Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2016) s01e19 Episode Script

Battle Against the White Whale

1 What? Okay, I'll say it again.
An alliance between the Emilia and Crusch camps, on equal terms.
For this purpose, I'll provide the time and location of the White Whale's next appearance.
That's the one card I can play.
The Witch's Cult? Yeah, they're on the move and after Emilia.
Roswaal-sama feared that might happen, as well.
I want to stop them, but I don't have the fighting strength.
I have to start negotiating now to pull some together.
Will you help me? The White Whale? Please forgive my indiscretion.
I suppose I still have much to learn.
And? It is rather sudden that you would bring up the White Whale.
Not at all.
When we began this negotiation, I mentioned the magic stones found in Roswaal's domain, in Elior Forest.
If sharing the mining rights is insufficient, I need to offer something additional.
Crusch-san, I'm certain that my information will aid in your plan to subjugate the White Whale.
Let me ask one thing, Natsuki Subaru.
What gave you that idea? That remark was not one you might pass off as a baseless accusation.
For these past few days, some things have bothered me.
First, the increase in traffic to and from your mansion.
It's been just a bit excessive.
Also, in the capital, I heard you've been purchasing weapons and armor.
Plus If Crusch-sama's goal should be attained, I'm sure it would suit your desires, Wilhelm-dono.
You appeared to be planning something big.
Of course, I can't prove it.
Maybe I only made the connection because I know the White Whale will soon be appearing.
I have another question, Natsuki Subaru.
On what grounds do you know that the White Whale will appear? This.
What in the world is this? The moment before that happened It's what you'd call a metia.
It tells me when and where the White Whale will appear.
I find this a bit hard to believe But I see that you are not lying.
I appreciate that, but are you sure you want to believe me so easily? Lies will get you nyowhere with Crusch-sama.
She has the divine protection of wind-reading! Uh, say what? When a person lies, a telling wind blows around them.
I can see that wind.
You did not have that.
Does that mean you'll agree to an alliance in exchange for my information on the White Whale? You're getting ahead of yourself, Natsuki Subaru.
Whether I agree to it, and whether I believe you are separate matters.
My decision will determine the outcome of the royal selection, if not the kingdom's very future.
It cannot be made lightly.
Mind if I listen in on this li'l chat, too? Pardon us.
Anastasia Hoshin Russell Fellow? Well, y'all asked us to come, and here you are, startin' without us.
That's hardly fair.
Let us in on this.
Was it Natsuki Subaru who asked you to come here? Well, to be exact, it was this gal he keeps with him.
I only heard the gist, but if you're really plannin' to subjugate the White Whale, I look forward to it! For us business folk, whether the White Whale's around is a life-or-death matter.
Of course, our mercenary team will help y'all.
In addition to the White Whale, I'm interested in the concession that Natsuki-dono proposed of mining rights to the magic stones.
If the alliance is formed, magic stones from pristine veins will be distributed to the capital through Crusch-sama.
As the merchant guild's representative, I cannot let the offer go unheard.
Natsuki Subaru called you, as well? I'll say it once more.
What I offer in return for the alliance is a share in the magic stone mining rights and information on when and where the White Whale will appear.
In other words, the fuel needed to subjugate the mabeast that's terrorized the world for so long! If what I say makes no sense to you, forget I said it.
But if your goal and my wish align, then let's defeat the White Whale.
Let's go on a hunt! I still have several questions, but it was brilliant of you to expose my plans.
Then I have questions, as well as doubts.
Many things you say are unclear to me, so I have difficulty agreeing immediately.
However I shall choose to trust your eyes and the spirit that led you to create this situation.
Then the deal is struck.
There were a few touch-and-go moments, but I'm glad it worked out, Natsuki-dono.
I trust the promise we made prior to the negotiation still stands.
Yeah, you were a big help, Russell-san.
Once the subjugation is complete, I'll give you the metia.
So you did lay some groundwork before coming here.
And you were waiting outside the door for your moment to enter? But it was up to us when we interrupted.
Well, as far as negotiations go, I guess that just passes? Took you long enough! I thought you were never gonna enter! When negotiatin', there's always a time to make your move.
Well, as you're gettin' ready for the subjugation and such, don't forget to patronize the Hoshin Company.
You paved the way before negotiations began? You are surprisingly shrewd, Natsuki Subaru.
My preparation and review paid off, that's all.
