Revenge of Others (2022) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

-You killed Park Wonseok, didn't you?
-You're crazy!
I'm done listening to your nonsense.
Get out already!
Gi Osung, you need to die.
You crazy bastard!
TODAY A YEAR AGO 2021.04.22
VOICE 0001220421
It was the employee
training building next to the stables.
Do you realize that tomorrow will mark
a year since the incident happened?
We went horse riding together that day
because it was school foundation day.
April 22nd.
You motherfucker!
Don't do it!
He's not worth it.
Just stop.
You say you saw Park Wonseok push me
off the roof
of the employee training building, right?
You caught Park Wonseok in the act.
So what?
You said the reason
why you kept quiet about it
was because Park Wonseok
was wielding your weaknesses over you.
What about it?
was the weakness he was wielding over you?
Why would I tell you about my weakness?
Because it seems like
it has to be convincing enough
for me to be persuaded.
Forget it.
Get lost.
I said get lost.
How did you end up
coming to the RV earlier?
Gi Osung's phone was turned off
so I made a bunch of calls to people.
Nakjun seemed to know what was going on.
He said Sa Junggyeong went
to Gi Osung's house
and they left together.
I'm sorry to ask, but
Was the accident that happened a year ago
actually a murder attempt by Park Wonseok?
It wasn't a traffic accident.
That was a lie.
It's true that I fell from the roof
of the employee training building.
It was Gi Osung who told me
Park Wonseok pushed me off the roof.
Did you two have any issues?
Enough for him to want to kill you?
I don't know.
I can't remember.
Gi Osung has been filling in the blanks
with the parts I can't remember.
But yesterday
he told me the accident from a year ago
was actually Park Wonseok
trying to kill me.
He said he tried to push me off the roof
of our company's
employee training building.
I was so confused.
After finding out about that, Chanmi left.
But how did Gi Osung know about that?
And why did he decide to tell you
about that now?
What exactly happened
with you guys last year?
even more convinced after today
that Gi Osung is the one
who killed Park Wonseok.
It's possible that Gi Osung
lied to you about that.
I also came to confirm that today.
It's me, Chanmi.
Are you available to talk now?
It's Chanmi.
Hey, Chanmi, where are you?
How could you just ghost us like that?
You can't be doing things like that.
How do you think people feel
when you ghost them like that?
Anyways, let's talk about it in person.
Where are you right now?
Please don't tell me
you're in Busan again.
Ah, fine.
I'll keep my mouth shut,
so tell me what's going on.
Tell us what's going on.
We'll keep our mouths shut.
We're all ears.
What exactly were you planning to do
after ghosting us?
A year ago today,
we took this photo in Busan.
A year ago today?
A year ago today,
on the day of the school anniversary.
Seok Jaebum,
wasn't this the day of your accident
If Gi Osung's telling the truth
Park Wonseok wouldn't have been in Busan.
Gi Osung lied to me.
Gi Osung, that bastard.
He tried to frame Park Wonseok.
Chanmi, how
how could you not double check
these things before ghosting us?
If this photo
hadn't popped up on your phone,
you would've cut off contact with us
like you were in hiding or something.
Gi Osung, that bastard.
Why did Gi Osung
have to lie and frame my older brother?
Especially when he wasn't even there
at that building on that day?
Because Park Wonseok isn't alive anymore.
He can't defend himself
against a lie like that.
Gi Osung is truly a terrible person.
I think
Gi Osung was saying things like that
even while Park Wonseok was alive.
What the hell
are you getting yourself into, huh?
Who did this to you?
Who did this to your face?
Give me their name?
I wasn't beaten up. We got into a fight.
He ended up like this too,
so it wasn't just one-sided.
Why were you guys fighting?
It's probably
because we were both pissed off.
Is this another kid from your school?
Why aren't you responding?
Should I investigate this myself?
It was Sa Junggyeong.
Sa Junggyeong
Are you really involved
in that revenge beating case?
No, I don't have anything to do with that.
If you're not involved,
then what happened to your face?
I told you I had nothing to do with that!
Do you know what the police
are thinking right now?
Your study café receipt that was found
at the body shop murder scene.
That's an important piece of evidence.
What this means is that the culprit
is either you or someone around you!
You're the number one suspect!
Do you know that?
