RFDS (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

The Vortex

- To our new SMO.
- Cheers.
- What did Nate say?
- Uh.
- Did you forget to call him?
- Talk to him tomorrow.
There's been a car accident.
It's Rhiannon and Pete's brother.
Stay with me.
We attempted resuscitation five times.
We did everything we could for her.
Uncle Pete.
I do need to get my shit together.
And this is your house now, too.
Hey, Pete, we've got Wayne on the line.
My name's Mira. You've
been in an accident.
Are you guys married?
Good boyfriend. He's a doctor.
Good for you, sister.
Hang on to that one.
And don't feel guilty. I'm good here.
I can take care of Uncle
Timmy. He took care of me, so.
Having Mr Perfect as a father
is great when you're a kid,
but it's bloody hard
when you're a grown man.
I want to be an engineer.
I know Dad drove into
that tree on purpose.
He wasn't well.
I want to do something to
honour your mum at the ball.
Both of us in our business would
like to pick up the shortfall
and fully fund the Rhiannon
Emerson Mental Health Clinic.
- You did it. See.
- Yes!
What's the deal with the
Southern Cross anyway?
Does it actually point south?
What's here means something.
I'm going back to London.
I don't want to leave.
White Cliffs Traffic,
King Air flight 257
is 20 nautical miles to the
south, inbound on descent.
Passing 1-0-000 we'll be
joining down with Runway One Two.
Circuit 3-0 White Cliffs.
All right. Last one.
Thank God.
- Chariot.
- Oh, that is a good one.
That's all about the
direction that you're heading.
Nor-North east. Hey, Mira.
Affirmative Track 005, Radio 185.
You want a go, don't you?
No, I'm good, thanks.
Are you scared?
Of a mental-health nurse
who believes in tarot cards?
A little bit, yeah.
- I told you, I work holistically.
- Oh.
Are you worried it'll be bad?
I don't get worried.
Oh, you worried it'll be good?
Come on.
See, what exactly is the
point of this game anyway?
- Well, what is it?
- Oh, just death.
- That's not bad.
- Doesn't sound great.
It means new beginnings.
Change is coming.
It's a pretty big change.
Last time I picked it, I quit
drinking, my job, and my marriage
all within three months.
That's good. You need
a bit of a shakeup.
What does that mean?
We're on approach, folks.
How about a little more cabin prep,
a little less tempting fate, Petey?
Don't blame me.
So how busy does this rodeo get anyway?
Hundreds of giant cockies riding
angry bulls and motorbikes?
Fairly busy.
How's sunny Dubbo.
Wet again. Why aren't you sleeping?
People seem to keep falling off things.
- Oh, when's the big date?
- What date?
I thought you had a section briefing.
I do.
Who's the date?
Dr. Hottie.
You know, I thought becoming Ops
Manager would get me some respect.
Yeah, I'm rebelling.
Ever since you became
manager of an entire section,
I'm starting to have mummy
issues all over again.
I love all my kids the same.
That's just what Mum used to say.
I've got a doctor update,
if anyone's interested.
What, they finally found us one?
Unfortunately, no. And the arvo
doctor's just pulled out sick.
Oh, what?
Who's Dr. Hottie?
Dr. Scotty. The nephrologist?
The hot nephrologist.
Anyway, I've left a
message for the backup.
I'll let you know when he confirms.
Now get home and get some sleep.
White Cliffs Rodeo. What do you
reckon the chances of that are?
We live in hope?
Harry, cap with one.
There you go, sir.
- What do I owe you?
- It's on the house.
You have to take this, though, OK?
A couple of coupons, handy information.
Any questions we're here all day.
- No worries. Thanks.
- See ya.
- What?
- Nothing.
You just remind me of your
mum sometimes. That's all.
Yeah, g'day, White Cliffs.
It's good to be back, boys and girls,
ladies and gents, to the greatest
rodeo in all of Australia.
The crowd is hot, the beers are cold,
and O, H & S stands for
One Hell of a Shindig.
So what's the attraction?
Uh, the thrill of not dying
when you fall off, suppose.
- You ever done it?
- Once.
My brother was a cowboy.
Once was enough for me.
Did it hurt?
Just my pride. Why, you wanna have a go?
I think if I wanted to awkwardly
ride something for eight seconds,
I would have stayed with my ex.
Now buckle up and watch
these lads get bucked off.
Let's get this party started, shall we?
Let the mayhem begin.
Yeah, mate.
I think I'm starting to get it.
