Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2016) s01e11 Episode Script


1 To us of the demon clan, twins are taboo.
Please wait, Chief! No! To protect our pride as a race, we must dispose of them.
Such is the demon clan's custom! It is our law! This child is She is a true prodigy.
Such power, with only one horn! If she'd had two horns Very good, Ram Rem, follow your sister's example and work hard.
Don't worry.
One day, Rem will show us that she has incredible power.
You're right.
She is Ram's sister, after all.
We expect great things.
Don't worry.
Sissy Just be you, Rem.
You don't have to worry about what people say.
I can never match my sister in demon power.
Then Hey, Mom What is it, Rem? I'll make dinner tomorrow.
What are you making for dinner? Hmm Maybe a stir-fry with barbaro rabbit meat and nuts from the forest trees.
And steamed tatoes! I'll help you.
No, I'll be fine by myself.
Just watch me.
Now, I just need a barbaro rabbit.
Sissy! I'm just so glad you're both all right.
Both Rem, don't go into the forest alone again.
You don't want to worry your sister.
Yes, I'm sorry.
Wait, don't forget about this.
The steamed tatoes Rem made are really good.
They have just the right amount of salt.
You're right! They are good! I had no idea Rem could make something so delicious! That's enough, Rem.
I'm just happy both of you are all right.
Yes, we're so glad you're both safe.
No, it would have been better if only Ram had been safe.
That's right.
You said it.
Yes, if only that useless Rem had died It would have been best if only Ram had lived.
You were having a scary dream, weren't you? You were moaning.
Sissy It's all right.
I'm with you.
So you don't have to worry about anything.
Right, Sissy.
I love you! My sister really is amazing.
I can't match her in anything.
In that case, I don't have to do anything anymore.
I can just walk behind her.
Sissy? Sissy! Rem I'm glad you're safe.
It finally broke off.
Because of me, my sister's horn was broken.
And she lost her power.
From now on, I have to learn to do all the things that Sissy That Sister could do.
This is what Sister would have done.
Sister is far more amazing.
Sister could do even more.
I only imitate what Sister could do.
If I cannot even do that satisfactorily, I am worthless.
You're doing a fine job Many times, I heard those words back home.
Don't overdo it.
Even if I overdo everything, it will never be enough.
Why do you try so hard? Why else? Because nothing I do is enough.
Why should I go on living? All of this is my atonement for what I thought on that fiery night.
What can I do to atone? I shall risk my life to walk the path that Sister would have walked, the path I took from her.
Because I am inferior to her in every way.
I am nothing but a replacement.
Barusu, head to the right of that broken tree ahead! You're too slow! Don't ask any more of me I'm running as fast as I can! Subaru-kun What You're awake, Rem? Thank goodness, Rem.
You really are a handful.
Fula! Why Why didn't you just leave me alone? For you and Sister to show up makes it all pointless.
I have to do it by myself.
No one else needs to get hurt anymore Too late for that.
Ram and I are already torn to shreds, maybe even more than you! My right shoulder's dislocated! It's It's my fault.
So I have to take responsibility.
If I don't, I cannot do anything for Sister or you I haven't changed at all.
I committed the same sin as I did back then! Because I hesitated to extend my hand to you The witch's scent? You nearly died.
I'm not sure what you're talking about, but to atone for that, you got mad and decided to do this alone? Rem Yes? Super slap! For starters, are you dumb? No, you are dumb! Barusu, the cut on your forehead has reopened and is bleeding.
Yeah, I know I'm dumb, too! But your sister is even dumber! Listen, where I'm from there's a saying, "Three heads are better than one.
" Wait, is it two heads? Whatever The point is, three heads, thinking together, are harder to break than only one arrow! It means you should rely on those around you instead of thinking about stuff alone! Subaru-kun Damn Ram, which way should we run to get outside the barrier? We'd have to run left, at full speed.
What's your plan? I could shove Rem toward you and run tragically to the right— I'll draw the ulgarm's attention, while you take Rem and run.
Could you not expose my attempt at hiding my embarrassment so easily?! There's no way you will survive.
Please don't.
If you do that, I will Don't worry.
You don't know my brilliant plan to round up all the mabeasts.
Subaru-kun, why would you do all this? Well You were my partner for my very first date.
I wouldn't be so heartless as to desert you.
All right, guess I'd better go and do this.
Take care of Rem, Onee-sama! I'll be praying for our safe reunion, Barusu.
Barusu's risking his life to buy us time.
Let's make the most of it.
I'd love to finish you off right about now I have an ace up my sleeve, too! It's you and me, pal Get ready! Sister! Subaru-kun is Subaru-kun is Don't look back, Rem.
Barusu's determination will be for nothing.
Sissy! Subaru-kun! Shamac! I could do without the bugs, but I appreciate the bocco fruit! Thanks for that, brats.
Crap— You need to die! What's the matter? Bring it on, boss garm! Ulgoa! Oh, my! You look an absolute fright! You're way late, Ros-chi But I'm surprised you knew where to find me.
In the village, Emilia-sama drove it into me quite thoroughly "Even if it's rash or reckless, he'll use magic if he's cornered, so don't lose sight of him from above," she said.
Roswaal-sama! I am sorry to cause so much trouble for you! Oh, not at all.
