Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2016) s01e04 Episode Script

The Happy Roswaal Mansion Family

1 I don't know this ceiling.
The wound on my stomach is gone Everything considered, it must've been her.
Emilia's healing power, huh? Well, at any rate, seems I got out of using Return by Death this time But normally, wouldn't you wake up to a girl by your bed asking, "Are you awake," after she'd cared for you all this time? For a story about being summoned to another world, it's kinda flawed.
A looping hallway One of those things where I can't leave until I find the right room? The typical pattern says that the first door is likely to be it! What a profoundly aggravating man you are, I suppose.
First NPC found! With that cold attitude, you're gonna ruin your cute face.
Come on, smile Smile.
A derisive sneer is the only smile worth giving you.
Are you mad because I guessed correctly on the first try? I've always been a pretty lucky guesser I can understand why game masters would want me in all the events, but sorry! So, what is this place, anyway? Hmph, it's Betty's multi-purpose room, both library and bedroom, I suppose.
Talk about your token response.
Are you one of the manual girls everyone's into now? Betty's had just about enough.
Time to teach you a lesson, I suppose.
Hey, what are you gonna do? Don't you dare move.
Anything you'd like to say? D-Don't hurt me.
What did you do to me, you drill loli? I only collected the mana from your body, I suppose.
It confirmed that you are not an enemy.
You're not human, are you? And I don't mean your personality It took you long enough to notice, I suppose.
I take it back Your personality isn't human, either.
Do not measure a proud, noble being by your standards, human.
I know that ceiling.
Oh, he has awakened, Sister.
Indeed, he has awakened, Rem.
I, a denizen of the night, waking in the morning? I'm getting all emotional I'd better go to sleep a second time.
No, I woke up earlier, so this'll be the third.
My, what a deadbeat thing to say.
Did you hear that, Sister? Yes, truly a loser's words.
I heard him, Rem.
All right! Who are these two voices that keep criticizing me in stereo?! N-No way Maid costumes exist in this world, too? In my mind, maids were always the very personification of elegance! This ain't so bad, either! How terrible.
You are being violated in our guest's mind, Sister.
It is terrible.
You are experiencing the ultimate shame in our guest's mind, Rem.
Don't underestimate my capacity.
You're both fair prey in my fantasies Can't you wake up more peacefully, Subaru? Whoever picked that outfit totally gets it! I don't know what you're talking about, but the fact that I know it's something stupid is disappointing.
Listen to this, Miss Emilia.
My dear sister was just violated by that man.
Please listen to this, Miss Emilia.
Rem was held prisoner and shamed by that man.
And you two, don't tease him too much.
Yes, Miss Emilia.
My sister is very sorry.
Yes, Miss Emilia.
Rem is sorry, as well.
Subaru, are you feeling all right? Does anything feel off? Huh? Oh, I'm just a little groggy from oversleeping.
You saved me, didn't you, Emilia-tan? Huh? "Tan"? What does "tan" mean? Uh, you can just ignore that one.
Seriously, though, thanks.
You saved me.
No, I'm the one who should thank you.
You barely know me, but you risked your life to save me.
It's natural I would heal your wounds afterward.
Then, once again, I guess it's time to start a new day! This place really is huge The yard isn't so much a yard as a field.
Those are unusual movements.
What are you doing? My homeland's ancient practice of warm-up exercises.
Come on, Emilia-tan! Join me! Radio calisthenics, number 2 Bounce on both feet to loosen up your body! Huh? You're kidding! What is that? Just do what I do.
I'll drill the essence of radio calisthenics into you! Now, raise both arms and shout, "Victory!" V-Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory! Hi, Subaru! Great morning, isn't it? Well, since the wee hours of the morning, it's been nothing but chaos for me.
Looping hallways and a mean little girl on a rampage And then, shedding the sweat of passion with Emilia-tan.
Don't make it sound so scandalous! Good morning, Puck.
Sorry I put you through so much yesterday.
Morning, Lia.
