Ride with Norman Reedus (2016) s02e02 Episode Script


Like a fading black and white photograph dipped in a shock of yellow paint It's like the opening credits of "CHiPs.
" Have you ever met somebody and just geeked out on them? You, man this place is layered with history.
Norman, this whole ride wouldn't have happened back then.
But also pulsing with reinvention.
Look out, America.
Came back stronger.
You're never gonna make it.
Smell that.
Comedian semen.
Only we can keep Daryl alive.
This is awesome.
It's Lowcountry, and I'm here with Dave Chappelle.
Charleston's one of America's oldest cities, and right now, it's going through a cultural resurgence.
I love when the future creeps up on the past, so I'm excited to explore this place -Hi.
-How you doing? -Morning.
I'll have a cappuccino.
Cappuccino? You got it.
Yes, sir.
What's up, bro? How are you, brother? Yeah! With Dave Chappelle.
Dave's a legend in the comedy world and famously walked away from a hit show at the height of his career.
Dave's an enigma, so I'm looking forward to riding with him and getting a glimpse behind the curtain.
Do you remember seeing me in New York? Yeah.
Walking around Soho? And I screamed at you like First of all, I didn't recognize you.
Right, right, right.
And, like, my God, the first time I met you was this show.
Yeah, yeah.
I was like, "Please, let me do that show.
" Hell, yeah.
You're my favorite.
Hell, yes.
Cheers, man.
Cheers, man.
Good to see you, brother.
I'm excited about doing this.
Like a I haven't ridden my bike in like a year.
The thing is, I'll go to these places on tour, but it's just like a "get on the bus, get off the bus" kind of life.
I got the same schedule.
I know you ride a bike, you actually see where you are.
Yeah, you can smell the towns, get a feeling of the town.
This whole area's super nice.
I was here like a few weeks ago, but I didn't see anything.
It's like New Orleans/ Santa Monica/Sesame Street.
It's really, really cool.
The Lowcountry is such a beautiful place because of the trees, and you have all your waterways.
It's this beautiful masterpiece of open plains and water.
We probably get a bad name for all of it being slow, and it's not lazy.
It's just an ease of life.
You ease into things, and nothing has to happen in a hurry.
It's reminding you to take in your surroundings to sort of notice every moment and not take that for granted.
It's never, you know, rush, rush, rush, gotta do this, gotta do that.
You know, except for tax time.
So you ride ride.
I ride ride, yeah.
All your life.
I started 2007.
Early mid-life crisis.
I quit my show, and it was, like, I started riding bikes.
Once I got on a bike, it was over.
It was over.
You know, you're so good, I didn't even realize you were here.
And you are jacked.
I wore this shirt just so I could show off these guys You know, man look what I've done to my body.
Look at this crowd we got.
I know, man, everyone's looking.
It's very exciting.
Dave Chappelle and Norman Reedus are drinking coffee.
Well, hello.
It's like a good It's a good look.
We should take a selfie right now.
Yeah, let's do it real quick.
Let me scroll through these pics.
You know I been sending those out like hot cakes.
Thank you.
Wait, look this way.
The light's better.
I want my photo credit.
Look at this kid, young Daryl Dixon.
One, two.
One, two, three, four.
Bye, guys.
Dave and I are kicking off our trip here in Charleston, then making our way along the coast through the historic sea islands, and finally on to Savannah, where he's got a show in just a few days.
Can you do, like, tricks and stuff? Like standing up and all that crazy stuff? Not really.
I'm not a big trick guy.
I never been, like, you know, an expert at anything.
I'm always just stop planning things, you know what I mean? Yeah, I'm the guy that rides like 40 miles with his blinker on.
I'm at this First up, we're heading out of town to the salt marshes to sample some local flavor.
I wonder what this guy's doing.
He's on the phone, looking for something in the grass.
He's looking for his wife's wedding ring he threw out of the car window last night.
I thought he was looking for, like, a bag of weed that he threw out during a traffic stop.
Have Have you ever met somebody and just geeked out on them? You, man.
And then when I was at the Oscars once, so stupid, but I met C-3PO.
And that made me feel like a kid.
I met Suzanne Somers once.
I'd have flipped out if I met her.
I met her, and I couldn't talk.
And she goes, "Norman, did you grow up on me?" And I was like, "You have no idea.
