Ride with Norman Reedus (2016) s02e01 Episode Script


All my life, people have said I was crazy.
-Don't cross my line.
-Don't cross over to my stuff.
But crossing the pond to take a ride with Negan himself Jeffrey Dean Morgan Might be my most insane idea yet.
It's good to see you, man.
Let's wind this sucker up.
What else can you expect when your worlds collide other than 100% pure, unadulterated chaos? We're never gonna get out of here.
Welcome to a land where the exuberance of its people is matched only by the magnificence of your surroundings.
This is Spain.
In Barcelona, life happens outdoors on city sidewalks and corner cafés.
It's a vibrant metropolis where the streets don't honk, they howl.
Now, this church right here is awesome.
20-something years ago, I arrived in Spain in awe of the multitude of art and culture.
As a young kid without anywhere to be, it seemed like the perfect place to be.
So I unpacked my bags and spent a year living here immersed in all its inspiration.
Back then, I had no idea where I was headed or what my future held.
So it was surreal returning to Spain after all this time for "The Walking Dead" press tour.
And being here, I took full advantage Hosting my art exhibit in Barcelona It's really just a collaboration of a bunch striking poses That I made Over maybe a 30-year period.
Hey! And making plans to take a ride and see this country all over again.
Over the next three days, I'll be hitting the Barcelona streets before passing through my old stomping grounds in Sitges, while heading 315 kilometers south into Valencia for a festival that I've heard gets the entire city shaking.
But right now, I'm stopping downtown to do breakfast Spanish style And to meet up with an old friend.
You are adorable.
Am I not adorable? You're so adorable right now.
What do you think of this baby? What's up, buddy? How are you, man? I'm good, brother.
How are you? Good to I'm great.
I'm great.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan's a great guy and an even better actor.
In the '90s, I'd run into him while watching bands at the Kibitz Room in L.
We became fast friends, and I was stoked when I found out he was gonna join our cast.
Jeffrey's taking some time out from a family vacation to join me and see a part of Spain I once knew really well.
Little Brixton.
It's teeny and cute.
I got it here in Barcelona.
This is not only Is this a scooter? -I call it a "booter.
" -A booter? It's half bike, half scooter.
I kind of like it.
They told me I could ride all the way through Europe with this thing They've been doing it for years.
I dare you.
You do? Come on.
Let's go get some coffee.
-Let's do it.
-I just woke up.
Have you ever been here before? First time in Barcelona.
Yeah, I think this is it.
Right here? Excuse me This is cool.
This is this is awesome.
Grab a seat? Bam.
Right? Barcelona.
It's good to see you, man.
Thanks for doing this.
It's great to see you.
Thank you for having me.
Yeah, of course, of course.
I mean, we were just on the press junket Yeah.
Which was bananas.
Boy, that was something, wasn't it? Yeah.
10,000 people in the streets that couldn't get into the event.
Being new to "The Walking Dead" world I've been doing this a long time, but I've never, ever in my life seen anything like that.
Well, I mean, I've done seven years of it.
Never seen anything like that.
That was bananas.
Well, that was the craziest thing I've ever seen.
Thank you.
Muchas gracias.
De nada.
What are you feeling like? Man, I'm looking at your cured ham.
Cured ham, here in Spain, is something everyone should try.
When in Barcelona, you know? That's right.
When in Barcelona, be like Barcelona.
-Thank you.
I'm trying to think, like, how we first met.
When I met you, we were probably 20, 21 years old, maybe? Yeah, about.
Yeah, yeah.
I couldn't afford a car.
I rode on a Suzuki Intruder, and I had a big dog Half Chow, half Golden Retriever who rode on the gas tank of my motorcycle Shut up.
Going up and down the 405 going 75 miles an hour.
When we first moved to L.
, there was no helmet law.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Probably not the safest, mind you.
Right, right.
I don't even remember that part.
But it was it was fun back in those days, those early L.
days, and Okay, guys.
So bread with tomato.
And Catalan cheeses, okay? Yeah, that looks awesome.
Thank you.
That's for here.
Thank you so much.
Would you like half of my ham? 'Cause you know this bread is gonna be divine.
I kinda do.
Yeah, yeah.
Try that.
Yeah, cheers, homie.
Good to see you, brother.
Nice to see you, too, man.
This is why you come to Barcelona.
Yeah, that's perfect.
