RFDS (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

So she's the one that took his job?
You weren't here the night
I found out I didn't get it.
I had applied to every
hospital in the eastern states.
Wyama has been in our
family for 130 years.
I plan to have it up and running
by the time I get out here full-time.
Nate was insolvent.
Does Taylor know that?
I'm heading out hunting
with Uncle Timmy.
Make sure he's taking his pills, OK?
I want to go home.
I want to live with Dad.
Have you got your passport?
Um, I want you to message
me when you get to Sydney.
And Dubai.
And London.
Yes, Mum.
Hen, I
MAN: Australian Airlines
would like to advise passengers
travelling to Sydney on
Right. Oh.
I love you.
Me too.
Two weeks.
Go son, go.
Move that skinny black arse.
Go son, go.
Hey, shoulder charge.
What's wrong with ya, ref?
Open your bloody eyes.
Penalty to the Boomerangs.
What? What for?
Abuse, mate.
- Abuse?
- Abuse.
I'll show you abuse, you bloody idiot.
Uncle. Uncle. Uncle Timmy.
Are you alright?
- Please, please, please, please.
- Mm-mm.
- This is me begging. This is me begging.
- Mm-mm.
I'm praying and begging.
Pete, swap shifts with me.
Oh, just face your fears, Matthew.
We ready to go?
Ah, what, what, what's happening?
I don't know, case review meeting.
That thing we do every single month.
No, mate, I meant with these two.
Mum tears.
Henry's gone back to
London for two weeks.
Oh, I just can't
handle parental emotion.
It's too triggering.
Have you ever tried just
regular human conversation?
OK, I'll just start, shall I?
Ryan Pearce, 23, fractured tib-fib,
ankle dislocation, ischemic
Sorry, mate.
Why has he gone?
It's just for the school holidays.
Oh, the way Eliza was
crying, I'm not so sure.
Well, that's just the
way the rosters are, OK?
No, I'm talking about Eliza.
"Sorry, your son would rather
spend time with his cheating,
publicly disgraced father 20,000km away.
That must suck."
Ah, quad bike versus 18-year-old male.
Can we be prepped for
pelvic trauma please, Matty?
Yeah, I'm always prepped
for pelvic trauma.
Right. Good.
Alright. Thanks, everyone.
Meeting adjourned.
Hey, Darren, what's up?
OK, get him on his
side under some shade.
I'll call the hospital.
Who is it?
It's Timmy.
Oh, told you they were coming.
Thanks for coming.
So what's the go with him
and Timmy at the moment?
I can never keep up.
He refused to budge.
So this is what it takes to
see me little brother, eh?
You could try going to clinic.
Pulse is 110.
He won't let me take a BP.
Puffy and swollen in face and legs.
Yeah, you're no oil painting, either.
Oi. Thanks, Jen.
So what happened?
Oh, he just collapsed.
Yeah, from shock.
It's that dumbass ref.
First Darren nearly gets knocked out
then I'm the one who gets sin binned.
Knocked out?
No, it was just a bump.
I'm fine.
Hey, am I gonna get
any medical help here
or youse two have just come for a yarn?
Hey, Miraball.
How are you feeling, Timmy?
Yeah, I'm thirsty.
Ah, I can fix that.
Oh, thanks very much.
Hey, what's that?
Just a little prick.
It'll take two minutes.
Was that his pick-up
line with you, Mira?
Yeah, or something about a cockpit.
Hey. Ooh.
His bedside manner this bad at home?
He never stops working.
You gotta take it easy, Wayney.
You're 42 now.
That's 60 in Blackfella years.
Alright, how's this for bedside manner?
If you skip clinic,
you miss your pills, you
hang out with Johnny Walker,
you end up in hospital.
Yeah, well it's ah,
Doctor Tooheys, actually,
and you'd know that if
you ever come to visit.
Creatinine's 410.
Potassium's 5.6.
Well, what does that mean?
It means you need to
get checked out properly.
In hospital.
Yeah, no, no, no, no.