I told you it's definitely not me.
I have no idea why the receipt was there!
Osung, please!
Think about the situation you're in
right now before you do anything stupid.
I told you to lay low.
And not to get into any trouble.
I can't help you
if you don't tell me what's going on.
Were you responsible
for the body shop murder?
Were you responsible
for Park Wonseok's murder?
Ji Sooheon did it.
You need to go after Ji Sooheon.
You left this behind.
You left behind a letter as well.
I had no idea I would be back so soon.
Don't you think
we should tell the police now?
About Gi Osung?
If we do that, we would need to talk
about Sa Junggyeong's case as well.
I don't want you to take the blame for it.
I'll be fine.
We need to catch the murderer.
You won't get arrested.
I won't let that happen.
Your time is very valuable right now.
Everyone's time is valuable.
But yours is especially.
Because I only have a few months left?
Please don't say that.
The doctor told me you might be able
to go on this way if you're lucky.
What do you think?
Do you think I'll have the luck?
You will definitely have that luck.
Because you've already spent
all your bad luck.
All that's left for you is good fortune.
Well, I guess my good luck
has started already.
Should we go?
Why don't you go up first?
I left my bag at the convenience store.
Let's go together.
I'll help carry your stuff.
It's fine. It's just one bag.
Just go up first.
All right.
I'll go.
Hello. I left my bag here yesterday.
Ah, you must be the student
he was talking about.
The student who lives upstairs.
The one who left their bag here.
One of our employees
should have left your bag in the garage.
I'll go with you to look for it.
Ah, okay.
What the
What are you doing?
Ugh, shit.
Who's this crazy bitch?
Hey you, fooling around.
Oh, also. If you call the police,
this guy's dead.
-No! Stop!
-Let's go.
No! Hey, open the door!
It's me, Chanmi. Something bad happened.
Hey, Chanmi, what's up? What's going on?
Sa Junggyeong and some gangsters
took Ji Sooheon away.
-Ah, what do I do?
-Sa Junggyeong?
He said he'd kill Sooheon
if I call the police.
What should I do?
Don't call the police just yet.
I'll try to find them.
Do you think you'll be able to find them?
If we can't find Sooheon by tomorrow,
let's call the police then.
Do you think he'll be okay until tomorrow?
I'll figure something out.
Hey, lift your head.
Open your mouth.
Open your mouth, fucker.
Stay still. Stay still.
Just like this.
This is exactly what you did to me
in the dark room that day.
Wearing a mask and all, huh?
Now that you're experiencing it yourself,
are you uncomfortable?
Hey, you know what? I did some research
and I guess this machine
is used to cut medicinal herbs.
It works well, huh?
It can probably
cut off fingers and toes, or whatever.
Why don't you beg for mercy?
I told you to beg for mercy,
you motherfucker!
Why don't you grovel like a dog,
you fucker.
Oh, this one's nice. Don't you think?
Where should I hit you? Here? Or here?
Oh, wait. Hey!
I think toes would be good.
Since, you know,
you totally crushed my toes.
Let's hurry up and get this done.
Man, we have to wait
until tomorrow morning anyway.
That bastard Gi Osung said
he wants to finish him off himself.
So for today, we're just going to
Ah, shit!
Agh, fuck! Ack!
You son of a bitch!
You, fucker.
Fucking asshole.
I told you to grovel like a dog,
you son of a bitch!
Gi Osung
It was Gi Osung.
Hey, Jaebum.
Chanmi, I think I know where Sooheon is,
so don't call the police.
Don't worry. I'll call you later.
Oh, okay.
Ah, oh shoot. I'm sorry.
Oh, I, um I saw this taxi first,
from way over there.
-Well, I caught it first.
-Ah, but I mean I was first
I don't know about that.
I was about to get in the taxi.
I guess you're in a hurry.
Okay, then. Go ahead.
You can go first.
-Have you had breakfast?
-I did.
-Hey, hey, hey!
-Hey. Don't you see we're eating now?
There's something
I need to hear from you later.
You'll need to tell me the truth.
If you lie, you'll pay the price.
Go straight, then turn right.
Yes, sir.
I got a phone call
from my brother not long ago.
Excuse me?
That's What are you talking about?
I just confirmed that the culprit
of the Ju Hyeokgeon body shop case
is left-handed.