I'm excited to see a little road.
So, we have, two guys coming to meet us.
There's Marcos and Ramón.
Marcos is a custom-bike builder out here.
Ramón is a buddy of his.
So, they're gonna take us around after this.
Hold on.
Should we go meet 'em? Your buddies are here.
Yeah, let's go meet 'em.
Let's go.
-What's up? Hi.
-Hey, how you doing, guys? -Hey, guys.
-Hey, I'm Norman.
Hi, nice to meet you.
How you doing? -Hola.
-Nice to meet you.
-And you.
-Nice to see you.
-This is one of your bikes? -That's my bike, yeah.
-And this is yours? -It's mine.
Like a little café racer.
It's awesome.
Café racer, yeah.
So, what are we gonna do, fellas? Where are you gonna show us? -Yeah, sure.
-Let's do it.
Sí, let's see some some Barcelona.
What do you call this area? This This road is "La Rambla.
" It's the most famous, street in Barcelona.
And now you can see So, it's proud.
Yeah, what? Has a lot of history, yeah.
The buildings are really old You know, from the 1900s.
And these All of these are? Yeah, look.
You can tell, you know, that Some of the walls that have been built here, like, were built by the Romans.
Look Look at this one.
Yeah, they're doing the actual tile work.
-Yeah, a mosaic.
It's a mosaic.
A mosaic.
They're restoring it, you know? That's amazing.
That's real street art.
There's an unrivaled history that radiates from these streets.
Call it the effect of the old Mediterranean, of being a harbor city on the world's first super-highway.
This place is a cultural exchange A crossroads of three continents that continues to shape the city to this day.
-We'll go to the market.
-Here we are.
Here we are.
This is cool.
This is really cool.
Look at the glass, you know, and everything.
Look at all the ham right here, all this stuff.
-Yeah, that's it.
That's the stuff, right there.
I can smell fresh fish.
We have So, this is all caught in the water right out here? -Yeah, Mediterranean.
-Look, sea urchin.
It is so tasty, yeah.
I love I love sea urchin.
Yeah, I do, too.
-Chop the top off and eat it.
-Yeah, chop the top and -Ready? -Ready.
Cheers! My God.
That's awesome.
That's so good.
That is very good.
This is really nice.
It doesn't get fresher than this.
No, man, it's amazing.
Gracias! De nada! Bye-bye! Bye, thank you! Bye.
Thank you.
-This place is amazing.
It's amazing, right? You know, you can find everything here.
Yeah! Eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it! Yeah! I can't fight my way in there.
There we go.
We're never gonna get out of here, are we? We're just gonna stay here forever.
All right, yeah.
All right, where's our guys? -They're up here? -There they are.
Yeah, well, it's I tried.
He did it, not me! It's his fault! Geesh! -Thank you.
-But the camera's that way.
You're not even looking.
Can I kiss you? Sure.
I need it.
My God.
I love you.
"I need it" Is that what you said? "I need it!" Yes.
Lucille is in my back pocket.
Thank you very much.
All right, let's roll.
Jeffrey! Yeah, let's do it.
Bye, guys.
We gotta roll.
All right, let's take it.
Let's Let's escape.
-Jeffrey! -Jeffrey! Yes? Run away, run away! Run away! All right.
This is working out well.
If I ever wondered whether "The Walking Dead" was a thing in Spain, I guess I have my answer.
We gotta go.
Bye, guys.
What? I love you! I love you! Hey, they're kind of filling up the streets.
Hey, nice to meet Hold on, I'm I'm riding a bike.
Now they're back.
They're back.
They're back.
They're zombies.
Hey, how are you guys? You got it? You got it? Thank you, guys! Hold on, hold on.
Don't grab that.
Don't grab on.
Help, I'm trapped! Hey, let's Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! We gotta go.
Let's go.
-Bye, guys! -Bye! Bye, guys! My gosh.
You made it.
That was tough.
They They They broke my mirror.
I got, I got my grabbed.
"The Walking Dead" has been one of the most rewarding projects of my career.
And the passion of our loyal fans, it never gets old.
But now it's time to say goodbye to these crowds and explore the rest of this city.
Let's wind this sucker up.
Yes! I know you guys like to kiss here.
We've been kissed a lot.
My God.
I'm surrounded! Negan, come get me! I love seeing a statue in the middle of the road.
