RFDS (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Okay, let's try again.
Pads charged to 200,
checking rhythm,
hold compressions.
- VF, everybody clear.
- Shocking.
- Shock administered.
Pads charged to 200,
checking rhythm, hold compressions.
- Shocking.
- Shock administered.
He's still in VF.
Back on the chest for
two, then we'll reassess.
VF, everybody clear.
He's in sinus.
Perfect. Nice work, everyone.
You have seven new voice messages.
To listen, press one.
Eliza, it's it's Ed again.
Can you please call me back?
We need to talk about this.
I'm just I'm I'm I'm so sorry.
Can you please just
give me five minutes?
Eliza, come on, pick up.
You can't just ignore me.
Hey, sorry to be a hassle
but you'd really be
doing me a solid if you
- Hey. Good morning.
- Morning.
I was just held up
'cause I was helping
- Sorry, uh
- Eliza.
Eliza here with some car troubles.
Well, it's lucky you made
it all the way to the car park
before you broke down.
- Mmm, yeah.
- It is.
And it's Dr. Eliza, I presume?
- It is.
- Ahh.
- Got somewhere to be?
- Yep.
See ya, Dad.
Dr. Wayne Yates.
Hi. It's fresh.
This hangar was visited
by the Queen in 1954,
which is how we got the official 'Royal'
in the Royal Flying Doctor title.
Now, if you'll all head
on up to the mezzanine,
I will be with you in just a tick.
Dr. Harrod, this is Rhiannon,
tour guide, fundraiser and
general all-round superstar.
Yeah, he's trying to say dogsbody.
Everyone is so excited that you're here.
Oh! Oh, that's lovely.
Dangerously likely to
disappoint, but lovely.
We are just very happy to
have a new permanent SMO.
Well, six months at this stage.
And you've met our base manager, Leonie.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
- How you settling in?
- Great.
I wildly underestimated
winter in the desert but
It happens. We'll get you a jacket.
- Thanks.
- Hey, P2 out at McArthur.
How's Mira's duty time?
Pushing it, but should be okay.
So, she's the one that took his job?
Can't you tell by the look on his face?
Pilot Mira, flight nurse Pete,
this is Dr. Eliza Harrod, our new SMO.
- Hi.
- Eliza, is it?
Yes. Hi. Lovely to meet you.
Hey, that P2 out at
McArthur's, how's the strip?
- Oh, geez, that's Rhino, is it?
- No, Harriette.
She came off a horse, it rolled on her,
possible left tib/fib.
Oi, Graham. Strip at McArthur's?
Smooth as Pete's skin.
Okay, well, weather's
clear. I can get us up in 30.
Any chance I could tag along?
Yeah, fine with me.
What do you weigh? About 120 pound?
Weight equals fuel.
Oh, if it's an issue
Nah, we'll be fine.
If we can get airborne
with The Rock over here,
I'm sure we can manage you.
I have to be this big
to carry this lot you see.
Sure he does.
Alright, let's prep some
ketamine and some TXA
- and meet back here in 15.
- Okay.
- Alright.
- Great.
I'll get my bag.
So, what's she like?
She's great.
- Nah, not convinced.
- What?
- What odds have you got?
- Quit and run, even money.
Stick it out, I don't know, ten to one.
Oh, yeah, that's worth a look.
Well, Pete knows all about
quit and run, don't you?
She was cracking chests
at HEMS for six years.
I reckon she can handle a bit of dust.
The question is can
she handle the coffee?
Wayne's a coffee wanker and he stayed.
'Cause I'm an excellent barista.
Well, however long she's
here is time we can all skill up.
And time I don't need to book any FIFOs,
so let's not give her any
reasons to leave, okay?
Oh, my god,
that is not the face I was expecting.
Matty Harris, sorry.
Flight nurse. One of the
In my head, then came out.
I'm I'm really actually
normal, so welcome.
- Is this too much?
- No, no, it's fine.
It's good to be prepared, yeah.
- I give her one month.
- You're on.
How's she going with the morphine?
Okay, in the medical chest, number 424.
