RFDS (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

To our new SMO.
Thank you, darling.
What's the deal with the
Southern Cross, anyway?
Does it actually point south?
So, she's the one that took his job?
Well, however long she's here,
it's time we can all skill up.
There's been a car accident.
It's Rhiannon and Pete's brother.
We need to keep going.
It's your call.
Nate, can you hear me?
He's gone.
You're looking into the heart
of the Milky Way galaxy.
Thanks, mate, she's good to go.
Take care, Jack.
Within it are hundreds
of billions of stars.
Imagine if even a tiny
number of those stars
are like our sun
Supporting planets like our earth.
That could mean countless civilisations
in our Milky Way alone.
Civilisations as technologically
advanced as ours.
So, why haven't we heard from them?
Is there some kind of great filter
that stops advanced life
before it begins?
Or is there a chance
that somewhere, somehow,
life may have gotten through?
Life who could well be sitting back
on their little blue dots right now,
looking back at us, wondering whether
Oh, sorry.
Whether or
Flydoc257 IFR Kingair
3POB taxi Broken Hill runway 23
for Tibooburra.
Burns don't look too bad,
but we do need to watch out
for infection.
- What's that?
- Bit of bruising.
Oh, that's from before.
I bruise easy.
From before the fall?
How's your health otherwise, Sue?
Smoke? Drink?
Party drugs?
I get high on the stars.
How about your diet?
My daughter says I'm getting
pickier as I get older.
You can't go wrong with oats
and prunes every morning.
Well, let's err on the safe side
and get you into town for the night.
You can put your feet up
while we run some tests.
Oh, no, that won't be necessary.
I'm okay.
You know how good
the stars look 20,000 feet up?
The thing is, I'm booked solid
with tours all week.
I can't afford to take any off.
Lucky we don't charge for the flight.
Yeah, I'm sorry to waste your time.
I do appreciate it.
They shouldn't have called you.
Well, at least let me take some bloods
so we can run some tests.
how are the Aussie Rules?
What are they like?
Like a combination
of rugby and kite flying.
And how are your team mates?
You know, if you want to know
if I've made any friends,
you can just ask.
Maybe I'll come watch
training this afternoon.
It's been cancelled
because of the funeral.
Hey, when are you going to talk to Dad?
- We talk.
- Not text.
You have to some time.
Go to school.
- I love you.
- You too.
Oh, hi.
I thought I was gonna
get your voicemail.
Oh, well, I can beep if you like.
What, are you blokes short, are you?
No, um, I'm just calling
to see how you are.
Oh, well, I'm learning a lot
about assets and liabilities.
Sounds fun.
The final laugh for my brother, I think,
making me executor.
Look, I just wanted to say that
I have a shift today.
Otherwise I'd be there
Anyway, I gotta take off.
See ya.
Oh, um
Ah, you want some breakkie?
I made some eggs.
No, I'm good.
Hey, can we go home to Wyama,
after the wake?
Oh, jeez, it might be
a bit late by then I reckon.
Tomorrow, then?
Yeah, but you got school,
and then that Doc's appointment.
But, I mean, I can go
grab anything you need.
I just wanna be there.
Well, if you
if you take me I can pick up the ute
and then you never
have to do it again, so
Oh, no, I don't
it doesn't bother me going out there.
I just think, you
you go to your appointment,
then we'll sit out
and we'll find out a time.
Wheels up in ten, Eliza!
They're beautiful,
but you've got to get the pollen off
before they stain everything.
What have you got?
P1 at Yellow Creek mine.
A hand crushed in an excavator belt.
Thanks again for covering.
Everyone really appreciates it.
Yeah, but are you okay?
Empty-handed on the stargazer!
Oh, she wouldn't budge.
Tried everything.
He even pulled out the dimple.
It was obscene.
How bad was she?
Second-ish degree burns,
some weird bruising.
Question is, what caused it?
Landing in a fire, I would have thought.
Oh, thanks detective.
I meant the falling bit.
So, you got bloods?
Ah, headed to the lab now.
Ah, you need anything for the wake?
