Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2016) s01e23 Episode Script

Nefarious Sloth

1 What the hell's going on? Is this the Witch Cult's doing? Hey! Anyone? Is anyone there? Answer me! Wh-What is that intense smell? P-Patrasche! No A flower like this couldn't actually exist.
And Patrasche wouldn't just let me die Which means This is an illusion.
It's all make-believe! A lesser spirit? Did you come to help me? Subaru! It was you? That spiteful tone means it's definitely you.
I cannot imagine my subconscious creating such a realistic imitation of you.
This is a bewitching spell.
Only you and I have returned to normal.
How did you make it back? I burned a flower in my illusion.
I see.
Someone put a suggestion on the flower's scent.
Hey, is that The glow of my little buds.
I will teach everyone how to break out of the bewitching spell.
In Nes.
Hi-ho! Hi-ho! No one's here! Where am I?! I've strayed away No, we've been pulled apart! Is his affinity too great? This is bad! If I don't do something I'm sorry.
Take a deep breath and endure it.
No, this is awful! No matter how much forest I destroy, nothin' changes! I cannot spare the energy to fine-tune it just for you.
For this to happen at a time like this Crusch-sama! Bringing everyone back is our priority.
That will be quite enough.
Kill me.
I won't accept this disgrace.
And? What is the meaning of all this? Barusu, you'll explain it to me, right? That's what I'd like to ask you.
You're the one who attacked us first.
What were you thinking? You shouldn't have to ask what I was thinking.
It's rich, coming from an ingrate like you.
Ingrate? You are, aren't you? After everything Roswaal-sama did for you Once you're done with him, you'd rush to wag your tail for another master.
Hang on! I think you're mixing up your stories! So this is what it means to bite the hand that feeds you.
Listen to me The handwritten letter! I wrote you a letter about this! Wasn't it delivered to the mansion? Yes, I did get a letter from the capital, but It was quite amusing, sending me a blank letter.
A blank letter? To send a blank letter is a metaphor that means you have no intention of speaking to the recipient.
It could easily be interpreted as a declaration of war.
This is a huge misunderstanding! Do I even look that clever to you? So this is what it means to bite the hand that feeds you.
You're still saying that? I can't say it enough.
But I get the gist now.
The blank letter was some kind of mistake, and you are still Emilia-sama's dog.
Correct? Not really, but Okay, sure.
Dogs are like family, anyway.
I'm fine as a dog if I belong to Emilia.
Would you not say that standard is a bit low? In any case, these guys are reinforcements.
They're friends.
We pulled them together to wipe out the Witch's Cult.
There's no time.
We need to start by evacuating the villagers.
Subaru, they seem rather uneasy.
Remember to be considerate.
Okay, attention! I haven't seen you guys in a while.
How have you been? Look, I know this is sudden, but I need to ask you all a favor! It seems mabeasts are up to no good in the nearby forest again.
So I've brought some specialists to exterminate them But while they're working, I'd like you all to leave the village.
Don't try to fool us! You're trying to sound cheerful about this, but the villagers are frightened! All along, we've been afraid the Witch's Cult would try something! The Witch's Cult? No one told me about that.
Hey, wait Seriously? Why lie about that? Maybe he's trying to hide something.
You don't deny it, then? Then, it was true! Why would they bother a remote village like this? Why else? Because of that half-elf! Because this domain's lord is endorsing that half-elf for ruler! Why do you have to make it about that? The half-elf thing Emilia has nothing to do with it! She has everything to do with it! If you mess with a half-elf, the Witch's Cult shows up.
Even the village children know that! You guys seriously believe that? That it's the fault of the half-elf in the mansion?! The village, huh? But it might cause trouble for you.
Does that mean I'm just being selfish again? "Lift your head.
Don't look down.
" That's what Crusch-sama would say.
You Do you think what you're doing is wrong? If not, there's no reason to look down.
Or is it harder to lift your head here than to throw a tantrum in the castle? Now, listen You're right.