To be honest, I couldn't be more relieved.
Well, that's plain to see.
We managed to save face for staying in the capital.
Right, Rem? Yes, you are truly wonderful, Subaru-kun.
Subaru-dono I thank you.
Huh? I offer you gratitude equal to that which I offer to my lady, Duchess Crusch Karsten.
E-Er, that's, um As perceptive as you are, I am sure you're aware, but if I may introduce myself My family name is Astrea.
I took the previous Master Swordsman, Theresia van Astrea, as my wife, giving me the honor of the bloodline's lowest seat.
That is who I, Wilhelm van Astrea, am.
I thank you for so kindly granting this old man the opportunity to slay the loathsome mabeast that took my wife.
S-Sure! Of course I knew that! I figured Crusch-san would accept my offer, keeping that in mind— Natsuki Subaru The wind of untruth is blowing from you.
I get it You bought all the dragon-drawn carriages for this, so that's why I had trouble getting one back to the mansion.
You're still awake? As if I could sleep.
Everyone else is working through the night.
They have nyo choice.
We have little time.
Yeah, the White Whale will appear tomorrow night, in the area around Flügel's Tree.
So, given the travel time, we'll just barely make it.
Besides, can't you see it in nyall their faces? Nyot a single one is preparing unwillingly.
Everyone wants to be rid of the White Whale, especially Old Man Wil.
He said it took his wife Yeah.
He's been chasing after the White Whale all this time.
Ever since it killed the previous Master Swordsman, his wife.
The previous Master Swordsman Well, now you know, so you should stop worrying and get to sleep.
There's nyothing you can do to help with supply distribution or organization, anyway.
That may be true, but you didn't have to say it! I'm supposed to pick whichever one I want? What is it nyow? You don't like them? It's not that! I'm glad you're letting me borrow one, but I can't tell anything about their quality! Do I look like a veteran who's studied nothing but ground dragons for decades Are you that one from Looks like this is the one.
I am surprised.
This ground dragon is a type known for extreme pride.
Felis, I'll take this one.
It's love at first sight! Sure thing.
But don't say, "Love at first sight.
" You're making Rem-chan pout.
I'm not pouting! I'll be nice to it! I can do it! Wha?! My lady was tellin' me about you.
You're the star of this little show, aren't ya? Ho That logo And a Kararagi accent from a demihuman Then, you're with Anastasia? What, you knew? I'm Ricardo, head of her mercenary team.
Nice to meet you, too, li'l lady! Keep it down! Also, you're huge! You'll snap my neck! Hey! My lady! Hey! Ow So that is the pride of Anastasia and the Hoshins, the Iron Fang I see.
They all look quite strong.
Did you rest well last night? I nearly died a second ago Oh, so I guess you're also fighting? You think I am capable of sitting in a chair, waiting for good news? I'm more surprised that you are participating.
Can you fight? Nope, I can't.
But even if I can't fight, I think this human will be pretty useful against the White Whale.
I must ask On what grounds? I'm not all that happy about it myself, but I seem to be the type of guy who attracts mabeasts.
What? It is true.
Thanks to that, Subaru-kun has previously saved my life.
So, on my borrowed ground dragon, I'll run around under White Whale's nose and draw its attention, while you guys launch an all-out attack! That's the tactic I'd recommend, anyway.
Under the White Whale's nose? Shockingly, I sense no lies in that statement.
I never thought I would doubt my divine protection as often as I have in the past half day.
They're here.
Crusch-sama, we have arrived.
Is this boy Yes, he is.
Thank you, young man.
Huh? Thanks to you, our wish may come true.
We could not be happier.
Thank you.
It seems all of them have a history with the White Whale.
Then, they're like Wilhelm-san? Yes, many are men who have retired from the front lines.
They have joined our subjugation force at Wilhelm's invitation.
Their morale and experience is comparable to those of the capital's active knights.
Crusch-sama, it's time.
Four hundred years.
Since the White Whale, created by the Jealous Witch, made the world its hunting ground, trampling the weak and dominating the land as if it were its owner, four hundred years have passed.
Countless lives have been lost in that time.
Given its fog's unscrupulous nature, as well, the number of graves we cannot even inscribe with names will only rise.
But those days of sitting idle end today! Today, those of us here will end it! We shall strike down the White Whale, and stop further tragedy! We shall give the sorrow, which fell short of true sorrow, a chance to shed overdue tears! We move out! Our destination is Flügel's Tree, on the Lifaus Highway.
