Rise (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Totally Hosed

1 - Previously, on "Rise" - I had a great time.
I just don't think I want more than that right now.
It's not my job to take care of you! I am not your girlfriend! I need a break from you and - a break from this crap town.
- What do you mean a break from me? Where are you going? Maashous, your mom's just about ready to take you back.
You're gonna be moving back home.
The stupid PTA is trying to shut down our show, and you signed this lame petition.
We don't have a marriage, Robert.
There's no intimacy.
There is no tenderness.
Is that why you are afraid of him playing a gay boy? You need to take the reins.
Dig me out of this hole.
You do that for me, the program's yours.
What are you doing? Yoga.
Kranepool told him about it.
Opening night approaching.
60 papers to grade.
Helps relieve the stress.
I don't think that's yoga, but sure.
It's close enough.
So, my rehab counselor told me I need to do some kind of community service for my recovery program or whatever and I had to talk to you guys about it.
I could talk to the people at the food bank.
I'm sure they'd love to have your help.
Actually I was thinking maybe I could help Dad out at the theater.
I know opening night's Friday, so Well, that that would be great.
My God, my God, my God What? Sadie, what's wrong? Maashous is moving away forever.
Sadie, God, you're such a drama queen.
You're leaving? I'm moving in with my mom.
[melancholy electric guitar chords] Sorry, I didn't mean to upset everyone.
It's okay.
Of course it's okay.
It's great news, Maashous.
No, it's not.
Emma, look for a period where there should be a question mark.
Just tell me where, Dad.
You've got to find it yourself.
- [giggling] - Hey, son.
French toast this morning.
So what comes after a question? - You have to write it.
- Dad - What comes after a question? - [laughs] [Emma giggling] Hi, Mom.
Are you okay? Can you at least call me back? - Call me when you get this.
- Lilette.
- Sal, hi.
- Hey.
Where's your mom? Out.
I'll tell her that you came by, okay? Not okay.
I called three times about the rent.
I told your mom - this can't happen again.
- She's out of town.
I'm sure she'll get it to you as soon as she's back, I swear.
Tell your mother I need the damn rent.
- I don't - Um, excuse me? - Robbie.
- You don't talk to her - like that.
- I get it, you're a big man.
- Come on.
- Listen, if I don't hear from your mom by the end of the day, we're gonna have a big problem.
He can't threaten you like that.
Robbie, let's just get to school.
Have you thought about what we discussed? Yes, I've thought about it.
A director doesn't take over another director's show, so I won't do this without Lou, but I understand the situation you're in and I can help make the adjustments you want, but I will do it with Lou.
You went over the list? Yeah.
Yeah, we're good.
Lou is not seeing very clearly right now.
Yeah, well I'll handle Lou.
What you talked about the other day, about me taking over the program let's get through this, and we can discuss all of that when the show's over.
[sedate guitar music] Mama who bore me Mama who gave me No way to handle things Who made me so sad Mama the weeping Mama the angels This is really working, huh? - No sleep in heaven - We need to talk, Lou.
Uh, yeah, after rehearsal.
I think this is actually gonna work.
We need to talk now.
Some pray that one day Uh, take five, everyone.
What's up? They want to make some changes to the show.
- What? Who? - It's gonna be okay, but we don't have a lot of time, so we have to jump on this together.
What are you talking about? The petition, the PTA it's blowing up.
Who told you this? Ward.
Ward talked to you, not me? Well, who cares who he talked to? [scoffs] What specifically did they ask to change? There's a list.
May I see it? The list.
[somber electric guitar music] It's not as bad as it looks, okay? [sighs] Keep rehearsal going.
- Where are you going? - Keep rehearsal going! - May I talk for a sec? - What's up, Lou? These kids have been working on the show for three months.
They got family coming in from out of town.
I'm not gonna just change everything right before opening night.
These tweaks are intended - to stem the tide - These aren't tweaks.
This is the heart of the entire show.
There's nothing left.
Lou, this isn't just about the petition.
This is the district.
This is over your head.
This is over my head.
Your job is on the line, and if I don't get this thing under control, so is mine.
Okay, okay, I can do this.
I'll make adjustments, edits, but without cutting out scenes wholesale.
I I'll take out the parts that will upset people, but I c I can't just chop it up into bits.
Please, Evan, these kids have worked their asses off.
Let's be very clear.
No F word.
No S word.
No masturbation, no sadism, no implications of sexual acts transpiring onstage.
No boys kissing other boys, no fathers raping their daughters.
Are you saying you can accomplish that without taking out any songs and any scenes? Yes.
