Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2016) s01e15 Episode Script

The Outside of Madness

1 No No, no, no! If I just get a chance, I can make any problem disappear! This is wrong.
This isn't what I wanted Someone Someone Someone Someone Someone Ram Petra No It's not my fault! It's not Emi lia Ow! You're too late.
Hey! You listening? What? Don't "what" me! What's with you? You suddenly spaced out.
Oh Subaru-kun? Subaru-kun! Hey! What's wrong? Do you feel ill? Um Subaru-kun? Wait, Subaru-kun What's wrong? Hey, come on.
Not in front of my shop.
Calm down Subaru-kun? I'm pretty sure there's nyothing we can do.
His wounds are one thing, but there's nyo helping his mental state.
Can you tell how this happened? No, I've checked every inch of him, but What are the odds of it being a curse? There's nyo indication of any interference using mana.
If Felis is unable to help, no one in this household can heal him.
I'm sorry.
Oh, no.
I cannot thank you enough for your generous concern.
He's right.
There's no mana interference.
But The witch's miasma! Thank you for everything.
In my master's stead, I thank you for your kindness during our stay.
Give Emilia this message, as well.
"Let us compete in a manner that will bring neither of us shame.
" Hey I know why you're returning to the mansion, but can anyone there heal him? He utters our names, only occasionally.
My name, my sister's name.
And Emilia-sama's.
If he sees her, maybe his condition will change.
I realize this is tasteless, but I must ask.
How can you give so much of yourself for Natsuki Subaru? Your relationship with him is not that of master and servant, like Felis and mine.
But I must say your behavior and the glances you cast are those a woman gives a man.
I am sorry.
Forget I said— No, it isn't that.
It is How can I put it? Well I suppose it is because Subaru-kun is special.
Um Forgive me.
I was stunned speechless for a moment.
Natsuki Subaru is a lucky man.
That's for sure.
If he ever recovers, I'll have to tease him to the max! Be well.
Good luck! I know I mustn't let my personal feelings interfere, but I felt a little happy to keep you to myself at Crusch-sama's house.
I cannot do that at the mansion.
Even though I knew that something was troubling you.
I'm sorry.
Even though I heard that you'd quarreled with Emilia-sama.
I'm sorry.
I know you'll be all right, Subaru-kun.
Because you are always fanatical like a demon.
And you're a remarkable person.
It's too quiet.
That was Sister! I must return quickly.
Do not touch Subaru-kun! Witch cultists! Huma! Subaru-kun! Subaru-kun! You bastards You stole my sister's horn and stole my reason to live, but that wasn't enough? Now you have come here, and steal my reason to die, too?! I see This is certainly interesting.
You wouldn't happen to be Pride, would you? I guess you're not going to answer me! Ah, right I haven't introduced myself yet.
In the Witch's Cult, I am a Sin Archbishop representing sloth, Betelgeuse Romanée-Conti! Ah, how comical What a very, very, very, very, very entertaining sight! Truly, truly, truly! My brain trembles Now, what has brought him here? Dragon carriage.
A dragon-drawn carriage! Ah, aren't ground dragons great? They obey diligently, work diligently, and play their role as a species diligently! They're just fantastic! Killed Of course.
Your diligence brought the ground dragon, diligence itself, to the ground! Ah, my brain trembles, trembles, trembles, trembles! But a dead ground dragon is the very definition of "sloth.
" Clean up the area at once.
With the day of the Ordeal upon us, we mustn't allow our existence to be discovered.
And his friend? Unknown It is unknown if the girl is alive or dead? Unknown if she is alive or dead, yes? You are truly slothful With the forthcoming Ordeal, you let a potential problem remain! Is this the sincerity you show in return for our Gospel?! Ah, this is sloth Sloth, sloth, sloth, sloth! Please forgive us the sloth that has led us to betray your goodwill! Love We must repay love with love! Bring the girl here.