Yeah, ladies and gentlemen,
we're just about ready to get underway
with the next man into the arena.
This young man can tip the
fur off of a grizzly bear -
the ringer from Iniminga,
let's welcome Cameron Archer.
He's come down extremely hard. Cam.
Can we have our medical team enter
the arena straight away, please?
OK, yep.
- What's his name, mate?
- Cameron. Cameron Archer.
You hear me, Cameron?
Right, stretcher. Get that bull back.
OK, manual inline stabilisation.
Nice and easy while I get this off.
You got him?
Oh, can you please shut the
Sorry, did I wake you?
No. Mopoke outside has a death wish.
I think they protected, aren't they?
Yeah, well, they're
going to need the Mafia.
Just easy, easy. Slow up a
bit. Slow up a bit. There we go.
Let me guess. Male,
twenties, bull related.
You're a savant.
Possible head and spinal.
But I'll give you a call
in ten with a sitrep.
Hey, are you all right?
- Am I dead?
- Not quite, mate.
Then why is the angel here?
You have brain damage
is what you have, mate.
Nah, that's his regular brain.
All right, Casanova, let's get you
in the tent. Have a look at you.
Any medications.
Lithium, epilim, and XXXX.
- Are you bipolar?
- Mate, I'm just about tripolar.
- Yeah.
- Alright.
Any past injuries or illnesses?
Appendix. Ankle. Wrist.
I've been picked up by the
flying doctor three times.
Why hasn't it ever been you?
I'm on the mental health clinic.
Hey, well, that's lucky
because I'm a basket case.
- You had a feed today, mate?
- A couple of snags.
We'll get you into town for a CT,
just to make sure there's
nothing wrong with your head.
Don't need a CT to tell
you that. I'll be right.
It's not my first rodeo.
Hey. Sorry to bother you.
Prawny, how are ya?
- Oh.
- Oh, my God.
What happened?
I walked in front of a dart board.
That'll do it. Um,
Chaya, can you just
Yeah, take a seat here. Prawny, was it?
Or prawn head. Whatever
works best for you.
No, no, no. Here, take the bed.
Looks like you need it more than I do.
Thanks for the Panadol, Doc.
Hang on. Hang on. You you
still got to get looked at.
- You've had a major concussion.
- I'll be right.
Well, I strongly recommend
you get a scan and you rest.
Promise I won't sue ya.
Well, come back if you have any
nausea, headaches and, Cam
No driving, no drinking.
Oi, where are you
going? Don't be an idiot.
It's got me this far.
Hope I see you around.
Are you going to stop him?
I can't force him to get help?
Yeah, well, can you try a little
bit harder than that, Pete? Like
I can't get you to do the dishes.
You want me to get bloody
Billy the Kid on a plane?
- Yeah, but he's clearly
- I've got a bit going on, Tay.
Oi. Didn't you hear him?
You need to get a scan.
You're worried about me.
No, just worried about your
family if you drop dead.
How about you come and
have a beer with us?
I'm working.
Yeah, you'll be monitoring the patient.
Far out. You always like this?
No. No. Sometimes I'm asleep.
Oh, well, another time, then.
- How are you feeling, cupcake?
- Sore.
Yeah, I bet.
Wayne, good news. You don't
have to come out for the cowboy.
Bad news is you got a
penetrating eye injury instead.
All right.
Dr. Williams, hi, Leoni again in Dubbo.
Just following up on
the 1PM shift. Leoni.
- Call me back when you get this. Sorry.
- That's OK.
- Take a seat.
- Oh. Doctor issues.
Are you sure I can't
convince you to join?
I don't do well with
dust, bugs, or heat.
Oh, well, that's a shame.
- So you had another positive pregnancy test?
- Two.
And the second time, the
line was even stronger.
Plus, my boobs are killing me.
- Have you been trying?
- Oh, God, no.
I mean, I'm seeing someone,
but whatever we're trying,
it's not that.
Well, the beta hCG levels in
your bloods were quite elevated.
- What? I'm 49. I didn't think I could.
- Well
I mean, I knew I could,
theoretically, it's just that
My ex-husband and I, we tried for years.
Well, I don't think pregnancy
is the cause in this case.
OK, yes, that's
High beta hCG can
indicate some other things.
Like what?
There's a few possible reasons,
but it can potentially
be raised by a tumour.
A tumour, like cancer?
They're mostly benign.
But let's just take it one step at
a time and start with some tests.
Yeah, OK.
Um, I'll just
Are you busy now?
Go on, you can start
with the bullseye gags.
