Revenge of Others (2022) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

Seok Jaebum.
What are you doing here?
What is that in your hand?
-It's a phone. Can't you see?
-That's Park Wonseok's phone.
I know for certain
that's Park Wonseok's phone.
Give it to me.
Gi Osung.
What are you doing here?
Is that seriously
what you're concerned about right now?
I need to find out what's going on
in order to deal with it, don't I?
You're here because you got scared
after they sent you
that photo of Park Wonseok's phone, right?
I'm assuming you didn't realize Ji Sooheon
was following you on his motorcycle.
This was all part of Ji Sooheon's plan.
I was with Sooheon
when I received that photo.
Then Ok Chanmi must have been
the one who sent it to you.
Since they're in on this together.
Ok Chanmi was the one who sent it to me?
You're lucky I happened to see Ji Sooheon
when I was on my way to meet you.
By the way, why do you have
Park Wonseok's phone?
Are you trying to confess
that you killed him or something?
This is the phone I had lost.
Did you steal it from me?
I had to figure out
what you were up plotting
before planning my next move.
You should be grateful
for what I did for you!
Did you know from the very beginning?
And when did you figure it out?
When did your memory come back?
Why isn't he picking up
When did my memory come back?
I knew as soon as I remembered
that it was you
who pushed me from that roof
and not Park Wonseok.
So you knew from the beginning, huh?
How did you know it was me?
I may not have seen it
with my own two eyes,
but it's pretty obvious, don't you think?
-How did you know?
-Don't you realize what's important here?
You should be thanking me
for covering up
your murder up until this point.
So what's your next move?
What are you going to do now that
that bastard Ji Sooheon caught you?
Answer my question.
How did you know it was me
that killed Park Wonseok?
Stop messing around
if you don't want to end up in jail.
You knew there's another person
inside of me,
and you took advantage of that.
You sneakily planted fake memories
when my other self came out.
You kept insisting that
it was Park Wonseok
who pushed me from the roof.
It was Park Wonseok, you said.
So yeah, I killed Park Wonseok.
You're the one who made me do it.
That's why I helped you
sweep things under the rug.
I wouldn't have killed him
if it hadn't been for you, you bastard!
I'm warning you.
Cut the bullshit.
You just wanted to hide the fact
that you pushed me off the roof!
That's why you tried to frame it
on Park Wonseok.
Stop making up excuses.
No matter what you say,
you're still a murderer.
Bring it on!
The number you have dialed is una
Hey, Sooheon!
Oh, my god! What's up with your forehead?
Hey, what happened to you?
Let me get the first aid kit.
It was Seok Jaebum.
Seok Jaebum
had Park Wonseok's cell phone.
Seok Jaebum is the culprit.
The main themes in Kafka's
are the loss of humanity and alienation.
Originally, Gregory was a hard worker
who took care of his family.
One day, he woke up as a huge cockroach.
Through this novel, the author suggests
a new model for a family structure.
I guess Seok Jaebum
didn't come to class today.
Of course not. How could he show his face
at school when you caught him last night?
What are you going to do now?
I guess I'll go to the police.
We have to tell the cops that Seok Jaebum
had my brother's cell phone.
we have to clear up the fact
that Gi Osung isn't the murderer,
since that's what we've been
telling them up until now.
Who do you think
beat me up last night?
That means there might have been
an accomplice.
Let's tell the police about that too.
Oh, yes
So, are you saying Seok Jaebum
had Park Wonseok's phone
you told me about before?
So you followed him to the horse track
without him knowing
and saw Seok Jaebum pulling out
Park Wonseok's cell phone?
Yes, that's right.
I know this must be frustrating,
but we can't be certain
that the cell phone he had
was Park Wonseok's.
I mean
Isn't it obvious if he went straight
to the horse track to find the phone
after we sent him that photo?
If we had tried to pull off something like
what you did yesterday,
we would've called that a sting operation.
It can't be constituted as evidence.
Please arrest Seok Jaebum.
You have to investigate
this properly this time.
Seok Jaebum
was reported missing this morning.
His car was found on a riverbed
near the horse track.
The cops are currently looking for him.
I need to ask you a few questions
in the interrogation room.
Shall we?
What you're saying is that the person
who hit your head
must be the accomplice, right?
I guess what I mean
is that there's a good chance
they might have been an accomplice.
You didn't hurt your head
while fighting Seok Jaebum?
