Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2016) s01e14 Episode Script

The Sickness Called Despair

1 Haven't I made everything work out all right?! Without me, it would've been a lot worse.
All of it was because I was there! You should have a greater debt to me than you could ever repay! Shall we stop for now? So I'll repay all of them now.
And we'll end this.
I swear, Julius, your good nature is going to waste, playing the villain for someone like him.
I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about.
How could you get yourself punished, trying to protect a guy like that? It's foolish! I only acted as I wished, true to my own nature.
Righteously, in my own way, and without shame, as I wished.
Are you sure about this? Old Man Wil is busy preparing, too It was a request from our guest.
I cannot ignore it.
If they're just practicing, it's nyo big deal, but Frankly, it appears to me he's just making excuses.
Excuses? He wants to say, "I'm just fine.
I'm working hard.
" Can you blame him? Forgive me.
Hang on What do you have to apologize for? None of this was your fault! No, I am a friend to you, as well as to Julius.
My own lack of virtue was responsible for my failure to stop a disagreement between my two friends.
That duel had no meaning.
No meaning? No What came of you two fighting there? You were hurt, and Julius tarnished his own career.
Why not try to have a calm, open discussion with him? I'm sure that will clear up the misunder— Reinhard.
I get how you feel, and I appreciate it.
You really are a nice guy.
Then But I can't accept that proposal! We're done talking.
Go back now.
Subaru Why? What did you gain from that duel? You've only suffered losses.
Even Emilia-sama— You'd better head back for today, Reinhard.
Before your mistress gets lonely and starts yelling for you.
Mind your own damn business.
Shall we stop for now? You must be tired after practice, Subaru-kun.
Rem, you don't think I'm pathetic? I do.
You do? Seriously? Then why are you still here with a pathetic loser like me? Because you were told to? The fact that I think you're pathetic and my staying with you are not contradictory.
Besides, even if I had not been ordered to, I'm certain I would have stayed.
Why? Because I want to.
Shall we go out tomorrow, Subaru-kun? You haven't gone anywhere in the three days since we arrived.
Interested in the royal selection, too? Whoa! Don't sneak up on me with that face! Wait, where's Rem? Don't make someone without experience watch your shop.
Five candidates, huh? If you ask me, letting a half-elf be one of them is pure insanity.
"Emilia," eh? There's no way a relative of the witch could become our ruler.
They've gotta be crazy.
Why does everyone say that? It doesn't mean she has anything to do with the witch! Huh? Just because she's a half-elf, don't lump them together and brush her off! H-Hey That Emilia girl I mean She might really care about this kingdom's people, too! Hang on, why are you getting so worked up? I It was for you, wasn't it? Why is it Because of the Jealous Witch? You think all half-elves are dangerous, just because the witch was one?! That's right! Everyone's scared of the witch.
That's common knowledge.
As long as people see her that way, she can't win.
Jeez, who would actually choose to support her? Try not to say the word "witch" too loudly in public.
You never know who's listening, or where.
You didn't tell me everyone felt that way about you I can't understand if you don't tell me, Subaru.
I can't understand if you don't tell me, either.
Natsuki Subaru, would you mind joining me for a bit? Crusch-san Right? That's right.
Oh, yes This is the first time you've seen me out of business attire.
The breeze is pleasantly cool tonight.
Perfect conditions for sharing a drink, as we gaze upon the night sky.
But I can't drink alcohol.
You're welcome to drink water.
I won't be drinking enough to get drunk.
How goes the healing of your gate? H-Hey! Oh Oh Well, it goes, I guess I see.
Well, Felis is excellent with healing magic.
You can trust him.
You always seem busy, too.
In response to a certain occurrence, my family is currently gathering people and objects.
Plus, since word of the royal selection spread, I've received proposals every day.
I'm sure the other candidates have, as well.
P-Proposals?! You mean, as in marriage? Oh, yeah.
I guess they're all single Does that bother you? Not really.
It's just Oh, right! Wilhelm-san said he had a beautiful wife.
Are you aware that Wilhelm serves me? Huh? Why? What are nyou doing here, Subaru-kyun? And Crusch-sama! Why are you dressed so vulnerably?! Is it strange? It's no different than what I wear to dine with you.
That's exactly the problem! Men are nyothing but wolves! You're a man, too.
That's enough joking, Felis.
All who were present at the royal selection know whom Subaru loves.
I heard they had a fight, though.
I swear, Subaru-kyun, you're so easy to read! Don't cast your gaze down, Natsuki Subaru.
Huh? When your eyes are clouded, your soul darkens.
That means your future is closed to you, and you lose sight of your reasons to live.
When you do what you know to be right, what can you do by looking downward? Lift your head, face forward, and reach out your hands.
I do not want to regard you as an insignificant enemy.
If Crusch-sama says so, you have nyo choice.
The point is, Subaru-kyun, you need to hurry and make up with Emilia-sama.
Think about what you can do to accomplish that, and do it.
What I can do? There is something I can do.
Something that only I can do.
Yeah, that's right You don't even have to tell me.
The wind is picking up.
It looks as if the weather will be rough again tomorrow.
Shall we stop for now? Don't be silly You've seen how far I've come in taking blows! Your attitude seems quite different this morning.
Last night, Crusch-san gave me some good advice.
If I just get a chance, I can make any problem disappear! Then, let us call it a day.
Huh? Well, I think teaching swordsmanship, which will make a man stronger, to one who has abandoned the option to get stronger seems meaningless.
What do you Subaru-kun! We must discuss something important.
