RFDS (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

The Return

I've been picked up by the
flying doctor three times.
Why hasn't it ever been you?
We can't force him to get help.
Yeah, well, can you try a little
bit harder than that, Pete?
What's here, it means something.
- I'm going back to London.
- What?
- But it can potentially be a tumour.
- Like cancer?
- What was that?
Johnny. Johnny, lift up.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Head back.
- Is that Johnny?
- It's OK. They're helping him.
SATs just dipped. It's too far in.
I thought the locum
said not to touch it.
- Shit.
We need to do a cric.
What about the turbulence?
He needs a surgical airway now.
Have you done this before?
On dummies and dead sheep, yeah.
That was pretty impressive today.
Well, I'm bloody glad you were there.
And the inaugural Sweeney
Todd Award goes to
- Dr. Pete Emerson.
For heroics in the field. Mate,
you're a cut above the rest.
Yes. And I'd like to thank the Academy.
- Show us your pecs.
- Take it off.
- That's my boy.
- Alright. Alright.
Now, no surprises, today's M&M,
we're looking at White Cliffs Rodeo,
the CICO scenario that
led to a surgical airway.
Sorry. Back in a minute.
How is he?
Yeah, I spoke to the
trauma reg in Adelaide.
Good news: he's been extubated
and MRI brain all looked normal.
So well done, mate. (CLAPPING)
Nice one.
The cognitive test did reveal
some issues with his speech,
and MRI neck indicated some damage
to the recurrent laryngeal nerve.
- But
- From the cut?
Yeah, but probably an aberrant pathway.
- I mean, it's unlucky but
- How bad is it?
I'm not sure. They've
attempted to repair it.
We'll know more in the coming weeks.
Hey, it's a pretty amazing outcome
given the circumstances, OK.
On the plane? Yeah.
And the locum said
not to touch the tube.
He said that specifically?
Yeah, but he was only
ventilating one lung, so
And the tube was like
28cm at the teeth, right?
So you pulled the tube
rather than adjusting?
No, no, no, no. I tried adjusting.
And then we like really bad turbulence.
And then it just came out.
So I tried reintubating straight away.
With the bougie?
Yeah, laryngoscope was
still in the throat,
but it was a mess with swelling
and mud, and that was unsuccessful.
We tried two-person bag
and mask, LMA as rescue,
but it was clear we'd hit CICO and
vortex to the front of the neck.
All aboard for the Louth clinic.
Bring me back some of Viv's scones.
Do you really need the carbs?
Hey, are you joining us?
I have a meeting in Dubbo.
I'll read the minutes.
Of course you do.
I think you made a very wise decision,
swapping intubations for drum circles.
Yeah, just wait till you hear a
class of seven year olds with drums.
You're quiet today, Lele.
- What?
- Dreaming of Dr. Hottie again?
Can we just have a bit of quiet
time for once, please, Matty?
CHAYA: give your wrists
a bit of a shake-out
and we're going to go
back into downward dog.
Alright, arch those
backs, nice and high.
And exhale coming back
through to cow pose.
Heads up, and we're going to
stay here for a little bit longer.
Alrighty. Marky Mark
and the Funky Bunch.
Hey, mate. How are you? It's
been too long. How's the toe?
- Good.
- And now we're going to come into
what we call downward dog.
- So butts in the air.
- "Butts in the air."
- Listening, Tommy.
- Nice and high.
- Oh.
- You alright?
Yeah. Yep. Getting old.
Alright, now pedal through those feet.
So lift your heels up
and down, up and down.
There's a plot twist.
Yeah, didn't I tell you?
Doesn't faze me. I love kids.
What are you doing here?
Finished the fences
early, thought I'd pop in.
From Innamincka?
I actually live in Tilpa.
"Ringer from Innamincka."
Just sounds better.
You here for a follow-up, I hope.
- This is my follow up.
- CHAYA: And we're going to go straight.
I'm on lunch at one. I'll
make sure you saw Matty.
Lunch at one it is.
I'll show you the best
vanilla slice in Australia.
Leg high into the sky.
Oh, Sherry, you alright?
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,
I'm good. I'm good.
Yeah, I'm good.
- Oh.
- Sherry. Sherry.
- Matty. Matty.
- Oh.
- Matty.
- Oh.
What's happened?