Oh, it's It seems someone called Chanmi
from Park Wonseok's cell phone.
Oh, it was probably a different person.
Park Wonseok's phone
contract probably expired,
so someone else
must have taken the number afterwards.
It also seems they failed
to lift fingerprints
from the victim's neck.
Oh, I see.
Did he say
Ju Hyeokgeon's murderer is left-handed?
I guess Ji Sooheon is no longer
a suspect now. That's a relief.
So did you answer the call?
Did you hear their voice?
No, the person didn't say anything.
Why are you telling us about this now?
If the caller was actually the murderer,
isn't that just too bold a move?
I mean, how could they dare to call her?
This is the record of the call
from April 8th.
My older brother's name is saved
as Ok Chankyu in my contacts.
Why don't you go
and ask the mobile carrier about it?
Whether my brother's phone number
has been reassigned.
If his number is still active,
that means
someone's still paying his bills.
Is that even possible?
If this person called Chanmi
from Park Wonseok's phone
they're a prime suspect.
Call the mobile carrier now.
This caller must be crazy.
We get a specific location
if we trace the call.
Didn't they know
they were putting themselves at risk?
It's Gi Osung.
Please find evidence to confirm
that it's Gi Osung.
How can you be so sure it's Gi Osung?
That's what you need to investigate.
Because I'm certain that it's Gi Osung.
I'm going to ask you some things now.
Think carefully before you answer.
The bastard who tied up Sa Junggyeong
in the dark room
and crushed his foot.
It was you, wasn't it, Ji Sooheon?
That fucking bastard.
Now we're talking.
So I guess you were playing hero,
beating up bullies, huh?
Yo, is that why you killed Park Wonseok?
Oh, that wasn't you?
From now on,
every answer I don't want to hear
will cost you a finger.
Park Wonseok bullied a lot of guys.
He would've been a nice target
for your hero act.
But I imagine you weren't
originally planning to kill him.
You probably just wanted to scare him
when you pushed him at the science lab.
Anyways, think carefully
before you answer.
Are you the one
who killed Park Wonseok?
It was you who killed Park Wonseok.
Are you trying to frame me?
Is that why you left
my study café receipt at the body shop?
You fucking murderer?
You killed Park Wonseok, didn't you?
Answer me.
Answer me!
-What the Who the fuck are you?
-You motherfuckers!
Freeze! Don't move!
I'm gonna kill you all
if you try anything stupid.
Ah, oh shoot. I'm sorry.
Yeah, you can go first.
What do you think you're doing?
Why did you lie to me?
You crazy fucker.
-What the fuck are you talking about?
-Did you have fun playing me for a fool?
I said, what the fuck
are you talking about, you crazy bastard?
You've been playing me
I think we'd better clean up
this place quickly and move.
Please just confirm that the issue
has been resolved.
The company will take care of the payment.
I think you misspelled your name.
Aren't you Seok Jaebum, not Seok Jaejoon?
Oh, right.
We'll wrap things up here
so that you won't run into any issues.
You can head out first.
Yes, thank you.
Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Let's head out for now.
Are you all right?
Yeah, I didn't get hurt too much.
Thanks to Jaebum.
Luckily I was able to find you
because Gi Osung was behind all this.
Sooheon, you haven't eaten
anything all day, have you?
Do you want to eat something?
Why don't we take him
to the hospital first?
Then let's eat on our way to the hospital.
I'll get us some food.
Are you really okay?
Something weird happened.
Something weird?
Between Seok Jaebum
and Gi Osung.
Between Seok Jaebum and Gi Osung? What?
Detective Jin, I just got a reply
from the mobile carrier.
Park Wonseok's account was never canceled.
It seems his account balance
was automatically charged
to a church account,
and the church has been paying for it.
Can you find the call that was made
to Chanmi on that same day?
Yes, the call was made on Apr 8th.
It was made
from the Yongtan Training Park.
Currently, Park Wonseok's cell phone
is turned off.
Do you think the surveillance cameras
near the park
still have recordings from Apr 8th?
-I'll look into it.
Can we be certain the culprit
is left-handed?
Look. The bruise
is much more pronounced on this side.
If you assume it was the thumb.
This is how
they would've exerted pressure.
In that case, the thumb
would have exerted the most pressure.
