Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2016) s01e07 Episode Script

Natsuki Subaru's Restart

1 If you do not resist, I can make your death painless.
Why are you doing this? That's a cliché, but do you mind my asking? If someone seems suspicious, punish them.
This is the rule of maids.
Does Ram know? I intend to finish this before my sister sees anything.
Is that how little you trusted me? Yes.
Damn, I'm pathetic I was so sure we were getting along well.
My sister— I don't wanna hear it! Take this! My leg! Mana of water, heal this damaged body.
If you die so easily, I cannot get any information from you.
If you had stabbed me with this, you could have fled a bit farther.
I ask you this Are you a member of the faction that supports Emilia-sama's rival for the throne? My heart belongs to Emilia-tan forever— Who hired you, and under what conditions? Emilia-tan's smile, and it was priceless— Are you affiliated with the witch's cult? The witch's cult? I don't know what that is My family has been secular for generations— Don't play dumb! Your bald-faced lies can only take you so far, when the witch's smell lies thickly upon you! When I watched you conversing with my sister, I felt I would go mad with anger and unrest.
Someone associated with the one who has caused my sister so much agony, boldly encroaching on the place in which she and I belong I cannot bear it any longer.
Even if I know my sister only acts friendly with, and pretends to care for, you! I don't cut my hands when I peel vegetables anymore.
I can read and write now, even if it's just the simple stuff.
I kept my word and studied.
I was able to read those fairy tales.
Thanks to you two What are you talking about? I'm talking about the things you guys gave me.
I have no memory of any of that.
Why don't you remember?! Why do you all keep leaving me behind? What did I do to you? What am I supposed to do? What did I do wrong? Why do you guys hate me so much? Even when you said you'd cut my hair All that time, I I I really like both of y— My sister is too kind.
Sir, have you awakened? Sir, you're awake? Subaru, Ram and Rem were really worried.
They were unusually despondent, wondering if they'd been impolite Nothing happened between them and me.
Subaru, are you all right? If something's wrong, you're welcome to talk to me.
If I could tell Emilia that it's no use, that I can't take any more That's it.
What? All this time, I've been struggling to change things alone, but Subaru, are you sure you're all right? There's something I want you to know.
Emilia Several times up till now, I've died.
Whoa Wait.
This is seriously no joke Subaru? Subaru! What happened, all of a sudden? My body moves.
My voice works.
My heart doesn't hurt.
But The fear is engraved in me What's wrong? You've been acting really strange.
Subaru, if something's going on— I have a favor to ask.
Have nothing to do with me.
I can't tell anyone about Return by Death.
I've died in this mansion three times.
In the capital, I didn't experience a fourth time.
If I die again, I might not come back.
That's quite a cowardly look on your face, I suppose.
Why are you here? The brat and Bubby told me to come and check on you.
Puck and Emilia? Since you were acting strangely, they suspected I did something to you when you first woke up, I suppose.
Talk about rude! I get it.
I'm okay now.
You came to apologize.
That's enough.
Why should I apologize to you, I suppose? I can't leave until I correct that notion.
Not only do you look gloomy, but the smell is much heavier now, too.
Huh? The smell of the witch.
I feel it's bending my nose, I suppose.
Witch You mean the Jealous Witch? What else in the world would someone mean when they bring up a witch? Why do you smell her on me? Who knows? Regardless, as someone who receives special treatment from her, you're a burden.
It's not too comforting to hear I'm getting special treatment from someone whose name and face I don't know.
If you have nothing to say, I'm leaving.
I'll tell Bubby what you told me, I suppose.
Wait a minute You feel sorry for what you did to me, right? I do not.
I'm telling Puck! Well, I might feel just a tiny bit sorry, I suppose.
If you regret what you did and want my forgiveness, do me one favor that I ask.
Let's hear it.
On the fifth morning, the day after tomorrow Would you keep me safe until then? I don't want you to bring dissension into this mansion, I suppose.
This place is vitally important to me.
I have no intention of doing anything.
I just want to stop any sparks from flying.
What an admirable motive for one who leaves even that in the hands of others.
For once, I have no response to that Hold out your hand.
I shall grant your wish.
I, Beatrice, on my honor, am henceforth bound by this contract.
Temporary or not, a contract is a contract.
I'll grant your nonsense favor.
Seriously? I'm gonna cry because of a little girl Don't call me a little girl! And if you tell Bubby, you'll regret it, I suppose! Hmph! It's that important to you? That desperation of yours is fanatical like a demon.
Stop! You can't keep sleeping forever, I suppose.
Bombardier! I came against my will because it's the designated time, yet you seem awfully unconcerned.
Falling asleep on the fourth day, what kind of reckless idiot am I? Quit your grumbling, I suppose.
Just sit wherever you want.
The forbidden archive? Did you carry me in here while I slept? I'd rather not stay in that room filled with your stench, I suppose.
The forbidden library is the only place for me.
You need to observe proper manners, I suppose.
Beatrice, I'm sure I'm wrong, but you didn't hold my hand while I was asleep, did you? You're wrong, indeed.
Even if Bubby asked me to, I would refuse, I suppose.
