RFDS (2021) s02e06 Episode Script


I need to tell you something.
There's been a car accident.
- It's your brother's family.
- What?
I'm sorry, mate. We did
everything we could for her.
I can take care of Uncle
Timmy. He took care of me.
Uncle Timmy.
I told him to take his pills.
I know, but you can't force him.
Well, I decided I'm
going to move to Dubbo.
I know Dad thinks I'm leaving
because of the baby, but it's not.
The roster was in chaos.
This isn't a witch hunt.
I don't have a problem
with the review or with you.
Clearly you do. I feel every time
We both know I have no
control over how you feel.
- Oh, what was that?
That's another patient. He
came in drunk this morning.
So you guys deal with this guy a lot?
He's Wayne's brother.
No, no, no.
- Oi, grey beard.
- Mmm-hm.
I'm worried about him.
He seems to be dealing okay.
Yeah. That's why I'm worried about him.
I should say something.
Just give him space.
- I'm going to say something.
- You right there?
Yeah, just checking oxygen levels.
Still two litres a minute.
Are you sure I can't do anything today?
- You got a spare kakalte?
- Uh?
Wooden bowl for smoking.
Last smoking ceremony Timmy
borrowed Uncle Freddo's,
didn't give it back for six months,
and now Freddo won't lend it to us.
Gotta find another one.
How about catering?
I'm good. Thanks.
Oi. Donuts for the road.
I'm not that hungry.
Don't say something you'll regret.
Make sure you make space for
just to feel whatever
it is you're feeling.
What are you doing?
Road trip. Come on. I got
the podcast ready to go.
It's going to take a while.
No worries. I got hours of 'em.
- Wayne, in the car.
- Matty?
You won't even know I'm here.
I highly doubt that.
Now, listen, I got true
crime history and comedy.
What's your poison?
Oh, there's donuts.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
How's Wayne?
Uh, honestly, I don't
know. He doesn't stop.
He's just finished a double shift,
and now he's driving to Menindee
for the smoking ceremony,
but that's men's business, so
I can't even help with that.
And how are you?
Oh, you know - sad, worried, hungry,
Growing an alien inside of me
while my baby daddy falls apart.
The usual. What about you?
No, don't worry about me.
Hey. What have we got?
41-year-old male, 74
kilos, in Lightning Ridge.
Presented this morning with
a knife wound to the chest.
- Okay, so ground cabin?
- Yeah.
Yeah. I got two units of O-neg.
We're looking at a pneumo?
Not according to the locum.
They said that breath
sounds and x-ray were fine,
SATs were normal,
but he does have a mental
health history of schizophrenia.
Which is why Chaya is tagging
along. He's her patient.
- Morning.
- All right. Okay, good. Gold.
Well, I'd really love to go in
the next 15, trauma pack and
- Antipsychotic drugs?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Roger that.
Well, at least the
in-flight entertainment
will be a good distraction.
I'm glad to help.
So Glen is a lovely but
troubled 41-year-old opal miner,
was scheduled under a
community treatment order
after suffering persecutory delusions,
some auditory
hallucinations, and self harm.
What kind of self-harm?
Presented at an ED when
he was found bleeding
in a servo toilet after
cutting his own scrotum?
I mean, he said he needed
to remove his testicles
so that they couldn't get them.
Who's they?
Government, maybe? I don't
know. It wasn't really clear.
But he wasn't suicidal?
No, no. Clearly he didn't want to die.
A chest wound's a bit of a step up
from cutting your own scrotum, though.
What was the government going
to do with his testicles?
If Pete does OBS,
Chaya, you do a risk assessment
and I'll go talk to the locum.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. You got it.
- You right?
- Yeah. Why?
Oh, you just normally would've made
about five scrotum jokes by now.
There's nothing funny about that. Jeez.
Is it, um Is it me and
Eliza are working together?
Why would it be?
Oh, I don't know. Your ex
and your whatever I am.
I'm your friend with
benefits, colleague with perks.
Yeah, but she's not my ex.
I'm just saying,
if you're feeling strange about
your previous sexual partner
and your as-yet-uncategorized
current sexual partner
working together, that would
Well, I'm not. It's not
anything. I'm fine, I'm fine.
