Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2016) s01e25 Episode Script

That's All This Story Is About

1 I have a slight concern.
I would like to take a small number from our forces to eliminate it.
You won't have any need of me? Emilia-sama, head to safety in the carriage.
Do not release the children's hands.
You truly are master and servant.
Your eyes look just like his.
Wilhelm-san, I— This cannot be You cannot use such means, such tricks, to make light of me and of my devotion! This is some crappy game where, once as you're caught, it's over.
We must be crazy to entrust our lives to it, you and me both! My body is slowly getting used to this.
Shall we speed up? Yeah! Don't worry, I'll keep up! Wow.
Impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible.
Impossible! Why? How can it be? I thought I was loved! I am loved! By the witch, the witch, the witch, the witch.
The witch! It's time that I killed you for real! Al Clauseria! I will not let you do that.
Ul Dona! Burn, fighting spirit! Howl, magic ball! When I get serious, I can pitch over 120 km/h! What is this? You lost because you belittled him as powerless.
My blade, of all six elements together, will slice your very soul apart.
Scatter to the rainbow's end.
I will not let it end! I have been nothing but diligent.
The witch's love bathes my entire body! Julius, undo Nect! Very well.
Ah My brain is trembling! Yeah, just tremble while you wait.
I'll play along with you, just this once What are you saying? Who are you talking to? To the witch that you've been waiting for! I can Return by Death to— At last.
I've waited so long.
For your love, your merciful love, your affectionate love No.
You are not the one.
I'm back! This cannot be I was prepared to keep trying until you left me, but you gave up after one go? How cowardly can you be? This time, I will end you.
Why Why, why, why? After everything I've done for you! Witch! Witch! Give me your love Betelgeuse Romanée-Conti You were Sloth, all right.
Subaru, let us hurry back to the village.
Felis just contacted me.
It seems there is a problem.
The magic stones of fire that were in the merchants' inventory are gone.
We unloaded all our cargo so we could transport the villagers.
But the magic stones of fire are missing.
What does that mean? Someone left the stones on board when they loaded the villagers.
It was Ketty-san's carriage.
There are enough magic stones to easily blow away a small village.
Ketty's carriage is taking Emilia-sama and the children to the capital.
Emilia-sama It's time.
What's wrong? Are you okay? I'm sorry.
It's nothing.
Come on, let's hurry! Damn it! My poor man's tendency to use anything at hand backfired! We have verified that no spell was used to set a trap, but if something were physically rigged in the carriage Felis, could a ground dragon catch up to them? Once they leave the Mathers domain and get on the Lifaus Highway, it'll be hard to catch them.
That still wasn't enough? Even after all that, I still can't May I say something? Right now, I'm actually in a desperate position.
If you would accept a trade, I promise to catch up to the carriage that lef— If there's anything I can do, I'll do it! I like a man who can decide quickly, Natsuki-san! I'll send Ia with you.
I wish I could accompany you myself, but You can't, Julius.
With all those injuries, how could you help them? And your mana's nyot restored yet, either.
You just get some rest.
Once this is over, we'll celebrate! I'll make sure to invite you, so don't die.
Don't you die, either! Good luck.
Rather than take this road, it's faster to go through the glade to the left.
It's the shortest way! Man, your "soul of language" divine protection is amazing.
I had a hard time learning to control it.
Since I can hear all creatures' voices, from ground dragons to insects.
But if we choose our path based on what they say, this shortcut will work, and catching up to Emilia and the kids will be easy! What are you talking about? It won't be easy at all! We're gonna die! At this rate, we're seriously gonna die.
What next?! What is this? I feel a wind hitting me.
Honestly, even I had no idea I was capable of this— What is it? What's wrong? The trees are so loud.
The birds and bugs began to make a lot of noise, and then just vanished.
Something Something is coming! Faster, Otto! Don't get caught, no matter what! Natsuki-san? Just how persistent are you, damn it?! My body! My flesh body! It's okay.
Hang on tight.
There's nothing to fear.
That old man just ran into someone behind us.
They're fighting.
Do you know how many? A lot.
But the old man's power is no joke.
Seems you and I won't be needed this time.
Taking physical form without reason drains mana, and I wouldn't want these kids ending up their toys.
If we could hide everyone's fear behind your cuteness, I think that could work, though.
You say some scary things, my daughter.
Don't worry.
Whatever happens, I'll protect you.
W-We're fine! You don't have to worry about us! W-We made a promise, so this is nothing! A promise? That we wouldn't let you go! Because if we aren't with you, you'll do something crazy! And he'll worry if someone doesn't watch you! Worry about me? Who told you this? Don't! We can't tell— Subaru! Subaru said it.
He said you get lonely easily, so he was worried! Subaru said Wait, we weren't supposed to tell her.
Oh, boy Natsuki-san, is something coming up behind us? Just some big, black animal.
It has a wild voice and a scary face, so you're better off not looking.
Those things make me all the more curious! Forget it! Just drive! If it bites me, it'll munch on you next! Yikes! How many times do I have to play the last level? What about you is slothful now, you uselessly hard worker? Witch! Satella! Give me Love! Love! She doesn't love you or me Love! Love! Love! Love! Love! In what kind of rom-com does someone try to squash their love's heart? Satella! Satella! Satella! I am your opponent.
