RFDS (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

There were no brake marks at the crash.
Pretty unlucky, wouldn't he, to
pick the only tree in the desert?
I want to do something to
honour your mum at the ball.
How would you feel
about saying a few words?
Kylie, my name's Mira.
You've been in an accident.
Are you guys married?
- Boyfriend. He's a doctor.
- Good for you, sister.
Hang on to that one.
Remember that application I
fired off to Melbourne Hospital?
It's come back as an offer, and
I'm thinking of accepting it.
It feels weird ending something
that we always said we
never officially started.
I wanted to tell you
before I went to the Chief.
It's my notice.
I'm glad that your wheel
stopped spinning where it did.
Oh, it's Henry.
He's coming back, and
he's bringing Ed with them.
- This is my dad.
- Ed.
Ed, is it? Oh, good to meet you, mate.
What's here means something.
It means something to me too.
- Do you want to go back to London?
- Yeah.
Two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
- It looks like a Year 12 formal.
- Not mine.
Put that over there!
Wayne? Must leave in 15.
I'm not missing out on those
salmon blinis again this year.
When was the last time you used, Kit?
No, no, no, no, no. Kit! Kit!
You're wasting your time.
There's no point taking me.
I'm a ghost.
You got a pretty good pulse for a ghost.
It's just a ghost pulse.
Well, how about this?
We'll get you to the
hospital for that scan,
and they can see whether
you're alive or not.
Hey, Pete. We've got Wayne on the line.
Hey, mate. How are those clinic scones?
Yeah, delicious.
Hey, I've got 58 kilos in Brandeston.
Kidney stone with hydronephrosis
and the clinic plane's full.
Any chance?
- Ah, yeah, that should be fine.
- Yeah, mate, we're on the way.
On Leonie, darling, I'm off.
I don't want to destroy all the magic.
- "Magic."
- This looks amazing.
Thank you.
Wish I could say the same about you two.
I'm gonna need a full
chemical decontamination.
Ed and Henry are in the office.
Apparently, Henry locked himself out.
Wait, am I actually gonna
meet him? Should I hug him?
I should hug him.
Tibooburra. Tibooburra?
Flight nurse. Gemini.
Cricket enthusiast.
Ah, Matty, Ed. Scotsman,
Aries, whisky enthusiast.
- Well, how about you?
- Perks of the job.
So, are you guys coming tonight?
Uh, I don't think I'm invited.
You shake some pounds
out of that wallet,
you absolutely are.
Oh, come on. Come with us, Dad.
I don't want to step on any toes.
No, no. Of course.
It's a fundraiser.
The more, the merrier.
Thanks for the lift.
No worries. You were in the area.
I'll sort you out for
that pain. Hang on to this.
Hit the aircon on.
Aircon doesn't kick in
till the engine's running.
You'll be right.
I'm gonna get cooked, alive.
Thought you were already dead.
Just watch your head, Sam.
What's the copper doing here?
Is this is a stitch up?
Gidday, mate.
Come on, ya dogs.
Ah, fellas!
Oh, thank goodness!
I thought you were already gone.
It's Winnie.
My baby's been run over.
I was backing out and I didn't see her.
- Here, give us a look.
- Careful, careful, careful.
Can you help her?
I'm sorry, there are a couple
of really sick patients on board.
It's just a cut. Reckon
I can stitch her up?
Thank you!
The cop's going to need surgery.
Look, you blokes go. I'll
call the clinic nurse.
I can stay out here tonight.
Thank you.
You want to Yeah, grab her basket.
Chuck it on the bonnet there.
- Pete's gonna
- 'Course he is.
Just done a run up to Tibooburra.
Corner country. It's gorgeous up there.
Yeah, it is. It sure is.
Bringing people together.
It's what we do.
You're a ghost too, aren't ya?
- What's that mate?
- You. You're a ghost.
Always recognise other
ghosts when I see one.
OK, Caspar. Why don't
you get some rest, yeah?
So, how long before we get the
call out tonight, you reckon?
Ah, 20 bucks says before 9pm.
It's wildly optimistic.
8:30 at the latest.
Yeah, as long as I get that
dance in, I'll be happy.
So, how about you? Your
last Flight for Life Ball.