Nah, I think we're all sorted.
Hey, how is Pete?
Harder to read than Wayne's handwriting.
You want a lift to the church?
Ah, actually, I'm not going.
I think I'm gonna head home
for the night.
Hey, tomorrow,
I was thinking we could kick the footy.
Or we can sit on our arses
and watch the footy.
um, I'm heading out hunting
with Uncle Timmy.
Right, well, make sure
he's taking his pills, okay?
So, he's tried to Jimmy
a rock out of the tracks
and his hand has slipped.
I've given him five milligrams
IV of morphine.
Ah, 100 over 70, but it's dropping.
Hi, Terry.
I'm Doctor Harrod.
How's that pain out of ten?
It's gone down to about nine.
Okay, how about we get
you something stronger
to get you out of there?
I'm gonna give him 20 milligrams
of IV ketamine.
That's about ten gin and tonics.
So, let's get that stretcher under you.
I'm more of a rum and coke man.
Keira, oxygen,
six litres a minute
and another bag of fluid.
Am I gonna lose it?
We're going to do everything
we can to stop that happening, okay?
Thank you, everyone, for coming.
As you know,
Nate and Rhiannon were much
loved members of our community.
They were actively engaged
in the work of the RFDS,
the church, the CWA, the co-op and
Good turnout.
Oh, yeah, yep,
she's the best show in town.
How's she going?
Oh, no idea.
She's barely talking.
And when are you seeing the psych?
She has her first appointment
after school tomorrow.
No, I mean you.
When are you talking to someone?
Well, I'm talking to you.
Can we go get a drink?
So, what's a pretty
English rose like you
doing in a hole like this?
How's that ketamine going?
It's good stuff.
Well, it can't be that bad.
You live out here.
Nah, I'm FIFO.
Fly in, make money, fly out,
give it to me ex-wife.
Pulse is 120. How're we looking?
Yeah, we're almost there.
Are you married?
I am.
Oh, that's a shame.
What do they think about
being dragged out here?
Well, actually, it's just my son and me.
And to be honest, I'm not
quite sure what he thinks.
Pulse is 132.
We've got to get moving.
Yep, we're on it.
So, where's Dad?
Ah, London.
Ah, this was a bit of a fresh start.
Too fresh.
I didn't pack a winter coat.
Yeah, not so fresh for your husband, eh?
Okay, we're free.
Okay, let's keep this stable.
Yeah, no worries.
You trying to punish him?
Keira, can you draw up
two grams of ceftriaxone
and put up 500 of
metronidazole IV please?
That's what you people do, eh?
Make us beg to see our own kids?
Ah, yeah.
Thanks, mate.
Keeping in mind,
this was only the second time
I've left my dishes in the sink.
And Rhiannon just went
Hell for leather.
No holds barred, and I was terrified.
I was shocked.
But then afterwards I was like,
I think I'm in love with
- Yeah!
- this woman.
Okay, I've got one.
Oh, not the Melbourne Cup story.
No, I don't think you've
even heard this one.
- Oh!
- This was from my divorce.
Look out.
I went through a bit of a
Breakdown, I think you'd call it?
Processing period, which
poor Rhiannon nursed me through.
And one night I went and got everything
that we'd collected during our marriage.
All the artworks and the knickknacks.
Explicit fertility sculptures.
Oh, that's right.
And I threw it all out on the verge.
All of it.
16 years of memories, gone, right?
Fast forward five years
and we're outside
at one of Nate's big Barbies.
- Here you go, mate.
- Thanks, mate.
Out at Wyama
And, um, anyway,
I'm finally admitting
that I regretted it,
telling the story.
And um,
Rhi's listening in
and she's bringing out
salads and plates and whatnot,
until finally she brings out
a cardboard box
and she says, "I knew
I knew you'd want these back one day".
And it was full of everything
I'd chucked out.
She'd kept it that whole time.
Of course.
That was Rhiannon.
It was.
- Yeah, it was.
- To Rhi.
- To Rhiannon.
- Yeah.
- To Rhi.
- To Rhi.
To Rhi.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
To Rhi.