In fact, you both did fine work in my absence.
I shall most certainly show my gratitude for your actions.
You have my word.
Subaru-kun! Rem, that hurts! Stop! I'm kinda hurt all over right now You're alive You stayed alive Subaru-kun! Subaru-kun! Subaru-kun! This again Are you awake? Did I do this? Like, grabbed you and never let go? No, um This is, well I did it.
While you slept, you looked as if you were in pain, so I You held my hand? At times like these, I do not know what to do, so I did what would have made me happiest, were I in your place.
Anyway, I'd like to hear the rest I mean, I'd like to know how it ended.
Were my curses removed? Yes.
Roswaal-sama took care of all the mabeasts.
So there is no chance the curses will activate.
I am sorry, Subaru-kun.
Hey Come on, lift your head, Rem.
There's nothing wrong with me.
You always look calm, but you're not remotely calm or collected, are you? I do realize that I am a powerless and incompetent demon clan dropout.
So no matter what I do, I can never match my sister.
I am merely her replacement, and I have always been inferior.
Good for nothing.
Why was I the one to keep my horn? Why could Sister not be the one to keep hers? Why was she born with only one horn? Why did we have to be twins? I apologize.
That was a strange thing for me to say.
Please forget it.
You know, Rem, you keep putting Ram on a pedestal and undermining yourself, but if she were in your position, I don't think she'd be any better off.
Ram is weaker than you, she can't cook, slacks off on the job, says mean things.
Y-You're wrong! Sister's true self is more If she had her horn, you would not say But Ram doesn't have her horn, so I don't know that Ram.
I'm pretty sure you're the only one who cares whether she has a horn or not.
What Ram doesn't have, you do.
Just accept that.
You're kind, hardworking, always do your best, and your chest is bigger than hers! If you hadn't been around, those dogs would've chewed me to death.
I was saved because you were there.
And as you can see, I'm alive! Not only because of your sister, but because of you.
My true Sister could have done much more.
Maybe so.
But you were the one who was there for me.
I'm glad you were there Thank you.
I I told you that I am only my sister's replacement.
Don't define yourself that way.
It's too sad.
Of course, I haven't heard the details of how she lost her horn.
I won't ask, so I'll never know.
And since I don't know, I get to talk as if I know all about it.
All you have to do is be the horn Ram doesn't have.
You two can be a demon together.
Also, you call yourself a replacement, but no one could replace you.
But Where I come from, there's a saying, "Demons laugh when you talk about next year.
" So Laugh, Rem.
Take off that sad face, and laugh.
Laugh while we talk about the future! While we talk, look forward to making up for all the time you've wasted looking back! We can start by talking about tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Yep, tomorrow.
You can say anything, like Whether you'll make a Japanese- or Western-style breakfast tomorrow, or whether you'll put on your right or left shoe first.
It can be something silly like that.
No matter how silly it is, you can talk about tomorrow because you have a tomorrow.
How about it? I am very weak.
So I'm sure I will end up leaning on you.
What's wrong with that? I'm weak, stupid, scary-looking, and dense.
But I still live my life, expecting others to take care of things for me As we move forward, we can lean on each other.
Let's laugh and talk about tomorrow, arms around each other's shoulders.
It's always been my dream to talk about next year with a demon while we both laugh! You are fanatical like a demon.
Right? Rem By the way, Ram, did you find the one who was controlling the mabeasts? Yes, but the trail has already vanished.
It seems one of the children that Barusu and Rem brought back from the forest disappeared the next day.
Is this going to be another battle for the throne? The Bowel Hunter, mabeast masters We have involved ourselves with some bizarre characters.
No matter how many strange characters you face, you aren't the sort to lose heart, are you? My, how audacious you have become.
Come here.
Now, shall we begin? I was unable to attend to you for a whole night, after all.
I'm sorry.
Please do.
You have used quite a lot of mana.
May the stars protect you.
I shall be busy again for a time.
I know it will be hard on you, but look after yourself and Rem As you wish.
Since that fiery night, my body has belonged to you, Roswaal-sama.
I must win this battle for the throne, no matter what it takes.
For the sake of my goal.
For the coming day when I kill the dragon You're constantly getting hurt, aren't you, Subaru? You came to this mansion in the first place because you were injured.
Since then, it's only been four days.
It's not like I get hurt because I want to.
The world's just a little harsh on me So you're welcome to spoil me rotten, since no one else will, Emilia-tan! Don't joke around.
Puck kept trying to get me to go after you guys, too.
Who knows what would've happened if Roswaal hadn't made it back? Do you get it? Still, I suppose you saved me again.
Huh? As thanks for saving me, I brought you to the mansion, and now Still, thank you so much! Hey! It's fine, it's fine! I only did it because I wanted to I thought you'd say that, but it doesn't make me feel any better.
I must do something to thank you Okay.
Then, I'll take you up on that.
Go on a date with me, Emilia-tan! A "date"? We'll go out together, see the same things, eat the same things, do the same things, and share the same memories.
And that's all you want? That's exactly what I want.
I want to show you off to the village kids, and there's this awesome flower field! Even if all we do is stroll around, it'd be a special occasion to me! All right.
I'll go on a date with you! Yes! That's why you're my EMF! Oh, "EMF" stands for "Emilia-tan, major fairy"!