You gonna go wild and
raid the drugs fridge,
and tell everyone what
you really think of them?
Well, as cathartic as that does sound,
actually might not be my last one.
I'm thinking about hanging around.
Hang on, you're not going to Melbourne?
That's what I'm thinking.
But you That's what you wanted.
Maybe I didn't know what I wanted.
Well, when you finally figure that out,
can you maybe let the rest of us know?
That'd be great. I gotta go get ready.
Bless your heart, Dougie,
and your connection at the CWA.
Thanks, mate.
Oh, God, I'm drowning.
You see that woman?
She donated $50,000 last year.
Her husband's name's Harry.
I called him Ted.
- Easy mistake.
- Ted's her ex-husband.
Rhiannon was so much
better at this than me.
This looks fantastic.
Yeah, I don't know if I've
managed a big enough turnout to
Oh! Is her name Gloria?
I think it's Gloria.
- Hi, Gloria, welcome!
- Hi! You look fantastic.
Have you seen Matty?
Oh, I'm sure he's just
waiting to make a big entrance.
Come sit down.
- Hey.
- Hi. Hello!
- You look beautiful, sweetheart.
- Thank you.
- Where's Pete?
- Brandeston.
Brandeston? What?
I thought you knew.
He stayed at the clinic
to sew up a whippet.
Is that an Australian expression?
No, that's just Pete.
- So, is Pete not coming at all?
- I guess not.
- Mira!
- Oh, my God! Ursula!
- Hey.
- How are ya?
It's so good to see you.
Everyone, this is a
friend of mine, Ursula.
Ursula, this is well, everybody.
- Hi, Ursula.
- Hey.
So, which one of you
handsome gentlemen is Wayne?
Um, present.
Oh, my ancestors!
You're lovely.
So, how do you two know each other?
Oh, I was with Mira
at that horrible crash
with that poor girl Kylie and
her fiancee near White Cliffs.
Which callout was that?
Ah, it wasn't a callout.
Good evening, ladies and femmes,
it's time to shut those
mouths and open those wallets!
Hello, I am Dally Hardon and
I'll be your host this evening
for tonight's annual RFDS
Flight For Life Fundraising Ball!
Good one, Mira.
Hey, Mira. Thanks. Thanks for this.
No worries at all.
- OK. Alright, can you see OK?
- Yeah.
13,000 dental patients,
76,000 telehealth consults
- Good luck.
- and over 20,000 clinics.
Thank you.
Thanks to your generosity
we've been able to fly more,
do more and be more.
And tonight, we are aiming to fund
mental health workers
to support our most isolated
communities year-round,
in honour of a dear colleague
and even dearer friend,
Rhiannon Emerson.
And to speak about her,
her daughter, Taylor Emerson.
my Mum loved fundraising for the RFDS.
She knew how much support
they offered remote families
under the pressure of
isolation and the drought.
She knew it because we lived it.
Every day.
She also knew that, um
unfortunately, ah,
it can become too much.
Things happen that can
never be taken back.
But if if this program helps people
get the support that
they need, then um
that's exactly what my
mum would have wanted.
Thank you.
That was beautiful, sweetheart.
Oh, ladies and gents,
isn't this a gorgeous night,
and don't you all look fabulous.
You should see the view from my cockpit.
I know a few of you
already have. Do you know
We are coming up, very,
very soon with the auction,
but first, I have a little surprise.
Tonight is the debut of Broken
Hill's newest diva of drag,
a flight nurse who will
set your heart racing,
and your blood pressure skyrocketing!
Would you please welcome to the stage
for the very first time
- That's Matty!
- our very own Miss Miley High!
Go Matty!
- It's Matty!
- Oh, is that Matty?
Come no matter where you are,
no matter how far
No way, no way ♪
No way, no way ♪
Winters gone. ♪
Can't stop me baby ♪
Baby, baby ♪
When I go ♪
No way, no way ♪
I can see why you love it here.
Hello! Is anybody there?
- Hey, come in.
- Hey, mate.
Our son Mason's just
fallen off his bike.
He's hit his head.
Right, was he wearing a helmet?
Ah, no, and he was knocked unconscious.
OK, how long was he out for?