Thank God for that. That's
all I can think about.
You've got a better nickname
than Prawny, hey, Bullseye?
Yeah, good news.
No sign of orbital compartment
syndrome or fluid leakage.
So am I going to lose it?
I reckon if we keep you nice and still
and get you to hospital,
you'll be right.
- Matt, tell Mary we need a ground-level cabin.
- Roger that.
God bless you, Doc.
I guess that's why he's the
big boss around here, eh, Pete?
That's what he tells us.
Boss just means you work when
no-one else wants to, Prawny.
And let's get him some broad
spectrum antis and a tetanus shot.
Yep. You want that in an IV or
thrown at you from ten feet, Prawny?
Hey, hey, hey, I hardly know you, mate.
I'm sorry, I just
I thought that this
I'm tugging your chain.
I'm having a laugh.
Look at the head on him.
He's good.
Paging Dr. Christiansen
to A&E, Code Blue.
Paging Dr. Christiansen.
Leoni, are you ready?
Uh, can I keep my phone nearby
to keep an eye on something?
You can't even take your phone
into the room with a magnet
unless you want it to explode.
You can follow me.
Adelaide approach, Flight 257.
Maintaining Flight level 160.
Cleared to descend via the star
two nine 1000, received, Tango.
Graeme's on the phone.
Macy Gray, what's news?
How far from Radelaide, are you?
Can almost see the
churches. Why is that?
- Is Wayne awake?
- Bags not telling him.
How do you do that?
You're responsible for
the assault charges.
Graeme made me.
This better be an aneurysm.
Worse, situation with the backup doc.
He's not sick, too, is he?
Not sure. No one knows where he is.
Never showed up, apparently.
I'm on my way in now.
When are you out of action 'til?
Out of hours 'til seven.
I can extend, Graeme.
Yeah, OK.
But every 15 minutes will
push you out an hour tomorrow,
so we'll keep trying.
Don't shoot the messenger
but the ambos are run ragged
and it's going to be at least
a two-hour wait in Adelaide.
Can't we just buy him some
doughnuts, drop him off?
I've already asked.
He's got four incoming, five outgoing,
and a premier arriving with MedStar.
Of course.
All right, I'll stay with Prawny.
You too head back and cover the base.
Hopefully this doc
shows up in the meantime.
Wait, how are you going to get back?
What does Leoni think about all this?
Good question. Can't
get hold of her either.
What? Where is she?
Hey. So how is it?
You know what? Dubbo's
actually pretty fun.
Oh, wash your mouth out.
I mean, lame is lame,
but boys are pretty good.
Darren. Oi, are you there?
Sorry, what did you say? Someone
must have hit eight seconds.
Can't believe I'm missing it.
So you miss me as
well, or just the bulls?
Well Taylor?
Darren? Oi? Can you hear me?
How is he?
Yeah, good, as far as I can tell.
So Darren is Wayne's
son, and he's an engineer,
and you guys are together?
When the satellites are working.
- OK, and Wayne and Mira are a thing?
- Don't forget Graeme.
He's married to the
same flight nurse, twice.
So how come no one loves you, then?
It's a lost cause, I suppose.
Oh, who was it?
- The nurse? Doctor?
- No, I don't kiss and tell.
Try both.
Oh, Taylor, tell me.
OK, flight nurse, a couple of years,
pissed off back to New Zealand.
Whose side are you on?
- And the doctor?
- Hang on.
You were a flight nurse married
to an engineer, weren't you?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah, and now I'm a mental-health
nurse who lives in the desert.
So how do you think that went, Pete?
What was that?
Um, grab that kit.
Over here.
Over here.
Down there.
Oh, yeah, yep.
- The access is back that way.
- Yep.
Back through here.
Alright, let's do a
visual survey of the site.
- Vehicle's safe.
- Thanks.
Alright, hey. I'll take the
driver. You take the passenger.
Same ABCs as always.
What can I do?
Grab towels, tarp, water.
- What's your name?
- Alright, we'll get you out.
- Pardon?
- Cameron.
Leoni, Wayne again.
Anyway, please call me.
The prognosis
I'm feeling a bit peckish.
Can I get some chippies?
Sorry, mate. No eating with
a penetrating eye injury.
I'm not going to look at them.
Sorry, mate.
Purgatory, this is Wayne speaking.
Mate, are you on your way yet?
Sorry. Say again. Reception.
Wayne, you there?
Yeah, I got you now.
Alright. MVA at White
Cliffs Rodeo, rolled ute.