Don't have that in America.
Nah, man.
Riding these streets, you begin to understand how this city has come to inspire so many great artists, from Dalí to Miró to Picasso.
You can see the Sagrada Família in the front.
-Hey, wait -Yeah, I see it.
That's insane.
But no visionary has transformed Barcelona quite like the claimed modernista architect Antoni Gaudí.
This church, the Sagrada Família, is his magnum opus.
When did they start building this thing? In 18 1882.
Holy smokes! They're gonna finish it in, 2026.
No way.
Really? -Yeah, yeah.
Dude, that is crazy.
One of the most beautiful church in the world.
We're going up north to Tibidabo.
You're gonna see some amazing views of Barcelona from the top.
-Yeah, -Great.
And into the tunnel.
You know, when I was a kid, whenever we saw a tunnel, you'd try to hold your breath going through it.
Yeah, tunnel time.
Hold your breath, Norman! All right! We made it.
Yes! Right here? Yeah.
So, here's Barcelona.
-Look, the beautiful Barcelona.
What a view.
See, Barcelona is much bigger than you think it is when you're walking around down in there.
You have no idea how spread out it is.
What's unique about riding motorcycles here? I think the size is perfect.
You know, it's not too big and not too small.
And then, the location is so perfect.
You have the beach and the mountains.
Everybody has a motorcycle here in Barcelona.
Actually, this road is really famous, because, in the '90s, they used to make a lot of, like, illegal races.
A lot A lot of people died on this road.
When I was a kid, we used to come here, and with the mopeds, you know, to To go this You'd race mopeds up here? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Is that a race? -Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, he's hauling ass.
Lookit, lookit.
Yeah, he's taking a lean.
He's leaning in that corner.
See, we could fit in here, Norman.
We'd just ride motorcycles all day.
Yeah, all day.
I mean, we have our our own history as a kingdom.
That's why we have our own language, our whole culture, food, everything.
That's why we all wanted to be independent of of the Spanish, kingdom.
Country, yeah.
We are still trying.
We're still trying.
How long have you been trying to vote for that? Since forever.
-Since forever? -Yeah.
But we are really proud about, you know, our history, and our culture, you know? It That's right.
Which is an open gate to the world, you know? It's hard not to admire the tenacity of the Catalonian people.
Theirs is a spirit of independence that's long fueled mankind.
And looking over this once-capital city, I can't help but appreciate the influence of its past, even as Barcelona contemplates its future.
Okay, ready to go down? -Yeah! -Starving.
You taking us somewhere? The best food in town.
Yeah? To my mom's place.
Let's do some Ramón-mom, home-cooking, tapas style.
-Mom! -Mama! Hey.
And my mom.
Nice to meet you.
Hey, nice to see you.
Thank you for having us, sir.
Let's go to to the terrace, yeah.
This looks amazing.
This is a beautiful patio.
Thank you, sir.
Here we are.
I'm gonna eat a lot of food.
Everything homemade from my beautiful mom, Marie.
-It's beautiful.
-Thank you.
-It looks amazing.
This looks delicious.
Tell me about the artwork.
I did it with my mom when I was in, high school, -collecting all these -Tile.
Yeah, from the street.
We We spent two years or three years making it, like, once in a while, you know? That's awesome.
That's amazing.
Me and my mom, like, "ting, ting" Putting it and cutting it, you know? Like Pan.
And he goes boom.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
This is the tostado.
Right here? Thank you so much for having us here.
It's really sweet of you.
Muchas gracias, thank you.
It's our our pleasure, trust me.
Beautiful, muy bonita.
You take a little garlic? Garlic, yeah! And you Yeah.
That's a good way.
That's a great idea, yeah.
Put the tomato, and you smash it here.
And then olive oil.
-Ready to go.
-Heck yeah.
And then you put ham.
Ham, of course.
I missed everything.
You're missing the best part.
Thank you.
Yeah, what was I thinking? Yeah.
"What is wrong with him?" Geez, Jeff.
What's wrong with you, man? Good? It's wild, man.
Love the garlic.
I love I mean, that just solves half my problems in life.
Why do you think, Barcelona is such, a, an artistic city? I mean, we drive one block and there's a giant sculpture everywhere we go here.
Well, because, it's it's it's Cultures, yeah.