Do you remember if Gi Osung
is left-handed?
-How about Ji Sooheon?
-Do you want me to check?
No, it's fine. I'll check it myself.
Just go check the surveillance footage
at the training park.
-Yes, ma'am.
Yet again, Gi Osung and Sa Junggyeong
proved that they're real pieces of shit.
How could those bastards kidnap someone?
Seriously, you can't even grant them
a quick death.
You'd have to hang them up
to dry like pollack.
Let them suffer through a slow
and painful death,
freezing and melting them,
over and over again.
So that you can draw out the suffering.
How's Sooheon doing?
He was hurt, but not too badly.
That's a relief.
I'm thankful for Jaebum.
-He saved Sooheon.
Jaebum did a lot of things for us.
Sooheon's condition right now?
The issue with his brain.
If he's lucky,
it'll stay the way it is right now.
It could also get worse.
So he won't get any better,
and he might also die.
Actually, a detective stopped by
to pay me a visit yesterday.
He showed me surveillance footage of me
meeting with Min Seonha's dad.
Of course I told him it wasn't me.
But of course, he didn't buy it.
He said I was working as a broker
for Ji Sooheon
to dole out revenge beatings.
I asked my uncle about it and
If Sooheon hadn't been paid
to beat people up,
it would simply be charged as assault.
But if he was paid to do it,
he'd be in jail for a long time.
Ah, this is terrible.
What should we do?
Actually, the bigger problem is
Ju Hyeokgeon's case.
If the police suspect
that I was the broker,
they'll go to the OBGYN clinic and talk
to the mother of Shim Eunjin,
Ju Hyeokgeon's murder victim.
They'll go through
the surveillance footage
and whatever else they can find
to track me down.
It'll all be fine if I disappear.
You see, if there's no broker between them
who would have introduced them
to each other and handled the payment,
what could the police possibly do
to Sooheon?
Hey, what do you mean you'll disappear?
Well, I'll drop out of school
dye my hair
and hide out somewhere
in the countryside, you know.
I'm sure I can take care of myself.
It's not like I'll end up on some
nationwide watch list or something.
I've made up my mind.
I asked to meet up to tell you this.
I'm going to disappear tonight.
Don't you think there's another way?
Don't tell Sooheon.
You don't need to worry about me.
I'll survive wherever I go.
Please take good care
of Sooheon.
I'm off.
Saying fare-thee-well?
Did you two fight?
Or patching up?
Well, it doesn't seem like
you were fighting.
So maybe it was a "goodbye" then.
-It could have been a celebration too.
-Oh, right. Hugs can be celebratory too.
-But what are you guys celebrating?
-Ugh, so annoying.
How did he find us here? Did he stalk us?
What are you two talking about?
I'll see you at school.
Hey, Tae Soyeon!
It's best for you to confess.
That way you can at least be pardoned.
Ok Chanmi.
When the suspect called you
with Park Wonseok's phone,
you picked up from Busan. Is that right?
Yes, I was in Busan.
Did you know
that when you picked up that day
the suspect was calling you
from this very park?
Then can you ask Gi Osung
why he called me from here?
I would really like to know.
It's Gi Osung.
Yeah, it's Osung.
Osung is on our basketball team.
Why do you ask?
Well, I have something to ask him.
Osung hasn't been by lately
to play basketball with us.
-Yeah, right.
-Did something happen?
Oh, no. It's nothing, really. Thanks.
Hope you enjoy your game. Good luck!
-What's up with that guy?
-I know, right?
Don't come to the station for a while.
At least until the cases are closed.
What brings you here?
I'm here about the case.
The case?
Which case?
another case will open up.
Or rather
The incident already happened,
and it will be revealed soon.
What are you talking about?
Explain to me in more detail.
Everything that will happen
from this point on
is all because of Jihyun.
What about her?
loved Jihyun.
And I still love her.
What are you talking about?
It's exactly as you heard it.
I love Jihyun romantically.
Everything that will unravel
from this point onward,
was all because I loved Jihyun.
And I'm sharing this with you now
because if I tell you this
after everything unravels,
you won't believe me.
That's why I'm telling you this
in advance.
O Osung
You can't have feelings for her.
We're not legally a family, and
and even though
she's not your biological sister. You
You shouldn't have feelings for Jihyun.