Tay, you off?
Yeah, I'm, um, I'm gonna
go stay at Kody's tonight.
Righto, okay.
You would normally be allowed to?
Yeah. Fine.
Pete, I'm fine.
I'll just see you when we
go up to Wyama, yeah?
Ah, well, let's just
see how we go.
We'll discuss it
after your counselling session
tomorrow, eh?
Righto. See ya.
Sue, Doctor Yates.
Just checking those bandages
have been changed.
Still waiting on your blood results
but I'll let you know
once they come through, okay?
What bloody chicken neck
invented these things, anyway?
Ah, King Louis the XIII, I believe.
Yeah, what are they meant to do?
I just think he liked the look.
- 'Course he did.
- That's history, mate.
Some King gets off on something
400 years ago,
we're all still paying the price.
Um, Taylor wanted to be with her mates.
I don't know if I should have
made her come home, or
That's probably Parenting 101, isn't it?
I've got no idea what I'm doing.
Mate, no-one does.
Wayne, what was the sitrep
when you got the call?
Just that it was critical.
What about when you arrived?
'Cause I just
yeah, I keep running through
what it might have been in my head,
and I
Anyway, doesn't matter.
We can do it in the review.
Rhiannon's respirations were
36 a minute, shallow and rapid.
Pulse rate was 136.
BP un-recordable.
She had a clear tension,
so we decompressed,
we got her out of the car
onto a backboard.
We inserted a chest drain
but she developed a haemothorax.
We attempted resuscitation five times,
but it was unsuccessful.
And Nate's injuries were
Incompatible with life.
Did you tell Eliza I wouldn't
be able to handle it?
I didn't tell her that you would.
There were no brake marks at the crash.
Maybe he fell asleep.
He'd be pretty unlucky, wouldn't he,
to pick the only tree in the desert.
Let's just wait and see
what the inquest says, yeah?
Want a lift?
Nah, I'm gonna walk.
Thanks, mate.
VJC, Eliza here.
Patient's stable.
We're about five minutes away.
Julie, hey.
Oh, my God, I am so sorry.
Life back here has been insane.
It's fine.
It's just really nice
to hear your voice.
Now, tell me about
your hot nurse right now.
I'm imagining a Hemsworth.
Is he a Hemsworth?
To listen to saved messages, press one.
Hey, Pete, it's Nate.
Just wondering if you wanted
to catch the footy
on Sunday arvo out here?
Give us a yell anyway.
To listen again, press seven.
Is Darren back tonight?
No, he's staying with Timmy.
Well, my vote is you make pasta,
I run a bath and we forget
the whole world exists for a night.
Oh, that sounds really good, but
- You've got a telehealth?
- Nope.
- A journal article?
- It's closer.
- Curing cancer.
- Way off.
I got a place in an APLS course.
The exam starts in three weeks so
So, the up-skilling begins.
I'll be ready next time.
Well, I guess that means
we're ordering pizza and
I'm watching some trashy TV.
I'm sorry about the bath.
Oh, no, I'm still having a bath.
Oi, Doc!
Thanks, Steve.
Doctor Yates speaking.
Oh, Doctor Yates, it's Sue.
Sue, you okay?
I think I might have had a seizure.
You ever had a seizure
like this before, Sue?
Little blackouts, occasionally.
Alright, sodium,
glucose and all other
electrolytes are normal.
Meningitis, maybe?
No, there's no temperature.
Sue, we're gonna get you back for
some bloods and a CT scan, okay?
- Okay.
- No arguments this time, please.
I'll book out a week's worth
of tours myself if I have to.
Sue, you okay?
Right, another seizure.
Draw up ten milligrams
of midazolam in ten mils.
I'm talking a gap year for sure.
Ugh, I wish.
I can't even afford to go
to Dubbo for a gap year.
I'm heading off.
What should I tell Ms. Sharp?
I don't mind.
Give me another 0.5 Midaz.
There's some bleeding there.
Did she bite her tongue?
No, but her gums are
really red and inflamed.
Hey, Sue.
Do you know where you are?
