RFDS (2021) s02e07 Episode Script


I decided he needed a surgical airway.
No, no, it's all good.
- And what technique did you use?
- Finger scalpel.
And when was the last time
you had a simulation with that?
I don't know. Maybe two
months, three months?
I couldn't bear it if something
else happened to one of you.
I'd better do the incident report.
- CHAYA: So why did you drive 150k's?
- Taylor wanted me to.
- And why do you think that is?
- I guess she thinks I'm muddled up.
- But you don't feel muddled up?
- I'm sure you read the file.
- But I want to hear it from you.
- I'm always muddled up.
What do you think's going
on between those two?
Is she not allowed to have male friends?
It's not his gender
I have an issue with.
I was going to tell you.
One minute I'm excited and
the next minute I'm terrified.
It would change everything,
completely handbrake our careers.
- Why don't we just wait and see?
- Yeah.
ELIZA: OK, this is
going to sting a little.
DOLLY: No, I hate needles.
PETE: Like goats hate four-wheel drives.
Are you sure we can't get you
something else for the pain, Dolly?
Because, mate, it's not going to tickle.
No, I've got to be on
stage in a few hours.
Jeez, you're cutting it
a bit fine, aren't you?
Yeah, I know.
I had a gig last night in
Echuca, coming back this morning,
and out jumped this
big bloody Billy goat.
I didn't know what to do
so I dragged it off
the road and then pop.
Hopefully the anaesthetic's
done the trick.
- Do your worst.
- You sure you don't want ketamine?
Not till the after party.
- No, that hasn't worked.
- Oh.
- Let's give this a try.
- Oh, oh, oh. Oh.
- What was that?
- What?
- Oh, oh. Oh.
There you go. All done.
Oh. Oh, oh. Thank you.
You're a lifesaver.
Sorry. The toilet was all
the way on the other side.
You're alright. Take it easy.
We don't want you going
into labour mid-air.
Oh, why not? You're
trained to land this thing.
- Are you really?
- Yeah.
If she's drunk or incapacitated,
dilated at ten centimetres.
Mira, darling, how
fast does this thing go?
Do you think she'll get
me to the church on time?
I'll give it a red hot crack.
That was my first drag name.
Well, this is a new one.
It's actually pretty light.
Oh, come on. It's for a fundraiser.
Oh. Alright.
- So what's the show?
- Desert Dolls.
- It raises money for cancer research?
- Yeah. Diffuse midline glioma.
Had a little niece who passed
away of it a couple of years ago.
- I'm sorry.
RFDS, Dr Harrod speaking.
Oh, ya bastard.
Mira, are you drunk or something?
I wish.
OK, just hold on a sec.
It sounds like we have
a P1 at Atwater Station.
42-year-old male that's been
kicked in the chest by a horse.
Open wound?
No, but I'm concerned
about a sternal fracture.
Mira, he's 75 kilos.
How are we for weight?
Well, we've got the fuel, but
I'm really sorry, Dolly.
I think it's time we called Matty.
He's going to have to go on for me.
Well, lucky we know his new flatmate.
Hey, roomie. We are totes in
sync. I was just about to call you.
I need your car tonight. I
have to be on stage at ten.
Yeah. Yeah, well, you might
be on a bit earlier than that.
PETE: Heart rate's 110.
BP's hanging in there.
Same on both sides.
Significant pericardial effusion,
but it hasn't tamponaded yet.
I've done this before too.
- Is that so?
- Yeah. A horse.
How did that pan out?
Went through the pericardium and
punctured the heart, unfortunately.
- No more horse?
- No more horse.
Well, I'll do my best
to avoid that then.
Much appreciated.
You'll need further imaging
and surgical review in Adelaide.
At least a few nights stay.
- Do you have any family there?
- My kids are there with my ex-wife.
I'm sure she'd come, even
if just to get confirmation
that I do, in fact, have a heart.