Ah, I don't know, maybe a minute?
- Argh!
- Jeez, you OK?
Yeah, I just, ah, hit it after he fell.
Jeez, you're in the wars, eh?
Mason, my name's Pete. Can
you tell me your birthday?
4 September.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, good man.
And do you remember
the accident you had?
- No.
- My wrist hurts.
Your wrist? How's that, sore?
Well, I tell you what, I'll check
all this important stuff first,
and then I'll have a look at your wrist.
And if you could just
start on that form, too.
Alright, mate, just
looking straight ahead.
- Do you reckon it's bad?
- Ah, I'm sure he'll be fine
What's the matter with him?
I'd say it's just concussion,
but I'm gonna get the doc on the line
to have a proper look at him.
Alright, can you just
hang with him a bit?
- Thanks, mate.
- Hold tight.
Can I talk to you for a minute?
Ain't no mountain high enough ♪
Pete! Mate, how's the vet business?
Oh, too unpredictable.
I'm going back to humans.
I hate to do it to you, but,
um, any chance of a pick-up?
You do realise that
this is all for Henry?
You and I are not getting back together.
- I gathered you felt that way.
- Then why are you here?
Why have you come all the way out here?
Because Henry told me he
wanted to stay in London.
But we're a family.
I mean, despite all my
monumental, blundering cockups,
we're still family, and we've
got to work through this together,
in person.
Do you know what got me the most?
It wasn't the sex.
You lied to me for years.
Which I have regretted
every single day since.
I'm so sorry, Eliza.
Do you know, I spent so
many nights just wishing
that I could wake up, for all
of this to just be a bad dream.
And now, I just don't anymore.
Alright, let us know
if there's any change.
Hey! One sec, mate.
Are you called out already?
Yeah, it's Pete.
He's got a 12-year-old
boy, bike fall, no helmet.
Head injuries, possible wrist fracture.
Can I do anything?
Actually, a quick telehealth to
keep an eye on him would be handy.
Pete, Eliza's gonna jump on
telehealth to have a look.
Can we finish this later?
Go. Go.
We were optimistic.
Yeah, well, at least
I got that dance in.
Hey, ATC have revised the forecast.
There's a front coming in, but
we're only a short flight away.
So, if we coop and
run, we should be fine.
- I'll let Pete know.
- OK, great.
Hi there.
Hello, boss. How are the festivities?
Ah, well, festive.
Ah, well, I Ah, sorry to bother you.
Won't keep you long. Did
Wayne give you the sitrep?
- Yeah. Yeah, how's the boy?
- Ah, he's a trouper.
He's hanging in there, but his wrist
is giving him a bit of grief now.
I'll write up a med
chart for some oxycodone.
I would appreciate that.
I'm just gonna grab him
something for that pain.
Alright, settle down you lot.
We're up to the last
auction item of the night
and this is our bidder.
The bid is with you number three.
- Now, I am calling it.
- Come on, get it up.
- Number three going once.
- Bid!
Come on, we can squeeze
a few more dollars
out of those buggers, can't we?
Going twice and sold to
the gentleman over here!
You gorgeous man! Thank you!
It'll still pay for one
more nurse than we had.
And one less than we need.
Once again, thank you
for your generosity
Is it irony that Rhiannon
would have been the one
who could have raised enough
funds for her own clinic?
Is that irony?
Sounds like life to me.
You've done a great job.
Miley bloody High!
A reminder that all of
tonight's proceeds will go
towards sending our exceedingly
- How's your foot?
- Bloody heels!
Hey, I am so proud of you.
Ah, sorry, I should have warned you.
No, no, it was awesome.
I I just hope I'm not boring,
you know, compared to all that.
We'd just like to say a few
words, if you don't mind.
- Ready?
- Yep.
Ah, when I needed the Flying Doctors,
I was in a pretty bad way.
- Wait a minute, I know that
- And I had been for a while.
That's the guy that
tried to hang himself.
I don't really remember
what happened that day.
I don't really remember
doing what I did.
I don't remember the face
of the doctor or the nurse
or the pilot who saved my life.
- He's talking about us.
- But I'll, um
I'll never forget the look on Dad's face
when, um, when I woke up.
