh, so, when?
After school today.
I don't think
I'll have any free time otherwise.
Please, I'd really appreciate it.
Okay, I'll arrange for him to meet you.
Thank you, thank you so much.
Hello, this is the Special Victims Unit
at the Yongtan Police Department.
Yeah, can I talk
to Detective Hyun Jongguk?
He's currently out of office.
How can I help you?
I wanted to ask some questions
about what he's going to do
with the surveillance footage.
What footage?
You know, Detective Hyun checked it
when he stopped by my shop yesterday.
I'm calling from the study café
where the torn receipt was from.
I see, yes, yes.
So, what are you going to do
with the recordings?
If I reactivate the surveillance camera,
the old recordings will be gone.
In fact, I'm currently operating my store
without the cameras on.
Please don't
don't activate it just yet.
I'll be right there.
What is the address there?
Yeah. That's right. The entrance pass.
It looks just like what the male detective
showed me yesterday
So where is the recording?
Ugh, here. Here it is.
You guys are going about this
really inefficiently.
Oh, sir.
Can you zoom in a bit?
Sure, sure.
The Chief's son?
Tell me whatever you want to have today.
I'll prepare it for you.
Why don't we have some kalguksu today?
With some clams and zucchini?
-And some fresh kimchi to top it off.
-What the
Excuse me.
You recognize me, right?
I'm Min Seonha's dad.
I thought you were a college student,
but it seems you're actually
just one year older than Seonha.
Mr. Min.
Why don't we talk inside?
Seems like
I'm having a bad makeup day.
It's fine, just stop.
I never imagined that I'd ever go
to an OBGYN with you.
And you think I would've seen this coming?
Do you know him?
that's when I found out you live here.
The reason why I came here today is
It's okay. You can keep talking.
My friend knows about what happened.
Thanks to you
Seonha was doing just fine,
until that bastard Sa Junggyeong
showed up again.
Sa Junggyeong
I'll get to the point.
I guess I'm asking you
to take care of him again.
This time, please make sure
he won't ever dare to appear
before Seonha, ever again.
Please tell that person
that I need his help.
That place was pretty good.
Let's go there again sometime.
Oh, I didn't think it was good,
to be honest.
Oh, Detective Jin.
You look tired.
Why don't you head home early today?
You crazy bastard.
Are you even human?
Detective Jin, why are you doing this?
Detective Jin,
what are you doing right now?
Why am I doing this?
You call yourself a cop, you bastard?
How could you go straight
to the Chief's office with that evidence?
You filthy bastard.
How dare you stand there
like you've done nothing wrong?
You son of a bitch!
How could you do this to me?
You bastard!
Get lost, you bastard, let me go!
Why isn't Ok Chanmi coming?
Jaebum, why don't you give her a call?
You know I did just a few minutes ago.
She said she's on her way,
so let's just wait a little longer.
She's the one who asked to meet.
She should have come before me.
This is my house.
It's nice.
You've never been
to this side of the town, have you?
Are you there?
Come in.
Are you uncomfortable at all?
No, not at all.
No one's home.
Wouldn't that be more comfortable?
Yeah, for sure.
Where should we study?
My room is on the second floor.
But I guess the kitchen table
would be better?
Oh, yeah. I think so, too.
So where's Gi Osung's room?
Over there.
I'm just going to change
into something more comfortable.
Oh, okay.
Hey, Sooheon.
Should we start studying?
Ah, I'm really sorry,
but can we have some ramen
before we start studying?
Oh, really?
Do you want me to cook it for you?
Um, sure. Thanks.
When I cook ramen, my family goes crazy.
They keep telling me
I should start a restaurant.
Hold on just a moment.
I'm so sorry.
It's fine. You're my guest.
Of course I have to make it for you.
Do you mind if I add an egg to your ramen?
Oh, yeah.
What are we even doing here?
I'll send Chanmi a text.
Jihyun's home.
Seems like studying was just an excuse.
Was your true goal to have ramen
with Ji Sooheon? Don't cross the line.
Sooheon, would you like
to have ramen with me at my place?
Osung, Chanmi says she's almost here.
Fucking shit.
Ji Sooheon, you bastard.
What were you doing in my room, bastard?
Why would I go into your room?
I didn't go in there.
Don't lie to me, you bastard!
What did you do in my room?
Answer me! What did you do? Hey, Osung!
What are you doing?
You stole my phone earlier today.
I saw it was you, you bastard.
What are you talking about?
Come on!
You bastard!
Gi Osung.
Who are you?
I'm Detective Jin Sojung,
from the Special Victim's Unit
of Yongtan Police Station.
