Revenge of Others (2022) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

Do you know anything
about that car parked outside?
Could it be that bastard Ji Sooheon's car?
I can't really see their faces,
but it looks like there are two people
in the car.
-Two people?
Ah, fuck, hold on.
It's a man and a woman.
Wow, fuck.
They're about to have sex in the car.
Then chase them off.
That way, Ji Sooheon can approach
without suspecting anything.
Gotcha. I'm going to hang up for now.
What the fuck.
Why do they have to do that
in front of someone's house? Fuck.
Ugh, why do these fuckers
have to mess around over here?
Crazy bastards, shit.
Damn it.
Ji Sooheon, you bastard.
I caught your ass today.
Do you remember me?
Oh, of course, of course.
Oh, but, what brings you here today?
I have something to tell you.
We'll do it.
What brings you here this early?
How's your mother doing?
She's the same.
I just got back
from meeting Min Seonha's dad
at the shipping center,
where he works as a delivery man.
I know you need money fast.
Min Seonha's dad has made another request.
I guess that bastard Sa Junggyeong
is harassing Min Seonha again.
He's such a dirtbag.
I'll do it.
This is dangerous,
so stay out of this, Ajung.
I'll be fine.
But I haven't told Tae Soyeon about this.
I guess I better head to school.
I'll see you there, Sooheon.
Ajung, Hong Ajung
I was pretty thirsty.
So I drank two.
-Did you stay at the hospital all night?
Isn't that my bag?
Your uniform's in here.
I know how you must be feeling,
but you should take care of yourself
so that you can look after your m
Never mind.
Let's eat first.
Let's go eat.
Let's eat.
You didn't have to come
all the way out here.
There's nothing for you to do here.
Look at you.
You're not eating anything,
so I'm here to make sure you eat.
And what about school?
You should be going to school.
I know I should be minding
my own business,
but I'm just so worried about you.
You need to stay healthy
and live a normal life
in order to take care of your mom, right?
I'm healthy and I'm living a normal life.
Do you really think
this is normal right now?
If everything was normal,
why would I be here this morning?
Why did you hide the fact
that Ajung was here earlier?
Why would I hide something like that?
Am I supposed to be reporting to you
about every person that stopped by?
I'm sorry that I said
you were hiding things.
But is it so wrong for me to ask?
You're pretty busy yourself.
Don't you have a lot
on your plate right now?
So are you saying
I should stop looking out for you?
These were inside Gi Osung's desk drawer.
The drawer was locked.
If they used to hang out together
like that,
it probably means they were pretty close.
Judging from everything so far,
it's pretty clear that Gi Osung
is the culprit.
But we'll have to delve deeper
to find out what really happened
between these four guys.
Jaebum definitely knew my brother.
He just can't remember is all.
Gwon Sejin hung out with them too.
Anyways, I'll look into this.
Just focus on looking after your mom.
-What were you doing in my room, bastard?
-Why would I go into your room?
Answer me! What did you do?
Ji Sooheon.
So you rifled through my drawers
and took my photos?
Ji Sooheon, you're really
I guess I can't keep you alive.
Someone wants to have a word with you
before you head out for school.
With who?
Who else in this house
would want to speak with you?
Oh, come on in.
Why aren't you having breakfast?
I'm not hungry.
Don't worry too much about your arrest
and the police investigation.
Everything's okay as long
as you didn't do anything wrong.
I didn't do anything.
You're the one who made it worse
by hiding it.
You're right.
I should have thought it through
more carefully.
If this is about the murder,
I haven't done anything, so don't worry.
I'll be on my way to school.
Sit down for a minute.
Heard from Jihyun at breakfast
that when Detective Jin came
to the house yesterday
you were fighting with a boy
from Jihyun's class?
It was nothing.
I'm just not on very good terms
with him is all.
So do you always get into physical fights
when you're not on good terms
with someone, especially at home?
He came into my room
and rifled through my things.
Isn't that reason enough to get mad?
He rifled through your room?
What's his name?
I asked you what his name is.
It's Ji Sooheon.
Ji Sooheon.
Why would Ji Sooheon
rifle through your room?
He's just that kind of a person.
I don't understand
why Kook Jihyun likes him so much
as to invite him over to our house.
I don't get it.
By any chance, are you and Ji Sooheon
involved in this murder case?
Why would we be involved
with the murder case?
We're not.
I mean, why was your study café receipt
left behind at the crime scene?