Flat-out denial, huh? I'm not sure what you mean by "proper manners" So, hey, are you— You're annoying me with all your questions! Just be quiet, I suppose.
Huh? I've been summoned, I suppose.
Oh, right, you're here.
I forgot, I suppose.
H-Hey, hold on! If you go out there now I don't care if you want to stay here.
You'll be safe here, I suppose.
Damn it! What the hell is this? Did I make it through the fourth night? And I thought it was so far away.
It was that easy Subaru? Emilia? Subaru, where have you been? Oh, I was just You know No, never mind.
Come with me.
Huh? Where are we going? Emilia-tan? Why are you making that face? Everything will be fine now.
Right? I'm alive, and you're Oh, I know! Let's go to the village! There's so much I want to do and tell you! So much has happened! Subaru Emilia? How Why is Rem dead? Don't touch her! Don't touch Rem Don't touch my little sister! She died of weakness.
It was as if she merely fell asleep.
The method was more of a curse than a spell.
I thought it was Rem who used that curse.
So Rem isn't the shaman? My dear guest, have you any idea what might have occurred? After this has happened to a dear member of my staff, I seem to be a little bit angry.
Subaru, if you know anything, tell us.
I want to spill it all and get it off my chest.
Ow! If you know something, spill it all! Wait, Ram! That's I keep my promises.
As long as he remains in this mansion, I am contracted to protect him, I suppose.
Beatrice-sama? Roswaal, he spent last night in the forbidden library, I suppose.
So he surely had nothing to do with— There is no further need to emphasize the situation at hand.
However, to guard him with your life, you must have taken quite a liking to him.
Save the jokes for your makeup and weird fetishes, I suppose.
None of that even matters! Get out of the way.
Let me through.
I must avenge Rem.
If you know anything, tell me.
Help me.
Help Rem! I'm sorry, Ram.
Despite all this, I choose to trust Subaru.
Subaru, please.
If you can save Ram If you can save Rem, please do.
I'm sorry.
Subaru! I'm going to kill you! I ran.
I ran away.
I ran away from them.
I can't go back there again.
What choice did I have? What could I And I was having so much fun! This looks like the place where I died.
Where I died? If I die Will I be saved from this whole situation? Of course If I die, everything will change.
If I struggled and fought so much, only to end up here, then what's the point? The cliff If I close my eyes and take one step, it'll all be over.
What will happen to me if I die again? It's just one more step I can't even I can't even do something so simple.
I finally found you.
Why What, I suppose? Why did you come for me? I The contract I entered into was to protect you.
I thought you were only supposed to be my bodyguard until this morning.
You must be mistaken, I suppose.
I don't remember discussing a time limit.
Clinging to hope only serves your own convenience, I suppose.
What was lost can't be reclaimed.
You'll have no more chances to explain yourself to the older sister.
You threw that away.
No matter which is lost, those sisters won't ever be complete again, I suppose.
But I cared about those two, and I wanted to protect them! What do you know about them, I suppose? No matter which is lost, they won't be restored to what they were.
They can't be.
So in the end, I was just making a selfish, disgraceful fuss, not knowing anything? At the least, you need to die where I can't see you, or I'll have bad dreams, I suppose.
So I'll help you escape this domain.
Come to think of it, back then, someone was holding both my hands.
Ram Rem If they couldn't bear to see me suffer, and held both my hands If that was the kind of people they are, how can I leave them? I'm going to kill you! I heard a voice filled with hatred.
But more than that Her cries won't leave my mind.
I've always been the type to drift toward whichever path was easiest.
Hey, Subaru, you're thinking about something pretty stupid.
And after I managed to save this life That's right.
I saved my life, so What's wrong with taking the path that's easiest, that will let me live longer? I'll decide how I use my life! You were too slow.
I finally found you.
I won't let you get away.
Stay back, I suppose.
As long as my contract exists, I won't hold back, not even against you.
And you, Beatrice-sama, seem to forget that we aren't in the mansion now.
We're in the forest, away from the forbidden library.
Are you certain you can protect him from me? Boing! Oh, yeah, that feels good! Wh-Wh-Wh-What are you doing?! D-Do you want to die?! Don't be dumb.
I don't want to die in the slightest.
I'm fine with dying just once, at the end of a long life.
That's how I really feel.
You have guts.
You finally accept your fate? I wouldn't call it that.
If anything, I'd say I've made up my mind.
Sorry I caused a lot of grief for you guys by being such a loser.
You really do know something about Rem? No, sorry, but I honestly don't know a thing.
Frankly, there's too much I don't know.
But I decided to learn more about the things I don't know.
How can you say that now? Rem is already dead.
What can you do by learning anything now?! I won't make any cool statements about what I'll be able to do.
After all, this is what happened when I couldn't do anything I know better than anyone that my words aren't convincing in the least.
But I do remember I know parts of you two that you've forgotten! What do you know about Rem and me?! You're right.
I don't know anything that's really important.
But you don't know, either, do you?! Know what? That I love you guys! Wait! This is something only I can do! I'm going to kill you! I'm going to save you! Natsuki Subaru's Restart