I think the bleeding's perifollicular.
And with the bruising on her shins
Could be leukaemia.
Sue, your daughter said
you were picky with your food.
How picky are we talking?
Many veggies?
What are you thinking, ascorbic acid?
- Certainly am.
- Is it bad?
Well, yeah,
but nothing that a little
orange juice can't fix.
Well, we still need to run some tests,
but the seizures may have been caused
by a small bleed due
to a lack of Vitamin C
in your diet, Sue,
which is easily treated.
But we still need you to come in
so we can rule everything
else out, okay?
Alright, let's get her ready to go.
Scurvy! Can you believe it?
We think.
Thousand bucks says it's scurvy.
Thought only pirates got that.
Yeah, apparently pirates and astronomers
who have a bit of a dislike
for broccoli.
Well, it was a nice pick up.
I wouldn't have looked for that
in a million years.
- It was all Matty.
- Oh, well done, Matty.
Oh, guys, come on, please.
We're all clapping?
I'm shy! Please! Oh!
Jeez, I'm gone for one week.
Hey, no show.
You know, you can take
as long as you need.
No, no, no, no,
chopper crashes and ice addicts
will be easy after this week.
Welcome back, mate.
Oh, ah, Doctor,
if you need any more medical advice,
please don't hesitate to call.
If those tests come back
saying leukaemia, Matty,
you're the one that's telling her.
It's definitely scurvy, so
you know
You okay?
Yeah, apart from my inability
to diagnose ancient illnesses.
It's scurvy.
Matty only knew that because he writes
'Pirates of the Caribbean' fan fiction.
I'm going home.
My place tonight, or yours?
But no studying allowed, okay?
- Done.
- Okay.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Ah, did you get that blunt
trauma to the abdomen?
Yeah. Yeah, you want me to do blood run?
- Yeah. Ah, two units?
- Yep.
Oh, hey, Pete.
Um, can I have your
spare car keys, please?
Keys? Well
Are you alright?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I just want to get out to Wyama.
- So, you're not at school?
- Nah.
Nah, I came home.
- Can I have the keys?
- Well, I just
You know, I thought we were gonna
talk about this after the
No, Pete, you were gonna talk about it.
I just need to get out there.
Well, yeah, I just
think that it's too um
What, Pete? It's what?
Well, I think that it's too soon.
Yeah, well, you didn't come out
to see Dad for like a year,
so I'm sorry, but I don't really
trust your concept of too soon.
So, can I have the keys or not?
Ah um
Alright, fine.
No worries.
We'll talk about it later.
Well, hang is
- All good?
- Yeah, we're good.
Let's go.
So, is Taylor back at school today?
Can we just, ah, focus on on this?
Sorry, I was just trying to
Well, it's just
you know, us sleeping
together doesn't mean
that we, um, know each other.
You're right.
I have no idea who you are.
And that's why I made
the decision I made.
You really want to talk about that now?
We need to at some point.
You're clearly angry about it.
- What if it was your family?
- I'd be devastated
The worst moment of their lives
We had a critical patient
that I did what I thought
was right for him.
That that patient was stable.
We didn't know that.
Well, what about
what was right for Taylor?
Right now,
we need to do what's right
for the next patient
and his family.
And I need to know that you can do that.
Of course.
Ah, we're losing light.
We need to go.
Can you get the door, Pete?
Cabin secure for landing.
Are they turning the landing
lights on one by one?
Ah, they're actually lighting them.
If they don't have LEDs,
they still have to use
kero and dunny rolls.
I might have to hang back
and keep them alight.
You guys be okay?
- Yep.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Thank you for coming.
Oh, that's alright.
That's what we're here for.
I'm sorry, it's stupid.
I was rushing the fire breaks
and I slipped off the grader.
Sorry my hands are cold.
Marked guarding, upper left quadrant.
BP is 88 on 50.
Where do you feel the pain?
Yeah, it's a bit tender there
and it kinda hurts in my left shoulder.
Okay, we're gonna get a scan
of your belly with the ultrasound.
Pete, can we get the saline in?
Actually, ah, Jen?