I lost consciousness when that person
came out of nowhere
and hit me over the head.
You said you didn't see anyone else there
when you woke up.
Do you remember what time that was?
Uh, I didn't check the time.
Then what time was it
when you got back home?
Ah, I don't know.
Chanmi should know though.
Well, this isn't a good situation
for you, Sooheon,
now that Seok Jaebum has gone missing.
What do you think happened to Seok Jaebum?
How could he have gone missing
He's not missing.
He probably just ran away.
Are you saying
that he faked his disappearance
by abandoning his car at the river bed?
He could do worse.
What a piece of shit.
After I learned that he was the murderer,
my hands and feet started shaking.
It gives me goosebumps.
Then why was he so nice to me like that?
I had always felt very grateful
to him too.
I want to confront him directly
and ask him why he killed my brother.
There is no such thing as a legitimate
or understandable reason
for killing someone.
It's only going to be hurtful for you
to hear what he says.
Don't even think
about seeing Seok Jaebum again.
Did you find anything?
Ah, yes.
I found two bloodstains on the ground,
so I took some samples.
Nothing worth reporting at the moment.
I see.
So, Seok Jaebum's family
owns this horse track?
It's right by the employee training center
of the Seungpil group,
which Seok Jaebum's family also owns.
Seok Jaebum didn't have any relation
to Park Wonseok's case, did he?
No, the first time he got involved
in the case was during
the live stream incident
at Sa Junggyeong's RV.
He was the one who appeared
wearing a mask instead of Ji Sooheon.
So at that point
when he appeared on the live stream,
it's safe to assume he was
on Ok Chanmi or Ji Sooheon's side, right?
I guess so.
And now that Ji Sooheon and Ok Chanmi
have pinned him down
as Park Wonseok's murderer,
he's become their enemy.
Those two are always
one step ahead of us cops.
We just got the surveillance footage
from the park on the night
that the suspect called Ok Chanmi.
Let's have a look.
Isn't that Gi Osung and Seok Jaebum?
Yes, those two were
at the park that night.
Were they?
Okay, that's good to know.
Let's go.
It was like this
when we found it this morning.
The door was probably left open either
because there was an urgent situation,
or as a poor attempt to trick us
into believing he's gone missing, right?
It's probably one of the two, right?
Whichever one it is,
this means that Seok Jaebum
is somehow related to this case.
We need to find him.
Detective, something's fishy.
Doesn't something
about this seem familiar?
Ajung, come eat.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm just going to stock the items
that just came in.
These two definitely seem similar.
Whether it's the shape of the face
or the body,
there's definitely a resemblance.
To me, they seem like the same person.
Let's hand this over
to Video Analysis team.
Thank you for coming.
I couldn't very well not show up.
Especially since you mentioned
you wanted to apologize
for accusing me of being the murderer.
I'm so sorry.
It was all a misunderstanding.
I apologize.
it was kind of hard for me.
Put yourself in my shoes.
It's infuriating to be called a murderer
when you're not a murderer.
"I'm sorry."
I don't know that I can forgive you
with just those two words.
I'm truly sorry.
I will apologize to you again.
An apology only counts when the victim
agrees to accept it as one.
You haven't yet told me
the most important thing.
who was Park Wonseok's murderer?
You already know who.
-You already know, don't you?
How would I know?
You were at the horse track last night.
So, Ji Sooheon saw me there last night?
I assumed he wouldn't have seen me.
So it was you.
You were the one
who attacked Ji Sooheon from behind.
He was knocked out immediately
when I hit him
over the head with a shovel.
It was a pretty good hit.
I'll never forget
how satisfying that felt.
I'm going to ask you politely.
where's Seok Jaebum now?
I heard his family reported him
as missing.
How would I know where he is
when even the police can't find him?
-Where is Seok Jaebum right now?
-I said I didn't know, shit.
Why don't you just drop it?
You're the accomplice, aren't you?
This bitch
You and Seok Jaebum killed
my older brother together, didn't you?
Fuck, here she goes again
with this nonsense.
I knew there was something off about you
telling me you wanted to apologize.
You're annoying as shit.
If you're not the accomplice,
you can just tell me.
Where's Seok Jaebum right now?
This crazy bitch.
Enough with that bullshit.
Hold on a second.
Let me stop recording.
Let me just make a call real quick.
One second.
Hi Detective Jin. It's Ok Chanmi.
