Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2016) s01e24 Episode Script

The Self-Proclaimed Knight and the Greatest Knight

1 Boy? This can't be What's wrong? You were spaced out, so I had to pick on you.
Nyow that was a satisfying reaction! Felis? Who else do I look like? Did you inhale too much of the White Whale's fog? Uh, no I'm fine.
That told me what I wanted to know.
That means My save point was updated? There are a few new things I've realized about the Witch's Cult.
Does anyone know of, like a power you can use to overwrite someone's consciousness, so you psychologically possess them? In other words, you think the Sin Archbishops may have such an ability? Yeah, I call it "possession.
" It's how he stays alive.
It would explain how he keeps popping up everywhere, right? In an old book, I saw a research account of a similar subject.
It's a magic that has been lost, but the technique only works under certain conditions.
Conditions? Only members of the Witch's Cult, and only a limited number of those, are thought capable of it.
And those would be the fingers? Most likely, they are the user's spare bodies.
It's quite a tasteless arrangement.
I suppose one might call it worthy of a Sin Archbishop.
So if the Sin Archbishop's confidants, the fingers, were wiped out If that happened, his soul would have nowhere to go.
And that would be the end of him.
We should first eliminate the fingers in the forest, and then face Sloth directly.
That is my conclusion.
Guys, I need to say one more thing Sorry, but I don't think it's only the fingers.
I think he may be able to possess me, too What do you think I should do? Huh? Filthy woman! Then, will you also apologize for being born? You silver-haired half-elf.
Margrave Mathers endorses a half-devil? Utter foolishness! This is a joke! Then, will you also apologize for being born? You know, I had hopes for you.
Filthy woman! I thought maybe you That only you wouldn't give me special treatment.
I can't do that.
I can't look at you the way I look at others.
It's impossible.
I have no connection to the witch You silver-haired half-elf.
Margrave Mathers endorses a half-devil? Lia Your forehead is all wrinkled.
Good morning, Puck.
You're early today.
Morning, Lia.
I thought I'd try going to sleep and waking up earlier.
That's a lie.
The truth is that I was worried about you.
You've had it rough lately.
Especially yesterday It was nothing I didn't know already.
Even if you know you'll fall, when it happens, you still hurt and bleed.
What do you think I should do, Puck? No, not just me How can I be better to everyone, and have them be better to me? I think you should do what you want.
I'll be on your side, no matter what you do.
And no matter what, you can't abandon that village, right? Early this morning, Ram headed out there again.
Maybe we should wait to hear from her.
I'm going to check on Betty.
Oh Okay.
Tell her hello for me.
Ram? Emilia-sama, you have a visitor.
You are from Crusch-sama's household, aren't you? I am Wilhelm Trias.
I have come on my master's behalf.
On Crusch-sama's behalf? I received a blank letter from her yesterday I see, so it was true.
While this shames me to say, the letter contradicted the message my master wished to send.
Oh It was a mistake, then? Yes, Emilia-sama and Ram-dono We would like to evacuate those remaining in the mansion, along with the villagers.
That is Crusch-sama's will.
What? There's a ring of criminals near the forest? Yes.
The punitive force this messenger brought already prepares to fight the enemy.
But why would Crusch-sama do so much to help this domain? The margrave sent my master a proposal for an alliance with respect to the royal selection.
The condition is a share of the mining rights in Elior Forest.
Do you understand? So that's what this is about.
But evacuating all the villagers to the capital will be difficult.
Half of them will go to the capital.
I will lead the other half to safety in the Sanctuary.
Roswaal-sama is heading there now.
O-Oh, I see Then, discussion on the matter is already over.
But isn't there something strange about this? It all seems too well-timed— Pardon me.
The group hiding in the forest has been observed moving strangely.
We haven't a moment to waste! Once they make their move, the entire region will be a sea of blood! What will it be, Captain? No, Sword Demon Wilhelm-dono? Emilia-sama? I understand.
I gratefully accept your kindness.
Has this been explained to the villagers? They have been informed in a timely fashion, Emilia-sama.
I see Betty says she'll stay here.
Puck! Betty can't go.
I'll wait for your return, I suppose.
You don't have to worry.
That's what she said.
Well, in Betty's case, the forbidden library is a much safer place.
Besides, due to her contract, she can't leave the mansion.
Lia, you know that, right? No fair using that as a reason So, since my cute little sister will be staying here, we shouldn't do anything to the mansion.
Betty is sweet and kind, but she'll show no mercy.