Barcelona has been a really open city since since forever, you know, having the harbor, you know? So we have architecture from the Romans, the Gothics, the Jewish, the Muslims Everyone has been here.
And you can feel the this vibe in the c-city, you know? Yeah.
Like, street art, graffitis, and the illustrators.
Graffiti is amazing, by the way.
-It's amazing, yeah.
So we are more social, we have a little more open mind.
That makes sense.
We like to talk, you know? We like to touch.
You know, we like to kiss.
I know you guys like to kiss here.
We've been kissed a lot by everyone here.
Lots of touching lots of touching and kissing here.
A lot of kissing going on around here, yeah.
We like to kiss, we like to touch.
How did you How did you guys meet? My dad was a musician.
He was lead singer of, a rock 'n' roll band in the '60s.
My My dad was singing in a show, and my mom was a fan.
You saw her in the audience? Yeah.
Was it Was it love at first sight? -Sí, sí, sí.
Yeah, yeah? Asi, asi.
This is usually right around the time where I'd wax poetic about my thoughts or how I'm feeling.
But this time, just this once, I'm thinking words might not be necessary.
Thank you for having me.
It's a pleasure.
They say home is where you lay your head.
And for a minute, in my youth, that place for me was Sitges.
And tomorrow, I'm finally gonna make my return.
There's the church right there.
That's it, right? Sitges.
Yay! -Yeah.
I signed someone's pregnant belly last night.
And she was like, "It's yours!" And she was there with her husband.
Goodbye, Barcelona.
Waking up this morning and leaving Barcelona, we're heading south.
It's a 40-kilometer coastline ride straddling the Balearic Sea to the village of Sitges.
It's a place I used to know a thing or two about.
Dude, this is beautiful.
Look at this.
Hello, Mediterranean.
Look at this water.
JDM, Look at this! This is why we're here ridin', man.
Look at the ruins right here that we're gonna pass.
And look at this Whatever this thing is.
Yeah, it's a church.
That thing's awesome.
Which might be a restaurant.
Jesus has to eat, too, bro.
Is that our town straight ahead? Yeah, there's the church right there.
That's it, right? Yeah.
Yeah, I think so.
Sitges, Tarragona.
I don't remember this being this developed.
Does this look at all familiar to you? -Not at all, man.
-No? Growing up, the 9 to 5, suit and tie It just wasn't in the cards.
It's how, in my early 20s, I found myself in Japan, then England, working odd jobs to support an art habit.
It was a simpler life, disconnected from the expectations of society.
How did you pick this place, man? You know, I was living in Tooting Bec You know, outside of London And I think it was right around the time that Jane's Addiction song And I kinda just did that.
I came to Barcelona, and somebody just said, "Hey, you should check out Sitges".
Somehow, I just ended up out here and just trying to figure out what I was gonna do with my life.
I got to stretch my butt.
Look at these little sailboats.
Yeah, that's beautiful.
It's pretty here? This is what I remember The church, man.
And then it goes "Dong.
" Yeah.
See, that that I remember more than anything -Look at these.
-Is the noise.
You You can see the bell getting smacked.
That noise I love Out of everything, the noise is what I remember the most.
I could do this.
Yeah, right? I see why you made the stop in your youth.
Can we walk around and see if we can find your old apartment? Yeah.
This is one of the wider alleyways we've been on in this country.
But I remember, like, from my place, the view to the church was There was nothing here.
So open.
So this is all new to me.
It's so pretty, though.
Does this street ring a bell? I don't know.
What kind of apartment was it? There was a Like a fruit stand, and then, right above the fruit stand, was a little, short building.
So it was like a one-bedroom, a studio? Yeah, and then it had a little shower that was connected to it.
And then the shower Salt water would come out of the shower.
So, you go in the ocean and then you'd wash off with seawater again? Yeah, this is gonna be impossible to try to figure out where I used to live.
But I remember, my apartment, it wasn't high As high as that, but maybe just as high as this.
But you know what? It does bring back that that time in my life was such, like, a a chill time.
Like, it was so relaxing and Did you do anything here for money? I would sell a a painting or something.
I could make $20 last a month really easy.
I remember I made the move to New York when I was 20, and that was such a big move.
I'm trying to imagine, the move to here.
God, it's changed so much.
Maybe Maybe you've changed, Norman.
I've definitely I have definitely changed.
See, that's the funny thing about life One day, you're leaving Sitges to follow a cute girl to L.