Tonight, we shall slay the White Whale with our own hands! I'm Mimi! Glad to know ya! My name's Hetaro.
Nice to meet you.
Yep, nice to meet you.
Anyway, not that I doubted it, but You really are the second-in-command, huh? Huh? Have we met somewhere before? Hmm I totally can't remember at all! C-Come on, Sister, you have to sit up properly.
Totally can't Don't worry about it Just talking to myself.
I'm Natsuki Subaru.
So you two are brother and sister, huh? Yes, my big sister and I will do our— When Mimi and Hetaro are together, we're the strongest! And the captain's also here, so we're the super strongest! Uh, my sister and the captain tend to be hasty, Strongest! Strongest! Super strongest! so I usually give the orders.
I see Must be rough What's the matter, bro? Ya look awful gloomy! Whose fault is that? A captain shouldn't make trouble for his men.
Hey, that's a nice ground dragon ya got there.
Hey! Is it? I borrowed this one because it seemed to like me, but Come to think of it, the ones you guys ride look kinda different.
They're called rigers.
But ya don't see 'em too often in these parts.
They ain't as strong as ground dragons, but they're much more agile.
If it comes to a brawl against the Whale, that's where they really shine, so watch close.
Shouldn't you have had ground dragons pull the cargo, then? We've gotta manage our luggage on our own.
If ya think the White Whale's our only enemy, you'll get the rug pulled out from under ya.
Ain't no guarantee we won't run into thieves on the road, after all.
If anyone's got the guts to take on a fully armed group like this, they wouldn't settle for being thieves.
Good point! It looks like Ricardo-sama is trying to ease everyone's nerves.
Subaru-kun? I thought I'd prepared myself for this You can tell the hero inside to awaken, but it really isn't as easy as it sounds.
It's huge! You sound happy, Subaru-kun.
Oh, looks like people have carved their names into the trunk.
We aren't on some field trip.
That's just bad manners Rem, get me a chisel! Even you should know that will get you in trouble, Subaru-kun.
With me, for starters.
So the White Whale is coming here? Honestly, I am opposed to using the witch's scent to draw the White Whale here.
It's too dangerous.
I'll use whatever I can.
If it gives us even a slightly better chance of winning, it's worth it.
For a guy who lacks in every way, I can only compensate with this method.
You are wonderful, Subaru-kun.
That metia will tell you when the White Whale is coming? Yeah, I set it to make noise when it's time.
To be honest, without this— That's a lie.
Wh-What are ya saying? If it's a lie, then how am I gonna You're speaking in something like the Kararagi dialect.
It doesn't suit you at all.
No, no, no! I mean, there's no way I could be lying! Even Crusch-san said— It's all right, Subaru-kun.
I can always tell when you're lying.
I also know that you cannot tell me why you do so.
So there is no need to convince me or wrap everything in lies, or try to take the blame on yourself like that.
Because I have complete faith in you, Subaru-kun.
Man! Looking up at this huge tree really fires you up, huh? Yes, it does.
If I don't look at it for a long time, I won't relax! I won't be able to look down for a while! Yes, you're right.
I should say "thank you" instead of "sorry" right now, huh? You're welcome.
Besides, I am far more grateful to you, Subaru-kun.
So we're even.
Uh Wilhelm-san? I heard a bit of the story from Felis.
That you've been seeking revenge on the Whale ever since it took your wife.
Please forget that.
It was all time idly spent in an old man's delusions.
You truly love your wife, do you not? Yes, I love my wife.
More than anyone.
And no matter how much time passes.
My wife was a woman who loved to look at flowers.
She never wished to wield a sword, but the sword loved her more than anyone.
With no choice but to live for the sword, my wife accepted her fate.
When I married her, I took it from her, forcing her to abandon the title of "Master Swordsman.
" But the sword would not allow her to do that.
Subaru-dono, I thank you again.
In this battle, I can find answers in my own sword.
And perhaps I shall finally be able to visit my wife's grave.
At last, I can go and see her.
Let's work together to beat the hell out of that damn whale.
I'll help with everything I have, too.
Only a short time remains.
Troops, be on guard! I don't see it It isn't coming? Is that Troops— Let him have it! Al Huma! Troops! Follow those two fools! Battle Against the White Whale