Revenge of Others (2022) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

That's it!
Ji Sooheon, you bastard! You're doomed.
You son of a bitch!
Fucking son of a bitch.
Wow, with the crutches.
Don't worry. The hero will win eventually.
I agree. Sa Junggyeong's legs
are injured after all.
-Stop it, you motherfucker!
Fucking shit, you motherfucker!
Wow, did he really block that?
Oh, oh, oh!
He's taking it off! He's taking it off!
Was your livestream a success?
Yeah, we're heading towards
where you told us to go.
Yeah, we just passed
the convenience store.
Left turn, left turn.
Yes, if you go straight from there,
you'll see the RV.
Oh, okay. Thank you, Seonha.
Of course.
Oh, no. This is all because of me.
No Seonha, this isn't your fault.
Those demons Sa Junggyeong and Gi Osung
are the ones to blame.
Chanmi will be able to get to Sooheon
before something bad happens, right?
Seok Jaebum.
I won't forgive you for this.
What is this?
That wasn't that bastard Ji Sooheon!
The police are here. Go, now.
Fuck, hang tight.
Gi Osung.
I guess you have some explaining to do?
Hey, Seok Jaebum.
Were you the one who smashed my foot?
I know it wasn't you, huh?
I guess you were waiting for someone else?
Do you have a death wish, you bastard?
Who was it?
The one you were waiting for?
You know who he is, don't you?
Stop it.
The livestream is over.
You guys need to come with me
to the police station.
Gi Osung just had to screw up like this.
Hand me that mask.
What are you doing?
I asked you to hand over the evidence.
Hurry up and get out of there.
This RV needs to be preserved
for evidence.
It was Gi Osung
who planned the incident last night.
He had several assistants
to put together his livestream,
including Sa Junggyeong,
his cousin, and his friend.
Sa Junggyeong's cousin and his friend
have criminal records.
I let the five people involved
with the livestream incident
go back home on the condition
that they come
to the station this morning.
What's wrong with them?
Why the hell are they playing cops
and robbers? On a livestream?
Sir. This wasn't a game.
They had a clear intention
to catch the culprit
and reveal his identity
to their fellow students.
Yeah, I know!
Osung set a trap to catch the culprit,
and he had set up the camera, right?
Gi Osung seems to know a lot
about these recent cases.
Are you implying that
there's a clear connection
to the body shop incident?
That is what I suspect.
I'll report to you
after the investigation.
Detective Jin.
Do you remember the guy
who was wearing the mask?
Seok Jaebum?
He's the only son of the owner
of Seungpil Group.
A grandson of a chaebol.
-He's here with 2 lawyers.
Let's go.
I'm Detective Jin Sojeong.
I'm Mr. Seok's lawyer.
-Good morning.
-Why don't we head inside?
Sir, I'd like to be questioned alone,
if possible.
Ah, you don't have to do that.
No need to feel pressured.
We'll just be there to listen in.
It's not anything
to be concerned about anyway.
Of course.
Since it's not a big deal,
I'd like to be questioned alone.
Would that be okay, Detective?
I've known that Sa Junggyeong
lives in that RV since last month.
Because I've seen him smoking
in front of his RV while driving.
-Do you have a license?
I'm not a minor.
Then did you drive to the RV
with your car?
No, I took a taxi.
Because I had been drinking
at a nearby park.
I was watching the livestream there
when suddenly Sa Junggyeong came on.
So I assumed that Gi Osung
was staging a hero act
with the livestream.
That's when I suddenly felt
this strong urge to punish Sa Junggyeong
just as the hero would.
You know the hero, right?
The hero who crushed Sa Junggyeong's foot
earlier this semester.
Anyways, I didn't want to lose
the chance to claim the title,
so I took a taxi and headed to the RV.
What about the mask?
Do you always carry a mask with you?
No, of course not.
I found it on the road.
-The mask?
I thought of that as part
of playing a hero.
So I put the mask on and headed to the RV.