Then I'm going to need to see it.
- See it? - The entire play, front to back, before opening night.
But Tracey didn't say that.
Well, you're making me nervous.
Thursday night, I want to see a run-through.
I'll need to sign off, or there won't be a show.
I'll see you Thursday.
You know, in the future, you can come directly to me.
[somber music] Hey, Mama.
How you doing? Eh I'm better now that you're here.
So, opening night's coming up.
It's this Friday.
I know.
So excited for you.
You'll tell me all about it? Yeah.
I just I know we talked about you sitting this one out, but watching my games on an iPad is one thing, but Well, your dad'll be there, and your stepmom, and your Aunt Jess is coming all the way from Allentown.
It's just a lot right now.
I'll I'll come when Yeah, yeah, yeah, when you're feeling better.
First of all, I wanted to officially welcome our newest company member, Gordy Mazzuchelli, who will be helping us out with, uh, tech during our run.
[applause] Uh, okay.
Uh I know you're all excited about our first full run-through.
ALL: Yeah! Whoo! Actually actually, there's been a slight change of plans, uh, some changes, uh, we need to make to the show.
Right, so, we all know that there's been a petition going around.
- Oh, my God.
- Honey, it's not your fault, okay, or anyone else's.
Wolfe and I have gone through the show and we are going to do everything possible not to cut a single scene or a single song.
But the reality might be that we will have to lose a few.
Can you be more specific? Like what what kind of changes? Well, for instance, in "Totally F'ed," you know, I know we had talked about just going for it, maybe saying the F-word.
We're going to have to find something to replace it.
- Totally "frigged"? - [laughter] Yeah, we will come up with the best substitute.
- Now, there will be other - Censorship? Tweaks.
Instead of doing the run-through today, we're going to spend the next few days making the changes, then we're going to run through the entire show on Thursday for myself and Ms.
Wolfe and, uh, Principal Ward.
What? Since when? We're not going to cut "The Dark I Know Well" 'cause it's about sexual abuse, are we? Not to be selfish, but it's my only solo.
What we're gonna do is we're gonna take it one step at a time, work through it as a troupe.
I promise you, the show will still be great.
[melancholy guitar music] Mama who bore me Mama who gave me No way to handle things Who made me so sad Gonna have to adjust that dress.
Mama the weeping Lilette! The caressing Yes, Ms.
Wolfe? A little less, please.
[guitar strumming] Gonna take it from the top.
Well, when I don't do as he likes - What? - Some nights, Papa yanks out his belt.
ALL: No! [whispers] This is not gonna fly.
Okay, listen, um, yeah, maybe we'll just make a slight adjustment to the text.
I I think the point that the the playwright is trying to make here is that there are problems between Martha and her father, so maybe it's not that he beats you.
Maybe it's more that he yells.
Right? He he gets angry.
I think we can still keep the powerful emotion and just not make it so literal.
So you're saying we're going to change the words? I thought you said the text was sacred, that we have to utter every syllable the playwright writes.
Yeah, I did say that.
Did you write this note? [rock music] There's a moment you know You're fricked There's a moment you know You're confused [flatly] You're blue Yeah, you're messed up all right And all for spite You can kiss your sorry butt good-bye Totally messed up Will they mess you up Well, you know they're gonna try Totally messed up [students muttering, grumbling] Good, good.
[melancholy guitar music] Do you want to tell me what you're doing here? Volunteering.
No, I get that, but why? I just love theater.
Hey, I just want to check and see if your mom's okay.
Yeah, she is.
Do you know when she's coming home? Not exactly, no, but soon.
Well, maybe you could stay with someone for you know, until she comes back.
One of the girls, or I could talk to my dad and see if you could stay with us for a few days.
Like he doesn't already hate me enough? He doesn't hate you.
He literally said I'm not good enough for you.
He didn't literally say Forget it.
Bad idea anyways.
Look, just let me just let me lend you money for rent.
Robbie, I appreciate it, but you need to let this go.
I have savings in my bank.
You can pay me back whenever you want.
- How much do you - Robbie, no.
Look, I don't want you there by yourself with some creepy guy hassling you about rent all the time.
I don't want your money! I'm a big girl.
I can handle myself, okay? I've been doing it my whole life.
[door opens, closes] [singing under breath] Is Mom and Dad are getting divorced? Whoa, whoa, why are you saying that? They argue.
They don't love each other.
Whoa, Emma, come here.
Come here.
- [cries] - Hey.
It'll never happen, all right? It it's not possible.
- They might be.