I almost lost you yesterday.
I can never thank Subaru enough.
I must do something for him.
Okay, then Let me pet your fur whenever I want! Huh? That's all? For a first-rate fur master such as myself, being able to love on the object of your petting affections anytime is worth as much as a multimillionaire's riches! Oh, man, these ears I'm in love with how soft you are.
Since I can kind of read your mind, I know you feel that way, but I'm amazed you can say it! It's okay, Lia.
I can't find any malice, hostility, or ill-intent in Subaru.
It's so cute how you call her "Lia," too.
Not as cute as your "Emilia-tan"! You really are strange, Subaru.
Huh? Oh? What brings you two here? Miss Emilia Our lord, Master Roswaal, has returned.
Please come inside.
I was watching you from upstairs, and you know what? It would seem you are quite dumb, I suppose.
Where do you get off saying that, you loli?! What does that word mean? I have never heard it before, and it irritates me.
Hey, Betty.
Haven't seen you in four days.
Have you been doing well and staying ladylike? Bubby! I've been waiting for you to come home.
Will you stay with me today, do you suppose? Sure, no problem.
Let's finally relax together today.
Yay! Bewildered, aren't you? Beatrice is so taken with Puck.
Who even says "bewildered" nowadays? My, my! How unusual to see you here, Beatrice I'm so happy you've decided to dine with me.
That boy is more than enough of an addle-brained fool for me, I suppose.
Betty was only waiting for Bubby! You guys hired a clown to entertain you before each meal? I'll never understand how rich folks think.
Um, Subaru, that man is Oh, no It's quite all right, Miss Emilia What's going on? Only that I am the lord of this manor, Roswaal L.
Mathers, Natsuki Subaru-kun.
This is way better than normal food! Despite her appearance, Rem's cooking is quite impressive.
So this was cooked by the one with blue hair Um, Rem-chan, right? You made this? Yes, sir.
I do the cooking in this house.
My sister is not very good at cooking.
Ah, twins who are good at different things! Is your sister good at cleaning, then? Yes, that is correct.
My sister excels at housework, particularly cleaning and laundry.
So, Rem-rin, you're good at cooking, but bad at cleaning and laundry? No, I am generally good at all household tasks.
I am also better at cleaning and laundry than my sister.
Does your sister even have a purpose? You are truly a strange young man You come to the mansion of Margrave Mathers, in the kingdom of Lugunica, but you claim to understand nothing! Is something bad happening in this country? Well, it is not in an agreeable state.
After all, Lugunica's king is currently not present.
No, there's no need to be concerned Everyone is already quite aware of the reality.
Really? I expected a "Now that you know my secret, I can't let you leave here alive" thing.
Around the same time that the king went into hiding, an epidemic began spreading through the castle! The king and his children are the last of his line.
A council of wise men currently manages the nation, and they are now in the process of selecting a new king! I see.
I'm starting to get the picture.
On top of the king's absence, the royal selection is causing confusion in the kingdom.
Then, suddenly, I appear from another world— Wait, I'm totally suspect here! And on top of all that, you made contact with Miss Emilia, thus becoming connected to my household! Wait, why would the lord of the mansion call her "Miss Emilia"? It's only natural to address someone of higher status with all due respect Um, so Emilia-tan would be My current status is a candidate to become the Kingdom of Lugunica's forty-second ruler, with Margrave Roswaal's backing.
What?! Sorry to surprise you.
I wasn't trying to keep it a secret.
Hey, it's that insignia.
This qualifies one to be a candidate for king.
It's a touchstone for determining if one is worthy of the throne.
Wait, Emilia-tan, you lost an insignia that qualifies you to rule the kingdom? Don't put it like that! I didn't lose it! It was stolen from me by a thief! That's the same thing! And what if you lose that thing, anyway? Will a government office issue you another? Oh, my! If you'd lost it, then there would be no doubt If it were thought that one who can't even protect a tiny insignia can't be entrusted with the nation's rule, that would be the end.