" She knows.
When you're here, the thick salt air hits you, and it doesn't let up.
It's no wonder the area is famous for oysters, which have been a booming business here since the late 1800s.
They're everywhere.
And Bowens Island gets them right out of their own backyard.
I'm hungry and ready to do a little scavenging.
Have you ever been oystering? Never.
I'm Joe.
Jaime? Dave.
Can I leave my shoes on? I doubt it.
I mean, they're Jordans.
I should be careful.
Just like your mom taught you One at a time, my friend.
It's a human condom.
Yeah, it really is.
They eat algae, right? Algae, bacteria.
Oysters keeps the water clean.
We're basically eating water filters.
Top of the world.
Top of the world! When you're out here, you always want to wave at the boats that's coming.
Let me them know you're all right.
We do that on bikes, too.
So that's a shrimp boat? Yes, sir.
It looks haunted.
This is like some James Cameron stuff right here.
Discovering old boats.
It's a family that started back in 1949, I think.
Yeah, so it's been a long family legacy.
This is all hurricane? Yeah, Matthew damaged us.
Now, that boat there right there got sunken by Hugo.
Hugo came in '89.
How long you been doing this? All my life.
Nice, nice.
See that road right there? That's where I grew up at.
So growing up, you know, when everybody else been playing tag and stuff like that, we been coming out here, picking oysters, and we'll get the rack out your mama's oven.
We light a fire under the two bricks and have, like, the oysters on clams, and then you can be eating them here.
That's awesome.
There's the bird that eats the oysters right there, the orange beak on him.
Yeah, that's what's called the oyster catcher.
That's our competition today.
Well, hello.
He doesn't look worried at all.
This bird looks oddly confident.
This is new.
I feel, like, super strong in these boots.
This is like an acre of dog I feel like I'm gonna get stuck.
Is that possible? Yeah, I be waist-deep in this mud, but that's where you find the bigger oysters at.
Like, see? So that's like a few of them there.
These clustered oysters.
Y'all probably used to having singles.
This shell is closed, this one is closed, so these two right here are live.
What we gonna do is knock everything off that's dead, and that's what we keeping.
Want to hit that off? I just give it a good whack? Yeah.
There you go.
That's a good one.
Soup's on.
See, Dave, you ain't gotta worry about being hungry out here.
Watch this.
All right, that's gangster.
Just grab anything and see if it's alive? What we got here? Yeah, you found a good one, man, too.
This feels dead.
Hey, I found a bottle of champagne.
Good? Salty.
-You gotta try one, Dave.
That is salty.
It's good, though, right? It's, like, really good.
Is there shucking competitions out here? Who can do it the fastest? I heard of 'em, but I never entered in one.
It wouldn't be fair.
Yeah, that's so dope.
So, cool.
Do we have enough to go eat? We can eat.
Cool, let's do it, man.
I'm starving.
This is awesome back here.
Are you Oyster Man? Is that a nickname, or is that just whoever's doing it? That's whoever's cooking.
The Oyster Man is the man who works this area.
That's an important role around here.
Are they wrapped in that burlap sack? Yeah.
Just makes that flavor real.
Taste them fresh like that.
I like the cooked version better than the Right out the mud? Yeah.
These shells they just grow how they wanna grow.
Like, "We're from the streets.
" You know what I mean? You gotta admire how these guys bounce back again and again against all odds.
And they're doing it all to keep the local traditions alive one oyster at a time.
I'm stuffed.
You ready to hit the road yet? Yeah, man.
It's kind of exciting, I think.
Never done that before.
You know, you never know what you're gonna do in a given day.
What's up with that jacket? Want to see the gun show? This is awesome.
This is someone's skull.
Dave Chappelle! This is a very Southern question.
Are you black or white? This looks like a hip area.
Feels like where a photographer should live.
Hey, you got your blinker on, bro.
I heard of this guy, Sully Sullivan, a local photographer and a biker.
I've got a soft spot for artists who ride, so we're stopping in to check out his world.
What's up, guys? What's up, guys? Hey, man.
How are you? Nice to meet you, Sully.
What you doing, man? I'm Holt.
Good to meet you.
Nice to meet you, as well.
Welcome to Charleston.
Thanks! Dude, I like your stuff.
Like the ultimate hipster bike.
Come on.