I trusted that Osung would help me out
if things went wrong.
Do you still believe
that the livestream incident
was a part of a hero make-believe?
I mean
I could never have imagined
that I'd see Osung
make a facial expression like that.
After taking my mask off,
Osung looked very surprised at first.
Then he became extremely mad.
That was the moment when
I thought maybe
this wasn't actually a prank.
That's what crossed my mind.
Oh, by the way, Detective.
There's something
I've been meaning to ask you.
Will this be considered a crime?
We're trying to figure out right now
whether it will be or not.
I see.
Jaebum, could you tell me about the reason
why you took a year off from school?
Well, that's not really related
to what happened last night,
but I'll tell you.
I was involved in a traffic accident.
I was in the hospital for half a year.
I even lost all of my memories.
I wanted to get revenge
on the guy who did this to my foot.
It's not a crime to think that, is it?
Did you not understand what I said?
I'm asking how you knew
the hero was going to come to your RV.
Detective, how would you know
when a fish would come to bite your bait
while you're fishing?
You just leave the bait and wait.
What was the bait?
The bait?
you couldn't have been the bait.
You had already been punished
and even transferred
to a different school.
Why would he come back
to punish you again?
Min Seonha.
I know you've been harassing her again.
If you started harassing her again,
the hero would come back for you.
That was the bait, wasn't it?
I'm not sure what you're talking about.
How did Gi Osung get involved with this?
Gi Osung was the one who approached me
about it. About catching the hero.
Why did he want to catch the hero?
Has the hero done anything to Gi Osung?
I don't know about that.
But in any case, Gi Osung told me
it would be fun to do a livestream
and asked me to join.
So Gi Osung knows who the hero is?
Because he was planning to unmask
the hero on his livestream.
I said I have no idea.
Why was your gangster cousin
there with you during the livestream?
The vehicle that was used
for the livestream belongs to him.
He was just helping a cousin.
Don't you feel like Gi Osung used you?
I'm not so sure about that.
I think I was being careless.
This is the last time
I would ever do something like this.
I'm not here for your apology.
I need you to tell us
what really happened.
We don't think this was a prank.
I just wanted to become popular
with the other kids.
Do you think the other kids enjoyed it?
I'm asking if you thought the other kids
would enjoy you revealing
the hero's identity.
The kids love the hero.
But what you did could've put him
at risk of being arrested.
Wouldn't that have caused the other kids
to blame you for causing his arrest?
The result would have been
the opposite of what you had wanted.
I'm pretty sure
you had that figured out already.
I didn't consider that possibility.
You just wanted to hand
the hero over to us,
even if it meant
that you'd risk getting blamed for it.
Come on.
That's just not true.
What did you think about Seok Jaebum
putting on a mask?
-And coming to the RV?
-You should ask him about that.
I'm asking what you thought about it.
Of course,
I had no idea that would happen.
It made things more fun though.
That's why I'm saying
that the livestream was just for fun.
It didn't seem like you were
enjoying it though, in the livestream.
Your expression was priceless
when you took Seok Jaebum's mask off.
Your face looked really mad.
I was just really shocked is all.
Who were you expecting to see?
Whose face did you want to reveal on air
when you took that mask off?
I didn't have anyone in mind.
I believe you already know about
Park Wonseok's murder case, yes?
Since you were in the same school,
same year?
Of course I do.
And I believe you're already familiar
with Ju Hyeokgeon's case,
the juvenile delinquent, correct?
Since you went to the same middle school
as Ju Hyeokgeon,
and your study café receipt
was found at the crime scene?
Yes, I'm aware of that.
We believe these cases
are connected to each other.
In both of the murder cases,
the victims were punished by the hero.
I'm sorry, I don't follow.
No, I think you know perfectly well
what I'm talking about.
I do know.
I know about all three of those cases.
Besides that, what else would I know?
Are you trying to make me out
to be a scapegoat?
What you wanted was to hand the hero
over to the police,
since we failed to arrest the culprit.