You reckon you could
hang onto that for us?
Yeah, sure.
Hey, sit down, darling.
Don't be daft.
How're you travelling there, big fella?
I tell you what,
you're not too old
for teddy bears, are ya?
- There you go.
- What do you say, Adam?
- Thank you.
- Hey, you look after him.
Okay, there's a little bit
of free fluid in there.
Let's get up a unit of O-Neg
and I'll draw up a gram of TXA.
What's happening?
Ah, looks like there's
some bleeding in there.
Most likely his spleen.
How bad is it?
We're not sure yet.
We'll get all the proper tests
done in hospital, but for now,
we're going to stabilise
his blood pressure
with a little bit of extra fluid, okay?
Don't worry, we'll
take good care of him.
See, your Daddy's gonna be fine.
How bad can a torn spleen be?
Depends on the grade.
Yeah, but what's the worst?
Could he
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
It's just false contractions.
I get 'em all the time.
That lady that died in that
crash worked for your lot.
It's terrible.
That's why Derek was doing
the firebreaks,
so we could get everything
done before the
before the baby comes.
And how far along are you?
Thirty-two weeks.
It's alright, they'll pass.
I'm not even shocked anymore
when it happens.
But I mean, taking your
own family out with you?
That's another thing.
Ah, what's going on?
Something's come up!
Have a ride on this!
It's Darren, Wayne's son.
What are you doing?
I wanna go home,
but nobody will take me.
We've got a second patient,
female, 38, obstetrics,
requiring an ambulance on arrival.
And can we check for a NETS team
for a possible transfer?
Yeah okay, that head is engaged,
four centimetres,
but the membrane's intact.
So, it's coming now?
Well, no, we'll do everything
we can to delay it
until we get to the hospital, but,
yeah, Jen, little one's on the way.
That's alright, you just
stay as warm as you can.
Just give us a second.
Any guess?
Could be an hour away, could be 24.
She's only 32 weeks.
Do we take her?
Beats risking a premmie
out here, or a Caesar.
Or worse.
NETS are saying no free Neonates
for at least four hours.
So, we take all three?
How are we for weight?
Ah, all good for weight,
but we've only got about ten minutes
before those kero flares burn out again.
Frankly obstetrics isn't my strong suit.
You're the midwife.
Look, I reckon we give her
20 milligrams oral Nifedipine,
try and slow the labour.
I'll get the NETS team
to meet us at the base.
Alright, let's check this.
Okay. Yeah, we're good.
Oh, I feel like we need to push.
That's the top of climb
pressure change, yeah,
often gives people the urge.
It's probably just a false alarm.
And just relax.
Just check bub's heart rate.
That's 152. That's great.
Is Derek okay?
He's stable.
Medication's just making him
a bit groggy.
So, do we know if we're having
a little boy or a girl?
Derek wanted a surprise.
I still think it's another boy, though.
Well, whatever it is, it means business.
It's really burrowing down in there.
Pulse is 100.
Still a little hypotensive.
I'm gonna give him
another unit of blood.
Okay, they're coming thick and fast now.
That's three in ten.
Any chance you could save me
a unit of blood in case we're PPH?
I want to get up. I want to get up!
Yeah, sure, Jen. Sure.
It's alright, mate.
Is that a body bag?
Amniotic fluid's corrosive.
The plane's electronics
are right beneath us.
Alright, Jen, it's a funny request.
I'm gonna have to get you to kneel
in this plastic for us, alright?
The fuse must have blown.
Ah, I'll have a look.
Yeah. Um, it's around the back.
Next to the water tank.
Found it!
Okay, Mira, can you dial in base
and let them know
the contractions are three
Actually, hold that thought.
Jen, I'm just gonna
check your cervix, okay?
What do you reckon, Adam?
Is your Mum this noisy
at home, normally?
Or is it just when she's
watching the footy?
This is normal.
Mummy's okay.
How many centimetres?
All ten of them.
Okay, Jen, looks like you're
having this baby up here.
No, no, no, no, no.
It's okay, we've got you.
I can't! I can't.
I'm not ready.