Come on, dude.
You got to give me that.
All these bikes are badass.
How do you have a defender tricked out like this? Right.
This is like my dream car.
It's for sale.
Is Is everything for sale? Everything's for sale, yeah.
You guys got hot whips, hot bikes.
We haven't even seen the studio, and I'm already impressed.
And I heard there's a wolf.
This is Max.
She's the laziest dog you'll ever meet.
What a cutie.
I like your, The goose? Yeah.
I got that down in Louisiana on a on a shoot.
Let me see your photos.
Can I see some stuff? That is an old photo.
Dead birds.
I did a show of all roadkill in Times Square.
Really? Yeah, 30 huge prints like that, but all of different roadkill.
Roadkill's cool.
A little stinky.
What kind of stuff do you shoot? Like I do a lot of music, fashion, advertising stuff.
I started on tour with my friend's band.
And I just stayed here.
Yeah, nice.
'Cause Charleston's rad, right? It's great.
We're loving it here.
Sully, if you would, please.
What's over there? What's to your other side? That's nice.
What's up with that jacket? I think you should take the jacket off.
Want to see the gun show? Yeah.
Let's see it.
Where is it? What the Look out, America.
Came back stronger.
The coat's down.
These are awesome.
I'm not around, guys.
I really came here to work.
I hate it when people take my picture.
You're awesome, man.
Let's go.
Take us on this ride.
Yeah, man.
Sully's the perfect ambassador for the city, and he's taking us for the best kind of welcome Drinks at a local dive bar.
Selfie city right here.
Get in here.
Boom, boom.
Your selfie game is ridiculous.
I'm gonna look at the road, David Sully Sullivan.
This saltwater warm breeze is It's so nice.
It's beautiful.
Would you say this place, culturally, an Austin waiting to happen? I would say, absolutely.
Yeah, you got a lot of young people that have traveled, been all over the world and had all these experiences, and they're coming back and they're kind of taking Charleston and they're making it their own.
To be a part of something that's world-class but still small and southern and charming.
And people are kind and wave at you.
That's pretty special.
So awesome.
This is like super duper Americana, like, freight trains, boats, bridges.
You're right.
Flags flying, rich-people houses.
It really does.
It's like a Bruce Springsteen song.
It's a happy Bruce Springsteen song.
Craft beer is big down here, and for Sully's crew, after a long ride, there's only one spot to go The Royal American.
Dude, that was beautiful.
We rode the motorcycles.
This was actually a really good day.
Great day, yeah.
Yeah, we're heading to Savannah.
You guys are gonna love it.
It's this really nice, like, sister city.
It's like a smaller voodoo-vibe version of Charleston.
I like this phrase "voodoo vibe.
" It's cool.
And And this This is for maybe both of you.
Do you guys find, in your line of work, riding motorcycles, just having a moment to yourself and, like, thinking and talking to yourself? It's, like, a big deal.
For me, it was tremendously.
When I ride to set, I'm thinking about how this scene's gonna go.
And then I decompress on the way home, so it's like your best thoughts.
Yeah, I love it.
You know, like, I've learned I was running through Arkansas one time, and I thought that they flooded their corn.
I didn't know that Arkansas was the number-one producer of rice in the United States.
Then I learned the government of Arkansas makes deals directly with the government of China just selling rice.
What?! I learn all this just riding a bike.
What? Did you research it, or you were just riding down the road? No, I just asked the dude, "What the wrong with your corn?" Uncle Ben's pulled up in a Rolls-Royce.
Like, "Yes! This is what I do.
" Pow! Good morning, buddy.
Nothing brings two guys together like being knee-deep in mud and then throwing a few back.
With Charleston's infectious energy running through our veins, we're riding 70 miles to St.
Helena Island, one of the scenic sea islands.
South Carolina.
I used to come down here in the summers when I was a kid.
Really? My grandparents lived just outside of Columbia.
Real country like I had an uncle who had a pig farm.
I also had a fascination with trains.
They used to have train tracks in the backyard.
Trains would go through.
I would always wonder, like, who's on 'em, where they're going.
When my dad died when I was younger, I used to hear a train in the background of his house.
Like, you know The whistle? I'd hear that "waah waah.
" So that noise, like, when I hear it in the distance, reminds me of my dad.
Something about trains, man.