Compared to that, this is nothing! I understand your feelings and concerns very well! I won't tell you to try to change them now.
Obviously, you'll have your own opinions.
It hurts, but I understand.
But for now, please accept my request.
Please do as I say! Staying in the village is dangerous.
That's the truth! The words of my household's employee are those of our master, Roswaal-sama, himself.
Ram Follow his instructions immediately.
You saved me back there.
But What? Having you take my side so easily is kind of a new feeling.
Does that mean you've acknowledged me? Subaru! Hey, Petra What's up? U-Um, will the lady from the mansion run away with us? Huh? She came to the village yesterday.
She told us we should take refuge in the mansion because it's dangerous here, just like you said.
But no one in the village would listen to her.
It's okay.
She wouldn't get mad or anything.
Anyway, you should hurry and run.
Okay! What happened to Emilia after that? You should know that she isn't so perceptive as to back down the moment someone denies her.
But I also know she's not the kind of girl who wouldn't be hurt by mean words.
She tried to convince the villagers to leave, but they refused.
But she couldn't do nothing, so she repaired the forest barrier.
She feared there might be a mabeast attack.
In and of itself, that's not a bad decision, but still Julius Come with me.
I'm going to explain things to Emilia and the loli in the mansion.
With you there, it'll be more convincing.
Just take it as a sign of my repentance for going nuts in the castle.
I see.
If that will help the discussion to go more smoothly, do not hesitate to use me.
Also You were the one who put a spirit on me, weren't you? Explain that.
I get that you're a spirit arts user.
More precisely, I prefer to be called a "spirit knight.
" I do use the spirit arts, of course.
But that has not prevented me from training with the sword.
And you were the one who set the little red one on me? "Set it on you" is a harsh way to put it.
I was only having her, Ia, secretly protect you.
By the way, what was that thing you did when you broke the illusion? A high class of magic known as "Nect.
" It connects the gates of all who are in range, so they can communicate with each other.
However, it appeared to work a bit too well on you.
I thought I was about to lose myself.
For the spirits to mistake the tuning is unusual.
You may have a strong affinity with spirits, perhaps.
Sadly, the only spirit I ever made friends with was a gray cat.
Well? Did you patch things up with Julius? Did it work out? I'm taking that matter back with me, to mull over carefully before I make an optimistic decision.
Come to the mansion with me.
I'll need at least one person from the Crusch camp with me, to smooth over the misunderstanding with the letter.
I'll do that after I finish my work here.
Subaru-kyun, come help us, too.
It's dangerous work involving the Witch's Cult.
The contract said he'd buy their cargo at the asking price, so we must thoroughly inspect the goods.
Huh? But that shouldn't be our job.
Isn't this more importa— Oh, come on! Hey, hey No lovers' quarrels in my carriage! Hee-hee! You got in trouble, Subaru-kyun! Really, what a troublemaker! There.
He lowered his guard.
This guy's one of the Witch's Cult.
I touched him earlier to confirm it.
A weird spell is implanted in him, just like the "fingers" of the Sin Archbishops.
One was among the merchants? That's why I stole into his carriage, to get under his guard.
Now, tell us all the details concerning what you're plotting.
My hands are the gentlest in the world, but they can do some nasty things, too.
That's What? right.
Ia! And now, it's the beginning Protect him! of the end! Thank goodness You're awake.
Why are you dressed like that? I had no choice.
I can't reproduce clothes with healing magic.
Regardless, given the situation, I'm glad you and Felis are all right.
Run 'em off! Don't back down! How did they get into the village? They stowed away in the carriages.
There was a finger among the merchants, and we didn't take care of him.
I failed.
This is not the time for regrets.
We had Tivey and Madame Ram evacuate to the mansion with the injured.
Felis, join them and heal who you can.
Got it.
Okay, let's crush all the fingers that are left! To think, to think, to think, to think! That you would resist us this much! Such tenacity, clinging to this ever-increasing love As a diligent disciple, I cannot begin to express my respect.