Since you wouldn't have been
at the crime scene,
I'm asking if Ji Sooheon would have had
anything to do with that receipt.
I don't know anything about that.
Anyways, the killer intentionally left
your study café receipt
at the murder scene.
That's the fact.
They're trying to frame you
as the murderer.
what should I do?
We need to catch the killer.
We need to find the guy
who's trying to frame you,
so that they can't hurt you anymore.
We need to find them quickly.
As for you, Osung
don't worry about this investigation
and just focus on your studies.
Do you understand me?
Yes, Dad.
Okay, you can go now.
How are you, Mr. Choi?
Oh, hey, I'm doing well, Chanmi.
You're working early today.
I had an appointment with a customer.
Where's Sooheon?
I don't know.
He must be at the hospital
because of his mom.
That's really a lot for him to deal with.
-Mr. Choi
Can I ask you for a favor?
Sure. What is it?
I was wondering if you could sell
this scooter for me.
I guess you're probably
not going to replace it.
-Are you not going to ride one anymore?
-Yeah, I'm not going to ride it anymore.
-Do you know how to prepare the documents?
-Yes, I put the documents under the seat.
Did you now?
You must be serious about selling it then?
Mr. Choi, please make sure
you sell it at a high price.
Are you in desperate need of money?
Thank you.
About Ji Sooheon.
I've come up
with a plan to get rid of him.
A plan? What good is a plan?
You just have to grab him
and beat the shit out of him.
My cousin and his friends
are going to beat him to a pulp.
Isn't that enough?
We can't be the ones
to lay our hands on him first.
That's why I asked to meet up.
Why can't we lay our hands on him?
I'm telling you. I'm going to kill the guy
who did this to my foot.
You don't have any evidence.
What are you going to do if he says
he's not the one who did this to you?
Once we beat the shit out of him,
he'll probably beg for mercy.
If you beat the shit out of him,
you'll end up in jail.
Aren't you on probation
for assaulting Min Seonha?
You'll definitely end up
in jail this time.
So what do you suggest we do?
Let's set a trap.
That bastard Ji Sooheon
will crawl right into it.
And once he's in,
it'll snap around his ankles like this.
He'll be stuck and won't be able
to make a move.
So how do you want to set up the trap?
I heard you've been putting pressure
on Min Seonha recently. Is that true?
Min Seonha must know.
She probably asked someone
to turn me into this shriveled mess.
That's why I've been
pressuring Min Seonha lately.
Just keep doing what you've been doing.
And don't do anything else.
Don't go anywhere near Ji Sooheon.
That way, he'll have zero idea
we're onto him.
On the flip side,
you do realize that we definitely need
to kill that bastard Ji Sooheon, right?
What's your deal?
Are you a pervert? Or a thief?
Maybe you're both?
A perverted thief who broke
into my drawer and stole my photos?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Just leave
if you're going to talk bullshit.
You and I clearly both know
what's going on.
Don't you feel embarrassed
lying like this?
You took my pictures, polaroid's.
-I don't know what you're talking about.
-You took them.
Did you go crazy
after your visit to the police station?
I already told you it wasn't me.
Why do you keep talking shit?
Who do you think made me get arrested?
It was you. You, bastard.
Why are you playing dumb?
You framed me.
Wow, this bastard's really lost his mind.
Hey, look me in the eyes and tell me.
You were at the body shop.
For that bastard's murder. Weren't you?
You're crazy, aren't you?
How can you be so confident
with all this bullshit?
Let's see how long you can keep up
with this lie.
I'm curious too.
How long can you keep up
with this bullshit?
Give me back my photos, you bastard.
How can I give back something
I don't have, you piece of shit?
If you're frustrated,
you can go find them yourself.
Once I find the evidence,
that'll be the end of you.
Like you said, as soon I find evidence,
your life's going to end.
This guy.
I don't have time for you right now.
So if you want to talk more shit,
just do it in front of a mirror, okay?
You'll see a pretty revolting bastard
standing before you,
even by your standards.
Let's see if you can keep talking that way
when you're in handcuffs.
We'll definitely see about that.
What did you want to talk about?
I wanted to ask you something.
Can you teach me how to drive a car?
Of course I can teach you.
Do you want to get a license?
Yeah, I want to get my license.
In that case,
I'll guess I'll need to get a hold
of a practice car.
And a place
where we can comfortably practice
What's this?
Can you take a look at this?
Is there anything you
I mean
Can you tell me anything about it?
About this photo.
Ah, I'm sorry.