She's just collapsed and
she's holding her stomach.
Um. You're OK. Let's Let's
get her into the bed, OK.
Sherry, where's the
pain? Can you tell me?
- Oh.
- OK.
Let's go.
History of recurrent UTIs.
She's collapsed with acute abdo
pain, vomiting, some PV spotting.
Actually, let's get a couple
of units of packed reds,
- and a bag of cryo. Just in case.
- Roger that.
Hey, where have you been?
I just had to get something
from the chemist. What do we got?
38-year-old female, 60
kilos. Nonspecific abdo pain.
So potential ground-level
cabin. That work?
Yeah. Should be fine.
I'll just check. Hang on.
- Pregnant?
- What?
The woman: abdo pain.
- The reason for the $5,000 flight?
- Oh, yeah.
She reckons not.
She's got a couple of kids already,
so I reckon gallstones
or something ovarian.
Well, we're all good for
fuel so wheels up in 20.
I'll prep the cabin.
So would you have kept trying
to reintubate with the CICO?
I wasn't there.
Give it a crack.
No. You tried with the boogie
twice. You had to move on.
What about a needle?
- High failure rate.
- Yeah, but
Less chance of cutting the nerve.
You saved his life.
Yeah, but if I got that tube back
in, I would've saved his voice too.
And if we had a doctor there,
you wouldn't have had
to deal with any of it.
She's a mildly tachy at 105,
BP 95 over 63 and resps at 20.
Why is she so convinced
she's not pregnant?
Her husband had the snip
after their two kids.
- We got access?
- Yep.
Taken bloods and just started fluids.
Alright, let's start on
some antibiotics as well.
What's her urine dip?
Oh, she's a bit dehydrated,
so we just got to sample.
We're testing it now.
Yeah, but there's
something not quite right.
- With the urine?
- With the vibe.
The vibe? Like the ambiance.
What are we talking.
- Just, you know, something? Just
- Yeah, there's a vibe.
- Oh.
- Sorry. Tender?
- Yeah.
- Still got your appendix?
No, no. They removed
it when I was a kid. Oh.
What about going to the
toilet? Everything normal there?
- No burning?
- No, clockwork.
Hey, what's going on?
School said you'd collapsed.
I'm fine.
This is my husband, Craig.
Is it the UTI again?
No, no, it's just my period coming.
I'm sorry if I just wasted your time.
- No, it's never a waste.
- Yeah.
- Trust me, we love it when it's nothing serious.
- Yeah.
So if it's not that, what could it be?
We'll take some bloods, check urine,
see what that shows us, alright?
In the meantime, do you mind
if I do an ultrasound, Sherry?
I'm not pregnant, I told you.
It's just to check for any
other possible causes, OK.
Ovarian torsion, gallstones,
bleeding, that sort of thing.
I'm fine.
If you can just give me something,
I will get to the doctor
at the end of the week.
I'll give you some pain relief,
but it's really important we rule
a few serious things out first, OK?
Pete, Wayne, got a sec?
- Oh, so she is pregnant?
- Yep.
- But the husband's had a vasectomy?
- Yep.
- Ah.
- Oh.
Well, let's try and separate
them. Figure something out.
What's happening?
Well, not sure yet, but she
will need an overnight bag
if we have to get her to hospital.
- I already grabbed it.
- Oh, yeah.
Actually, there's some extra
gear we need from the plane.
Any chance you could ride out
and pick it up from the pilot?
The RANs got a bit funny
when we nicked that troupy.
OK, yeah.
So how serious do you
reckon it could be?
Grab those tests and we'll find out, OK?
The pilot's name's Mira.
Islington, please.
It's almost midnight.
What are you doing?
Looking for Dad's Swiss army
knife. Do you know if he took it?
I don't know. What do you
need a Swiss army knife for?
- What's this?
- It's an around-the-world ticket.
Dad gave it to me for my 18th.
Dad got you an around-the-world ticket?
Yeah, and Louie's in Thailand,
so I'm going to go meet him.
That's my backpack.
Well, when do you ever use it?
Look, I thought you'd be happy.
You're free, for six months anyway.
- You're going for six months?
- Yeah. I mean, as long as I can.
I've still get that
money from Grandma, so
And what happens when that runs out?
I don't know. Guess
I'll just come back here.