I won't forget him telling me
what it was you all did for me.
I won't forget the
RFDS mental health teams
who came to see me every week since.
I won't forget it the rest of my life,
'cause it's a life I wouldn't
have if it weren't for all of you.
So, I thank you so much.
And to show our gratitude,
both of us and our business,
Everitt Logistics, would
like to pick up the shortfall
and fully fund the Rhiannon
Emerson Mental Health Clinic.
- See? You did it!
- Yes!
Where's Wayne? That's him!
I I can't believe he's missing this!
Have a drink, mate.
- Hey, we need to talk.
- Later.
- Now!
- Don't!
Carly, now.
- Be back in a sec, mate.
- Pete?
- What?
- Keep your bloody mouth shut, OK?
- Please.
- Don't you say a bloody word.
Please! Stop it!
You make sure.
- Wayne. Hey, mate.
- Hey, Pete.
You on your way?
Hi, this is Pete
- Oh, come on!
- Leave a
- How're you going there, Mason?
- Arm's sore.
Oh, well, this pill should have
you feeling a lot better, alright?
I'll give that to Mum.
Come on. Come on, Pete.
Um, just give us one sec.
- Hey, we good?
- The husband's violent.
I just saw him grab her by the throat.
I saw it on the camera.
Looking at the patient files
I'd say he probably caused
Mason's injuries, too.
- Yeah, righto.
- We mustn't alarm them.
We need to get mum
and Mason on the plane,
and we'll have the conversation
when we get to hospital.
Roger that.
Ah, well, can you update Wayne and Mira
and track down the clinic nurse?
I think he's on a callout near Tilpa.
Sure, and I'll contact the police.
Yeah, thanks. Actually,
hang on, you can't.
The only one here was evacuated
with a kidney stone this afternoon.
So, the nearest one is Wilcannia.
That's 35 minutes away.
Right. Um, I'll call them. Be careful.
Yeah. All good. See you soon.
Plane's almost here, so Mum,
if you want to come for a ride.
Xavier, we'll call
you from the hospital.
Sorry, why can't I go?
It's a weight thing, unfortunately.
We can only take one of you.
OK. Well, Carly can stay.
I don't want the hospital
buggering us around.
Yeah, no, I get that,
but she's just a fair bit
lighter than you are.
Well, how much weight can they take?
Oh, jeez, it's a question for the pilot.
Ah, 60 kilos, thereabouts.
Hang on, so, if Carly wasn't my weight,
they wouldn't take her?
Bit rubbish. Look, I'm going.
I'm not I'm not leaving her.
Alright, it's fine.
Well, you'll just need to
go pack some spare clothes
for Mason for the hospital.
OK. Carly, do you want
to sort that, darl?
Well, my experience, if
you're going with him,
it's best you do it, 'cause
you'll know what's in there.
She knows where all that stuff is.
Yeah, I don't.
Alright, well whoever's staying,
there is a heap of
paperwork to get done,
so we may as well get started on that.
What do you mean?
Oh, it's the consent.
Fine print. All the OH&S
Fine. I'll go. Yeah, yeah, I'll go.
- You right in the car?
- Yep.
Take about ten minutes, there and back.
- Yeah, that should time well.
- OK.
There you go. See you soon.
I had no idea about that
crash. It sounded awful.
Well, we see it all the time.
Just makes it harder, doesn't it?
It does for me.
Yeah, it was it was
a pretty horrible day.
I'm so sorry.
And I'm sorry I haven't been
honest about what I want.
But the truth is, most of
the time I don't even know.
Sometimes I can't even breathe.
I get so overwhelmed thinking
about something I did or didn't do,
or should have done, where I should be.
And so I just keep trying to move on.
But no matter where I go or
what I do, I can't outrun it.
All I kept thinking at that crash
was how much I needed a plane
and a doctor like you.
I don't know why we broke up.
We're such amazing communicators.
Eliza's on the line.
Eliza, hey. How're we looking?
Slight change in sitrep. Pete's
got a possible Code Black.
And has Mason had any behavioural issues
at home or at school?
Ah, why?
It's just with a head
knock, it's good to know
anything out of the ordinary.
Ah, no. He's fine.
- That's fine. That's great.
- Pete, are you there?
