Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2016) s01e05 Episode Script

The Morning of Our Promise is Still Distant

1 Why Why have I gone back? Sir, sir, you don't seem to be feeling well.
Are you all right? Sir, sir, you seem to have a stomachache.
You didn't soil yourself, did you? You don't remember me? So it's like none of it ever happened? Sir? Sir, you shouldn't try to move so suddenly.
What happened, damn it?! Everything reset again! Including my promise with Emilia! You entered without even knocking? What a rude one you are! Sorry Just let me stay here for a bit, please.
There was last time and again now.
How are you breaking through my Door Crossing? Beatrice Addressing me with no title, I suppose? You said I broke through your Door Crossing "last time" and "now," right? I just teased you about it, three or four hours ago, for being so insensitive.
If this is the second time I've woken up in the mansion Then you remember me, right? If I could, I'd rather erase you from my memory, I suppose.
So the conditions are different from last time The save point's changed from near the guy with the appas to the two angelic girls in maid uniforms.
How did I die? Everything was normal before I fell asleep.
Even after I fell asleep, I wasn't in any situation I felt might be fatal I wondered what you were muttering about, and I hear all this about living and dying.
By human standards, discussing such things is boring and senseless, I suppose.
In the end, you'll only get lies and abusive speech.
Thanks, you were a big help.
I didn't do anything.
Somehow, seeing that your attitude never changes calms me down.
Only an ultimate pervert would be calmed by verbal abuse, I suppose.
You're leaving, I suppose? Yeah, I want to double check something.
I'll wait until afterward to get depressed.
Yeah, I knew it.
Subaru! You're absolutely shining I was worried about you! Ram and Rem were in a frenzy, saying you disappeared right after you woke up! Sorry about that I got held up by Beatrice for a bit.
Again? I heard she played a trick on you before you woke up, too What is it? Is there something on my face? Yeah, your adorable eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.
Uh, I mean I'm glad you're okay.
Yeah, I'm fine.
You protected me, after all.
What about you? How are you feeling? I feel great! I'm a little low on blood, all my mana was stolen, the shock of waking up sapped my strength, and I feel like my mind's taken a fatal beating with a bat, but I'm good! I see, that's g— Huh? Wouldn't that mean you're hurt all over? Hi, Subaru Great morning, isn't it? I can't thank you enough for yesterday.
I have to thank you somehow.
Then, let me pet your fur whenever I want! That's all? Okay, let's go! Our time is limited, and our world is grand.
And Emilia-tan's and my story has only just begun! True Wait, what did you just say? Where did the "tan" come from? I don't know whose idea of a prank this is, but I'll make you sorry for all of it.
Don't underestimate how vindictive I'll be, after the smile that charmed me that night.
I'm going to keep my promise to Emilia! I'll get past that night! Now, state your desire! In that case, I have but one request.
Hire me to work in this mansion! Hic.
It's how these looping plots work.
Follow the same path, and you'll end up in the same place.
That's too large for you, Barusu.
It appears nothing here will fit except women's clothes.
Rem, alter that one for him.
Yes, Sister.
Take my measurements, then.
A man can withstand all kinds of awkwardness! We'll measure you later.
Huh? Follow me, Barusu.
Are you going to show me around? That can wait, as well.
You'll help me with my work first.
Hey, wait! Retrace the same path I took yesterday That's what I meant to do, but This is totally different from last time.
It's like making a cheat sheet, but when you see the answers, you realize it's the wrong subject.
A total waste of effort.
Hi, there! May I join— No, you may not.
This facility is part of my mansion, so it is my property I shall do with it as I please.
Why bother asking, then? If you want, take a bath.
My, how harsh! And you seem not to understand.
Yes, this bath is my property But as part of my staff, are you not my property, as well? Chomp.
No hesitation at all! This is turning out different from what I'd expected, too.
I do not know what's bothering you, but life is full of things that fail to go your way.
Speaking of which, do you think you'll be able to get along with Ram and Rem? I haven't spoken to Rem much yet, but I get along fine with Ram.
In fact, I think she might be getting a little too friendly.
I can't believe she can work as a maid that way.
Well, Rem covers what Ram cannot.
As sisters, they must help each other.
In that sense, I think they get by quite well.
Ram is just the inferior version of her sister, and all Rem does is cover for her And yet they insist Ram is superior because she's older.
Their nerve is almost scary.
Speaking of nerve, yours appears quite impressive, as well! Damn, I'm dizzy from that bath.
Stupid Roswaal Cover up that sorry thing.
Why are you here? I was only waiting to help Roswaal-sama put on fresh clothes.
I'm sorry to say that I've finished my bath, so I won't be changing.
