RFDS (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

I remember doing my APLS.
- If you need a hand.
- No, I'm good, thanks.
He's always like this before an exam.
What happens if he fails?
He doesn't.
So, how's Henry?
I think it'll be easier when
he's made a couple of friends.
No, he's just running the strip.
It's the best way to keep goats
out of your undercarriage or roos.
Well, I wanted to ask you if
I'd crossed a line with you?
- What line?
- I'm your boss and we had sex.
You're a hypocrite.
I'm sorry.
No, no, I am.
- Taylor?
- Don't feel sorry for me.
Don't be like everyone else.
Why don't we go out and stay at Wyama?
You'll come with me?
Yeah, if you want.
Didn't your mum have a
plan to do this place up?
Rent the shearer's quarters out
for camps and outback tourists?
I plan to have it up
and running by the time
I get out here full-time.
Yeah, right.
And when's that happening?
Next year, after I finish school.
Really? I thought you'd want to go
to uni or go backpacking or something?
Wyama has been in our
family for 130 years.
If I don't run it, who will?
I'm leaving.
Are you sure I can't drop you at school?
The library's open.
Do we really need to
lock in my nerd status?
Look, I know you said you
don't want to talk about it
Still don't.
But if that changes
OK, I'll see you after school.
Henry, you there?
- Tommy? Kieran?
- How'd you go?
- She gone?
- Yeah.
- We've started.
- Yeah, ready to go.
Oh, you are a lifesaver.
This isn't some act of benevolence.
It's more for me than it is for you.
Well, thank you.
For today, for the whole week.
- No worries.
- Cheers.
Nail it every time.
So, how long are you going to
keep staying out at Wyama for?
Oh, we're mixing it up.
I cut a deal, we're
staying in town tonight.
And how's Taylor?
In her element. Apparently,
she's moving out there next year.
And you're not keen on that?
It's not up to me.
Nate was insolvent.
Does Taylor know that?
Thank god!
I wasn't sure if it was my
turn to do the coffee run today?
- Oh sorry, I
- No, no it was me.
I I forgot.
Oh, that's fine.
I had an instant this morning.
Heads up, we might have
some weather this arvo.
There's a cold front coming through.
So, you took the call, did you?
Yeah, I spoke to his wife.
She said he was crook.
Well, crook will tell
you a lot about a fella.
It's a lot better than dead
but heaps worse than fine.
Doors closed.
It's Ged McLean, right?
- You know him?
- Ged, yeah, yeah. Ged's a good fella.
His wife brought him into
the clinic a few months ago.
Tired, fatiguing easily,
bit of weight loss.
His blood showed iron deficiency
and he had positive FOBs.
Sounds like bowel cancer.
We gave him a referral for a colonoscopy
but I doubt he made
his booking appointment.
Why's that?
It's impossible to get
blokes off the land out here.
You'll see.
Cabin secure and ready for take-off?
Cabin secure.
Alright, isolating you folks.
Coming down to land now.
Isolating you guys.
Pooncarie inbound on descent.
Joining town with
runway, 1-0 position 3-5.
What star sign are you?
You know like Aries, Libra
I don't really believe
in any of that stuff.
That's right, definitely a Taurus.
Was that
Did we just hit something?
Bloody roo.
Good luck, mate, keep us in the loop.
Hey, Graham, I heard you hit a roo.
Never been a lucky man.
Never picked a winning horse.
Married the wrong woman.
Blake, roo strike in Pooncarie.
How bad is it?
Think I've ruptured a brake line.
Blake can head out there now.
It'll be a couple of hours though.
I'm a patient man.
I packed sudoku.
Course you did.
Hi, I'm Wayne. I'm a
doctor with the RFDS.
- What's your name?
- Ryan.
I had to cut the boot off
to feel for a pulse but
How long ago was that, Tiff?
Oh, about an hour, hour and a half ago.