Adelaide, it is then.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Busy, busy?
- Yeah.
Just prepping Quality Assurance
Day, finalising that CPM review.
Good, good, good.
- You?
- Oh, yeah.
Aircraft turnaround
times is what I'm doing.
What's happening here?
So which one, Rainbow
Deluxe or Ocean Wonderland?
- Rainbow.
- Ocean.
- Good.
- Does that mean I get the deciding vote?
No, it does not. What's
the latest on Dolly?
Just a dislocated shoulder by the looks.
OK, great. So she'll make it?
Not necessarily. They've had
to divert to Atwater for a P1.
What? Can't somebody else do it?
A man's been kicked in
the chest by a horse.
Sorry, I just I can't do this, can I?
No, I can't. I haven't even
performed at Desert Dolls.
I can't host it.
Just think of the cause.
That's exactly why I'm nervous,
Graham. What if I lose the money?
- You'll be great.
- You're gonna slay.
- (MUFFLED) Hello?
- Oh, my God.
MATTY: What?
- Oh, it's good to see you.
- You too.
- Who's that?
- Henry, Eliza's boy.
- What are you doing here?
- I'm meeting a friend in Sydney.
Then we're going to Byron for a music
festival. So thought I'd drop in.
Does your mum know? She's
going to be so excited.
No. No, it's a surprise.
Well, she's just been held up on
a task. Do you want me to tell her?
No, no. Let her finish her shift
properly. Do you have a show?
Oh. Rainbow or ocean?
- Oooh.
- CHAYA: Ocean.
Ocea Rainbow.
GRAHAM: What am I, chopped liver?
OK, I gotta bronze, I gotta
lash, I gotta tuck, and
- My God, it's 4:00. See ya.
MIRA: VJ6, Flight Op 257,
departed Atwater Station at
1720 into Adelaide at 1800,
fuel and ambulance on arrival.
Oh, bloody hell.
You alright up there?
Yeah, just a tiny human
jumping on my bladder.
- Didn't you just go?
- Yeah, I did. Thanks, Pete.
- Are you looking for blood?
- I am.
If there's a tear in the heart
muscle, there'd be more bleeding.
So how old are your kids?
16 and 13.
Oh, God help you. How's that going?
Only slightly more hazardous
to my heart than this.
Oh, you too?
Mine's 18. I'm out the other side.
So you and your husband are free?
I am. I'm no idea what he's doing.
It's good news. No blood.
Look out.
Dr. Cupid's shot a
needle into his heart.
- Hey?
- Divorced people bonding over divorce gets 'em off.
- Is everything all right?
- Yeah, we're good. Good, fine.
- MIRA: Eliza, it's Leonie.
- Oh.
Hey, transfer request for a
stable 22-year-old overdose patient
who's ventilated and has
an ICU bed in Adelaide.
I'll get the ED doc to
give you the details,
but is your vet stable enough
to divert and pick them up?
You know what? I think he is.
- Come on, get up.
Show me.
I feel like I've done too much.
No, I like 'em. I think they look good.
Mmm. Oh, my God. They're here.
- How do I look?
- Thirsty.
Mmm. Darren has been gone months.
You're allowed to have
a little bit of fun.
Knock, knock.
Come in.
- Oh.
- Wow.
Shut up. Oh.
Oh, my God, Johnny,
I'm so happy to see you.
Thank you for coming.
Do you need a drink?
- Do you want one, too?
- Yeah.
- Mm.
- Hey, is Pete here?
Why, are you scared?
Mate, I've met bulls
less scary than the uncle.
Yeah, well, he's at
work, so don't worry.
So how is it, does it still hurt?
And you can't talk at all?
(ON SCREEN) "Talking is overrated."
It really is.
Dancing's not.
I get drug tested, so I
will stay on the vodkas.
Just having the one. Just so you know.
We will stick together.
Like on a bull rope.
- Bon appétit.
- Bon appétit.