Understood, Great Spirit.
You should do what you want.
I'm on your side, and yours alone.
We will evacuate.
I don't want to endanger the villagers! We're ready, miss.
Um, I think there's been some kind of mistake.
No, given the number of people and carriages, we must ask you to ride with these children.
It's a necessary measure.
Can't we put them in a different carriage? That would be better for the children— You think no one would want to ride with you? Have you asked the kids how they feel about that? Perhaps you just assume that they hate you and wouldn't want to be around you? That isn't I don't need to ask them.
I know it's best for everyone.
Six children and one dragon-drawn carriage.
If we stumble here, how will your wish ever come true? A-Are you What do you think, Petra? Do you refuse to ride in the same carriage as she does? Of course not.
Aren't you the lady with the potato stamps? The one who came with Subaru to watch our radio calisthenics! Well We couldn't see your face, but we saw you having a good time talking with Subaru! Come and ride with us.
And me! I wanna ride with you! Come on, let's go! Let's go.
Come with us! And it's gonna be pulled by a dragon! That's so cool! Ram, take care of things at the Sanctuary.
Be sure to protect the villagers.
You take care, as well, Emilia-sama.
I need to thank you, too.
Where did he go? Now, I get it We couldn't figure out how you guys stayed in touch.
Those metia sure are handy, huh? You owe a heavy price for the crime of interrupting my touching reunion with Emilia! You're Too slow.
In short, we knew you were a spy.
How we learned is a trade secret.
So we set a trap for you, the contact for the Witch's Cult.
Two hours.
You gave your buddies a schedule that was two hours behind.
We'll use the time to get Emilia and the others away, crush the fingers that know our location, and make preparations to crush your Sin Archbishop.
Having your enemy a step ahead, ready to destroy you You're about to learn just how terrifying that is.
May the blessing of the spirits be with you.
Good luck.
This is what enabled you to trick Emilia-sama and chase her off? Don't put it that way Even if it's accurate, it makes me sound bad! That robe was woven with quite an odd spell.
It was handmade by Roswaal.
Apparently, a spell is woven into it that prevents recognition.
Originally, it was Emilia's I didn't steal it, okay? Hmm Well, the plan to correct the mistake with the blank letter worked out! "The letter was a mistake It was my fault"? And you worked so hard to convince the villagers, Subaru-kyun Please! Emilia's She's a girl who will be friends with all of you, so I want you to give her the chance to convince you! I'm sure everyone has a lot you'd like to say, but please let us protect you long enough that you get that chance! Jeez, you really are hopeless, Subaru-sama.
If you insist on protecting us so much, what choice do we have? Getting old is just awful.
I think my tear glands have weakened.
Thank you all We should be thanking you, Subaru-sama.
You actually moved me.
Don't bring it back up! It's embarrassing! That just leaves Welcome back! How did it go? We pulled off a surprise attack on the ones our location was leaked to.
If I messed up, I'll retire.
The map did a nice job showin' the way.
Then the mark on the map really was their base! I dunno if you'd call 'em fastidious or high-strung, but it worked against 'em.
And we got what we were after.
This should shut down their communications network.
Hooray! We killed 'em all! Don't say that.
It makes us sound awful.
We took a prisoner, too! A prisoner? He isn't in the Witch's Cult I wondered why you hadn't shown up.
You were caught? I don't know who you are, but thanks for saving me.
Actually, I'm really in no mood to say and mean that, damn it! Everything is ready.
Subaru, we can leave at any time.
Let's do this, everyone.
We'll begin as planned.
Now This time, we'll finish it! Let us show both Fate and Sloth what we can do! I've been waiting for you, believer in love.
I am a Sin Archbishop of the Witch's Cult, representing Sloth Betelgeuse Romanée-Conti! Pleasure to meet you, great Sin Archbishop.
If you could find it within you to add my body and soul to your fingers' ranks, carrying out the Ordeal, there would be no greater honor.
How wondrous, how vivacious your faith is! To think there was such a devout believer.
Please forgive my sloth, for failing to find him.
Forgive me! Forgive me! Forgive me! Forgive me! Forgive me! Please stop, Archbishop.
Ah But, but, but I have no way to atone for my sloth and foolishness but by punishment.
That's not true.
The witch wouldn't want to see her beloved believer in pain.
She would be happier to see you carry out the Ordeal! You are exactly right Yes, the Ordeal.
What she needs from me now is the Ordeal! Your words have opened my eyes.