Hospital's where people go to die.
Uncle, please.
Any update?
He's almost landed in Sydney.
That's nice.
No, I meant the, um, the patient.
Oh, yeah, no change.
Eliza, we've got Base on radio.
Doctor Harrod.
It's Leonie.
Ah, slight issue.
Apparently, they forgot to mention
they left their utes 75km back up river.
Any Robbies around?
None at the moment.
I don't want anyone moving him
until I get a vac-mat under him
in case of any spinal injuries.
You could land at Archer instead.
It's closer.
Yeah, but no lights on the runway.
We'd have to be out before nightfall.
So wait, how are we
getting to the patient?
Ever ridden one?
Actually, quite a bit.
Ed's family have a
lavender farm up in Kinross.
We'd spend all our summers there.
Well, we did.
The lavender I expected,
the quaddies not so much.
Oh, no, no, I prefer to keep
the cerebrospinal fluid inside my head.
I'm Doctor Harrod.
This is Flight Nurse Matty.
Gidday. Mikey.
This little boofhead's
my brother-in-law, Ferret.
- Good to go?
- Ooh.
Fun. Yeah, this'll be, this'll be fun.
Enjoy the trip.
Must be back by 18:30.
Right, no wuckers, mate.
I'm fine.
I, I feel better.
Uncle. You're not.
Just go get checked out.
You right? That's it.
You sure you're OK?
Yeah, I'm fine. Just look after him.
Yeah, not too bad
looking for a nurse, eh?
Yeah, it's just a shame
all those Menindee women
are spoken for, Timmy.
- Hey, you're in luck.
That kidney doctor's going to see
us at the hospital, 1:00 tomorrow.
What's wrong with you?
You're even more serious than usual.
Mira. What's wrong with him?
He's a serious man, Timmy.
Hey, you should have seen
him when we were young.
Dad'd take us out carving emu eggs.
If Wayney made one little
mistake, that was it, eh.
He'd smash it up and go home.
Wouldn't you, Wayney?
You know, if Darren keeps riding
out three times a week to see you,
eventually he's gonna hit something.
It's not just me he's coming out to see.
He might be making a little,
you know, detour along the way.
Hey, he's 19.
What do you reckon?
Oh, mate.
For two fellas who live together,
youse don't yarn much, do youse?
He's new girlfriend's place.
Taylor Swift.
Yeah, we're over here, Doc.
Alright, Bomber.
Doctor Love is here, you lucky thing.
Ah, pulse is 115. Quite hypotensive.
85 over 60.
Ah, I'm sorry, Bomber.
I think that pelvis is fractured.
Matty, I'm going to
get up a unit of blood.
Can you draw up 200
micrograms of Fentanyl in 20ml?
Is, is that bad?
Does it sound good, numb nuts?
It's serious, but we're
going to get you stabilised
and then get you to the help
you need in hospital, OK?
Oh, my goodness, what
What are you shooting?
Well it's not just what,
but who out here, mate.
Feral pigs. We're culling them.
Yeah, sometimes we let 'em
go, but we castrate 'em first.
More fun for the next time, eh, Bomber?
You sound just like my ex-boyfriend.
Oh, no, don't worry. I'm joking.
Couldn't even cut off his own mother.
Let's get that Fentanyl in, shall we?
See ya, Mira.
See ya, Timmy.
Sorry about him.
Love ya.
Love you too, brother.
Oh, easy sunshine.
You got precious merchandise on here.
- Sorry, mate.
- Oh.
Now just be nice until they
get your checks done, yeah.
Don't humbug any nurses.
See ya.
So did you know about Darren and Taylor?
No, but they make a cute couple.
What, you don't agree?
No, I just don't know why
he never told me, that's all.
Oh, but he told Timmy.
Look, you have been a bit
Grumpy, I was going to say.
No need to apologise to me.
Now we're in-laws, mate,
are we doing Chrissy
at my place or yours?
Things not bad enough?
What, are you serious?
I've been waiting for her to rebel
with some dickhead half-back from Easts.