Happy if I touch your foot, Ryan?
Everything OK?
Just Mum.
Didn't know about the dirt bike, huh?
Not really.
I had scouts coming down to watch me
play footy this weekend and everything.
You must be pretty handy then?
I did a draft camp a few years back.
It didn't work out.
And now you've got another chance?
How is it doc?
Well, it's definitely ischemic.
But we're going to try and temporise it,
get the blood flowing
back into your foot,
then we'll get you into surgery.
Will I play again?
We're gonna do everything we can
to get you back out there, OK?
Matty, draw up 100mg of ketamine in 10ml
and we'll titrate to effect.
I'm hoping for a favour.
We've got a US in Pooncarie.
Unserviceable aircraft.
Graham clipped a roo on
his way down this morning.
Graham hit a roo.
Bet he loved that.
male, 75kg.
Fractured dislocation of the
ankle, foot's ischemic, no pulse.
We're going to try and reduce it now.
Any chance you can collect
him on your way back?
P2 in Pooncarie.
Weight's 75 kilos.
Yeah, I reckon we can make that work.
Shouldn't be a problem.
Thought that was you.
Just hold up, Rob. Two seconds.
Hey, the amended forecast has
that front arriving a lot sooner.
I reckon we should be
back within the hour.
- Hey, Rob.
- Hello.
Mate, you are going to love these two.
I'll bet you 10 bucks right
now Robyn's made scones for us.
Rob, this is Dr Harrod.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Oh, and a Brit and everything.
Tell me, have you met the Queen?
I have been to a garden party once.
10 bucks.
Thought I'd just ate a bad
prawn, but it hasn't let up.
And when was that?
- Sorry?
- The prawns?
Oh, he didn't.
It's just an expression.
He just means he's
been feeling a bit off.
- A bit crook?
- There you go.
And how long have you been
feeling crook for, Ged?
Oh, I dunno.
Well, mate, take take a stab for me.
He was up vomiting Tuesday night.
BP up, 136 on 92, heart rate's 128.
OK, do you mind if I examine you?
I heard you got under a bit
of rain out this way, Ged?
Oh, patchy as.
Got the neighbours, missed our two dams.
- Oh, gees.
- Sorry.
Generalised tenderness and guarding.
It's alright, mate.
He's going to need a nasogastric tube.
What is it?
What does that mean?
Ah, well, look, we're not 100%,
but he could have a bit of bleeding
or an infection in the belly.
So, we're going to have to get
him to hospital quick smart.
Hold up, Ged.
Sorry, mate.
Are you ready?
Alright, one, two.
There we go.
We've got a pulse.
Feeling better?
You go, I'll splint this.
Thanks, Tiff.
- Matty, can you take that?
- Mm-hm.
Eliza, how we tracking?
We're not actually.
Our situation's not quite as advertised.
We're not going to make it to Pooncarie.
Don't even worry about it.
- I'm sorry.
- No, no, I'll sort something out.
Good luck.
One, two, three.
That's it.
There we go.
Alright mate, here we go.
What are they feeding you?
How do you reckon I'm getting up there?
Hey? We've got a winch mate.
Alright, just don't
Careful, you don't want to,
you don't want to push it.
- I'm fine.
- I know you're fine, mate.
We just don't want to make
a bad situation worse, do we?
Hand on there, mate.
Just around the corner there, Ged.
That's it. Just hold up.
On that bed, that's good.
I'm so sorry.
You right?
See, that's why you've
got to listen to us.
I'll help you. Ready?
You right?
Alright, Ged, I'm going to do
a quick ECG before we take off.
Tell you what Rob,
you could have done something
about this chest hair, couldn't you?
Next time you're shearing those rams,
you might want to thrown
him in there with them.
What do you reckon, Ged?
At least two pairs of socks out of that?
Don't make me laugh.
I thought my heart was the one
thing that wasn't wrong with me.