My father's not home yet.
I need you to come with me
to the police station.
Why should I follow you
to the police station?
You're under arrest.
Under arrest?
What are you talking about?
What have I done to get arrested?
I'll call my father now.
He already knows about this.
I'm arresting you to prevent
possible destruction of evidence.
Damn it! I haven't done anything!
Let me go.
Follow me without resisting,
or I'll put handcuffs on you.
Hey, Kook Jihyun.
Call father right now.
Neunghwa Nursing Home
Are you okay?
Gi Osung just ran off suddenly.
We met.
What happened?
Actually, so many things happened.
I don't even know where to start.
Okay, there wasn't a phone
in Gi Osung's room.
Park Wonseok's wasn't there either.
But I found something else
that was strange
There were lots of polaroid photos
in his drawer
Hold on.
Yes, hello, ma'am.
My mom?
Which hospital is she in right now?
Her heart wasn't beating when she arrived,
so we tried to resuscitate her.
Now she's on a ventilator.
We'll just try to keep her on life support
from here on out.
Are you saying
it's unlikely she'll wake up again?
But she's alive.
Yes, she is.
And there could be a miracle, right?
Well, I'm sorry to tell you this
but you and your family should discuss
whether you'll continue
to keep her on life support.
It's because of the cost.
Once the cost reaches a certain point
you'll be billed right away.
If the bill isn't paid,
it will be difficult for us to continue
the life support treatment.
I'll get the money together
no matter what.
Just keep my mother alive.
Hey, stop crying.
Why are you crying?
Because I feel so sorry.
I can't do anything for you.
I'm so sorry.
I've never been there before.
And I have no idea
why my study café receipt
was found there.
On that day, from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m.,
I was sleeping at home.
How many times do I have
to repeat this simple fact?
Your father, Gi Wangdo,
the head of the police station
hid the fact that this pass is yours.
Why would he do that?
You should be asking my father that.
What's your relationship with Ji Sooheon?
We go to the same school.
What other relation would we have?
Have you ever lent him
your study café pass?
Why did you leave your cell phone
at the café?
I tend to be forgetful sometimes.
Are you implying
that I left it there on purpose?
Who did you meet that day?
Everyone at school.
Detective Jin, I'm sorry.
-Come out for a second.
-Yes, sir.
If you're trying to persuade me,
I'll just head downstairs.
You have me all wrong.
Detective Jin, I'm sorry.
I had no intention
of sweeping the evidence under the rug.
As a father,
all I wanted was to protect my son.
Look, there might be a possibility
that my son didn't do anything wrong,
and that he just got involved
in the case by chance.
I thought it might be a shock for him
to be treated as a suspect,
as young as he is.
I shouldn't have entertained that thought.
It was my mistake. I'm sorry.
If you ever try to intervene
in the investigation from this point on,
I'll resign.
And you'll have to prepare to do the same.
What the fuck is this?
Saying whatever the fuck you want.
Hey, he's got jack shit.
He just won the jackpot.
-I mean, fuck.
-Hey, hey, hey.
That's a stretch.
Honestly, you suck at this.
Ha, fuck off. Get out of my house, shit.
Hey, open the door and come on in.
Okay, I'll call. It's 100 thousand won.
Gi Osung?
Wow, Gi Osung, what brings you here?
Hey, shit, come here. Have a drink.
Let's talk.
What? Shit. Now?
Get ready to lose when I come back.
Hey, what's up? What happened?
I'm coming from the police station
because I'm under investigation.
You? Why?
Because of the guy who crushed your foot.
Have they found that bastard?
The bastard had one more run,
but this time he tried to frame me for it.
Are you under investigation because of it?
We really should find
that bastard and kill him.
Keep this to yourself.
This is just something I noticed
while they were questioning me, but
I think the bastard is
Ji Sooheon.
Ji Sooheon.
That bastard?
Who is it?
It's me, Sooheon.
It's pretty late. What's up?
What is it you want to tell me?
Tell me.
Hey, Soyeon.
Let's do it one more time.
Let's beat up those bastards
and get paid for it.
Have you gone mad?
Did you forget
that you're still a suspect?
Are you serious?
I need money, desperately.
My mother
is in the ICU now.
She can't survive
without being on life support.
Still, we can't do it.
It's too dangerous.
It will be okay.
-Just one more time
-You must be crazy!
Get your head on straight.
It seriously can't happen.
Just leave
if you're going to say nonsense.
I said get lost!
I told you.
Hey, get out of here.
Do you remember me?
Oh, of course. Of course.
But hey, what brings you here?
I have something to tell you.
We'll do it.
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