Because I'll still be here.
Look, how about just being
happy for me for once?
Well, you get to do you for
a while: live your own life.
You have to admit, it's just
getting a little codependent.
Did you know where that knife is?
Uh. Try the office drawers.
Love you.
Flight Op 289, landed
Dubbo, cancel sarwatch.
Welcome to beautiful Dubbo, the
Tuscany of western New South Wales.
You're free to move around the cabin.
Thank you.
You'll be looking to
buy a place here soon.
Look, I know people resent
me being across both bases,
but that's just the way it is.
It's my job, OK.
No, I know. I was just saying.
Thanks for the lift.
Can I open the door?
See you at five.
(OVER RADIO): Mirs, are you there?
Yep. Yeah. How are you looking?
It turns out she's pregnant after all.
But the husband isn't
exactly aware of it.
He's also not exactly fertile.
Look, I've sent him
your way for some gear.
Can you keep him occupied for a bit
while we get to the bottom of it?
Uh, yep. Yep, I'm on it.
- I can't be pregnant.
- It's pretty accurate.
But I'm not. I took care of it.
Please don't tell Craig.
Hey, we won't tell him anything
you don't want us to, OK?
I took these pills.
- From your doctor?
- No, from the Internet.
I thought so hard about whether
I was doing the right thing.
But it didn't even matter.
No one's judging anything, OK?
Hey. Hey. It turns out she did know.
She bought some underground
abortion pills online.
- It could have been anything.
- Yeah.
Sherry, I understand this is difficult,
but can you tell me how long
ago you took these pills?
Oh, about a week ago.
Do you know how many weeks
pregnant you might have been?
Maybe three months.
A bit more.
I'm actually fine. I'm going to go.
- Sherry, you've just got
- Sherry.
Unfortunately, the
pills you found online
probably weren't what
they said they were.
And if you're still pregnant,
we really need to have
a look to find out, OK.
- For your own safety.
- Yeah.
Just gentle, gentle.
OK, let's just lie her flat.
OK. There we go. Some cold
stuff coming on, Sherry.
So how old are your girls, Sherry?
Oh, Holly's 14 and
Stevie's 12 going on 20.
Are they here in town?
No, they're boarding in Dubbo.
How's the BP?
Oh, yeah, it's still pretty
steady. It's 110 on 70.
What is it?
There is a pregnancy there,
Sherry, but it's not viable.
OK, that's where the
bleeding is coming from.
We need to get you to surgery for a D&C,
remove it as quickly as possible, OK?
I'm sorry.
Hey, you don't need
to be sorry. It's OK.
Yeah. We'll be with you
all the way. Alright?
Craig can't find out.
It'll wreck him, OK?
- OK.
- No, seriously, he will not handle it.
Hey, what if I tell him he's just
got to get his own way to Dubbo?
No. No. The girls will be there.
He has to be with them if something
happens to me in surgery, OK?
Please. Please take him with us.
OK, give us a sec, OK, Sherry.
What do you reckon?
BP is looking good. We've
got bloods just in case.
I'll do a spec, check if
there's any active bleeding.
And then let's get her in,
and I hope the op stays
shut till we get to Theatre.
Either way, I think we
could really use your help.
Any chance you could tag along?
Yeah, of course.
So you can see the tumour
here on the right ovary.
So you can't just take that one?
We could, but it might
also be on the left one.
And there's no way of
knowing until we take it out.
Most ovarian cancers are quite
aggressive with high mortality rates.
So my advice would be, if pregnancy
isn't part of you're thinking
Again, I'm 49.
Then I'd say it's safest to have
both ovaries and the uterus taken out.
It can be done with small keyhole
incisions so recovery is fast.
Well, that's good because I've
got hockey finals next week.
- Well
- Joking.
And so instant menopause and all that?
That's right.
We can discuss hormone
replacement therapy,
although we'll need to weigh
up the risk and benefits
once we get the histology report,
which tells us whether the
tumour is cancerous or not.
Here are the pamphlets
going over the surgery.
- Everything you need to know.
- Thanks.
If you have any questions,
just give me a call, OK?
Is there anyone who can
be with you through this?
Would it help if I updated them too?
No. No, I'm fine.
Is everything OK?
Yeah. Why?
- Isn't it midnight there?
- It is.