- Glen. Hey, it's Chaya. How are you doing?
- Hey.
- Chaya, hey.
- Hey.
What are you doing here, actually?
- We came to see how you are. This is Dr. Harrod.
- Hi.
This is Pete. He's a nurse.
Do you mind if we hook
some of this gear up to you?
I do, actually. What does it do?
Well, that's going to
listen to your heart.
And this is going to
listen to your chest.
It's alright, Glen, you can trust 'em.
Alright, fine. It's alright.
Do your family know you're here?
- Yeah. He's the reason I'm in here.
- Who is?
My brother. Um, Mobby. He
did this to me. He stabbed me.
Did you tell the police?
What? Why would I do that?
They're in on it, mate, like
Mobby's paid them off.
He's His vitals are a bit off.
RESP rate's mid-20, SATs down to 95.
Pulse 96. BP's dropped a bit, 100 on 50.
- Glen?
- Yeah.
I'm just going to feel your neck.
You're okay.
You're right.
No signs of significant pneumo.
That's good.
- Could you come here a second, please?
- Yeah.
He thinks it's his money. He's
trying to steal it from me.
Do you understand me? It's
my crystal. It's not his.
He says he found it. It's bullshit.
- You mean opals?
- Yes.
I found it on my half of
the claim. Do you understand?
- Yep.
- Right, he's broke.
Lazy, lying arse is just
trying to steal it from me.
- Do you understand?
- Mm-hm.
So, hang on, if your brother's
broke, how did he pay those police?
- Are you calling me a liar, mate?
- No, no, no.
Because it sounds like
you're calling me a liar.
Glen, how are your orchids
going? Are they flowering?
- Uh, yes, they are, actually.
- Yeah?
Yeah. You should see
the colours on them.
The dendrobium. It's like bloody
Mardi Gras, all that colour.
- Um, nothing like the vandas, though.
- Oh, of course not.
I'm going to take a
look with the ultrasound.
No, absolutely not.
No ultrasound. No, no.
Sorry. No, just No ultrasounds.
That's how they connect with the
microchips. Do you know what I mean?
Can we not have any more
machines? Please, just
Glen, listen, um, a microchip,
that's that's metal, right?
So if it's in there, the
machine will pick it up.
Hey. What do you reckon?
OK. Last, last, last one, then.
Last one.
PODCAST: For ten years
we've been saving up
to get our own place out in the desert,
the red dust and the big sky.
He was missing that day, and
when I got home, I found him.
He was barely breathing and
MATTY: How about some tunes, eh?
not breathing.
What's your vocal range
again? I bet you're a baritone.
Oh, yeah? Why?
Just your jaw structure.
I go alright at karaoke.
OK, definite signs of psychosis.
But he does have a brother.
That doesn't mean he stabbed him.
No, but maybe the delusions
were triggered by the attack,
not the other way around.
Do you think he'll be compliant
with treatment and transfer?
We can't Section him unless
he's lost the capacity to reason
and is a risk to himself or others.
And he's definitely never hurt anyone.
Well, we don't have any proof of that.
I don't want to find that
out at 20,000ft again.
The repercussions of
being Sectioned are huge.
I don't want to do it.
I'm just saying that
if he refuses treatment,
we can apply a temporary
treatment order,
then get him to the psychiatrist in town
who can determine whether
to schedule him or not.
Oh. Oh. Oh.
Are you all right, Glen?
Can't breathe.
Uh, yeah, SATs are dropping.
Subcutaneous emphysema. Can I
see the original X-ray, please?
Hey, Chaya, can you help me with this?
- Yeah.
- Let's hook it up.
- Sorry, Glen.
- Oh.
- That's it. You right?
- There.
There's a small gap between
the lung and the chest wall.
- Pneumothorax?
- Can't breathe.
Um, Eliza.
What's happening?
Gently, Glen.
Air from your lungs is getting
trapped inside your chest.
And now we'll have to do
something to release it.
Chest drain? Sutures. Yeah.
Chaya, can you prep ketamine and local?
- Slow, deep breaths.
- OK.
Thank you.
You're not even at your own base?
They needed the help so
Well, isn't the smoking
ceremony in a few hours?
Don't want anyone else to die
because a plane's not ready.
Darren, there's plenty
of other engineers here.
