RFDS (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

I stumbled upon
some articles about your husband.
So, does everyone
It's none of their business.
I got a place in an APLS course.
The exam starts in three weeks so
So, the up-skilling begins?
Hey, what did Nate say?
Did you forget to call him?
Nate, can you hear me?
She had a clear tension,
so we decompressed,
we inserted a chest drain.
She developed a haemothorax.
We attempted resuscitation
five times, but it was unsuccessful.
Have a ride on this!
What are you doing?
I wanna go home but nobody will take me.
Oh man
- You having a photo?
- Yep, yeah, definitely.
How are ya?
Where's Taylor?
how is she?
She's okay.
She just wants everything
to be back to normal.
Hey, mate.
When did you start running?
Every now and then I like to
get my rig around the block.
You don't own any other shorts?
I won a premiership in these shorts.
I'm gonna go stay at
Kody's house tonight.
We've got homework
and then we're gonna
head up to Wyama tomorrow.
Got a couple of fences
that need straining.
Actually, I've got the day off tomorrow.
Maybe I'll see you back here then.
Can you take it? Thanks.
So, APLS tomorrow.
What time are you leaving?
3:00, straight to the airport for the 4.
That's cutting it fine, isn't it?
I've been on the
waitlist for six months.
There's no way I'm missing that flight.
That and he makes
the plane wait for him.
See, I could never
do anything that cool.
Leonie could.
Hey, Wayne.
Heading to Sydney tomorrow?
Yeah, be good to get it over with.
I remember doing my APLS
when I was back at HEMS.
That acid-based
balance section's a killer.
If you need a hand
No, I'm good, thanks.
Don't worry. He's always
like this before an exam.
Well, what happens if he fails?
He doesn't.
Dr. Harrod.
How far did he fall?
So, it's close to town?
Oh, it's faster to scoop
and run to Adelaide
rather than road him back in.
Are you sure it's a broken femur?
It sounds like it.
You're not rostered on.
Yeah, I know.
How's Taylor?
I've got no clue.
What's happened?
A seven-year-old and his
dad out at Jameson Gorge
when the dad falls.
Kid goes to get help.
Go, kid.
Except he hasn't turned
up yet and he has epilepsy.
Doesn't have his medication on him.
How long's he been missing?
Graham's free.
Do you wanna take a plane up?
Fly a couple of lazy banks
around the search area?
Yeah, I do.
- Matty.
- Hi.
This is Dr. Harrod.
- I'm Jo.
- Hi.
So, is this your station?
Yeah. Come on.
They've been camping here all week.
I'll take you there.
That's where he fell from.
What was he doing?
Taking a photo.
Hi, Nick.
I'm Eliza.
- This is Matty.
- Hey.
We're gonna help you, okay?
Matty, can you get up
a litre of Hartmann's?
Yeah, copy that.
Have they found they found Ben?
He has tonic-clonic seizures.
- They're going
- He doesn't have his medication.
They're going to find him
but right now we need
to look after you first.
Now, can you remember, did
you hit your head or pass out?
I don't remember him leaving.
So, any medications or allergies?
I'm on Opdivo, four weekly.
You're in remission?
That's that's why we're out here.
I promised Ben we'd we'd go camping,
as soon as I got better.
That's nice.
My son wouldn't come
camping if I begged him.
We've got a BP up,
94/62, heart rate's 122.
Can you draw up morphine one and one
and I'll titrate to effect.
- Ben!
- Okay.
You're bleeding heavily into your leg
so we need to get you to Adelaide.
But but that can wait, right?
Until they find him?
You need to be in hospital.
If we wait,
you're going to have
permanent muscle damage
or worse.
Is there anyone else we can call?
What about Ben's mum?
It's just me.
You won't be leaving him out here alone.
There's lots of people
out here searching.
They won't give up until they find him.
Will be okay.
Okay, steady.
Steady, steady.
There we go.
It's getting dark.
Just give it a minute.
Hey, I think I've found
something, just there.
it's a bonfire.