What's the lettuce for?
- Burns.
- Oh.
Back home we use cabbage.
- Hi there. My name's Pete.
I'll be your steward this morning.
- Please observe the fasten
seat belt sign at all times.
Oxygen masks, if required,
will fall from the ceiling.
In case of evacuation,
await my instructions
but if I'm sleeping,
push here and turn anti-clockwise.
Let yourself out.
Do take a moment to review
the safety onboard card
and yeah, thank you again
for flying with the RFDS.
We wish you a pleasant flight.
Yeah, that's the calibre of material
you can get used to from now on.
Cabin secure for take-off.
Cockpit closed.
All traffic in the Broken Hill area,
Centre Flydoc 257 IFRKingair4POB,
taxing Broken Hill runway
2-3 for McArthur Station.
Just go easy on that.
Oh, I've read all the clickbait
about British tourists
dying of thirst in the desert.
I've brought plenty.
That's the thing. You see any toilets?
How's she looking, Rhino?
I've got her back to the homestead
but she's still pretty crook, mate.
Alright, well, hang
in there, Rhino, mate.
We're nearly there, okay?
Does the sat phone always work?
No, she's a bit of a lucky dip out here.
I'm not surprised.
It just goes on forever, doesn't it?
There will be a bathroom
of some kind when we
land though, won't there?
Yes, yeah, right next to the Maccas.
You'll eventually learn to tune him out.
- Thank God for the isolate button.
McArthur Station, RFDS
Mike Quebec Delta.
Hey, Rhino, can you hear me?
G'day, Mira.
Let us know when you're
done with that roo run.
There's a car on the runway.
He's just running the strip.
It's the best way to keep
goats out of your undercarriage.
Roo run's complete. Runway's clear.
Or Roos, or emus.
Do you actually hit kangaroos?
Not if they run it properly.
Clear door.
- Hey, Rhino.
- Mira.
I'll keep you posted.
Hey, mate.
Gees, you're a sight for sore eyes.
She's got nothing left.
She's dry.
- There you go, mate.
- Cheers, you're a legend.
One fresh lettuce.
I should never have
sent her up the back.
- Eliza.
- You'll be up front.
I'm really sorry but
I'm going to wet myself
if I don't go to the bathroom soon.
- Here?
- You'll be right.
I'll take the others
forward and double back.
Oh, but
She's just doing her bit
for drought relief out there, Harriette.
- Better?
- Yes, thank you.
So, a few small grazes on
the head and on the arms,
but there's acute pain from
- Sorry, Harri.
Yeah, I reckon that's
a fractured tib/fib.
I think you've broken the leg.
Yeah, BP's 104 on 68, the pulse is 110.
We're gonna get a
splint on your leg, Harri.
Sound okay?
Alright, got some
morphine coming through.
There you go. That'll
make you feel much better.
Are you alright?
Yeah, I think.
I think it's just an ant.
How you doing there, Harri?
Smooth as silk?
You ought to get old Rhino
to grade this road for you.
It's alright, we're almost there.
You go. I'll call you from, from town.
Alright, we're good to go.
Rhino, we'll be in touch, mate.
Thanks, guys.
Pete, can you get
another litre of fluid, mate?
- Yeah, actually Eliza
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Ah, no. Right there, drawer four.
- There you are.
- Thank you.
So, how long have you lived out here?
My whole life.
Oh, sorry.
Don't worry.
The morphine can do that.
Yeah, I didn't
I should've stood down
I, I
- Harriette?
- Um
Harriette, are you okay?
Expressive dysphasia.
Harriette, can you
lift your arms for me?
Right-sided hemiplegia.
Harri, can you hear me?
Yeah, we need to tube her.
Yeah, 10 IV midaz.
200 mics of fentanyl and 1 amp of roc.
Mira, we're a Medivac.
Copy that.
Are you going to intubate up here?
Do you think we have an extra 30
to get her to a hospital?
Centre Flydoc 257.
Flydoc 257, go ahead.
Yeah, Centre, we need to upgrade
our status to Medivac.