Are you sure you're not just avoiding?
No, can we just
I'm not Cameron, alright? I'm
not your patient. I just
Don't mental health me.
We call them clients, and I'm not.
You're my boyfriend. I love
you and I'm worried about you.
I know what it's like to
avoid because I did that,
and it didn't help at all.
Can we just Can we talk after this?
- Do you really think he's going to get violent?
- You're not listening to me.
- He seemed pretty agitated.
- I said Glen Pavardis.
Where is he? I'm his brother, OK?
I'm family. Where is he?
CLERK: I understand, sir. I'm going
to check in the system now for you.
Please calm down.
ELIZA: We have blood.
It's a hemopneumothorax.
Let's see how much comes
out and whether it eases off.
So what do you think the knife hit?
We won't know until he's had a scan
at a much bigger hospital than this.
- Dubbo's closest, right?
- Yeah.
Uh, cops are another
call out, 80k's away.
(BANGING) Glen, you in there.
We need to get him to Dubbo for
surgery, as soon as possible.
And how do you suppose we do that?
Where are ya? Glen!
It's not far now, champ.
- Glen.
- Pete.
Glen, where are you, mate?
I just want to talk, alright.
fine this morning.
What happened? Answer me.
Where are ya? Come on, man,
I just need to talk to you.
- PETE: Go, go, go, go, go, go.
Oh, this is gonna take a while. Are
you sure you're just going to wait?
Oh, yeah, I'm fine.
I got days of Insta DMs to catch
up on, so Here if you need me.
Hey, my brother. How are ya?
- I just wanted to pay
- It's Men's Business in here today.
OK. OK, sorry.
- Ooh. Boston cream is my favorite.
- I know.
- This is nice of you.
- Really?
People lose family members,
and all I can do is donuts.
Never discount the value of
a well-timed bakery treat.
Oh, Darren, if you
find a little toy Nomad
under a panel somewhere, give us a yell.
- What, your Nomad?
- Mmm.
What happened to it?
Oh, just when I took it off, mustn't
have stuck it back on properly.
It flew away.
Oh, shit.
- Get back.
- What?
- What's happened?
- This gas is toxic.
Get the first aid rep,
get everyone out of here.
Everyone, we need to evacuate the area.
Drop what you're doing and get out.
Sorry, there was a mat on the ground
and I didn't know that the
panel was out underneath.
Yeah, it's not exactly in the textbooks.
Oh, my God, Darren, what
happened? Are you alright?
Dickhead's what happened?
How far have I pushed it back?
Hey, my screw up caused a
multi-day incident review,
so this is nothing.
Why don't you get changed?
Base needs to be decontaminated anyway.
Graeme, we should do the safety report.
Oh, yeah, for sure.
You want to go to Menindee?
It's just that
If I see him, then it
means he's really gone.
That's why we've got to go.
So how long has your brother been here?
We moved out here together, you
know, got our claim together.
A good couple of seams too.
Make our money together.
Then we lost it.
Oh, sorry I was sorry,
mate. We were real close.
Can you grab my phone, please, Chaya?
But we were always brothers, mate.
And then I don't know what
happened but he changed.
Uh, you got keys and wallet,
but can't see a phone.
I think I think I
think I've left it at home.
Mob Mob Mobbie knows my pin.
So sorry.
Like he knows my pin, so
I need to get my phone.
OK, well, can we call
someone pick it up for you?
No, no, there's no-one.
So I need to get my phone.
Can we Can we Can
we go to my house, please?
I need to get my phone. 60
We need to get you to a
hospital as soon as possible.
I can't leave without my phone so
We're almost at the plane, mate.
Time's a bit of an issue for us.
My phone has everything on it.
It's like my whole
life is on that thing,
so I'm not going to leave without it.
Your chest is full of air and
blood where it shouldn't be,
and you might need surgery so
how about we just ask the police?
No, no police, please.
You don't call them.
If you call them, I'm going to
leave, OK. Just get me my phone.
Please, just pull over. Pull over.
Glen, it's okay. Just take
a big breath and just
Just let us figure something out,
OK? We'll figure something out.
I love it. The one device that
actually is tracking him
I think it's time for
that treatment order now.
if we end up intubating for safety,
- I'd prefer now rather than in the air.