Cheers. Cheers.
I'll do it all for you ♪
Don't want it all but you ♪
I do it all for ♪
Do it all, do it all ♪
Do it all for you ♪
I do it all for you ♪
Don't want it all but you, baby ♪
I do it all for ♪
Do it all, do it all ♪
It's alright ♪
You don't need to worry, baby ♪
Tonight it's all about you ♪
Yes, it is ♪
Because sometimes we
all deserve a little crazy ♪
And tonight, it's all about you ♪
I do it all for you ♪
Don't want it all but you ♪
I'd do it all for ♪
Do it all, do it all, do it all ♪
This is not good a time to
untuck to go to the bathroom.
- Should we sit here?
- Yeah, yeah.
When are Pete and
Dolly going to get here?
I don't know. He hasn't
answered his phone.
OK, so beer, squash and,
Henry, what would you like?
Um, can I get a G&T with
one of those local gins?
OK, now I feel old.
Well, I'll give you a hand.
So, is this your first time here?
So I came out here the
first time Mum was here.
- Oh, really? Do you like it?
- Yeah.
You don't want it all. ♪
Yeah, which complicates it.
I don't think I really
gave it much of a shot.
Well, a bit of a change from London.
Yeah, well, I didn't really
mind that. It was more
Mum and Dad, they'd just split up.
And I think she came here for
a bit of a fresh start, but
She was just a bit more excited
about her fresh start than I was.
Oh, oh, really?
Looks great, hey?
Yeah, it's good.
Oh, hey, are we OK?
Yeah, of course. Why?
No reason. That's good.
- Dr Harrod's on board.
- Thanks.
Still nothing?
OK, here we go.
- Hey.
- Hello.
Johnny, hi. Oh, that's too much.
OK, that's enough, that's enough.
- Are you guys all good?
- Yep.
- Yeah?
- All good.
- OK. Alright, well, take it easy tonight. Have fun, yeah?
- Oh, yes.
MATTY: Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome, one and all, to the fifth
annual Desert Dolls fundraiser.
Unfortunately, our
fearless leader, Dolly,
was held up today in a
not-so-minor argument with a goat.
And I'm not kidding, pardon the pun,
but that has meant that, sadly,
she will not be joining us this evening.
(ALL 'AW')
Oh, wait, wait, hold the
bloody phone! Dolls, I made it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Where?
- Just leave that over there.
- Oh.
Alright, alright. Who
wants some goat curry?
Well, oh, ladies of ladies,
I really want you to put your
hands together for my saviour
and the best boyfriend
ever, Pete Emerson.
And of course, the most
glamorous flight nurse,
the hottest one to ever grace
the skies, Miss Miley High.
And I'm Dolly!
Not so fast. You're not going anywhere.
We're doing this together.
Don't leave me this way ♪
I can't survive ♪
I can't stay alive ♪
Without your love ♪
- I can't believe you got here.
- I know.
- Did you see the camel?
- Yes, I saw the camel. Also, look who is here.
I can't exist ♪
- Hey.
- Pete.
Mate. I didn't recognise
you with the hair.
- Yeah, and the teeth.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, very flash.
- Thanks.
- I didn't know you were in town.
- It's a surprise.
Um Because your mum's in Adelaide
- dropping someone off.
- Yeah.
- Are you right for a drink?
- Yep.
And do what you got to do. ♪
You started this fire down in my soul ♪
Now can't you see it's
burning out of control ♪
Come on and satisfy the need in me ♪
'Cause only your good
loving can set me free ♪
Is that is that Johnny?
Don't you leave me this way ♪
Yeah. He's barely been out of
the house till now. Good, huh?
Don't you understand ♪
I'm at your command ♪
Oh, baby, please ♪
You're right. It has been weird.
Please don't leave me this way ♪
- Hey?
- I said I have been weird.
Sorry, 33 years of Pratt
and Whitney engines.