, and the next, you're better known as a guy named Daryl.
But it's pretty cool to be back here, even if just for an afternoon.
I might have drawn a blank on the apartment number, but I remembered a part of myself that I had long ago forgotten.
Bye, Sitges.
I hardly knew you.
Cool place, though, man.
Do I look like a giant riding a little, baby motorcycle? It's very European.
Does it get shaky when it gets fast? Yeah, dude.
It gets the high-speed wiggles at like 35 miles an hour.
Downhill, I could get this up to something.
Come on, Buddha.
I'm going.
It's like a tiger.
I'm getting the most out of every gear, man.
Let's wind this sucker up! Booter! Come on, Jeff.
You can do it! I'm trying, man! There you go! 97! Come on! 99! 99! Please, do 100.
Please 100! I'm drafting this cement truck.
1-0-1! Dude, I'm tuckin' in my freakin' elbows.
You look hysterical all crouched down on that little thing.
I don't want anyone to see me.
-Come on! -No! 110! 111! Come on! Come on! I'm bustin' out.
Go, go, go, go! Topping out at 113.
N I missed.
Dude, you were hunched over that thing like you were laying an egg.
I've lost any cred I've ever earned in my life.
You think you lost that today? Come on, brother.
This is cool.
Let's check this place out.
The biker bar.
"Biker Bar" For those making the ride, they're two of the most welcoming words in the English language.
Or any language.
It's a refuge from the road.
An opportunity to commune with your own kind.
This is cool already.
You know, there's a biker bar in every country I've ever been that I've somehow found along the way.
-Really? -Yeah.
But it's the same kind of vibe.
How's it going, man? How you doing, dude? Hola.
What's up, guys? -Nice to meet you, man.
-Good to meet you.
Right on.
Hey, guys.
What's up? Yeah, now we're talkin'! Yeah.
-Now we're talkin'.
Thank you.
I will, just boom.
Right here.
That's dope Look.
-Or me.
No! Sí, thank you.
Thank you so much.
-How are you? -Hi.
My name is Pepe.
I'm Norman.
Nice to meet you.
There's Pepe, there's Pepe.
I'm Jeff.
Hey, nice to meet you, man.
-Nice to meet you.
-So, do you own this place? What a great spot.
-Yeah, yeah.
-It's a really great spot.
If I lived here, I'd be here every weekend On a Friday night, stay through Sunday.
You're You're welcome to camp here.
I would love to.
-My God.
Look, you have a saddle on here, man.
That's awesome.
Cool? I'll work on it.
Let me just Let me just That is much easier.
This is a huge motorcycle.
Someone take a picture quick.
Yay! The act of riding a motorcycle You've become a part of an exclusive kinship.
It's a camaraderie that goes beyond where you're from, your politics, religion, even the language you speak.
We found our people in Spain.
Hey! And as we end our second day, I couldn't ask for anything more.
This is the springtime in Valencia.
It's like a big fish.
See, look at it, the mouth.
Hell yeah.
Let's do this.
Let's find this thing.
There it is.
We can't vandalize that.
Yes, we can! Hold on, let me get a picture before we ruin it.
Yeah, get over there.
Try to look cute or something.
One, two, three, four.
All right, let's destroy this thing.
I gave you a 3-D booger.
No! Is it weird that he's decorating himself? Does anybody else find this kind of odd? I like it.
Not bad, right? -That's awesome.
-Much better.
Today, we hit the ground running.
Because, as they say in Spain, "A quien madruga, Dios le ayuda".
I think it's about birds eating worms or something like that.
Dude, what do you know about this festival we're going to? What I heard about it is it's something like the patron saint of carpentry.
What we're gonna see is massive wooden statues.
-No -Yeah.
And then they shoot off a ton of fireworks, so it's like Burning Man meets really good food and the 4th of July.
Dude, I can't wait.
Leaving Catalonia, it's a 260-kilometer straight shot down European route E-15 into the port city of Valencia.
It's Spain's third-largest city, known as the birthplace of paella and for its annual Fallas festival.
Turns out, we've got good timing.
While in town, we'll be able to experience both.
But first, we're meeting up with a woman who knows a thing or two about riding in foreign places.
Hi! Good morning.
Good morning.
I'm Norman.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Since 2011, Alicia Sornosa has trekked 100,000 miles across 49 countries, becoming the first Spanish woman to ride across the world.