I'm not ready.
- It's too early.
- Hey!
My son was born two
weeks earlier than this.
He was the size of a grapefruit
and we thought we were gonna lose him,
but he's 16 now.
Far more than I can handle.
Your bub's gonna be fine.
I need to push again.
Don't let me stop you, Jen.
What is it?
It's Mum's garden.
She kept it alive
all throughout the drought.
Oi, Adam?
Adam, do you reckon
you and teddy can help Mum
get this little baby out?
Next time Mum does a
big push, can you say,
"Go, Mum! Push!"
And, Mum, next time you feel
that contraction coming, you just
you give it everything
you've got, alright?
We've just got to get the head
around the corner and we're home.
Ready, mate?
You ready?
Alright, go on, Mum, push!
- Push!
- Go on, Mum, push!
- Push, Jen!
- Go, Mum, push!
Come on with me.
Come on, Adam, go Mum!
Go, Mum! Go!
Alright, here we go.
There we go, Jen.
Jen, you were spot on.
- Oh, Jen.
- It's a little boy!
It's a little boy.
Oh, my God.
Good work.
You've got a brother.
Here we go.
Okay, we've got some
secretions in the airways.
I'm just gonna start suctioning.
What's wrong?
Oh, nothing, Jen.
Just giving him a little wake up.
What's the heart rate?
Heart rate is 90.
Chest movement.
It's poor.
Okay, I'm gonna start on PPV.
Can you hook up that sat probe?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, what's happening?
What's happening?
It's alright, Jen.
Just helping him with his breathing.
Why isn't he breathing?
Why isn't he breathing?
It's okay, Jen, just give us a sec.
Here we go.
Why isn't he breathing?
Sats are only 55.
Heart rate?
Heart rate is 84.
Why isn't he breathing?
- Why isn't he breathing?
- It's alright, mate.
You're gonna be alright.
Come on, little fella.
Okay, that's 30 seconds.
- Pulse?
- Down to 80.
Sats are 60.
And mask and reposition.
Is he alive?
Oh, my God!
- Pulse?
- 70.
- Do we intubate?
- Not yet.
Suction again.
Please, please, please.
- Come on.
- Please, please, please.
Okay, continuing PPV.
Mira, is that NETS team en-route?
Ah, yep. Just checking ETA now.
Is he alive?
- Come on, little fella.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, my God!
- Is he gonna die?
- No, he's not.
He's not gonna die.
Come on, fella.
Come on, little man. Come on.
Come on, mate.
There we go.
Pulse is 130, sats are 92 and rising.
That's as good as it gets, Jen.
Okay, the placenta's out.
Jen, you deserve a rest.
Oh, let's keep him warm.
Let's get him to Mum.
Good work, Jen.
You can come and
meet your little brother.
Derek, it's a little boy!
Come on, Adam.
Come and meet your little brother.
It's your little brother!
Centre, Flydoc 257.
Flydoc 257, go ahead.
Flydoc 257 would just like to update
that POB list from six to
seven persons on board.
Probably the last thing
you wanted to do tonight.
Well, only 'cause I was
gonna do it tomorrow.
I know people have been
talking about the crash.
People love to talk.
Yeah, you can talk about it,
if you want.
I don't know what to say.
We were driving.
Had my headphones
on checking stories and then
Everything went black.
And the next minute
I was on the road, just
So what do you want to do?
Just lie here.
Well, good,
'cause that was what I
was gonna do tonight.
I've changed a lot of
people's lives to be here.
I have to make this work.
You need the pointer stars
to find south.
The Southern Cross.
The other night you asked.
You see, below are the two pointers.
You trace a line from
the arrow of the cross,
one from the centre of the pointers.
Where they meet,
you drop down on the horizon,
and there's south.
Then you can always figure out
where you are.
It doesn't get more remote
or deadly
than out here.
A sick child lost in the desert.
- They're going
- He doesn't have his medication.
They're going to find him.
We won't be leaving him out here alone.
I know you're moving fast,
but as fast as you can please.
The biggest new Aussie drama in years
They won't give up until they find him.
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