RFDS (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Bit of a nightmare there, big dog?
Dreamt I was stuck on a plane with you.
Hey, I was thinking we could
Hey, mate.
Hey, Pete.
I thought you were on night shift.
No, no, no, day.
I'm I'm about to head in.
Well, I'm famished.
- Morning!
- Hey!
Hey, actually can can I
get your advice on something?
It's about Taylor.
You do realise my only child
has just fled the continent
to get away from me?
No, no, it's more as, um, as a woman.
Well, this'll be interesting.
It's like hormones and consequences.
Ahh, is she having sex?
No, no, no. No.
I mean, maybe. I don't know. Oh!
Protection, contraception, consent.
The rest is kind of up to her.
Yeah, righto.
OK, pretend I'm Taylor.
What would you say?
What would I What?
Hooroo, Uncle Pete!
You said you wanted to have a yarn.
Accent is horrible.
Well, guess what?
I'm pregnant and I have Chlamydia.
Told you to stay away from him.
Oh, that's not about me, obviously.
No, obviously.
Whoever that was, was
South African-Kiwi.
Archie's on the phone.
He reckons he can get to the airstrip
without moving the bite too much.
- What? Bite?
- Right.
Oh, well, he's not sure.
Could be a King Brown,
or maybe an Eastern.
This is my first snakebite.
Oh, excellent!
Nutmeg! That's what that is.
Eugh! That's just wrong. Taste that.
No, I'm good, mate.
To think the Dutch traded Manhattan
to the Brits for nutmeg.
You right?
Yep. OK.
So, most of the time no
venom is released, then?
Yeah, dry bite. It'll
just be a dry bite.
We all good for Yagamba?
- Ready in ten.
- Right.
So, on a scale of brown snakes,
King Brown is quite vicious, right?
We got a snakebite?
Well, the King Brown
does cause bleeding and paralysis,
but technically it's
not a Brown snake at all.
King Browns aren't?
Come under the Black snake genus.
Yeah, 95% of the time, it's
just a dry bite, or a stick.
Yeah, but if they do envenomate,
real Brown snakes make
you bleed uncontrollably.
- Don't they, Pete?
- Isn't your shift over?
Yeah. Actually, I'm
gonna go see a movie.
Oh, yeah, which one?
Some Samuel L Jackson, that classic.
What's it called?
- 'Snakes On A Plane'.
- 'Snakes On A Plane'.
- Ahh.
- Is that it? Are we finished?
Because if you are, I'll
be on my way up here to
preparing to save a life.
I never pegged you for
having a phobia of snakes.
Yeah, but it's NOT a phobia.
Then what was the time you
found the Children's Python
behind the microwave?
Yeah, but it's named
after a fellow called Children, right?
It's not a python for kids.
What, you're not afraid of anything?
Oh, lots of things.
Ah, dementia, public speaking, karaoke.
It's just funnier on
you for some reason.
Well, you know
Indiana Jones was scared of snakes.
Yeah, but he looked like Harrison Ford.
Well, don't worry about me.
I go alright in an Akubra.
Henry, hi.
How's it going?
Sorry, I can't quite hear you.
What do you mean, you're staying?
I mean, if that's what you want to do.
Can we
I am listening to you.
Can we talk about this later?
I'm at work.
You got a sec?
Yeah, what's up?
I wanted to tell you
before I went to the chief.
- It's my notice.
- What?
Look, I wouldn't leave
till the next rotation.
I I thought what, venting you said.
Yeah, I know, I'm sorry but I
Was that not true? Did
Has something happened?
No, you said it.
It's just there's opportunities there.
I feel like I have things to
do and time is running out.
No, time's not running out.
I could do my diploma while I was there.
You said it.
It it's been a huge couple of months.
Yeah, it has.
What about Mira? Is she going too?
Ah, no, she's staying.
And I'm telling Darren today,
so if you can keep that
under your hat till then.
What's that one?
This room's called The Flame Spider.
Mum's favourite.
Righto, here we go.
Oh! Oh, my God!
Yeah, boy!
Oh, my God.
- Hey, imagine.
- Mm?
We cut those walls out there,
looking that way to sunset.
Yes, we could have
foldout doors onto a deck.
I love that. Yes.
Hey, you don't have to, but, um,
Dad asked if maybe you wanted
to come around for a feed today.