I can't stay alive ♪
- Do you want to go?
- Yeah. Yes.
leave me this way ♪
Oh, baby, my heart is full
of love and desire for you ♪
So what's the deal with them? Has
he moved here now or something?
Why? How far from Tilpa
is he allowed to go?
No, it's just he is her client.
Was, briefly, and hasn't
been for like five months.
You're pretty special, you know that?
Only your good loving
can set me free ♪
You're high.
Only a bit.
Need your lovin', baby. ♪
What is your problem with him, really?
- I'm not the one with the problem.
- What's that mean?
I don't have a problem.
- Oh. You OK?
- Johnny.
Johnny, cut it out.
Johnny. Johnny.
Johnny. You alright, mate? Johnny.
Johnny, just sit down. Sit
down, sit down, sit down.
Hot as a hare, red as a beet.
- Can you get our first aid kit from the car for me?
- Yep.
- Oh, my God, Johnny.
- Is he OK?
He'll be right. Let's get you up, mate.
No, no. No, no, no. Leave
him here. Sit him back down.
- Sit him back down.
- (YELLS) I'm fine.
Johnny. Johnny, Johnny,
Johnny. Look at me, mate.
Look Look at
Eyes. Call an ambulance.
Look. Eyes up. Eyes up. Hey,
Johnny, it's me. It's Pete.
Have you just been drinking tonight?
You smoked anything?
You taken anything?
What? Yes. Yes. What?
Do any of you know what he's had?
A few beers and
And what? What?
And some pills.
What pills?
- Pingers.
Yeah. How many did you give him?
- I didn't give him
- How many?
He's had at least two.
- Well, let me see 'em.
- They're not mine.
He's hypothermic and needs cooling.
Right, go get as much ice as
you can from the bar for me.
In garbage bags. Go.
Is he going to be OK?
Just get ice and water now.
Let's get his shirt off.
Let's get him up. Get him up.
Hey, anyone doesn't need to
be here, get out, get out! Out!
That's it, mate. Down.
Right, big breaths for me, Johnny.
I could always trust
my instincts, you know?
Didn't always listen to them,
but I knew I could trust them.
But now it's like I'm
gaslighting myself,
second-guessing everything.
After the girls were
born, I was the same.
I was positive my luck
was about to run out,
and I was one missed
pre-flight check away
from crashing and burning
with the entire crew.
I had no idea.
That's not something a pilot likes
to chat about in the break room,
you know, fears of
catastrophic aircraft failure.
How did you get past it?
That toy Nomad, actually.
Girls gave it to me, said it
would always bring me home safe,
and somehow it did the trick.
- Did you ever find it?
- No. Turned the whole plane upside down.
I'm so sorry.
Actually, I'm the one who
should be apologising to you.
What? What for?
With everything that's been
going on for you, I think I
Maybe it's nothing. I'm
not so sure anymore if
- You know?
- No, I don't.
When we When I hugged you.
If I overstepped, I just hope
to jeopardise our
professional relationship.
Don't be ridiculous. I
hugged you. I was the hugger.
You were relieved. It wasn't anything.
No, I know. Of course.
That's what I meant.
It's just, you know, these days
you can't be too careful, eh?
Anyway. Guess it's getting late.
Yeah, I suppose it is.
I should leave you to it.
- Thanks for the tea.
- Thanks for the fire.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Heart rate's up, but
BP and breathing are OK.
OK, under his armpits and his groin.
Good. That's good.
Marla, you OK?
I don't feel very good.
- Marla, you right, sweetheart?
- Marla.
How many pills did you take, mate?
I'm really hot. I'm really hot.
Let's get some of this
ice onto her as well.
Tay, get me that thermometer.
- What?
- Here.
Temperature's 40.1.
- How many pills did she take?
- I don't know.
Well, think.
Well, she said that she
couldn't feel them, so
She took two more, I think.
Shit, BP's really high, 200 on 120.