Excuse me. Hey, Doc, how're we looking?
OK, Wayne and Mira are nearly there.
Leonie has Wilcannia Police on their way
and she's trying to get
hold of the clinic nurse.
You alright?
We'll be a lot better
when we're on that plane.
Yeah, so will I.
- Oh!
- Carly, are you alright?
Yeah, it's just a a bruise.
Look, I've got the Doc on the
line. We can have a quick look
- No, I'm fine.
- Please, Mum.
Please just get it looked at.
- OK. Alright. Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. Yeah. It's nothing.
- Sure?
It's fine, Carly.
I'll just get you to take
that top shirt off for me?
- No, I'm fine.
- Put those headphones on.
Hi, Carly. My name's Eliza.
Do you mind if I have a quick
look at that injury of yours?
If you turn for me slightly,
just so I can see in the camera.
Oh, that's quite a bruise, isn't it?
How'd that happen?
Oh, I bumped it into a doorknob.
Tachy, pulse is 132.
BP's 88 on 52.
Carly, I think the knock
might have caused a little bit
of bleeding in your abdomen,
so I'd like to get you into
hospital too, just in case.
- No, no, no, I'm I'm OK.
- You're not! Tell them!
- Mason Mason! Mason!
- He shoved her into the door.
His, ah, head knock. He's
been confused all afternoon.
Well, we will need to
get you both into town
for medical treatment of
those injuries tonight.
No, no, I'm fine.
Just have Xavier and Mason
go into town on the plane
and I'll, um, meet up with you tomorrow.
Carly, please, listen to me.
If you don't treat that injury of yours,
there might not be a tomorrow.
Do you understand? It's
potentially very serious.
It's Dad, isn't it?
I can't see him yet, mate,
but, yeah, he will be here soon.
- I don't want him here.
- No, baby, it's alright.
- Please don't let him in!
- It's OK.
Alright, hang on, hang on. He
doesn't know we haven't left yet.
Carly, have you still
got your phone on you?
He's gonna be here any
sec. Just come with me.
Alright, just come with me over here.
Yeah, I'll help you. It's alright.
That's it.
Mason, come here, mate.
Really quick. Nice and low.
Alright, Mason, come to me!
Stay low, mate. Over here.
Jump on the floor. Good boy, that's it.
- Please don't let him in.
- I won't, mate. You stay there.
OK, thanks mate.
Clinic nurse is still
travelling. How long have we got?
Maybe 30 before that front hits.
What are you doing?
It's only a couple of
Ks. I'm gonna run it.
Well, you're not going alone.
Here you go, Mason. Is it on?
You keep an eye on Mum for
me. You gotta watch Mum.
Hey, I just got back.
No, no, Xavier, it's Pete.
Mate, that bump Carly
got from the door handle
was a lot more serious than we thought
so I've had to get them
both back to the plane.
- What?
- Yeah, I tried calling you.
You were out of range.
Then wait at the airstrip for me, mate.
We gotta get out before this storm hits,
but can you get your own way into town?
Bloody hell. Alright, alright.
You tell Carly to call me as
soon as you get there, alright?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, will do.
It's all good, mate. Watch Mum.
Mase, Mase, Mase!
- Pete, what's happening?
- He's stopped.
Carly, are you in there?
Hey, what's going on?
Open the door!
Hey, Mason!
Mason, buddy, open the
door for Daddy, hey?
Go away!
Oh, Mason! It's OK.
Alright, Xavier, go home.
We can talk about this in the morning.
It's OK, Mason.
- It's alright. It's alright.
- Open the door!
Mason, mate, just look at me.
The door's locked. It's alright.
- You're done.
- Alright.
- Pete!
- Mase, it's OK.
He's not getting in
here, alright? You're OK.
You've gotta look after
your Mum for me, Mase.
Look at me, Mase. You've
gotta look after her.
- Carly!
- Oh, my God.
OK, Carly, that door is
gonna lock behind me, alright?
Do not come out.
- What?
- Pete!
Xavier, go home.
We can discuss this
on the phone tomorrow.
You let my family out and I will.
- They're terrified, mate.
- Oh!
Come out here!
Xavier, don't do it!
I'll stay. I'll stay.