It seems Gi Osung
went to the horse track last night,
and he was the one who hit Ji Sooheon
over the head to knock him out.
Please summon him to the station
and find Seok Jaebum's whereabouts.
I'm sending you the recording now.
Ok Chanmi.
I'm going to make sure
you die at my hands someday.
I'll make you crawl on all fours
like an animal and squeal for forgiveness.
I'll hold off on getting my apology
from you until then.
I'm telling you the truth.
How would I know where he is
when he's been reported as missing?
Maybe he hasn't disappeared.
Maybe he just ran away.
Seok Jaebum
killed Park Wonseok.
Jaebum is the murderer?
I'm positive.
Seok Jaebum tried to protect Park Wonseok.
Why would he kill him?
Are you sure
there wasn't some sort of mistake?
I'm sure it was Seok Jaebum.
Either he went missing or is in hiding,
we have to find him as soon as possible.
That's the only way we can prevent
more casualties from happening.
What can I possibly do to help?
What's this?
A GPS tracker.
Put this in Gi Osung's backpack secretly.
Gi Osung's probably going to head over
to where Seok Jaebum is.
We need to get him to confess.
We need to stop this
before the situation gets any worse.
Thank you so much.
Why were you at the horse track?
To meet with Seok Jaebum.
I just went there to hang out with him.
Anything wrong with that?
Was that right after you received
this photo of Park Wonseok's phone?
That photo is a joke.
It could have been anyone's phone,
so I didn't pay much attention to it.
Then you must know where this is, right?
The park where you like
to play basketball.
The prime suspect in the Park Wonseok case
called Ok Chanmi
with Park Wonseok's cell phone
from this park that same night.
At the time, you and Seok Jaebum
were at this park.
Park Wonseok's cell phone
was hidden at the race track.
And fearing that someone
had discovered this phone,
you and Seok Jaebum rushed to the track.
Ji Sooheon, who was chasing
after the evidence, went to the track
and was hit over the head
with a shovel by you, Gi Osung,
then lost consciousness.
The next morning,
Seok Jaebum's car was found
by the river bed,
and he was reported missing.
Wow, that's quite a story you made up.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Okay then.
If you choose to keep denying everything,
it won't be good for you in court.
In court?
At this point, Gi Osung
is probably pissed that he's being
investigated by the police.
Blinded by rage,
Gi Osung will probably head over
to Seok Jaebum's hideout.
We need to catch Seok Jaebum
before the police do.
By the way, do you really think
Kook Jihyun will help us out
by planting the GPS tracker for us?
I know she will.
But still,
they're siblings.
-What are you doing in my room?
-Where did you store my photos?
I have them on my phone, nowhere else.
And you know dad already took it away.
Don't you have an external hard drive
or something like that?
No, I'm telling the truth.
Hey, Sooheon, Chanmi.
Hey, you shouldn't run.
You have to look out for your baby.
It's fine.
By the way, that crazy bitch
Have you heard anything
from that crazy girl, Soyeon?
Nothing yet.
She really must have gone crazy,
hasn't she? What happened to her?
-She just disappeared out of nowhere.
-When I catch that bitch Soyeon,
I'm going to pull out all her hair.
Crazy bitch
Uh, hey!
Hey, Sooheon.
Hey, what's up?
Crazy bitch.
Hey, Soyeon! What's with that uniform?
You're driving me crazy.
Are you working a part-time job somewhere?
I need to earn a living, don't I?
Screw that, where are you?
None of your business.
How have you been?
Oh, Chanmi!
Well, I'm just relieved
to know you're alive.
Hey, hey, did anyone else die?
Seok Jaebum.
He went missing,
and things have been crazy over here.
Seok Jaebum went missing? How?
I don't know.
Words on the street
is that he killed Park Wonseok.
What? Seok Jaebum?
Are you telling me Seok Jaebum
is the culprit?
Don't you think we killed it today?
Yeah, 3 goals and all.
-Hey all three goals were
-Hey, I'm hanging up now.
Don't tell anyone we video-chatted.
Hey, there's a reason
why I'm earning so much.
Come on, once you earn that much,
you just retire and
He went missing,
and things have been crazy over here.
Words on the street
is that he killed Park Wonseok.
Gi Osung
hasn't budged since he got home.
When I saw your email
asking for that video
of Wonseok falling from the science lab,
I felt like a coward
for running away to the US.
Especially since this isn't over yet.
