Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2016) s01e06 Episode Script

The Sound of Chains

1 My left arm! I still have it? I went back again No, maybe I should say I made it back Oh, sorry.
Good morning.
Right, I guess you don't remember me Sorry for the trouble I've caused! Natsuki Subaru will now start over! By the way, what day and time is it? It's my third first day in the Roswaal mansion.
That chill I felt Does that mean I died in my sleep the first time, due to physical weakness? But the second time, there was an attacker.
So if I was killed, does that mean the others in the mansion are targets, too? Because we're involved in Emilia's royal selection, like at the loot house? But even if I know that, I have no proof to explain it or any way to avoid it.
Worse yet, I didn't see the attacker's face, or their prey.
My death was totally in vain.
You're irritating me to death.
Either stop it or be blown away.
Oh, sorry But somehow, walking in circles also turns the gears in my head.
Cut me some slack, huh? We're tight, aren't we? Exactly what sort of relationship do you think we have, I suppose? We've only met twice.
Well, I won't make trouble for you.
Serve some tea or something, and let me relax.
As if I'll serve you anything, I suppose.
Ugh, you're irritating me! What's that book you're reading? It explains how to get rid of bugs that have gotten into my room, I suppose.
You've got bugs in the library? That sucks.
What kind of bugs? It's time for you to leave! Your hands have stopped shaking, so you can mask your fear now, I suppose.
You could tell? You were trying to hide it, I suppose.
It's quite vexing to be treated as a mere convenience.
You're not nice at all Thanks for the help, though.
I'll be counting on you again.
I don't want to be counted on, I suppose.
So don't come in here again! Shoo, shoo.
"Shoo, shoo"? Wait! When you said "bugs," you meant me? Just get out of here this instant! I-If not for the flower bed, that would have been instant death Um Can I ask if you're all right? Emilia-tan, your kindness is the one thing that can heal me.
You know, Rem just spread manure in that flower bed yesterday.
Argh! Three-second rule! That didn't count That didn't count, right? In fact, they say this kind of thing is actually lucky.
Emilia-tan is already shifting into consolation mode Puck, wake up.
Morning, Lia Morning, Puck.
Sorry to ask after you just woke up, but could you wash Subaru off? Subaru? Okay, I'll wash you off.
Here! There, all clean.
Isn't that nice? I thought I was a goner Wasn't there another way to do that? You enjoyed that, didn't you? That isn't true at all Hmph.
Punch-backs! Now, you've done it! Like that? It's my lethal move, Make the Cat Cry Ha Ha Cut it out! Tail punch! You— And I'll finish you with my paw-pad grind! Grind, grind, grind, grind Oh, gosh Sorry, I can't What are you two doing? Oh, my stomach I'm dying Well, now that I've rebounded from my initial bad impression Thanks for your assistance, Father! Who are you calling "Father"? I won't give you my daughter that easily.
Please stop.
You're both too funny Nothing beats your smile, Lia.
You agree, too.
Right, Subaru? I totally do.
To me, Emilia-tan's smile is the first shining star in the night sky! Not you, too, Subaru.
Also, what does "tan" mean? Where'd it come from? It's what they call a pet name.
Just like when Puck calls you "Lia.
" It's an expression of affection that shows people's closeness.
I don't remember getting so close to you That somewhat hurts, but I won't lose heart! Think of it as an advance on our relationship.
It means I want us to get close enough to call each other by pet names.
Okay? All right, I'll accept that.
No Don't look at me.
I expected her to cringe, but I got a positive response.
What could this mean, Commentator Puck-san? She doesn't have many friends, so she craves things like nicknames.
She's easy to please.
My main heroine is easy to please, huh?! Sister, Sister It's only been a short time, and now our guest looks like a drowned rat.
Rem, Rem.
In just a short time, our guest has turned into a dirty, old washrag.
I know I'm a rat.
You don't have to tell me.
Our lord, Roswaal-sama, has returned.
Please come inside.
Here we go.
My third first meeting with the lord of the mansion.
All I know for certain is that someone will attack on the fourth night.
It'd be ideal if I could let them know.
But I can't explain where I got the information, so they might think I'm working with the assassin.
If I just knew even the attacker's physique, it might be a different story.
So this time, I'll use these next four days to gather information and learn who the attacker is.
And to do that You may have any reward you request.
Merely state your desire! In that case, let me live here as a house guest, and eat and sleep all I want! But how am I supposed to gather information? I guess I'll start with some indirect questioning That's where I fell.
