Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2016) s01e09 Episode Script

The Meaning of Courage

1 And now for the final exercise! Swing your arms out wide, then cross them in front of you as you take slow, deep breaths.
In And out I came to check on you since break time's almost over.
In And out Things are quite lively.
Okay, finally Victory! Victory! All right! Yeah! I feel so much younger.
Okay, everyone has touched me now.
Barusu What sort of game is this? Radio calisthenics.
I think the fact that everyone, young and old, can enjoy it is the secret to its many long years of success! Who cares? Ram-chi, that was cold.
Ram-chi, that was mean.
Ram-chi, you're scary.
Did you teach these children to call me that? Well, it was more like I wanted to spread some friendliness around? I don't mind, but what about Rem? Rem-rin? Rem-rin? Rem-rin-rin? And? Did you enjoy the village trip you wanted so much? Nothing to worry about there.
When Muraosa patted my shoulder at the end, my trip was complete.
What's up? If you wanna say something, out with it.
U-Um Over there.
Have your way a bit longer.
If you say so, Sister.
All right! I owe you both, Senpai! That's right, there was an event like this, too.
And this still happens? She's usually so tame.
She only gets mad at Subaru.
What'd you do to her, Subaru? That's what I'd like to know.
If it's happened three times, I guess we're just incompatible Oh, now's my chance! If you'll excuse me There's the sensation I've longed to feel! Nice! For a stray, this is great! Hey, you have a bald spot on your head.
A scar? What did you walk int— Yow! You even bit me in nearly the same spot Are you a time traveler? You got carried away! It's what you get for touching her so much.
She is a girl, after all.
I don't think that's quite the problem here.
Also, no one's worried about me? I'm gonna cry! I made it I made it! Well done, me! Good job! Seriously, good job! Yes, yes, well done.
Yes, yes, good work.
Ah, I see the three of you are together.
That will save me some time.
Formal clothes? Well spotted.
I'm seeing someone who's a hassle to deal with in normal attire, so I had no choice but to wear dress clothes.
A visitor? You're going out? Ram is correct.
I'm going out.
I received a message that was a tad troublesome So I'm off to make the rounds outside.
I do not expect to be home tonight.
So, Ram and Rem, take care of things.
Yes, sir.
As you command.
Yes, sir.
Even if it costs our lives.
Roswaal didn't leave the mansion before I'll also be counting on you, Subaru-kun.
Take good care of Emilia-sama.
Sure, you can definitely count on me for that! Then, look after things while I'm away.
H-He can fly? Magic is incredible The difference in circumstances must have been triggered by my visit to the village.
That means my strategy of acting as a decoy is working as planned.
And that's why I'm here for my long-awaited Beako time! Your face looks quite different than it did half a day ago.
You've been busy, I suppose.
I'd love to take it easy for a change, you know But there's something I want you to check out for me.
I think I've been cursed.
Could you find out for sure? What are you talking about? I think I've been cursed.
Could you find out for sure? No one asked you to repeat yourself, I suppose! It's only been half a day since I told you about shamans.
You're far too impressionabl— Traces of a curse You really have been cursed, I suppose? So the shaman was one of the villagers, after all.
Can you tell what kind of curse it is? I can't say just from looking at the curse.
But as I told you, once it's activated, chances are you'll die, I suppose.
You don't seem to be afraid of dying at all.
Huh? Are you nuts? I'm insanely scared of dying! There's nothing in the world that scares me more than dying.
I wish people who say "I'd rather die" would actually die before they say it.
That's why, this time, I'll find a way out of this fate.
Okay, so get rid of this curse for me, would you? I don't have much time.
Why should I have to save your life, I suppose? I expected an unlovable response like that, so I came prepared to convince you.
If I die, Puck is bound to be sad.
Huh? Bubby wouldn't be all that disturbed if you died.
Oh, no If I were to die, Emilia would be at least a little shocked.
When Emilia feels shock, Puck takes damage, too.
And if you could have stopped it, but didn't, what would he think of you? I'll go along with your smooth talk this time, I suppose! But after this, I'll have nothing more to do with you again.
But when I'm in trouble, I'll always come to ask for your help.
I'll destroy the spell used in the curse now, I suppose.
The spell is burned into you on the spot that the shaman touched, so that's our reference.
I prepared for this.
Don't worry.
The young men's leader with the crew cut The old lady who felt so much younger that she patted my butt And Muraosa, the fake village head.
I made sure all the suspects touched different parts of me.
A black mist? How abhorrent, I suppose.
All done.
You'll be fine now, I suppose.
So the place that the black mist came from is where the shaman touched me, right? Could that puppy actually be I have to get to the village.
They just keep messing with me! The village? What for? Beatrice said the one who gave me this wound is responsible for cursing me.
It was the dog that the kids were playing with! That dog-looking thing cursed everyone it bit! If I do nothing, they'll be in danger.
If you don't trust me, you can come along.
But we can't leave Emilia alone here.
Only one of you can come! You're making up your own rules And if we are to obey Roswaal-sama's orders, there is no reason for either of us to go with you.
No, there's not.
But was that the only order Roswaal gave me? Very well, Barusu.
I'll allow you to act on your judgment.
Sister Rem will accompany you.
Just what I wanted to hear! Rem, that's my decision, so please go.
I'll confirm with Beatrice-sama and protect Emilia-sama.
I'll keep an eye on that, too.
Sister, you shouldn't Subaru, are you going somewhere? I heard loud voices, so I came down to see what was going on What happened? Something might be happening.
But you don't need to worry.
You look like you're going to do something dangerous again! We were just wrapping up a dispute on that particular topic.