- Yeah. Second, that.
The last psych ward he
was in terrified him, OK.
- He's been doing well on his meds
- Until now.
- He was stabbed.
- Alright.
- Hey, Glen.
- Yes. Yes, mate.
Mate, do you remember
where you left your phone?
Yeah, it's on my bedside table.
Do we still have his keys?
Yeah, they're in there. Why?
- Mate, if I promise to go and get it
- Yeah?
- will you lie back and have a rest?
- Yes, absolutely.
- Yeah.
- Yes, mate. I promise I will.
Alright. Alright. Come on.
- This here, Glen?
- Yep. Yep, this is it.
Glen, we just need you
to be quiet, alright?
We're going to figure something out,
so we just need you to
breathe and be calm, OK?
OK. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you.
Back in a tic.
Pete, there are procedures
and insurance issues
for where we can go as
mental health nurses.
Well, I'm not a mental health nurse.
Yeah, you're hardly acting like
any kind of nurse right now.
I know you're questioning things,
but big decisions don't
necessarily make better ones.
- Well, I woulda had it by now.
Too harsh?
No, he's been impossible
since the review started.
Oh, I think it's everything
with Wayne's brother.
I think it's bringing up a lot for him.
What, did you know Pete's brother well?
Never met him.
I arrived the week it happened, though.
How did he handle it?
It was so horrific I don't think
there was a way to handle it.
Oh, shit. It's Glen's brother.
I will call Pete. What are you doing?
Hello. Hi. Uh, my name's Eliza.
I'm with the Royal
Flying Doctor Service,
as you can see from my
reflective uniform and
Yeah, what do you want?
Um, we appear to have
gotten ourselves lost.
And you think I would know how
to use a phone in the desert?
- But do you have reception?
- Where are you going?
Uh, we're headed to the to the airstrip.
Okay. Up there, then. Take a
right on Ryan. There's signs.
Right on Ryan. Right on Ryan.
Just a second, fuel for the car.
I look it up on my phone, but
it's just really quite remote.
- It's all on Ryan Street, OK.
- All on Ryan Street. Perfect.
- Right on Ryan.
- Yeah.
Thank you so much.
- You better have that phone.
- Here you go, Glen.
Thank you.
- Can I help you?
- I just wanted to pay my respects.
- Well, consider them paid.
- And to explain. I
Raylene, please don't.
I was very, very tired that
day, and and, you know, he
The situation wasn't simple. He
seemed like he was very drunk.
Well, he wasn't.
I got the toxicology this morning.
There, there you go. See that?
Zero blood alcohol.
Yeah. Well, it
But even so, he seemed
like he was really
And so what if he was, Raylene?
Doesn't matter if he was
drunk. He needed your help, OK.
He's a human being.
Raylene, you had two patients
that day who had issues
Come away, my brother. Settle down.
two patients who were agitated.
And you helped one of them, and
you didn't help the other one.
That's all there is to it, OK.
And only you can answer why?
Respect. He doesn't need
your respect now, Raylene.
He's in there.
He needed it when he was
alive, OK? He needed your help.
And instead, what did you
do? You didn't help him.
You shoved him in a bloody storage room
like he was some sort of animal.
It's too bloody late,
Raylene, OK. It's too bloo
Oh. It's too late.
Wayne, Oh, brother. Help!
Oi, oi. Help! Help, Matty.
(PANTING) He's gone down, Wayne.
Wayne, what?
Wayne? Wayne? Wayne? Are you OK?
Get him on the bed, please.
Alright, here we go. Come on. (GROANS)
Alright, let's get that oxygen on him.
Where's the ECG?
It's there.
Just there, that trolley. Can
you grab that trolley, please?
Wayne, here. I'm here.
It could be an infarct.
That's GTN 10 tablets and aspirin, yeah?
- I'll get them.
- Great.
I need to get these open. OK.
Ah. Ah.
- Sub cut. Morphine, please, for the pain.
- Yep.
I'm here with you,
Wayne. I'm here with you.
Easy. Here they are. Alright.
Come on. You've got this, mate.
Closest plane Dubbo
have is five hours away.
Yeah. Central doesn't
have any assets either.
- I assume Kilo is
- Days away.