There's no point in telling me that now.
It's too late for that now.
I said no!
That's forbidden.
Also, what do you mean
about everything unraveling?
What other case is there?
Park Wonseok's
murder case.
Are you on your way back from the academy?
I envy you. Some of us
are all caught up studying in academies.
In that case, are you in the mood
to blow off some steam?
Excuse me, Osung.
What's this?
Isn't this your wallet?
It was on the floor.
It's not mine.
Oh, I see.
Did you come to see the chief?
So, you went to the police station
to tell them about it?
I thought the police
should arrest Gi Osung
before he tries to hurt you again.
So we checked with the mobile carrier
and confirmed where the call was made.
It turns out that Gi Osung
had called from the park.
Oh, right. There was one other thing.
I heard something important
while I was at the police station.
They said the killer
from Ju Hyeokgeon's case was left-handed.
Ji Sooheon, I think you're finally off
the list of suspects.
For some reason,
the topic of being left-handed
has come up more than once today.
Was there something else?
Yeah, this morning,
in front of that warehouse
I mentioned earlier
I saw that Jaebum was really good
at writing with his left hand.
He's good
at writing with his right hand as well.
Maybe he's ambidextrous?
Why didn't you ask him about it?
Uh, I mean I don't know why, but
it kind of felt like I had discovered
a secret or something.
That's why I couldn't bring myself
to ask him.
Oh, what did you want to tell me earlier?
You mentioned there was something weird
about Gi Osung and Seok Jaebum.
Did you have fun playing me for a fool?
I said, what the fuck
are you talking about, you crazy bastard?
You've been playing me
-Playing him for a fool?
Gi Osung even used the F word
and everything.
Wow, I've never seen Gi Osung talk
to Jaebum like that.
It was kind of surprising.
Playing him for a fool?
What is this?
Didn't I say we should head back?
Why did we come all the way here?
-What is it you're trying to do right now?
-Be quiet.
Hey, Jaebum!
Take me home now.
I said be quiet.
I know Gi Osung loves you.
And that you two kissed.
So just quiet down.
I guess it must be uncomfortable
not being able to use your left hand.
Yeah. I guess that's why
we have two hands.
Is a left-handed person also left-footed?
Um, for like playing soccer or kicking?
Based on my experience at the gym,
I think so, yeah.
When people kick, they kick with their
left leg.
Park Wonseok.
In the video that played
in the auditorium
the one of Park Wonseok falling
from the science lab.
The killer had kicked Park Wonseok
with their leg.
Are you saying
that it was with their left leg?
I don't know, I'm not sure.
Do you think Sejin still has that video?
We can call him and ask.
But Sejin's already left for the States.
Oh, right.
Well, you never know.
The number you've dialed is no longer
The number is no longer in service.
People don't change
their email addresses, right?
I don't know his email address.
Maybe there's some other way
we can find out?
I'm here, so let Jihyun go.
Jihyun needs to stay.
I'll need someone to act as a witness.
I'll need to know what's going on,
so talk about it here.
Last year,
when I was pushed off the roof
of the training facility.
It was you, Osung.
Are you serious?
Did you really push him?
Listen carefully.
Osung is the kind of a guy that will lie
about anything whenever he needs to.
And I'm a guy who lost his memory.
So people won't trust my word over his.
Why did you push me?
To kill me?
I wasn't trying to kill you.
I was just angry with you.
What made you so angry?
Because I told you to stop bullying
Park Wonseok?
I'm sure you know that Osung
had been bullying Park Wonseok, right?
Other people thought Park Wonseok
was a low life
for bullying other students,
but it was actually Osung
who had put him up to it.
You knew about it.
Yeah, I did.
So when I told him
to stop bullying Park Wonseok,
I guess it had offended him to the point
where he wanted to push me off a roof
to kill me, huh?
Tell me, Osung.
On that day
I just happened to see a video
on Osung's phone.
But then
I saw something unbelievable.
A video
of you two kissing.
Of course, Osung,
you had forced the kiss on her, but
I'm pretty sure that was part of your plan
and that you took the video
without her knowing.
Anyways, Osung couldn't go on
bullying Park Wonseok
after I confronted him about the video.
that was why you were so mad at me, huh?
