Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2016) s01e12 Episode Script

Return to the Capital

1 Okay, finally Victory! Victory! All right, line up! Yay! Time for your stamps! Okay, who's first? The kitty's so cute! The kitty's awesome! The kitty's so sad! The villagers seem to be full of life again.
Thanks to you, Subaru.
Well, I did put my life on the line to save them I went into the forest and got bitten by dogs to save the kids, got bitten by dogs when I tried to save Rem after she turned into a demon, then had to be saved by Roswaal when I was about to be bitten by a giant dog Wait.
Did I even do anything at all? Oh, come on! Don't fuss over the small details! There are those who know the truth.
That includes Roswaal and Ram.
And especially Rem.
And of course, I do, too.
A dragon-drawn carriage? Welcome home.
Please forgive me for parking in front of your mansion.
An emissary is visiting from the capital.
Roswaal-sama is attending to them now.
Emilia-sama, please join him.
An emissary? I believe it concerns the royal selection.
All right Given the circumstances, I'll try not to do anything dumb.
Um, I'm really sorry, Subaru, but this will be a very important discussion.
Aren't you bored waiting out here? It tastes lovely.
I feel as though I'm indulging in a great luxury.
It's actually the most expensive tea in the mansion.
If the pink-haired maid learns we drank it without permission, she'll flip.
And what is it you hope to gain from this old man, using such precious bait? I only want to know the reason for this visit.
If you could just give me a vague idea As I have no idea what your standing is in this mansion, I cannot say anything careless.
Please understand.
However, I did see that you are quite close to Emilia-sama.
Did it look like things were serious between Emilia-tan and me?! "Tan"? It is a steep path you climb.
You are dealing with one who may be Lugunica's future queen.
Right now, we're just a super cute girl and a useless servant boy.
You probably think your wife is the prettiest girl in the world.
Isn't that what you thought when you proposed to her? My wife I understand.
You are correct indeed.
I believed my wife the most beautiful lady in the world.
I'm back, Old Man Wil! Sorry to make you wait outside.
I bet you were bored, huh? Not at all.
This young man has been speaking with me.
Ah, nyow I see Of course.
You must be the boy Emilia-sama mentioned.
Emilia did? I guess you know nyothing at all, huh? Let's go, Old Man Wil.
See you in the capital.
Well, see, we aren't going for fun.
I received an important summons— If it's important, all the more reason! Aren't you in a battle for the throne? I want to help you! Please! It seems there are people in the capital who helped Subaru-kun.
This may be a good opportunity for him to thank them.
Nice assist, Rem! That's right! Some people in the capital helped me.
I need to let them know I'm okay.
Why not? That can be kept separate from our royal selection business.
Subaru-kun should go to the capital to thank everyone, as well as to receive treatment.
Huh? Treatment? You overused your already-exhausted gate in the mabeast battle Treatment would tend that wound.
You met the emissary earlier, did you not? The cutesy-face with the cat ears? That was one of the capital's most brilliant users of water magic, as well as healing magic! Felix is a peculiar character.
Even Emilia-sama had difficulty enlisting Felix's cooperation Hey.
Really, Emilia-tan? You did that for me? W-Well, it's partly my fault that you haven't healed yet So you could say I'm repaying a debt.
It's compensation equal to what you gave up! I was surprised to see you talk with that boy.
I thought you preferred chopping people in half than talking to them.
That is a grave misunderstanding.
I merely took a bit of a liking to that young man's eyes.
Those are the eyes of one who has experienced death several times.
Hmm, you've lost me nyow.
But if Wilhelm van Astrea, the sword demon, says it, I'm sure the boy faces quite a bumpy road.
You know, Emilia-tan Maybe we should stop this? Absolutely not! I know you.
The moment I look away, you'll be doing something crazy.
Oh, man! I'm seriously moved! I'm totally fantasying right now, baby! Subaru-kun is cute.
Parallel worlds rul— Subaru! I'm really sorry for that.
But this is treating me like a kid! Even though you wanted to hold hands on our date in the village? I was physically and mentally prepared for that.
This time, I'm not! My hand's sweating like crazy! Would you two quit it with the flirting already? You're gonna drive away my customers.
After I came to make good on my promise? That's cold, man Well, I appreciate that you felt obliged to shop, now that you're not broke anymore.
Here are the appas I promised.
Next, it's Felt and Old Man Rom.
I thought we'd wrapped things up without blame the first time.
But then Reinhard's expression went dark, and he took the girl away.
That makes it sound like kidnapping, or an abduction and confinement.
Hot guys really have it good If we want to contact Reinhard, we should probably go to the guard station in front of the district for the nobility.
Emilia-tan, about the royal selection that begins tomorrow Subaru, what did I tell you? I brought you here to fulfill your promises and to get you healed.
You don't have to worry about me.
Well, if it isn't Emilia-sama.
It's good to see you again.
Have you been well since we last met? Yes, everything is basically the same.
You also seem well, Julius.