I dropped Henry at the airport,
and now I'm halfway through a
bottle of your finest Barossa Shiraz.
But you're OK?
I'm a bit sloshed, actually,
in honour of the fact that
I am now the sole occupant
of an entire London townhouse
if you ever want to
come for a London adventure.
Wait, where are you?
Uh, I'm in a park in Dubbo.
Are you OK?
What is it?
Here, mate, can you take this pack too?
Oh, actually, sorry, wrong one.
Sorry, mate.
Shall I call the girls?
They're in school. I don't
want to worry them, but
Do you have kids? What do you reckon?
Looks like they beat you here.
Hey, hey. Is she OK?
There's some pelvic bleeding,
so she's going to need
an operation to stop it.
What from?
We'll know more when they
get in and have a look, OK?
How are we for weight if
Chaya and Craig join us?
Alright, so he's
Sherry wants Craig with the girls.
Well, we'll be cosy, but
we'll be right for weight.
Can we get a hand with the stretcher?
It's alright, Sherry. One, two, three.
Wayne, ACC.
Dr. Yates? Yep.
So how serious could it be?
Well, as soon as we can do some
scans in hospital, we'll know more.
We're pretty chokers here.
Any crews from Central or Port
Augusta in the vicinity available?
- Alright. Give us a sec.
- What do you got?
A couple of grey nomads
got bogged out of Maryburn.
73 year old male, 70 kilos.
Used a tree trunk to haul himself
out, except the tree snapped.
Sounds like he's cracked his femur.
Any bone on view?
No, he's got some bad bruising
and an upper thigh deformity.
Who's available?
At least a four-hour wait for
Port Augusta. We're the closest.
Yeah but we can't stop, can we?
I'm just worried this guy
might not survive four hours.
- What's happened?
- Just an accident.
We're just trying to work out logistics.
- It sounds bad.
- Yes. Old fella's broken his leg.
- Well, you gotta pick him up.
- Wait, hang on.
- We've got a spare bed here.
- Yeah, I know.
We do, but you don't have
to worry about that, Sherry.
I don't want to be the
reason he doesn't get help.
Darling, just leave it up
to them. You're the priority.
You just said you're worried about him.
MIRA: How far are they from Maryburn?
She said they got bogged at Perry Creek.
Well, Perry Creek runs near Blue
Hill. I could see if Tug is in.
How much time would we lose?
We're pretty much going over the top.
SHERRY: Please, you have
to pick the poor man up, OK.
- What do you reckon?
- I don't know.
She could start bleeding
again any minute, couldn't she?
She's haemodynamically
stable for the moment.
Mira, call Tugger. See
if he can pick us up.
Hang on. You said she needs surgery.
Craig, I told them to.
Thank you.
It's alright.
How's that strip looking, Tugger?
Yeah, great.
Roo runs off the mirror.
Legend. Thanks.
Cockpit closed for landing.
It's going to take two of us to resus
and package him with a
binder and traction splint.
Maybe. I reckon I could
do a quick primary package.
Sort the rest out with
him when I get back.
- I can go with you.
- Are you sure?
Yeah. Then Pete can stay with Sherry.
Not surprised he got into trouble.
But looks firm.
But the ground's still
saturated from all the floods.
Here we go. Here's Perry Creek.
Can't see them anywhere.
- Did you ask 'em which Perry Creek?
- What do you mean?
Maryburn crosses through
Perry Creek twice.
Well, how far is the other one?
Maybe 20ks.
- Pete, Mira, you there?
- Yep. Pete, cans.
Look, the sitrep's changed or moved?
What? They're not there.
No, apparently there's
another Perry Creek crossing.
- What's happening?
- Just a sec. How far?
20 minutes each way,
depending on the road.
- How's she doing?
- Oh.
She's still stable.
BP's OK, but she's got
a bit more crampy pain.
So what do you want to do?
I reckon we just commit
to it and get it done.
So give her a five of
morphine and a bag of fluid.
Roger that. Good luck.
Alright, let's go.
What's going on? How much
longer are they going to be?
Not too long.
Alright, this looks more promising.
- Come on.
Hello, over here.
- Hi. Thank you for coming.
- Hello there.
- Drew was winching the car out
and the branch snapped and hit his leg.
Hello, mate. How are you going?