Now that I think about it, I did a damn good job.
This totally raises my expectations for a reward Yeah, you're right.
You were my true savior.
So ask for anything.
You may have any reward you request.
Merely state your desire! In that case, I have but one request.
Hire me to work in this mansion! Achoo.
That isn't quite right Wasn't there anything else that fit you, Subaru? Oddly, some of the girls' stuff fit me, but Our deepest apologies, sir.
I mean, Subaru.
You look quite ridiculous, sir.
I mean, Barusu.
Um, Nee-sama, you just turned my name into a blinding curse.
Rem, looking at Barusu's ridiculous appearance, do you notice anything? His shoulders are shaped funny, his legs are short, and his eyes are scary? I can't do anything about two of those! We cannot allow you to work here in such shady-looking attire.
People would question Lord Roswaal's dignity.
Let us alter the jacket, at least.
Rem, if you please.
All right, I have to study for the royal selection.
Good luck with your work, too, Subaru.
Yep, leave it to me, Emilia-tan.
I shall take your measurements.
Stand still and keep your back straight.
Please refrain from strange noises.
It's unpleasant.
That was beyond my control This is awkward for a guy in multiple ways! This is the VIP room.
This is the bathing room.
This is the kitchen.
And this is the lavatory.
In a mansion like this, the restroom must be huge.
You're so great, Bubby! Your fur is the best— Don't worry.
I won't tell a soul.
The feel of that fur would make anyone— Hey! Let me finish! That was Miss Beatrice's Door Crossing.
So it's a spell that can connect any door in the mansion to her room? Once Miss Beatrice has eliminated her presence, there is no way to find her without trying every door in the mansion.
She's in here! That was impressive, Subaru You picked the right door again? What did I tell you? I'm a flag-crusher who makes game masters cry.
I don't understand what you're saying! I don't know who you are, either.
Ros-chi's little sister? I'd never want to be his sister, I suppose! Hmph! Betty is the librarian who oversees the Roswaal mansion's forbidden library.
Lord Roswaal is the greatest magic-user in the kingdom.
He has many books that must not be seen by others.
Miss Beatrice is contracted to protect them.
If you get it now, then go away.
This concludes our tour of the mansion.
Any questions? I know it's no use saying this after it's over, but shouldn't Emilia-tan be the one with me for the tour event? If you have no questions, let us get to your actual job.
You will help me with my work, Barusu.
This must be where my hidden skill as a butler reveals itself! My work today is caring for the front yard and garden, helping to prepare lunch, polishing the silver, airing the futons, laundry, bathroom cleaning, and the mansion's monthly soot cleaning.
I'm exhausted This is Rem.
Do you have a moment, Subaru? Sure, I'm good! I won't do anything weird, so come on in.
Your permission actually makes you sound less credible.
Pardon me, then.
You already finished it? When it is Lord Roswaal's clothing, my priority is to take care.
But since this is yours Did you just imply that you cut corners? I hate to admit it, but it's perfect.
Well? Do I look good? Combined with the rarity of gray clothes, no one in any kind of strange garment could rival you.
Okay! Not a compliment at all! What shall we do with that? This one's easy.
Got a needle and thread? I brought them.
Shall I repair it now? Nah, I'll do it.
Don't underestimate my sewing skills I am surprised.
I must give you full marks for your sewing.
Like you, however, it does not seem very useful.
Ow! You may get full marks for sewing, but you are still useless with a knife, Barusu.
As always, you make such a lovely image when peeling vegetables, Sister.
Your bias is so blatant, it's almost comforting! I'd like a comment on my work, too! I pity the farmer who grew those vegetables.
Stop! You're breaking my heart! You do not know how to handle a knife, Barusu.
You should hold the knife still, turning the vegetable.
Frankly speaking, my best dish is steamed tatoes.
How can you say that with such a triumphant look? Damn it, just watch.
My favorite blade, Shooting Star, will show you a thing or two— It sliced right through me! It's been five days since Subaru-kun came to the mansion.