Ah! My brain trembles! You're mine.
In battle, if one focuses on what the unseen arm does, one will fail to see what is visible.
That is sloth, yes? Yes.
He self-destructed.
Wilhelm-san! We can't leave you like this.
We've gotta get you to Felis! Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?! Why are you still alive? After the attack you just endured Why?! Why do you not bend to my diligence?! At a time like this And they keep coming! Hey, look here! This is what you're looking for, right? It's a gift from your precious witch.
You thief! You really did have it! Quit shouting If you keep yelling at me like that, it'll make my brain tremble.
You must die! Julius, we'll handle things here.
You take care of your end! And take care of Wilhelm-san! That is quite a vague order, but very well.
Julius Actually, it can wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait, right there You cowardly, foolish, insolent, little man! No matter where you try to run, it's futile.
What do you expect to find at wherever you're running to? At long last, it would seem the end has come! Do you know what this is? It's a magic stone for creating barriers.
They were stashed in trees throughout the forest.
You didn't notice? What are you talking about? This area is a mabeast breeding ground, and we're a prime feast for them.
At least, if you don't have one of Emilia's barrier stones! Only one finger left now.
Once we get rid of that one Damn We have to hurry Ah! Ah! Ah! My brain trembles! Sloth! That's enough, villain.
Emilia Stand down, villain.
I won't allow you to do such wicked things! A-Ah Ah! How grand! What a grand day! What a lucky day! What a grand destiny! Emilia! Wait! I I can't wait around now! You want to make Emilia fight him?! Calm down.
Have a little faith in her.
The people you want to protect are not just those behind you.
Oh, my witch! My witch! My love's guide! I don't blame you for being charmed by my beloved daughter, but I won't allow any unwanted pests around her! Naïve! Naïve! Naïve! Naïve! Naïve! Naïve, naïve, naïve, naïve, naïve, naïve! This is love's true ending The fruit of my love.
Proof that the witch has returned my love! That proof doesn't exist.
Your crush is purely one-sided.
Yes! Ah, this is true true diligence.
Thank you for being defeated.
See? Didn't I tell you? We've now eliminated all the fingers.
Victory is ours.
It's finally over Go see her.
R-Right Subaru-kyun? I have to get away.
From Emilia From everyone Subaru-kyun, where are you going? Stay away! I'm Subaru Julius, stay away from— You're too late.
The moment Ia was flung from his body, I had a bad feeling What do you mean? That isn't Subaru.
That's right.
I am a Sin Archbishop of the Witch's Cult, representing Sloth Betelgeuse Romanée-Conti! Fantastic! What a fantastic body this is! It's been decades since I had a body that fit me so well! You madman! Get out of that body right now! Madman? That's right.
I am driven mad with love.
Generous love, respectful love, pure love, tender love, familial love, erotic love, friendly love! Love, love, love Love! Love! Love! Love! Love! Subaru! Wake up! It's no use.
This body is already under my subconscious control.
Realize what you're about to do, Subaru Remember what you returned here to do! What? Don't "what" me You moron! I am Betelgeuse Romanée-Conti This body has already become my finger.
Shut up! I'm Natsuki Subaru! Kill me, Julius.
Use your sword What are you saying, Subaru? If you don't stop me now, we can't win.
Before that happens No, Subaru! I cannot do that! You told me, "It can wait.
" Wasn't there something you meant to tell me? Sorry It looks like I won't get the chance.
Felis! Please.
You can resent me for this, Subaru-kun.
I will, too.
Felis! No one else can do it, can they? This is what Subaru-kyun wants! But still You think I did that because I wanted to? To use my power for Crusch-sama, the power I swore to our leader, for this?! Ah, it can't be, it can't be Just when I'd found such a perfect vessel My lack of virtue was what forced this undesirable decision on you and Felis.
Just when the Ordeal's completion was at hand One day, I'm sure I will be punished.
I will never die Nefarious Sloth