The mere fact that you remember me is an honor.
You have only grown more beautiful, Emilia-sama.
Thank you.
Forgive me for asking so abruptly.
But I have business here, and I'd like you to act as my agent in the castle.
Does your business involve this young man? His character and attitude poorly suit his attire.
That's no way to act before one you've just met.
Thanks for the warning! I've got a warning for you, too.
You shouldn't eat curry udon in that suit.
If the soup splatters, the stains will really stand out.
I don't know what "curry udon" is, but I shall keep that in mind.
Now, allow me to show you to the conference mirrors.
Conference mirrors? A metia that facilitates talking with someone, using two mirrors facing one another.
Ah, mirrors How very magical.
Subaru, wait here.
Eh? I don't think it would be a pleasant experience for you.
I've already had an experience that wasn't pleasant.
That bastard, licking all over your cute, little hand, as if he owned it I'll try to come back before things run too long.
Be good and wait, okay? Please? I look so pathetic.
Doing that in front of the guard station is bold.
"It's darkest at the lighthouse's foot," I guess.
You little Don't screw around with us! Want us to mess up that pretty face of yours? Don't make such a racket, commoners.
Fools with no character pick fights for the most foolish of reasons Sorry I'm late, honey! It appears there's been a bit of trouble.
But remember who I am, and cut me some slack.
Now, let's go.
Do not touch me as if you know me! Cliffhanger I don't want drooling commoners to follow me around.
Recognize what's going on! It was supposed to be a classic scenario where I save a girl from hoodlums! Wait, no way.
Are you three the capital's only hoodlums? We met this guy in the alley behind the shopping district.
It's the brat from back then? So, for my sake, could you just let us— Are you dumb? This just makes it three on two, instead of three on one You should correct that.
It isn't three on two, but three on one on one.
Would you be quiet for a second?! I have no choice.
This is the last trick I wanted to use, but I'm just telling you, I know Reinhard-san.
If I call for him, he'll come running! Secret Technique: Fox in Tiger's Clothing.
Been a while since I've seen you.
What're ya doing here? Old Man Rom! Damn you! We won't forget this! You saved me, Old Man Rom I doubt this girl and I could've handled that alone.
Don't misunderstand.
Even without you two, I was in no trouble.
Say what? "I didn't need your help.
I'm super strong! I was doing just fine!" Something like that? No.
This world is designed to operate in the way that works best for me, so I am never at a disadvantage.
R-Really? Well, I shouldn't have butted in, then.
Sorry to interfere! By the way, boy, you know where Felt went off to? You didn't hear? Apparently, Reinhard took her away.
Reinhard It had to be an Astrea, eh? Something wrong? Nah, just talkin' to myself.
You try not to cause any more trouble, ya hear? S-Sure.
I finally found you! Oh, Emili— Wait, wait, wait! You can't just pick up Emilia-tan while I'm away! Seems your buddy's got a screw loose, little lady.
More worried about losing you to another man than happy to see you.
A man's heart is so complex, it's a thrill to watch.
You've got a pretty messed-up fashion sense of your own! Now, that's no way to talk to someone As I'm a cool, good-natured man, I'll overlook it.
But some might lop off your head for that.
Relax, Subaru.
His outfit surprised me, too.
Yeah, well I was surprised when she asked for my help while I was looking for a lost child, too.
Emilia-tan, you're too soft-hearted.
Most would think a guy dressed like this was looking for a lost child to kidnap them.
My, how attentive you are to wait where you knew I would be.
I commend your dedication, Al.
You were the lost child? Well, it looks like we both found the ones we were looking for.
Let's go.
What is in that bag? They're appas.
You've never seen one? Don't make me laugh.
Appas have white flesh.
Well, yeah, the insides are white Wait, s-so you've never seen an unpeeled appa? For you.
Don't skip off after any bad guys again, okay? Subaru That girl from before Huh? Where did you meet that girl? And how? What's this, Emilia-tan? Are you jealous? Are you actually getting jealous over me? Subaru H-Huh? Emilia-tan, why the serious face? N-Nothing If you don't know, it's fine.
Forget it.
Oh! It really is an appa! Huh? I have to stay here tomorrow? Of course you do.
That was our agreement all along.
Yeah, but we never reached Reinhard, right? So if we go to the castle tomorrow, we might see him I'll be sure to ask about Felt.
But I should go in person to— This is exactly why I can't take you with me.
If I do, you'll push yourself too hard again.
I don't want to let you do that.
Understand? You're the one who doesn't understand If I have to push myself to help you, I will.
I want to push myself! Absolutely not.
Until your body fully heals, no using magic or pushing yourself! Promise me, Subaru.
All right.
I promise.
I won't use magic So let me go with you! I can't bring an outsider into this.
So please wait here with Rem, all right? I'm asking you, Subaru Give me reason to trust you.
I know there are those in the capital who consider Emilia an enemy.
That's why I have to stay close to her.