It may have seemed like
you were trying to reveal who the hero was
to the students through the livestream,
but actually you wanted the police to see.
Stop talking nonsense.
And once the police arrested the hero
from Sa Junggyeong's case,
the hero would be under investigation
for all the other cases as well.
Have I revealed too much of your plans?
This is a pretty common trick
criminals use to distract the police.
Are you telling me
I'm a suspect in both murder cases?
I personally believe
Ji Sooheon's the killer.
I'm here to pay my respects.
May your mother rest in peace.
I know things will be hard for you,
but I hope you're able
to find some peace of mind.
Thank you.
My deepest condolences to you.
Thank you.
Please have some food before you leave.
It's okay, thank you.
Honey, let's go.
I wish you all well.
Maybe we should've stayed longer.
There weren't that many people in there.
My presence would've only
made him feel uncomfortable.
You think so?
Anyways, I feel bad for Ji Sooheon.
He's completely alone in this world now.
Come on, let's have some lunch too.
I know you probably
don't have much of an appetite,
but you have to eat something.
Okay. You guys eat up, too.
Thank you for helping me out.
We don't know much
about what to do at a funeral.
So if there's anything you have in mind,
just let us know.
Okay, sounds good.
Let's eat.
Ah, Jaebum.
Do you know the people who were just here?
Yes, they're cops.
That woman was the police officer
who raided Sa Junggyeong's RV last night.
Who was the man?
He's probably a cop as well.
That's just overkill.
The cops followed you to the funeral?
They're here to pay their respects.
Were you okay at the police station?
I'm sorry I got you involved in that.
Nah, it's nothing.
I told them it was out of curiosity,
and they couldn't find anything
to charge me with.
How did you explain the mask to them?
I just told them I found it
on the side of the road near the RV.
And did they believe you?
Well, that's what I told them.
What else could they do?
Let's talk about that some other time.
Let's eat.
Thank you guys
for all your help.
Park Wonseok is here too.
Well, I guess you could say
I was close to Park Wonseok.
But I never knew where his ashes were.
I've never been here before, either.
I'm sorry, Chanmi.
No worries.
Where is he?
Let's go together to pay respects.
Yeah? Shall we then?
Ah, shit.
I know that photo.
He showed it to me,
saying he looked great in it.
Why in the world can't the police
manage to catch the killer?
Are they even investigating it?
We may not know who did it,
but if the suspect managed
to play that video in the auditorium,
shouldn't they have already arrested
the suspect by now?
What are they doing? Seriously.
Do you and Sooheon know something?
We have a suspect
in mind.
The person who I think did it is
Gi Osung.
Gi Osung?
Gi Osung?
I'm pretty sure of it.
It's more than a hunch.
But I haven't shared it
with the police yet.
What's keeping you?
It's because his father
is the head of the police station.
Oh, actually, it's because
I don't have definitive evidence yet.
I also feel like I won't feel satisfied
if I just hand him over to the police.
Are you sure it's Gi Osung?
I'm almost certain.
I'm sure this goes without saying,
but let's just keep
this to ourselves for now.
Of course.
Don't worry.
You don't need to worry about me either.
-Hey, what are you looking at, stop, huh?
Hey! It's the masked Jaebum.
Oh, yeah.
You're late for class.
That's exactly what a hero would do.
I had to help Sooheon place
his mother's urn in a columbarium.
Oh. I see.
You're a real hero
for helping a friend in need.
-I'm off.
We need to talk.
Seok Jaebum.
I'm not going to treat you
as a friend anymore
since you've crossed the line.
I don't care about
what you've said to the police,
but I hope we can be frank
with each other.
On the night of the livestream,
you ran into Ji Sooheon near the RV,
didn't you?
That's why you wore Ji Sooheon's mask
and went into the RV
instead of him, isn't it?
Do I even have to answer your question
when you already seem to have
an answer you want to hear?
Don't be a coward. Tell me.