Hey, well, we just want to check
and make sure it's doing OK.
Just hold still for me, mate.
OK, BP and heart rate's up a
little but that's that's good.
That's pretty good.
OK, door's closed.
We ready?
Are you coming with us, Robyn?
We've got stock on feed.
Bugger the stock.
Ged, we're not mucking
around here, mate.
This is a big one.
Kev's away.
It's too much for Gibbo.
It's OK, Robbie.
I'll be right.
We need to get going.
Take good care of him.
Yeah, we'll be in touch,
Rob, as soon as we land.
Clear door.
See you, Rob.
Well, how long before we get
the plane in the air again?
Three, maybe four hours.
Blake's on his way and a brake
line's pretty straightforward.
And if it's more than a brake line?
Then we'll reassess.
Or we could bite the bullet
and make the decision to road him now.
- What are you worried about?
- The patient.
We're only two hours
out from Broken Hill.
And that's worth leaving
the safety of the plane for?
The sooner we get him into surgery,
the better his recovery will be.
Well, it's your call, you're the doctor,
bit I promised I'd
always tell you the truth
and I think you're being pig-headed.
I'll let the hospital
know you're on your way.
Come on.
See this is what I love about
Tiff, her excellent taste.
Should you be touching her stuff?
How you going to get the ute back?
I was going to rope Darren in.
Good luck with that.
- I'm right.
- You sure?
Yeah, honestly, I can't feel much.
Hey, there's Blake!
He's making good time.
How's that pain Ged out of ten?
Bit of turbulence up ahead, folks.
Seat belts on if you can.
Couple of bumps up ahead.
Probably, just a cold front.
- Any rain in it?
- Gees, that'd be nice, wouldn't it?
- Oh, oh!
- You're right, you're right.
And that'd be the turbulence.
Chuck us your bag.
Oh, yeah.
You alright, Ged? Ged?
Feels, feels like a rock.
We need an ECG.
Where's the GTN spray?
Ah, drawer number one.
It's alright, Ged, we're just
going to work out what's going on.
I'm just going to spray
this under your tongue, OK?
Alright, marked ST segment elevation.
It's anterolateral.
OK, Ged, your heart's
under a little bit of strain
but we're going to help you.
Is the pain in your chest still there?
Are we still sticking with fentanyl?
His oxygen sat's at 97%.
25 micrograms of
fentanyl, 300mg of aspirin.
More GTN?
What's his blood pressure?
104 on 82.
Yeah, let's do it.
You right, Ged?
He's arrested.
He's in asystole.
OK, ah, Mira, we need to
upgrade our status to Medivac.
How far away is the nearest base?
Maybe 15?
We're going to need lights
and sirens on the tarmac.
Copy that.
Pete, I'm giving adrenaline.
I want to tube him on the next cycle.
- In this turbulence?
- If we can.
Flydoc 257, top of descent Broken Hill.
Request clearance and we're now Medivac.
Flydoc 257 cleared to leave control area
descending QNH 1009.
Copy Medivac.
And I have Speci Broken
Hill when ready to copy.
VJC, Mike Quebec Delta.
Mike Quebec Delta, this is VJC.
We need lights and sirens, ETA seven.
Have you got eyes on this dust?
Rob, get the doors closed.
There's a dust storm coming!
OK, righto. Alright, alright.
Bish, Mike Quebec Delta is on descent.
Medivac. Get the tug ready.
Yeah, righto.
Someone get the back door.
27, 28, 29, 30.
Stop compressions. Rhythm check.
No change.
OK, here we go.
Hey, we can go the Larry.
I've got it.
Stop compressions.
- 30.
- Rhythm check.
He's still in asystole, let's swap.
Yeah, if you're happy.
When you're ready.
Three, two, one, change.
Pete, Eliza, how are
you going back there?
We're a bit busy back
here mate. What's going on?
Well, I'm going to need you
in your seat for landing.