- No, no, no, and even if it does, you can always come live with me, all right? Hey, hey, hey.
Come here.
[somber music] It'll be okay.
You'll be all right, all right? I'll take care of you.
[cries] All right.
Apparently, your dress is too provocative, so I have to let out the hem a bit, even though it's ruining the proportion.
Strickland? I'm sorry about what my mom did.
[sighs] Honey you are not your mom.
Okay? And don't worry about me.
Sometimes you need a little wake-up call.
You go through hell, but you end up in a better place.
And the important thing is that you and Gwen get through this.
This whole thing is it's really unfair to both of you.
How are you doing? I'm fine.
Okay, I want to say something to you.
No matter what crap you have to go through You have a light.
You shine.
When you're on that stage, people can see you.
They can see right into your soul.
You have a gift.
Own it.
Own who you are.
Okay, let's take a look.
Frickin' PTA.
[guitar music] You say time for bed now child Mom just smiles that smile Just like she never saw me Just like she never saw me I don't scream Though I know it's wrong I just play along I lie there and breathe BOTH: I lie there and breathe You say all you want is just a kiss good night We're wasting time.
You know we can't do this song.
It's about child abuse.
I know.
Should I cut it? Let's cut it.
Not yet.
When? I don't know.
BOTH: Ain't it good tonight You ain't seen nothing yet Gonna teach you right It's just you and me I'm sorry I got upset with you the other day.
I don't understand why you won't let me help you.
I'm not sure you'll understand this, but I've seen my mom with a lot of guys over the years, flashing money, saying they want to take care of her, take care of us, and she gets all dependent, and it never works out.
- I'm not one of those guys.
- I know you're not.
It's not about who you are.
It's about who I am.
I want to want you.
I don't want to need you.
Okay? Yeah, okay.
Martha she said that Wendla, you cannot envy someone being beaten.
But I've never been beaten, not in my entire life.
I've never felt What? Anything.
Please, Melchior.
[sporadic guitar strumming] I can't feel that.
- Ah! - Okay, all right, all right.
Hold on.
Stop, stop, stop.
We can't do this version.
We talked about this.
We we can't do this.
I pulled way back on the intensity.
W without this scene, the entire show breaks down.
I j I don't see what's so bad about it.
You have a 16-year-old boy beating on a 15-year-old girl with a stick.
That's what's so bad about it.
When did you become Ward's puppet? Ward is not my concern, okay? And if you would've trusted me just once, we wouldn't be doing the whole damn run-through for him.
What about supporting the director's vision? I am so sick and tired of hearing you talk about your damn vision.
This is not vision time.
This is show time.
In 72 hours, we go to curtain, and we still have changes to make, and you're acting like a complete diva.
I am making changes.
Tons of changes.
You're in denial.
You're making tiny changes tiny, tiny, tiny changes at a snail's pace and you are torturing everyone.
You won't even cut the reference to child abuse.
You're being completely ridiculous.
No, what is ridiculous is that our entire show is being ruined by the stuck-up, overzealous PTA morality police! Sorry.
Uh Let's pick it up from "I've tried hitting myself to find out how it feels.
" So what do I do? Do I beat her or do I not beat her? You can beat her.
Just like it less.
[plucky guitar] So does that mean he's going to have to transfer to a different school? [sighs] We don't know yet.
He can't leave Stanton.
He loves the theater, and I was thinking next year he would do lights when I'm in the play.
I mean, if I'm in the play.
Hopefully, he'll be able to stay at Stanton.
Why was his mom in prison? What did she do? - We don't know.
- Drugs? She made mistakes.
That's all we know.
How do we know she's not going to do that again, that she'll be a good mom to him now? Well, sometimes, you just have to have faith in people.
I hate her.
I don't know her, but I hate her.
He was eight years old.
What was she thinking, messing around with with drugs or whatever she did? And how do we know she won't slip up? - Leave him again? - Honey, I don't know her, but I know Maashous.
He's smart and capable and strong.
He's a survivor.
He'll be okay.
[melancholy music] I'm gonna miss him so much.
Give her time.
She'll be fine.
I think I'm feeling just as upset as she is about this minus the crush.
- [both chuckle] - Yeah.
Speaking of crushes Gordy and Gwen Strickland.
What? I don't want Gordy to get his heart broken.
Why do you just assume he's gonna get his heart broken? It's Gwen Strickland.
What, she's so out of his league? No, I just If you'll recall, I was out of your league.
That's true.
Way out.
Double A.
- Majors.
- Okay, just calm down.
Forgive me, O Lord, and graciously protect me this night.