Seok Jaebum was the murderer.
Hold on.
It was Seok Jaebum and not Gi Osung?
I really want to ask Seok Jaebum
why he did it, but he's currently missing.
He literally disappeared.
Actually, I
was dating Wonseok.
When Wonseok and I
were in the science lab,
we were unknowingly photographed.
It's going to be nice.
Ah, I'm so happy.
Gi Osung used that video against Wonseok
and that was when he started bullying him.
He toyed with Wonseok
and made him do bad things.
Gi Osung didn't even have
to get his hands dirty.
He made Wonseok
do all kinds of dirty work for him.
That's why the other students
didn't like Wonseok.
Seok Jaebum was the one
who tried to protect Wonseok
from Gi Osung.
I don't know what happened
I'll uncover the truth.
Detective Jin,
it was actually Seok Jaebum.
Seok Jaebum.
-Get a warrant for him right away.
-Yes, ma'am.
-Where are you going this late at night?
To see Ajung.
Ajung asked me to come visit her
since she's feeling lonely.
It's about the baby.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, I'm going to head out now.
Take this.
I'll have this on my way over there,
Hey, I'm running late,
so I'm going to head out.
Why did you kill him?
Why did you kill my brother?
-Stay right there!
Don't come near me.
Ok Chanmi!
I'm going to shoot
if you try anything stupid.
It's over now.
Tell me everything!
Why did you kill him?
How did you kill him? Hurry up and answer!
Don't you have a match today or something?
Watch it!
You can't disrespect me like that.
I'm older than you.
How about you win a gold medal this time
so you can hang it around
your older brother's neck?
I mean, of course.
Nothing will ever change the fact
that I'm your older brother.
Tomorrow I start winter vacation,
so I'll come down to Busan on Sunday.
I have something I need to tell you.
I'll tell you when we meet.
Hey, hold on a second.
Jaebum, were you released
from the hospital?
Are you feeling better now?
Ah, I'm so confused.
What's going on with you all of a sudden?
I'll get you back
for what you did to me.
Get me back? What do you mean
Have you been lying to me
since the day we met?
How could you bring yourself
to act all nice to me
and feign a kind expression
after you killed my brother?
I didn't mean to! I didn't know.
I didn't realize what I had done.
I honestly didn't even remember
that I had pushed Park Wonseok
out the window.
It was only a few days ago
that I remembered everything again.
I remembered that it was all because
of the other person living inside of me.
I only remembered that I called you
from Park Wonseok's cell phone
just a few days ago.
I'm telling you the truth.
Who are you?
Why do you have Wonseok's cell phone?
So I heard that ringtone
because Gi Osung's cellphone
rang inside his bag?
That's why I incorrectly assumed
Gi Osung was the culprit.
When you were the real murderer.
Seok Jaebum.
Even if you have another person
inside of you, that's no excuse.
You're right.
-Chanmi, can you just kill me?
-Don't move!
-Give me the gun.
-I said don't move!
Seok Jaebum.
You're Seok Jaejun, aren't you?
Seok Jaejun
Stop saying my name.
How dare you call me by my name
when you don't even know
anything about me?
Seok Jaejun.
Why do you act like you're a living person
when you're actually dead?
Why did you enter Seok Jaebum's body
and do all these evil things?
Shut up!
You don't think I'll kill you?
Please set Seok Jaebum free.
We're the same person.
I'm Seok Jaebum,
and Seok Jaebum is me.
Seok Jaebum isn't a demon like you are.
A demon?
Yeah, I'm a demon.
Why do you think I've become a demon?
Who do you think made me this way?
What are you doing in my room?
Who are you going to see the game with?
I asked you who you're going to go with.
Ji Sooheon.
I'm late. I have to go.
Fine, I'll get lost.
Jaebum, try and consider my feelings too.
What's this?
The number
you have dialed is unavailable
Because Ji Sooheon
wasn't answering his phone
and seemed to be ditching him
for someone else,
Seok Jaebum got mad.
On that night
Seok Jaebum
shouldn't have followed Ji Sooheon.
It was Seok Jaebum's fault. Do you get it?
Excuse me.
Are you okay?
I know you.
You're Seok Jaebum, right?
You went to Chungwoo Middle school.
The billionaire, Seok Jaebum!
It wasn't me that did this to you!
-Did you do this to me?
-I'm telling you, it honestly wasn't me.
-Seok Jaebum, You son of a bitch!