If you have a bad show, does it just, like, wreck your day? I mean, I don't know what would make a bad show other than a bad audience.
Well, sometimes you can actually suck.
But at this point in my life, I will forget about it almost as soon as I step off the stage.
I take the lump, learn a lesson, and keep it moving.
It's kind of the same as an acting job.
Everybody got something on their résumé that makes 'em cringe, right? You do your part and then you hand it over, and you hope it ends up being in the end what you guys were doing in the beginning, you know? Sometimes it's not.
And there's too many variables.
You can't really let it get to you.
Look at that roadkill.
We're in Buford.
Lovely day in Buford.
Dave, at this restaurant, don't let me eat like a pig.
I can't wait to get there.
You know, if there's one thing Lowcountry's figured out, it's food.
We've got Lowcountry boil, potatoes, corn, shrimp, sausage.
Oysters, fish.
Cornbread, collard greens, and fatback.
Shrimp and grits, fish and grits.
When I think of food, I always think home and safe and comfort.
That is the southern Lowcountry soul food.
After yesterday's oysters, we've got food on the brain.
Good thing we're arriving in the sea islands just in time for lunch.
I know this is gonna be delicious.
This is good, too.
Your ancestor was able to go from being enslaved to making the laws.
That's amazing.
It's Day 2, and the journey to Savannah and into Dave's mind continues.
How do you come up with ideas for sketches? We basically lock ourselves in a room.
We'd argue for two hours and write for an hour.
So the show's almost like an extension of Of a personal dialogue.
So the show The show became real personal.
Did Did you always have the creative freedom to do whatever you want? Or do you have people, like, coming and going, "You've gone too far on this.
" Once it got big, it was harder to do it.
As authentically.
But part of the fun was finding a way to get the point across.
And every once in a while, stepping over the line.
To take something that's uncomfortable at where you can laugh about it really, like, opens the door to, like, have conversation and I always admired comedians.
Dave's show broke down barriers and crossed cultural divides.
The honesty in his work held up a mirror to society while giving a window into his mind.
Watching week to week, it was almost as if you were hanging out with the man himself.
I tell you what, I am hungry.
This restaurant's supposed to be really good, too.
But in my experience, the next best way to get to know someone is by sitting down to the table and sharing a great meal.
This is gonna be awesome.
Welcome to Gullah Grub.
-Everything looks good.
-Yeah, man.
What What are you going for? Something about these chowders are calling me.
it all looks good.
I know this is gonna be delicious.
I can tell already.
We have sweet tea, unsweetened tea, lemonade, and swamp water.
What is that? That's a mixture of sweet tea and lemonade.
Yes, ma'am, I'll do that.
Sweet tea? Sweet tea, yeah.
Coming right up.
I thought it was literally swamp water.
I was like, "I'll try it.
" Why not? We're on the road.
Are you from here? Yes, this is my home.
I was born and raised here on St.
Helena Island.
This is my husband, Bill Green.
He's a huntsman.
He's a Gullah huntsman, as well.
That's his famous horse, Mike, and he has lots of stories when he was on Mike of fox hunting in the woods and deer hunting.
Looks like a strong horse.
Yeah, he was a smart horse.
He could He know the difference out of a buck and a doe right away.
He just know to hunt, and he know the land.
And you don't have to worry about getting lost when you're on him.
If you get turned around, you drop the reins and say, "All right, Mike, take it over," and he'll take you right on out I'm one of the oldest drag huntsman around.
I train huntsmen and hound.
I must have trained Through my years, I must have trained thousands of hounds.
And I been doing it for about 43, 44 years.
43 years? Yeah.
Let me ask, what's What is Gullah culture? E-Explain it to me.
We are called Gullah people, but we also speak Gullah language.
If I heard you guys speaking with, like, people you grew up with, could I understand you? You a few A few words, because it's all of the slaveholders' languages The English, the Portuguese, the Spanish, the French is mixed in to all of the dialects of Africa because all of the tribes that came had their own dialect, so they need to have common language that they can communicate with one another.
And so that became known as Gullah.
The Gullah culture is such a rich culture because it's been passed on from generation to generation.
It's with our music, our art, the language, the food.
We eat rice pretty much for everything, to preserve and educate through our cuisines.
I love this picture.
The picture here is the Carolina gold rice that we grew on our farm.