I wasn't thinking about that! Also, you spoil him too much! Let him dress himself! I will not condone disrespect toward Roswaal-sama.
Next time, I will use force.
Any more, and I'll just stir up a hornet's nest By the way, Barusu, do you have plans after this? No, just going to sleep.
Then please wait in your room.
I'll come by later.
Huh? She didn't mean anything She didn't mean anything by it.
Clear my mind, clear my mind! Emilia-tan is the only one for me! Calm down, calm down One Emilia-tan, two Emilia-tans, three Emilia-tans Am I in Heaven?! You're too noisy, Barusu.
It's nighttime.
Be quiet.
Eep! Barusu, come over here.
Wait, my heart's already set on someone named "Emilia-tan"! What are you talking about? I told you to sit here, so I can teach you to read and write.
That's news to me! But where's this coming from? I could tell by watching you that you can't read or write.
If you can't read or write, I can't send you shopping, and you can't write down orders.
We'll start with this collection of children's fairy tales.
Starting tonight, I'll help you study every evening.
Why are you being so nice to me? Why else? It's so that I No, it's so I can get off easy.
That wasn't correcting yourself! You're never out of character, are you? Well, isn't it obvious? The more you can do, the less I have to do.
And when I have less to do, so does Rem.
It's win-win.
But that leaves me with piles of work! We'll start with the basic i-glyphs.
After you master them, we'll move to ro-glyphs and ha-glyphs.
There are three different types? Just hearing that is depressing Natsuki Subaru On the scene!! You don't have time to waste on doodles.
Tomorrow's an early start, so time's short.
I'm sleepy, too.
I can't say I dislike how you insert your own feelings at the end, Senpai.
I do believe honesty is my most charming feature.
Now, let's begin.
It's so monotonous, I feel a Gestaltzerfall phenomenon coming on But still, even if it's to make your life easier, it makes me happy.
Honestly, I had the feeling you didn't like me much.
And I'll probably cause more problems for you down the line.
But I'll try to become useful as soon as I can.
Wow I hate to admit it, but it's perfect.
Guess there's no need for my sewing skills this time Sewing skills? Do you like sewing? Kinda.
By the way, it looks like Ros-chi and Emilia-tan have lots of outfits, but I don't see any for you and Rem-rin.
Want me to sew some for you? I'll take your measurements.
That is unnecessary.
These uniforms are all my sister and I need.
How can you have nothing but those uniforms? Are all your clothes maid outfits? They cause no problems when we accompany Roswaal-sama on business, or when we work in the mansion.
They also eliminate the need to explain our place in the hierarchy, which makes them very logical.
But it's not about being logical.
I'm trying to say cute girls have a duty to dress up, so they please the eyes of others.
My sister is one thing, but no one would be happy to see me dress up.
Well, I would.
Would any good come of making you happy? I might take more pride in my work here, which could boost my productivity.
I have no idea what makes you say that.
I'd also look forward to seeing the differences in your sartorial choices That is none of your concern.
Does my looking the same as my sister somehow inconvenience you? You love your sister way too much.
Ow! You don't know how to handle a knife, Barusu.
I know You hold the knife still and turn the vegetable, right? It's embarrassing when you stare at me so intently Your unsightly appearance stands out.
Especially your hair.
It's very unrefined.
I thought I did a pretty good job of cutting it by myself.
By the way, in this mansion, Rem sees to everyone's hair.
She styles my hair and dresses me every morning, too.
Isn't it nice? Try to contribute a little, Sis! Rem If you like, you can tidy up Barusu's hair a bit.
Sister? Whoa, whoa Having a girl mess with my hair will get me all worked up— You keep looking at Barusu because his hair bothers you, right? Yes, that is correct.
I think combing it and evening out the ends would make him more presentable.
You heard her.
You should take her up on her offer.
Her hands will take you to paradise.
You make it sound so dirty If you don't want to, you should just tell her.
Not that I don't want you to, but No, that isn't it.
The truth is that it did bother me a little very much, a little extremely, a little.
Well, anyway, that proves the point that it bothers you.
What's the matter, Betty? Nothing, Bubby.
More importantly, I have delicious sweets today, I suppose.
Eat them with me! Yum! What's up? Here to help me? No, this is about what we discussed at lunchtime.
Lunchtime? Oh, about my hair? You'll really style it for me? No, I felt that I said some things that were uncalled for.
I am very sorry.
We may be colleagues, but as Emilia-sama's savior, your rank surpasses mine.
That's how you feel? Sorry to put you through that.
No, I should apologize for saying something so pointless.
Please forget it.
I guess it's never that easy.
That's what makes being human so hard.
Okay, I'll give you a condition, then! If you agree to it, I'll forget everything you just said.