What does that mean?
Oh, they're calling it.
They light the fire so he can
find his way back in the dark.
Gees, it's gonna be
freezing out there tonight.
Wanna go round again?
It's worth a try.
Alright, come on, pick it up.
I promise they don't get
overnighted that much.
And what was it?
Subdural haematoma?
Fractured femur actually.
You know a bit about medicine.
When both your parents are doctors,
you pick up a few things over dinner.
You should take that.
Did Leonie find you?
Driving me home.
You're in Adelaide?
I'm so sorry.
How was training?
Yeah, yeah, it was good.
I wanted to be home to talk
to you about this in person,
your dad rang this morning.
The hospital inquiry
findings come out tomorrow.
He'll be in the news again.
Do we have to talk about this now?
Why don't you call me when
you get home or before bed?
Bye, Mum.
How is she?
Yeah, she's okay.
You know about my dad, don't you?
Well, I read about it online.
It happened a long time ago.
He's not a bad person.
The longer you live, the
more you realise that
people are rarely good or bad.
We're all just
trying to do the best we can.
It's hard to get it right.
Anything new?
nothing yet.
Apparently it's gonna get
down to three overnight.
Reckon I could steal a little
bit of Eliza's nasi goreng?
I'm gonna say no.
I was gonna ask her.
It's still weird, dude. You
don't know her that well.
It was this or pyjamas.
You packed pyjamas?
- Is that not a thing?
- We pack for weight, remember.
Nasi goreng looks good.
You made the right choice.
So, how's Henry?
I think it'll be easier when
he's made a couple of friends.
Must be tough moving
schools at that age.
It is.
So, why did you move here then?
I mean you're obviously
very well qualified.
Even Wayne's intimidated by you.
He's not.
Yeah, you should have seen his face
when he didn't get that SM
I actually don't know
what I'm talking about.
Okay, the night you got it,
he may have applied for
every A and E job going.
Well, it's
it's no secret why I'm here.
Or you can Google it if you like.
Oh, oh, I'm kidding.
I'll I'll tell you.
My husband had an affair.
Not recently. It was years ago.
Shit, I'm sorry.
Don't be.
Henry was little
and I had just started at HEMS.
He was sleeping with
his junior registrar
which is a bit of a cliche really.
I had no idea
until a couple of months ago
when I got to read about it online,
along with the rest of the world.
She'd come forward during a review.
The hospital has always
had complaints about
sexism and sexual harassment.
Finally they were
doing something about it.
she kept the text messages.
It was more than just a fling.
He ended it
and she left the hospital.
I mean it's nothing new
not in medicine.
I just never thought my husband
would be that man.
Do you reckon I could try
some of that nasi goreng?
Is that
Did I read the room on that? Did
See you tonight, eh?
Hey, Peter.
Tiana, how are you?
- Brett.
- Hey, Pete.
Bit early, mate.
Pete, what are you doing here?
I've got the day off.
Thought I'd come and lend a hand.
How's it going? Heard you
found some tracks last night?
We followed them up north
there for a couple hundred metres,
then they disappeared.
Yeah, right. So, what's up that way?
It's rough country.
Mine shafts, gullies.
I'm taking the first mob out now.
- You wanna join us?
- Absolutely, mate, yeah.
Hi, this is Pete Emerson.
If I'm out of range, try me on the sat.
Sorry, Mark
I better take this.
Sorry to call out of the blue
I just wanted to ask
What is it?
It's about what happened
with us.
About what?
Right, right now?
If you've got time.
Oh, just
I don't have a whole
heap of battery is all.
Can we do this later?
Oh, yeah, it's fine.
I'll call you later.
Alright, thanks.
Sorry about that, mate.
It's alright.
We've been meaning to drop around.
Oh, yeah, no worries.
You know I saw him a
couple of days before.
Carla wanted to talk to Rhiannon,
something about the school fete.
Nate and I had a beer.
What did he, um
What did you talk about?
rain, or the lack of it.
He seemed pretty good to me.