Mad enough to try
and kill me by pushing me off the roof.
You son of a bitch.
This is when the real fun begins.
Too bad Jihyun's left.
When did you learn
that there's another guy inside me?
Your mother told me.
I only learned about that recently.
And I learned yesterday that
it wasn't Park Wonseok but you
pushed me off the roof.
I guess you've cracked the code.
We still have
the most important part left.
Good night.
Good night.
Oh, right. About Jaebum
Why did he have to write his name
with his left hand
and then switch to his right hand?
I can't think of a reason.
I think you misspelled your name.
Aren't you Seok Jaebum? Not Seok Jaejoon?
He misspelled his name
as Seok Jaejoon.
Then he started writing his name
as Seok Jaebum with his right hand.
Isn't that strange?
During summer vacation of my first year
in middle school, he suddenly died.
He was the younger twin.
It's hard to explain, but
In any case, I feel like I'm not alone,
and that there's someone else next to me.
What's wrong?
There's something weird about it.
Maybe you could call this gaslighting?
You made me believe Park Wonseok
had pushed me off the roof
with your scheme.
Because I relied on you for my memories.
Is that why you started
to hate Park Wonseok?
So much as to push him out the window
of the science lab?
Hi, how can I help you?
I have a question about Gwon Sejin.
He used to take lessons here
before he left for the US recently.
I'm Ok Chanmi,
a friend of his from school.
Sejin What about him?
It seems like he canceled his phone.
Is there any chance I could get a hold
of his email address?
Email address?
I need to ask him something.
20211223100934.MP4 4MB
Are you okay
to watch the video?
It's okay.
I can't tell
if it's the left or the right leg.
I think it's the left leg.
-Let's assume that it was the left leg.
In that case
If it's the left, that means it might
not have been Gi Osung?
Up until this point,
I was certain that it was Gi Osung.
Chanmi says she's going to go
to the police station tomorrow.
To the police station?
-For Park Wonseok's case?
But I thought she didn't go to the police
because she couldn't trust them.
We can't collect fingerprints
or analyze videos ourselves, so
Makes sense.
-How's your hand?
-It's fine.
You didn't have to come all the way here
to see me when your hand's injured.
Because I wanted to thank you.
I was also craving a burger.
Uh, hey, sorry.
Look. You didn't have to come
all the way out here,
especially when you're injured. Seriously.
I guess you're right.
Come on, let's eat.
-Thanks for the food.
Ah, I'm full.
-Did you enjoy it?
-Yeah, a lot.
If you're done, I'll take this back.
-Are you sure you're okay?
-I can do it with just one hand.
What? What's wrong?
My phone.
My phone's gone. It was just here.
Oh, I'm sorry I didn't realize
you left your phone behind,
so I went to the restroom.
I should've looked out for it.
I'm sorry.
Let's go tell one of the employees.
Wow, how could someone snatch it
in such a short amount of time?
I'll go talk to them.
What are you doing here?
Where were you?
The shooting range.
I'm just on my way back from practice.
-Will you come with me to buy a new phone?
-A phone?
You have to choose one for me.
Nothing here.
Let's go there.
Is there a certain model
you're looking for?
This one.
Can I see this?
-This one?
-Yes, may I see it?
This is a newer model, but it's cheaper.
I think this one is better.
No thanks. Can I just have the other one?
Which carrier do you use?
I'm just going to buy one
without a phone plan.
Oh, okay then.
Is this the same phone Park Wonseok
was using?
Yes, it's the same one.
Hey, Sooheon.
I'm not taking up
too much of your time, am I?
No, not at all. I was just chilling.
Let's head upstairs.
So what happened?
Sa Junggyeong's cousins
and some other gangsters
were waiting for me by my place.
I didn't want to fight, so I left.
I don't know why I have to be
the one to run away like that.
You made the right choice.
They're not worth the hassle.
Ugh, when will this end? Seriously?
Don't let them stress you out.
I'll get you something to drink.
What do you want to drink?
Just plain water is fine for me.
If you have ice, that's even better.
All right, hold on a sec.
Here. With ice.
Sooheon, I'm so sorry.
Something urgent just came up.
I think I have to head out.
No worries. I'll leave.
You should tend to your business.
Ah, I'm so sorry.
No worries.
-See you later.
Seok Jaebum.
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