We've got two casualties.
I'm here with Chaia and the
RES about to do a primary,
but it doesn't look good.
I'm stuck in the PTF
in Adelaide with Prawny.
Mira and Matty headed back to base.
Well, good. Divert
'em here with the doc.
- We don't have one.
- What?
Well, he never showed up.
Hey, well, has Leoni got a replacement?
I'm not sure, she's AWOL too.
- Where's she?
- I wish I knew.
OK, I'll call the ACC, see if I
can get Sydney HEMS or a fixed wing.
I'll get Mira and Matty out to
you as a nurse only, alright?
Dr. Yates?
Oh, yes.
- Is it safe to move him, mate?
- Yeah. Bring him over.
Just nice and easy.
Keep his neck in line.
- Are they coming?
- Hey? Matty and Mira. No doc.
Yeah, nice and easy. Nice and easy.
Is he going to be alright?
Can you go wait for Matty at the strip?
Can you try Port Augusta next?
- Anything?
- Not yet.
Dubbo and Central are hammered,
so are Ambo New South Wales.
Refuel's done, wheels up in five.
Hey, Gray, how far can I extend hours?
You can have two then it
needs to be a mercy flight.
Hey, you alright?
Sorry, my phone was out of action.
What happened with the backup doctor?
I was going to ask you the same thing.
Where exactly is the pain?
My leg. My shoulder.
Yeah. There's a lot
of blood under there.
I gotta ruin your pants,
mate, cut your jeans.
Are you wearing your undies today, mate?
- Mm-hm.
- Hey? Alright.
Haemostatic gauze.
Alright, mate, a bit of
pain, a bit of a sting.
Oh, Port Augusta. Do they have anyone?
Hi, this is Leonie Smith, Ops
Manager with RFDs South East.
We have a situation
Or Air Ambulance, do they have anyone?
A locum? Yes, I'll take a locum.
How far away are they?
A doctor.
They've done a bit with Mount Isa,
travelling through
Wilcannia, about an hour away.
Yeah, that's close
enough. Is the road OK?
Apparently that's open.
- Alright, can we get him out there?
- Already done.
Oi, oi!
And Wayne, I'm
I don't know what happened with the
Sorry, a bit busy. Can
we discuss this later?
Cam, we're just going to
check your back really quickly.
On my count. One, two, three.
Sore anywhere where
I'm pressing, Cameron?
Nah, nah, nah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Me shoulder, around there.
Just wiggle your toes for me, Cam.
Let's not risk it, full spinal
precautions, just in case.
Let's roll back on
three. One, two, three.
What's that?
- What's what?
- Thought I heard something.
It's just the wind, isn't
it? Give Mira a sit-rep.
Satellite phones.
- Should I go back up?
- Yeah.
- Can you?
- Yeah.
All right, Cam, I'm going
to put a collar on you.
Mate, it's very important
you stay nice and still.
- Johnny OK?
- He's been looked after.
- Yeah. Where is he?
- He's right there.
No. Hey, that's Ads.
I think you're confused, mate.
- No, he was in the back.
- Hey?
In the tray, mate.
Alright, you stay with him.
Keep him still. Keep him still.
No, no, no, Johnny. Johnny.
Johnny. Johnny, lift up.
That's it, mate. Cough. Cough.
Cameron, is that the kid
that came off the bull?
Yeah, how far away are you?
About 15.
Oh, and Leonie has a doctor,
too. He's on his way now.
- Oh, thank God. ETA?
- Hopefully before us.
Do we have a pick up?
Yeah. Taylor's waiting
for you at the strip.
Chaya, the nurse needs you.
Right, can someone grab me the
suction and the monitor, please.
- Pete?
- Yeah, here.
I've got an ejected passenger.
You're right, mate. You're right.
I need to clear his airway.
Log roll on three. One, two, three.
- How far away they are?
- About 15. And the doctor's on the way.
That's a bit clearer. That's
good, mate. You're right.
Hey, Pete, there's big lump
here. It's pretty boggy.
It could be a depressed skull fracture.
Let's roll him back on
three. One, two, three.
Let's get access. Get
Ondansetron into him.
Grab me the dump kit in the drug kit.
You alright, Johnny? This'll help you.
Right, come on, Johnny.
GCS is about a nine.
What happens if it gets lower than that?
Well, we have to get
a definitive airway.
You want to intubate?
No, I absolutely do not.
How far away is the locum?
Uh, Matty said soon.
Johnny. It's all right, mate, Johnny.