What, a family interrogation?
What, you want to or not?
Of course.
You are so gone!
I reckon it's just a dry bite.
Oh, we're just gonna check
these bloods to be sure.
Is Dad gonna be OK?
I wrapped the bandage
firm like the card said.
Oh, yeah, you did an amazing job.
We'll take good care of him, alright?
Do you like Shania Twain, Dylan?
Me too.
I used to sing her songs
with Mum, before she died.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Breast cancer. A few years ago.
You know, I used to take
your mum into the city, Dyl.
She was one of my favourites.
Are we flying in that, too?
We sure are.
R really?
Can't I just get the anti-venom
here and let you guys go?
Only got one vial, mate.
You might need up to four.
Would it help to see it?
- No.
- No, not really.
I never know the difference between
a King Brown and an Eastern
No, no, no, mate!
Jeez! Arch!
I thought you meant the bite.
Mate, not the snake.
I don't need to see the bite or
the snake, just get him, gone.
Let him be free.
The antivenin covers
all land snakes, Archie.
Not here, Arch!
Somewhere else, mate! God!
Hey, Dylan, how about
we get you on the plane?
Dad won't be too far behind.
- OK. Ah.
- OK.
We need to we need to keep you still.
Right, I'll just go
and prepare the cabin.
Well, the good news is,
your clotting looks normal.
What, so I don't need to fly?
It could still envenomate
if we remove the bandage.
Why? You don't like flying?
Oh, the only time I've
been on a plane was
when you lot used to take
Sharn in for treatment.
Dylan gets, uh, freaked out
when she sees me worried.
If it does envenomate,
you don't wanna be stuck
out here with Dylan alone.
Dad, are you coming?
Yeah, mate.
Let's, uh, let's go on a plane ride, eh?
Do you know how many country singers
died in plane crashes?
- Buddy Holly, Patsy Cline, Cowboy Copas
- That's a lot.
Hawkshaw Hawkins, Troy Gentry
They get the point, Dyl.
Are you two girlfriend and boyfriend?
Hey? Ah, what what
makes you say that?
The way you look at each other.
Are you alright, Archie?
Have you got any abdominal
pain or headache
It's not the bite.
We're nearly there.
Cabin secure for landing.
Cockpit closed.
- Is that normal?
- Yeah.
Ah, Pete, we have a slight
issue with the landing gear.
Yeah. Which is?
It doesn't wanna come down.
- Right.
- I'm gonna call it in.
Flydoc 257, 257, 257.
We have undercarriage failure.
Tracking 15 nautical miles
to the north of Broken Hill
to conduct undercarriage
emergency extend.
Will call ops normal by one-five.
Can you notify emergency
services to be on standby?
Flydoc 257, copied PAN call.
Notifying emergency services.
It's alright. We're all good.
- What's going on?
- Just a sec, Arch.
VJC, this is Mike Quebec Delta.
Delta, go ahead. It's Leonie.
Hey, Leonie, we need to
conduct a manual extend.
Emergency services are en route
but can you get me a visual
from engineering on approach?
Copy that. Leave it with me.
- Pete, did you get all that?
- Yep.
OK, let's prepare the cabin
for an emergency landing.
Will do.
- What's happening?
- Everything's fine, Arch.
Just as a precaution,
we're gonna practise our brace position.
What? Why?
Dad, what's going on?
It's alright.
We're just getting a
bit more comfortable.
How long does it take
to get the wheels down?
Ah, about 50 pumps of this,
or until we get the green light.
Alright, Dyl, let's get that belt
nice and tight across here.
And when we land, head back
You're right.
Oh, bloody hell, what was that?
- Dad, what's happening?
- No, it's it's alright.
That's just the wheels extending.
- Ohh!
- Now, just a bit tighter, Arch.
Oh, no
Your palms, tuck 'em
under your bum for me.
Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh,
God. Oh, God. Oh, God
OK, Archie, I need
you to breathe with me.
- In, two, three, four and hold, two, three, four.
- Good.
- And out, two, three four
- No.
- Are we crashing?
- No, mate, we're fine.
- I think we should sedate him.
- We can't.
If we hit the ground
without landing gear
he won't be able to let himself out.
Come on.
Hey, Leonie. How are we looking?