Sorry for the trouble Of course.
If you'll excuse me, sir.
I didn't even get a chance to talk.
I don't see anything out of the ordinary What do you not see? Ros-chi Don't scare me like that.
It's misleading.
Magic - died of weakness in sleep Sound of chains Roswaal's chains X Misleading!! Come in! Here you go, sir.
Oh, thanks.
Want to drink it with me? No, thank you, sir.
Hey, you can be a little friendlier to me if you want Well, it's my first day.
I guess it makes sense.
Yo! Every day, you come in here without even knocking.
You truly have no manners whatsoever.
Leaving would be in your best interest, before you get blown away, I suppose.
Whoa! Wait, wait I just want to ask you something.
Is there any magic that weakens and kills someone, as if putting them to sleep? If I must answer, then yes, there is.
There is? But it isn't so much magic as it is a curse, I suppose.
There are many such things among the spells that shamans specialize in.
Shamans? Magicians.
However, shamans are a subclass of magic- and spirit-arts users, originating in the northern nation of Gusteco, I suppose.
They're all quite useless, and not to be taken seriously.
But there is an easier method than a curse, I suppose.
Easier? I believe you've already experienced it.
Wait, you mean That mana drain you did against my will could actually kill me? Mana is also one's very life force.
If you continually suck it out, one could die of weakness, I suppose.
Wait You're not the one who killed me, are you? Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm busy.
I couldn't even spare the effort to kill you Is this what you want? So, uh Oh, yeah.
Can anyone do that mana-sucking thing? That's an absolutely terrible way to put it, I suppose.
In this mansion, only Bubby and I can.
Even Roswaal can't.
Oh It's actually a pretty rare skill, then.
Don't suck up that stuff too much.
Especially from me.
I'm really short on blood right now, so I'd die in a heartbeat.
Yes, all your organs were restored, but your blood wasn't replaced, I suppose.
Well, I have no obligation to do so, anyway.
My organs? The way you said that makes it sound like you were the one who healed my wounds.
Trying to take the credit from Emilia-tan makes you look bad! That silly girl doesn't have the power to heal fatal wounds yet, I suppose.
Eh? She and Bubby stabilized you, and I healed your wounds.
Huh?! F-For real? You're kidding, right? Of course It's a lie.
It was a lie! It's not nice to lie! No lying Shut up, I suppose.
You're too averse to the truth.
Someone not worth saving should disappear, I suppose! Um Once again, are you all right? So, in the end, the key words are "curse" and "chains.
" I don't know anything else.
If Return by Death's conditions are the same, I died three times in the capital, and survived the fourth time.
But that doesn't mean I intend to treat this as a throwaway life.
That's why I asked Puck to keep an eye on Emilia for me.
This is all really vague, but I can tell you're asking out of concern for Lia.
On the morning of the fourth day, I'll leave here and— Magic - died of weakness in sleep Sound of chains Roswaal's chains X Misleading!! Pardon my intrusion, sir.
I see you really are studying, sir.
That's super rude I am a guest here, you know.
You're a freeloader calling yourself a guest.
That's how I perceive it, sir.
Ugh, it's still nasty.
You'll incur the wrath of the mansion's finest tea leaves.
Slacking off right in front of your guest? I have no words for that nerve of yours.
You were the one who told me to be more friendly toward you.
I'm only responding to your demand.
So? How is your studying coming? Not bad I can read simple fairy tales like these now.
It's interesting how the morals slightly differ from those of the ones I know.
It's like true cross-cultural communication! Maybe I should import a few fairy tales from my homeland.
Like "The Red Ogre Who Cried.
" The Red Ogre Who Cried? Want me to tell it to you? All right, your attention, please.
Once upon a time, there lived a red ogre and a blue ogre.
The two were very good friends.
The red ogre wanted to be friends with the people of the village.
But the people were too scared to get close to him.
The blue ogre couldn't bear to watch, so he devised a plan to help his friend.
"I'll make a ruckus in the village, so you come and stop me.
Then the villagers will be sure to trust you.
" The plan worked, and the red ogre befriended the humans.
But as time passed, something began to worry him.
His friend, the blue ogre, no longer came to visit him.
One day, the red ogre went to the blue ogre's house.
The door was tightly shut, and a letter was affixed to it.
The letter said "Red Ogre-kun, please have fun with your human friends.
If I continue to hang around you, they might think you're a bad ogre, too.