You know I don't remember much.
Isn't this Park Wonseok?
A few days ago,
Osung showed me a polaroid like this.
One of me and Park Wonseok.
I have no idea who this guy is.
Gwon Sejin.
He was close to my brother.
He plays the violin.
Actually, what I wanted to ask you is
Why is Gi Osung in the photo?
Based on the photo,
it seems you were all really close.
I just can't believe that my brother
and Gi Osung were close.
Something about it seems weird.
That was why I asked, just in case.
I'm sorry.
Ah, it's okay.
By the way,
where did you get this photo?
Someone gave it to me.
I can't let you know who, but
Oh, right.
Your driving lesson starts tomorrow.
I'll see you for our next class.
Osung, what's going on?
With what? Jaebum, can we talk later?
I just created an Insta account.
Why didn't you show me all the photos?
Why did you show me only
the one of me and Park Wonseok?
There was another one with you
and there was another guy in there too,
Gwon Sejin?
Why did you only show me
the photo of me and Park Wonseok?
I don't know what you're talking about,
but let's talk later.
I'm kinda busy right now.
Hey, Jihyun.
I'm busy right now.
Check this out.
What's this?
Who took this?
Looks like Gi Osung
created an Insta account.
He uploaded a lot of fun photos.
Wow, he's driving me insane.
He's finally lost his mind.
Oh, it's kinda funny though.
A lot of people are liking his posts.
-I'm following his account too.
-Ugh, this attention whore.
I was wondering why he didn't have
an Instagram account until now. Ugh.
He even posted practice
questions for the upcoming midterm.
He also posted a map
of favorite hang-out spots for bullies.
He's racking up a lot of followers
in a short amount of time.
-It's pretty popular.
-Popular, my ass.
Soyeon, Gi Osung opened up
an Instagram account.
A lot of his posts are about Kook Jihyun.
What a pathetic loser.
I'm going to follow him anyways.
-I'm curious.
-Me too, me too, me too.
-Wow, this is pretty good.
Huh? Hey, this is
I posted it on my Instagram,
so you can check it out.
Can you post more practice questions?
Wow, are you posting for free
what you get from your expensive tutors?
Don't worry. I'll pick
the most helpful ones and post them.
Wow, so lucky!
-Hey, me too! Me too!
-Let's go.
-All right, I'll send it to you.
Hey, Gi Osung.
Your Insta's pretty fun, huh?
Hey, post more photos of Jihyun.
Okay, don't worry. I got you.
I'm going to post
at least five of her a day.
Five? Oh yeah!
What "Oh yeah"?
So what are you going to do
with my photos?
So after all that,
now you're going to sell my photos?
Just because we live together?
How could you say it like that?
Everyone likes them anyway.
Delete them while I'm asking nicely.
I can't really delete them right now.
Can you hold on
for like two or three days?
-Two or three days?
-Yeah, I think that'll be enough time.
Are you planning something right now?
What are you plotting?
Come on, plotting?
I’m not plotting anything.
I just wanted to try out Instagram is all.
Why after two or three days?
Is something going to end
after two or three days have passed?
It just means
I'll have them up for a bit,
then take them down.
Why did you take photos of me
without telling me?
It was all just a joke, you know.
How many have you taken?
Tell me how many you took.
Not that many.
It was just for fun.
How many could I have possibly taken?
That's all of it.
Didn't you tell him
you're going to upload five a day?
I mean, I was just throwing bait.
You've got to throw some bait
to reel in the followers
-within a short period of time
Delete the posts while I'm here right now
and delete the ones
that are saved on your phone.
Give me your cell phone.
I I'm sorry.
It'll be over in two or three days,
and I'll delete them all after that.
Screw that asshole.
Ugh, what in the world is he plotting?
You think I'm going to kill you?
I I deserve to die, detective.
Do you cut your noodles?
Yes, four times.
Ugh, seriously.
I would cut you like this
if I could have it my way.
I'm sorry. It won't ever happen again.
If we're to do our jobs,
let's do it right, yeah?
Kin, networks, alumni, neighbors.
You've got to cut all ties
that could hinder your investigation.
I'll keep that in mind.
If I ever catch you hiding evidence
and reporting to the higher-ups
without reporting to me,
this, this is how you'll end up.
Yes ma'am!
Detective Jin, I got a hold of a video.
What video?
For the body shop case.
We've already checked
all security footage,
and there's nothing else
we haven't collected. We've seen it all.
And you're still saying
there's another video?