[knock on door] Simon.
It's okay.
Come in.
Close the door.
Everything okay? Yeah, um, Emma and I heard you and Mom arguing the other day.
I see.
Emma's upset.
I'll talk to her.
What about you? You upset? Of course I am.
I-I mean w-what you and Mom said Are you guys getting a divorce? [scoffs] Never.
Why? I-I mean, if what Mom said is true, that that you guys don't that your marriage isn't real, how could you possibly stay together? You know, how can we all just go on and eat breakfast and play cards and pretend to be this real family when it's all based on a lie? Simon, sit down.
Now, real life is not like the movies or one of your plays.
That's not real.
What's real is us.
Our family.
I've made compromises for our family.
This family is more important to me than anything else in my life.
Someday, you may find yourself in a similar situation.
Pray with me, son.
[quiet rock music] [music crescendos] It's the bitch of living Bitch just a bitch ALL: With nothing but your hand Just a bitch, yeah ALL: Just a bitch of living As someone you can't stand See each night it's light fantastic Tossing, turning without rest 'Cause my days at the piano With my teacher and her breasts And the music's like the one thing I can even get at all and those breasts I mean, God please just let those apples fall It's the bitch of living ALL: It's the bitch of living Okay, good, good, good.
Uh, looking good.
Just a just a couple tweaks on this one.
Um, let's replace "sensing God is dead" with, uh, "sensing this is bad.
" "Sensing this is bad"? Really? Yep, that's the new line.
Uh, and just one other thing.
Uh, Francis, we're gonna have to cut your verse about, uh, you and your piano teacher.
And we're so sorry about this, Francis.
Sure, it's cool.
[scoffs] That's not fair.
Francis is great in that moment.
- Simon, it's okay.
- No, it's not okay.
Francis has been working his ass off for three months.
It-it's one of his biggest moments in the whole show.
You can't just take it away.
Simon, we're dealing with a really tough situation here.
Look, we understand that this is frustrating.
Sometimes in life, we have to make Make compromises? Huh? Yeah, I know.
[scoffs] We believed in what you were trying to do.
We showed up, stayed late.
We gave it our all.
We trusted you.
I trusted you.
And my family is falling apart right now because of this show, because of my part.
But I did it because I thought it meant something.
I thought it was important.
But now you're like, "Nah, never mind, let's not do it.
" And it's like, why do the scene if we can't do the scene? - Just cut it.
- Simon Just cut the whole stupid thing! - [microphone thuds] - Hey! [feedback shrills] [melancholy music] [door opens] [door closes] Set up for scene five.
Scene five! [upbeat music over speakers] What exactly are we doing here? Mom made dinner.
A little stress eating? After a rehearsal like that, vegetable lasagna wasn't gonna cut it.
I needed a burger.
What was that Simon kid's deal? If I ever yelled at Coach like that Mm, he's absolutely right, everything he said, but there's nothing to do about it.
You're just trying to make the best out of a crap situation.
Oh Why are you looking at me like that? Your mom was out of my league.
Huh? When we met at Penn.
And she was so beautiful, confident She was a student, but she was [clears throat] doing these piano recitals.
You know, playing big rooms.
She was so accomplished, like an adult already, and me back then well, let's just say I was not nearly as cool as I am today.
[laughs] But, you know, I just had this gut feeling every time I looked in her eyes that we were meant to connect.
I pushed so hard, she eventually had to give me a speech.
"I value our friendship so much.
I don't want to do anything to hurt that.
" Even her rejection was amazing.
Made me want her so much more.
I kept at it, discovered little things we both liked banana peppers, Shawn Colvin, why the Pirates were righteous and the Phillies were evil.
And I just eventually stupidly opened up to her about myself, my problems at home, my fears, my dreams.
Finally, she just Caved? Saw what I saw.
Eat up.
And don't tell your mom.
ALS is a tough disease.
One of the toughest.
Unfortunately, your mother has been severely impacted over these past few months.
I know she tries to put on a brave face for you, but it's getting tougher for her.
Her ability to move air in and out of her lungs is it's become compromised.
I think soon, it's gonna be time to talk about palliative care.
[somber guitar music] What does that mean? Making her as comfortable as possible.
[footsteps] Can I show you something? I have a secret thing that I do whenever I leave a place.
No one else knows about it in the world.
When are you leaving? Soon.
We should have a party or something.
And that's not just because I'll look for any excuse to have cake.
[both chuckle] I sort of like to leave quietly.
- Mama - Mm.
I want you to come to opening night.
I want you to see me.
This part of me is new.
