Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2016) s01e21 Episode Script

A Wager That Defies Despair

1 Captain? How? It's all over We're dead.
Don't let it swallow him! If we extricate him before he's swallowed, we can save him! Subaru-kun Don't think this little bit of despair is enough to stop me! Giving up doesn't suit us! Not me, not you, not anyone! Let's go, Patrasche! Run right under the Whale's nose! The only one who may sniff Subaru-kun is me! Close your mouth! At a glance, the situation looks dismal.
Where is Wilhelm? If you remember him, at least we know the fog hasn't erased him.
Everything depends on how well Rem fights.
What do you think, Natsuki Subaru? Does nothing seem strange to you? Strange? There are now three White Whales.
If it is actually a mabeast that lives in groups, how could we not know that by now? There must be some trick behind it.
And we need to find out, huh? If not, we won't hold out long.
We'll do something.
Retreat is no longer an option.
Fire! "Fire," I said! Crusch-san! Willpower! Damn Being a daredevil isn't enough! I've gotta use my head! Why are there three of them? Duck! Whoa! Awesome! We'll all back up Natsuki-san and Crusch-san until the captain is fully healed, and we can regroup.
Ricardo's still alive? Yes, my sister took him to Felix-san.
He struggled a lot! It wasn't easy! Gotcha That's a relief.
On the verge of death, our captain sent a message.
"Hey, it's gettin' a lot lighter.
The fact that I didn't die proves that!" That's what he said.
"Lighter"? What's light about a hard, heavy situation like this? Light? That's it I get it! Huh? What? Wilhelm-san! Not skilled enough.
I was careless Is he all right? Yeah, he's just unconscious! Sorry, but could you take him to Felis? Of course! What about you? I realized something It divided? Yeah.
Its fighting strength and the left eye that Wilhelm-san gouged out convinced me.
Your group's been engaging it head-on, so you must have sensed it.
I was absorbed in battle, but You're right.
I do agree with the conjecture that that this one is weaker than the original body.
But what good does knowing this do? Killing three White Whales is much easier said than done.
We don't need to kill all three of them.
Just one should be enough.
That bastard's been making its two doubles fight, while it hangs around up there, watching.
What do you think it's doing? That is the real one? It won't descend because it knows it can't let itself be killed.
But I cannot rely on my sword to hit from this distance.
If I had one strike, it might be possible I have a plan but it's a little too much of a wager.
You want in? I think you're insane.
We're already insane for taking on that huge thing in the first place.
No, you are correct.
That goes for everyone here right now.
Get away! We will hold off the two doubles.
I will take your wager.
They're coming this way Stay away! Run! We'll be wiped out Crusch-sama! Stand up! Lift your faces! Take up your weapons! Look at that boy.
He's so weak and fragile, a breath could blow him away, and he's unarmed! He is a powerless boy, whose defeat I have seen with my own eyes! He's weaker than anyone else here! Yet he's shouting louder than anyone that we can still do this.
So how can we sit here, with downcast gazes? If our weakest man has not given up, how is kneeling in defeat acceptable for us? Did you all come this far to wallow in shame?! Follow me! She has some nerve, calling me a weakling and a loser Let's do this, Rem.
Time for the climax! Right, Subaru-kun.
Al Huma! Please! I'm counting on you.
Hey Now that I see you up close, you really are creepy.
Try to keep up with me.
Just so you know, I'm infamous for being so annoying that no one can ignore me! Okay, let's do this! I'm doing you a huge favor! Listen up! It's because of you, Rem died and I experienced such a horrible trauma! I made it back! Rem! Yes! You saved me Thank you for the treat.
What are you talking about? Don't let me down, Patrasche.
You're a dragon, aren't you? Show me how awesome you are! Take this! Fire! This is for my wife, Theresia van Astrea.
I win.
As a weaker swordsman, you no longer have reason to hold a sword.
If I don't hold it, who will? I shall inherit your reason for wielding the sword.
You need but become my reason for wielding it.
Hey, do you like flowers? I don't hate them anymore.
Why do you wield that sword? To protect you.
Do you love me? You know that.
I still want to hear you say it sometimes.
Very well.
Someday When I feel like it.
Sleep for all eternity.
It is finished, Theresia.
At last Theresia, I I I love you! The White Whale has fallen! The mabeast of fog, which has terrorized the world for four centuries, has been defeated by Wilhelm van Astrea! We have won this battle! Are you all right, Natsuki Subaru? Somehow or another I'm glad you're also safe, Crusch-san.