Darren's a major win.
Hey. Wayne, you got a sec?
Yeah, sure.
Oi, so what are you two
calling each other these days?
No labels, no expectations.
It's the key to a healthy relationship.
What, you set the bar so low
that everything's a bonus?
Yeah, it works for your
fashion sense, doesn't it?
Ey, you know I voted yes, by the way.
For youse mob getting married.
That was you?
Cheers for that.
You wanna be as miserable
as the rest of us, go ahead,
knacker bags, eh, Bomber?
There is a little bit
of free fluid in there.
OK, Matty, I'm going to set up an IDC.
Can you check for blood
at the urethral tip?
What tip?
I'm going to put a little plastic tube
up into your bladder to
help you pee, Bomber, OK?
Through where?
Ah, up the old fella.
Look out, Bomber.
Don't worry, sounds worse than it is.
Can you put that back, please?
Alright, Bomber, Ferret's just jealous
you're getting more action than
he has his whole life, mate.
You do realise that your nephew
is very sick and very scared?
Yeah, and I'm just having a laugh.
Well, he's not.
OK, let's get that catheter
in and that brace on.
We need to go.
What's up?
Ah, Melbourne Hospital.
The Chief just called
about a reference request.
OK, months ago when
Eliza got the SMO job,
I vented with some online applications.
I knew you wanted the job,
but I didn't realise
Well, it clearly didn't last because
I'd completely forgotten about it.
Apparently, Melbourne
haven't. They seem pretty keen.
I mean, I get it.
You could do your
ob-stets at the same time.
Get all the letters you want.
Are you trying to get rid of me?
You are irreplaceable.
I'd be devastated.
But unfortunately,
I'm cursed with the affliction
of wanting to do what's right for you.
I'm not going anywhere.
And now I've got Timmy as well, so
How is he?
We'll see.
- But we're good?
- We're good.
Scared the hell out of me.
It's nice to be wanted though, hey?
OK, this is going to hurt a little bit,
but it'll feel much better once it's on.
What is it?
You think you're better
than us, don't ya?
Ah, Mikey. How fast do those
I'm not talking to you, princess.
Eliza, Graham. How're we looking?
Yep, we're half an hour away.
OK, let's tighten this and
get him prepped for transport.
You gonna answer my question, Doc?
- Mikey.
- Shut up.
You know what I think?
I think that your nephew's pelvis
is slowly filling with blood.
We're running out of light
and everything that
comes out of your mouth,
it only increases our chances
of being stuck here overnight,
which would be
undesirable on many fronts.
Not the least of which your nephew
could end up with
permanent nerve damage,
venous thromboembolism or worse.
Oi, you see this?
OK, let's just
This is a Ruger 77, Winchester 458
with a custom hammer forged barrel.
Four pound single stage trigger,
with a 3x42 scope on QD mounts.
So don't go around
thinking you're so special.
'Cause you're not, and
you're not better than us.
Hey, stop it. No.
I've got you. Let's dance, pretty boy.
- Enough.
- Come on.
Yeah, you've
No, no, no, no.
Hey. Matty.
Oh, my God.
Wow. I'm having major flashbacks.
To what, being dunny flushed?
No, I was cool. You see that trophy?
I captained the team
that won that trophy.
Mm, and what year was that?
I don't know.
So what are your grades like?
'Cause that's probably something
I should know, isn't it?
Um, I-I don't think
that's why we're here.
What, did you get expelled?
I might have kind of expelled myself.
Pete. Taylor.
Thanks for coming.
- Yeah, what's that s'posed to
- Can you not right now?
It's just a nick.
From a hunting knife
covered in feral pig blood.
Yeah, what could go wrong?
No, no, Ferret, leave that in.
Ah, OK.
Ah. Oh, it's dark.
So venous and probably no major vessels.
We're going to need a combine on it.
I got it, I got it. You go.
Yeah, just lie there.
Lie there, big fella.
What was that for, Ferret?
The last ten years.