-I didn't do it
-You're fucking done!
-I didn't do it
Do you really think you'll get away
with this? Come back here!
Please, please, it wasn't me.
-Please! I didn't do it.
-Seok Jaebum! You bastard!
Seok Jaebum, you bastard.
Seok Jaebum, you fucking bastard!
Seok Jaebum, get over here! Fuck, fuck!
I told you I didn't do it, shit!
Come here! You motherfucker!
Hey, you son of, son of a bitch
I told you it wasn't me!
It wasn't me! Shit!
Listen to me when I tell you it wasn't me.
You're pissing me off, shit.
What was I supposed to do?
Ju Hyeokgeon had already seen
Seok Jaebum's face.
Seok Jaebum would never reveal
that Ji Sooheon was the culprit.
So he just made sure
to keep Ju Hyeokgeon's mouth shut.
I did it because of Seok Jaebum.
We're one.
It was Seok Jaebum's fault.
Park Wonseok and Ju Hyeokgeon
Seok Jaebum and I
killed both of them together.
Stop making up excuses like a coward!
Seok Jaejun,
you were responsible for all of it.
Seok Jaebum is not that kind of person.
Seok Jaebum is a good guy.
I trust Seok Jaebum.
I trust that there's good inside of him.
Are you
saying you trust Seok Jaebum,
even though we killed your brother?
Please let Seok Jaebum go.
I'm devastated to have lost my brother.
I feel so empty inside.
But nothing can bring him back.
You're stuck on something
that can't be reversed.
You left this world a long time ago.
There's nothing you can do
about things that have already happened.
Leave Seok Jaebum's body.
That's the only thing you can do
for your brother.
I'm sorry.
The police couldn't do anything for you.
It's fine.
Get in.
I found Seok Jaebum.
He confessed everything.
Detective Jin Sojung took him with her.
Don't worry, I'll be on my way.
-What's up?
Ugh, looks like we're not going to
have study hall instead of PE today.
Class 3 and 4 will be together.
Let's go play basketball.
Change into your gym clothes, quick.
-I'll be there soon.
I have something to discuss
with you about Gi Osung.
Come to the rooftop. Now.
What are you doing?
How dare you use a tracker to find me?
And you. How could you betray me?
Kook Jihyun didn't do anything wrong.
Let her go.
I forced her to do it. I'm sorry.
Please, let her go.
Kook Jihyun, I'll take care of you
after I'm finished with Ji Sooheon.
Wait here.
I told you to kneel! You fucker!
I'll kneel.
You owe me an apology.
Bow your head!
Bow your head!
I'm sorry.
Please let her go.
You, motherfucker!
How's this, eh?
How do you fucking like that?
You fucking son of a bitch!
Son of a bitch!
Hey, what's going on?
-How do I win this?
Shit, they're calling for us.
I guess we should run over there.
Die, you son of a bitch!
-What's that up there? Shit.
-Huh, what's that?
-Hey, hey, hey.
-Oh, no. What do we do?
-Ji Sooheon? What the hell?
-What the hell? What? What?
-Is he dead?
-Hey, move aside.
-Isn't that Gi Osung?
-It's him.
-It really is Gi Osung.
-It's Gi Osung.
-What do we do?
-I guess he went over the edge.
Call, call the police, hurry!
What are you doing? Call them!
-What is it?
-What is it?
-Ji Sooheon?
-Was it Ji Sooheon?
It couldn't be. He's such a nice guy.
-Isn't that Ji Sooheon?
-It's him.
-This is terrible.
-It was Ji Sooheon?
Ji, Ji, Ji
Ji Sooheon did it?
-I can't believe this.
We need to call the police now.
Ah, my eyes.
Is he alive?
I didn't bring my cell phone.
Is he really dead?
Oh, my goodness,
I don't think he's breathing.
Stop standing around,
and go back to your classroom.
Go back now!
Go back to your classrooms now!
Stop taking pictures.
Go back to your classrooms now!
Go back now!
It was Ji Sooheon on the roof, right?
Did Ji Sooheon push him?
Does that mean Ji Sooheon
will get arrested?
Why else would he have been up there?
What other reason would there be?
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Did you get the message?
It's spreading quickly.
-What message?
-What? What is it?
-I just got it. I got it too.
-Oh, yeah, me too.
-What's this?
Please forward this to people around you.
Please forward this
to people around you.
What's this? Amazing!