I'm Dr. Wayne. What have you done?
Oh. Oh.
How are we looking, Tugger?
Piece of piss.
I'm so sorry, I didn't realise
that there were two crossings.
Oh, don't be too hard on yourself.
It's been a very stressful day.
Sorry, mate. I hope these
aren't your favourite duds.
I've got to cut through them, OK.
Oh. Oh.
Yeah, it's quite a deformity.
- Decreased perfusion in the foot.
- Oh.
I've got to reduce that
fracture. Let's grab the splint.
Andrew, I'm going to give you
something for that pain, OK?
- You want some morphine?
- Yeah.
Let's just start with 2.5. He's
73 so we should minimise opioids.
And let's do a fascia
arch block as well.
So prep 20 mills of 0.75% pivacaine.
And let's get traction
on as quick as we can.
There you go. You're doing well, mate.
You're making fast friends, eh?
Everything seems all good.
Just keep doing the exercises,
take those pain meds when you need them,
and check back in with us
in a month or so, alright.
Alright, let's debunk these wild
vanilla slice theory, shall we?
I'll meet you back here at two, yeah?
Sure thing.
What do you reckon about that kid?
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Good effort, but
Oh, come on. Best in
Australia. Hands down.
Mum's was better.
I wish I could have met her.
So is Johnny still at Royal Adelaide?
Yeah, I called him a
couple of days ago, but
Bit one sided, you know.
He can't speak at all?
Now he's stuck in there
while I get to chat
with the prettiest girl
on the Murray-Darling.
Have you been drinking today?
Yeah. Why?
You're even looser than usual.
- It's the pain meds.
- Right.
You keep them in that
hip flask in your pocket?
Just a nip.
You should speak to someone.
I am speaking to someone.
Not me. Someone professional.
Chaya, she's amazing.
Alright, I'll talk to Chaya if you
tell me about this Darren fella.
- Oh, my boyfriend, Darren.
- Yeah.
Yeah, but what's he
going to do after that?
Look, he's an engineer. He
loves bikes, fishing, football.
This is Chaya's card.
Will you call her, please?
- Ooh, oh.
- How are you going there, Sherry?
Oh, it's hot in here. Oh.
- Do you mind if I examine you?
- Yeah, sure.
This is going to line the leg up and
make sure you get good blood flow.
OK, Andrew?
It's OK, hun. You're
going to be alright now.
Are you there, Wayne?
Go ahead.
We've got some bleeding,
BP's dropped to 95 on 65,
and she's slightly tachy at 108.
Righto, mate, just give her a
unit of blood and one gram of TXA.
Now we're going to get the
splint on and head back, OK?
- You got an ETA?
- A halfer. Is that alright?
Oh, mate, the quicker the better.
Alright, Andrew, might
feel a bit of pain, OK.
I've got to apply some
traction. OK, here we go.
- There you go.
- Oh.
Alright, there's a pulse there.
Can you feel that, Andrew?
Alright, that's good enough. Let's
package him up and get moving.
You right to make your own
way back into town, Tess?
What? I'm coming with you, aren't I?
I'm sorry, we'd take you with us,
but we've got another patient
and the plane's chockers.
I can't drive that thing. I can't.
I have a PhD, and I've
climbed Mount Kilimanjaro,
but that thing is beyond me.
- I can't do it.
- OK.
That good to go?
Alright, hang tight. I'm going
to find you another ride, OK?
- Just keep your sat phone on.
- OK. Thank you. Thank you.
I'm glad you're here.
Alright, you just rest,
Sherry, alright? You just rest.
Pete, they're here.
Oh, great.
How is she?
Ah, yep, reds have brought the
colour back up. BP's holding.
Alright, let's have that
cryo ready, just in case.
- Mikey.
- What's that?
Mikey, I think he knows.
You just You just
rest up, Sherry. Rest up.
What are you saying, love?
- It's just the morphine talking. It's nothing.
- But I think
Hey, Pete, can you get
some cans on Craig? Can you?
Yeah. Hey, Craig, can you
chuck those headphones on?
Chaya wants to talk to you.
Craig, I can call the
girls' school if you like.
See if there's a teacher
or counsellor they like
who can be with them when you arrive?
Yeah. OK, thanks.
But I think he knows.
What did she say?
I don't know. It Morphine talk.