Engineering's on standby
to sight the gear.
Copy that.
Just confirming, we have
five persons on board.
Why is there a fire engine down there?
What? What fire engine?
Dad, what's happening?
We OK back there?
- Yeah. Yeah, we're good.
- I knew this was a bad idea.
Archie, listen to me.
Archie, Archie, look at me.
Everything is gonna be OK,
but Dylan needs you to get
your shit together, alright?
So, you've gotta get it together.
Yep, OK.
Ah, OK.
Centre Flydoc 257, gear
is indicating extended.
We're returning for
landing, Broken Hill.
We'll call ops normal by
three-zero or after landing.
Alright, Pete, the
gear is indicating down,
but we still need to prepare for a
Yeah, copy that.
Cabin secured for emergency landing.
OK, cockpit closed.
Why? If the wheels are down?
Because we won't know
if they're actually locked
until we hit the ground.
And if they're not?
Ah, well, just hope that they are.
Ah, no, Dyl, just hop back in your seat.
No, I wanna stay with Dad!
No, no, I'm OK, Dyl.
- It's OK.
- See, Dad's fine.
How about you hop back in your seat?
Um, I need you to put a belt on.
No, I wanna stay with Dad!
Do you know what, Dylan?
When I miss my son, I like to sing.
That's right. Um um
I'm going out tonight ♪
I'm feeling alright ♪
I wanna let my hair hang down ♪
Down ♪
- Wanna make some noise ♪
- Wanna make some noise ♪
- Really raise my voice ♪
- How good's Dad!
- Yeah, I wanna scream and shout. ♪
- Yeah, I wanna scream and shout. ♪
Mira, engineering's saying that
the gear looks down,
but they can't be sure.
Copy that.
Politically correct ♪
I only wanna have a good time ♪
The best thing about being a woman ♪
Is the prerogative to
have a little fun and ♪
Whoa-oh-oh ♪
Go totally crazy ♪
Forget I'm a lady ♪
Men's shirts, short skirts ♪
Whoa-ho-ho ♪
Feeling wild, yeah ♪
Doing it in style ♪
Head back, Dyl!
I feel like a woman ♪
- Whoo!
- Nice work, Dylan!
High five!
Centre Flydoc 257, landed
safely in Broken Hill.
Ops normal.
And, man, I feel like a woman.
It's more than I need ♪
I'm telling you ♪
Hey, Taylor. Good to see you.
Oh, hey, Dr Yates.
No, no, please, call me Wayne.
- Sure.
- Or Dr Dimples!
Or Golden Boy!
Ah, he wouldn't stop
tormenting me. Shame job.
So, what are we having for dinner?
Emu in the hole?
Ah, lamb shoulder.
That do ya?
What'd you do with the rest of it?
I'll get the presidential
suite ready, shall I?
- Come in, come in.
- Thank you.
Oh, yeah, the whole thing.
The lungs, the intestines.
Are you having me on?
Oh, I wish he was.
Oh, mate, it's bloody good tucker.
Hey, that smells really good, Wayne.
Thanks, Taylor.
But my mum would always
say, "Wait till you try it."
- Yep.
- So would mine.
Oh, that's right, she did, too.
- Yeah.
- Hey!
Let's get this party started.
Put some music on, Darren.
It's hooked up to the laptop.
Oh, don't go playing
none of Wayne's music.
It's probably that Michael Bu
Buble crap or something.
Ah, Neil Diamond, actually.
Yeah, well, we want
some Charlie Pride or
- Slim Dusty!
- No, they're too slow.
Oh, you're too slow.
Can't make love to
that doof-doof crap, eh.
Now, Charlie, or I walk.
Fine, but just 'cause you're old.
So, brother?
Where's Mira?
Ah, she's coming after work.
- Right. Oi, music!
Darren had to hold the yabbies
up real close, you know?
- Mm-hm.
- Check for eggs.
See if he had to throw 'em back.
And this one little yabby was a female,
and she wasn't too happy
about being grabbed.
So, she grabbed him right back!
And he starts screaming.
Yabby got me nose!
Yabby got me nose!
I don't remember that.
No, you were in Sydney.
He sat there
Hillbilly pickin' ♪
Hey, we should dig a yabby pond at Wyama
- for when it rains next.
- All the tourists can try catch some yabbies.