This rice was originated in Africa.
Really? And then it came all the way from Africa to America during the slave When slaves were here.
So before slavery, rice didn't exist at all in the Americas? -No.
They came with us? Yeah.
The keepers couldn't figure out how they were staying so strong because they know it wouldn't feed them that much.
And they went out there and saw they was growing rice.
They supplemented their diets with homegrown rice.
I didn't know that.
And we are trying to hold on to that legacy of growing it, even if it's a little small plot, and that's how we grew up as Gullah people on this island.
That's the culture.
That's the culture.
It feels like we stepped into Sara and Bill's living room.
Nothing feels too personal when you feel like you're at home.
You are awesome.
You are awesome.
Friend of mine.
Absolute pleasure.
And before y'all leave, I want you all to visit Penn Center.
It's right down the street, and it's the first school for the freed slaves.
I gotta see this.
D love to see that, yeah.
You know what's funny? Like, if you ever to Africa, a lot of Africans don't even know how bad the American slave trade was.
We had We had We had a tough go of it.
But we're doing much better.
I love when one spot sets you off in another direction.
Sometimes you don't know when a place that's meaningful to so many is right down the road.
This is where education for black people started in the entire south.
I'm a Gullah girl.
I'm born and raised here in St.
This is where it all went down.
Yes, in 1861, the Union forces came through and occupied this area.
The plantation owners fled.
I don't like to say slave owners.
I say plantation owners.
So the federal government decided the first people that should have the opportunity to purchase the land would be us.
Did a lot of people participate? A lot of people participated, and my family was Were one of those people that purchased their land in the late 1860s.
And we still have our land today.
The federal government not only wanted us to have land, but they wanted us to have education.
My great-grandfather was in the state legislature during Reconstruction.
South Carolina? Yeah.
Aren't you proud? You know, yeah.
It's this weird thing where I felt connected to something very large.
Yeah, absolutely.
And this idea of being enslaved and then being "emancipated" and how some people were able to Like your family here, like a starter pistol.
Just But your ancestor was able to go from being enslaved to making the laws.
That's amazing.
In this building right here, Dara Hall, portions of the "I have a dream" speech were penned there.
We found handwritten drafts in the attic, in the building.
No way.
That's really crazy to think about.
It is, it is.
The March on Washington during that time period was strategized here.
Why here? During Jim Crow, couldn't meet anywhere in the south because of those laws.
The school was highly unknown.
No one knew about this area that much that they could come here in secret.
Norman, this whole ride wouldn't have had happened back then.
No! No, you'd be pulled over how many times? Threatened how many times and No.
You can feel the history here.
You can, like, just feel it.
It is.
I love working here.
You stand on these grounds, and some of the first things that people will say that they feel like they really are on sacred ground.
Walking around where people persevered and succeeded over the worst kinds of injustice is humbling and inspiring.
And it sticks with you long after you've moved on.
Said I'm glad I hope I'm glad to see another day.
Glad to see you here today, hope to see you soon.
There you go! Yeah, I got it.
How What?! I speak it, I got it.
Ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here first.
The white guy picked up Gullah.
The black guy's still trying to put it together.
Look at this little offering.
Something wildly eerie about Jesus Christ.
Zoinks! Scoob! Just this idea of the preservation of culture.
That's all handed down.
This moss is crazy.
Dude, let's go to Savannah before it gets dark and freezing.
We can do it.
It's only an hour.
I'm having, like, Martin Luther King traveling through the south at night daydreams.
This is gonna be fun, actually.
I'm glad we toughed it out.
There's nothing more peaceful than a night ride at the end of the long day.
It's one of my favorite times to ride, moving forward into darkness.
Savannah was the first U.
city to have the U.
grand prix.
So this is almost a birthplace of racing.
Go! Awesome! I'm meeting up with Danny, who I met through the Make-a-Wish Foundation.
What's up, man? It's nice to see you, dude.
How you doing, man? I'm good, man.
I'm good.
Danny, are you a bowler? Yeah.
Uno, due, tre.
So, what stuff are you into? I do all the plays in school.
I might try and get something outside of school thing.
What kind of advice do you have to get noticed? I mean, you like theater? I think you should invite people that are in the casting world to come see your plays, get a lot of stuff on tape.
I'll hook you up with the ladies that do "Walking Dead," and they'll give you better advice than I can.