Flydoc 257, no reported IFR traffic.
Mira, patch us through to ACC.
Dialling now.
ACC Mike Quebec
Delta. We're now Medivac.
Connecting you to the Doc.
Wayne, I've got ACC on the line.
Alright, Eliza, can you update?
- Yes?
- Go ahead.
We have a patient,
female, 50s, unconscious,
expressive dysphasia, hemiplegia,
suspected extradural haematoma.
We're intubating en route.
And we need lights
and sirens on arrival.
And lights and sirens on arrival.
Can you plug that?
Doctor, you there?
- Ah, yes, yes.
- Wait's 25 for an ambulance.
They're all on call.
They're saying that all
ambulances are out on calls
and 25 away at least.
Pulse is dropping.
She's blown a pupil, she's coning.
- We need to get her pressure down.
- Hyperventilate?
- Yeah, head up at 30 degrees.
Right, let's up the respiratory rate.
Okay, 18?
- No, 20.
- 20.
How far is the nearest neurosurgeon?
About 600km away.
You want to do a burr hole?
No, but I think we might have to,
to relieve the pressure on her brain.
VJC, this is Pete. We have a code blue.
Patient's coning.
We need a neurosurgeon on the phone
and gear prepped for a
procedure in the hangar.
- A burr hole, I believe.
- Okay, copy that.
What else do we need?
I need the closest thing to
a surgical drill you can get.
See what they've got
down in engineering.
Have you ever done one before?
Not in an aircraft hangar.
Pulse is 60. Blood
pressure is 160 on 104.
- Dr. Prashan, are you there?
Can you hear me?
- Eliza, this is Dr. Prashan.
- So, what you think?
Yeah, from the sounds of
it, you have to give it a go,
but a burr hole won't
release the pressure.
The blood's too thick.
You need a bigger hole.
Matty, cutting tool.
- I'll get one.
- Go.
You need to make a cut
from the top of the left ear,
straight up, except do
not cut over the midline,
whatever you do.
You could hit the
superior sagittal sinus.
And what if I do?
Then she'll bleed to death.
But if you do nothing, she
has no chance of survival.
I suggest take a breath, try your best.
Okay, stopping before the midline.
I need a rotary tool.
It's on the tool box, buddy.
Okay, we're through.
Great, now get a periosteal elevator.
Anything flat to elevate the
pericranium from the skull.
And then part the
skin with a self retainer
exposing the skull, as
big an area as possible.
We don't have a self-retainer.
- Artery forceps.
- Good idea.
Pulse 48, blood pressure 160 on 107.
- Pulse 42, it's dropping.
- Okay, the skin is retracted.
I can see bone.
- Here.
- Good mate. Thanks. Matty.
So, how big a hole are we talking?
Go for five, bigger the better.
Matty, get that diamond
disc going, mate
- Yeah.
- and sterilise it.
Rev hard, press gently.
Beneath should be blood, not dura.
Pulse down to 40.
Pulse 30, blood pressure 183 on 122.
She's hypertensive. BP's rising.
Pulse is at 26 and dropping.
Pulse 22.
- Okay, we're through.
- Good work.
Now use whatever you
had to lift the bone off
and have washing and suction ready.
Washing and suction ready.
Okay, a kidney dish.
Get out as much as you
can, however you can,
suction, washing, picking, whatever.
Pulse is steadying.
BP improving, 178 over 118.
It's coming out.
As the darker stuff is removed,
look for any fresh blood
and cauterise the source.
Okay, there.
Bipolar forceps.
I can't see where it's coming from.
More wash.
- Top right.
- BP's dropping.
Pulse is back to 72. It's looking good.
- The brain's re-expanding.
- Great work.
Now, if it keeps washing clear,
all you need to do it staple it closed,
keep the patient's head up at 30 degrees
and get her to hospital.
- That's it?
- That's it.
Well done.
Thank you, doctor.
Okay, let's set up a small soft
drain for any secondary bleeds.
And, Pete, can you
give 1g of Ceftriaxone
in an IV please.