Alright. Left pupil's
dilated, GCS is dropping.
He needs an airway right now.
Can you attach prongs and
pre-oxygenate? I'm going to prep.
Hi, I'm Dr. Turner.
It's just blood and vomit.
- Yep, I saw that go through.
- Alright, ETT.
Hold that. OK, bougie out.
Apply the cuffs. OK, bag.
I got fogging, chest rise.
Alright, let's connect
the CO2 and ventilator.
- Hold that tube.
- Yeah.
- You've got CO2.
- OK.
BP and heart rate
stabilising, sats at 93.
I'm going to have a listen.
Good air entry on the right.
We can check blood gas
on board if you want.
Yeah, that'll be good.
Look, I've secured the
tube at 26cm at the teeth,
so whatever you do, don't touch it.
Roger that.
Are you going to be OK with
a ventilator patient alone?
Yeah, no worries. Just
glad you were here.
- All right. Good luck.
- Yeah.
Pete, Mira, can you hear me?
Yeah, we're packing up now.
Well, we've already used
the two-hour extension
before we need a mercy flight.
We'll be there in five.
- Mira, can you give us a hand up the front?
- Yep. On it.
Alright. Alright, sliding on three.
- One, two, three.
- Hold, hold. Yep.
- Yeah.
- Easy, legend. Lay back, lay back.
- Is that Johnny?
- It's OK. They're helping him. Lay back.
- How are we looking, Mira?
- Quick as we can.
Alright. OK.
Let's get Johnny on the main deck
and Cameron up the back with you.
I don't want to
Look, you're getting on that plane
whether you like it or not, alright?
- It's all my fault. It's all my fault.
- Hey.
People have made worse
mistakes, I promise.
Just trust me, they're going
to take care of him, right?
- Come here.
- Mira, can I come? I want to go with him.
Uh, yeah, we're fine for weight.
VJC, Flight Op 257 departed
White Cliffs at 1800
into Broken Hill at 1840.
Request fuel on arrival.
How good is that sunset?
So White Cliffs Rodeo.
I told you, bloody tarot cards.
What? You did a read without me?
We did.
That's weird. SATS just dipped a bit.
Double check the ventilator.
Connection's fine. Volume's good.
- We're already at 100% O2.
- SATs 90.
Rates are fine.
It could be.
But the pressure hasn't
increased, trachea hasn't deviated.
You still got CO2 on the capnography.
I'm just going to have a listen.
I can't hear chest sounds on the left.
I think the tube's
only in the right lung.
I'm going to have a look. Matty,
can you grab the airway kit?
- I need the video.
- Did the locum check both sides?
Yeah, I thought he did.
Yeah, but the tube's 28cm now.
- It's not in here.
- What?
The McGrath, the video.
It's not. It's not.
- Did we pack it?
- Did the locum put it down?
When he checked the chest,
I think he put it on the kit.
But it must have fallen somewhere.
It's alright. I'll go
the mackintosh four.
I'll go direct.
Ah, geez, a lot of swelling.
- Can't even see the upper line. It's too far in.
- SATs 84.
Sorry, folks.
I think we need to readjust
the tube. Chaya, grab a syringe.
I thought that locum
said not to touch it.
He's hypoxic on 100%
oxygen. Do we have a choice?
- How far from home, Mirs?
- About ten.
Can we wait?
No, it's too far. Deflate the cuff.
I'm just going to try and
lift it up a little bit.
Sorry, guys. This weather's
come out of nowhere.
Shit, shit, shit.
We need to retube.
Chaya, grab the bougie.
- Size 18 ETT.
- Swap with me.
- Quick.
- Swap with me. Swap with me.
There's blood, vomit everywhere.
- Here, bougie.
- Is that any better?
Mate, there's so much blood
I can't even say the chords.
Alright, do you feel
that? Did you feel that?
No. I don't know. Do you think it's in?
There's only one way
to find out. ETT, quick.
Yeah. There you go.
OK, bougie out.
Yeah, bougie's out.
Cuff up. OK, locate the bag.
What have we got?
No. No, I'm not hearing
any breath sounds.
No chest rise, no CO2, and fogging.
It's oesophageal.
OK, let's try again.
Cuff down, tube out. Matty,
two-person bag a mask. OK.
Pete, SATs 50.
- Is that in?
- No, he's not ventilating.
- Laryngospasm?
- Well, no, no, can't be because the ROC's running.
Let's try to re-intubate.
Readjust the patient,
careful with his neck.
Chaya, hockey stick that bougie.