I mean, I got drunk and became an actor.
Really? D-Don't do that.
If we can do two balls at once.
It got stuck.
I broke it.
That was skills right there.
You know what I'm saying? Thanks, man.
You're awesome, man.
Last night, Dave and I rode the final 45 miles to Savannah.
I shot a movie here a few years ago.
When I wasn't on set, I spent a lot of time exploring the city.
That's when I saw the weirdness come out.
You might miss it at first, but then you find those places hidden in plain sight, like Graveface Records and Curiosities.
Excuse me, babe.
Dave's not a morning person, which is good because some things are best done alone.
Cool shop.
This is great.
Peace, peace, what's up? Peace.
That's What is this? Possum.
I think I might need this.
It's yours.
Put it in my stack.
This is probably the scariest thing I've seen in here.
Yeah, keep looking.
A lot of people just come in here for records and don't even notice the weird What's your rarest thing in here? If you leave your skeleton to the order, then they would use it for initiation purposes.
This is someone's skull.
That's crazy.
Panties from serial killer Aileen Wuornos.
She was the Florida female serial killer.
Did you ever try those on? No comment.
You gotta try those on.
That's Charles Manson sweatpants over there.
Shut up.
They're stained.
What kind of stains? That's the question.
Why did you choose to do this in Savannah? Like, do people take to this? Savannah is the best possible place for For anything bizarre.
The city is Is a tomb.
I don't know.
I adore it here.
Everything has a story.
I'm out.
All right.
Ride safe.
If I ever decide to open up a store, remind me that I don't need to because this place exists.
Well, hello there, madam.
All right, let me suit up real quick.
That place is nuts, dude.
They had Tonya Harding's ice skate in there.
A bunch of creepy paintings from killers.
I kill and paint.
Savannah's already off to a great start, and now that I've got Dave, we're off to vintage bike shop Coastal Empire Moto.
Savannah's cool.
From what little I've seen, they're giving Charleston a run for their money.
There's the very preppy and well-put-together, deep South side of Savannah.
And then there's the up-and-coming young artists and musicians.
There's this beauty of the old meets new.
Things are changing, people are learning.
Look at this.
What's up? Hi.
What's going on? Ronnie.
Nice to meet you.
It's a pleasure.
How's it going? I'm Aaron.
In Savannah, how many bike establishments do you have? There's three or four shops, but we're the only ones that really do all vintage.
What's the difference between a guy like me that goes and buys a brand-new bike off the floor versus a guy that comes and buys a vintage bike? Really wanting something old.
You know, all of these are trimmed down, and they've got that old, loud feel.
They're finicky sometimes.
They need tune-ups.
But it's everybody.
We've got all kinds of customers.
Do the customers give you artistic freedom, or are they, like, coming around like network execs giving notes? It depends.
It's the cup holder.
That's the one you guys should say no to a lot.
We've We've avoided putting a cup holder on bikes so far.
The history that's around here The same with Charleston, the history was deep.
Savannah was the first U.
city to have the U.
grand prix, 1908.
Cars had been in existence three years, right? Right, right.
So this is almost a birthplace of racing.
In the '90s, they built the, the track, Hutchinson Island track to do Indy Lights.
There's some great, nice S turns, kind of remote, back along the woods.
I think we can get on there.
Yeah, yeah, take us back there.
Go! A lot of debris! It seems so right that Savannah has this amazing racing path.
Being on this track, hugging these turns, it's like we stepped into a time machine and pressed the big red button.
This is awesome! All right, guys, slow on up.
Y'all out of here? Yes.
Yo, goodbye! You're never gonna make it! Come on.
Pit crew's in.
Here we go.
Thanks, guys! Later! Yes.
And that is why I buy my bikes off the floor, brand-new.
That was fun.
That was a cool crew, too.
Look at that.
That's crazy, beautiful light.
It really is.
Looks like we're driving into heaven.
Yeah, this is gorgeous coming up.
Your selfie collection must be ridiculous by now.
My gosh, so embarrassing.
I would have my blinker on this entire episode if you didn't tell me.
It's raining.
Yeah, this is real rain.
Yeah, those guys were cool.
I liked them.
I like that little girl, with her American flag helmet.
That was adorable.
-I could do this all day.
Makes you notice what's around you and connect with who's beside you.