OK, clear the area. Can
you get me something?
- Something soft to put under her head?
- Henry.
- Yeah.
- Start a timer.
- What's happening?
- She's She's OD-ing.
She having a seizure because it's
too much pressure on her brain.
Get it out of the way, out of the way.
I'll I'll update the ambos.
Cameron, go get Matty.
Why did you come back?
Well, my friend here got sick
and my son went on his
round-the-world trip,
and I thought it felt like
the right time to come back.
What's the verdict? You
going to stay this time?
I think so. Probably.
MIRA: Cabin secure for landing.
CONTROL TOWER: Flight Op 257,
1-5 minute delay required,
hold at Russell Expect.
Hold at Russell, Flight OP 257.
Yeah, nuh, I can't.
Eliza, we're now in a
15-minute holding pattern,
so I'm going to need a
towel, some burner gel,
and a container for
about 500ml of liquid.
It's not a drill.
Oh, copy that.
What's happening?
Uh, just some minor
technical difficulties.
- Is she going to
- It happens sometimes.
There's no facilities on board.
We appreciate your understanding.
Ta, thank you. I'm good, thank you.
Oh, bloody hell. Don't look.
The paramedics are on their way.
Good. Seizure's just resolved.
How long was that, Henry?
One minute 34 seconds.
So how many have you taken?
Who says I have?
Tay, I'm not angry.
I just don't want you
convulsing on the floor.
What have we got?
Two patients. Hypothermic.
We're thinking MDMA overdose.
Can you watch Johnny? Just
help get his temperature down.
She'll need IV fluids and
oxygen when the ambos get here.
Tay, please, can you
just sit down for me?
Her pulse is good, but
breathing is diminished.
Give us a look.
The pupils are constricted.
You said MDMA. They'd be
dilated, wouldn't they?
Hey, do you know what was in them?
They're pink pills. She just said MD.
- They were hers.
- Oh, bullshit they were.
Pete, stop. He's telling the truth.
I've seen your record, so I know
about the dealing and the violence.
Cut the shit and tell me
what is in the fucking pills.
Oh, you need to back off.
I don't know. I swear to
God, if I did, I'd tell you.
They weren't mine.
Hey, Marla.
- Marla.
- Sorry, honey.
- Alright, slow pulse.
- She's not breathing at all.
- What?
- She's in respiratory arrest.
Henry pass us that bag. Quick, quick.
Have there been any other cases?
Uh, Matty, come and do breath.
Henry, give us a hand, mate.
Feel for a pulse, here. You tell
him straight away if you lose it.
MIRA: Well, thanks, everyone.
We're all mates now, aren't we?
Well, it could have been worse.
Than pissing yourself in
a plane full of people?
It could have been gastro.
Oh, and sorry, Eliza.
I'm over hours now,
so it looks like we'll be
overnighting in Adelaide.
- Pubs.
RFDS, Dr. Harrod speaking.
Hey, it's Pete.
Any chance you got a drug
screen for your overdose patient?
Uh, yes.
Yes, probably.
A couple kids here have OD'd
on pink pills, possibly MDMA,
both with similar toxidromes,
hyperthermia, tachycardia.
One of them's just had a seizure
and is now apneic with
constricted pupils.
Matty's giving breaths.
They ran a pretty thorough
screen. It was positive for PMA.
- Not MDMA?
- No, but also Oxycodone.
That would explain the pupils
and the respiratory depression.
Do you have any naloxone on hand?
No. Yep, just through here.
No, no. Um I'll call you back.
- Hey.
- Hey.
OK, we got two patients, one overdose.
We're thinking PMA and opiates.
She's in respiratory arrest.
We need a bag and mask with O2.
And have you got any naloxone?
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Thanks, man. Yep.
Thank you.
Come on, Marla.
OK, she's breathing for herself.
She going to be alright?
I think so, yeah.
He had nothing to do with this.