It's probably just gibberish.
- I'm going to give you some more oxygen.
- I think
- Have you got that number, Craig?
- Yeah. Sorry.
MIRA: Are we good there,
Pete? Cabin secure?
Yeah, cabin secure for takeoff.
RFDs - really fabulous driving support.
Oh, bless you. Thank you.
It's my absolute pleasure.
Oh, my boyfriend's got a rig like this.
I love the driving, hate the camping.
My only question for you
is: how are your DJ skills?
Ah, a Venn diagram between disco,
Dr. Hook, and Judith Durham.
You and me are going
to get along just fine.
MIRA: Free to move about the cabin.
Any more bleeding, mate?
Hey, Sherry,
I'm just going to check if there's
any more blood down here, OK?
- Yeah.
- Yep.
Nah, not that I can see.
Alright, let's give her
another bolus of 500ml.
I can't find the school's
number. It'll be in Sherry's bag.
That's OK, Craig, I can
I can look it up when we land.
Nah, it's here somewhere.
I'll check Sherry's phone.
It's just important
to stay seated, mate,
in case of any unexpected turbulence.
Why has Mikey been calling you?
Mikey, why is he calling you?
OK, it's really important
that Sherry rests.
OK, why don't you just
discuss that when we land?
- What does this text mean?
- Alright.
- BP's dropped 70 systolic.
- Sherry?
I'm sorry, I should have told you.
Told me what? What why is
Mickey texting you about a baby?
All this can wait until we land.
You're pregnant.
I didn't mean for it to happen.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Hey, Craig, I understand that this
is a really difficult situation,
and we just need to make sure
everyone gets to hospital safely, OK?
You all knew, didn't you? Didn't you?
Oh. I think I wet myself.
- Yeah, Wayne, a lot blood here.
- Chaya, grab us the cryo.
Everyone knew, hey, except me.
Yeah. I'm the dickhead that had no idea.
Alright, Craig. It's alright.
You have to understand
your wife is very sick.
- Deep breaths.
- She needs surgery.
- How could you?
- No, no, no, no.
You need to be calm because we
have two critical patients onboard.
- MIRA: Are we right back there?
- Yeah. Just give us a sec.
- Chaya, prep 400 Ketamine.
- 400?
Yeah. Big boy, small plane.
If we are going to land this
plane Right, listen to me.
If we have to land the plane,
they could be in serious trouble.
- You got me?
- I don't care. 20 years. 20 years I've given you.
And ten of them you barely talked to us.
Because I was carrying
this whole family.
- Who carried us?
- I did.
You were barely there.
You bloody carried the farm,
but you left the rest of
us to fend for ourselves.
I carried the house, I did.
- Sherry, you need to rest, OK.
- Ketamine.
Alright, let's 56 in.
I'm going to kill him.
I'm going to kill him.
I am legally obliged to restrain
you, mate, and I'll do it.
I'll do it. I'll do it.
No. I'm out. I'm out.
Let me out. Let me out.
- Nuh, I'm calling it in.
- Let me out.
Pan, Pan, Pan, Pan, Pan, Pan.
Flight Op 257,
request police meet
us on landing in Dubbo
for an aggressive passenger.
Craig, Craig, hey, hey, hey.
I need you to think about
your girls for me, OK?
I want you to think
about Holly and Stevie
because they're going to
be there at the hospital
and they're going to be
really scared and worried
and they're going to need their
mum and their dad, alright?
Pete, are we good?
Yeah. How's Sherry?
Yeah, BP's stabilised, 90 over 60.
I guess we're going to need an
IV and oxygen for him too, Chaya.
- Please.
- Yep. On it.
- You right there?
- Yeah.
Already excited about the paperwork.
You alright, mate? You're alright.
So busy day?
Uh, yeah.
Started a review of contract
performance management,
and launched a framework for daily
Ops briefings between sections.
And found out I have cancer.
It's ovarian, apparently.
The day of the White Cliffs Rodeo,
I was suddenly put into scans and
- Are you OK?
- Yeah.
What-what do you need?
Just Do not tell the others
until I go in for surgery.
I can take you. When is it?
No. I'm OK.
I just don't want them to
worry. There's no point.
I'll just
I'll take a month off and
I'll be back the same as ever.
Yeah. Of course you will.