We're coming down through a dust storm.
I don't approach it as a science,
but it definitely is a philosophy.
And this guy hates talking about it.
Horoscopes are not philosophy.
Then how do you explain it?
It's confirmation bias.
Classic Taurus.
Stoic, stubborn, stuck in his ways.
I'm not stuck in my ways.
It's OK, it's not a bad thing.
We balance each other out.
- What are you?
- Me, I'm a Gemini.
Curious, playful.
I'm like the farm dog to Dr Yates' bull.
I want to get in there
and unlock the fence rope.
- Grr.
- That's not what a farm dog does.
What does it do then?
It keeps the bull in the paddock.
See, this is what I'm talking about.
See, he's loving it.
29, 30.
Rhythm check.
No change.
Resuming compressions.
We're going to need a
bit more time back here.
Copy that, I'll hold at
the start of the approach.
Let me know when you're ready.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You want a hand?
- I'm right thanks.
- Can we chat?
- Nuh, I'm busy.
Are you insane? I could have hit you!
You could be dead!
No, you weren't, you
weren't going to hit me.
You don't know that! I couldn't see you!
- What were you thinking?
- Why are you avoiding me?
I'm not avoiding you.
Look I I want us to be friends again.
We were never friends.
- Yeah right.
- You worked with my mum.
- That is it, Darren.
- You and I hung out.
Not really, not until
after the accident.
And then suddenly you're everywhere.
What were you even doing
the night you picked me up?
I was coming back from Wilcannia.
But you stopped.
Because you were on the highway.
You were going to get hit by a truck!
You like hanging around tragedy?
- Is that it?
- Taylor.
No, honestly tell me.
I would love to know.
- Seriously.
- What?
Get in.
Get in!
29, 30.
Rhythm check.
- We've got him.
- We've got him.
We've got him.
OK, cabin secure for landing.
Copy that. Isolating you now.
How's that ambulance?
Any luck?
Yeah, they're attempting
an instrument approach now.
Get ready to open the doors.
28, 29, 30.
- Cockpit open.
- We good?
Mira, Mira, are we good?
- Hang on.
- Come on.
Yeah, you're free to
move around the cabin.
They're pushing us in.
Any update on that ambulance?
- Not yet.
- 29, 30.
Hey, break.
One, two.
No change.
Adrenaline given.
- Want me to sub in?
- No, I'm good.
You need a break.
Alright, Mira, good for you.
OK, thank you.
Three, two, one, change.
No chance of an ambulance.
So, it's just us then, eh?
Looks like it.
25, 26
No change.
I'm fatiguing.
Alright, I'm back in.
24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30.
Rhythm check.
No change.
Resuming compressions.
OK, once more.
Hypoxia, electrolytes,
temperature, hypovolemia,
tension, tamponade, toxins.
We know there's a thrombus
but there's nothing more
we can do about that.
All others have been
excluded or corrected.
- No change.
- I can keep going.
- Pete.
- I'm good.
This is his second arrest.
He's had six rounds of adrenaline.
There's no electrical activity.
I'm calling it.
Time of death, 2:05 pm.
Don't remember the last
time I saw one that big.
How does it stay up there?
- All that dust?
- It's wind, isn't it?
No, it's static electricity,
like when your hair stands on end.
The wind picks it up,
but the dust particles,
they vibrate off each other.
When it's as big as that,
it perpetuates itself.
Only a Taurus would look that up.
OK, here we go.
It's like the world's ending.
Won't last long.
Are you OK?
- Where's my bag?
- What bag?
My puffer.
- You're asthmatic?
- It's in the tray.
- I'll go.
- No, no, no.
No, it's sheltered my side.
Put something on your face.
Hey, mate, we're gonna take
some deep breaths, alright?
Nice and slow.
Here we go.
In, out.
There we are.
That's really good, Ryan.
That's good.
Doing really well, mate.
That's mine.
You got a spacer?