This video is totally different.
Where was this taken from?
From the roof of the body shop.
-The roof?
-Yes, ma'am.
Let's go, follow me.
Excuse me? I haven't eaten yet
So this is the back door of the body shop.
And a drone captured
the suspect coming out the back door.
So this means there was an accomplice.
It seems like it might be an accomplice,
but there's something strange about it.
They left through different routes,
and there's a time gap
between their exits.
One left through the front door,
and the other left through
the back door 10 to 15 minutes later.
It never occurred to me
that it could've been two people.
There was no car
or any security cameras by the back door,
so we couldn't have known this.
Oh, by the way,
how did you get a hold of this?
I was wondering
if there was anything else I could find,
so I went back to the crime scene
before coming into work today.
And I saw a strange guy there.
Look here!
What are you doing over there?
Come down!
Come down from there, quickly!
Who was he?
Cho Dohyun, Male, 27 years old.
He recently graduated from college,
currently unemployed.
And his hobby is playing with his drone.
Come on, move your butt
out of the way, man. I can't see!
I can see now! I can see!
If I were to be more specific
his hobby is to secretly
record apartment buildings
or motels at night.
And to record sexual intercourse
or nude scenes.
He's a pervert.
On the night of the murder,
He was enjoying his perverted hobby
when his drone broke
and fell somewhere.
I'm fucked.
When he followed the GPS on his drone,
He found out it had crash landed
onto the roof of the body shop.
So he thought he would come back
the next day when it was bright out.
The next morning,
when he came back to the body shop,
there was a police line set up.
He couldn't get past the police line
to retrieve his drone,
so he was hanging around the place.
That's when I found him today.
After retrieving the drone from the roof,
I checked the drone's recordings
just in case.
There was a lot of porn.
Then at the end, this came on.
Good job.
That pervert was just so gross
that I charged him for violating
the Special Act on the Punishment
of Sexual Violence Crimes.
Got it.
Seonha, you're late.
You should've come right after school,
you fucking whore.
Fuck, how could you make me wait?
Why are you doing this to me?
I told you I don't know anything.
Aww, shit.
What do you mean you don't know anything?
If you don't even know who did this to me,
who else would know, you crazy bitch?
Tell me quickly
before I actually kill you.
Who did you ask to do this to me?
Hurry up and tell me, you fucking bitch!
Hey, I said hurry up and tell me!
Who was the asshole
you asked to do this? Shit!
Fuck. I'll be back tomorrow, Seonha.
Got it?
Hey! Hey, what the What are you doing?
What the
Are you okay? Are you hurt?
I'm fine.
Hey, what are you doing right now, huh?
Apologize to her.
It's really not a good idea
for you to get close to Ok Chanmi.
Are you all right?
Dad, I'm sorry.
No, you shouldn't be, Seonha.
There's nothing for you to be sorry about.
I mean, you've done nothing wrong.
Dad, can I
Can I transfer to a school far away,
where no one knows me?
I mean, why should you have to transfer
when you haven't done anything wrong?
Just wait it out, Seonha.
He said he'll come back tomorrow.
That devil Sa Junggyeong told me
he'll even come to our house tomorrow.
I really don't know what to do.
I wish I could kill him.
Seon Seonha, listen to me.
I've made another re-request.
This time, he might actually kill him.
I mean, I didn't actually mean
that he'd kill Sa Junggyeong for real.
I meant that he'll punish him
till he's nearly dead.
Nearly dead, so that he won't ever dare
to approach us, ever again.
-Is that true, Dad?
-Of course.
I I've made another request to him.
So don't worry, Seonha.
Soon, that wretched bastard Sa Junggyeong
will be gone forever.
Is that really going to happen?
Yes, Seonha.
He'll definitely be punished
this time around.
To the point where he won't even be able
to have his chin up.
I just can't stand it anymore, Dad.
It's okay. It's okay.
You're here.
Hey, Sa Junggyeong.
At the soonest, it'll be tomorrow
or the day after that.
Ji Sooheon's going to attack you.
Hey, are you sure about that?
I heard it at the convenience store
near Min Seonha's home.
I heard what Min Seonha
and her father were talking about.
Last time,
it was the photography dark room,
so where will it be this time?
Will it be at the school
I've transferred to?
Or maybe on the street?
What the fuck? How can I be prepared
if I don't know where he'll assault me?
The hunter decides where he'll hunt.
That's why it's called a trap.
So where will it be?