Hey, you coming?
Yeah, give me a sec.
PETE: He's OK. Not sure
about the marriage though.
- WAYNE: How about the girls?
- CHAYA: Got counselling for them, but, yeah.
Where did Matty end up?
In a roadhouse with a hamburger
and his new favourite
senior citizen, apparently.
- Is Leonie here?
- She should just move to Dubbo.
Go easy, will ya? She's beating
herself up enough as it is.
Righto, I'll shut up
and order some drinks.
- Soda, please.
- Two, please.
Beer, mate.
- Whiskey, double.
- Look out!
Oi, Greg. Table's free. Rematch?
Bring it on.
- You alright?
- Yep.
Hey, you remember my
pilot mate up in Cairns?
She thinks she might be preggers.
Oh. What did she go doing that for?
Yeah. Well, she, um
She asked me what the CASA regs
are in single crews. Any ideas?
It's a whole circus.
You've got your DAME certificates
and fortnightly checks
from 30 weeks, from memory.
What restrictions?
Oh, nausea, headaches, back
pain, peeing, you name it.
So basically, just any being pregnant?
Pretty much.
And then you have to cut flight
distances or get a co-pilot.
My advice to your mate would be
don't tell anyone until
she's absolutely certain.
OK, mugs away.
Actually, I just forgot a thing at
work. I will be back soon. Sorry.
Did you lose your partner?
She'll be back soon. You want
to get your arse kicked again?
Yeah, and fair to say I did
not see today going like that.
Me chocking out a
cuckolded sheep farmer.
Well, I guess I shouldn't be
surprised by anything anymore.
But, I don't know, out here, it's
just everything is, like, multiplied.
Like everywhere is
just so bloody far away.
Like when I had a termination,
I was five minutes from
a world-class clinic,
and back home eating triple
choc ice-cream within the hour.
Oh, I'm sorry you had
to go through that.
I know, yeah.
You should always go cookies and cream.
Thanks. I mean, thank you.
But I was in a terrible relationship,
drinking a bottle of wine every night.
And you do Of course
you think about it.
But it wasn't the right time.
So what was this bloke like?
- Uh, opposite of you.
- Good looking, intelligent.
- Yeah.
- Brave.
Yeah, exactly. Just like
excellent across the board.
It was actually too high
a standard to keep up with.
So being with you, I feel
I feel way better about myself.
- Wicked.
- Yeah.
Not that I'm, like, "with you".
Because I guess you wouldn't want that?
Well, I mean, I will try anything once.
I don't know, I've got a pretty
bad track record with relationships.
Sorry, did you Did you
not just hear my story?
Oh, my God. Talking to myself over here.
So are you really tired after
your plane wrestling and whatnot?
Come on then.
Now that you tried it once
I think I need a larger sample size.
Oh, righto.
No, no, not that sample. That
That sample was perfectly adequate.
- "Adequate, adequate?"
- No, Shut up. OK. I'm going to stop now.
You probably should.
Well, this is why we
need a whole new system
with built-in fail safes and
Yeah. Hang on, I'm
going to call you back.
What's this?
Henry's left and I've almost
finished my HEMS contract.
Well, I don't know. It was
the sound in your voice.
And I know you've got everyone here.
But even if I'm just making soup
and we're just watching all
the Real Housewives together,
it'll be worth it.
I know you hate
surprises. Are you angry?
That it's taken 18 months
of begging to get you back?
I haven't told anyone, only Graham.
It's only been two years
since Rhiannon and I just
I can't bear the worry or the pity.
Because he was, like, covered in
Eliza, this is Chaya, the
new mental-health nurse.
- Hi.
- I've heard so much about you.
- Sounds like a wonderful program.
- Oh, thanks.
- What? What are you
- MATTY: Holy hell.
Are you real?
Please tell me this means
what I think it means
you've finally seen sense?
No, don't tell us you're
just here visiting.
You, don't torture us. You
tell us you're back, right?
You're back. Tell us you're back.
We'd do anything.
We'll sell one of his
kidneys, if we have to.
Actually, at this point, I'm willing.
sure we can come to
some arrangement that
doesn't involve your vital organs.
WAYNE: What's taken you so bloody long?
MATTY: This is so serendipitous.
Wow, look at you.
Well she hates surprises.
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