Yeah, well, you don't
know everything about him.
No. You're the one who doesn't
know anything about him.
He was your client. You keep
those relationships professional.
You don't cross those boundaries.
Excuse me.
Don't you dare talk
to me about boundaries
when you have slept with
almost everyone you work with.
And just so you know,
I didn't take anything.
In here now.
You looked up his file?
I was reviewing White Cliffs.
He was flagged as a flight risk
with a history of drug
dealing and violence.
You had no right. He's my patient.
Was - not anymore.
And he's been my client
for the last three months.
So you get why I might be concerned?
Yeah. She's your niece. I get it.
But that does not justify
- you going into
- No, no, no, no.
Not just my niece.
She's my responsibility.
I'm her guardian. I'm the
only person looking after her.
And she's an adult, and you are a nurse,
and you crossed a line
not just with Cam and
Taylor, but with me as well.
You've blown up my
relationship with my client,
and I was on a good track with him.
- A good track?
- Yes. We had a safety plan.
- He's chewing on pingers.
- Which we discussed.
We discussed him taking drugs,
if that's what he mindfully
decided to do so
- Mindfully?
- Yes, mindfully.
So it's OK for him to take drugs
as long as he's thinking
about it while he's doing it?
If he stops himself when
he wants to, then yes.
That makes no sense.
Respectfully, Pete, you have
no idea about mental health.
You don't discuss anything,
you keep everything bottled up,
you withdraw when you can't fix things.
- This isn't about me.
- It is about you.
You are the one with the problem here,
and you have made a huge mistake.
Starting the approach, cockpit closed.
This is goodbye, then.
Uh, no. You're stuck with me
a while longer, I'm afraid.
I'm going to chaperone
you both to hospital.
What service?
Well, it's in the title.
And at that point, just
so I know the rules,
would it be wildly inappropriate
if I was to ask for your number?
Uh, a bit.
I mean,
it would be more inappropriate
if I was to give it to you.
I'll try 000.
Broken Hill is a small place.
Well, I'll give you my
card, just in case, you know,
you have any concerns about
the health of your livestock.
- Just not my horses.
Thanks, thanks.
Thanks for the help. You alright?
Yeah, two doctors for parents,
I did my fair share
of first aid courses.
How's your 'girlfriend'?
Well, she was. Not sure after tonight.
Yeah, she seemed seemed upset.
Mum loved it here
but I think we both know that
she came back here for you, right?
- No, that's not why she's out here.
- Well, it is.
And it's my fault that she
didn't stay here the first time,
and it's my fault that she
called off your London trip.
I think you know I never liked you.
I had an inkling, yeah. (LAUGHS)
It's just, that, you know, Mum,
she's always been the sensible one.
And she meets you, and
you're like this cowboy
who's never been married or had kids
and jumping out of planes
in the middle of the outback.
I don't know, I didn't
know how to take you.
And I was loyal to my dad.
Oh, I get that.
So when I found out that you were
coming to London, I kind of lost it,
and I told Mum that if you
two got together, I'd move out.
I don't know, you know,
travelling the last few months
I've been thinking,
and she was basically
my age when she had me.
She never got to do what I'm doing.
She gave it all up for me.
I think that this place and you
might be her chance to have that.
I just hope I didn't screw it up.
Uh. Oh, I'm sorry.
I appreciate that.
Um, honestly, I think I am the last
thing your mum needs at the moment.
But the rest of that, I reckon
she'd love to hear that from you.
So we have a deluxe twin suite
at the North Adelaide
Daydream Apartments.
I'm excited.
Are you alright?
I just really wanted to get to 30
weeks but I don't think I can do it.
I'm impressed you made it this far.
Like, if I can't manage flying pregnant,
how am I going to be when
there's an actual baby here?
Well, an actual baby won't
be kicking your bladder
while you're in a holding
pattern, hopefully.
I'm excited, I am. I
just I feel scared.