I do this all the time when I go by trucks like that, and I do this.
There's sharks in that water.
About like, Miami, those little Cuban coffees.
Cuban foods, like, that's jet fuel.
You walk up to the window.
That one.
Yeah, yeah.
I know exactly what you're talking about.
This is fun.
You're fun.
You're fun, dude.
It was fun as You're You're fun.
Like, I'm really, really enjoying myself.
He's bringing a baby.
You want me to get in here? All right, I'll do a selfie for you.
You knocking yourself Dude, I'm I'm a pro.
That's a good one.
That's really good.
Beautiful family.
You're so sweet.
Thank you.
She shook my hand.
She didn't recognize me.
"I don't know you.
" You know Mr.
Chappelle? I'm Kevin Hart's friend.
Bye, y'all.
Hey, man, y'all kick Negan's ass, man.
We're trying, we're trying.
That was dope.
Listen, all right, let's hit it.
Yeah, let's go.
Are we good? Yeah, we got it.
We're headed back into town for the best possible end to this trip Dave's show.
I can't wait to see this guy do what he does best.
Dude, thanks for doing this ride, man.
Thanks for having me, bro.
Are you ready for your headliner? Mr.
Dave Chappelle! Savannah at night is Dr.
Jekyll to the daytime's Mr.
The sun goes down, and this city's eerie beauty breathes life into all those ghost stories you've heard.
Just like that, we're on to our last stop.
This is it, Norman.
Let's do it.
I love how, like, crazy this green room is.
Look at this The dirty couch.
Smell that.
Comedian semen all over the place.
But funny enough, about 100% of the ladies on Tinder, did not respond, so Is it nice being backstage and, like, hearing, like, new comedians? Dude, I live for this.
Like, it doesn't even matter if it's good or bad.
It's just being there.
Like, people ask me sometimes, like, "Do you ever get nervous before a show?" And I tell them, it's like asking a pilot if he gets nervous before a flight.
I might hit some weather.
My mom had a finishing move like a wrestler.
You could go out there and read the phone book.
Like, people love you.
Like, is is it easier or harder, you know? That notion is depressing.
It's true.
What you're saying is true.
It's a time You can tell the difference between a laugh because you're a famous and a laugh like holy, I felt that.
You know, it's like the music you become accustomed to.
This is one of my favorite impressions right now.
This is called famous last words of a warehouse security guard.
Title should have got a laugh.
Are you ready for your headliner? Okay.
You gotta keep it going, keep it going.
Yeah, yeah! For Mr.
Dave Chappelle! Thank you all.
And, everybody I smoked Spanish moss today.
I found some on the ground, and I smoked that And in case you was wondering nothing happened.
Hello, miss, and this is a very Southern question.
I hope I don't offend you by asking it.
Are you black or white? Black? You're half black? You got a you're Latina? Mexican? Hawaiian? What the is going on in this god club? Ambiguous, caramel-colored audience members.
The real question is for your boyfriend.
How mad were your parents when you brought her home for Thanksgiving? I'm racist.
I'm a black racist.
I don't want to be loved.
Simpson killed a bitch he loved.
But the bitch he liked survived.
I'm fine with being liked.
Over the last few days, getting to know Dave and now seeing him up there in his element, I like to think I've kind of figured him out.
Somehow, without realizing it, I started to see the world through his lens.
Slowing down, embracing my own curiosity, and appreciating everything that we've encountered here in Lowcountry.
But maybe I only think I've figured him out, and I think that's just how he wants it.
Right now, I'm rocking with one of my favorite mother actors in all of show business.
Make some noise for Norman Reedus in the building.
Every day, he goes to work, and when they give him the script, he doesn't know if Daryl's gonna live or die.
He does not know.
And only we can keep Daryl alive.
You heard that, you weird Filipino-Indian? All this is unusable.
I'm so sorry, Norman.
Me and my man, we rode down 17.
By the time I got to Savannah, I saw why they call you the sister city because it was equally beautiful, but it was a little more gangster.
So all I ask from you, if you're a person that got some tolerance in you or a person that got some understanding beyond yourself, than you let it out.
Let's change the world.
I thank you guys for being here.
I had a wonderful trip.
Norman, we will ride again.
Hell, yeah.
Yes, sir.
And good night.
You're damn right.
We will ride again.

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