You met up with Ji Sooheon
and wore his mask.
Why were you helping Ji Sooheon?
Why did you betray me?
Betray you?
Seok Jaebum, had it not been for you,
I would've caught Ji Sooheon.
He would've said something
while beating Sa Junggyeong up in the RV.
Please, no. It wasn't me.
He wouldn't have known
he was on a livestream.
He would've said something like,
"you need another beating
since you haven't learned your lesson."
He would've crushed Sa Junggyeong
for Min Seonha's sake.
Did you like that?
That was all supposed
to be livestreamed.
Seok Jaebum,
why are you getting in my way? Why?
I didn't want Ji Sooheon to get caught.
I knew it.
You two met up that night.
If I'm being more specific,
I didn't want Ji Sooheon
to be caught by you.
What did Ji Sooheon ever do for you?
Has he done more for you than I have?
And you still have the nerve to betray me?
You think you've done a lot for me?
You think you've treated me well?
Ugh, I guess that's just how it goes.
There's no point in being nice to people.
Ugh, am I really that clueless?
I told you everything
you couldn't remember
and helped you recover.
And now you have the audacity
to question what I've done for you?
Don't you remember
you came to me for help,
asking all kinds of questions?
Was the time and effort
I put into you all for nothing?
That was probably your way
of manipulating me
and planting what you wanted me to think.
Why did you give me pictures
of just me and Park Wonseok?
Wasn't that your way
of making me think I was dating
Park Wonseok before I lost my memory?
I know there were other photos
of you, me, Park Wonseok, and Gwon Sejin.
Don't you think you're overreacting?
Your imagination
must be popping off right now.
Answer my question.
What was my intention in only
giving you photos of you and Park Wonseok?
It was to make sure you could remember.
The relationship you had
with Park Wonseok.
That's what's important.
The other two people don't matter.
What is it you want me to remember?
Are you trying to get me to recognize
the memories you've cherry-picked for me?
At this point,
you probably won't even believe me
even if I tell you the truth.
So I'll give you a clue.
Your family's company building.
The building next to the horse track.
The building where you jumped from
to commit suicide.
after all, you survived
and ended up in a coma instead.
Seok Jaebum.
And even though you've betrayed me,
you'll soon come to appreciate
what I've done for you.
You'll come back to me,
knowing that I'm the only ally
you can count on.
Once you remember
what happened at that building.
Can you tell me something?
What do you want me to tell you?
I don't care about the topic.
-I just want to hear someone talking.
How about a YouTube video?
That's fine.
Just talk about anything.
Then I'm just going to tell you
something random, yeah?
It was during winter break
of my second year of middle school.
I was planning to meet up
with my older brother
after a long time apart.
Since I was living in Busan,
and he was living in Seoul,
we decided to meet
somewhere in the middle.
Uh, Daejeon. It was in Daejeon.
The thing is, it was a pretty cold day,
but even still,
he suddenly showed me his belly,
saying he wanted me
to check out his six-pack.
He said he'd been working out really hard
and got a six-pack.
But I couldn't see any muscle
no matter how hard I looked.
It was completely flat.
But when I looked more closely,
I noticed there was something there
about the size of a quarter.
Whether it was muscle or not,
I don't know.
It looked like a flat surface
with thin circular tiles,
like a jade mat or something.
That's why I started calling him
Jade Mat from that point on.
You know how our last name means jade?
So, I changed his name on
my phone to Jade Mat
and called him that
whenever I sent him a message.
He begged me to change it,
so I decided to be generous
and changed his name back to Ok Chankyu.
The sun's about to set.
It looks like it's cooked.
I think so. I'll try one.
It's hot.
Hmm. Hey, have some. Have some.
This is the photo my brother sent me.
He told me he had taken it
while he was on a date
with his girlfriend.
Like this?
He told me Ajung was his girlfriend
then shared this photo with me.
But Ajung said they weren't actually
dating each other.
-That it was just a fake relationship.