Alright, you stay still.
Matty, we need 200 of ketamine.
Mikey, you either come with us
sedated, or you bleed out here.
Your choice.
Hold that.
OK, and you hold that for me, please?
Graham? You copy?
How're we looking?
This sun's only going one way.
Yeah, well there's been a
slight change in sit-rep.
We've now got three patients.
Try four.
Hey, you.
How's Timmy?
Well the nurse was
cursing him when I arrived
and they were best friends by
the time I left, so same as usual.
Sounds like Timmy.
Hey, you never told me all
that stuff about your Dad.
Did he carve this one?
He gave that to me when
I got into medicine.
And what about these two boomerangs?
So I'll go away, but
I'll always come back.
To the future Prime Minister.
- Hmm.
- No pressure.
I do owe you an apology.
I have been serious.
And grumpy.
So I thought I could make it up to you
with dinner at Mario's tonight.
Bit of salmon, bit of
steak, what do you reckon?
I reckon that sounds amazing,
but unfortunately, I
have to get up at 5am
to assess station aerodromes.
Equally romantic.
Maybe tomorrow night?
How's Uncle Timmy?
Yeah, he's good. He's at the hospital.
Meeting's tomorrow.
I told him to take his pills.
I know, but you can't force him.
Hey, um, so you and Taylor?
Here we go.
I knew you'd have an opinion.
Actually, my opinion is she should
come around for a meal sometime.
If that's what you mean.
Yeah, OK.
Oh, well, I'll ask her.
Easy as.
I won't even ask.
OK, must leave now.
Yep, cabin secure for take off.
Any issues, just yell
out or tap me on the leg.
You know I'm not like that.
Sorry, what was that?
The hunting.
I do it for the peace and quiet.
You shoot pigs from quad bikes
with this guy for peace and quiet?
Before the drought, when
the river had water in it,
I'd hop in my kayak and
just float down-stream.
You know, past all the roos and birds.
And when I see one, I just do it.
Just one shot, real quick.
So wait, why do they call you
Actually don't answer that.
You don't need to.
They call me Ferret because when
I was ten, I had a pet ferret.
Real name's Andrew.
I don't know whether to be
relieved or disappointed.
So, ah, where do you live
when you're not chasing pigs?
So on a scale of one to never,
how much chance do I have
of changing your mind?
Well, if we're broke,
we have to work twice as hard
to get the station back, so
By "we" you mean, what, you and Darren?
Hey, no offence.
You're like 40 years old,
no girlfriend, no kids, and a
bunch of half-finished furniture.
Just you know, before you start
giving me relationship advice
we're very different.
I'm actually 38.
I'm sorry, I may have overstepped.
By metres.
It was actually kind of amazing, though.
I nearly got us shot.
But I was way more scared
of you than I was of him.
You know
if I had a mum like you,
I'd go home way more than I do.
Henry's lucky.
Yeah, you'll see.
Two weeks, he'll come running home.
What the hell happened?
Grace, it's Wayne. Can you
put me through to Timmy?
He's on the ward. Room 23.
Yeah, of course he did.
Hey, sis. How are you, mob?
ALL: Hey.
You seen Uncle Timmy?
Ah, I think he's at the lakes, eh?
OK, thank you. See you, mob.
- Righto, catch ya.
- See ya.
Oh, shit.
Hello, can you hear me?
- Hello?
- Hey.
Hey, hi, I'm coming.
Hey. Hi, what's your name?
Kylie, my name's Mira.
You've been in an accident.
Josh. Is Josh OK?
Ah, he's, um, he's
unconscious at the moment.
Now, I'm just going to get
you down from there, alright?
He, he was just changing the radio.
I'm just going to cut to here.
Alright, that's the
first bit. You right?
Alright, here we go.
Lowering you down.
I've got you.
OK. OK, just here.
Oh, Flying Doctors.
Thank God.
I'm, I'm just a pilot.
Where's the doctor?
Ah, there isn't one, but I'm
going to get you some help, OK?