I thought you said the
bank owned that place.
Well, we're we're buying it back.
That's why we're doing
up the shearers' quarters,
to get the tourists in.
Who's we?
Me and Darren, to start.
Is that right, Old MacDonald?
I'm helping for now, yeah.
So, even if you do get the place back,
what do you expect,
it just to come good?
No offence,
but you can't just dump a few animals
from the other side of
the world on the land,
and not expect it to turn on ya.
He sang of wild eyed scrubbers ♪
Ridin' flat out ♪
- This is really great, Wayne.
- Thanks, Taylor.
Tryin' to ring the mob ♪
So, when are you leaving
for that Melbourne job?
And he sang loudly ♪
And proudly of our pioneering ♪
I saw your email.
I suspect that one
such lass was his ♪
I was gonna tell you tonight.
I don't mind.
Honestly, so, don't feel guilty
or whatever it is you are.
I'm I'm good here.
And I can take care of Uncle Timmy.
Yeah, he took care of me, so
Ah, I might take care of
the rest of his lamb, eh?
And I wondered if the battler ♪
You didn't tell me your dad was leaving.
Yeah, well, I only found
out about an hour ago.
Are you OK?
Yep, why wouldn't I be?
You didn't tell me you don't think
I'm gonna get Wyama back, either.
Look, some things we don't get a say in.
Well, you're doing all of this
because your mum wanted it,
but do you really think she'd
want you quitting school?
It's not just her. Four generations
of my family lived there, Darren.
Right, so you're doing it for them.
- Yes!
- Yeah, for your dad?
So, what if I am? What's
that supposed to mean?
Say it. You never say anything.
- I never know what you're thinking
- You never ask me.
I'm gonna go.
You're right, you know.
We don't yarn.
I don't even think he likes me.
You know that
that time when you was away down at uni,
and Darren was living with me?
- No, you never remind me.
- Oh!
Would you just shut
up and listen for once?
You know, that whole time,
all he could talk about?
Puffing his chest out.
"My dad, the doctor."
Mate, at school.
At footy.
Mate, he wouldn't shut up about ya.
You know
having Mr Perfect as a father
is great when you're a kid.
But it's bloody hard
when you're a grown man.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, this is it.
It feels weird, ending
something that we always said
never officially started.
I just can't do the long goodbyes.
I understand.
- I'll see you at work?
- Yep.
Oh, hey. Hey, ah, dammit.
I wanted to have this all
cleaned up before you saw it,
but what do you reckon?
- Mm.
- Unless they're not your style.
No, they are, they are. Are these for
Well, I've just been
thinking about everything
that you said, about me, and Wyama.
- Mm.
- And I just Sit down.
And, you know, you're right.
I do need to get my shit together.
And this is your house now, too.
So, I was thinking,
all this hard work that you're doing,
we could be doing together,
on this place, you know,
to get it feeling a
bit more like a home.
What do you think?
Thank you, Pete.
But I don't need a new home.
Ah, Taylor, hey!
Ah, I have no idea how to
ask you about you and Darren,
or even if I should.
But I
I'm gonna go.
I think it's stirred.
Wayne's leaving.
A and E job in Melbourne.
Well, that'll explain Mira, then.
Is she OK?
She's a bit off-kilter.
Ever since Rhiannon I feel
it's like it's one thing after another.
You OK?
Yeah, I'm fine.
No, I'm not. I feel
I don't know what I feel.
Yes, I do. I feel angry.
I feel really angry.
I don't know if Nate knew
how much he was taking,
but it was a lot.
OK, ladies and gentlemen.
We have a white tie-dyed number
with black bamboo, or tight
sleeves, tropical animals.
I wanna look good, but good
to like a pack-saddle sparky.
Thought he was a pigger.
He's not a professional pigger.
You want my advice?
First date, funny stories.
Second date, sad ones.
Never fails.
Bamboo and tie-dye.
Oh, that's almost the shift.
Surely, we are home free?
You had to open your mouth!
32-year-old male, 85 kilos.
Ambos found him fitting at home,
so they've given him ten of Midazolam.
There's been no
improvement in consciousness
in the past half an hour.
He keeps obstructing his airway.
Slight headwind about 40 away.
How about 30?
See what I can do.
- You good?
- Yeah.
Oh, bugger, I forgot my phone.