If she lives, kill her.
If not, bring me her head! Love! We must repay love with love! Now Now, now Now, now, now, now, now You will look into my eyes.
Answer me.
Answer me carefully.
Why does such dense love hang, so abundant, upon your person? Do you not own a copy of the Gospel? It saddens me to be ignored! I'm treating you so kindly, and yet, and yet, and yet, and yet, yet, yet, yet, yet! In that case, I will change the order of my questions.
Let me ask you this Why do you pretend that your mind has broken? No, no, no, no.
I truly have my doubts.
Why and for what reason, for what purpose, do you act crazed? Your insanity is far too sane.
To behave so cleverly and quietly, as if seeking sympathy It is an insult to real madness.
You are a poorly-acted madman.
If you really meant it, you would pay the gazes of others no heed.
Ah, how comical! How comical! I pity you! I pity your wretched, ugly, lowly, diminutive, sinful being, from the bottom of my heart! Despite all that, you are so loved! You'd rather waste away in stagnation than repay the goodwill shown to you? You are truly slothful.
Oh? I found you! Subaru-kun! How fantastic this is! A girl, a lone girl, is badly injured.
But still, she presses on! Enough of your nonsense, witch worshiper! To carry out your insubordinate acts in Roswaal-sama's domain, without permission, you are fools! In my absent master's stead, I, Rem, shall carry out the death penalty! In your battered state? You have only come here to retrieve this boy You should stop saying things that merely sound attractive.
Don't touch him.
Eh? What was that? Don't you touch him! That shout was great! Why does a believer in love, such as yourself, adhere to someone like him? You know nothing about Subaru-kun! El Huma! Fantastic That was fantastic! Rem My brain trembles.
Authority of Sloth Unseen Hand.
You must look.
That is the result of your actions.
By doing nothing, you practiced sloth And because of that, the girl is dead! You killed her! How awful! How awful! You With my arm, with my fingers You You You You You killed her —op it It hurts! It hurts, it hurts! Help me! Help me! Subaru-kun! Betelgeuse! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! Ah, I finally got you to call me by name.
I'm deeply touched.
I'll kill you! I'll kill you! Die! Die, damn it! This place is quite the mess now, so I'll just leave it! All right, men! You will resume your duties.
Rendezvous with the other fingers.
The Ordeal will proceed as scheduled.
Now, as for your position in all this Bastard! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I honestly have no idea what it is, so I shall judge you as our Lord sees fit.
Damn you! Damn you! I will leave you bound here.
Should the Gospel happen to find its way to you, I am sure you will be saved Damn you! Damn you! I'll kill you! I will kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! Oh? Ah, you are also a believer in love.
Yes, you sacrificed yourself for love, defying your own fate.
But you fell before your feelings reached him, and your love had nowhere to go You are truly slothful! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you.
I'll kill you.
I'll kill you.
I'll kill you.
I'll kill you I'll kill you.
I'll kill you.
I'll kill you.
I'll kill you.
I'll kill you.
Rem? Rem Rem Rem! Rem Rem Rem! Rem! Rem! Rem Hey, Rem! Hu ma.
Rem, you Live Rem Wait, don't! Live Love you Rem? Let's go, Rem.
Betelgeuse Betelgeuse Betelgeuse Betelgeuse! Sleep Along with my daughter.
Hey! You listening? What? Don't "what" me! What's wrong with you? You suddenly spaced out.
Oh Subaru-kun? Rem Yes? What's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost.
Rem Y-Yes? Rem Yes? I Look! I hate to interrupt when you're just getting heated up, but I can't run my business with you two flirting there! Subaru-kun, can I ask something? What is it? Well, I may be mistaken.
It's just that, well The unpleasant smell on you seems to have grown stronger.
Unpleasant smell, huh? Then, if you're worried, keep hold of my hand.
Huh? This feels a lot safer, right? Yes.
The Outside of Madness