ALL: Yeah!
You still want that bet?
Odds may have shortened.
I think you might have earned this.
Thank you.
At least she's genuinely impressive.
So, is so, is that
lady gonna survive?
Not only that, when she wakes up,
she'll be back to normal.
Get that drill back to engineering.
Don't worry about him.
And nice work by the way.
Okay, let's get cleaning.
Hey, Pete, can I ask you a favour?
You want me to hook you
up with some ketamine?
Will you give your brother a call
and get him to come out
to Eliza's drinks tonight?
Ketamine might be easier.
What, easier than getting him out
or easier than talking to him?
- We talk.
- Oh, do you?
- Has he said something?
- No, of course he hasn't.
I've been married to him for 20 years,
he doesn't have to.
When was the last time
you came out to see him?
It's not that long.
We've got a meeting
with the bank tomorrow.
If you could just give him one night out
where he doesn't have to
stress about dam levels?
Yeah, fine, I'll
I'll I'll call him.
- Please.
- Yeah, I will.
- Thank you.
- That's alright.
Hello? Hello?
Hello, where are
- Hello.
- Hey, Mum.
So, how was it? How was your first day?
The air was cold but the
kids were surprisingly warm.
How was
Bloody hell, should I ask?
(LAUGHS) It was brilliant.
I actually did the equivalent
of scoring a hat-trick on debut.
They're throwing
drinks for us at the pub.
- Do you want to come?
- Uh
Oh, come on.
Drag queens, ginger beer,
hot chips. What's not to love?
Sounds good, but I
kind of promised Tommy
I'd do a mission.
London Tommy?
Sorry, he's getting
up especially for it.
But you go.
Have fun.
ALL: Whey!
Spinning round, I hope
you're all feeling lucky.
We have 32.
That is so
That wasn't me. That's Rhiannon.
To our new SMO.
ALL: Yeah. Cheers.
So, who was before me?
ALL: Dr. Clemmens.
Yeah, she was amazing.
Here for 30 years.
- No pressure though.
- Clearly not.
She knew every station and
Robbie in the entire section.
Mustering choppers,
not blokes named Robbie.
- Oh.
- But there are plenty of those too.
You should do one of Rhiannon's tours.
I would love that.
20 bucks and I'll do it right here.
Oh, right, yeah.
- No, no, no, all good.
- You got a note?
- 20 bucks, that's it.
- Yeah, it's the orange one.
The orange one, that's correct.
So, in 1917 a young
stockman named Jimmy Darcy
fell off his horse.
The local postmaster was instructed
how to perform surgery using a penknife
by a doctor 3,000km away
in Perth via Morse code.
Makes doing a craniotomy
via video link sound like child's play.
Only in this case,
that doctor then had to make
a two-week trip via cattle boat,
model T, horse and buggy
just to get to Jimmy Darcy
and find out that the poor bugger
had died the night
before from an infection.
- Oh, no.
- Bingo!
- Good on you. Lovely.
So, a young pilot med
student named Clifford Peel
came up with this idea of a
a flying retrieval service
and he told this bloke,
John Flynn, who went on to create
what we now know as the RFDS,
which services over 300,000 people
like Jimmy Darcy every single year.
Take a bow.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Cheers.
- There you go.
- No, no, no, you earned that.
No, no, vodka soda, we'll call it even.
- Oh, hi, Taylor.
- Taylor, here she is.
- Number 12.
Alright, Uncle Pete, it's our turn.
Come on.
We're up, we're up. Alright, losers.
Do we have number 61?
Vodka soda and a glass of the red.
Thanks, Rach.
So, I don't wanna intrude,
but just to put it out there,
I stumbled upon some
articles about your husband.
So, does everyone
It's none of their business, nor mine.
I just wanna say if ever
you need a friendly ear,
I've been there.
Oh, it's all come down to shaky Pete.
- Shaky Pete.
You are a beautiful man, you know that?
- (INAUDIBLE), mate.
- Oh, you suck!
- You suck.
- Job done.
- I'm your partner.
- Don't heckle me.