Two secs.
Hey, which part of
Priority 1 did you miss?
I reckon Instagram can wait.
Thank you.
Eliza? Matty.
I need a big favour.
Plan A's intubation with the ETT,
so let's have suction ready, bougie,
second blade and a seven and eight tube.
Wayne, Doc at Pinnaroo.
Doc, how's it going?
Trying to intubate.
Sats are 75, but the oedema on
the neck's getting much worse.
I can't see those cords.
With the video?
Yeah, it's a mess.
Turns out he tied a
cable to the ceiling fan.
It just crushed his throat.
How'd he get down?
It broke off the roof.
Secure cabin for landing.
Simon, we're 15 away.
I want you to stop attempting intubation
and go back to bag and mask,
whatever you need to do to
get those sats up, alright?
Attempted suicide?
Seems like it.
Did you get an airway?
Ah, an LMA, that's all I could get.
That's OK. What are his sats?
Ah, still 75.
Did you give him a paralytic?
Yeah, 100mg of IV Roc.
- What are his gases?
- He's quite acidotic.
CO2, lactate, glucose, all elevated.
Yeah, that's vomit in the mouth.
He needs a definitive airway.
We'll bag and mask to
get the sats up a little,
then we'll have another go.
Simon, can you get that second IV in?
Matty, can you get the bougie,
the size seven tube and make
sure the McGills are handy?
Where is he?
Mr Everitt, it's
That's my son!
It's alright, we're
here to help him now, OK?
- Fibre optic ready?
- Yes.
Right, sats are up a little.
Let's give it another go.
- ETT handy?
- Mm-hm.
OK, we've got about 20
seconds to get this done.
Sats are 78.
They're dropping.
That's five seconds.
I can't see the cords.
Well, do you think we
need a surgical airway?
Not yet.
That's ten seconds. Sats below 70.
Look, I really think we
need a surgical airway.
No, just let me look.
I'll get it.
That's 17 seconds.
- Wayne
- Matty, shut up.
That's 20 seconds.
OK, I'm through.
Is that good?
Yeah, it is.
It's gonna help him breathe.
Inflate the cuff.
Air entry's good on both sides.
Let's get him on the ventilator.
O2 at 100%, at 16 a minute.
Alright, CO2 dropping, sats climbing.
Let's get him on a ketamine
and Roc infusion for the flight.
How're we looking?
- He's stable for now.
- Copy that.
And Graham
this is as bad as it gets, OK?
Whatever you've gotta do.
I'll get there as quick as I can.
Is he gonna be OK?
He's stable for now.
But he's been without
oxygen for a while.
We need to get him to
a major hospital, OK?
Can you make your way to Adelaide?
Yeah. Yeah.
Mr Everitt, they're gonna do
everything they can for your boy.
But there's a chance that
his brain won't recover fully,
and you need to be
prepared for that, OK?
with his webbed toes.
OK, he's early 20s,
handsome and a bit scruffy.
Alright, how handsome are we talking?
Say, a 7.5?
Yeah, but what's your scale?
Well, he's a 7.
He's an 8.
And, uh
Hey, if he's a 7.5, I'm pushing 9.
Are you just?
Ah, excuse me,
could we get two schooners
of draught, please?
So, is there a story behind the snakes?
Yeah, I got bitten when I was a kid,
and I freaked out so much
that Nate had to carry me
almost a kilometre all the
way back to the homestead.
Hey, I've been trying to do the maths?
How the hell did you
manage a medical degree
and a baby at the same time?
He took Henry full time while
I did my foundation years.
Right. He's an emu.
- He's a what?
- He's Oh, sorry. Cheers.
Ah, the male emus sit on
the eggs for two months.
No food, no toilet.
And then they care for
the young after they hatch.
Well, I certainly did
all of the hatching,
I can assure you of that.
I'll bet.
You know, you and Ed would
get on like a house on fire.
It's actually quite scary.
Nah, no time for him.
I've already made up my mind.
- Ferret!
- Oh!
- You remember me?
- Hey there, Doc.
- Hi.
- Hiya.
- Pete.
- Ferret.
Yeah, good to meet you, mate.
Matty's not here.
VJC, Mike Quebec Kilo.
Mike Quebe Kilo, VJC, go ahead.