Like, um
Like, am I ever going
to feel like me again?
Who you are will only expand.
And yes, there are sacrifices.
For the longest time
I tried to be the perfect
doctor and the perfect mother
and I ended up being a
complete failure at both.
You can be and do all the things,
just not necessarily
all at the same time.
Oh. I'm really sorry. Just a minute.
Hi. How are the patients?
Much better. Yeah,
they'll be OK, I think.
Are you all on your way back?
Unfortunately not.
We had to circle and
it pushed our hours,
so dinner and a show in Adelaide it is.
Hey, I've got someone here
that wants to say g'day.
- Hi, Mum.
- Henry?
Oh, my But how?
Oh. Um. Oh.
We're not back until mid-morning,
how long are you staying?
Till 10am tomorrow.
Sorry. We're heading to
a music festival in Byron.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Yeah. Sorry, I totally got
too excited about the surprise.
I didn't think through
the logistics of it.
I'm sorry.
- Um, is everything alright?
- Yeah, I just, I
I wanted to drop in and see you.
You are the sweetest.
Where you going? I'll give you a lift?
- Happy walking.
- Where to, Tilpa?
Maybe. I'll be doing
everyone a favour, eh?
I know everyone blames me
for what happened to Johnny.
- Because you're right.
- No, it's not just your fault.
Alright, you shouldn't have
been drinking, I told you that.
But, shit, mate, we
all make dumb mistakes.
You don't know what it's
like seeing your best mate
and knowing you're the
reason he can't talk.
Oh, no. I've got some idea.
You're not the reason.
I'm the one that couldn't get
the tube in to help him breathe.
I'm the one that cut through
the nerve in his throat, not you.
Now, as soon as I get my
phone back from old mate,
I'll give you a lift
wherever you want to go.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How are you?
- Good.
How's Darren?
Oh, yeah, all moved
in, way too grown up.
Thought you were rostered on today.
Well, it turns out you're not
the only one that can quit.
- Really?
- Mm.
- Movie marathon.
- You bet.
You can drive.
- Shall I grab the ice cream?
- Hell, yeah.
- Do I get to pick the
- Not a chance.
Hey. How are you going?
Not back. Just getting
the rest of my stuff.
Can we at least just talk?
Too late for that. You
were way out of line.
- Where are you staying?
- With Chaya for a bit.
- Oh, boy.
- We got any Froot Loops left?
Because I am in a loop fruity mood.
Hey. I didn't know you were in today.
I'm not. Leonie just
wanted to have a chat.
Yeah, me too. We must be in trouble.
Well, I'm in trouble with everyone else.
Hey, did you
Did you catch up with Henry in the end?
I did.
We managed to have breakfast
before he had to race
off and meet his friends.
Sorry you didn't get to
spend more time with him.
Actually, we ended up having one
of the best chats we've ever had.
Thank you for looking after him.
Oh, he looks after me.
Clearly, he's inherited your
cool-under-fire medical gene.
He, er
He said he apologised to you.
Yeah. Yeah, he didn't have to.
I get it. He's just
protecting his family.
So he told you about London, I take it?
- Just that he was against it.
- That's all?
He also said that he told you
that he cut you off if you
went through with the trip.
Why didn't you tell me that?
I just thought
I thought if you thought
that he hated you,
then what chance would we
ever have of working out?
And then
You know you and Chaya
Hey, you two. Come on down.
Pete, this is Dr. Johnston from the
Health Care Complaints Commission.
Alright. G'day.
Hi, I'm here to discuss an
official complaint that was made
regarding the CICO out of White
Cliffs by John Hill's family.
What kind of complaint?
Well, they claim that you made comments
to a friend of their son's
admitting negligence as the
cause of his permanent disability.
So there'll be a tribunal.
And given the seriousness
of the allegations,
and ongoing consequences,
I'm afraid that until
the review is complete,
you'll be suspended from practising.
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