Oi, Mark?
How long till we head back out there?
Give it another 20,
wait till they all rest
and have had something to eat.
Well, what if I went ahead?
Get a jump on that next section?
I don't know.
I've got the sat phone,
if anything happens.
Don't get lost.
Hey. What are you doing right now?
I'm out looking for that kid.
I thought you were coming out to Wyama.
What? No.
What happened to the girls?
They didn't come.
Are are you okay?
Yep, alright.
I'll talk to you later.
It's, uh
You there?
Ah, shit.
Oh, come on, you piece of shit.
Wayne, are you getting
updates on the search party?
There's a Robbie that's
gone done at Nellie Nellie.
Have you heard?
- What's that?
- It's the search party.
A chopper's gone down.
Matty and Eliza have diverted.
They'll be on the strip
in less than an hour.
Yeah, but it'll take
them ages to get in there.
Crash site's almost
inaccessible by road.
You know, if you go,
you're gonna miss your flight.
I can get there quicker.
Can't thank you enough, mate.
I can't hang about but.
No worries. Let's go.
Hi, I'm Wayne. I'm a
doctor with the RFDS.
What's your name?
Patrick, we're gonna
get you sorted, okay?
I got thrown.
Whereabouts on your
body did you land, Patrick?
Did you hit your head?
Got any shade?
Jared, get some shade.
How are you feeling?
I can't can't breathe breathe.
- You can't breathe?
- Can't breathe.
I think you've punctured your left lung.
I'm gonna get a needle in,
relieve the pressure, okay?
Here we go.
- Where's your radio?
- In the ute.
Alright, come round here, mate.
Just stay with him.
Hold that very gently.
If he has a hard time breathing
I want you to yell, okay?
RFDS aircraft, Mike
Quebec Delta, do you copy?
This is Mike Quebec Delta, go ahead.
Hi, it's Wayne. How're you travelling?
Wheel's down in 15.
Is Eliza there?
I'm here.
How's the patient?
Was thrown from a
Robbie when it crashed.
He's got a tension pneumo,
among other things.
We'll have to get a chest drain in.
Do you want to get him out first?
It's not ideal but we'll
have to do it out here.
And I know you're moving
but as fast as you can please.
That's the same as Rhiannon's.
How're you doing?
It's harder.
I'll get another one in.
Mike Quebec Delta, this is Mira.
Alright, let's try this.
We've just landed at the airstrip.
Leaving as soon as possible.
Any word on that plane?
Just landed. Leaving the airstrip now.
What do we do now, Doc?
Wait for the cavalry.
Ben. Hey, mate.
G'day, mate.
My name's Pete.
I'm here to help you.
You're Ben, aren't you?
You alright?
Let's get you warm.
Have you had any seizures, mate?
You wait here.
Good boy.
You know what the good news is?
We found your dad.
He's gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay too.
Can you have a little drink for me?
Nice and slow.
That's it.
Good boy.
It's alright.
No hurry.
Let's just have a camp
here for a second.
You alright?
Never been happier to see you lot.
Patrick's 38.
He fell 3m, landing on his feet.
The main issue is a right
tension pneumothorax.
A 14 gauge IV provided
some temporary relief
but he needs a chest tube.
He has pain in both feet
and mid-thoracic pain
but I haven't had a chance
to assess him properly.
He's your patient.
Okay, Matty, let's get him moved.
Alright, might sting a little bit.
Good boy. You're tough, aren't you?
I'm gonna tell your dad when we see him.
How are you feeling now?
What do you reckon we
try some of your medicine?
Here we go.
Right and nice and slow.
Good boy.
That's alright.
I don't feel good.
You know what?
I think we might have
to walk out of here.
How do you feel about me carrying you?
Or do you wanna carry me?
Mate, you sure?
'Cause I think you probably could.
Alright, on my count.
One, two.
Matty, let's go 25 of IV fentanyl.
Do you want me to give him local
anaesthetic so you can set up?
That'd be great, thanks.