Has Rem told you what's going on? What I felt was Something like a presence, through the sense I share with my sister.
My sister could have used her clairvoyance to get a clearer picture, but I So I guess you picked up a nyasty sort of synesthesia from her, huh? We don't know the details, either.
But it came from the Mathers domain, which you know as Margrave Roswaal's territory.
Evidently, some troubling movement was seen in the vicinity of his mansion.
Parts of the domain are already on high alert.
Troubling movement? We did foresee this situation.
From the moment the margrave declared his intention to back Emilia, a half-elf.
You mean there's trouble happening because of that prejudice? That is likely a correct summation.
The moment I leave her side, this happens? Everyone around her is an enemy.
The only one who can take her side is me.
Well, then We have to go and help, right? Y-You mustn't, Subaru-kun.
You have to obey Emilia-sama's orders.
She told you to focus on healing! And I agree! Healing must take priority now.
Rem, we're the only ones who can take Emilia's side! You heard that, Crusch-san.
We're going back to the mansion, back to where Emilia is.
Until it's taken care of, my healing will— Natsuki Subaru.
If you leave here, that will make you my enemy.
Allow me to correct one idea you have.
I have only allowed you to stay here as a guest, receiving treatment, because I am contracted to do so.
Contracted? Emilia and I formed a contract regarding your treatment.
However, if you abandon that contract yourself, I am not obligated to continue protecting you.
The moment you leave this household, Emilia and I will not hesitate to become enemies.
I was wrong about you.
I thought, just maybe, you and I could get along.
Yeah, of course That was just a little joke over drinks, right? I was stupid to take you seriously when you told me, an enemy, to do what I could.
You don't want me to leave because getting Emilia out of trouble will be bad for you, right? Nyow I think you have it all wrong— Felis, enough.
No, I will say it.
The mistake he's making is a bit too grave.
Even if you leave, nothing will change.
You'd be wasting your time.
After making a fool of yourself at the castle and being clobbered by Julius, nyou still don't realize that? If you stay to finish your treatment, you'll be much better off.
I've decided.
I'm going back to Emilia.
Though it wasn't for long, thanks for taking care of me.
Is it nyot true that a good man knows how to take a warning? It's thanks to your warning that I've made up my mind.
Thank you.
Rem, how long until we reach the mansion? About two and a half days, I think.
Over two days? It took less than half a day to get here! We cannot go that way.
There is a fog over the road, so we need to take a detour.
Who cares about fog? The fog is created by the White Whale.
Should we encounter it, we would not survive.
Thank you for lending us your dragon-drawn carriage.
In my master's stead, I offer my gratitude for the favor you have shown us till today.
It's nothing.
Please take care.
Are you getting anything from Ram? No, our shared sense is consciously controlled, to an extent.
This morning, I think that what I sensed was something that exceeded my sister's control.
So Ram didn't even mean to let us know about it Is she trying to keep us from getting involved? But why? She needs me by her side I can save her.
Once I do, I'm sure she'll understand.
She has to.
Why are we stopping? We have to hurry.
I'm sorry, Subaru-kun.
The ground dragon cannot go any farther.
I can't sleep.
Subaru-kun, are you awake? Yeah.
I cannot sleep, so I hoped we could talk.
Oh You, too? Can't help that, I guess.
You're really worried about the mansion after what you felt through your shared sense? It'll be fine.
We're not the sort of lovable little kids to get our feelings hurt so easily.
We'll get right back, and I'll fix things.
Yes, I have put all my faith in you, Subaru-kun.
R-Rem-san, um, why are you holding on to me? Because I want to.
I I know this feeling I am healing your gate, just as Felix-sama did, Subaru-kun.
O-Oh, healing! You're healing me Of course you are.
Because you want to, huh? She'll probably be angry with me at first, won't she? If you take the time to properly face her and communicate how you feel with words, I'm sure she will understand.
You are a wonderful person, after all.
I am? Yeah I am, right? Emilia is hopeless without me.
Because I care about her so much So save just a tiny bit of that for me, too.
Don't go anywhere.
Okay, Subaru-kun? Rem, wake up! We oversle— Well, now! Good morni— Where's the blue-haired girl who was here with me?! Th-The lady you were with, u-uh— I can't hear you! I was saying that she left during the night.
Here are your things What the hell? What are you thinking, Rem? I thought that you would understand me "Dear Subaru-kun.
When you read this letter, I'm sure you will be very angry with me.
I shall not ask for your forgiveness for leaving you to go to the mansion.
The one in there might agree to your offer.
But please understand.
Bringing you to the mansion right now would be very dangerous.
Are you the one called Otto? So please wait here for me to return.
" I'll accept your payment, but I think this is very reckless, Natsuki-san! So you think I'm a useless good-for-nothing, too, Rem? I think I've just been introduced to someone who could be real trouble.
Okay, fine.
If you won't trust me, then why should I depend on you? I'm sorry, but can we please turn back now? Huh? After coming this far? My ground dragon is frightened.
It instinctively knows that this place is too dangerous to approach.
Where are we now? We're already in the Mathers domain, near a village called Arlam.
Got it! Natsuki-san, you can't go out there! Let's turn back! This is far enough, Otto.
You can take the money and all my stuff.
I can't do that.
Please rethink this! Natsuki-san! What is this? It's too quiet What was that? Damn it! I'm back Rem Rem What happened to Rem? Right.
Rem Rem is Rem Rem Rem Rem "So please wait here for me to return.
When this is all taken care of, I shall return for you.
Please take care of yourself.
And please I beg you to wait for my return.
From your Rem.
" The Sickness Called Despair