- Oh, it's fun so
- Is it?
- If you did better, I wouldn't worry.
Hey, what did Nate say?
Did you forget to call him?
I thought he didn't text
'cause he was driving in.
I'll talk to him tomorrow.
That's a bit late then.
Yeah, well, I'm gonna go get my bag.
Well, you don't you don't have to go.
No, he'll be up doing
the books until 3am.
We won't enjoy ourselves here.
Say goodnight to Eliza for me.
Shut up. Sorry.
Ladies and gents, please welcome
to the stage Miss Dolly Hardon!
Thank you.
It is so great to see so
many of you here tonight,
especially of course our flying doctors
who are in the house.
Yes, yes.
Do you know, I am governed
by the same forces
of flight as they are.
Seriously. No. Lift.
- Thrust.
Dr. Yates knows all about that.
- Drag
- and of course weight.
Shut your mouth, Matty.
But I'd love to welcome tonight
our very newest flying doc.
If you need anything, any
advice, any help, come to me
because I have dirt on everybody here.
Ladies and femmes,
please give a huge Silver City welcome
to our newest aerosexual,
Dr. Eliza Harrod.
- Go on, up you go.
- Oh, no, no, no, I
Where have all the good men
gone and where are all the gods? ♪
Where's the street wise
Hercules to fight the rising odds? ♪
Isn't there a white
knight upon a fiery steed? ♪
Late at night I toss and I turn ♪
And I dream of what I need ♪
I need a hero ♪
So, you've got some half
decent moves about you.
I mean seriously
not every day is gonna
be as boring as this one,
but you get the general idea.
why here?
Why not?
What's the deal with the
Southern Cross anyway?
Does it actually point south?
- They're clean.
- I really don't care.
See you at work?
Yeah, see you at work.
Oh, come on, Julie, where are you?
I have just (WHISPERS)
slept with someone,
(NORMAL VOICE) the first
man not named Edward in years.
And there was drag queens
and brain surgery and
Oh, wow.
Who am I?
I don't know. Call me back. I miss you.
Mum! We need milk!
ATC are saying 20% chance of rain but
- Nah.
- Nah.
Can you believe it's that
time of year again already?
Grey nomad season
always rolls around so soon.
Grey nomads?
Retirees in caravans.
They sound like wise oracles
spreading wisdom throughout the land.
More like baby boomers in
shorts spreading superannuation.
Ooh, easy there on the
baby boomers, sunshine.
So, are you looking forward
to your first roadstrip landing?
Gray loves them, don't ya, Gray?
The power trip of
shutting down a highway.
Like any good boomer would.
I'm not gonna lie.
It's a big part of the
reason why I took the gig.
I thought it was to meet the locals.
Well, yeah, but then I met them.
RFDS, this is SES.
Okay, guys, Graham here.
Confirming strip is clear?
Yeah, mate.
Except the one they
hit, roo run is all clear.
- He's over here.
- Hi, are you right?
You got her?
- You're a masochist.
- No, this is productive.
I'm just checking how many
diplomas I missed out by.
It looks pretty destructive
to me, but sure.
Hey, you weren't here
the night I found out
I didn't get it, okay?
I swam for three hours, I
ate a whole marinara pizza
and then I hate
applied to every hospital
in the eastern states.
Marinara? That is destructive.
- What have you found now?
- Nothing.
Royal Flying Doctor Service.
Dr. Wayne Yates speaking.
Okay, how many people?
Wait, what was that name?
We need two units of
FFP and four of blood.
Where are they?
Pete and Eliza are at Ellery's there
and the MVA is there.
Okay, so cops just said that the airstrip
hasn't been graded in a while
but they're gonna drag it for us.
- Is it safe to land?
- Yep.
Pretend you don't know who it is.
Is it safe to land?
We're good.
Are you gonna call Eliza and Pete?
If their patient's stable,
it sounds like you
could do with the help.
And news will spread quick.
I'll get a sit rep.
Let's be ready to go as soon as we can.
That's 50 of Fent.
- How are you feeling now, Allen?
- Sore.