I am, yes.
But our losses are not few.
With the White Whale's defeat, those who have vanished will not return.
I think you did great, Crusch-san.
Your popularity should shoot through the— Wait, did I just give you a boost in the royal selection that I shouldn't have? That is quite a gloomy look on your face.
You don't look like the hero who brought down the White Whale.
The first thing Emilia-tan's gonna do is to call me a traitor What did you call me? The hero who brought down the White Whale.
I would not wish to be shameless enough to claim your achievement as my own.
No, I really didn't do anything.
It sounds like your opinion of me has improved a lot.
I'm surprised.
There is no cause for modesty.
In truth, I would love to welcome you into my household and reward your accomplishments.
Please don't ask that of me! It isn't about loyalty or allegiance, but my faith already lies exactly where it should.
I'll make Emilia the ruler.
Not for anyone's sake.
It's simply what I want to do.
I was already aware of that, but it still stings a bit.
Honestly, I think you're an amazing person.
If I'd been on my own, I'm pretty sure I'd have accepted your offer.
I'll be counting on you to uphold the alliance.
Even if we end up as enemies, I believe we can get along until then.
Natsuki Subaru, allow me to correct one idea you have.
Even if we do find ourselves in conflict one day, I shall remain friendly toward you.
Even if the day comes upon which we must settle things, I shall not forget the debt I have incurred this day.
Therefore, even if we do become enemies, I shall respect you and show you favor until the end.
If I hadn't already had a #1 and #2 in my heart, that would've been a close call.
I have not gone so far as to think of you as a woman might.
I do not deny there were occasions on which my heartstrings felt a pull, but my heart lies at the end of my dream.
Now I shall leave to take our wounded and the White Whale's carcass to the capital.
But it would appear you still have a duty to attend to.
It may sound rude, but in a sense, that's what this whale hunt was really about.
Oh? Subjugating the White Whale was secondary? Intriguing.
Do you require assistance? I do.
But Frankly, I didn't expect the hunt would exact this kind of toll.
On top of that— In that case, why not make use of this old man? Natsuki Subaru-dono, with this subjugation, it was because of you that I was able to carry out my reason for living all this time.
I thank you I thank you.
I thank you with all that I am! It was your strength that made this possible, Wilhelm-san.
The reason I thought to defeat the Whale, and could fight without giving up I don't know if it's okay to say it like this, but Congratulations.
And thank you for your service.
I believe you were able to do this because you loved your wife like crazy.
I thank you You should hold on to that treasured sword for a while.
In the days to come, being unarmed will do you little good.
Yes, my lady.
Thank you.
Take Felis and half of the uninjured.
They should number about twenty.
Are you sure? I told you that I have no wish to be shameless.
And that I would respect you.
Thank you.
Why? You cannyot move, right? As a user of healing magic, I cannot let you push yourself further! You'll stay behind— But H-Hey, careful! Please obey Felis, and don't overdo it.
I shall not.
It hurts too much I cannot bear it.
When you're in trouble, I want to be the first to reach out to you.
That is all I want! So please In that case, you don't have to worry.
You've already saved me so many times.
Don't you realize how much you've done for me up till now? I want you to help me from now on, too.
So, this time, leave everything to me.
After this, you'll still keep me by your side? I'm the one who should beg you for that.
I shall take that as a promise.
You cannot back out now.
It'll be okay, Rem.
I'll find a way to take care of everything! I'm your hero! I've decided to take that first step! But you don't have to worry! I managed to pull off the whale hunt.
Right now, your hero is fanatical like a demon.
Subaru-kun All right! My hero is the greatest in the world! Man, you really got all the good parts back there, y'know? Captain Mimi, too! Mimi, too! I did super-duper good! Didn't you almost die? Also, your brother was exhausted.
How do you have so much energy? Hetaro's just a baby.
He's weak.
Really, it's so pathetic Later in the battle with the Whale, I didn't get much done, but don't you worry.
My lady asked me for a favor, after all.
In the real battle comin' up, I'll show ya what I've got.
The real battle? What're you trying to do here? You're takin' on the Witch's Cult, right? Never underestimate the merchant information network.
Ah, here they come.
That's half of our mercenary team.
Half? Half of 'em were sent to block the road, instead of fightin' the Whale.
They're going to help us, too? Who's leading them? My younger brother, Tivey! You have another younger brother? I'm really curious to know if he's more like you or Hetaro.
Hey! Why is he with them? A Wager That Defies Despair