So I've decided to go on a journey, but I will never forget you.
Please take care of yourself.
Your friend forever Blue Ogre.
" The red ogre read the letter in silence, over and over again.
Tears fell, as he began to cry.
The end.
That's a sad story.
Yeah, it is.
But I think it's a sweet story, too.
I think all the characters in it are just stupid.
The red ogre, the blue ogre, and the villagers, too.
That's kind of a harsh critique.
I mean, I'm not denying it, but That's why I both love and hate that story.
The blue ogre's self-sacrifice is really appealing, but it's stupid because he gets nothing in return.
I'm the type that wants to be rewarded for my effort.
Is that what you think of the blue ogre? But it's the red ogre that I think is beyond help.
He dragged the blue ogre into his own desires.
As a result, he lost nothing.
Only the blue ogre lost anything.
Then what do you think the two ogres should have done? If the red ogre truly wanted to befriend the humans, he should have broken off his horns and gone to them.
He should have done that before the blue ogre couldn't bear to watch anymore.
That's a pretty extreme opinion, too Is it? Which of the two ogres would you rather be friends with? Which of the two? The red ogre, who can only wish and be taken care of by others, or the stupid blue ogre, who basks in self-sacrifice? What a foolish answer.
If you want to befriend both, you must be the indecisive, adulterous type.
You'll regret it one day.
I don't recall it being that kind of story! Putting aside your homeland's fairy tales, did any of these stories leave an impression on you? Well, the ones that interested me most were the middle one, about the dragon, and at the end, about the witch.
I finally know where the name the "Dragon's Kingdom of Lugunica" comes from.
Oh? It said the royal family signed a covenant with a dragon, so it's more like a folk tale than a fairy tale, right? Yes, since it's true.
The noble dragon still protects this nation from far away, beyond a great waterfall.
It will do so until its contract with the royal family is fulfilled.
Wait, didn't the royal family that signed the contract recently die out? Yes, quite abruptly.
No one knows what the dragon wants.
In the nation's current situation, only the gods know No, only the dragon knows what the dragon will do, sir.
Oh, by the way, about this witch story— I don't want to discuss that.
I've stayed too long.
I'll come again to notify you when dinner is ready, sir.
That story you told me about the ogres Don't tell it to Rem.
I'm certain she wouldn't like it.
"A scary witch, a terrifying witch.
To even speak her name was terrifying.
Everyone called her the Jealous Witch.
" Are you sure about this? We could call a royal car to take you to the capital.
I'll be fine One day, when I'm the kind of strong, smart, rich man who's worthy of you, I'll take you away on a white horse.
Do you have a handkerchief? And water, lagumite ore, and Will you be able to sleep by yourself? Do you think you're my mom? Then, Subaru-kun, be well.
And do not lose the gift I gave you.
I added something equivalent to our three days' worth of memories together Hush money, right? Don't worry, I get it.
I won't say anything I shouldn't.
I swear to the dragon.
Talking with you makes any evil scheme seem to lose its purpose.
And in this nation, swearing to the dragon is the highest form of promise.
Be sure not to forget it.
Got it! You two helped me out a ton.
Especially you, Rem-rin.
Thanks for all the great food.
And Ram-chi Yeah! You're good at cleaning toilets, right? Sister, Sister Our guest is hopelessly bad at flattery.
Rem, Rem Our guest has a fatal lack of skill in flattery.
Oh, shut up! I seriously couldn't think of anything! Thanks, though.
Yes, sir.
Subaru! Thank you for everything.
If you need anything, come visit anytime.
Sure! Thanks, Emilia-tan! Okay, this is it.
From here, I can see Emilia's room especially well.
Now all that's left is to wait for something to happen.
And stop it.
She'd probably get mad at me for using it this way I hope she does I don't want to die.
I don't want them to die.
What did I tell you, Natsuki Subaru? Even if no one remembers what happens when things repeat, you remember.
Now that I think about it, I didn't go shopping for Rem this time.
Just because the food meant for me was leftover? It'll still be a while before dark.
Focus! Focus! Emergency escape I saw it! Yes, I saw it! I saw where the sound of chains came from! But is it coming this way now? Does this mean I played right into the attacker's hands? If you're coming, then come! Do you have the nerve?! All right Show yourself, damn it! I've gone through all kinds of hell to see your face! Then I have no choice.
The ideal scenario would have been to finish this without anyone noticing.
You're joking Right, Rem? The Sound of Chains