Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2016) s01e20 Episode Script

Wilhelm van Astrea

1 I haven't seen you before.
What is a woman doing here so early in the morning? Oh, don't worry about it.
Just come here.
Hey Do you like flowers? Troops— Let him have it! Al Huma! Troops! Follow those two fools! They're firing the night-banisher.
Close your eyes.
Whoa It's just like everyone said! Incredible! That's the White Whale? It's so huge.
Are you scared? Yeah, I'm scared of the blindingly bright future, where I'm praised for defeating it! Now, let's run like hell! Yes.
It's so fast! You greatly underestimate us, looking away so carelessly.
The intangible sword, without regard for range.
That is Crusch-sama's sword art, famous for its Hundred-Man Strike.
Disperse! Disperse! For fourteen years, I have dreamed of nothing but this day.
Fall here, and leave your corpse behind.
You are naught but a monster! How wonderfully cooperative of you, coming here to be slain! Oh, crap! Don't you look away from us, moron! Here, we go! Everyone, now! Troops, get back! Fire at its flank! Algoa! Looks like that was pretty effective! I think we can pull this off! No, truthfully, we had hoped that attack would ground it.
It's not losing altitude at all We used all of our best attacks right from the get-go.
If that didn't make it fall, it's a lot tougher than we thought.
The magic attacks didn't work? Its white hair scatters mana and disperses force.
My magic was not as effective as it appeared, either.
Fire! Time for the second campaign.
Hack away at its reserve power! Acting as a decoy now would be a hindrance So all we can do is watch until it makes a move? I feel just as irritated as you do.
I don't even have any attacks, so all I can do is watch, anyway But with your healing specialty, you're our lifeline.
Just fulfill that role for us! We're counting on you.
You've really changed in just one day, huh? What happened? If I had to say, I've just become a slightly better man.
Wilhelm-sama is Upsy-daisy! Miserable What is that? Something's odd What's going on? The color of its eye Have you grown to like flowers? No, I hate them.
Why do you wield that sword? Because this is all I have.
It disappeared? We're going to move! Hang on! Troops, retreat! Retreat! Retreat! Re— Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! That's what the magic fog looks like? If that hits us How many men did we lose? Twelve from my unit.
We're three short now.
Who was lost? I don't know.
Fourteen from mine.
One deserted.
I'm missing six.
I'm sorry.
No one was riding on the opposite side from me.
Who is Rem? Rem Who is that? You've forgotten Rem, too? That's it People hit by the White Whale's fog vanish from existence, along with any memories of them.
A Fog of Elimination.
You're back? Forgive my haste.
Damages? A total of twenty-one lost.
It appears one whole platoon was wiped out.
It won't even be possible to properly protect the honor of the lost.
My apologies.
Why do you wield that sword? Because I could not think of any other way to protect.
Now that it's in the fog, we won't know whence it will attack.
Staying close is the worst thing we could do.
Disperse immediately.
What is that? Is that the White Whale? Hey! What's wrong? Hey! Hey! Rem! That voice is the fog, which is directly attacking our minds Similar to mana sickness, but much worse Some people can resist it, and some can't? I don't feel anything It's all right.
It will calm down now.
Hey! Enough Stop it! Felis! Have the unaffected help them! They say hurting people is harder on an army than killing them, but what monster does that? Move! I guess Felis can remove the effects of the fog's contamination.
But there isn't enough time If it comes for us now, we're finished.
Crusch-san! I'll buy us time.
Have everyone regroup! What? Rem, sorry, but I need you to accompany me to the most dangerous place here! Of course.
Wait, Natsuki Subaru! In this fog Anyone who can hear me, listen up! Anyone who can't, stay where you are! I'll Return by Death to— I'm back Well, Rem? Do I smell like the Witch? Yes, you reek! That's what I wanted, but did you have to say it that way? Those who can move, get the injured to the foot of the tree! We'll have to use a bit of force.
With the ulgarm, it was effective enough to cover the whole forest.
What will it do this time? Honestly, it's an unknown quantity No, it's working.
It's coming.
I-It's coming! Ul Huma! How? Sis! Together! Captain! I got this! Rem! Looking away from me? How unfriendly.
And after I have spent the past fourteen years utterly mad for you! This is startin' to get fun.
It's more sturdy than expected, but not all that strong! No, it's putting up less of a fight than it should.
I find it hard to believe this mabeast got the better of my wife, a Master Swordsman.
The fact that we got the jump on it, and that it didn't use its fog to divide our forces to start with— I'll take one more thing before I leave! Wilhelm-san! Be alert! We don't know whence it will come.
What's up? It ain't gonna follow? It comes.
The fog's coming down! Run! Hey, have you grown to like flowers? What is it? There was talk of conferral, and I became a knight.
Well, congratulations.
Then you're one step closer to your dream.
My dream? Don't you wield a sword to protect? A knight is someone who protects another.
I don't want to die It's humiliating! I see.
Were you laughing at me?! Answer me, Theresia! No Master Swordsman Theresia van Astrea! I won't come here again.
With a face like that, you shouldn't be holding a sword! I am the Master Swordsman.
I didn't understand the reason why, but I do now.
The reason Wielding a sword to protect someone.
That sounds nice to me, too.
Wait, Theresia I will take your sword from you! I don't care about the role bestowed upon the Master Swordsman! Wielding a sword The beauty of a steel blade Don't look down on them, Master Swordsman! We have trouble! You're kidding me Wilhelm van Astrea