Come on, mate, you should see that roo.
There might be some broken bones
and internal bleeding,
so we're gonna get you to a
hospital for some proper scans, okay?
- Okay.
- Alright, we'll load him up.
Dr. Harrod speaking.
Hi, it's Wayne. Is Pete with you?
Yeah, he's just loading the patient.
No, I mean can he hear you?
No, why?
Something's happened.
There's been a car accident.
It's Rhiannon and Pete's brother.
Their daughter Taylor is fine
but Rhiannon and Nate are critical.
We're on our way now.
ETA 30, you guys are 20 away.
You can divert to it,
but it'll double your
current flight time.
So, what's the protocol?
You're on the ground
there. How's your patient?
Well, he's hypotensive,
abdominal bleeding but
I don't know where from,
so he's gonna need a CT.
It's your call.
- We need to keep going.
- We're good.
Matty, prep the fentanyl
and ondansetron.
Copy that.
Two in the car.
- Can we approach? Is it safe?
- Yeah.
It's okay, sweetheart, we're here.
We're here.
Nate, can you hear me?
- It's okay, Rhi.
- He's gone.
- Wayne!
It's okay.
(SOFTLY) Hey. Hey, Rhi.
It's Wayne and Matty. We've
got you, okay? We're here.
- You're okay.
- Tay Taylor.
Yeah, it's okay. We've got
her. She's she's safe.
Alright, we're gonna
get you out of here, okay?
His BP's dropped a bit.
His, um, his last saline
was 30 ago, right?
Uh, yeah, let's give
him the rest of that bag.
You alright?
Yeah, just a little airsick.
It's it's that last glass of red.
Let's increase his O2 to high-flow and
draw up some TXA in case
the bleeding gets worse.
Yep, right.
BP, pulse is shallow.
It's and rapid. It's 142.
A litre of saline and a unit of blood.
(LOUDLY) Um, can we get the,
the esky out of the car please?
Trachea's to the right.
She's tensioning, left lung.
- We need a large bore IV 14 gauge.
- Yeah.
Mum? Mum, what's happening?
Are you are you sure you're okay?
What's wrong?
I need to tell you something.
There's been a car accident.
I don't know everything
but it's your brother's family.
I I don't have all the details yet.
I'm not sure exactly.
It was 20 minutes from where we landed.
Are we diverting?
We're continuing to base,
but Wayne should be
on the ground by now.
Wait a second, was this the, um,
was this the sat call
you took on the ground?
I'm here, Rhi. You've
got this, you've got this.
Stay with me. Stay with me.
There we go.
Nate, is he
Get the backboard, set up a chest drain
and let's get her out of here.
Is he good? Is he good? Is he good?
Graham, Graham, we've got the
we've got the fuel to get there?
- We do but
- So, call it in.
Allen needs to get to a hospital
as quickly as possible.
- He's stable.
- He's actively bleeding.
Pete, Doc's made her call, alright?
Let's secure the cabin
and take him back.
Okay, we're good.
I can do handover.
No, I'll do it.
This is Allen Ogilvey, 74 years.
Car and caravan vs roo at 110km an hour.
Seatbelt and car intact.
We've given him 50 of fent,
4 of ondansetron, 1g of TXA.
Oxygen 6 litres per minute
No allergies, Dr. King is
expecting him at the hospital.
Got that?
- Pete.
- Are they alright?
Pete, come wait inside, hey?
I'm sorry, mate.
We did everything we could for her.
What about Nate?
- Where's Nate?
- He didn't make it.
He was roaded back in.
Take the tubes out of her, Wayne.
Take them out. They
don't have to be in there.
You know we have to wait for the police.
Uncle Pete?
Hey. Another hat-trick?
not quite.
Oh, did you get the milk?
I'll be back.
4.60 please.
- Are you okay?
It's just false contractions.
I get 'em all the time.
- And how far along are you?
- What's going on?
- Something's come up.
If you went into labor at 40,000 feet
- you'd scream too.
Looks like you're having
this baby up here.
I can't. I'm not ready.
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