Airway's swollen shut, feels
just the same as before.
- Can we try to tube him again?
- Uh, alright. Let's go to LMA, please.
SATs 45.
Can't get a chest rise.
No fogging, no CO2.
OK, readjusting.
No, no good. He's failing to ventilate.
What do you want to do now?
I've tried everything.
We're in the vortex.
Can't intubate, can't oxygenate.
SATs 35.
- We need to do a Cric.
- What about the turbulence?
We don't really have a choice.
He needs a surgical airway now.
Hey, Mirs, about to
make a cut back here.
If there's any way around
this weather, then
Yep, copy that. Doing my best.
- I just can't find it the way around it.
- Sterilise the NEG?
SATs 30, there's no time.
Give me size six ETT.
OK, palpating between the
cricoid and thyroid cartilage.
Have you done this before?
On dummies and dead sheep, yeah.
OK, about to make a cut.
Sorry. Keeping it as steady as I can.
No, no, it's all good. OK,
making a vertical incision.
OK, blunt dissecting
down to the membrane.
SATs 20.
Making a horizontal incision
through the cricothyroid membrane.
OK, crossing in the midline.
OK, I'm in.
- Here, bougie.
- Yep.
- OK, bougie out.
- Bougie's out.
Alright, cuff up.
Bag on.
OK, we've got chest rise, fogging
total CO2.
Righto, we've got an airway.
Matty, can I have the tube in
place? Chaya, connect the ventilator.
Breath sounds
on both sides.
SATs still only 30.
Just give me a second, they
take time to come back up.
SATs 35.
SATs 45 and rising.
Um, alright, let's do minutely obs,
keep the ventilator at 100%.
Chaya, ask Dab for a blood gas
and a bottle of ketamine for me.
Hi. Sorry. I'm sorry.
What happened?
I called Brian, but he never answered.
Did you follow up?
I messaged you, but there
mustn't have been service.
- And I got on to Air Am
- They OK?
These two are stable. Any
news on the other patient?
Wait, there was a third?
One was thrown from the ute,
a locum intubated but
the tube was too far in,
and Pete had to go through
the neck mid-flight.
- What?
- Yeah.
19-year-old male, SATs
98%, heart rate 62,
BP's 118 on 80, no patent
airway, and we hit the vortex,
so we had to perform a
cricothyroidotomy in transit.
All OK?
- Yeah, he's stable.
- And what about you?
Uh, yeah. Heart rate's
down to about 200.
I'll go with the ambos.
- No
- There's still a hot debrief later on the pub.
No, no, no, no, no. You
need to sleep. I'm good.
- Sure?
- Yeah. Yeah. We can talk tomorrow.
Is Leonie coming?
I'll check.
Alright, thank you for letting me know.
OK. Bye bye. Bye, bye.
How are they?
All three safe and stable.
Well done, Pete.
We got to celebrate
the only correct way.
I've had enough screaming for one day.
Come on, what's it going to be, big guy?
First Cut's the Deepest?
Cuts Like a Knife?
What, you're not a Bryan Adams fan?
The Spanish reckon
toasting without alcohol
brings you seven years bad sex.
- Oooh.
- But I think tonight is worth it.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
You want seven years bad
sex? Move in with someone.
I used to get booty calls.
And now I just get "Dinner's
getting cold" calls.
I thought the ferret was the one
who was supposed to be on the leash.
Oh, very good, if not a bit kinky.
I'm going to go too. Lift anyone?
Yeah, actually, I might take one.
Might try a booty call on
Wayne. What do you reckon?
I'm not even sure
that will work tonight.
If that guy doesn't get
12-hours sleep, at least,
he might just self combust.
- So, parma?
- Oh, thought you'd never ask.
- OK. Alright.
- Alright.
Hi, Scott, sorry again
about lunch today,
just something came up,
and that thing I had to talk about,
it turned out to not be a thing.
Yeah, so I'm pretty busy
for the next few days, so,
I don't know we'll talk soon.
OK, bye.
Hey, is the boy OK?
Yep. Stable, they reckon.
And you? Are you all good?
Yep. Yeah.
So what happened?
I've got a decade's worth of
paperwork to do after that so.
Um, that was pretty impressive today.
Well, I'm bloody glad you were there.
So that is what happens
at a hot debrief.
Oh, yeah. But usually there was Graeme.
Oh, he's cute.
He's a bit scratchy, though.
Yeah. Well
I should probably get some rest.
Yeah. Yeah, same. Me too. Same.
That's what I was thinking.
Good night, then.
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