Alright, Ryan, we're doing 12 puffs.
That's it.
That's it, mate.
Nice and easy.
That's it, mate. Keep breathing.
I think the storm's passed.
That's it.
My bike's out there.
It's a dirt bike.
Yeah, it can't be good for it.
You're right
I have been avoiding you.
I'm sorry.
I was just embarrassed.
I kissed you and you
didn't kiss me back.
You were upset.
I didn't want to take advantage or
I kissed you 'cause I liked you.
You like me?
Yeah, I do.
I can call her.
I'm the treating doctor.
It's my responsibility
to inform the next of kin.
Yeah, but I've known them for years.
It should come from me.
Stick to the facts.
Don't get emotional and
try not to tell her that
everything's going to be OK.
And if she has any questions
Yeah, you're right here.
Leave a message.
Hey, Robyn, it's Pete
Emerson from the RFDS,
if you could just give me a call-back.
It's Henry.
- I'll be one sec.
- Yeah.
Hey, how was school?
Yeah, I just got home and
there's dirt everywhere.
What do you mean?
It's in the house, it's on everything.
Did you go to school today?
And you didn't notice
the enormous dust storm
that came through?
What did you do today?
Did you even go outside?
Well, who cares? What does it matter?
- What?
- You do whatever you want.
You don't ever think
about anybody but yourself!
I mean, I shouldn't
be impressed, but I am.
That's that's a valiant effort.
Anyway, you guys go ahead.
I'll meet you at the pub.
Alright, bye.
How's Ryan?
He's being assessed for surgery.
It's looking good.
They're confident he'll
make a full recovery.
Good. That's great.
Oh, guess who I just had
on the old dog and bone?
- Dog and bone?
- Yeah, it's like slang for
I know what it is.
Well, you gonna guess?
- Your mum?
- No, Tiff.
Close. Graham.
Got home about an hour before us.
Apparently, Blake just pulled
that brake line right out.
Come on, not even you could
have predicted a dust storm.
- Robyn?
- Oh sorry, had to pull over.
Oh, you, you came in?
Yeah, got held up with the storm.
I'm about 130k from Broken Hill.
How is he?
Robyn, we lost him on the flight.
He had a heart attack and arrested
and we worked on him for 43 minutes
but he was unable to be revived.
You there, Rob?
What do I do?
Do I come in or do I go back?
Well, he's here if you want to see him.
You be there?
Of course, Rob, yeah.
She's on her way in.
She's here.
Was he in pain?
He wasn't conscious.
I tried to get him to come in.
I should have made him come in.
That one's a star.
No, that's a planet.
It's Venus.
Right, it's Jupiter or something.
Shut up.
Oh, bugger.
- Hey.
- Where are you?
I'm I'm coming home from Wyama.
Yeah, how far away?
Still a bit of a way out.
How far?
I'm still here.
I'm sorry, Pete.
I lost track of time but it's dark.
Maybe I should just stay here?
No, you're not you're
not staying out of town.
Well, then I'll come in.
You can't drive at night.
There's too many roos.
Then how's this going to work?
What happens when I'm living out here?
We haven't discussed that yet.
There's nothing to discuss.
- This is my home.
- Yeah, but it's not, is it, Taylor?
You don't own it, the bank does.
I thought you knew that.
Everyone's been doing it tough.
But he had a plan. He was
sorting it out with the bank.
Yeah, but he couldn't do it, mate.
You know, he was
he was up to the hilt.
I'll come and get you.
No, you know what, I'll drive myself in.
Thought you might've cleaned up?
It's not my mess.
I know how hard this has been for you.
First with your dad
and then with coming out here.
I'm not perfect.
I know I've made mistakes.
But we were going to have
an adventure, remember?
Make some new friends, see Australia?
I understand
why you wanted to leave London
but I'm old enough now.
I can live where I want.
I want to go home.
I want to live with Dad.
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