OK. Joshy? Josh.
You hear that? She's gonna help us.
You remembered how to get here, eh?
Google Maps.
Your GFR was 41.
You know what that means?
Must mean I'm sick,
if you drove all the
way out here to see me.
It's your kidney function.
Should be above 90.
I was feeling much better.
No, that's the fluids that you got.
You're at stage three renal
failure. You know what happens next?
Can you be quiet?
I got a goanna in there.
And you're gonna scare him off.
Goanna oil's not gonna fix this.
And neither's your yapping.
Goanna's can't hear speech.
Yeah, but I can.
So either shut up or
get in here and help.
I'm not putting my bloody hand in there.
Well, what do you expect?
Me to get down there in my condition?
Besides, you got longer arms.
Fine, but if I get him,
you're coming to town
and you're staying there.
Yeah, righto.
I'd um
I'd keep that sleeve
rolled down if I was you.
You remember coming out
here fishing with Dad?
Yeah, 'course I do.
You sure this is a goanna hole?
Ah, 99%.
Look out. (LAUGHS)
Bastard mother Ohh.
You get him or what?
Oh, you're gonna need
some goanna oil on that.
You don't take this seriously,
Timmy, you're gonna end up dead.
You understand?
Oi, look.
Well, you know what Dad'd say.
Take two, leave the rest.
This is making me hungry, eh.
Kylie, I'm just going to
go over to that hill, OK?
I just need to try
and get a phone signal.
No, no, no, no. Please.
It's just over there.
No, please. Please don't go
I'm coming straight back. I promise, OK?
Come on.
Come on.
Oh, shit.
- Thank you.
- BARMAID: No worries.
I know how it goes, alright?
Next step, dialysis.
Just like Dad.
And then what?
Driving into town three times a week?
Do you think Dad would
want you getting treatment?
I tell you what Dad wouldn't want.
He wouldn't want you
wasting your time on me
instead of doing the
things you need to do.
He always said you had
big plans ahead of ya.
So stop wasting your time on me.
Why don't you go out there
and finish what you and Dad started?
Come on.
Up here.
You right?
There's been an accident.
I need a UHF. Have you got a radio?
You're lucky I've got
my work car. Get in.
You a doctor?
Ah, no, a pilot.
It's just up there and on your left.
Anyone got a copy?
We have an emergency situation.
There's been a road accident.
Anyone copy?
I repeat, we have an
emergency situation.
Repeat, anyone copy? We
have an emergency situation.
TED: Yeah, copy.
This is Trafalgar Station, Ted speaking.
Ted, my name's Mira.
We have a single vehicle accident,
two passengers, one deceased,
a female in her '20s who's critical.
I need you to call 000.
Our location is Hartley Road,
approx. 40km south
of White Cliffs, copy?
Yeah, copy that.
Who's passed?
The driver.
Hey, do you mind hanging around,
in case we need the radio?
Yeah, love, I'm not going anywhere.
KYLIE: Mira.
And maybe don't look at the driver.
You don't need to see that.
I'm here, sweetheart.
Don't leave me again, please.
I'm not going anywhere.
We've called for help.
Mira, we've got an ambulance
coming out from White Cliffs.
OK, great.
Josh, they're gonna get help.
Hey. Hey, I'm Ursula.
You're gonna be OK.
We've got you, love.
Thank you.
Is there a doctor in the house?
We thought you might like
to join us for some
two-up at the Palace.
Only pub in the country
where it's still legal.
I'd love to.
Just give me five.
Actually, give me seven.
minute, what is two-up?
So where you headed?
We were looking at wedding venues.
Oh, yeah?
Oh, there's some beautiful places.
Are you guys married?
I was.
15 years.
Didn't feel a day over 20.
What about you, Mira?
Married up or what?
Oh, a boyfriend.
What's his name?
Wayne. He's a doctor.
Good for you, sister.
Meet on the job or what?
Well, yeah, he was there
on my first day, actually.