We have to task Mira, don't we?
Well, that was particularly
foolhardy and incredibly stupid.
- Then why are you smiling?
- I'm not.
Well, we should really
be debriefing about is
who wins the Oscar
out of the two of you.
Oh, well, what can I say?
I was Gilmer in Saint Catherine's
much-lauded Year Ten
production of 'Godspell'.
Oh, my God. You were in
'Godspell'? I was too.
What? Who did you play?
Well, I was Jesus, actually.
- Oh, of course you were Jesus.
- Oh, my
- LEONIE (ON SAT PHONE): Mira, can you put Pete on?
Yep. Pete, Leonie on the sat phone.
PETE: Thank God for that.
Lee, sorry for busting your turnarounds,
we only just dropped Glen in Dubbo now.
It's not that. Can you
isolate on Comms for a second?
MATTY: Come on, come on. come on. OK.
Um. OK, great. We need
to get a line in, alright?
Wayne, there's some S
Segment elevation on your ECG.
This is consistent with a heart attack.
When that's in, we need to
get some blood for the
for the gas and the troponin.
And he's going to need
some IV fentanyl, OK?
Continue serial EKGs,
I'll call you back.
Matty thinks it's a Stemi.
We have to get there.
Do we tell Mira?
She knows he's in Menindee.
And when we tell her the way,
she's going to ask who it is.
Hey, Mirs, we just
got a tasking request.
Any chance of a diversion
to a patient, 88 kilos?
Yeah, sure. Where are they?
Uh, 80k's from here.
OK. Any particular direction?
Look, it's Wayne. He's got chest pain.
Matty's with him. They're
at the Menindee Clinic.
What is it? Is it a heart attack?
It's okay, Mira. We'll
know more with tests.
- Why are we waiting?
- Are we good for fuel?
Yes, absolutely. I'm calling
it in now. Isolating you.
CENTRE, FLYDOC 257, request.
FLYDOC 257, request clearance
present position direct to Menindee.
When are you going to Dubbo?
I don't know. Don't
know if I can anymore.
So what's the deal with this guy?
He's a client, Darren.
When I first met him,
he he called me an angel.
It's just like how mum used to say it.
It was really weird.
And he just He
reminds me so much of Dad.
Before he was when
the depression hit.
I know it's dumb but it was
Some part of me that thought it was
- I don't know.
- A sign?
Do you want to come in with us?
No, we'll be back in the air quicker
if I have the plane ready to go.
Hey, can I help?
No, we're OK. Can you
just stay here with her?
Yeah. Yeah, of course.
GRAEME (ON SAT PHONE): Mira, Graeme.
There's a lot of water in Menindee
and the temperature's a
scratch above dew point,
so be ready for rolling fog.
Okay, copy.
But, Mira, you've got
the lowest safe, right?
Yep, 300ft.
You don't have visibility
below 300, you pull up.
Do not go below 300 if you can't
see the runway. Do you understand?
Yes, I understand.
Cabin prep for landing.
Cockpit closed for landing.
Approaching minimums.
Approaching decision.
GRAEME: Mira, do you have
visibility? Mira, do you copy?
Minimums. Minimums. Minimums.
Mira. Minimums, minimums, minimums.
- Mira.
- 250.
- 200.
- Mira.
- Shit.
- 250.
- 300.
I need an alternate.
We've called Oak Ridge
Station, they're happy to help,
but there's no-one there to pick you up,
so we'll have to find you a ride.
Taylor's driving Darren out.
Mira, copy that?
Copy that.
Um, there was too much fog.
They're gonna be another half hour.
The the heart rate's
100 and BP's 85 systolic.
Hang in there, mate. Hang in there.
Heart rate's still irregular.
Oh, thank God. Look who's here.
BP's 80 systolic. He's more dyspneic.
He's in so much pain
despite the morphine.
It's alright, Matty, we'll take over.
Troponin positive, Eliza?
There's no reciprocal S
Depression. Let's get a probe on him.
Yeah, can you ultrasound?
Ultrasound, yeah.
Is he OK? Is he OK?
We're doing the best we can, Darren.
Come on, Wayne, fight, mate, fight.
You're alright, Dad. I'm here, OK.
Dilated and hyperkinetic LV.