I hear the firecrackers going off, is that for Las Fallas, for the festival? All the people have a petardo Firecracker, yes.
So, all day long, "Pop, pop"? -Yes, "Pop, pop.
" -"Pop, pop.
" And does this happen all over Spain, or just in Valencia? Only in Valencia.
Just in Valencia.
And what about the food? Is there a lot of food involved in this? Yeah.
You like the Spanish food? We like the Spanish food, yeah.
Paella The tradition is the paella is in the middle of the table Yeah.
And you eat with a spoon Only the spoon.
-Right out of the thing? -Yes.
You have your part of paella, okay? And you only can eat from your part.
You don't can't eat any more.
-Don't cross my line.
-Don't cross over to my stuff.
Stay away from my corner Corner of the circle.
-When I finish my part -Yeah.
I can eat your, your, or the other parts of paella.
God, you guys are so competitive.
With eating, with the paella Yeah.
You guys are competitive.
-It's really fun.
I think there's gonna be some stabbing of forks.
I think I'm gonna be jabbing that.
I'll just stick it right here.
Just yeah.
How about your bike for this trip? This trip? The booter? The booter.
Half bike, half scooter.
Your bike is very, very nice.
My bike's cool? Yes.
Are you saying there's something wrong with my bike? My bike is better.
Hey, you want to go for a ride? -Yes, please.
-Let's go, then.
Let's do it.
-Ladies first.
Thank you, thank you.
Look at these pink trees.
-They look great.
-Everything's in bloom.
This is the springtime in Valencia.
-Yeah, these are beautiful.
What's the building on the left? This What's this round one? This is an auditorio.
This building's amazing right here.
Yes, this is beautiful The opera building.
It's the opera? It's like a big fish, and then the See, look at it, the mouth.
Is that all tile? That's all mosaic.
Look at that.
I never made it to Valencia.
This city is like being in a sci-fi wonderland.
Gawking at its elegance, Fallas festivities are about to begin, and Alicia's hooked us up with some of the best seats in the house.
Now we're getting into the heart of the city.
Yeah, we are.
I just saw some floats down that little side street.
And this Fallas San Vicente.
Yeah, there are the Falleras.
-Hi! Yay.
This is where all the people get in the street, right here.
Yeah, man.
Look to your right.
Look at those look at that giant float-y thing going on over there.
Yeah, beautiful.
Yeah, look at all the people, man.
Keep your helmet on.
They possibly can't recognize us.
Everybody recognizes you, even with a helmet on, dude.
Remember, they broke my mirror last time.
Let's keep moving.
Okay, come on, men.
Right here? This is a bad idea.
All right, what's up? Hi.
H-H-How's it going? Thank you.
Leave the helmets on, leave the helmets on.
-I love you so much! -You're so sweet.
Come on, Norm.
"Justin Bieber.
" We're here for the Mascletà.
During Fallas, thousands of people flood Valencia's town square every afternoon to witness this concert of gunpowder.
This is amazing.
How many people do you think are here? I mean, look.
It's like Times Square.
Yeah, right? Start Start the Mascletà.
Ready? Here we go.
God! Now, that's how you honor a patron saint And blow out an eardrum.
That was crazy.
"The Walking Dead" I'm so curious about the storyline, too.
I mean, I can't wait to see what they give us.
I know.
Yeah! Dude! I'm still reeling from those firecrackers.
Right? B-B-B-B-B-Boom! I might have peed my pants a little bit during that.
Spend some time in Spain, and you can't help but be drawn in by the vitality of its people and its celebratory culture.
Before taking off from Las Fallas, we said our goodbyes to Alicia, because right now, we're two men on a mission Fireworks.
After that spectacle, can you blame us? Look.
It is just fireworks.
They have fireworks.
I want anything that's big and says "Super" on it.
I kind of want I kind of want these things Like these rockets.
Don't you have to stick those in sand, though? Well, can we stick them in sand? We're at the beach.
Or should we not? Sure.
No, get them.
Well, we'll get a smaller variety.
Yeah, there we go.
We'll take that one.
All right, cool.
Let's do it.
All right, that's good.
This is gonna be awesome.
Thank you, guys.
Have a great day.
Cool! That was cool, dude.
We got fireworks! Yeah, dude.
That was like, adding to the economy.