A condition? Very well, I shall hear you out.
If you comb my hair a bit and even out the ends, I'll let it slide! When you respond with silence, it actually hurts even more It is just as Emilia-sama said.
You have no ambition at all.
It's weird I'd think that'd make you fall for me all over again, not disgust you.
My sister said your eyes take on an obscene look when she's alone with you.
So to be honest, I was prepared to hear you suggest that.
She's killing my reputation! I accept your condition.
I shall do as you wish.
Then, after I keep my promise to Emilia-tan would be great.
Promise? Well, I haven't made the promise yet.
Scoping out our date destination before I make the promise might be smart I've researched places with the best views! That just leaves this.
Subaru! He's back! And his face looks weird again! I need to make sure these guys don't find us.
What do you mean by find you? Did you pee your pants? We're playing hide-and-seek? Chill, brats! I played with you earlier! Let's play more! Play! Play! Change your pants! All right, listen up.
Next time I come here, I'll be on a date.
Try to take a hint, okay? I'll allow this little critter to play with Emilia-tan, though.
Ow! Again?! Subaru-kun, so this is where you were.
Are you all right? I'm fine, I'm fine All done shopping, Rem-rin? Yes, it went quite smoothly.
Aw, you're leaving? Don't go! You have somewhere to go home to? You were quite popular with them.
For some reason, kids have always liked me Like animals, children observe a hierarchy.
They can tell if it's all right to belittle someone.
Those brats They have no respect.
Did you show them anything about you worth respecting? That's a sound argument.
Still, it doesn't seem right to belittle me from the start.
Ram seems like she'd handle that kind of thing well.
My sister is wonderful, isn't she? Honestly, I'd think her personality would cause conflict more often than not.
My sister's self-assured nature is what makes her so charming.
I cannot be that way at all.
By the way, how are your studies progressing? Let's just say I'm plugging along.
Ram is actually a pretty good teacher, too.
Though I wish she wouldn't sleep on my bed in mid-lesson.
It kinda kills my motivation.
My sister only acts that way to stimulate your motivation.
Why do you have such absolute faith in your sister? That isn't normal You're totally fanatical like a demon.
Fanatical like a demon? It's the demon version of divine possession.
Sounds kinda cool, right? Do you like demons? Well, gods generally don't do anything, but demons will laugh along when you talk about future plans.
Especially for next year and stuff.
They'll laugh their heads off.
That smile is a million volts! I'm going to tell Emilia-sama.
I wasn't trying to hit on you! Both Ram and Rem said they wouldn't be coming to see you tonight, so I agreed to help with your studies.
I'm afraid I can't do much, though.
Right now, I'm writing the basic i-glyphs until I memorize them Wow! You're studying a lot more intensely than I imagined! S-Since these fairy tales are aimed at kids, it's mostly i-glyphs, or so they said So my goal for now is to be able to read this Anyway, um Th-The moon sure is pretty.
Huh? No! I mean, um, I have a favor to ask you.
Will you listen? Starting tomorrow, I'll work hard, and I'll study, too! Go on a date with me.
What does a date entail? When a guy and a girl go out alone together, that's a date! Only the goddess of love knows what will happen during that time Then that means you went on a date with Rem today, right? Ugh! I didn't expect that response! That didn't count! Please don't count that! I understand that you want us to go out together, but where? Actually, there's this really cute little dog in the nearby village.
There's a flower field, too.
I want to see you in a field of flowers, and capture the image for eternity with my metia! Oh, um The village, huh? The dog is super cute! Let's go! But it might cause trouble for you.
And for the villagers— The kids are so pure and innocent, they're like angels! Let's go! Oh, all right.
You leave me no choice.
I'll go with you.
And the flower field is super colorful and wonderfu— Really? If that will motivate you to work hard from tomorrow on, then I will.
All right! I bet the weather will be lovely tomorrow.
Yeah And it'll be a day I'll never forget.
There you go again with You were just Never mind.
You know, it makes a guy really anxious when you don't finish your sentences.
Okay, Subaru-kun the butler, remember to work hard.
Only those who work hard are rewarded, so this will be a reward! All right, let's settle this, fate I won't sleep tonight, no matter what.
I'll stay awake to greet the morning of my promise.
Jeez What am I, a grade schooler who can't sleep before a class outing? Reminds me of when I overslept on the day of the class trip I wasn't able to retrace the same loop exactly, but I got along well with Ram and Rem.
In fact, I think I did better than last time.
If there's anything I feel I missed, it's not saying goodnight to Beatrice.
Each time I saw her, all we did was insult each other.
But maybe I should have at least thanked her What is this? I'm so cold No Could this be Someone Someone Help.
What just The Morning of Our Promise Is Still Distant