Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2016) s01e10 Episode Script

Fanatical Methods Like a Demon

1 to give up? Is there no other way to save all, I suppose.
You can do as you like with him now.
I swear I'll save you.
Another unfamiliar ceiling.
Ow! So they barely managed to save my life, and these are the scars Emilia I guess now I owe her yet another debt.
I don't know about that.
This time, you produced results equal to the effort invested, so I doubt Lia will think of it as a debt.
Puck Good morning, Subaru.
You say these are results equal to my effort, but I don't remember anything after I got nommed on by those dogs in the forest.
"Nommed on"? That's a cute way to put it.
But it was actually Munch, gobble, snarf, chew, chomp, snap, crunch! More like that.
With all those sound effects, I should definitely be dead now.
I think I'm five or six arms short for all that.
Yeah, the blue-haired maid took care of the rest of the damage.
She was in awful shape.
Though she heals fast, thanks to her demon transformation.
By the time she carried you back to the village, she had no visible injuries.
Don't scare me for no reason Anyway, Rem went back to the village? And what about the kids? Was the curse removed? No worries there.
Betty and I took care of it, so all's well! Your judgment was right on the mark! Clap, clap, clap.
Has Emilia been here all night? Yeah.
To heal you, she drained her resources right down to her odo, so you should let her sleep.
Barusu, you're awake? Ram Listen, uh I mean, about Rem How shameful you are, pestering others for food so soon after being that badly injured.
Maybe some dog rubbed off on you from the bites.
How the heck does some dog rub off? Eat this.
Huh? Sofubozu! Delicious, isn't it? I thought I was gonna die! But yes, it was good! It's freshly made.
I mean Freshly steamed.
Why do you look so proud of yourself?! Okay, okay.
You can have another, so be quiet and eat it.
And well As for last night, you have my honest thanks.
Nice work.
"Nice work"? Always with the condescending tone.
Was it something deserving of your thanks? When a domain's people suffer any loss, its lord is held liable.
If that pack of ulgarm had further endangered those children You were right to do as you did.
Ulgarm? That's what those black mabeasts are called? Yes, but it's all right.
I reconnected the broken barrier, so the village is safe.
I kept an eye on the barrier overnight, to ensure there were no problems.
No ulgarm should be able to cross it and enter the village.
So you can relax.
Beako Hey! I heard you helped remove the curse from the kids.
No big deal.
Betty only helped because Bubby asked, I suppose.
I have something more important to discuss.
What did you bring me all the way out here to say? In less than half a day, you will die, I suppose.
You don't look as disturbed as I expected.
I thought you'd scream and cry, I suppose.
The curse still isn't lifted, then? When the pack of mabeasts attacked you in the forest, they planted another curse deep inside you.
Can I ask why this one can't be removed? That's simple, I suppose.
Too many curses have been placed on you, making it too complex to remove.
Too many curses? When there's only one, removing it is as simple as untying a knot.
But the curses on you are a complex web of many threads, too tangled to undo.
Well, I get the idea that it's high in difficulty.
But why half a day? After half a day, mabeasts replenish mana by activating their spells.
The curse those mabeasts used drains a target's mana, I suppose.
In other words, they made you mabeast food.
So they attack people because they're hungry? That's a wild animal for you.
So simple-minded! I guess we should be thankful they haven't gotten hungry before now You You aren't even scared, I suppose? I'm telling you how much time you have left, you know.
Well, sure, I'm scared.
But I doubt you came here just to tell me I'm going to die.
I don't think you're that mean.
What do you know about me, I suppose? If nothing else, I feel I've known you four times longer than I really have.
You make no sense! But it's a fact that the chance for you to be saved is much lower now.
Tell me Just how low it is.
We're talking about eating by means of a spell.
If the one that's eating dies, logic says the meal would be canceled, I suppose.
So that's it I just have to kill the things that cursed me.
But there are too many of them.
That's why Bubby hasn't told that silly girl about the curse.
Yeah, if Emilia knew, she'd definitely try to do more than she's capable of Which makes me really happy, but also really scared.
Man, the difficulty level is seriously demonic! This is just plain impossible.
I might as well give up— So you're going to give up? Is there no other way to save him? His head must be hurting, I suppose.
That isn't surprising.
That's all, I suppose.
You can do as you like with him now.
I swear I'll save you.
It can't be.
Where is Rem? Beako Beatrice, where is Rem?! In her position, what would you do, I suppose? I can't ignore what you just said.
Ram Beatrice-sama, Rem didn't go to the forest alone, did she? I I have to do this alone.
No one else needs to get hurt anymore! Why? Why would Rem go to such lengths for me? Hey, hold on! Let go of me, Barusu! Right now, I'm not calm enough to be kind! If you want to save Rem, and if you consider me an ally at all, listen to me! Do you know where Rem is? If I use my clairvoyance, I will! Clairvoyance? It's a power that allows me to see what the bugs and animals on my wavelength are seeing.
Then they're like your security cameras? Well, if we can use it to get to Rem, fine.
So, are you the kind of maid that fights? What does that even mean? It means I'm going to the forest with you.
You're going to follow me? Yeah.
I'm bound to slow you down in a fight, you know.
If you expect that I can fight like Rem does in her demon form, I can't.
You're twins, right? If Rem is a demon, aren't you a demon, too? Unlike Rem, I'm hornless.
I can only use a rather extreme bit of wind magic.
Going to retrieve the younger sister would mean giving up on your own life.
You do understand that, I suppose? That's not quite right.
Let me correct you.
Forming the habit of giving up because you're used to dying is dumb.
Life is precious! You only get one! When you guys went through so much to save mine, I realized that.
So if you don't mind, I'm going to struggle pathetically.
Let's go make a comeback! I've bounced back from the terrible state I was in.