Patrick, we're giving you
something for the pain,
but it won't numb the
lining of your lung, okay.
You'll still feel some
pushing and prodding.
Guys, don't touch anything,
even if it looks like it's
gonna blow away, alright?
Anything I'm not seeing?
Looks pretty textbook to me.
It's getting harder.
Alright, I've got to get in.
Alright, you ready, Patrick?
You got the pleura?
Puncturing it now.
Yeah, I know it hurts,
mate, I know it hurts.
This won't take long.
Right, tube?
There we go.
Want me to close?
That'd be great, thanks.
How we going for time?
Don't know.
Don't they wait for you?
Hey, what are you doing right now?
You alright, mate?
I think he's found him!
What happened to the sat phone?
I'm stuffed.
Can we get a Ute, mate?
They've found him.
Copy that. Stay there.
We're sending someone to get you now.
Shame your exam wasn't in Adelaide.
We could have dropped you off.
How you feeling? You okay?
We're nearly there, mate.
Go back, go back,
that's definitely a clue.
- I didn't see anything.
- Tommy, did you get it?
What? No, where? Where?
- Where?
- No, no, no, go back, go back.
Tommy, go back.
Okay, okay, alright.
Okay, so I'm heading
back, I'm heading back.
Did you say it was
around here somewhere?
Hold on.
Henry, you there?
Mum, where are you?
Heading to Adelaide.
It's been one of those days.
With any luck we should
be home 9:30, 10:00.
Oh, cool.
I was wondering,
maybe Leonie could stop by
and have dinner with you?
You can't be alone two nights in a row.
I'm not alone.
- You're not?
- No.
I've really got to go.
I think Henry's got a friend.
Tommy, you there?
Tommy, you there?
It's been a while
since I've been up here.
I like it.
You can see the whole town.
Wonder what everyone's
doing with their lives.
Well, what are they doing?
This family,
they're staying up late
to play a board game.
Or this old couple over here
they're sitting down to the same meal
they've had every Saturday
for the past 50 years.
This house, she's just
sprung him cheating on her.
Well, she's yelling, "Go, get out!"
And he's screaming,
"No, I still love you!
You're sick.
I like the happy stories.
Yeah, well, happy stories are boring.
How are you?
Everyone keeps asking me that.
I was out at Wyama today.
I kept thinking about how
if I get lost
nobody is gonna come find me.
Hey, it's okay.
There's so many people that
would come looking for you.
I'll come looking for you.
I will.
I'm sorry.
No, no, I am
- You're upset.
- Don't.
Don't feel sorry for me.
- Don't be like everyone else.
- I don't feel sorry for you.
Hey. Sorry about before.
It's fine.
Is now a better time?
Yeah, heaps. What's up?
Well, I I wanted to ask you
if if I'd crossed a line with you?
What line?
Well, I'm your boss and we had sex.
We did.
Is this something we
should tell Leonie about?
Why would we do that?
Well, someone might
report it and feel that
Honestly, I don't think anyone
would be that interested.
Eliza, are you there?
I'll call you back.
- What, again?
- I'll call you back.
You're a hypocrite.
It wasn't like that.
You've done exactly
the same thing as Dad.
Henry, please wait.
Are you and Dad over?
Things with your Dad and I
are complicated, you know that.
But is it over?
I don't I don't know.
You're lying.
What are you doing?
You will bloody freeze out here.
The stars are out.
Come on, come in.
What do you think happens when we die?
I I don't know.
You don't believe in God?
I don't believe in nothing.
I don't know what I believe in.
Hey, I've been thinking
why don't we go out and
stay at Wyama for a bit?
You'll come with me?
Yeah, if you want.
Everyone keeps saying
I'll be able to feel them but
I can't feel anything.
I can feel your mum.
Every time I look at you
she's right here.
Have you got eyes on this dust?
We're coming down through a dust storm.
Could we get anymore time back here?
Giving adrenaline.
In this turbulence?
We're going to need lights
and sirens on the tarmac.
Top of descent,
Broken Hill request clearance.
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