She told me she's allergic to clams.
even though he said it was his girlfriend,
I wonder if the person
he was actually dating
was one of the people in this photo.
I've never heard of anything
like that before.
Just something I was thinking about.
Maybe one of these four guys
might know something?
If that's the case
Seok Jaebum has lost all his memories
Gwon Sejin is out of reach
since he left for the United States
My older brother can't tell us
anything about it
So the only one left is Gi Osung.
Are you saying Gi Osung's
the only one who can tell us?
I guess he's both a suspect
and a witness at the same time.
We need to find a way to get him to talk.
I shouldn't have brought it up.
Let's just eat for now. Eat.
Eat up.
Come in.
Why are you taking away
my phone all of a sudden?
Isn't it obvious?
I promised you I won't ever do
another livestream anymore.
What's going on with you recently?
Have you lost your mind?
At the police station,
the guys are talking about
whether they should look
into my own son as a murder suspect.
Meanwhile, my very son
is playing pranks and imitating crimes!
Is this what I get for trusting you?
Stop getting involved
in all this weird nonsense.
I forbid you to go anywhere else
but school and home.
Where's your answer?
-Yes, father.
-Now go.
Who are you?
-Uh, Jaebum.
-I'm not late, am I?
-No, I just got here early.
I'm sorry I asked to meet up
so early in the morning.
No worries. It's fine. What's up?
I have a favor to ask you.
Seems like every time we meet,
I'm asking for a favor. Sorry.
In that case,
let me ask you for a favor first.
Stop saying you're sorry. Please.
Okay, done.
So, what is it? Tell me.
Ah, uh
It's about Gi Osung.
Gi Osung?
Have you thought
more about that clue I gave you?
Did you remember anything?
That employee training building.
Does it have something to do
with Park Wonseok?
Whoa, what else?
Osung, I promise I'll trust what you say,
so can you just tell me the truth?
You're going to trust me?
I will.
You're the only person who can tell me
the truth now.
I'm just so frustrated.
Please, Osung.
You've been good about solving
all the riddles up until now.
You're so close,
but your explanations still fall short.
I guess what I'm trying to say is
You figured out it wasn't
a car accident, right? That's correct.
It wasn't a car accident.
You remembered that you tried to kill
yourself at the stables, right?
It wasn't the stables.
It was the employee
training building next to it.
Do you realize that tomorrow
will mark a year
since the incident happened?
April 22nd.
We went horse riding together that day
because it was school foundation day.
So I jumped from
the employee training building.
You're right about falling from the roof
of the employee training building.
But that wasn't something
you decided to do on your own.
What do you mean?
pushed you off from the roof
of the building, and you fell.
Are you serious?
I thought you said
you were going to trust me?
You said you were going to trust
what I told you.
If you don't believe me,
we can just stop here.
I trust you.
I trust what you're saying.
Who do you think
pushed you off the rooftop?
Was it Park Wonseok?
You've solved all the riddles.
It was Park Wonseok.
The one who put you in a coma.
Your parents were busy sweeping it
under the rug
because they thought
you had tried to kill yourself.
But it was Park Wonseok who did it.
how do you know
it was Park Wonseok who did it?
I saw him with my own eyes.
You saw him?
-If you did, why
-Why didn't I report him to the police?
Why didn't I tell your parents about it?
Because Park Wonseok saw me as well.
That means
Hey, Seok Jaebum, Gi Osung.
What are you guys doing here?
Go back to class, now.
Mom, have you been reunited with Soomin?
Soomin, are you with Mom?
I'm jealous of you guys.
Wow, that's so pretty.
Hey, Ji Sooheon.
Hey, long time no see.
I heard about your mother.
I couldn't be there to pay my respects
because I was held up
at the police station, thanks to you.
I hope you understand.
I guess you dragged
Seok Jaebum into it too.
You may have escaped this time
thanks to him,
but time's ticking for you.
I feel so sorry for you.