I won't let you past me.
And I absolutely won't let you get to the kid in front of me! Natsuki-san, you care about me that much? Will you be quiet? I'm trying to make myself look good.
Take this! Natsuki-san, we're leaving the forest! Love Love Love me.
Love alone is everything! I can't take you with me to where Emilia is! I'm gonna need your strength, Julius Euclius! Rental Goa! Damn, that hurts Give it to me.
Hand it over.
I told you Relinquish it! If you try to enter my body, you're just gonna get hurt! The witch Satella Satella! I haven't forgotten a single moment of the things you did for me! Even if you've forgotten, I'll I'll With all of my diligence, I'll part with my slothful self, to repay your love If you had stayed a monster You might have beaten me! Satella I will not I won't let it end.
This hasn't ended It hasn't.
No, it's over.
As of now, you are finished! Natsuki Subaru! This time, stay asleep forever, Betelgeuse.
Natsuki-san, look! Wilhelm-san! Subaru-dono! Where's Emilia? Just ahead.
Go straight, toward the great tree.
This is the perfect chance to repay my debt.
Who can stand in the way of a man on his way to see a woman? Natsuki-san, I see it! That's the carriage with the refugees! Back then, I promised.
No matter what it takes I'm going to save you.
Are you thinking about Subaru? Yeah.
But I still can't believe it.
If Subaru's really leading the army, lots of things would make sense.
Like why Ram didn't argue, and why the villagers agreed to evacuate.
But why? After all the pain and suffering he went through After I made him look so sad Why would he Lia, something is coming up behind us.
Found them! I thought this reunion was sudden.
So that's why you're here.
Wait! Why? Why? I love you, Emilia.
Damn it! Get there in time! Thank you, Subaru.
For saving me.
Where am I? I can't see a thing.
I can't hear a thing.
Is that witch lady coming to grab my heart again? I don't feel too bad, though.
Subaru! Subaru! Subaru! Oh, hey.
I can hear, after all.
Subaru! Subaru, you're awake? Thank goodness I'm so glad.
I'm lying down, and Emilia is kneeling.
And considering our distance and the heavenly sensation under my head You don't have to go through all that.
Your head is on my lap.
It isn't uncomfortable, is it? I know of no finer, more divine pillow.
Um Can I ask how things turned out? Honestly I'm the one who wants to ask what's going on.
Is Patrasche okay? I wanna become the wind with that little guy again.
He was pretty burned, but he'll be fine.
Felis is looking at him.
Oh, Felis joined us, too? Have I been out for a pretty long time? About an hour or two.
Then, everyone's together now? Julius, as well.
I was really surprised.
I never expected to see you two together.
It was for reasons bluer than the mountains, and taller than the seas, Emilia-tan.
I finally made it back.
I feel like I was having a really long dream.
A terrible dream No, it wasn't.
A good dream, then? A good reality.
Back then, you asked me why Why I saved you, why I try so hard at everything.
You asked me why.
And you said it was because I saved you But I haven't done anything like that.
I've never been able to.
You're the one who's always saving me.
I never could do anything for you.
And yet, you got yourself hurt, and said it was for my sake No, I was messed up back then.
I was thinking only of myself.
I said it was all for you, when I was really just drunk on the idea of doing it for you.
I had it in my head that if I said that, you'd accept it.
Subaru I'm sorry.
I used you for my own self-satisfaction.
Everything you said back then was true.
I was wrong.
But There's one thing I wasn't wrong about.
I want to save you.
I want to help you.
I honestly mean that.
It's no lie.
I know.
Why do you always save me? Because I love you.
And I want to be your strength.
I'm a half-elf I know that.
I'm a silver-haired half-elf, and many people hate me because I look like the witch.
They despise me They absolutely detest me! I saw.
I know.
Those guys are all blind.
I don't have much experience with people, so I don't have friends.
I'm naïve and not very worldly, so I say strange things sometimes.
And the reason I want to be the kingdom's ruler is really, really selfish.
No matter what anyone says about you, no matter what you think of yourself, I love you.
I really love you! Like crazy! I want to be with you all the time.
I want to hold your hand all the time.
If you name ten things you hate about yourself, I'll say two thousand things I love about you.
That's the kind of special treatment I want to give you.
That's the first time I've received special treatment that made me happy Why two thousand? Because a hundredfold isn't enough to express how I feel about you.
I'm happy I'm so happy.
I never even imagined I'd see the day that someone told me they loved me.
What should I do? You've told me so many of your feelings, but I don't know what to do You don't have to stress over it.
I'm not demanding an answer right away.
As far as I'm concerned, it's written in stone that you'll give me an answer.
And it'll be a positive one, at that.
Is it really all right? For me For someone like me to be given such happiness all the time? To be so overjoyed I actually feel like it's indulgent.
Sure, it is.
Go on and be indulgent.
You can never have too much happiness.
If you have so much that it overflows, you can always share it.
You can take your time, Emilia.
You can take your time and slowly, steadily fall in love with me.
I'll do my best, so I can walk by your side.
So you'll fall head over heels for me.
Thank you, Subaru For saving me.
That's All This Story Is About