How has he been? By now, we should be seeing something.
Cooking, laundry, cleaning.
He is useless at all of them.
How strict of you And? What of his potential as a spy? I cannot deny it exists, but I believe the possibility is slim.
For better or worse.
Specifically for worse, he is too conspicuous.
And if he's too conspicuous Despite that possibility, he certainly is carefree.
As I personally see it, interfering would be wise.
They are only children.
Even if we let them be, nothing will happen.
It isn't that fun to watch, is it? When I'm with you, nothing is boring, Emilia-tan.
That makes me happy, even if you're only flattering me.
Besides, we haven't had a chance to talk for the past few days.
That's right.
It must be difficult for you to learn your work here.
Yes, it is! It's killing me! I wish I could be sequentially comforted in your arms, on your chest, and on your lap— Yeah, yeah.
If you can joke around like that, you must be fine.
The moon sure is pretty.
Yes, it's far beyond our reach.
I got a really touching response, without even trying! Anyway, don't you think you're a bit lacking in ambition? Like that time with Puck, and in the capital, when you asked for my name.
You just don't get it, Emilia-tan I want what I want at that exact moment, and I want it from the bottom of my heart.
Huh? At the time, I wanted to know your name.
In a new land, nervous, and unsure of the future, I had no expectations for tomorrow.
When I think about it calmly, there were probably other things I should have wanted.
But I can't lie to myself.
Same with the request I made to Ros-chi I'm flat broke right now.
I could cheat him out of a fortune and live it up, but I can just as easily obtain a source of livelihood, right? In that case, couldn't you have become a permanent guest, rather than an employee? I never thought of that! Oh, man, talk about pathetic You should keep your efforts a secret, huh? Do you want me to use my healing magic? Nah, I'm fine like this.
Why? It's kind of hard to explain, but Well, this is proof of the effort I put in.
I don't actually dislike exerting myself, you know.
Learning to do something I couldn't do before Well, it's not so bad.
That's right.
Yes, I think you're right.
Really, Subaru, you idiot.
Hey, what's with that reaction? This is where you fall for me, all over again.
I never initially fell for you! Honestly, you're so silly.
EMA Huh? It's short for "Emilia-tan, major angel.
" I'm thanking you, and you're joking around again! Anyway, I know you're working hard, but how did your hands get so torn up? I cut this one with knives in the kitchen And this is from the evening when I went shopping in town, and a little animal some kids were playing with bit me.
It wasn't the result of your effort? Those kids were ruthless, hitting and kicking me, and wiping their runny noses on me.
It sucked, damn it.
You do seem like you'd be good with small children, Subaru.
I know! Wanna come with me tomorrow, to get revenge I mean, to watch the kids and the small animal? It isn't that I don't want to go with you Then let's go.
But if I'm with you, it might cause trouble for you.
Okay, got it! Let's go! Are you listening to me? I am! I hang on every word you say, Emilia-tan! Jeez Only during a break from my studies and when your work is done, all right? All right! Roger that! Hey, loli girl! You're still up? So now you can break through my Door Crossing like it's natural, I suppose.
Oh, I just wanted to say hello before going to bed.
Can I try that, too? Only Bubby may touch me, I suppose.
No fair that only you can have fun.
Well, I'm in a good mood, so I can let it go— Enough! Just get out of here! That has nothing to do with Betty, I suppose.
For our date tomorrow, I'll have to come up with an excuse to ditch those kids at the village.
Oh, but first, I've gotta learn where all the good views and flower fields and stuff are Crap! I can't sleep while I'm thinking about this! Oh, I know! One Puck Two Pucks A hundred and one Pucks A new dawn has come! A dawn of hope! Natsuki Subaru will make giant strides today What?! You were in here? I'm so embarrassed! You should have said something! Sister, Sister Our guest appears to be a bit confused.
Rem, Rem It looks as though our guest has gone crazy.
Why are you calling me a guest? You two and your jokes The wounds The Happy Roswaal Mansion Family are gone.