At the RV park you're currently living in.
That bastard Ji Sooheon will follow you
to try and find a place to attack you.
Where else would you be alone at night?
The RV park.
That's the perfect place to attack you.
Then my cousin
and his friends can hide near the RV
and once that bastard Ji Sooheon shows up,
they'll attack him and crush his toes.
They can pop all his teeth out.
-Am I right?
No matter what, you can't beat him up.
Your cousin and his friends
can't show up either.
Sa Junggyeong, you're going to have
to take the beating.
I have to get beaten up again?
Are you out of your mind? Seriously.
Hey, you bastard.
Do you think what you're saying
makes any sense right now?
Don't go home
after your class ends tomorrow.
What I mean is
don't go back to the RV.
Excuse me.
Slightly to the left.
Like this?
No, that's too much.
Yes, I think that's good.
I think we have to turn it
slightly more to this side.
A bit more.
-How's this?
-A little more.
How's that?
Yes, that's good.
Damn, this kid thinks he's my boss now?
Ji Sooheon.
You're dead.
I need to apologize.
I really owe you an apology.
Are you telling me to drive
this car right now?
This car? Even I can recognize
how big and expensive it is.
Sorry, I couldn't find a practice car.
-All cars are the same.
-Uh, hold on. Hold on.
For today, let's just practice driving
slowly and braking.
I'm sorry, I don't think I can do it.
Can we just go, please?
If you can't do it now,
you'll be traumatized
and never be able to drive again
in the future.
Come on, let's switch seats.
Come on.
Let's just practice braking.
Now, step on the brake.
-It's fine.
Slowly, just do it slowly.
Now, brake.
Ah, sorry.
It's okay. You're doing great.
Don't step on the break so suddenly.
Do it gradually.
Try to remember how it feels on your feet.
-Try that again.
There you go.
Keep your foot on the accelerator, slowly.
There you go.
Keep going.
Now, the brake, slowly.
Oh, good job.
That's it.
Keep your foot on the brake
and move the gear to P to park.
-P to park.
-There you go
Wow, my hands are shaking.
Let's go again.
Move the gear to D to start again.
Huh? So soon?
I just remembered when you first taught me
how to hold a firing pose.
Remember what you told me?
Hold your gun out. Relax your shoulders.
Keep your chin tucked.
Put it down. Hold your gun out.
Stop lying.
When did I ever tell you to do that?
You did!
Wow, see? Only the victim remembers.
So move your gear back
to D to drive and start.
Move the gear to D.
Tell me the truth.
Why are you trying to learn
how to drive all of a sudden?
Is there something wrong with that?
It just felt abrupt.
It's the middle of the semester,
and we're not even on a break.
Do you want the truth?
I'm going to drive my brother's murderer
to the mountains and bury them.
Soon, I'm going to catch the culprit
who killed my brother.
I'm going to ask the killer
why they did it.
And I'm going to get
an apology out of them.
If I can't forgive them even then,
I'm going to kill them.
I figured I'd probably need a car
for that.
So, am I
your accomplice?
You're not an accomplice.
All you did was teach me how to drive.
That doesn't make you an accomplice.
But now I know all about your plan.
Then why don't you go
to the police station and report me?
I guess I don't have a choice then.
I guess I'll have to tell you
a secret too.
A secret?
What did it feel like for you
when your twin disappeared
from this world?
That came out of nowhere.
I was a twin too.
Are you serious?
When I was 14,
during the summer vacation
of my first year in middle school,
he suddenly died.
He was
the younger twin.
He was sick.
He had a bad heart.
He suddenly died of a heart attack.
We looked exactly the same.
Only my family could tell us apart.
That's how similar we looked.
After my younger brother died,
it was really weird for about a year.
Whenever I looked in the mirror,
I thought I could see him.
Honestly, it felt really surreal
to know that the person closest to me
had disappeared from the world.
I think I know how you felt.
at some point, in the summer
of my second year of middle school,
it all became fine again.
A world that seemed so surreal to me
gradually started feeling more real.
Did you get over it?
I don't know.
Whatever it was
I got used to feeling
like there was someone else there.
Feeling like someone else was there?
Do you feel like your twin brother
is there beside you,
just like he used to be?
It doesn't feel quite like a twin.
After a year,
I started to acknowledge and accept
that my younger brother had died.
It's hard to explain, but
In any case, I feel like I'm not alone,
and that there's someone else next to me.
Maybe you feel that way after having coped
with that feeling of loss and separation.