Know what I'm sayin'? Spain.
Dude, have you had paella? Paella? Yeah, I had it, once, but, apparently, the best paella in the world is right here in Valencia.
Dude, let's get some paella.
All right, let's do it.
People! My God.
Zombies! God, they're just gonna run right across the street.
My God, I'm being chased.
This is grim.
Yeah, we're we're I can hardly wait to see what your plan is here, now that we're gettin' chased down the road.
My God.
I'm surrounded! Zombies! Negan, come get me! Love you, too.
Hi, guys.
Te amo! Come on, we're going through.
We're going through.
Right through the middle.
We're in, we're in, we're in.
Come on! Come on! Come on! We'll be right back.
Dude, how hungry How hungry are you right now? I'm, - I'm hungry.
Look at all these people.
What's up? Hi.
Yeah, it's like having a dinner party with all your friends.
You think they're gonna judge the way we eat? I don't even care.
I'm so hungry.
Hola, buenas noches.
Cómo estás? Sangria for you? Sangria? Yes, please.
Yes, please.
Could we order a paella? -Okay.
Yeah, cheers, dude.
Cheers, dude.
I love you, man.
I love you, too.
Thank you for having me.
How much fun? So much fun, dude.
Love you.
Yeah, love you back.
It's been a hell of a trip.
Is that a paella pot? Holy smokes.
Everybody wants some! They all want some.
Look at that thing.
Paella handsome paella.
Yeah, this is what I'm talkin' about.
All right, do you do you remember the method on how to eat this? I do.
I do.
Well, we can split this in half, essentially.
That's your half.
This is mine.
Don't Don't come over, because then I won't come over there's no there's no rules.
What is all in this? This is chicken.
This looks like chicken, and there's probably like, some seafood in there? Let's just go in.
Cheers! Dude.
That's awesome.
And then, do we put this on it? Yeah, there's some shrimp.
Dude, that's awesome.
I feel like all I've done is eat and travel on this You know what I mean? Yeah.
This is awesome.
Are you ready to get back to the show? Yeah, I don't feel like we've had much of a vacation, and I feel like I want to rest.
You need a little nap? I need a little nap.
I need a siesta.
A little Negan nap? Yeah, I need a little Negan nap.
Dude, I need a little Negan nap, too.
The mental aspect Yeah.
Of "The Walking Dead" for us is It's heavy, it's a lot.
Get your mental back Back in track.
And the physical.
You know, we've done nothing but, eatin' and drinkin' and being merry here.
So, I'm gonna start shooting, so it's time to buckle it down.
And I'm so curious about the storyline, too.
I mean, I can't wait to see what they give us.
I know.
I think I don't think you're the only one curious about storyline.
They all these people out here.
Right? They have no idea.
They're like, "Yeah!" Thanks again for coming, man.
-Brotha! Anytime.
-Hell yeah.
Can I ride a real bike next time? No booter? It just won't be the same without the booter.
That thing might end up with a firework shoved up its tailpipe tonight.
That's right We have fireworks still.
Good job.
There's only one proper send-off to a ride like this Blowing stuff up.
Jeffrey's wife and son have met us in Valencia to resume their family trip and to lend a hand in the destruction.
You ready? Holding this really reminds me of Lucille.
-Yes! -It is.
It is like Lucille.
You're right.
That's your boy.
-That's my boy.
-That's your boy.
-I think right here, right? -Okay, ready? Watch me push your dad in front of this.
All right, that's good, Gus.
All right.
! Yeah! Dude! That was awesome! -Dude! -That was sweet.
Let's do some more.
Grab one.
-Okay, ready? Yell "Booter.
" Booter.
-Booter! Returning to a place you once knew -Yeah! -Yeah! You're often reminded life is fluid.
Streets, neighborhoods, cities All continually changing, adapting, and evolving.
Sometimes you'll find the only constants that exist are in your mind.
And coming back after 20 years, I knew I couldn't show Jeffrey the Spain I remember because that place no longer exists.
Mama, do you want to light Do you want to do this one? Hilarie, get over here.
This one's yours.
Come here.
But the ride isn't just about city skylines and local hotspots.
It's about the relationships you forge and the things you uncover along the way.
-Yeah! -That's a good one.
Yeah! And while it's cool to share old memories with a good friend Turn around, Gus.
What really matters are the new ones you create together.

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