What's the matter? I'm going to save Emilia.
And to do that Stare Wh-What is it, Subaru-kun? When you stare with such dramatic eyes, it makes me uncomfortable.
Stare It's at the castle.
There will likely be heavy security, though.
Security isn't the problem.
I can't stand not being involved in Emilia's important affairs.
Subaru-kun I'm only of any use when something happens.
So I want to be with her when important things are going on! Now, I shall set about preparing a new appa recipe I just thought up.
It will require intense concentration, so if one were to leave his room, I likely would not notice.
I'm such a scumbag for relying on Rem all the time But the problem is how I'm gonna get into the castle.
I guess times like this call for that Hitchhiking! You sure are lucky Be grateful for this coincidence.
We just happened to be on our way to the castle, too.
The castle? What for? There is only one reason to head to the castle today.
Oh, you didn't know? This young lady here is one of the candidates to succeed to the throne of Lugunica, Priscilla Barielle-sama herself.
For real? Then why did you pick me up? For no other reason than it seemed amusing.
A mere lark.
Taking you to the castle will make things interesting.
Interesting? This world is designed to operate in the way that works best for me, so it's a given that all things work in my favor.
It is only a matter of choosing whether something amuses me or not.
However, if I had to name a reason other than amusement Your appa handler? Indeed.
He is something of a wretched clown, whose sole priority is to bring me bittersweet red appas.
Everyone is waiting inside.
Make haste, please.
As their superior, it is my privilege to keep the masses waiting.
Subaru? Um Emilia, I Is there a reason you stare at my manservant, half-wit? Get off! You'll give Emilia-tan the wrong idea! My, how nice to see you, Priscilla-sama! Do forgive my servant for troubling you so.
Why are you here, Subaru? Didn't I tell you to be good and wait for me? Don't you remember? The council of wise men will now enter.
The wise men They're the people managing the country in the king's absence, right? Hey.
That's where we're supposed to stand.
I can stand there, too? Well, now It sounds entertaining, so you may accompany him.
Wait, Roswaal! If Subaru is allowed to stay, he'll— Emilia-sama, the conference is beginning.
To the center.
You'll explain this to me later! Then, those are the participants in the royal selection.
The candidates for the future ruler? You came, after all, Subaru.
When I heard Emilia-sama would be here, I suspected you'd be here, as well.
Reinhard, I've been looking for you! Hiya, Subaru-kyun! You Oh, Subaru, you know him? Huh? "Him"? Yes.
He is a knight, Felix Argyle.
Despite appearances, he is male.
If you're a guy, what's the point in having those looks and even cat ears? I don't know what to say.
You're the one who made the wrong assumption, Subaru-kyun! Subaru, what's the matter? Where I'm from, this is the expression you make when seeing a romantic rival! Now, if I may be so forward, I, Marcos, leader of the Imperial Knights, will direct today's proceedings.
It all happened about half a year ago, when members of the royal family, starting with the king, went into hiding, one by one, causing— Listen I get that you wanna talk up a good show here, but I'm busy, you know.
As we say in Kararagi, "Time is money.
" Wait, the Kansai dialect? Are you kidding me? If you're just repeating what we already know, then why did y'all even gather us? Evidently, everyone in western Kararagi speaks that way.
I agree.
Crusch-sama, should the Karsten family head say something like that? Observing formality is important, but it is also a fact that our time is limited.
It would be wise to inform us why we are here at once.
Naturally, I do have a general idea.
You already know the purpose of this meeting? Yes, Lord Miklotov.
For a drinking party, correct? One day, we will face each other as rivals.
But by sharing the same table and drinks, we will learn about one another.
No, that is not correct.
Felis, this isn't what you told me.
Oh, come on All I said was, "Maybe it'll be a drinking party.
" I see.
I jumped to conclusions.
Forgive me.
Allow me to retract what I just said.
Hey, now! Even if she backs down, my opinion isn't gonna change.
No need to explain the royal selection now.
We already know.
Right? I think we should hear the— Sorry, but I wasn't askin' your opinion.
Why, you— Hey! I don't know what's up with the selection, so I'd kinda like to hear the rest.
Priscilla-sama, I'm told this man is your knight.
Have you explained the selection to him? Either way, you men will ramble on about it, yes? Continue, Marcos.
Then We've gathered you, who are qualified to be the dragon's priestess, because a new prophecy has been engraved in the Dragon Stone.
It says, "From the five capable of becoming the nation's new leader, choose one priestess to enter into a covenant with the dragon.
" Five? Yes, five.
Currently, there are only four candidates.
The royal selection hadn't even begun.
But today, history is set in motion.
Knight Reinhard van Astrea, come forward.
Yes, sir.
Honored members of the council of wise men, I, Reinhard van Astrea, of the Imperial Knights, would like to announce my mission's completion.
The dragon's priestess, the fifth and final candidate for the throne, has been located.
The one I, myself, revere as queen.
Her name is Felt-sama.
Return to the Capital