Your secret's safe with me.
I'll keep your plan a secret.
I'm being serious.
I'm being serious too.
Even now,
I feel like there's one more of me.
This is really a secret.
All right.
Now that we've shared our secrets,
I guess we'll have to get back
to driving practice.
Get in. Let's go.
Ah, why?
That's not true.
Of course I'm alone.
You never know. Ji Sooheon might be
watching you right now.
Don't even try to check outside.
I get that,
but what should I do
if he tries to attack me now?
He's probably not prepared yet,
so he won't attack you right now.
He's probably checking to make sure
the RV park is a good place to attack you.
That's probably all he's doing right now.
He's trying to judge
whether it's the place
where you'll be alone as much as possible.
Without being noticed.
Wow, fuck.
I'd be fucked if he rushed in right now.
My brothers aren't here beside me.
Don't overreact and just stay calm.
You need to make him believe
that no one else is going to come
visit you at the RV park.
All right.
A minute past midnight, Apr 17th, 2022
Ms. Shin has
passed away.
PHONE 010-0292-7736
KO DEOKJUN 010-0925-2734
Ah, hello, this is Neungwha Hospital
Hey, Chanmi, this is the gym director.
Ah, yes, hello, sir.
Don't panic.
-Sooheon's mother just passed away.
Sooheon's cell phone seems to be off.
Could you go downstairs
and check to see if Sooheon's there?
Yes, I'm on my way.
Sooheon! Sooheon!
The person you dialed cannot be reached
What do I do?
Hey, Chanmi, what's up?
She passed away?
Oh, no.
You can't reach him?
He's not at the gym?
I have no idea.
Hold on a sec.
Ajung, Ajung.
Yeah, Soyeon.
-Do you know where Sooheon is right now?
His mother just passed away,
but they can't reach him.
Ah, there's no way Ajung would know.
What should I do?
Who should I be asking right now?
Did you call Jaebum?
Chanmi, calm down.
Are you saying
Sooheon's mother passed away,
but that you're not able
to reach him right now?
Chanmi, I'll come to you.
Just try to find out what's going on.
Yeah, I'm heading out right now.
-Soyeon, what should we do?
-What? What's going on?
I think Sooheon is here right now,
and that's why his cell phone is off.
Hey guys, can I have your attention?
-Here comes something interesting.
-What's this?
Sa Jung
What do you mean he's there?
Why would Sooheon go
to Sa Junggyeong's place?
Hey, Ajung.
Did you go talk to Min Seonha's dad?
Did you relay the request to Sooheon?
-Because of the money?
I'm sorry. I didn't know
it would end up like this
Where's Sa Junggyeong right now?
That bastard Gi Osung
is waiting for Sooheon
to assault Sa Junggyeong
on his livestream.
Agh, it's a trap! Damn it.
So where's Sa Junggyeong right now?
-I don't know.
-Sa Junggyeong lives alone.
Min Seonha's dad told me this.
He told me Min Seonha
was once forcefully dragged
to Sa Jungyeong's place.
Since Sa Junggyeong's foot is injured,
he probably lives near his school.
Since he transferred to Hankyung High
Jaebum and Chanmi,
you guys head to Hankyung High now.
We'll try to figure out
where Min Seonha was dragged to.
-Okay, keep us posted.
-Okay. Be careful.
Who is it?
Ah, how can I help you?
Can we please speak to Seonha?
We need to ask her something.
This is urgent.
There he is.
kyroong A MASK??
Oh, Gi Osung started his livestream.
Isn't this Sa Junggyeong's RV?
-Huh? Hey, Donghee, wake up.
Look at this masked man.
Isn't he the hero?
-He is.
-Hey, Haksoo, Haksoo!
-What, what, what, what, why, why?
-Come on, come on, right now.
-Come, hurry. Come right now.
-Why, why, why, why, why?
Crazy idiot.
So was this why you started Instagram?
Wow, fuck. The hero? What? Fuck, wow.
That's it!
Ji Sooheon, you bastard.
Hold on.
You're doomed.
What should we do?
Soyeon, what's going to happen to Sooheon?
Ah, Gi Osung, you son of a bitch, shit.
Oh, no, this is all because of me
You son of a bitch!
Fucking son of a bitch.
That must've hurt, oh!
I'll make you pay for my foot,
you son of a bitch!
That's unfair. He's using his crutches
Take it off,
you son of a bitch, take it off!
Ah, you motherfucker.
Was your livestream a success?
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