I'm a greedy guy.
And I want to see this story's continuation, with me in it.
Now, let's get moving to our last big showdown! Bring it on, Fate-sama! You gave a pretty heroic speech back there.
But when I see you close to becoming nothing but baggage, it's difficult to hide my disappointment.
I'm still recovering, so my energy is spent, and I'm low on blood Oh, and I didn't get to hear Emilia-tan say, "See you soon.
" Until you say, "I'm home," last night's "See you soon" is still in effect.
I-Is that how it works? Besides, didn't you get something from someone other than Emilia-sama? Yeah, something really awesome.
Take this.
It's the sharpest sword in the village.
Thanks, man.
We're counting on you.
Subaru! Subaru! Hey, you guys! You're awake? Where are you going? Back into the forest? Don't go back there, Subaru! I'll be fine.
Don't worry.
I'm not going anywhere.
What's the sword for? This? It's a thank you gift from all of us.
I wanna thank you, too! Hey! You can have this! And this! Candy, a pretty stone And There was a freaking bug in it! Damn brats, sneaking that in while I was distracted! I'll lecture them later! It's just proof that they admire you.
I wonder what they see in a man like you.
In a child's pure eyes, my true, manly nature shines Also, I'm not the only one they like.
You could tell, right? Yes Take this, too! Hey! Why did you put dirt in there? Just accept it! Ram-chi! We also want to thank Rem-rin, so bring her later! Promise, Ram-chi! Barusu, I'm going to use my clairvoyance.
Wait a moment.
Barusu, something is watching us right now.
What? Up there.
Where? More are coming.
Hey! D-Don't just walk off! Anyway, why does every individual lose their head when they see you? I don't understand.
Because you seem so weak? After all that hesitation, that's your conclusion? How rude! Then, perhaps it's because you seem like a wimp.
That doesn't change the root of what you're saying, Onee-sama! Hey, can I ask what that "hornless" thing you mentioned means? Nothing special.
Just as it sounds, it's another name for a foolish demon that lost its horn.
I got into a bit of trouble and lost my only horn.
Ever since, I've relied on Rem for everything.
I guess I shouldn't have asked, huh? Why? Well, I don't know how important horns are to the race you call "demons," but I assume it's a pretty serious problem.
I just thought asking about it might have been insensitive.
Back then was one thing.
But now, things have calmed down.
By losing my horn, there are things I've gained and lives I've saved.
I'm sure Rem doesn't feel the same way, though.
Huh? Originally, members of the demon race had two horns, but twins are born with just one horn each.
That's why twins are detested.
And it's customary to dispose of them immediately after birth.
But Rem and I were allowed to live.
A demon's horns awaken its demon instincts, allowing it to devour mana, heightening combat ability.
But if one is reckless, the recoil will leave one battered.
I don't want to see Rem like that.
Are you worried because you care for Rem? Of course I am.
It's true that she is stronger than I am, but that's no reason not to worry about her.
No matter what we're told to do, she does it far better.
But I am her older sister.
I won't waver from that position.
Okay, I get it.
I've got an idea.
So don't worry.
We'll bring Rem back safe! If my idea is right, they're sure to come.
They'll be drawn here by my attempt to tell her about Return by Death.
Ram, the thing is, I can retur— What's that? I made a wager that brought a bit of pain with it.
What did you do, Barusu? The wind is erratic, and I smell approaching beasts.
A lot of them And we haven't found Rem yet! Well, don't worry.
I'm pretty sure we'll cross paths soon.
What makes you so sure? Because of the witch's lingering scent! Rem's goal is to hunt down all the mabeasts, right? The mabeasts will be drawn to the witch's scent, and come right to me.
Then Rem will have no choice but to follow them toward me.
I call it "Operation: Natsuki Subaru is the Bait"! Okay, I'm gonna have to rely on you to fight, so go for it When this is over, look objectively at what you just said until you wish you were dead! This is what I get for believing you when you said you could fight! Well, I was fighting, wasn't I? My strength just didn't hold out as long as I thought it would Damn it! Crap! D-Damn it all! We were almost dead meat If we fall, we'll both be in trouble.
Barusu, can you climb up? I'd like to make it up by sheer willpower, but the mabeasts waiting there are a problem— The sharpest sword! El Fula! That was close Seriously, Ram-sama had timing like Buddha Huh? Hey, Ram? H-Hey! Damn it.
You can't be serious.
Shit, this timing couldn't be worse Rem! Thank goodness you're alive! We're saved! Damn it.
She can turn into a demon, but she can't control it? Hey, Rem! My name is Natsuki Subaru! A completely useless trainee in odd jobs The Roswaal mansion's most promising servant! I've always caused trouble for you and Ram, but we've been friends at times, and we've fought at times— Trying to beat me to death while I'm still talking is bad manners Now's my chance Damn, it's no use! I can't ignore her! Take the plunge, Subaru.
Men are about guts, and women are about beauty! So Quit making that scary face, and try to smile, Rem! I can Return by— Her horn You're awake? That should have been the perfect moment.
You have good intuition, Onee-sama! What about her horn? It's the horn that's making Rem a demon.
One good, solid hit should bring her back to normal.
You're sure? I am.
I think.
I hope.
That's vague! A hit to that one spot.
Doesn't it seem impossible? Muster your wisdom and courage, and do something.
I actually do have an idea for something we could do, but it'll make you mad.
If it'll bring my sister back to her senses, I won't get mad.
Really? Absolutely.
You swear to Ros-chi? That's the most reckless name you could have chosen.
Yes, I swear to Roswaal-sama.
All right! Heave Ho! I freaked out! I didn't have the guts for that last step! If I let this chance go by, there won't be others! Smile, Rem! Today, I'm fanatical like a real demon! Fanatical Methods Like a Demon