I'm Min Seonha,
Ji Sooheon was the hero
who punished that rapist Sa Junggyeong.
Please root for Ji Sooheon.
-Oh, my god! Was Ji Sooheon the hero?
Ji Sooheon?
Then why were Gi Osung and Ji Sooheon
fighting each other on the rooftop?
Maybe that wasn't a fight.
Maybe it was punishment?
Oh, that sounds right.
That sounds about right.
-Wow, Ji Sooheon.
-He was punishing him.
-Wow, he's so cool.
-That was punishment.
He's a total hero, right?
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Apparently, Gi Osung threatened
Kook Jihyun with a knife on the rooftop.
Aren't they siblings?
-Where's the decency?
-It's unbelievable.
I just got goosebumps.
Gi Osung's the ultimate villain.
I heard the only reason Park Wonseok
did all that shit was
because Gi Osung was blackmailing him.
That’s ridiculous, seriously.
I remember Gi Osung
treating him like trash.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
The police
have arrested Park Wonseok's murderer.
-The culprit was Seok Jaebum.
-Seok Jaebum?
-Why would he do that?
-Did Seok Jaebum do that?
You know, when Seok Jaebum
lost his memory, Gi Osung gaslighted him,
and that's why he killed Park Wonseok.
So Gi Osung killed him, basically.
-Ugh, how cruel.
-Wow, is he out of his mind?
I also heard Gi Osung
had pushed Seok Jaebum off the rooftop
to kill him, and that was
how Seok Jaebum lost his memory.
Wow, seriously?
Gi Osung's a real piece of shit.
Yeah, he's a real psychopath. Huh?
He deserved it then. He deserved it.
I knew that's the kind of person he was.
I agree.
Let's go.
Was Gi Osung fighting
with anyone on the rooftop?
No, I don't think so.
It looked like he jumped by himself.
Was there anyone else there?
I didn't see anyone
but Gi Osung on the rooftop.
Gi Osung was the only one there.
He was alone up there?
I could see only Gi Osung up there.
Yeah, I think Kook Jihyun
was the only other person there.
Right, I think Gi Osung
was the only one there.
It seemed like Gi Osung was fighting
with someone up on the rooftop.
-No, he wasn't.
-No, he wasn't.
-No, he wasn't.
-I have no idea.
-I don't know.
-No idea.
-I didn't see it.
-He was alone up there.
I didn't see it.
I didn't see anyone else up there.
-You were close to Gi Osung, right?
Do you know
who Gi Osung went to see on the rooftop?
I'm not sure.
I didn't see anyone else
but Osung up there.
Yeah, it was just Osung.
Is that so?
Here's something warm to drink.
Gi Osung suddenly lost his temper
and told me he was going to kill me.
Then he
jumped from the rooftop.
So he wasn't fighting anyone?
There was
no one else up there.
So far, it doesn't seem
like it was a murder.
If everyone decides
to corroborate a lie
then it becomes the truth.
Summer vacation ended.
Your haircut came out great.
And we took our graduation photos.
Hey, Jihyun, hurry up.
-Come on, what's wrong with you?
How pretty.
For memories' sake.
-Do I need to do this?
-What's wrong?
Hey, Snow White,
in the middle, put a smile on.
One, two, three!
All right, perfect.
I'm taking it. One, two, three!
Now, look here. One, two, three!
That was good. Well done, everybody.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Okay, here we go.
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
-Did you get the shot?
-Yes, it came out great.
I thought about the people
who couldn't be there
to take graduation photos with us.
Let's take one without it.
-Let's take one together.
-Come on!
-Hey, Chanmi.
Hurry up. Get in here!
-One, two, three!
-One second.
-Great, that was a nice shot.
-Wait, wait.
-Hey, let's all take one together.
-Everyone together!
-One with everyone!
-Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit.
To the back, back, back.
It's fine. It's fine. It's fine.
-A silly one.
Here we go. One, two, three!
Jump! One, two, three!
Sooheon didn't take
a graduation photo.
He left school.
He said he wanted to enjoy himself more.
-Bye, Sooheon!
-So long, Sooheon!
Don't get yourself in trouble.
Make sure you eat well!
You know we love you, right?
Stay healthy. Don't get sick!
You know we love you, right?
So long!
He's so cool.
And I was accepted
into the marine corps
to serve as a non-commissioned officer.
the red bracelet
is still bringing us luck.
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