You'll have no one to visit you
once you're in jail.
Leave me! Shit!
Sooheon, calm down, calm down, okay?
Huh, huh? Hey, Sooheon.
-What's going on?
Sooheon, Sooheon!
-Wake up, Sooheon.
-Sooheon, Sooheon.
-Hey, Sooheon. What's going on?
-Sooheon, Sooheon, Are you okay?
-What's going on?
-Mr. Jo!
Tell me what's going on!
-Sooheon, are you all right?
-Sooheon! Hey, Sooheon, wake up!
-Ji Sooheon!
-Ji Sooheon!
Wake up!
-Sooheon, Sooheon.
-Sooheon, are you all right?
Hey! Hey, what's going on with you?
Hi, this is Yongtan High School
Open your eyes.
It was Park Wonseok.
The one who put you in a coma.
What happened?
He was fighting Gi Osung
when he suddenly passed out.
What should we do?
Where are you going, sir?
To the nearest hospital.
Get out of the way. Move.
You need to go to Woosung Hospital.
He has a brain tumor.
There's a doctor there
who's taking care of him.
You need to go there.
Call Woosung Hospital,
and you, get in the ambulance.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Everyone, go inside. Go inside, everyone.
has a brain tumor
12:00 - 14:00
17:30 - 20:00
I believe we met at the funeral, no?
Yes, we did.
It seems you already knew that Sooheon
was coming to this hospital
and that he was sick?
Is Sooheon okay?
I don't believe his life
is at risk right now.
Sooheon will be asleep
for the next 24 hours.
So don't worry about him and go home.
I'll call you once he's awake.
Thank you, sir.
See you later.
Excuse me, doctor.
Will Sooheon really
die because of this?
His condition might become critical
at some point,
or it might stay the same as it is now.
What do you mean it might stay
the same as it is now?
Are you asking when the end might be?
It's just like what life is like
for the rest of us.
We do our best and keep moving along.
That's what's important. Trying our best.
Go back to class, now.
What happened after Park Wonseok saw you?
What kept you from reporting him
to the police?
Tell me the truth.
Okay, I wasn't going to,
but I'll tell you what you want.
You really should thank me.
I had to save myself.
Park Wonseok knew one of my weaknesses
and had me in a bind.
You didn't report him
for fear of him revealing your weakness?
Reporting him
wouldn't have changed anything.
Besides, you fell into a coma
after falling from the rooftop.
And Park Wonseok
is no longer a part of this world.
That's why I told you.
Not to get too close with Ok Chanmi,
Park Wonseok's younger sister.
But you didn't listen to me
and you became close with them anyway.
I deserve better.
Park Wonseok.
Why did Park Wonseok do that to me?
I have no clue.
It was between you and Park Wonseok.
I did some research online during class.
Brain tumors can be deadly.
If you get surgery,
you might live.
Why didn't he tell us he was sick?
If he hid it from us,
does that mean it's serious?
Why is this happening
to Sooheon?
I can't believe it either.
Call Chanmi again.
The number you dialed is
Her cell phone's off.
Seriously, what's going on?
Who do you think
pushed you off the rooftop?
It was Park Wonseok.
The one who put you in a coma.
I feel like I'm losing my mind!
I get the feeling that
I did something that I didn't do.
And for things that I did do,
I have no memory of them.
Who are you?
Was I the one
who killed Park Wonseok?
Wow, that was a great meal.
Wow, I'm so full.
-Did you enjoy that?
It was so delicious!
Wow, it's really such a nice day.
It feels good to be out here with my sons.
You chose the right day to go out.
How long has it been since we all
went out on an outing like this?
Ok Chanmi was in the ambulance with you
and brought you to the hospital.
Ok Chanmi?
Yes, it was fortunate
that I was able to see you right away.
I thought you told her
about the brain tumor.
It seemed like
she already knew everything.
Ah, yes.
If you feel something's off,
come see me right away.
Yes, sir.
-Take care.
-Thank you, sir.