Just let them take Mason to hospital.
Let's just go home together, darling.
- Mum!
- Oh, my
- Carly, get up.
- Alright, this is
- Carly, get up!
- Now, listen to me!
Right now, you're up for assault.
If you don't back off
and let me help her,
it might well be murder, too.
Now get back!
Hey. Hey, you there?
Yes. Are you alright?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. What are you
what are you thinking?
Internal bleeding?
Yeah, yeah.
Ah, you need to check her BP
again and she needs volume.
A litre of saline as far as you can.
- Hey, buddy.
- I hate you!
I hate you! I hate you! I
never wanna see you again!
- Hey, hey, hey, it's OK.
- Mate, you right?
- Yeah, no, no, I'm alright.
- Oh, my
Blunt force trauma, right flank.
Her BP's low, 80 over 46.
We need to get a litre of saline
through her as quick as we can.
Here's that ambulance. We
need to prep her for the plane.
That front's about to hit. We've
gotta go as soon as possible.
Look, I'm gonna come,
alright? I'm gonna come.
- I'm afraid not, mate.
- That's my wife.
Yeah, well, it's my
plane and there's no way
you're getting on it, you understand?
OK buddy, let's go.
Please help her!
Carly, get up!
- Thank you for coming.
- Thank you, Leonie. Thank you.
Excuse me. Any news?
Ah, flight tracker says
they've just taken off.
You get hold of Pete yet?
No. I'm gonna go wait for the ambulance.
Um, I'm gonna get Henry home, OK?
- Thank you.
- Goodnight.
Yeah, will do.
Well, you don't need this anymore.
There we go.
Oh, Mason's asleep, so only
you and I can hear this.
So, just so you know, I have to report
Mason's injuries to Child Services.
Carly, the thing is, if Xavier
is grabbing you by the throat,
it's only a matter of time
before he doesn't let go.
Now, I know it seems impossible,
but there are teams that can help you,
and we'll put you in touch with them,
and then you can decide
what you want to do.
Right, I'll take these
off. You get some rest.
Just watch your step, mate.
- There you go.
- Good luck with handover.
Thanks. I'll come back
afterwards to clean up.
You know better than anyone
how much your dad struggled
through the drought.
You know, and years of that,
it just made him difficult to be around.
And so I stopped being around him,
'cause seeing him like
that made me miserable.
And so I just gave up
and I know you and your
Mum didn't have that choice.
So, I gotta live with that
for the rest of my life,
and I'm just so sorry.
Pete. You didn't do it. He did it.
It's not your fault.
There's no excuse for it, OK?
How do you hate someone and
love them all at the same time?
I don't know, but
but I love you.
And I'm never gonna stop
wanting to be in your life,
not even when you do
get sick and tired of me.
I love you too.
You're not going anywhere
till we check those ribs.
Mmm, thank you.
Night sis.
OK, breathe in for me.
Well, your lungs sound good.
Probably a couple of cracked ribs,
but I assume you're
not gonna get an X-ray?
No, no, I'll do that tomorrow.
You know, you had me quite worried there
for a little second.
Well, I was mildly concerned myself.
I mean, actually quite worried.
Um, I owe you this 50 bucks, by the way.
My fee's much higher than that.
When you arrived, I may
have made a bet with Rhiannon
that you wouldn't last the distance.
- Well, did you just?
- Yeah.
Well, as much as I would love
for you to eat that humble pie,
I'm afraid you won.
I'm going back to London.
I I don't want to
leave, but I have to go back
and sort a few things out.
That's alright.
Ah, I really
I really hate it.
But it's alright. I understand.
It wasn't even a whippet.
It was an Italian greyhound.
Hey, what are these rumours
I hear about you staying?
What? What, you're staying?
He couldn't leave us.
Imagine me in Melbourne traffic.
You'd be terrible.
Oi! You hear that?
See, I told you it rained
out here! Just like London.
Hey, Pete, it's Nate.
Just wondering if you
wanted to catch the footy
on Sunday arvo out here.
Ah, give us a yell anyway.
To listen again, press seven.
To delete message, press one.
Message deleted.
See ya, mate.
- You ready?
- Yep.
Hope those old man knees
can handle the pace!
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