Severely reduced systolic function.
Is it a heart attack? What?
I think
it's Takotsubo.
What does that mean?
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
They're with him now.
Yep, yep, yep, yep.
Chaya, are you there?
Yep. Pete, what's happening?
Hey, Mirs.
Alright, so his heart has become
enlarged, but not a heart attack.
It's called Takotsubo,
which is a temporary swelling
of the left ventricle.
Okay, but what causes it?
Well, it's also called
Broken Heart Syndrome,
and it can happen at times
of high stress like this.
But but he's going to be okay, yeah.
Yeah. No, we've got to get him
into hospital to get checked out.
Yeah, he's He's going to be alright.
OK, thanks.
- He's alright.
- Oh, thank God.
I couldn't bear it if something
else happened to one of you.
I'd better do the incident report.
Are you okay? Yeah?
You scared the shit out of me.
Oh, I just wanted to tell you
I was watching Mira today, and,
geez, you made the right choice,
you know, back at Nate's accident.
I shouldn't have been there
and you made the right call.
Thank you. I appreciate that.
And, bloody, sorry for
running off today. (LAUGHS)
That's alright.
Actually, was sort of exciting
in an Indiana Jones kind of way.
Anyway, sleep well, and
thanks for saving my arse.
Any time.
- Oh, also.
- Yeah.
The critical incident review
is going to Clinical
Governance tomorrow,
and my recommendation
is that, clinically,
there's nothing that could
have been done differently.
Though there could be some procedural
and communication improvements.
There you go, saving my arse again.
You saved your own arse
and you saved the patient,
I hope you know that.
Oh, wow, that was intense.
Hey, yeah. Yeah. How is old mate, Glen?
He's stable and he's on his meds,
and he's agreed to talk to
the police about his brother.
- Well done you.
- Mmm.
You're bloody good at
your job, aren't you?
But you know that.
Oh, it didn't feel like it today.
Hey, what do you mean?
If it wasn't for you, he wouldn't
have let us anywhere near him.
Yeah, I meant with you.
Like me being completely oblivious
to how connected all this is
to Rhiannon and your brother.
Well, you're not my therapist.
No, I'm not. I'm your
Was it as-yet-uncategorized
current sexual partner?
- Yeah.
- That's like something
- out of a Jane Austen novel, isn't it?
- Oh, wow.
Or girlfriend. Whatever you prefer.
OK, are we So are we going steady?
Yeah, we're going steady if you like.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I like.
I saw him.
in the clinic.
I saw him clear as day.
I was on the bed
and then he left.
And I feel guilty for
even saying this
There was a moment there where
I wanted him to take me with him.
So glad you didn't.
I don't know if I know
how to be a dad, Mirs.
Hey, that's
Without him, I don't know
if I know what I'm doing.
Well, neither do I. I have no idea.
We can learn together, OK?
Oh, what's this?
Chicken and corn.
I can't believe you become a
chef just before you leave us.
Yeah, about that.
I, um, I actually think
I'm going to stick around.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I love babies. It'll be fun.
But she'll be here whenever
you come back, mate.
You gotta live your life.
That's what Timmy would want.
Knock, knock.
Hey. More food?
Yeah. Another cliché.
Salmon, though. Good for your ticker.
You're a good man.
- Barramundi was too expensive.
So, you know, you're
going to take a break now,
even if we have to lock you inside.
Well, I'm thinking of
taking an indefinite one.
I've been doing this job for,
what, nearly a decade now,
thinking if I could just get
through that little racist joke,
or ignore that cabbie
that drives past me,
take a breath every time
that specialist dismisses me,
maybe then I'll be
able to change things.
And now I'm Senior Medical Officer.
And what's changed? Nothin'.
Couldn't even save my own brother.
I didn't even smoke his body.
What are we doing here then?
Sorry I sprung Dubbo on you like I did.
That's alright.
Darren, I get it if you have to go.
Otherwise you'll always wonder what if?
But, uh
it'd be without you, wouldn't it?
I know it's
painful here.
There's memories everywhere but
I think I'm meant to just
I kind of want to just lean into it.
Hey, sorry to interrupt.
Feel like a drive?
The gift I was given ♪
And I will carry you ♪
Carry you home ♪
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