The number you've called does not exist.
Please check
The number you've called does not exist.
Sooheon, are you okay?
I guess you're probably awake
if you're watching this video right now.
I'm going to give it all up.
I had come to Seoul
because I was frustrated
and wanted to catch the murderer.
Only to realize that it's all in vain.
I can't do anything for my brother,
or rather, Park Wonseok anymore.
My brother
tried to kill
Seok Jaebum.
Jaebum survived,
but that doesn't change the fact
that my brother tried to kill him.
It's time for you to stop working
on my brother's case as well.
It's time for you
to go back to your own life.
I don't think I should keep pursuing this.
This will be the last time
I'll be in touch with you,
so you shouldn't reach out to me either.
Take your mind off this case.
I hope you're able
to enjoy your life more.
I'm sorry for everything.
And thank you.
Ji Sooheon
I feel really bad that you are sick.
I'm sorry that I couldn't do
anything to help you.
I'll always pray that you'll be okay
and that nothing bad
will ever happen to you.
I made this bracelet
with your mom's shoelaces you gave me.
A red string bracelet
might just bring you some luck.
If I have good luck,
I'll pray to god so that he sends
my luck over to you.
Stay healthy.
Again, I'm so sorry.
Please accept my apology.
I'm so sorry.
Don't forgive Park Wonseok.
I know you told me not to say sorry,
but I should say it anyway.
Jaebum, I'm so sorry.
And thank you so much.
My brother
tried to kill Seok Jaebum.
That might be true,
but how did Chanmi find out about it?
I guess you dragged Seok Jaebum
into it too.
Gi Osung knows everything
about Seok Jaebum, right?
The number you are trying to
-Sir, please wait out here.
What are you doing, dumbnut?
Hurry up and get him.
-Hey. Get lost.
I'll wait in the taxi.
Fuck off.
Do you want to die?
I'm a hundred percent sure
I saw the suspect running away.
The murderer was wearing a pair
of white sneakers with red shoelaces.
White sneakers with red shoelaces.
I don't recall anyone else wearing
those shoes other than Ji Sooheon
Then are you saying the suspect
is pretending to be like Ji Sooheon?
Did you fucking lose your phone?
Why haven't you been answering?
My father took it away.
What's up?
-Get in. We can talk when we get there.
-About what?
Fuck, are you going to just leave
things this way?
Get in for now.
We'll talk when we're there.
Are you really going to let it go
after all the shame I had to go through?
Listen, you bastard!
Didn't you tell me Ji Sooheon
is behind all this?
Now, look what a mess you've made.
Hey, what are we going to do
about Ji Sooheon?
We gotta kill him, don't we?!
Fuck, just hold your horses.
I have a plan in mind.
Hey, you bastard, you think you're
gonna kill him by just talking about it?
Get Ji Sooheon and bring him to me.
Are you out of your fucking mind?
do you have a death wish?
Ah, what the fuck!
What was that?
What the fuck?
Move! I'll kill you! Get out!
Did you tell Ok Chanmi that Park Wonseok
tried to kill Seok Jaebum?
I told Seok Jaebum that yesterday.
Well, that was quick.
And Seok Jaebum doesn't know about it?
Even though Park Wonseok
tried to kill him?
Of course he doesn't know.
He has absolutely no memories.
I think you made up that story
to frame Seok Jaebum
as Park Wonseok's killer.
You crazy bastard.
Stop talking nonsense. Get out!
-You killed Park Wonseok, didn't you?
-You're crazy!
I'm done listening to your nonsense.
Get out already!
Gi Osung, you need to die.
You crazy bastard!
Let me go!
Let me go.
Do you realize that tomorrow
will mark a year
since the incident happened?
We went horse riding together that day
because it was school foundation day.
VOICE 0001220421
It was the employee
training building next to it.
Do you realize that tomorrow
will mark a year
since the incident happened?
We went horse riding together that day
because it was school foundation day.
April 22nd.
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