I want you to see it.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Would you sing to me? Amazing grace How sweet The sound That saved A wretch Like me I once Was lost But now I'm found Was blind But now Mom, I need more than just these two-word texts.
I need to hear your voice.
I need to know that you're okay.
- My heart - Where are you? - Just - To fear - And grace - Call me.
And my show opens in two days, if you even care.
How precious did That grace appear The hour I first [knock on door] Believed [melancholy music] Robbie, what's wrong? I know you said you didn't want to need me but I need you.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
What is that? [sniffles] It's a chain lock for your door.
Please let me install it.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
Come in.
I've never felt so close to someone.
Me neither.
So it's okay that we didn't Yeah.
Just, uh just reading this again.
So beautiful.
You okay? I mean, you got so upset - at rehearsal.
- Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
What you said about your family falling apart - What did you - Yeah, that was, uh that was Sure, you don't have to talk about it.
[melancholy music] Look, my my family is, uh very [scoffs] Catholic.
And th-they don't like me playing Hanschen.
You know, that they don't approve of, uh, you know, homosexuality.
Th-they don't approve of a lot of this, actually.
I-I feel like there's this bomb inside me.
You know, ever since we started the show, I have these feelings and I feel like if I ever opened up to them It'd just it'd just blow up my family.
[exhales] And they're my family.
You know? I love them.
Oh, it's a good metaphor.
You're literally hovering over me.
Uh, I'm not getting the metaphor.
I know we had a a great night, but I just thought we agreed to, - Oh - Part ways.
Do you think this is 'cause I'm No, it's it's fine.
It's whatever.
I'm not stalking you.
I'm here because I'm in a recovery program, and this is my community service.
A recovery program for what? Drinking.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
I get it.
I was your dark night of the soul.
You met me on your way down.
Don't worry.
It was It was still great for me.
I loved it, But I'm sorry if it scared you.
I'm here because I'm I'm I'm trying to really change things up, not because I'm stalking you.
Although, I would stalk you.
Pretty stalk-able.
[minor piano music] Three and four and And reach for the E That's okay.
It's coming around again in no time.
Three and four and Keep those wrists up.
Yep, there you go.
[sighs] [somber guitar music] Mama who bore me Mama who gave me No way to handle things Who made me so sad Mama the weeping Mama the angels Well, when I don't clean my room, or do my homework What? Some nights Papa yells at me, really loud.
- [all gasp] - No! How's that? Nothing.
[light tapping] What about that? Nothing.
[sporadic guitar strumming] And that? I feel nothing.
ALL: Yeah you're hosed all right And all for spite You can kiss your sorry butt good-bye Totally hosed, will they mess you up Well, you know they're gonna try Totally hosed [song ends] Thank you.
Thank you, everyone.
Very impressive.
[softly] Thanks for coming by.
I'll talk to you soon, okay? Thank you.
[laughs] Totally hosed.
Excellent work.
And I don't think you lost a thing, making those changes.
We only have one more thought.
The abortion it's a hot topic issue.
If you can take that out, we're good to go.
Wendla could die of a broken heart.
[scoffs] Perfect.
The show is on.
Thank you both.
Thank you, Tracey.
Okay, everyone.
Good job.
The show is on, so, um, go get changed and we will do final notes before we open tomorrow night, okay? Have a good night.
Yay! Thank you.
[somber guitar music] Okay, that was horrible.
I have notes.
I'm sure you have notes, too, but we're gonna make this the best it can be before curtain.
- What was that? - What? That little moment between you and Ward? That look? I don't know what you're talking about.
[laughs] Did you make some sort of deal with him? Look me in the eye and tell me you didn't make some sort of backroom deal with Ward.
Lou, if you think that we could've gone up without making those changes That's not what I asked.
Okay, you know what? I've had enough.
I don't need to be cross-examined by you.
You keep saying it's all about the kids, but this whole time, you have been manipulating the situation to get in good with Ward.
You know what? Screw you.
And in case you don't remember, you took my job.
- It was not your job.
- And I still gave everything to this program and to you, to your vision.
I spent this entire semester covering your ass to make this happen.
This is a private conversation! I have tried to include you.
I have tried to respect you.
And I am sorry if you feel I stole the job from you.
But the fact is, I am the director, you are the assistant director, and you have no damn right to be making deals behind my back.
You want to know what happened? I'll tell you what happened.
Ward asked me to take over directing the show, but I backed you up.
I saved your ass.
That's what happened.
But you know what? From now on, you are on your own.
I am done.
Good luck with your vision.
[soft guitar strumming]