VJC, we departed Pinnaroo
at 16:05, arrive Adelaide 20:05.
Can you ask ambulance for an
intensive care crew and tarmac meet?
But no-one will require
lights and siren on arrival.
Shaun Everitt, 32 years
old, attempted hanging.
Hypoxic for at least half an hour.
Tubed on the third attempt.
Sats 98 on 100% oxygen.
Pulse 60, BP 108 over 60.
Ketamine and Roc infusion,
10mg of Midazolam given at 1500 hours.
No medications or allergies.
Why did you give Midazolam?
I didn't, the ambos did.
They thought he was having
a fit when they arrived.
Surely the strap around his
neck suggested otherwise.
Right, let's get an MRI, head and neck.
See if we can get this mess cleaned up.
You done much pre-hospital?
I've been here for five years.
And never seen a patient outside
those sliding doors, am I right?
I still think I'd spot
the difference between a status
epilepticus and a hanging.
Well, when you've been called
out for the third time in a night
to drive an hour to a station
that's 50Ks from the nearest neighbour,
hundreds of Ks from a
hospital, in pitch black
and freezing cold to a terrified wife
who's been trying to revive the husband
that she loves for nearly half an hour,
maybe then you can bad-mouth
the decisions the ambos make, alright?
But until then, why don't
you focus on saving his life?
And eat your dessert on
your own time, dickhead.
See, I meant to miss that.
- That was a strategic miss.
- Strategic?
So, Andy?
When you were a teenager, did
you fight with your mother?
Oh, the occasional flare up.
Did you like her?
Look, I'll be honest with you, Doc.
Teenage boys, the hard truth
is we just don't think
about you that much.
I mean, we love you, we
just don't think about you.
Oh, OK.
What am I walking in on and
what libel do I need to undo?
Right, the only libel
here is that I'm a 7.2.
Oh, please, 7, maximum.
You look like you could use a drink.
Yeah. You have no idea.
How do I look?
- Yeah, he's a good bloke.
- We'll leave you to it.
Thank you. OK.
Hey, he's masculine.
Masculine man.
So hot.
Oh, no, nup. Left and right!
This traffic is insane.
So, this is gonna be blunt.
Ooh, look out.
Why did you and your ex break up?
Um, oh, kids, funnily enough.
She wanted them.
No, other way round, actually.
So, what's it like?
What's it really like having kids?
Like a little piece of your heart
leaves your body the
second they're born,
and you never get it back.
And then
they tell you that
they're staying in London
with their father
the remaining part of the
heart just dies, a little bit.
That's right.
I'm really sorry about that.
How are you going, alright?
I vacillate every day
between thinking this is
the best thing I ever did,
and the absolute worst.
Oh, don't limit yourself.
Why can't it be both?
I thought about staying in London
as much as I thought about coming here.
It's just when the decision
wheel stopped spinning,
this is where it landed.
I wonder if that was the same for Ed.
Shag the registrar,
don't shag the registrar.
Shag the registrar
You know, I've thought that about Nate.
Like did did he plan it?
And did he think about it every time
he drove past that tree,
or was it for weeks?
Or years?
Or just
in that second
he thought, "Nah.
"This is it."
I don't know.
Anyway, um, I'm
I'm glad that your
wheel stopped spinning
where it did, for
what it's worth to you.
Do you wanna come back to my place?
With that degree of oedema,
the neck's distorted.
So, if you go a surgical airway,
there's no predicting what you'll hit,
including the carotid artery.
I'm sorry for questioning you.
No, you should question me.
No, I should have explained it to you.
I'm here to apologise.
I snapped.
And I'm sorry.
Are you alright?
I, uh
- Oh
- Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.
No, it's fine.
No, I'll leave you to
it. Um, good work today.
Sorry for being a prick.
I'll see you tomorrow.
That your ex?
No, that's my boss.
Well, you doctors certainly charge
more than flight nurses, don't you?
Shtick with me.
You'll be fine.
What are we gonna tell Leonie?
I just think we should say that,
"The good news is,
I'm not pregnant, and
I don't have Chlamydia."
My Aussie is so much
better than your Brit.
No chance.
Oh, it's Henry.
Oh, go go for it.
Everything alright?
Yeah, he's, uh, he's coming back.
Oh, that's great.
And he's bringing Ed with him.
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