Thank you! Thank you! With this Ordeal, we must test her To learn if this half-devil is a worthy vessel, if she is worthy to put the witch into.
Put the witch into? Vessel? If she is, the witch will possess her.
If not, reject her.
If she proves an unworthy vessel for the witch, then the witch will be reborn into this world on the coming fated day You're saying Emilia is secondary, without intrinsic value, to you? You monster The words inscribed in the Gospel tell of her love.
All of it guides my path! Show me your Gospel.
What is that? Just what it looks like.
A metia, Archbishop.
Oh, I see him! I see him! His face looks just as scary as I'd heard! Exactly who are you? No! What are you? Now, then Tora, Tora, Tora.
Our surprise attack is a success! What? Surprise attack Surprise attack Then, what do you think of this?! How? How can you see my Authority? Who knows? Ask the witch that left her scent all over me.
Oh, that's right.
Unlike me, you haven't received the pass that lets you meet the witch anytime.
What do you mean? How dare you speak as though you are intimate with the witch? We're so close, she's grabbed my heart.
Literally I-Inconceivable! That cannot be! Let's go, Patrasche! Do not presume you can escape.
Here he comes, here he comes, here he comes! He's coming, he's coming, he's coming! Keep it up, Patrasche! Futile! Impossible! Vanish in the face of my diligence! Sorry to always rely on you You're the best, Patrasche! But But, but, but But! This is the end, the end! You guys You almost caught me in that! Thanks, though.
I thought I was a goner.
You're welcome! Yay! Is that man in the sky the Sin Archbishop? Yikes! What the heck is that?! There's a man flying, all balled up! Wow! I've never seen anything so creepy in flight.
That's how it looks to you guys? Either way, leave him to me.
Watch the rear, like we planned! Got it! You heard him, Sis! Aye-aye! Hey, Bro.
Beat him now, and you'll look awesome! Yeah, I got this! Bring it on, Archbishop! What Just what What are you?! That cannot be.
None of this is in the Gospel, in the guide to my destiny! What Just what are you? You've asked that four times.
If we're talking nightmares, I've had far more than you.
Then Then, then You truly are Pride's My name is Natsuki Subaru, the silver-haired, half-elf Emilia's knight.
I don't know anything about this "Pride" stuff, but that's the only title I want.
I don't need any others.
This place is It's a place where my time once ended.
And it will be where your time ends, too.
That's what this place is.
If your goal was to lead me out here, what have you prepared for me? What else? Your natural enemy.
One you and I have in common "Natural enemy"? Now, that's a fine thing to call me.
I am Julius Euclius, of the Lugunica Imperial Knights.
I am the Kingdom's sword that will slay you.
A spirit arts user, are you? How truly How truly Is this also part of your plot? I have never known such humiliation! Really? Well, make the most of it.
That's your bill for all you've done.
Let's do it, Julius.
Are you sure? I won't back down, I won't bend, I can't lose.
I don't want to lose anyone else.
I am the man who brutally beat you.
I still believe my behavior was backed by meaning and reason, but that is no more than self-justification, which has nothing to do with you.
Can you trust me? I hate you.
Yes, I know.
Having someone break your arms and legs like that is traumatic.
Don't you know the meaning of restraint? Just so you know, I did hold back quite a bit.
Seriously? That was you holding back? You really are the biggest jerk.
I really hate you, greatest knight.
So I will trust you.
My shame attests to my knowledge that you are an incredible knight.
Then, with all my soul I shall live up to that! Is this farce over yet? What do you expect adding a single spirit arts user to your ranks will do? I will defeat you all, tear apart those who remain, resume the Ordeal, and that is all.
My diligence knows neither slothful resignation nor demise! Sloth! Sloth! Sloth! Sloth! Al Clarista! You You should not be able to see it.
It should be invisible to you.
My Unseen Hand can't be seen, can't be seen You can't see it! And by two Two people other than me! I'm the only one who can see it, Betelgeuse.
Huh? Julius can only see what I'm seeing.
It also feels much creepier than I expected.
I can use Nect to consciously share your senses, as well as to maintain them for a while.
When you first proposed this, I questioned your sanity.
It worked, didn't it? A man's all about guts.
You've gotta be open to anything.
Curse you, curse you Curse you! Curse you! Curse you! Curse you! Curse you! Sharing a collective body with you is pretty disgusting.
Let's get this over with.
Yes, let's.
Using your eyes, I shall slay him My friend, Natsuki Subaru! The Self-Proclaimed Knight and the Greatest Knight