He was talking up all the planes to me,
and you know, I thought he was
just showing off to a pilot, but
Oh, he thought you were a nurse.
I didn't say a word until
our very first shift together.
And I just gave him this
little wave from the cockpit.
You should have seen his face.
But, um, a few weeks
later we were transporting
one of his chemo patients back home
so she could see her family
before she passed away.
And Wayne didn't need to be on
that flight, but he came anyway.
And the two of them were talking
and laughing and holding
hands the entire flight.
And then right at the end,
he asked me to do a
detour over her home town
so she could it one last time.
I guess that was the moment I
knew I wanted to be with him.
Well, hang onto that one.
Hear that?
They're here.
Hey, Kylie, the ambulance are here, OK?
Did you get busy in there today?
No, it was really quiet.
There was an MVA, a car
accident near White Cliffs,
but it was a double fatality,
so Foxtrot turned back around.
DOLLY: Help me out here.
So how uncomfortable are
heels on a scale of one to ten?
- Oh, eight
- Ah, two.
Just get out here and
have a crack, will ya?
Do you want to do drag?
No, I can't. I don't have a drag name.
Told you, Nurse Ratchet.
I don't think you
understand how it works.
No, I gave you one. Miss Diagnosis.
Bea 350.
Ooh, Candy Da.
Actually, that one's really
good, if slightly niche.
- Hey, mate, how are ya?
- Yeah, good.
Alright, you lot.
Who's ready to toss some
coins and lose some money.
OK, how does this
work? How does it work?
Come in spinner.
Place your bets.
I'll bet you. I bet you.
No, I'm going to go heads.
It's Dolly's rules tonight.
Hit em up. Hit em up.
No more bets.
Hit em up.
What does that mean?
- Hey, Matty, I saw that.
- LEONIE: It means you won.
I love this game.
There's no thinking or skill required.
Place your bets.
Hey, ah, where's Timmy?
Ah, he went home.
And, hit em up.
Thank you for this.
I want you to be happy here.
Yes, 'cause you're a great SMO and yes,
because I'm sick of FIFO doctors
who want the uniform more
than they want the job.
But really, I just like you.
And I know Henry going
makes it lonely here,
so if there's anything
I can do, just say it.
Do you know, actually,
I'm less lonely here
than I was in London.
Can I get that in writing?
- Yes, you can.
- Ooh.
I will then.
Do you want another one?
I slept with Pete.
And I know you frown upon it and
now I very much understand why.
Small plane, long flights.
And unfortunately,
Henry found out about it.
Have you had this
conversation about Pete before?
Actually, no.
He's kind of a stayer.
Only one relationship
since he came back,
and she ended it last year.
Took a job in New Zealand.
Oh. Oh.
Um, pool table's free. We're up.
I can't believe I missed that.
Stabbed, stabbed.
Good shot.
What happened to 'no
thinking, no skill'?
So what is the aggression about?
Is it a testosterone thing?
Oh, I can feel mine
ebbing away by the second.
Oh, excuse me.
I mean, you call us hormonal.
But you're the ones
that are always punching,
or shooting, or crashing into things.
I'm so sorry.
No, no, no. You're alright.
Um, what can I tell you?
We are sensitive creatures.
I'm just making a little comeback here.
Ooh, I am quite drunk.
I should probably head home.
Do you know, this will be the first time
in over 15 years that I have
slept in a house by myself.
Well, hey, you enjoy
that peace and quiet.
- Ah.
- Hey, you.
You OK?
Yeah, it's been a big day,
but it's so good to see you.
Yeah, you too.
Actually, there's a few things
I want to talk to you about.
Really? Me too.
- Oh, well, you go.
- No, no, no, you go. You go.
OK, well remember that application
I fired off to Melbourne Hospital?
- Ah, like ages ago?
- Yeah.
It's come back as an offer.
And I'm thinking of accepting it.
I could do the emergency
diploma while I was there.
You know, finish what I started.
If that is what you want,
I think that's great.
I am busting for the loo,
but after that, let's get
that dinner and celebrate.
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