I can't stop you, can I? I guess not, no.
In fact, if you do, it'd be a hindrance in several ways Fine, fine, I get it.
I won't stop you.
It's probably no use telling you not to be rash or reckless, too, right? Depending on what happens I mean, it's not like I want to do any of that.
May the blessing of the spirits be with you.
Eh? Say what? It's a prayer to send you off.
It means "come back safely.
" Got it, Emilia-tan.
Okay, I'm off.
Take care.
Has something happened? Y-Yeah Several of the village children have gone missing.
All the adults are looking for them.
Was I too late? There! Subaru-kun? The barrier is broken.
What happens when the barrier's broken? Mabeasts can cross the boundary.
Mabeasts? Mabeasts are creatures of the witch's creation.
They're enemies of humanity that have magic powers.
They live gregariously in the forest.
Gregariously? You mean tons more dogs like that one are out there? The kids are in the forest.
Tell everyone! Right! Subaru-kun, what are you I have to go save those kids! Wait! You can't make that decision on your own.
With Roswaal-sama away from home, can you be sure that this isn't a ruse to divert attention from the mansion? What do we do, then? Ignore kids who are in trouble right now, go back to the mansion, and tighten security? If you won't care when all the villagers are dead tomorrow, I guess that's an option.
Rem, let's go.
We're the only ones who can do something about this.
Why go so far? Why should this village matter to you? You know, Petra When she grows up, she wants to make clothes in the capital.
Huh? Lucas wants to succeed the village's best woodcutter.
Mildo wants to make a crown from the flowers in the fields, and give it to his mother.
Meina is going to have a baby sister soon.
And the brothers, Dyne and Cain, are always fighting over who'll marry Petra.
They do matter to me.
I know their names, their faces, and what they want to do in the future.
And I promised them we'd do radio calisthenics again tomorrow.
I keep my promises, and I make sure others keep theirs.
I'm going to do radio calisthenics with those kids again.
So I'm going in there.
Very well.
My orders were to keep an eye on you.
Yeah, that's right.
Make sure I don't do anything shady! I will.
Um, Rem-san, is that It's for protection.
But that's It's for protection.
We're close.
I smell something alive.
The kids? I'm not sure, but it doesn't smell like animals.
It's the kids! She's alive.
They're alive! No, they're still breathing now, but they are very weak.
If left alone Weak The curse? And we finally found them Rem, can't you undo it? I lack the skill for this.
If only my sister were here to see them But I will cast a healing spell to comfort them.
When they're calm, we'll carry them back.
Okay, I'll Damn, I'm so useless.
I'll keep watch— Subaru? You're awake, Petra? All right, good.
You're a tough girl.
Don't overdo it, though.
I'll take you back home, where you can say goodbye to the pain.
Just rest for— One is still in the Hey, what'd you say? Petra! Damn it, she's right.
I don't see the little girl with the braid! P-Please, wait! It's too dangerous.
And if the mabeasts took her, it's already I get what you're saying! I do! But, Rem Petra says another girl was taken away.
She showed concern for her friend before asking for my help.
She put her friend before herself! I want to respect Petra's feelings.
If you take something on, you should make the effort to take it all on.
If you get too greedy, you might take on more than you can carry back.
That's why you're with me, isn't it? What does that have to do with me? Those kids need you now.
When the villagers show up, leave the kids with them and follow me.
We don't know the threat our opponent presents, or when the villagers will arrive.
And at worst, there is a chance I won't be able to find you.
It'll be fine.
You won't lose me.
What makes you so sure? Even if no one else does, you can pick up my scent.
The foul odor that hangs on me The smell of the witch.
Right? Subaru-kun, how much do you know about No idea There's a ton I don't understand.
So much that no matter how many times I start over, I can't find the answer I'm looking for.
Just like there are things you want to ask me, there are tons of things I want to ask you.
So when this is all taken care of, let's talk.
Until our voices are hoarse! Promise? I trust you, Rem.
So I want to act in a way that makes you trust me.
I'll make that promise right now! Very well.
The promise is made.
I will ask you many questions, so be ready.
Sure! Once the villagers come for the kids, I'll come join you.
Don't do anything reckless.
Don't worry! I'm fanatical like a demon today! Fanatical like a demon? It's the demon version of divine possession.
It's my favorite phrase lately! Please be careful.
If the one that cursed those kids really was that dog from today, there's no way I can lose, right? I smell animals.
Is it a trap? Emilia wouldn't hesitate! Thank goodness This is not what we discussed! Why is it so huge? And was it waiting for me to come for her? Nowhere to run Damn it! If you wanna fight, bring it on! That doesn't hurt! You just bit me, didn't you, you moron?! I won You've gotta be kidding me If you wanna fight, bring it on! The children have been safely returned to the village.
Thank you for buying time.
Rem, watch ou— Shh.
Y-You're strong! I'm not sure if that's a nice thing to say to a girl, Subaru-kun.
I have no other words to describe you! You're seriously incredible! So, Rem, would you be able to take them all out in one shot, by chance? We are outnumbered.
With this many, our situation is dire.
Yeah, I guess it would be.
In that case There! Now! Rem, I don't know the way! Straight ahead.
Once we cross the barrier, the battle will end.
Run toward the village bonfire! Got it! Rem, I see light! We're almost to the barrier! Rem? Damn it Mabeast! Mabeast! Mabeast! Mabeast! Witch! Mabeast! Mabeast! Mabeast! Mabeast! She's a demon Subaru-kun! Don't die Don't die! Don't die! Don't die! The Meaning of Courage